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  1. WahooUSMA

    Furuno 42in Open Array

    Open for trade or cash - $750.00. Professionally removed by OC Marine Installation All cabling included. System worked prior to removing. I just switched over to Simrad. Would consider a nice SUP or Penn 50 in trade. Located in Rancho Cucamonga.
  2. WahooUSMA

    Isinglass recommendation

    Anyone have any recommendations for enclosures? Looking for someone who can install Strataglass or Makrolon in Alamitos. Much appreciated!
  3. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    Was hoping to get some advice.We purchased a 37 Bertram in December and did a complete retrofit. We are planning on taking it down from Los Alamitos to Mission Bay for the weekend. Wife is going so no fishing for me! I know there are massive kelp beds in La Jolla to avoid (used to kayak fish...
  4. WahooUSMA

    Huntington Harbour Mariners Point Fuel Dock officially closed

    Well this sucks! Plan your trips wisely. Might have to look at relocating to Cabrillo Way Marina if there are not other fuel options on the table soon.
  5. WahooUSMA

    Local OC Charter

    Not sure if this request is in the proper forum, but we are looking to schedule a 6-pac charter for a bachelor party. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks in advance.
  6. WahooUSMA

    Anchoring at the Isthmus

    Has anyone anchored at the Isthmus? If so, any advice? We are heading over for the 3rd and 4th. Thanks in advance.
  7. WahooUSMA

    Mobile mechanic needed in Sunset Aquatic

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile mechanic in the Sunset Aquatic Marina area (Shit, just forgot about the damn bridge being out!). Lost the steering this weekend in Avalon - Long ass tow home - Thank god for Vessel Assist! Thanks in advance.
  8. WahooUSMA

    Interesting article
  9. WahooUSMA

    First Christmas Joke!

    First Christmas Joke Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. 'In honor of this holy season' Saint Peter said, 'You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.' The Englishman fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a...
  10. WahooUSMA

    2 Stroke Diesels and restrictions

    I heard that a new law was back door-ed into the recent Coal bill that requires level three emissions for all boats in LA Harbor by 2016, specifically 2 stroke diesels. Any truth and do you think any time soon there will be a ban on all 2 stroke diesels as there was for personal watercraft and 2...
  11. WahooUSMA

    WTB Tranx

    I missed out on a couple great deals recently on the Tranx HG & PG. If anyone is interested in selling their Tranx, preferably the HG - shoot me a PM.
  12. WahooUSMA

    2002 Chevy 2500 HD 4x4 Duramax/Allison trans.

    The boat is GONE - No need to have 3 cars, so I am selling my 2002 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 Duramax diesel - 193k miles. On a scale of 1-10: Exterior 9+/Interior 8/mechanical 10+. Rancho 4in lift with additional 2in leveler lift in front, Rancho shocks, new brakes & rotors all around (including...
  13. WahooUSMA

    GW from the shore!
  14. WahooUSMA

    Blackfin or Phoenix help!

    I haven’t sold my boat yet, had a few quality bites, but no one has shown the cash. We have however narrowed the replacement down to the 29 Phoenix FB and the 29ft Blackfin FB. I am leaning heavily towards the 29 Blackfin, but the engine compartments (kills cockpit space in my opinion) with the...
  15. WahooUSMA

    Wa - fishing charter

    I am going up to visit my son this weekend who just returned from Afghanistan. He lives in University Place (stationed @ Ft. Lewis) and one of the things he has been wanting to do is for the two of us to go fishing, just like old times. Being that we are both from So. Cal, we don't have a clue...
  16. WahooUSMA

    Sunset Ramp idiot

    To the knucklehead who T/C'd into my trailer Friday at HB Sunset ramp....A Big Fuck You! It took me 1/2 an hour, two pry bars, a 2 x 4, and help from a fellow BD'r to get the fender out of the tire and somewhat straightened just so I could recover my boat. You could have at least left a note...
  17. WahooUSMA

    Mission Bay

    Any suggestions on a launch in Mission Bay? Looking for a large ramp……Also, I was wonder if anyone has any recommendations about a guest slip?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  18. WahooUSMA

    Bad gas

    So has anyone else had a bad experience with marina fuel lately? I got a bad top off in Avalon the other day (sure it was water in the fuel) and almost didn't make it back to HB - Took us 3.5 hours. Boat is at the shop having the fuel tank drained and engine looked over. What additive do you use...
  19. WahooUSMA

    Wanted: Used trailer for boat

    Looking for a used trailer for a 2002 Wellcraft 27 Coastal. LOA 27, beam 9'9. Unsure about the weight.
  20. WahooUSMA

    Rossi Lever action .357/.38

    I haven't shot this one in over 30 years! I have probably cycled only 50-75 rounds through this baby, and yes, I am the original owner. Just had it rated at a 95%+ at Ade's guns in Orange. Stock is beautiful. This is a hard find and it is in impeccable condition. $300. Roger 909-227-9284