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  1. yellofvr

    How long until the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate?

    In my experience, cloudy line usually breaks easier and it feels like it lost its smoothness not slippery anymore.
  2. yellofvr

    How long until the Fluorocarbon will deteriorate?

    I have a bulk spool of 12# Big game that's at least 10 years old and is in perfect condition and still clear. Like others have said if it gets cloudy probably not good anymore.
  3. yellofvr

    Trout rod, wood grain, and Harley..

    SAF!!! Ive never seen a guide like that. BADASS man
  4. yellofvr

    Absolute Best Lure For Trout - What's Your Favorite?

    Your 100% right on the TB, That wrinkled finish in red/gold was deadly. They never been as effective since IMO. A gold Kastmaster is very hard to beat.
  5. yellofvr


    Yeah my buddy from work did a rapid test at a clinic, 20 min results $150 insurance covered it.
  6. yellofvr

    Glowing tuna carcass...

    Crazy shit
  7. yellofvr

    Anyone know if the First String is still fishing?

    I remember in the early 2000s, Bradly told me him and 2 other boats went in and bought 1mil worth of bait from the receivers that should last a few years. Thats how much the industry was boomin!
  8. yellofvr

    Yellowtail on deck

    Nice fish man, Any one would be stoked to catch that yellow!!!
  9. yellofvr

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Yup fuck that place, They ruined Cabelas. and the never have shit in stock that you use in Cali like camo shorts, Warm weather hunting gear. But stocked full of -30 shit like the store was in Alaska.
  10. yellofvr

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    No way he's shooting at those eagles, They flew off at the sound of the first shot.
  11. yellofvr

    Handle Upgrade for Daiwa Grandwave ???

    Yup put a torium handle on it, light years better then stock
  12. yellofvr

    FLY FISHING THE FRYING PAN RIVER ... targeting big trout at the Toilet Bowl, Basalt Colorado

    Damn that's crazy cold, how's you're finger doing? From the video you couldn't tell it was that cold. Like I said before great video keep them coming!
  13. yellofvr

    FLY FISHING THE FRYING PAN RIVER ... targeting big trout at the Toilet Bowl, Basalt Colorado

    Great video man, did you get frostbite when you were fishing?
  14. yellofvr

    Bait fishing with 9’ rod?

    Yup do it all the time.
  15. yellofvr

    Offshore 8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    What are those? Ive seen nearly all species of tuna have those but never seen that exact thing in yellowtail. I remember someone on here saying its blood clotting?
  16. yellofvr

    Offshore 226 YFT limits and kelp paddy YT 8-22-19

    Great video, Your buddy is killing all your bait.
  17. yellofvr

    BD Hat Sale – Put A Lid On It

    Are any of them Flex Fit or they all Snap Back?
  18. yellofvr

    Catalina Trigger Fish

    Trigger fish on the Kencor!!!
  19. yellofvr

    First Shotgun Advice

    For 1K Benelli Montefeltro end of discussion.
  20. yellofvr

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    Jump N Carry 660, it will start a bus and stays charged for a long time. It has very thick cables don't remember the gauge and very strong insulated clamps. Also has a jack for a phone charger and can test your charging system.
  21. yellofvr

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Dang close call, how old are you man?
  22. yellofvr

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    This man knows whats up, It really is all in the personality. Get a decent looking one with a sweet personality and like he said you're GOLDEN. Trust us you wont last long married to a bitch your life will be miserable no matter how good looking she is. Oh yeah 18 years married.
  23. yellofvr

    Please Take the BD Survey

  24. yellofvr

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    The Ultra!!! I fished Clemente on a 3/4 day trip the yellows were WFO so he pinned it I think it was like 3 hours to Clemente. I remember the overnight boats leaving particularly the Amigo. It left like 3 hours before us and we ended up passing them at CAT.
  25. yellofvr

    Trout season coming right up

    With Irvine gone Socal trout just isn't the same IMO. Santa Anna sucks
  26. yellofvr

    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    Connor got Fucked up!!! He had nothing for Khabib. Khabib actually fucked him up standing and mauled him on the ground. He really pissed him off all that trash talk prefight, That overhand right in the 2nd that dropped Connor was epic the Connor fans jaws dropped just like Connor did LOL.
  27. yellofvr

    CartridgeCalls will now be carried by Dicks Sporting goods

    Congrats for getting your calls on the market, BUT will never spend a dime at dicks. Very anti2A not one person on Calguns shops there either. Fuck that place!!!
  28. yellofvr

    Offshore Fishing in SD after a large hurricane swell

    Currently how is the swell? Is it supposedly going to start tomorrow? Im Talking local San Diego was thinking of taking the boy on a 3/4 day.
  29. yellofvr

    Colorado was good to us!

  30. yellofvr

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    Great Boat and crew, What a awesome trip for you guys.
  31. yellofvr

    where did the first string go?

    WTF??? No longer running? ??
  32. yellofvr

    june lake loop

    Nice bow, I was up in mid July seems like more people are going up now a days. Convict was jam packed!!!
  33. yellofvr

    Offshore 8/25 - Blue Horizon, Oceanside, long boat ride.

    I use the Seaguar knot, Never had one fail.
  34. yellofvr

    Patriotic Centaur "Tuna Tugger"

  35. yellofvr

    Oceanside boats? Which landing?

    Try the Chubasco 2, he has a great crew very friendly and knowledgeable. They also have the Pronto for over nights.
  36. yellofvr

    Oceanside boats? Which landing?

    Try the Chubasco 2, he has a great crew very friendly and knowledgeable. They also have the Pronto for over nights.
  37. yellofvr

    Oceanside boats? Which landing?

    Try the Chubasco 2, he has a great crew very friendly and knowledgeable. They also have the Pronto for over nights.
  38. yellofvr

    Offshore Late Post SCI 7/29-7/31 Cow Bluefin

    Same Phanton that Tony use to skipper? What happened to that guy Tony Saldivar? We use to charter it like close to 25years ago.
  39. yellofvr

    Chabasco 2 Oceanside

    Like the other poster said , We charter it all the time but only put 20/22 heads on. But that's strictly fishing Offshore where you need that "space". 40 will be tight but doable fishing local. The crew he has is top notch very helpful to newbs if you guys have any.
  40. yellofvr

    Pleas Pray for my best friend

    prayers sent bro.
  41. yellofvr

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    WTF no way closed the doors?
  42. yellofvr

    Prayers appreciated

    Prayers sent Bro!!
  43. yellofvr

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    I was just going to say Sneaky!!!
  44. yellofvr

    Best jig or lure for the slide??

    2oz head with Channel Island Chovie swimbait.
  45. yellofvr


    RIP Bro!
  46. yellofvr

    your go to trolling lures

    Zuker zucchini broom.
  47. yellofvr

    Inverter/ Generator - Feedback and Advice

    I have a 3k Honda, the quietest on the market. Like some other guys have said the only draw back is the weight. Its pretty heavy specially trying to get it out of a F350. If I did it again I might just go with 2 2200 Hondas. My 3k powers the whole trailer No problem and is extremely quiet. I had...
  48. yellofvr

    Got a free knife, check out this site.

    So I was looking for a net for the upcoming trout season, came upon this site bought a really nice pvc net. I signed up for their test and review thinking yeah right these things never work. Well a few weeks later a really badass fillet knife came in the mail. Just wanting to share with you...
  49. yellofvr

    NIB Lexa 400HS-P with Phoenix Rod REDUCED $300

    Shit I just got a new lexa, SMOKIN deal!!! always happens when you buy for retail LOL.
  50. yellofvr

    Oregon Ducks

    nice bag, did you mount the euro?
  51. yellofvr

    sportboat name changes

    What about the G/W out of Belmont Pier, And the Black Jack from Redondo
  52. yellofvr

    A fellow Spear fisherman could use your prayers.

    Great news bro, prayers sent.
  53. yellofvr


    WOW great post and even better pics! You are very lucky to still be hunting with Pops. To both of you Thanks for your service.
  54. yellofvr

    Eastern Sierra

    Damn nice fish.
  55. yellofvr

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    Well first GM asked for the bailout they just didn't GIVE it to them, And you sound like a liberal with that type of reply. I am sure I could get a lot of free shit from the Government if I were that type of person. I could give a whole dissertation on the subject but obviously wouldn't change...
  56. yellofvr

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    He's saying it because chevy took OUR money from the bailout. FUCK CHEVY
  57. yellofvr

    Poppers on a Jigstick

    When using a conventional, You don't have "pop it" by jerking the rod way to tiresome. You pop it by using the reel, You point the rod at the popper whine tight and make 1 or 2 FAST cranks to get the pop reel up the slack and repeat very simple. The high speed reels retrieve 25''-29'' per volution.
  58. yellofvr


    I went to the Kings game on Saturday, During the National Anthem no one took a knee seemed like the whole place was singing. After it was finished the crowed was yelling USA USA USA!!! It was fucking awesome.
  59. yellofvr

    LJ 9/16 Son's Personal Best YT

    Priceless bro Priceless
  60. yellofvr

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Connor might have the best after fight quote "I made him fight like a Mexican". I wanted Floyd 100% but he never hurt Connor not once. Regardless they are both laughing the way to the fuckin bank, Floyd said he will make 380mil.
  61. yellofvr

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Early stoppage, Mc Gregor was very tired not to hurt. I actually though he was winning. That reff should be fired, you could easily see he wasn't hurt.
  62. yellofvr

    Offshore Islander 8/22 a windy report

    Damn, sounds like a boat I'll be booking soon. That's phenomenal service.
  63. yellofvr

    Offshore Dorado Kelp Patty Patience ( Video )

    I feel you bro, almost nothing like it. Keep those videos rolling. They are badass
  64. yellofvr

    Offshore Dorado Kelp Patty Patience ( Video )

    Great vids, The hook sets are the best. One of your vidoes I counted 16!!! hook sets on 1 fish.
  65. yellofvr

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    For sure, You need to be in.
  66. yellofvr

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    I just seen your alert was at my son's hockey practice. If it's not to late I'm in.
  67. yellofvr

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Connor has 1 KO, the only guy he put to sleep was Aldo the rest of the guys he knocked down and the ref stopped the fight. And for the record his name is ROYCE not HOYCE. And his jits is not as good as you think Diaz went though him like a hot knife though butter. He had ZERO chance against...
  68. yellofvr

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Connor has power in his left, But its not a NUKE. The only guy that he truly knocked out was Aldo. The rest were TKO that they called KO. He knocked a lot of guys down with the left but KO only 1. He landed 164 of 286 significant strikes on Diaz and NEVER put him away. He has power but not 1...
  69. yellofvr

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Mayweather will win NO PROBLEM, You cant even use Malignaggi in the same sentence as Mayweather. Paulie 44fights 36W 8L 7KO, Floyd 49Fights 49W 0L 26KO. If you think Floyd cant KO Connor that's being NAIVE, Its a fight and anything can happen but the greatest boxers of...
  70. yellofvr

    Diawa Pacific 8/7

    Great report, what did you guys get the troll fish on?
  71. yellofvr

    Kids 1/2 day?

    Took my 7yo on his first 1/2 day, kids Dramamine night before then before we boarded zero issues. What ever boat you chose don't go on the Southern Cal out of Long Beach the captain could give 2 shits if there are kids on board.
  72. yellofvr

    Native Sun 7/4

    I agree on throwing your Bro's a bone, but hooking up your buddy's all damn day. The 2 deck hands were actually really nice calling my 8yo son "buddy" and are you having fun stuff like that. But I will never step foot on that boat again.
  73. yellofvr

    Native Sun 7/4

    I was on the Southern Cal on the same day, I knew I chose the wrong boat. Our captain was more concerned with hooking his buddies up than helping out the kids on the boat. Its good to know that there still some goods ones out there.
  74. yellofvr

    Seeker 270 guide replacement.

    Just wondering if removing the stock stainless guides with something lighter would make the rod feel "better". I know it glass but will lighter guides make it feel more lively?
  75. yellofvr

    Limits for two on sculpin

    I always wondered if one of the spikes punctured one of the other fish would it poison the meat?
  76. yellofvr

    Anyone have a Colt 1911 USMC they want to sell?

    Np. You won't be able to bring that pistol into CA is not on roster. The M45A1 roll mark sell for much less than the USMC roll mark.
  77. yellofvr

    Anyone have a Colt 1911 USMC they want to sell?

    There's at least 1 maybe 2 on Calguns, around the 4k range. The one at 4k is the real deal USMC roll mark in the green pelican case.
  78. yellofvr

    Galley Grub

    Grant the cook on the Chubasco 2 makes the Fuckin best patty melt. Its a nice option when your not feelling a cheeseburger. Or carne asada burritos would be killer.
  79. yellofvr

    Create My Dedicated Chovy Set Up (Please)

    196 -8 and a SL20 cant be beat. You will be amazed on how well that combo cast.
  80. yellofvr

    David Bowie weave

    Wow that's serious man hours, the amount of detail is amazing. So that looks like some type of sleeve, Does that "slip" over a rod and is epoxied in place?
  81. yellofvr

    David Bowie weave

    Damn bro, that's some serious talent. Just curious how long does something like that take?
  82. yellofvr

    New Del Mar 3/12 AM - wide open smiles!

    Wow great pics, Cant wait to take my boy on the water. Congrats
  83. yellofvr

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    badass, lets see some pics of the converstion
  84. yellofvr

    AR lowers & parts after 1/1/17

    you can build no problem
  85. yellofvr

    Offshore 95 YFT on the Tribute 9/21

    Right on, thanks for the reply,
  86. yellofvr

    Offshore 95 YFT on the Tribute 9/21

    bitchen report, im going tomorrow, any troll fish or on lures?
  87. yellofvr

    Offshore SW of the 302 for 1 YFT

    Did you happen to try the Halco 130?
  88. yellofvr

    Predator tackle bag questions

    right on, I guess Ill keep it. thanks for the replies.
  89. yellofvr

    Predator tackle bag questions

    Well I have lightest trays on top, the top one is hooks 2nd whams with only a couple lead heads. That's common sense, but I know that's lacking in here. I don't know what you mean use it how it's meant?
  90. yellofvr

    Predator tackle bag questions

    I really like the bag seems well made, but the sides are not reinforced so it sags. Also when you remove one of the trays it kinda collapse onto the next level. Kinda sucks, I really think the sides need reinforcement. Does the okuma nomad have this problem? If not I'll return this bag kinda...
  91. yellofvr

    Offshore 9-17 fish on the chubasco ll

    10 4, will do. Hope we have a good one like yours.
  92. yellofvr

    Offshore 9-17 fish on the chubasco ll

    Thanks for the report, I'm going out this Friday on the chubby. Did you guys need passorts?
  93. yellofvr

    Offshore Pursuit 9/16/16

    Sounds like a successful trip, the 3 B's and a yellow on the iron shit sounds like a bitchen time congrats bro.
  94. yellofvr

    Offshore 3/4 day YFT action on the San Diego 9/13

    That's fuckin funny bro, I was taking a drink of my BL the shit flew out my nose.
  95. yellofvr

    Offshore The Pursuit 9/11/16

    Also try and get to the landing min 1.5hours before departure, the closest to the stern the better
  96. yellofvr

    Offshore The Pursuit 9/11/16

    No problem bro, it's crazy how much a difference hot bait makes. You can fish 10 baits in a row and not get hit thinking there no fish around and the next bait is hot it gets hit less than 30 seconds. Keep changing your baits, avoid red/missing scale weak baits.
  97. yellofvr

    Offshore The Pursuit 9/11/16

    Good report, try fishing 20# you get hit more and 2/0 1/0 owner flyliners trust me. Butt hooked and take your time look for the lime green baits it makes all the difference. If you go this Sunday try it and report back good luck
  98. yellofvr

    Offshore Chubasco2 9/9/16

    Hell ya, chubasco 2 kicks ass. We chartered it for the 23rd, the whole crew kicks ass. And Grant on the flat top makes the best patty melt serious the best. I can't wait, no RWS but they have like a 500 gallon tub filed with ice.
  99. yellofvr

    Suggestions for 3/4 day out of San Diego

    Chubasco 2 probably 2nd only to the San Diego.
  100. yellofvr

    BTG90J for Ryan

    Fuckin badass, just curious how much does a stick like that cost.
  101. yellofvr

    rolling tackle box

    I decided to get the Outkast Predator small. It hasn't arrived yet anyone have this bag
  102. yellofvr

    WTB tiburon P21 frame

    Sorry I want it for my p322.
  103. yellofvr

    WTB tiburon P21 frame

    Anyone have a Tiburon P21 frame that want to sell hit me up thanks.
  104. yellofvr

    Offshore 14 mile bank Hammer Head

    I was on the chubasco2 last week there was a bigass hammer at South Island only like 200 yards off the island
  105. yellofvr

    rolling tackle box

    What rolling tackle box you guys using. Looking to spend under 150. I've had a shimano shoulder box for like 15 years but getting tired of carrying it.
  106. yellofvr

    Newell aluminum handle for sale

    I'll take it, it's kinda late I'll text you tomorrow morning, thanks
  107. yellofvr

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    Sonofa what afuckin crazy experience. Thank goodness that shit could wait. The Dad probably didn't even realize the magnitude of what happened.
  108. yellofvr


    Don't they get paid at least min wage?
  109. yellofvr

    FS Pants and Shorts--Pelagic, AFTCO, UPDATED 5/27/17

    Hey Gil, I bought some shorts from Ebay off you before great prices. Can you get Pelagic hats?
  110. yellofvr

    Liberty 3/4 Day (24JUL16) Coronado Islands

    Thanks for the report, Any particular color for the jigs. Probably not with 167 yellow caught.
  111. yellofvr

    Spring Break Ice Fishing Pike

    Great videos as always, thanks for sharing.
  112. yellofvr

    Re- Cap From Free Kids Fishing Derby In Long Beach

    Great video, And thanks for all you do not many people give back like you do.
  113. yellofvr

    San Jacinto 11/4

    Damn that's a great morning, any pics?
  114. yellofvr

    Free fishing pass for two at Laguna Niguel Lake, Incl Rods, bait, and permits.

    They lost the lease, only stocking the state dink trout. SUCKS
  115. yellofvr

    Prayers pleas if you are so inclined

    Prayers sent bro. May God bless your son's ...
  116. yellofvr

    slow trolling deans

    Nose hook around 30/50 yards out, in gear at idle. In rod holder with clicker on. That's it
  117. yellofvr

    That's my bike!

    Fuckin great I haven't laughed like that in a while, thanks OP
  118. yellofvr

    5.0 mustang .....

    5 speed?
  119. yellofvr

    Best chance at catching this weekend

    My buddy went out of Newport last Friday, same shit as Diego 5/7# yft and some bigger skippy he won JP with a 10ish skippy.
  120. yellofvr

    So Cal Pop Warner kids punished for parents behavior

    Trash simply trash
  121. yellofvr


    7' rod, 2# test. Black/silver, yellow/white, frog, white, yellow, red, mini jigs try some sent like bite on or siberian garlic oil. I fishable Jaws 70208s with a Symetre 1000 and 2#maxima
  122. yellofvr

    Thorium 50

    That thing is Massive, I kill em with a torium14 and have a 16 but seldom use it.
  123. yellofvr

    Pegasus Fishing boat catches 2 wahoo's

    Crazy, those are toads
  124. yellofvr

    Gonna Get Myself One Of These..........

    Best commercial in a long time
  125. yellofvr

    Six Kids Catch Their Very First Fish!

    Right on Dan. Dedicated
  126. yellofvr

    half day oN the CHUBBY 09/14/15

    Great report, I'm going on the Chubby 2 this Saturday extended 3/4. Great boat and even better crew, have you ate one of Grants pattymelt dude I'm telling you the best ever. I've never had Tiny as Captain just Ernie and Chad.
  127. yellofvr

    Green Bouy Yellows!!! 9-13-15

    At least a pic of Cathi
  128. yellofvr

    Saltist 20 LD good or bad?

    Thinking about getting a Saltist 20ld, how do they compare to Avet SX and the Fathom. I Fondled all three at turners and was digging the Saltist the best. It was way smoother than the SX, all though the fathom was just as smooth. What you guys think?
  129. yellofvr

    Surface Iron Stick Help

    Nope just 90j it's 30-60# 9' glass rod.
  130. yellofvr

    YFT & BFT on The Mirage!!

    Damn, those some toads. Congrats
  131. yellofvr

    Surface Iron Stick Help

    I have a 90J and 900M, I mainly use the 900, I use it for everything from 45s, Cs even poppers it's light and has power.
  132. yellofvr

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Buy a Torium handle, it's light years better than the stock ones. I have had one on my GW40 for like 10 years. It feels like a different reel way more power they bolt right up. . You need the nut and nut retainer.
  133. yellofvr

    Just for fun, dorado jaw

    Damn that thing is Way cool.
  134. yellofvr

    Offshore Tribute Overnight Report - 9/8/15

    Great read, thanks for the detailed report.
  135. yellofvr

    Just for fun, dorado jaw

    Damn that's bitchen, looks perfect
  136. yellofvr

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    I haven't tried a fathom yet. Are they really smooth like the saltist?
  137. yellofvr

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    I found the culprit, thanks for everyone's help. Johntuttle advise on pulling the bearing "Shields" did the trick. It still doesn't spin like my other reels but it made a huge improvement. Thanks again for everyone's input. Pull these out of your shimano's if you want good free spool.
  138. yellofvr

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    Yes spool tension is adjusted, cleaned and only put some oil that I used in R/C car bearings very sparingly. No grease on the shaft. Even if I remove the adjusting cap still no difference. It's like a magnetic drag very slight but you can tell
  139. yellofvr

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    I already cleaned and relubed the bearings but it still don't free spool good IMO. Last time fishing it I had to help the Dean take line of the spool. My newells and diawa's flyline way better. Any upgrades to make this thing free spool better?
  140. yellofvr

    Lake Havasu

    Looks delicious
  141. yellofvr

    Drag upgrade Newell P332F

    quick update, Went with Smooth drag Carbontex and smooth washers with a hint of Cals grease $32 shipped . Super smooth know, Thanks for all the help guys.
  142. yellofvr

    Offshore Held School of YFT and Dorado for 3 Hours

    On long drifts the bait really stacks under the boat. Start your boat every half hour or so and idle for a minute or 2 it scares the bait out from under you. Don't put it in gear just start it. Trust me it works
  143. yellofvr

    Flat fall jigs

    I got 2 YF last trip on the pink/blue/white, one on the drop and one on the fast retrieve from a deep drop, 80grm
  144. yellofvr

    Offshore Tax man video as promised

    Sonofa that girl is really sexy, what was her name. The shark video just tooka back seat
  145. yellofvr

    Shimano Colt Sniper Hook Change-out

    thanks for the reply, I have 2 in the box I just forget to use them. I got 2 YFT last trip on the FF, 1 on the drop and 1 on the retrieve from a deep drop.
  146. yellofvr

    Shimano Colt Sniper Hook Change-out

    how you guys fishing them/ like the flatfalls?
  147. yellofvr

    Swimbaits for Tuna

    Chanel Island chovy, and purple haze. Same lead heads as you said, I had one rigged last week bit we didn't get any troll fish so I didn't get a chance to use it haha
  148. yellofvr

    Drag upgrade Newell P332F

    This is the drag washers I got out, they had black grease. The friction washers are black with a rough texture maybe like 200 grit sandpaper?
  149. yellofvr

    Drag upgrade Newell P332F

    Yes I can service myself, mechanic 20 years. Thanks for the info, gonna go with the carbontex and cals. I want smooth drag I fish 30 and 40 on it.
  150. yellofvr

    Drag upgrade Newell P332F

    Any suggestions for my P322F drag upgrades. I used it this past Wednesday on a 900m throwing a popper and the drags were getting jerkey on the second YF. Also any bearing upgrades? Any input would be appreciated.
  151. yellofvr

    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    Damn bro, prayers sent. Life is a trip sometimes. Cheers to your brother
  152. yellofvr

    Offshore BIG local yellowfin! Maximus 2day Report

    Kickass trip and great pics, The dude on that wellcraft is have a rough day.
  153. yellofvr

    Chubasco 2 fun with the kids

    The smile says it all, going on the Chubosco on Wednesday. Great boat and crew
  154. yellofvr

    Reality is sometimes tough to face....

    Fuckin crazy, almost unbelievable how clogged his arteries were
  155. yellofvr

    3 for 3

    Sonofabitch those dishes look fantastic. What's the recipe on the second dish?
  156. yellofvr

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    I fished the Salte Verde Area last week and did really good on the yellows.
  157. yellofvr

    Gonna Need a Bigger.....Prius?

    That dude is a Game Warden, Encountered him many times duck hunting kind of a dick tell you the truth.
  158. yellofvr

    Offshore Late Dana BY report

    Thanks, What you think about the red lines in the meat? Blood vessels?
  159. yellofvr

    Offshore Late Dana BY report

    Fished last Thursday with my Buddie Wayne, he fished Wednesday and lost a big one at color and wanted revenge. Got a half scoop and off we go only 6/8 miles off. Tried halcos and rapalas for nothing, so we reverted to slow troll dean's bam fish on within minutes hell ya nice 40lber. Next my...
  160. yellofvr

    Irvine Lake

    I'm thinking of going tomorrow, how was the west shore looking any action?
  161. yellofvr

    Ultra- Catalina Island

    That boat hauls ass huh.
  162. yellofvr

    50+ Rainbows Ice Fishing Kamloops

    Great video, I Remember seeing your videos on FNN. Keep them coming
  163. yellofvr

    Cheap .22 and free shipping.

    got one thanks
  164. yellofvr

    My daughter does it again in D16

    Great pic, And look at that shot placement, Perfect
  165. yellofvr

    TidyBowl Boat Strikes Again

    this thread is Fuckin great.
  166. yellofvr

    SSE Wishlist

    Been on a SSE binge foe the last 2 years
  167. yellofvr

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    You should go down to the dock and tell him that, See how that works out for you.
  168. yellofvr

    brawley doves 9/13 with our boys

    just a heads up pigeons are NOT LEGAL this year, check the regs.
  169. yellofvr

    US Waters and Quality Models (YFT)

    Damn thanks for the 411 bro.
  170. yellofvr

    Niland Birds???

    yup I think having the euros open really messed up the opener down there/
  171. yellofvr

    US Waters and Quality Models (YFT)

    can you give the recipe for the POKE sauce. I got some YFT to demolish
  172. yellofvr


    Zucchini Broom Tail= Boat Stopper plain cedar plug Black/purple jet head
  173. yellofvr

    Legg Lake Kids Fishing Report

    That's great Dan, way to give back and the fish look to be really nice size
  174. yellofvr

    Missing child, please help

    That's awesome, soooo happy for you guys.
  175. yellofvr

    Interesting purchase I saw at Wal Mart the other day...

    Happens everyday that's some fucked up shit.
  176. yellofvr

    Chino Air Show

    bad ass, whens the next one
  177. yellofvr

    Eclipse, RR1-2-3,Vagabond,Apollo,Topgun,Shogun,OO,SA80,Lo-An,Fortune and some that have gone

    Like you said real friends are hard to come by, Sorry for the loss and prayers sent.
  178. yellofvr

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    drinking Perrier water threwout the day has helped tremendously.
  179. yellofvr

    Surface Iron Rod Preferences

    90j all the way
  180. yellofvr

    Glock 19. Am I Missing Something?

    Possession of high cap mags is legal.. you just cant sell them or take them to the range. But you can have them at your house.
  181. yellofvr

    Picked up a Redhead

    Nice work, But I think the body language is a little off.
  182. yellofvr

    Modern Anchovy Reel

    daiwa sl20, one of the best casting.
  183. yellofvr

    40, 45, & 10 mm "ball" ammo available and good prices

    do they charge tax to cali?
  184. yellofvr

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    collar hook, #1#2 Owner flyliner, 1/8 slider
  185. yellofvr

    Remington 870

    what is it chambered in?
  186. yellofvr

    1998 Expedition

    Nice rig, what engine?
  187. yellofvr

    Mayonnaise Jar...........

    Good read. Some times we need to be reminded.
  188. yellofvr

    Hevi Metal Shell That I Cut Open

    Wow that speaks highly of Environ. I wish i could shoot that stuff. I shoot Kent right now and have been for years but after what they told you fuck that they are not getting another penny from me.. Federal and Remington fuckthem to.
  189. yellofvr

    Over and Under or Side by Side the best?

    I shoot all three types auto, O/U And i just picked up a sweet Browning BSS20ga 26" sxs. That little sxs shoulders so nice. Im really in love with that little sxs its just so sweet. If you get a chance to fire one you will proly end up going home with it.
  190. yellofvr

    Largemouth Bass on a Crawdad on Vans

    Damn bro, you are very gifted. Insane
  191. yellofvr

    New Weave Of "Homer Simpson"

    Fuckin incredible
  192. yellofvr

    limit for 6

  193. yellofvr

    Wife shooting the AR

    Are those guys on the left in front of her, or just an illusion
  194. yellofvr

    Huell Howser Dies

    Damn that sucks. RIP Huell
  195. yellofvr

    San Jacinto 1/5

    Yea 10/4 Brinkman, that was us. The teal wanted no part part of our spread. But those dumb ass spoons sure loved it. We started with 22 deeks by the end of the day i took out all but 7 it made a difference. I should have tried the spinner. It was nice meeting you guys. If you need some help on a...
  196. yellofvr

    San Jacinto 1/5

    I was there on a 36, he'll yea was cold. We shot teal and spoondawgs
  197. yellofvr


    Check out YouTube on patterning buck shot, People are getting great patterns out to 80yards you might be surprised
  198. yellofvr

    Mutant Goose ID

    Bad Ass. Looks mint very clean kill
  199. yellofvr

    Elementary School Shooting

    They need to stop putting this shit on the news. Fuck this shit needs to stop.
  200. yellofvr


    DO NOT shake the bottle to mix the formula stir with the back of a spoon not to fast, DO NOT create bubbles. And get DR BROWNS bottles they are a PIAT to clean but the combo got rid of my sons crying
  201. yellofvr

    It's about time......GSP is Back!!! UFC 154 tonite

    Gsp 5 rounds of man humping guaranteed.
  202. yellofvr

    San Jacinto 11/10

    Thanks for the report.. SKY BUSTERS FUCK IT UP FOR EVERYBODY. Why do they even throw deeks makes no sense.
  203. yellofvr

    carp skin surf rod

  204. yellofvr

    Monte Carlo 11.10.12

    Damn nice catch.. Maybe next weekend i can get out. Thanks for the report
  205. yellofvr

    Mammoth Creek gives up the Browns

    Great read.. I know the feeling about releasing such a beautiful creature
  206. yellofvr

    any info on the chubasco II?

    Good crew, good cook but limited seating especially in the galley. Gets a little to close to the patty when fishing off shore but over all good boat.
  207. yellofvr

    Lets talk cell phone plans and carriers

    I have Sprint and it sucks really bad, i would not recommend Sprint to anyone. The customer service is horrible the networks are always busy cuz they offer unlimited plan specially during peak hours it sucks , Also I never had so many dropped calls . I had Verizon for 11years and switched...
  208. yellofvr

    What duck is this???????

    Sluester is correct. Hen Ringneck
  209. yellofvr

    10-22 Duck opener

    Jack shit for 8 in my hunting crew
  210. yellofvr

    A Plethora of Purple!

    Damn that is fuckin bad !!!!!!
  211. yellofvr

    She has it so right!

    Damn, Like he said from the heart. When did this meeting take place and where?
  212. yellofvr

    What is the best quality .45 or 9mm you can buy?

    Sig 226 with corbon in the grip is what I have to defend my life with, It is the only weapon that I have that has NEVER jammed It fires reloads like nothin.Glock is also a great gun but I heen seen many that dont like reloads just new ammo.
  213. yellofvr

    Killed Um

    I have ate a few spoonys in my days, But it seems that they have rice breast more frequently than the other puddlers.
  214. yellofvr

    Paintball Guns (marker) - PMI Piranha Park Model (8)

    P M me so I can get a number thank you. looking for 2 masks maybe 1 marker
  215. yellofvr


    Well we know forsure GSP will not knock out Anderson, IMO GSP will get KTFO. Anderson is a big version of GSP but with deadly hands.
  216. yellofvr

    Hunting Pics

    And did I see a couple of Black's. Great pics.
  217. yellofvr

    Rough seas video...

    Crazy shit.
  218. yellofvr

    San Jacinto 11/3

    Tom will take care of you.
  219. yellofvr

    Hunting Boots?

    Danner Pronghorns the best fitting boot I have ever worn.
  220. yellofvr

    Canada 2010

    What the hell do you do with 1200 birds? Must have been a crazy amount of action.
  221. yellofvr

    First Duck Hunt for Two Older Boys

    Great report..The smile says it all.
  222. yellofvr

    The look of jealousy...

    Funny shit
  223. yellofvr

    Cow Yellowtail?

    SONOFA!!!!!! Big ass yeller.
  224. yellofvr

    WTB Benelli M2 Field 12ga 28" or possibly a Vinci

    Montefeltro hands down, Points like a high dollar O/U.
  225. yellofvr

    Camo UL Spinner

    All i see is a "Pink stripe" Flax and some Datepalm frawns.
  226. yellofvr


    Are you guys drifting or still fishing, Nice catch.
  227. yellofvr


    Nice catch. I fish the Kings every April right below Pineflat lake. Its awsome up there.
  228. yellofvr

    Offshore Albacore are here.

    It only take's a couple of people to fuck it up for everybody.
  229. yellofvr

    Kids Fish For Free At Davey's Locker

    What age do they consider kids?
  230. yellofvr

    Offshore 05.31.10 Chubasco II - BBFC Slaying Yellows!

    Great report, Felt like I was almost there.
  231. yellofvr

    Gun Cleaning Chem?

    Gun scrubber then CLP, Fast and easy.
  232. yellofvr

    Crotchless Panties

    Thats a great one
  233. yellofvr

    awkward family photos

    even grandpa has side wood
  234. yellofvr

    Oil Spill Photos

  235. yellofvr

    Crowley- opener

    Great pics...Bitchen up there.
  236. yellofvr

    Anyone go to an Iggy Pop concert lately?

    What the!!!!
  237. yellofvr


    #7 and #10 Damn #10 looks tasty!!!
  238. yellofvr

    Duck Opener Draw Results Posted...

    Jack shit for 8 hunters.
  239. yellofvr

    Just got this in the mail today....

    That is bitchen!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the bird going on the wall?
  240. yellofvr

    Surgical enhancement for aging women

    That was funny.........!!!!
  241. yellofvr

    anyone ever fish kings river in sanger ca.?

    I fish the Kings below Pine Flat dam every year, It is not to far from Sanger. The Kings gets stocked by DFG on thursday's, the current is kinda fast at that spot but it is fishable the usual trout baits work P/B, crawlers, and Roostertail's in white,red or yellow work very well. Their is a...
  242. yellofvr


    I give them an A+, Great service.
  243. yellofvr

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    The G/W out of Belmont Pier in the early 80's.
  244. yellofvr

    What handle fits what?

    Yes the Torium handle fits.
  245. yellofvr

    Kimbo on right now!!!!

    I think Kimbo's beard is like a big cushion for his chin, You cant hit what you cant see.
  246. yellofvr

    07/08 Duck killing pics.

    Here are a few from the season.
  247. yellofvr

    Carp Bait Help

    Crushed cornflakes add water and you have carp bait.
  248. yellofvr

    Deckhand rod

    90j calstar
  249. yellofvr

    Help with lcd hd tv purchase.

    Sony 52''XBR4 bravia LCD 1080p 120hz thats the TV I spent my money on, The baddest tv on the market right now although the samsung is very close to pic quality.Go look at all three and youll end up buying the Sony or Samsung.Oh yea buy a BlueRay player or PS3 and youll never have to go to the...
  250. yellofvr

    Wrapping Pliers with Cord

    I always wanted to know how to wrap, What books do you guys reccommed?
  251. yellofvr

    Diesel/Gasoline... Banks Power...MORE Power And Mileage?

    I installed the hedders on my 97 f-350 7.5 now I have a EGR code "insuficient flow detected" . Everything is on correct no restictions in the connector line, I contacted your tech dept and they just started quoting info from ALLDATA. Have you heard of this prob before?
  252. yellofvr

    r u kidding me?

    That is some fuckin funny shit, What is wrong with people nowadays.
  253. yellofvr

    perhaps, THE BEST Ford commercial ever filmed........

    FORD all the way!!!!!
  254. yellofvr

    Tossing iron for yellows

    Torium 20,90j, Mint 45 or bird caca.
  255. yellofvr

    Why don't some of you like the USPs?

    Sig all the way!!!! Although I would take a USP 40 over any Glock.
  256. yellofvr

    Ducks from up north

    0000 steel wool and some CLP will take care of that rust.
  257. yellofvr

    Most disturbing video ever

    Send it please!!
  258. yellofvr

    Thinning Out The Covey

    What recipes do you guys use for quail?
  259. yellofvr

    3 More days

    Sure no problem, but You gotta bring "Christina". The chick on the bottom right of Your sig.:boobies::ashamed:
  260. yellofvr

    3 More days

    I got a #6 @ Kern for the 20th. Any other B/D'rs gonna be their.
  261. yellofvr


    Link please.
  262. yellofvr

    Wister this sat 11/18.

    Right on, That sounds like a good kill. By the way how was the weather is it still warm over there.
  263. yellofvr

    Wister this sat 11/18.

    Well FISH DOC My blind is full or Id ask a couple of b/der's to go. I was thinking of hunting 115b. Did you guy's get any big bird's {Green heads,Sprig ect}? Were going after ducks since I dont have any Snow deek's But Ill sure pass shoot a Snow If it is range Since I hate skybusting theyll have...
  264. yellofvr

    Wister this sat 11/18.

    Well I finally got a draw for wister and its a #2 :cheers: Ill be there on friday night if any b/der's are gonna be there stop by my truck is in my avitar.
  265. yellofvr

    Fraizer Park Quail 11-3-06

    that some good eating.
  266. yellofvr

    No Overhead Casting MUST SEE!

    The lure is a Jakes Spin-a-Lure, That's some fucked up shit.Welcome to Jake's Lures - Find out how you can become "hooked on Jake's"
  267. yellofvr

    Barrett 11/1

    A bro the hen in the middle look's like a hen red head.
  268. yellofvr

    FYI You May Be Rich $$$

    My mom 108.45 and my cousin 89.00 thanks for the info.
  269. yellofvr

    Barrett Lake 10-25

    Right on bro your first CA green head's, By the way how the hell does the ruddy taste I never ate one.
  270. yellofvr

    I'm soooooooo Depressed

    No shit I can hardly sleep, Tomarrow is gonna drag ass.
  271. yellofvr

    Salton Sea Scouting

    A DR Fowl, Ill be freelancing the sea and pond's surrounding wister. How was the skeeter hatch this season were they on attack mode let me know so i could stock up on the deet.
  272. yellofvr

    Roll call for Irvine opener

    Ill be there on sat w/a few of my bro's.
  273. yellofvr

    Premier's Last Trip! Sniff Sniff

    Who's gonna do the 3/4 out of pierpoint now?
  274. yellofvr

    80's **** stars

    Fuck yea Cuda she was a fuckin SEXY bitch!!
  275. yellofvr

    Done @ 7:15 in Niland

    Thats why my family hunt's north of Bakersfield, We tried hunting out in the niland area but to hot and WAY to many dumbfucks. There's not as many birds up nort but we still manage to limmit out most years.
  276. yellofvr

    Ocean Master?

    What he said, The Sealine series is a excellent reel not just for noob's go check them out youll like what they feel like. They have very good freespool and the drags are pretty strong, Also very low maint like a refresh once a season depending on how much you fish. If you could just buy one...
  277. yellofvr

    8/20 Dolphin pm

    Post some pix of the chick!
  278. yellofvr

    carlsbad yakkin (lucky beenie) 8/7

    That is some funny shit. ''Stand your ground'':rofl: :rofl:
  279. yellofvr

    Offshore Dodo's & Tails 8/2 East End of Cat

    Actually, We caught all of ours on dino's, I wanted to make macs. But My friend was too impatient and wanted to get out their cause we were running late. I would try and make them if you can.
  280. yellofvr

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    My chick, SOOO tasty. Oh yea Y/Tail is good too.
  281. yellofvr

    Prayers please...

    A little bro sorry to hear that,Prayers are sent.
  282. yellofvr

    To all you FORD lovers out there...

    It's just the c/c switch FORD still make's the Baddest truck's on the planet period:finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: Chevrolet= C racked H eads E very V alve R attles O il L eaks E veryday T oo Mopar= M ostly O ld P arts A nd R ust Jeep=J ust E mpty E very...
  283. yellofvr

    Offshore Dodo's & Tails 8/2 East End of Cat

    Right on I remember that boat [Beautiful] every body worked good on those pattie's. I was on the little Trophy just me and my friend, We stayed till 2:30 way to late in that boat got beat up going home. Once the Thunderbird showed up it just killed the bite for us.
  284. yellofvr

    ATTENTION: All Dirty Old Men

    SIX, That thing look's delicious!!!
  285. yellofvr

    Offshore Dodo's & Tails 8/2 East End of Cat

    Im telling you their is a fuckin TON of dodo's out their, East end off like 5-8 miles look for patties make mack's if you can cause they were getting hit better but we still caught them off dino's. Oh yea we caught alot of them drifting off the patty up to like 50+ yards, Once we found them we...
  286. yellofvr

    Offshore Briana amost killed me

    I agree just cause you have a big boat doesnt mean you know what your doing, Some of the shit i saw out their yesterday im like some people shouldnt be allowed to breed!
  287. yellofvr

    Offshore Dodo's & Tails 8/2 East End of Cat

    Just got done cleaning fish. Super tired. Launched out of Davies got a half scoop of deans from nacho great bait only around 10 rolled all day. Planned of hitting the 14 mile bank never made it that far. Seen some boats around 5 to 8 miles off the east end of cat. Went over there to investigate...
  288. yellofvr

    Local Run Wed. August 2nd

    That sound's bitchen , What channel??
  289. yellofvr

    what knot do you use?

    Palomar for hook's double sandyeggo for jiggz.
  290. yellofvr

    Local Run Wed. August 2nd

    Ill be their on wed also, On my buddies boat 21' trophy ""ONE SON" be on 72 ,16 hopefully by 5am. See you out their.
  291. yellofvr

    Carpenteria State Beach??

    Right on thanks for the 411 Ill take the trout rods and hopefully get some perch.
  292. yellofvr

    Carpenteria State Beach??

    Im heading out w/the family and some friends has any body fished this beach before. Let me know.
  293. yellofvr

    Mako madness! Daily Double 7-15

    A Dome, Your pic's are fuckin killer the wheelhouse shot is like ''post card'', ''calender'' material.The bloody ones are bitchen too.
  294. yellofvr

    Name this BDer?

  295. yellofvr

    'FIN'ATIC Hauling ASS!!!!

    Dam that's flying that piece of land get's big real fast!!
  296. yellofvr

    1/2 day newport landing 7/11

    Right on breeding another fish killer he looks HAPPY!
  297. yellofvr

    MDR mako 7-11

    A I think i just seen you on the new's channel 11??
  298. yellofvr

    Cat YT and Calicos fish and dive 7-7/7-8-06

    Dude great pic's, The memorial thing was way cool too. It must feel crazy diving and seeing all the life down their, Awsome post.
  299. yellofvr

    B/D sighting in AZUSA.7/6

    Yea thats why i was trippinout, I was like WTF in this neighborhood!!
  300. yellofvr

    B/D sighting in AZUSA.7/6

    A little wile ago i seen a 1999 2000ish ford f-150 black and silver w/a red b/d sticker you were going into the edgewood center who was that.
  301. yellofvr

    Ever been backed into by the anonymous parker...

    That's kind hard to decide, like you said you want to mind your own business but if that was your car you would be thankfull that some one said something. I take good care of my shit and for some dick that prolly just lease's his car to disrespect it would piss me off so i think you did the...
  302. yellofvr

    Offshore Shogun 7/2 - 1.5 day trip w/pic

    That is a pig specially for a 1.5!!
  303. yellofvr

    Offshore Indian 2 day July 2-4

    A bro that is a fuckin nice grade of fish, Great report.
  304. yellofvr

    Offshore Yellowfin 7-3

    Holy shit, Post some pic's.
  305. yellofvr

    Rinse your fillet's?

    Shit i rinsed already! but i dried them good hopefully they stay alright. Next time i know NO freshwater thanks for all the help!
  306. yellofvr

    Rinse your fillet's?

    Right on thanks!
  307. yellofvr

    Rinse your fillet's?

    I just caught some yello's do you guys rinse them in fresh water? Or just put them in the freezer right after filleting, Thanks in advance.
  308. yellofvr

    Offshore new lo-an bluefin

    That bft looks delicious!
  309. yellofvr

    Vagabond 3 day Trip Report 6/25-6/28

    Sounds like a nice trip. To bad no pic's.
  310. yellofvr

    Corrosion protection on jigs??

    On some of my jigz the hooks are rusted and the paint is flaking off, What can i put on them to help w/that? Salt X? What do you guy's use.
  311. yellofvr

    Walk it off !!!

    That was crazy, That pair of dual's W/drum must weigh atleast 500#, Look how it moves the car and it didnt even hit it square!
  312. yellofvr

    Offshore 1 1/2 day trip on the Prowler - 6/21

    That sounds like a fantastic trip! Ill be on the Prowler this friday fishing sat i hope we do as good as you guys did. Hopefully the weather lays down by the weekend. How are the bunks on that boat its my first time on it i was looking @ the website and yea it is a little on the small side, But...
  313. yellofvr

    Smokin question

    I agree add to the brine,And i suggest C&H brown sugar it has a good flavor. And i also use hickory chips that i buy @ home depot.
  314. yellofvr

    Prowler on 6/30!!

    Ill be on the boat any other B/D's going on that trip?
  315. yellofvr

    Offshore Q105 1.5 trip

    A what about terminal takle?like fly line? slider?hook size? Floro?
  316. yellofvr

    Tragedy Strikes One of Our BD Members

    That is very sad,My prayers are with them.
  317. yellofvr

    Offshore Q105 1.5 trip

    Nice pics,Good score on 15#.
  318. yellofvr

    Long beach harbor bassin

    Wow that's a toad.
  319. yellofvr

    Twilight Daily Double Kids trip

    A bro very nice pic's, What brand of camera did you use the clarity is fuckin incredible!!
  320. yellofvr

    Check out this site.

    Rate my camel
  321. yellofvr

    La Jolla Ling 6-14

    That last pic looks DAM GOOOOOOOOD!
  322. yellofvr

    Got Ammo?

    That is awsome,the shit that people think of nowadays.
  323. yellofvr

    Offshore 6/11 Daiwa Pacific

    Great report,nice pics.
  324. yellofvr

    Offshore Success 2 day 6/10-6/11

    Good read,Very detailed.
  325. yellofvr

    Offshore Condor Bluefin - 6/11/2006

    Nice grade,damm nice feesh.A bro what #test?
  326. yellofvr

    Albacore off Oregon Already

    Yea the water is really warm out there.
  327. yellofvr

    hookup on the surface iron!

    A bro thats one of the baddest vids i ever seen!!The comments your making are fuckin funny it just reminds me of the shit that im saying to my self when im bent.Hehehe.
  328. yellofvr

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    Mint and white tady C or 45.Or bird CaCa.
  329. yellofvr

    Bonies, Barries and Bass Catalina 6-5

    Thanks for the post,nice pics also.
  330. yellofvr

    Premier Loking,..

    Yea i know what your talking about,When i was on the boat on friday in the landing parking lot were 2 vehicles w/BD stickers on them i was like bitchen some bro's on the boat.I was wearing a yellotail B/D hoodie and a B/D hat and not even a word out of them,I was like maybe their on another...
  331. yellofvr

    WSB 6/4 w/pic

    Nice report congrats on the c-bass.
  332. yellofvr

    Chrome bass on the PREMIER 6/2!

    Hey tsurikichi,Thanks for the good words I always read your great post.I tried plastics but didn't get any love the bass just wanted the candy.I met some guy named JEFF on the boat he said he knew you and spoke highly of you,I didnt get his last name but he is a 5th grade teacher very cool guy.I...
  333. yellofvr

    Chrome bass on the PREMIER 6/2!

    Well did my first party boat this year on the kick ass PREMIER, Been reading about the cuda and bone heads the have been chewing along the coast. So my supervisor and i jumped on the Premier, Danny was in the wheelhouse today, Mitch was on the grill and deckhand dutys and Andy was the deckhand...
  334. yellofvr

    B/D sighting in glendora!

    On monday 5/15 i saw a silver tacoma 05,06 pulling a bayliner w/a red b/d sticker on the back going north on grand ave @about 8:00 who was that?
  335. yellofvr

    Cat 5/6

    Left daveys @ around 7:00 got a scoop of mixed deans and mini macs from bills,Got to the island a little after 8:00 fished the front side.Started W/a popsicle on a spro bucktail no love tried deans no love then i put a 2/0 and a 1/4 slider and a popsicle started landing calicos I was fishing 20#...
  336. yellofvr

    The badly needed thread

    I've been looking at that avatar for a while now and that chicks ass looks DELICIOUS! Where did You find her I've been loking all over for more pics of her.
  337. yellofvr

    CAT on sat??

    The call sign will be yellofvr well be on 72 also,Have u herd if nacho has squid?Or are u gonna make it ,what channels do the bait boats usually have?Well prolly get some dead from the asian market just incase.
  338. yellofvr

    CAT on sat??

    I dont think were spending the night,We'll proly launch around 5am.
  339. yellofvr

    CAT on sat??

    A bro how early on sat,What channel are u gonna be on and whats the name of ur boat.We never been to the island on a private boat.
  340. yellofvr

    CAT on sat??

    Goin on sat morning out of l/b any buddy boats??
  341. yellofvr

    Damn kids...

    Thats the fuckin funniest shit i ever seen on b/d.
  342. yellofvr

    Offshore CATALINA HUGE WSB 4/14/06

    FUUUUUUUUUck thats a toad,thats alot of fish tacos & ceviche you also have a kick ass boat too.
  343. yellofvr

    Must be a BDer needing gas money

    What a asshole.
  344. yellofvr

    Viehical Barrior

  345. yellofvr


    Nice fish got to hit dvl soon,That p-stick lure looks like a fish killer.
  346. yellofvr

    Offshore Albacore 1025 n.m. away

    Fuckin hard core:notworthy :notworthy
  347. yellofvr

    What Jig rod for trout?

    Well my chick works in fullerton im picking her up from work today ill stop by fishermans and check them out thanks.
  348. yellofvr

    What Jig rod for trout?

    Dam i narrowed it down,Ill go to sav-on and turners on sat to look @ the phenix,shimano compres and diawa.A troutguy i never heard of rouges where do they sell them at,Also thanks for all the input ill let you know what i bought..And the reel will be a symetre 750,cant wait to get my new toy.
  349. yellofvr

    What Jig rod for trout?

    Yea i should have been more specific,mini jigging/lipprippers for trout w/2# test.
  350. yellofvr

    What Jig rod for trout?

    Im in the market,What do you guys recommed?I fish Kencore's for bait I have a 3''4''5'' w/sedona 500's and 750's.I was thinking like a phoenix or kencore give me some info like model#'s and opinions like get a glass rod cause it has a softer "bounce" or grafight cast farther or get a 8''er.Let...
  351. yellofvr

    Lake Perris 3-11-06

    That sucks water level down 4-5years,That means no duck hunting their for a long time,FUCK that sucks!!!
  352. yellofvr

    Arkansas family reunion

    That was a kick ass vidDeath_To_ Death_To_ FUCK fei:finger: :finger: nstein
  353. yellofvr

    Street Fight....

    That muthafuca has some fuckin heavy hands,you could tell the other dude didnt want any from the get go!
  354. yellofvr

    Almost first post

    Welcome from one newb to another:finger: :finger:
  355. yellofvr

    Offshore March 3rd & 4th Fish Report in Ensenada

    A Mooningu, where did You find that chick on Your avatar? She has a FUCKIN GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAT Ass. I cant stop looking at it.
  356. yellofvr

    New Bloody Decks Member

    Wow you guys are going easy on him.
  357. yellofvr

    WOW I'm finally home

    A SEADOG,that avitar is fuckin great.
  358. yellofvr

    another newbe

    Welcome now fuck off!:finger: :finger:
  359. yellofvr

    Another New Dick

    I work w/that asshole everyday now i have to read his post on b/d im really fucked now.gunz FUCK YOU STEVE.:finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  360. yellofvr

    Sis and bro asking 4 help

    Im in to bro,Check's in the mail tomorrow and both of them will be in our prayers.
  361. yellofvr

    What is the gayest ride on the road now

    The PT is i love to suck cock gay,But a guy driving a beetle is I suck cock and take dicks up the ass gay!
  362. yellofvr


    Was he mad?
  363. yellofvr

    Day 5 Fred Hall Reflection

    Hell yeah it was awesome
  364. yellofvr

    New Dick

    Like Nancinator said,Went to the FHS, it was alright. Same shit as last year and the year before. But the best part of the whole damn show was when i saw the b/d sign and met some of my b/d bros and one sister. All kidding aside, me and my chick thought they were very nice people. I bought...
  365. yellofvr

    New Dick

    Well I've been lurking for a while now and gotta start posting. Didn't fish last year due to new job. Use to fish out of Pier point alot on the premier and so cal. Anyways this is a kick ass website some funny shit on here. What happened to BOTD? Gonna stop by the booth on sat. to pick some...
  366. yellofvr

    tookie's boys

    was that really his fuckin eye ball!!!!!!!!!