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  1. qchau

    12 visx for 80lb

    I fish 80 on mine and love about 500 yds plus of solid Jerry brown
  2. qchau

    PENN new product wish list

    Fathom 15xnld2 x 100 please
  3. qchau

    Accurate Boss Extreme 30

    SOLD....please close
  4. qchau

    Okuma TG 10 II for $120

    I have 2 okuma titus gold 10 II for $120 each. These are 2 speed reels. For those who don't know these reels came right before the makairas and are very solid reels. One is actually tricked out with anodized gun metal and a T-Bar handle. These reels would be perfect loaner or boat reels where...
  5. qchau

    40-50# Boat Rod & Reel

    you got pm....I have two okuma titus gold 10 2 speeds that will work perfectly for your needs.
  6. qchau

    Accurate Boss Extreme 30

    Like the title says...Accurate Boss Extreme 30 filled with 100 lb solid tuf line xp. Reel has no major scratches just normal boat rash. Recently serviced at Ken's Custom Reels. $400
  7. qchau

    Rods for SALE: Mainly Phenix Rods, Crucial, Calstar

    please close....creating new thread for remaining rods.
  8. qchau

    Phenix INSHORE Black Diamond Rods, plus Shimano Crucial

    1) Black diamond inshore PSW 760L 8-25 $170 2) Black diamond inshore PSW 760MLXF 10-30 $170 SOLD 3) Shimano Crucial CRC 70MH 10-20 $60 (bass rod) SOLD Remaining rods for sale. All rods in good condition, rods are straight, no popped guides, and reel seat works.
  9. qchau

    Rods for SALE: Mainly Phenix Rods, Crucial, Calstar

    Calstar gfter and phenix 700H pending...
  10. qchau

    Rods for SALE: Mainly Phenix Rods, Crucial, Calstar

    will only hold with paypal or venmo transfer of 50% or item
  11. qchau

    Rods for SALE: Mainly Phenix Rods, Crucial, Calstar

    Like the title says. I have a batch of used but in good condition phenix black diamond rods. I've always preferred these over the hybrids as they are thinner, lighter, and more parabolic. Also have a shimano crucial bass rod and a Calstar GF900M Buy more than 1 and you will get a better...
  12. qchau

    Okuma Andros: 5nII, 5II, 12II

    sold please close.
  13. qchau

    Okuma Andros 5NII (2-speed)

    sold please close.
  14. qchau

    Okuma Andros 5NII (2-speed)

    Like the title says. Mechanically perfect and serviced at okuma every year. Has some boat rash as pictures show. You will fish this reel the most as it is light weight and powerful. Has 50 lb jerry brown solid spectra backing. $210.00
  15. qchau

    Okuma Andros: 5nII, 5II, 12II

    will open new thread with 5nII only. please close
  16. qchau

    Okuma Andros: 5nII, 5II, 12II

    5II and 12II sold...only 5NII left.
  17. qchau

    Okuma Andros: 5nII, 5II, 12II

    Up for sale are the three referenced reels. 5NII for $210, 5II $210, 12II $225. Buy all three and I'll give you a better deal. Both 5s have jerry brown 50lb Spectra solid..the 12 has 65lb jerry brown solid. All reels mechanically flawless....serviced at Okuma every year. Some minor boat rash...
  18. qchau

    Mak 30/PCH 741 XXXH issue

    I used electrical taped and wrapped a piece of rubber on the clamp to increase it's width....worked like a charm.
  19. qchau

    Found one. Looking for 9' Jig Stick Local in Palmdale/Lancaster

    Hey man got a graphiter 900m deckhand that is old but still very fishable. I haven't used for years it's just sitting in garage. $100 in Orange. Black on black deckhand style.
  20. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    Reels sold...mods please close
  21. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    Hi Jesse, not interested in the talica 16
  22. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    Thanks young, nice meeting you.
  23. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    Mak 16 still available.
  24. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    All PM's replied
  25. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    Pm'md you Fintastick
  26. qchau

    Gunmetal Mak 16 SEA

    Like the title says....Gunmetal Mak 16 and Mak 20 (Sold) for sale. $475 each. Mechanically 10, Cosmetically prob a 9. Reels have been very will taken care of and serviced by Ken at Ken's custom reel. Line was also put on at Ken's. As far as capacity, I do not recall but I believe the last...
  27. qchau

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree this year.

    Fathom 15 ld2 narrow.....only thing missing in this lineup. The regular 15 is just to wide to fish light line.
  28. qchau

    Shoulder assist strap ??

    They sell it at longfin in Orange.
  29. qchau

    WTT: phenix psw 808mh and phenix psw 809h

    replying to all pms...only looking for what was specified thanks
  30. qchau

    WTT: phenix psw 808mh and phenix psw 809h

    have a psw 808mh want to trade for a psw 760m. have a psw 809h want to trade for a psw 760h.
  31. qchau

    penn fathom 15 2 speed free spool issues

    Done...thanks guys
  32. qchau

    penn fathom 15 2 speed free spool issues

    Brand new reel. Having free spool issues, it feels as though there is a little tension still. I compared to my 25n and the 25n definitely has more free spool. Should i send back to penn? Anyone in oc area that can help out?
  33. qchau

    San Diego boat

    I was out 2 weeks ago and they had medium to large sardines...I would say 1/0 and 2/0 and you should be covered. As far as fluorocarbon I would bring 25 to 40.
  34. qchau

    Which Phenix Rod should i buy?

    if you are looking for 20-25 lb bait stick...I would go with the psw 808mh. My favorite rod.
  35. qchau

    Seaguar Premier vs Blue Label Floro

    Try the japanese seems to be the best of both worlds
  36. qchau

    Are 2 Speed Reels For Yellowtail Really Necessary?

    Question is why not...especially when the reels are comparable in pricing now...why bike to work when you can drive your car.
  37. qchau

    Power Handle Upgrade Question

    the tiburon grips that are on the maks have a screw on option. Just buy it directly from okuma, i think they are like 12-15 bucks.
  38. qchau

    Power Handle Upgrade Question

    you can drill out the rivet and find a bolt on power handle
  39. qchau

    100% Knot???

    I know a guy that uses that knot for cows....he says its never broken on him
  40. qchau

    How To Deal With Sea Lions Stealing Your Catch?

    lock down your drag and crank
  41. qchau

    Thunderbird vs Toranado for this Sunday.

    Tbird is sold out this weekend
  42. qchau

    How big are these yellowfins?

  43. qchau

    con't "bad boat, inexperienced crew..."

    I work pretty hard...wish my clients will tip me. Maybe I should go into fishing instead.
  44. qchau

    Offshore Tribute overnight pleasure cruise 9/14 - 9/15

    Was on the same trip. Such a shame...bait was so good. We probably missed our opportunity in the morning when the troll fish and 2 bait fish came off. School might have stuck around if those fish were brought in.
  45. qchau

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    It is funny that people are trying to judge the OP by the amount of fish he has caught this year. If he is within his limits that is his right to keep what he wants.
  46. qchau

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    I would have been upset as well....why not give the passengers the option of catch and release if that was the captain's philosophy?
  47. qchau

    new andros differences?

    for yo yo's you want it to be high
  48. qchau

    Offshore 3/4 Day Tuna - First Timers Had a Blast

    dude think u've been out twice since the nla trip. good for you
  49. qchau

    Offshore El Dorado - Overnight Report - 8\ 28 - Fish 8/29

    boat,crew, captain have issues. I learned my lesson this season with this boat as well.
  50. qchau

    Near Mint: Andros 5NII and Andros 5II

    Yeah the finger level wonders
  51. qchau

    Offshore Don't know what the Old Lo An was like...but the New Lo An Rocks

    This was our group....#17-#23 Hayden's Jackpot Fish The damage we did...stern corner to about halfway up the side of the boat Who's Dat guy in the background?
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  53. 20140826_205239


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  55. 20140826_205334


  56. 20140826_205801


  57. New Lo-An 8/26/2014

    New Lo-An 8/26/2014

  58. qchau

    Near Mint: Andros 5NII and Andros 5II

    Im surprised the 5nii hasnt sold yet...that thing can cast anything and has also cranking power on the low gear.
  59. qchau

    Near Mint: Andros 5NII and Andros 5II

    Andros 5ii pending to paul
  60. qchau

    Near Mint: Andros 5NII and Andros 5II

    Like the title says near mint andros 5nii and andros 5ii. Only reason why it is not mint is that there is a little scratch on each reel. Mechanically 10/10. $290 each. Andros 5nii has 30lb izorline backing with mono topshot. Andros 5ii has 50lb izorline backing with mono topshot. Andros...
  61. 20140828_095507


  62. 20140828_095333


  63. 20140828_095225


  64. 20140828_095045


  65. qchau

    Offshore Don't know what the Old Lo An was like...but the New Lo An Rocks

    Hey Dan, Good fishing with you. It was a really good trip and its been a few years since I've been on the NLA as well. They changed up their galley and rod racks. John who was the head deckhand when I last went was now the relief captain. Marcus definitely knows how to pick his reliefs...
  66. qchau

    WTT: Phenix PSW 700H for PSW 700H spinning or comparable rod

    looking for a smaller diameter spinning rod
  67. qchau

    WTT: Phenix PSW 700H for PSW 700H spinning or comparable rod

    like the title says...looking for a psw 700h spinning
  68. qchau

    which seaguar fluoro

    Good info by Walt. I bought 4 spools of premier and now going back to blackwater, or do like Walt says and go up in line class. The abrasion resistance was not there as I had several breakoffs due to this.
  69. qchau

    Offshore 8/9/14 on the Eldorado

    came back today as well...won't ever go on that boat again and it wasn't because the fishing was slow.
  70. qchau

    For Sale: Calstar 700H

    Robert has spoken for them.......will update again if falls through
  71. qchau

    For Sale: Calstar 700H

    like the title says...used but in good condition 700H Grafighter. Hypalon, reel seat all in good condition. There is a little rust on some of the guide footings but that seems to be the case with most used grafighters. Rod was taken care of. $150.00 pm me with your number for pic
  72. qchau

    Question about andros 12II

    Do you know if they are changing the existing andros 5 and 5N to be similar in color and mechanics as the new 12 and 16?
  73. qchau

    Good newbie reel?

    just get a rental...a lot of landings have spinning setups for rent
  74. qchau

    Monster Long Beach and Bass

    Bass patrol giving out tickets again
  75. qchau


    I'm interested....can you meet on the 74?
  76. qchau

    The business of running a fishing boat.

    I thought it was called fishing...not sure why anyone would pay that close attention to what others are eating.
  77. qchau

    WTB: Power Handle for Luna 300

    you can use a saltist handle
  78. qchau


    Morning bump for clean gear
  79. qchau


    purple and pink wraps....:gay:
  80. qchau

    retrofit handle for Daiwa Seagate 35

    you can change out the plastic knob for a rubber one like the saltigas. I did that for my sealines and if I recall the saltiga knob was $25
  81. qchau

    WTT Phenix PSW700XH for Calstar 700H

    thanks bobby...hope it works out for both of us see you monday
  82. qchau

    has anyone fished the Chief?

    pm me if you want my opinion on that boat and crew
  83. qchau

    Coral for fishing gear?

    i got a reef tank...but don't have what you're looking for
  84. qchau

    King Harbor bones

    there were fish to be had today...definitely not wide open we hooked into about 13 landed 8
  85. qchau

    King Harbor bones

    looking to go out sat....are they bones still biting?
  86. qchau

    King Harbor bones

    yeah looked at boat rentals today.....$90 for half day and like $140 for full day that is not even including bait. Anyone know how far it is to walk out on the jetty so that you are adjacent to the bait receiver? I am looking at the map and it looks like quite a hike.
  87. qchau

    2 looking for someone to with a boat to fish bones in Redondo

    Like the title says...We are looking for someone with a boat that wants to target bones in King Harbor. Of course we will help with bait and gas.
  88. qchau

    Anyone wanna fish bones thursday or Friday?

    how much you sell bait for? and how much is it to rent the floating bait holders?
  89. qchau

    Anyone wanna fish bones thursday or Friday?

    are the fish only being caught via boat or are they being caught next to the jetty as well.....I don't have access to a boat anymore
  90. qchau

    Looking for a bigger boat in Orange County to take Engagement Pics

    Hi Everyone, My fiancé wants to incorporate my love of fishing into our wedding pics. So I'm looking for anyone who has a boat in the Orange County area that is willing to let us take a few pictures on it. Preferably the boat is in the slip and we don't even have to leave the dock. This will...
  91. qchau

    Diawa customer service

    yeah they do
  92. qchau

    14 foot fishing skiff

    here is the link on craigs...
  93. qchau

    WANT TO BUY: 10-20ft Whaler/skiff/fishing boat

    got a 14 foot lonestar with a 25 hp mercury...i know you said 15 hp and under. Let me know if your interested
  94. qchau


    Hey Gabe, Pretty fun trip to end the season. Glad I got out too. I'm pretty sure "that guy" was the one who left his lube behind.
  95. qchau

    Voyager 1.5 leaving Fri-8pm

    on this trip....hope there are some fish still around
  96. qchau

    spectra or what?

    Jeff, It is to add capacity to the reel since spectra diameter is thinner than mono. So a reel that can only hold 150 yds of 30 lb mono can now hold 300 yds of 50 lb spectra with a mono or fluoro top shot. I personally use spectra for backing with about 20 yards of mono and a short fluoro...
  97. qchau


    hey man, interested int eh cooler...ever in the oc area?
  98. qchau

    Anyone Fishing the LB Wall?

    fished there last weekend....1 legal and 2 short calicos. Very very very slow
  99. qchau

    daiwa x sealine 40HA

    i have a 40 sha....with 300 yds of 65 lb spectra...$80
  100. qchau

    Giant Squid

    they are at newport need to jump on the boats
  101. qchau

    GUSA 70HP - awesome 40# stick

    where are you located
  102. qchau

    Sunday tuna chasing

    any spots available?
  103. qchau

    Wind, Rain and Snapper. SCI Was Biting All Weekend Long On The T-Bird

    Sup Jeff, glad to see you running your own boat. Maybe I'll jump on one of your trips. Do you guys only do overnight trips?
  104. qchau

    Awesome 20lb(or 25lb) set up (saltiga 20 & Phenix 808MH)

    thats my schoolie tuna setup....awesome
  105. qchau


    got one.....20 sha with 50 lb spectra
  106. qchau

    motorguide or minn kota?

    Hey guys need some help. Been lookin to buy a trolling motor primarily used in salt. Have a chance to get a motorguide great white 46 or a minn kota riptide 45. The minn kota will run about 100 more but seems to get better reviews online. I am torn please give me any experiences with either...
  107. qchau

    Saltwater Trolling Motor

    sorry guys....looking for the conventional battery operated trolling motor and also not looking for another boat
  108. qchau

    Saltwater Trolling Motor

    looking to buy a saltwater trolling motor....transom mount preferably at least 50lb thrust and that can run off a 12 volt battery
  109. qchau

    Paying dues at the Vine

    hey saw you out there sure got nasty aroun 11ish....I bailed at 12 as well with only 2 fish.
  110. qchau

    The Vine 1/26/2011 BIG DONKEY

    Gonna try to eat it tonite...who knows it might taste like trout
  111. qchau

    The Vine 1/26/2011 BIG DONKEY

    yeah saw a few others get hooked up but overall it seemed relatively slow
  112. qchau

    The Vine 1/26/2011 BIG DONKEY

    Saw UnReel's report yesterday and decided to hit the Vine to try our luck at the trout. Got a gentlemen's start and lines out around 8am. Tried trolling down the middle for nada. First couple hrs pretty slow....we got our first fish around santiago flats. Hit the West Shore and got a couple...
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  119. Vine fishing 1/26/2011

    Vine fishing 1/26/2011

  120. qchau

    Phenix Black Diamond 808mh for 760mh

    Have a phenix black diamond 808mh looking to trade for a phenix 760 m Thanks
  121. qchau

    Local Socal trout/catfish water...

    try trolling at irvine.....
  122. qchau

    Best time to fish panama/costa rica?

    Any recommendations on specific charters?
  123. qchau

    Best time to fish panama/costa rica?

    Hey guys, Thinking about making a trip to panama/costa rica. What time of year would be best to do both inshore and offshore fishing. Also, which resort or city would be best to stay to accomplish this. Thanks
  124. qchau

    family law attorney

    you got a pm
  125. qchau


    you wont be disappointed....prob my favorite reel right now. I use it for calicos and even caught some 25 lb yft with it this season
  126. qchau

    Capt. Tyler & the Seahorse, tanked with Squid going to SCI tonight $100

    just called the landing....the sea horse is not going tonite
  127. qchau

    Offshore NEW-Lo-An Tuna Slay fest!

    Sup Dave, I was on that trip as well. Im trying to figure out who you are now.
  128. qchau

    Anyone have a big game spinner reel to loan?

    Yep called Shimano....gonna get that taken care of but the trip is Tuesday, not gonna be able to get the reel done in time.
  129. qchau

    Anyone have a big game spinner reel to loan?

    Hey guys, My dad has always been a spinner type of guy and never got use to fishing conventionals. Last year I bought him a stella so he can use when we go tuna fishing. We have a tripped planned this tuesday and he just tells me the stella is not working properly. Does anyone have a...
  130. qchau

    Daiwa Luna 253 for Sale

    still available
  131. qchau

    Calstar Grafighters for Sale

    Price dropped....200 for the 700xl (brand new), 160 for the 800M
  132. qchau

    Daiwa Luna 253 for Sale

    Used Daiwa luna 253 for sale. Reel can handle everything from yellowtail to bass. Has some boat rash would rate 7.5-8 out of 10 cosmetically. Mechanically, it was serviced every year so it functions perfectly. Asking $150
  133. golf 001

    golf 001

  134. golf 006

    golf 006

  135. golf 003

    golf 003

  136. qchau

    Calstar Grafighters for Sale

    Posting for a buddy: New grafighter 700xl 15-25 asking $220 Used but good condition grafighter 800m 20-40 asking $180 Buy both and get a better price Contact [email protected]
  137. IMG00372 20100629 1205

    IMG00372 20100629 1205

  138. IMG00371 20100629 1204

    IMG00371 20100629 1204

  139. IMG00367 20100627 2216

    IMG00367 20100627 2216

  140. IMG00371 20100629 1204

    IMG00371 20100629 1204

  141. qchau

    Moody Marlin trip on BG90 sCORES 38 SEABASS

    Pat is that you? We saw you guys out there too....damn nice fish
  142. qchau

    Another Toad On The RTA

    Jeff, Nice meeting you and even better fishing with you. That missed fish didn't hurt so much on the water but is definitely hurting more now. The guy who caught the fish was Dat. Lets do it again down?
  143. qchau

    Need local guide replacement in OC

    hey guys, anyone in orange county wrap rods? I need a guide replaced by thurs, any help is appreciated
  144. qchau

    Daiwa Luna 253

    got one....mechanically is awesome but cosmetically has boat rash
  145. qchau

    Davey Locker Information

    yes..from what I remember its first come first serve. And they dont rotate. I havent fished with them in a couple of years though.
  146. qchau

    Long Beach / Wall - cold water tactics?

    Went out yesterday fishing the wall as well. Conditions have definitely changed making the fishing very tough. We ended the day with 5 bass and 1 cabezon. We used the same techniques as before, basically throwing baits as close to the wall as possible and bouncing it back. You just have to...
  147. qchau

    9lb Calico bass Long Beach Breakwall

    yeah we were fishing the outside....a little rough but it was worth sticking it out
  148. qchau

    9lb Calico bass Long Beach Breakwall

    As for the blood...the fish was hooked in the mouth and a net was used...whatever blood resulted was incidental of catching the fish.
  149. qchau

    9lb Calico bass Long Beach Breakwall

    Fished on Sat at the wall with George, Pat, and Rick on the Dixie Lee. Morning was pretty uneventful until I ran into this guy. Pretty lucky to get him out of the breakwall with 20lb test. At first I thought it was a huge cabezon but what a surprise to see this guy surface. Solid 9lb...
  150. calico 2

    calico 2

  151. photo


  152. qchau

    Howdy Boys.....Wanna Go On a Free Trip?

    put me on the list as well
  153. qchau

    ALL spectra rigs... What are your thoughts?

    I tried straight spectra to fluoro too and it was hell. I think its fine when you fish on your own boat or 6 packs but with a boat full of people its nothing but trouble. You have to remember that mono and spectra have different properties and sink at separate levels, even if you are following...
  154. qchau

    The longshot! --- Any family law lawyers on BD?

    My firm does family law......send me a pm with your question
  155. qchau

    Miami Fishing Need Help

    My buddy is in Miami right now (Nov 6), he wants to do some tarpon fishing or just some fishing in general. Does anyone know a good charter to go out of? Thanks
  156. qchau

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    Been on the boat once....wasn't that impressed with the crew, captain, or cook. Only thing worthwhile about going on that boat is the free parking at Seaforth. I'll pay the extra parking money and fish the NLA.
  157. qchau

    Brand New Shimano Teramar Rod

    Brand new shimano teramar rod. Rod specs are TMC-X69H, Line wt: 20-40 lb, Lure wt: 1/2-1 1/2 oz, Power: Heavy, Action: Extra Fast $100 obo
  158. Picture 003

    Picture 003

  159. Picture 001

    Picture 001

  160. qchau

    Tomarrow Local 9/27 ????Help!!

    Best bet would be to go pick up a 1/2 mix scoop of bait from Nacho. Go hit up the wall and fish for some bass. Get as close to the wall as possible and pitch baits and let it slide out.
  161. qchau

    Offshore holy shizzzeit! 1.5day trip!

    A lot of "newbs" pay hard earn money to be on these trips. Way to ruin their experience and deter them from fishing. If it was such a wfo bite, maybe you should have taken the time and taught someone something.
  162. qchau

    Tuna fishing/rigging 101 help.

    Keep it simple....i flyline straight....If the fish are picky I go to fluoro and drop down the line class. If this doesnt work and you see other people catchin the fish deeper, then just add a 3/4 or 1 ounce rubbercore to your line.
  163. qchau

    Which 40# Reel to take?

    can't go wrong with the sealine
  164. qchau

    Offshore 8/26/2009 New Lo-An 1.5 dayer

    I don't think their boat is up to buddy boating. If you've seen it you will understand what I mean.
  165. qchau

    Offshore 8/26/2009 New Lo-An 1.5 dayer

    Another great trip aboard the New Lo-An. Definitely my favorite 1.5 day boat in the fleet. The crew worked very hard to get us on fish and once we were hooked, worked even harder getting out tangles and landing fish. I can't say enough about the young crew, as they were patient with beginners...
  166. 6134 122761144519 827739519 2206063 2467967 s

    6134 122761144519 827739519 2206063 2467967 s

  167. 6134 122761439519 827739519 2206078 8262099 n

    6134 122761439519 827739519 2206078 8262099 n

  168. 6134 122761094519 827739519 2206060 7021467 n

    6134 122761094519 827739519 2206060 7021467 n

  169. 6134 122761389519 827739519 2206075 6636502 n

    6134 122761389519 827739519 2206075 6636502 n

  170. 6134 122761144519 827739519 2206063 2467967 s

    6134 122761144519 827739519 2206063 2467967 s

  171. 6134 122761374519 827739519 2206074 8180503 n

    6134 122761374519 827739519 2206074 8180503 n

  172. 6134 122761409519 827739519 2206076 4479977 n

    6134 122761409519 827739519 2206076 4479977 n

  173. 6134 122761264519 827739519 2206068 5113180 n

    6134 122761264519 827739519 2206068 5113180 n

  174. 6134 122761329519 827739519 2206071 5990078 n

    6134 122761329519 827739519 2206071 5990078 n

  175. 6134 122761304519 827739519 2206070 5615699 n

    6134 122761304519 827739519 2206070 5615699 n

  176. 6134 122760949519 827739519 2206049 4656011 n

    6134 122760949519 827739519 2206049 4656011 n

  177. 6134 122761539519 827739519 2206085 4399088 n

    6134 122761539519 827739519 2206085 4399088 n

  178. 6134 122761464519 827739519 2206080 6670706 n

    6134 122761464519 827739519 2206080 6670706 n

  179. 8/26/09 Fishing New Lo-An

    8/26/09 Fishing New Lo-An

  180. qchau

    Advice for 1.5 day trip out of S.D.

    new lo-an....20, 25, 30, 40 lb setups should cover you.
  181. qchau

    Houston from Aug 6-12

    Last question....How deep were you fishing and was it mostly over structure? Do they anchor up or drift? Thanks for all your input
  182. qchau

    Houston from Aug 6-12

    How is the gear it adequate or should I look to bring my own stuff. Thanks
  183. qchau

    Houston from Aug 6-12

    Michael, I am prob interested in the 12 hr trip....which boat and landing did you go out of and do you recommend them? Thanks
  184. qchau

    Houston from Aug 6-12

    Hey Guys, Gonna be in Houston on the dates listed above. I want to do some saltwater fishing while I am there. Is Galveston the nearest port?....Any recommendations for any party boats? Any input will be appreciated... Thanks
  185. qchau

    Advice for a narrow reel for Irons!!!

    If the sealine sha came in 30T it would be perfect jig reel....narrow, light, and great freespool. I've tried the Saltist and Saltiga 30t, great reels but in my opinion a little heavy for a surface jig reel.
  186. qchau

    Giant Squid are back.....

    Yeah I was on the Nautilus that night and we caught a few....def not a good sign
  187. qchau

    Whos comin with me!? Legend 6-30-09

    Gonna be on that trip....
  188. qchau

    diawa saltist leverdrag

    Just got back from sav-on, they have the 20 and 30.
  189. qchau

    Graftech Rods for Sale

    Rods all SOLD...thanks
  190. qchau

    Daiwa Reels for Sale

    Reels Sold...thanks
  191. qchau

    Graftech Rods for Sale

    Used but in good condition Graftech inshore rods. All rods are 8ft, have reel seats, and cork handle. No chips or missing line guides. I believe Turner's still has a limited lifetime warranty on these rods so if they ever break, you just bring it in and swap it out for a new one. I have...
  192. qchau

    Daiwa Reels for Sale

    I come down for fishing trips...not sure when the next one will be though.
  193. qchau

    Daiwa Reels for Sale

    Daiwa Millionaire CV-X 203A for sale. Reel has some boat rash and minor scratches but mechanically functions great. Reel has spectra, box, and instructions. Comes with an upgraded rare $35 dollar power handle. $90. Daiwa Millionaire CV-X 253 for sale. Reel has some boat rash and...
  194. Picture 012

    Picture 012

  195. Picture 011

    Picture 011

  196. Picture 007

    Picture 007

  197. Picture 002

    Picture 002

  198. Picture 003

    Picture 003

  199. Picture 004

    Picture 004

  200. Daiwa Millionaires

    Daiwa Millionaires

  201. qchau

    Avet Reels For Sale

    The reels are pending sale....
  202. qchau

    Avet Reels For Sale

    Kevin...Yes I did live in Santa Ana.
  203. qchau

    Lower Unit Seal Broken...How much to fix?

    Hey Guys, So I went fishing recently and my buddies line got tangled in the prop. I get the boat home now and I see that there is some oil leaking out where the prop goes in...I'm thinking the seal is damaged and I have to get the lower unit re-sealed. How much does this normally cost? I...
  204. qchau

    Experienced Jetty Fisherman?

    I fish the lb breakwall quite frequently and time of day and tide is key. If you are fishing at noon everytime, you are drastically minimizing your chances of catching quality fish. Go early and check for the right tides.
  205. qchau

    Avet Reels For Sale

    Reels Pending Sale......
  206. qchau

    Avet Reels For Sale

    Used but in Great Condition Silver Avet JX 6/3 2 Speed. Reel shows minimal signs of boat rash and mechanically is flawless. Reel is loaded with 65 lb spectra and comes with clamp and manual but no box. Price is $280. Brand New Gun Metal Avet HX 5/2 2 speed. Reel has never touched water...
  207. Picture 013

    Picture 013

  208. Picture 011

    Picture 011

  209. Picture 012

    Picture 012

  210. Picture 010

    Picture 010

  211. Picture 007

    Picture 007

  212. Picture 002

    Picture 002

  213. Picture 008

    Picture 008

  214. Avet Reels

    Avet Reels

  215. qchau

    WTB rod for avet SX

    I have a graftech 80m 15-25 that falls within ur range. They are sold at Turner's and has a warranty through them. 70 dollars Quan
  216. qchau

    Shimano Teramar 80H 20-40 Great Condition

    Selling great condition shimano teramar 80H 20-40 lb rating. Rod has been barely used and in awesome condition. 100 bucks takes it. Pick up only Quan 714-675-0736
  217. qchau

    - Shimano Torium 20

    Just pm'med you
  218. qchau

    best tide time to fish halibut?

    I've had success fishing both incoming and outgoing tides. Just as long as its not the peak of the lowest and highest tide.
  219. qchau

    Halibut Report: Epic Bite in the Long Beach Area

    Decided to fish yesterday but couldn't start early as originally planned because our new guy Phi did not have a fishing license. We hit the Walmart around 10, got the license and headed out. We get out on the water, bait up with Nacho's replacement for the day, and we are fishing by 11ish...
  220. Picture 013

    Picture 013

  221. Picture 005

    Picture 005

  222. Picture 014

    Picture 014

  223. Picture 011

    Picture 011

  224. Picture 003

    Picture 003

  225. Picture 009

    Picture 009

  226. Picture 002

    Picture 002

  227. Picture 019

    Picture 019

  228. Picture 017

    Picture 017

  229. Picture 020

    Picture 020

  230. Picture 011

    Picture 011

  231. Picture 008

    Picture 008

  232. Picture 013

    Picture 013

  233. Daiwa Reels

    Daiwa Reels

  234. qchau

    Finbait at Nachos or LB yet?

    sweet...thanks guys..will try to head out tomrw
  235. qchau

    Finbait at Nachos or LB yet?

    Anyone know a number I can call and confirm for sure....I dont want to go all the way out there and not have bait.
  236. qchau

    Finbait at Nachos or LB yet?

    Definitely only interested in finbait...Thanx Jamie
  237. qchau

    Finbait at Nachos or LB yet?

    Anyone know if Nacho or Long Beach Bait have finbait again yet? I went out on Sat and they only had squid. Thanks
  238. qchau

    Big day in my life, Law School Acceptance!

    Congrats Todd, I graduated from Cal West as well. Let me know if you have any questions about the school in general or any of the professors.
  239. qchau

    LB Wall

    whether it be live bait, squid, or artificials cast as close to the wall as possible let sink and slow retrieve. There is fish all along the wall, hopefully the drift will cooperate for you and you can drift along it easily.
  240. qchau

    rod repair

    Glenn's tackle in costa mesa. Bobby does a good job and the turn around time is really fast.
  241. qchau

    Luna 253 w/ 50-65lb braid?

    I'm sure the non-following levelwind does cause you to lose a bit of casting distance but i really can't tell the difference. I still cast my luna 253 a ton and have never thought that casting distance was ever an issue.
  242. qchau

    Luna 253 w/ 50-65lb braid?

    I fish 50 lb spectra on my 253 without any issues.
  243. qchau

    Rod for Trinidad 16N (25lbs)

    phenix using it with my saltiga 20 for 25 lb test....awesome rod and $200 under your budget line.
  244. qchau

    Weather for 1.5 dayer...leaving 10/10

    damn.....i had a feeling it was gonna be dicey.
  245. qchau

    Weather for 1.5 dayer...leaving 10/10

    Hey guys, I want to jump on a 1.5 dayer leaving friday 10/10. But the weather is looking very ominious here. Anyone now if the weather will be fishable for 10/11 probably around the colonett area (100 miles south of point loma)? Don't know how to check that area. Thanks Quan
  246. qchau

    Help? Manual pull cord not getting in gear

    Sorry can you clarify what a "cog" is. Thanks
  247. qchau

    Help? Manual pull cord not getting in gear

    Hi Everyone, I have a 1987 25hp Mercury 2 stroke manual start. It has been running great but yesterday I noticed when turning the motor on with the pull cord there is no resistence and the cord pulls out. Then after a few tries it finally sets itself back in gear so that you can pull it...
  248. qchau

    F & G ? regarding guests who forget their fishing license

    had this happen to me recently, only friend who forgot license got citation.
  249. qchau

    Saltiga 15 and 20

    yep no clickers on 15 or 20
  250. qchau

    What power handle fits a luna 300?

    Try the daiwa sealine sha handle, I have that on my luna 253.
  251. qchau

    Good Halibut Fishing

    Got a call from Dat and Andy yesterday and they wanted to get into some fish. We thought about heading to San Diego to hit up the awesome tuna fishing that is going on right now but Dat and I already had a freezer full of tuna. We opted for some local inshore fishing with the hopes of getting...
  252. WFO halibut 004

    WFO halibut 004

  253. WFO halibut 005

    WFO halibut 005

  254. WFO halibut 007

    WFO halibut 007

  255. WFO halibut 003

    WFO halibut 003

  256. WFO halibut 002

    WFO halibut 002

  257. WFO halibut 001

    WFO halibut 001

  258. WFO Halibut

    WFO Halibut

  259. DSCN1616


  260. DSCN1621


  261. DSCN1617


  262. Dolphin Yt fishing

    Dolphin Yt fishing

  263. qchau

    Offshore Yellows on the "Dolphin" am trip this morning.

    Hey Harry, Nice fishing with you. Glad you got a good picture of my jackpot fish. Rode again in the another yellowtail although not as big.
  264. qchau

    Offshore Epic BFT Bite on New Lo-An 8/12/2008

    That dorito was a monster man. Double hookset and even having someone put the belt on for you.
  265. qchau

    Offshore Epic BFT Bite on New Lo-An 8/12/2008

    The pics of the fish on deck were from the first round they pulled up to clean..crazy
  266. qchau

    Offshore Epic BFT Bite on New Lo-An 8/12/2008

    Mike, it was also good meeting you. That was a blast. Definitely post more pics when you have a chance.
  267. qchau

    Offshore Epic BFT Bite on New Lo-An 8/12/2008

    No. None of the fish were caught at night. The last few hrs of the trip we trolled for nada.
  268. qchau

    Offshore Epic BFT Bite on New Lo-An 8/12/2008

    Boarded the New Lo-An with my Dad, myself, Matt, and Dat. The 1.5 trip left Monday night and we all had expectations of getting into the recent hot YT and Dodo bite. Talked to the crew and they said they had a steady BFT and YFT bite the day before and that we were going to target those instead...
  269. fishing trip 028

    fishing trip 028

  270. fishing trip 029

    fishing trip 029

  271. fishing trip 030

    fishing trip 030

  272. fishing trip 025

    fishing trip 025

  273. fishing trip 026

    fishing trip 026

  274. fishing trip 027

    fishing trip 027

  275. fishing trip 022

    fishing trip 022

  276. fishing trip 024

    fishing trip 024

  277. fishing trip 023

    fishing trip 023

  278. fishing trip 019

    fishing trip 019

  279. fishing trip 021

    fishing trip 021

  280. fishing trip 020

    fishing trip 020

  281. fishing trip 016

    fishing trip 016

  282. fishing trip 017

    fishing trip 017

  283. fishing trip 018

    fishing trip 018

  284. fishing trip 016

    fishing trip 016

  285. fishing trip 018

    fishing trip 018

  286. fishing trip 017

    fishing trip 017

  287. fishing trip 015

    fishing trip 015

  288. fishing trip 013

    fishing trip 013

  289. fishing trip 014

    fishing trip 014

  290. fishing trip 010

    fishing trip 010

  291. fishing trip 012

    fishing trip 012

  292. fishing trip 011

    fishing trip 011

  293. fishing trip 007

    fishing trip 007

  294. fishing trip 008

    fishing trip 008

  295. fishing trip 009

    fishing trip 009

  296. fishing trip 005

    fishing trip 005

  297. fishing trip 006

    fishing trip 006

  298. fishing trip 004

    fishing trip 004

  299. fishing trip 003

    fishing trip 003

  300. fishing trip 001

    fishing trip 001

  301. fishing trip 002

    fishing trip 002

  302. 8/12/08 fishing on New Lo-An

    8/12/08 fishing on New Lo-An

    Epic Bite
  303. qchau

    whats good boat for 1.5 day

    Just came off the New Lo-An 1.5 dayer...crew was very professional and put us on some very nice fish. Boat is wide and doesnt have a towering bow rail which equates to being very fishable. My vote goes to New Lo-An as well.
  304. qchau

    20# & 30# or just a 25#?

    you hit it on the of the huge advantages of spectra for me is the versatility it gives you. If you use appropriate spectra backing say #50lb, you can change out a variety of topshots according to conditions and what you are targeting. So yes, get the appropriate backing and just...
  305. IMG 8961

    IMG 8961

  306. IMG 8967

    IMG 8967

  307. 9 lb Calico Bass Long Beach Breakwall

    9 lb Calico Bass Long Beach Breakwall

  308. qchau

    Show & Tell: Luna 253 w/Abu Inshore Power handle

    I'll post a picture when I get home....I think the sealine handle was like 25 bucks, the upgrade to the saltiga rubber handle was 15 I believe and well worth it. If you have any of the new sealines, you know the handle feels like cheap plastic whereas the saltiga rubber handle feels really nice...
  309. qchau

    Show & Tell: Luna 253 w/Abu Inshore Power handle

    I put the sealina sha handle on with the saltiga rubber is sweet
  310. qchau

    plastic for bass

    my favorite color for sandbass has always been rootbeer...regardless of day or night. Better yet get some scampi in rootbeer and you will have a blast.
  311. qchau

    Trolling Thrust Question

    Thanks for all the input guys... Another question then, which trolling unit is easier to control the boat with, transom or boat mount? Thanks
  312. qchau

    Trolling Thrust Question

    PhotoG, you said you had a 43# thrust on your 15footer, how fast does that move you around the bay? My main uses for the troll is to use it at the wall and hopefully have something strong enough where I can use it on the local small lakes where they dont allow my 2-stroke.
  313. qchau

    Trolling Thrust Question

    with the 70 plus thrust fast will it get the boat to move, and ok lets puts the boat total weight estimate at 1300 lbs
  314. qchau

    Trolling Thrust Question

    I have a 14 foot lonestar (fiberglass boat) with a 25hp two stroke. I want to install a transom trolling motor to fish the wall and to also fish local lakes that don't allow 2 stroke motors. My question is how much thrust do I need if I do want to use the trolling motor as my main source of...
  315. qchau

    MXJ in Gunmetal

    I have the HX in gun metal...very nice. Still need to see how it holds up from boat rash.
  316. qchau

    FUCK YOU - I'm an Anteater

    zot zot zot
  317. qchau

    Roddy Hayes /Tony Pena Knot, Spectra to mono connection??

    tony pena is a pretty solid connection and can be tied pretty fast. Uni to uni is a good knot as well, you can tie it fast but it wont hold as strong as the tony pena
  318. qchau

    first time fisher need tips and instruction

    Go get a bag of gulp sandworms in camo color, fish a carolina rig with half of the worm with about a 16 inch leader (8lb test). A key to fishing the surf is knowing the tides, you want some water movement and avoid slack tides. I like fishing an hour or two before the tides change. When...
  319. qchau

    Major White Seabass Action in Laguna Beach!

    okie dokie
  320. qchau

    Major White Seabass Action in Laguna Beach!

    man...not looking good for you kyle
  321. qchau

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    I have a brand new in box....200dhsv for $150.00 not including shipping.
  322. qchau

    OLD #7 REPORT 03/24-03/25

    Steve, how did you guys do yesterday?
  323. qchau

    OLD #7 REPORT 03/24-03/25

    Who is that good looking guy standing behind you.....good job on the fish. The guy who lost the fish is going to have nightmares for months. He was fishing with heavy gear and his 800m was bent over. The bite was slow to say the least but it was a early season gamble worth taking.
  324. qchau

    1 open spot on Old #7 fishing wsb 3/25

    You're already going ass
  325. qchau

    1 open spot on Old #7 fishing wsb 3/25

    Like the title says....there is one open spot for our charter fishing Catalina on Old #7 Tuesday 3/25. Boat leaves out of Pierpoint landing. Trip does not include food. Price is $225 not including tip or possible fuel surcharge.
  326. qchau

    Old #7 Catalina Report 3/21

    Jeff, I hope your mojo continues, we're fishing with you Tuesday. Quick Question on setups, would you prefer: 1) mono topshot to fluoro 2) mono topshot 3) spectra to fluoro Let me know thanks
  327. qchau

    Alps triangular reel seat help

    the reason why I dont use the reel clamps is that the saltiga 20 doesnt have one (modified trinidad 16 clamp is bulky and heavy) and the 30T clamp is just bulky and awkward in general
  328. qchau

    Alps triangular reel seat help

    Hey guys, Anyone have experience with the alps traingular reel seats. A fellow bd has advised me that without a reel clamp there might be some play on the reel as the reel seat does not tighten completely down on the reel. Anyone have similar experience? I plan on using salitga 20 and 30t...
  329. qchau

    best rigs for berekly gulp

    Small leadhead 3/8 to 3/4 ounce....bounce on the bottom and vary the retrieve. You will kill most inshore species.
  330. qchau

    Aruba fishing in August?, please help.

    Tony, I was not able to access the webpage...can you give me some general information like what species do I expect to catch and in what quanitity?
  331. qchau

    Aruba fishing in August?, please help.

    Anyone know if fishing is good in Aruba around August, and if so what species are targeted and are they within the full day boat trip. Thanks
  332. qchau

    avet handle on luna 300?

    I doesnt effect the drags at all...if i recall correctly it wasn't too expensive....maybe 20 bucks, but I also upgraded the plastic handle to the saltiga handle. The swap is simple and i believe another 15 bucks.
  333. qchau

    avet handle on luna 300?

    you can use the new sealine handles as well.....fits perfect
  334. qchau

    Late 2/19 LJ yak report

    i'm so jealous
  335. qchau

    Costa Rica in August Help

    Does that mean all the fishing in Central and South America are not going to be good? Any suggestions would be great....My girlfriend wants to vacation somewhere warm and I want to be able to get out and fish.... Thanks
  336. qchau

    Costa Rica in August Help

    Oh man....maybe I wont go there then....anyone else?
  337. qchau

    Costa Rica in August Help

    Hey guys, Planning on going to Costa Rica for vacation sometime in late July or August. What species can I expect to find and what boat do you guys recommend? I will probably be fishing with 4 or 5 other people. Also, what area do you guys recommend I fish and stay at....any help would be...
  338. qchau

    Offshore Fishing gear???

    sealine-X all the way...light, durable, reliable...can't beat the price either
  339. qchau

    John Rambo

  340. qchau

    White Seabass, Boccacio and the Space Shuttle.

    Hey Bryan, It is Quan. Didn't know you were a BDer.....went out with you guys on sat afternoon (6/23). You and Ernie did an awesome job gettin us on fish and helping out the other guests. How did u guys do offshoring on sunday?
  341. qchau

    fishfinder recommendations?

    how about just following partyboats?...hahha..jk
  342. qchau

    Need a good OB mechanic in Orange County

    thanks for the replies...keep them coming, gonna call all available places
  343. qchau

    Need a good OB mechanic in Orange County

    Anyone suggest any good, honest, reliable outboard mechanics in Orange County. Thank you
  344. qchau


    Don't over look Daiwa's. Use the 200-300 and get a sealine sha 20 with a graftech rod....killer inshore combo
  345. qchau

    tiller to steering wheel?

    to clarify....not only cost but how can I get the materials, etc..... Thanks
  346. qchau

    tiller to steering wheel?

    Hi everyone, I have a 25 hp outboard mercury tiller motor that I might possibly want to covert to a simple steering wheel.....All i want to be able to do is steer and control the forwards and backwards movement of the boat.....the starting and throttle I can deal with manually anyone have...
  347. qchau

    fishfinder/gps question?

    I'm looking for a color fishfinder/gps system that is good and affordable. I'm looking at spending around 300? Are there any out there? Thanks
  348. qchau

    requirements for boat size?

    that is exactly what i was thinking...if the yakkers are out there a 14ft skiff should be ok....
  349. qchau

    requirements for boat size?

    For all the boaters out there, I am thinking about buying a 14 foot skiff. Someone told me there was a minimum requirement that a boat had to be 15 feet in order to be driven in the open ocean (outside the harbor). Is this true? because if i get the skiff i would definitely want to fish...
  350. qchau


    I am interested....will you take 70?
  351. qchau

    How do you prepare your steaks for the BBQ?

    a little virgin olive oil...garlic powder, garlic salt, and some soy sauce...
  352. qchau

    Rod Repair in OC.

    drop by Glenn's.....Bobby should be able to get it done in a couple of days
  353. qchau

    aftermarket handle for luna 300?

    i put a sealine sha handle on mine....u can get it from daiwa for like 30 dollars
  354. qchau

    Squid fishing questions

    you definitely need to attach a weight at the you will be fishing deep in the beginning, I had a 16 ounce torpedo attached to mine....good luck
  355. qchau

    Noah's Tackle Winter Hours have changed...

    Hey Kevan, Thanks for spooling up the reels yesterday with spectra, it was needed. We ended up killing the squid. Those things are beasts...
  356. qchau

    1/12/07 Giganto Squido

    i was out the evening of 1/12....the bite turned on around 10
  357. qchau

    1/12/07 Giganto Squido

    Short and Sweet Report cuz im exhausted from pulling giant squid. Went out of Islandia today and killed the squid. The last 30 minutes was WFO. As ususual shaun and kevin did a good job....
  358. qchau

    Please Help with Choosing Hunting Club

    My dad is more of a deer and pig is MCC the only local club to choose from?
  359. qchau

    Please Help with Choosing Hunting Club

    what does MCC stand for?
  360. qchau

    Please Help with Choosing Hunting Club

    My dad loves to hunt and used to belong to hunting membership associations like wilderness unlimited, etc. He's been out of the game for awhile and wants to get back in again. He wants to know if there is such a private membership here in San Diego, with hunting grounds in San Diego or...
  361. qchau

    WFO winter fishing! 12/30/06 w/ many pix Happy New Year everyone

    Yeah I second the wfo winter fishing.....Sad that I'm going back to SD. It was good times on the water. Shout out to George for putting us on fish again. :lux: . Nam, when we going fishing again?
  362. qchau

    more pix at da wall

    Hey nammer, Thanks for inviting me.
  363. qchau

    I need a law related/internship job this summer

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my second year of law school (Cal West) and would like to find a law related job or internship this summer. I am very motivated and will do what it takes to get any job done. It would be awesome if I was given an opportunity to work under someone who loves to...