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  1. NajeraBrian6

    AVET SX 5.0.1 -Very Clean

    pm sent
  2. NajeraBrian6

    Seeker red glass 7650

  3. NajeraBrian6

    Amsec 14 Gun Safe

    NajeraBrian6 submitted a new listing: Amsec 14 Gun Safe - Amsec 14 Gun Safe Learn more about this listing...
  4. NajeraBrian6

    Southern California Amsec 14 Gun Safe

    For sale American security safe Tf5517 14 gun safe with electronic lock 750.00 OBO text for pics (562)361-3970
  5. NajeraBrian6

    Phenix Black Diamond Inshore Casting Rods

    When can I pick up
  6. NajeraBrian6

    Rod for Komodo SS 463P

    Does the reel fit perfect on the graphite reel seat
  7. NajeraBrian6

    2020 daiwa saltiga 20 2-speed

    send me pics please (562)361-3970
  8. NajeraBrian6

    2020 daiwa saltiga 20 2-speed

    I bought a brandnew saltiga 2 speed its the 2020 edition im looking for a talica 8ii or a valiant 400 2 speed in blue and silver. My reel cosmetic is 10/10 only used once and obviously mechanical 10/10
  9. NajeraBrian6

    Wtb new or mint Trinidad 10A

    fish n fools has one left I just bought one from that store bnib and they have one left
  10. NajeraBrian6

    Daiwa saltiga sa15

    Hey sorry for the typo im interested in the original 15
  11. NajeraBrian6

    Daiwa saltiga sa15

    Let me know what you have interested in an original 15 on mint condition
  12. NajeraBrian6

    Trinidad 10A new or mint condition

    Looking for a trinidad 10A if anyone is willing to sell cash in hand
  13. NajeraBrian6

    Aeroprecision 556

    im selling an aeroprecision stripped upper chambered in 556.... coloris flat dark earth (khaki) .asking 100.00 bucks price is firm Yes upper is Brandnew
  14. NajeraBrian6

    Looking for Parts (ar15/ar10) and Ammo (223/556, 9MM)

    I have a stripped Aero precision upper in 556 color is fde asking 100.00 firm
  15. NajeraBrian6

    Custom phenix rods

    1. 809h 20-50 8ft phenix black diamond Wrapped by jim trelikes $350.00 (dark grey color) 2. 760 H 25-60 7'6 Black diamond hybrid Wrapped by jim trelikes $400.00 (blue color) 3. Accurate boss extreme 400N with upgraded valiant handle and brand new 40lb braid $400.00 Mint condition Rods are...
  16. NajeraBrian6

    Come on in. Join the party.

    Hahaha all you girls got your butholes tickled you know it
  17. NajeraBrian6

    Come on in. Join the party.

    Best wrapper ??? Fuck no
  18. NajeraBrian6

    Shimano reels and yeti coolers

    Are you still firm firm or just firm firm
  19. NajeraBrian6

    Unicorn DC

    Up for sale buyer isnt ready
  20. NajeraBrian6

    Unicorn DC

    Sale pending
  21. NajeraBrian6

    Unicorn DC

    [] I have a trinidad 16 DC for sale serious buyers only..... asking 1,000.00 price is firm Text 5623613970 for pics Prefer upfront deal no PPal
  22. NajeraBrian6

    40-50 8ft Rod

    Text me 5623613970
  23. NajeraBrian6

    Custom Phenix PHD X3H

    Custom phenix black diamond hybrid 60-130 7'0 Rod was wrapped by the webspinner Reason im selling is im leaning another way Asking 550.00 or better offer Text me for pics (562)361-3970 Rod has never been taken off my rack Brand New Open to trades looking for a talica 20 or talica 16
  24. NajeraBrian6

    New Seeker OSP 1x3

    Shoot me a text 5623613970
  25. NajeraBrian6

    Rail Rod 100# - 130#

    Kenny text me 5623613970
  26. NajeraBrian6

    Good reel for UC raptor

    80lb braid Live bait No budget
  27. NajeraBrian6

    Good reel for UC raptor

    Hey guys need a recommandation on a good reel for this rod please let me know thanks..... I was thinking a talica 16ii but would like any feedback thanks
  28. NajeraBrian6

    Mak25ii vs mak20ii

    Thanks guys Im going to go with the mak20
  29. NajeraBrian6

    Mak16ii vs Tac20ii

    Awesome guys thanks. Its about to start
  30. NajeraBrian6

    Mak25ii vs mak20ii

    Looking for a reel to match uo a UC 76 viper need help
  31. NajeraBrian6

    Mak16ii vs Tac20ii

    Looking for a reel to pair with a 76centaur any recommondations
  32. NajeraBrian6

    Need reel for viper and centaur

    Thinking about getting a makaira 30ii sea and a 16iisea need some advice and what kind of braid....
  33. NajeraBrian6

    Like New Trinidad 20A (pics added)

    I have a like new trinidad 20A for sale asking 420.00 obo. Comes with 360 yds of 50lb braid and 25 yds of 30lb topshot Serious buyers only willing to negociate no trades at the moment if interested text me 5623613970 will post pics later tonight Reel has no scracthes
  34. NajeraBrian6


  35. NajeraBrian6

    Talica 16ii Reel and Terex 66XH Rod Price Reduced to $600

    How many yards did you get of 80lb hollow ?
  36. NajeraBrian6

    Trindad 14A Talicas x2

    Bump tac8ii still available
  37. NajeraBrian6

    Seeker ESM 7660 for David

    Awesome build got the same blank coming to you
  38. NajeraBrian6

    Trindad 14A Talicas x2

    Havent received it
  39. NajeraBrian6

    Trindad 14A Talicas x2

    For sale bnib spooled with 40lb jbraid Trinidad 14A 380.00 SOLD Bnib Talica 8ii spooled with 65lb maxcuatro 400.00 Lnib Talica 10ii spooled with 65lb jbraid 400.00 SOLD NO TRADES WHAT SO EVER, PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY IS OK, PREFER FACE TO FACE TEXT ME AT (562)361-3970 Will post pics later today
  40. NajeraBrian6

    Talica ii's x4

    No thanks rob
  41. NajeraBrian6

    Talica ii's x4

  42. NajeraBrian6

    Good condition Shimano Talica 20II

    You wont get a 20ii for 450 not even a 16ii
  43. NajeraBrian6

    Phenix set $380

    Ill take the PHD 760H of he takes the 828mh
  44. NajeraBrian6

    Trinidas 20A for sale

    I have a like new trinidad 20A for sale price is 450.00 willing to negociate open to trades. No scratches still new has 50lb test braid and top shot Text me for pics (562)361-3970
  45. NajeraBrian6

    (PRICE DROP) F/S Phenix black diamond east coast

    Black diamond east coast for sale ESW-767M 7’6” 15-40 Price is 260.00 Text me at (562)361-3970 Price is negociable Price drop 220.00
  46. NajeraBrian6

    Price Drop F/S Calcutta 400 D

    Shoot your offer willing to negociate open to trades^
  47. NajeraBrian6

    Price Drop F/S Calcutta 400 D

    Shimanco calcutta 400D for sale not scratch or nic on it comes with box and reel cover asking 300.000 with braid or 280.00 without braid text me for faster response (562)361-3970 or PM ONLY open to trades Trade for a lexa 400 HD plis cash on your end Also trade for a trinidad 14A same condition...
  48. NajeraBrian6

    Shimano Torium 14hga

    Hello, is it similar size as an avet sx ? Thanks
  49. NajeraBrian6

    Custom phenix m1 8'2. 20-45 220.00

    Will post picks later tonight
  50. NajeraBrian6

    The New Avet G2 Series

    The Avet G2 "AVENGER"
  51. NajeraBrian6

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Metalic blood Poseidons blood
  52. NajeraBrian6

    A little help

    Ok thankyou sounds good
  53. NajeraBrian6

    A little help

    Is a phenix abyss psw809 good for a daiwa lexa 300 hs ?? Let me know what ypu think thanks
  54. NajeraBrian6

    WTB Cousins 909t, Phenix Abyss 909, or 809 Today !

    I have one with an alps reel seat if your interested
  55. NajeraBrian6

    Combo for sale

    Phenix black diamond 809H SOLD Avet MXL MC CAST STILL AVAILABLE 250.00 BNIB
  56. NajeraBrian6

    WTB Phenix Ultra Swim bait

    Ok im definetly interested
  57. NajeraBrian6

    WTB freshwater bass rod & reel

    I have a daiwa lexa 300 hs perfecr for bass 5623613970 txt me if interested im in hawthorne
  58. NajeraBrian6

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    Im on a 250 bugdet mainly using small jigs plastics and on boat trips use anchovies.....i think an abyss or an uktra swim bait would be good thanks guys
  59. NajeraBrian6

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    Oh wow good catch... Thanks for the heads up
  60. NajeraBrian6

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    A little help
  61. NajeraBrian6

    WTB Phenix Ultra Swim bait

    Let me know what you have thanks
  62. NajeraBrian6

    Phenix Abyss 909 20-50 for trade

    I have an 8' 20-50 black diamond make me an offer
  63. NajeraBrian6

    Brand new avet mxl mc black FS/FT 240.00

    No its a single speed but if your interested i can sell you a combo for 450.00, an 8' phenix black diamond 20-50 with black alps seat and black mxl
  64. NajeraBrian6

    Brand new avet mxl mc black FS/FT 240.00

    I have a brand new avet mxl mcblack for sale or trade for an avet sx 2speed in like new or new condition or a shimano torium 16hg or 20 hg.price is 240.00 pm me for pics
  65. NajeraBrian6

    Got a Daiwa Lexa HD 300; Shimano vs. Okuma rod?

    How much for the m1?