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    619'807 1801 David meyers

    619'807 1801 David meyers
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    When do you want to go again wAhoo are bitting

    When do you want to go again wAhoo are bitting
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    Tuna crabs

    With no dine I was think of using them anyone ever try it
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    Tuna crabs

    can you chum with them?
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    209 some were caught yesterday
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    1st dodo top gun 80

    day 1 of a 2.5 day also has opah, dodo and yft pet hm on 976
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    Apollo has 30 yft so far today

    Sea they did not want word to get out
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    Apollo has 30 yft so far today

    My guess no huge hits. They did not call not lets talk hook ups
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    Fishing Thurs 8-14 Offshore for Tuna, need one

    No issue splitting costs non drinker and non smoker will stay after trip to help clean down boat David Meyers 619 807 1801
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    Black pearl out of Oceanside

    They are now running out of Oceanside
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    Bluefin Tuna Cruising in Marina Pacifica Canal

    Who is going to catch it
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    Offshore Oceanside 95 on the YT and Yellowfin 6/21

    Where were they fishing. Going out on a 2 day maybe we will fish us water
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    Offshore Roll call seeker 1.5 day leaving sunday sept 4

    Have not fished this boat yet and info?
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    Any been to the 43

    Might head to the 43 Sunday
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    Offshore fishing on the Prowler on 6-9-13

    Wish we found the blue fin
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    Offshore Blue fin in 1.5 day

    I hoping on prowler it is a go for tonight 1.5 day call in sick on mon
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    Offshore Blue fin in 1.5 day

    Pq just caught a blue see fishermans website
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    Considering APOLLO

    Anyone see the inside sport fishing show yhe last couple of weeks it was last years epic trip.
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    roll call anyone on Apollo 5 day leaving sat

    who is going?
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    apollo is a go
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    Offshore Dolphin 3 report 9-17 fishing 9/18

    First off Jack and the Crew did a great job of not having and real bad cluster fu... Bait not the best but was not total shit did it trick Shot rev fishing was good some off toll stops for dodo,albies, and ytf, paddy fishing was rat yellows with some dodos, and ytf. We end up with 75 + yt...
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    Cabo renegad mike

    Went fishing with renegade mike on 8-9 short rev Got to the dock early at 6 am mike had the boat ready we grabbed coffe and left 10 min later we went straight out 10 miles found dolphin and got yellow fin tuna 20 pounders lost about 70 lbs pull hook and one the hook straitened out tolled...
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    lupe trips with 12 people

    are the limited load trips with 12 people a go?
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    Offshore LR guys pickun away at quality BFT w/albies in the mix

    i am calling lth tommorow to confim if the plane also went on today. i thought the spotter was thursday and no tuna spotted.
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    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    it was on cnn today
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    Techniques for getting past sharks

    spinning reel you can get them in in 30 min under 100 pounds
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    hurrcane update looks like we are in the clear
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    vag oct 1-7

    Who is on this trip?
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    Offshore Starting to feel like last season

    The bft question is when will they have their quota fill and leave.
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    Offshore Tuna Pens

    tnt with a 20 sec fuse tape to a 16 oz sinker they might float up
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    Offshore bft 1 day range caught

  32. telcofish

    Offshore BFT 80 miles out of San Diego!!

    herd it was a spotter plane. No clue if it true of hype
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    Offshore bft on the AA at 180 miles

    they were on the way back to pl for the bft and on their way to the rock for the albies
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    Offshore bft on the AA at 180 miles

    No I am not jumping on a 2 day trip yet . Just pass along some news. Waiting for the fish to get a little closer to home with better numbers before i go. BLUE FIN TUNA UPDATE / AMERICAN ANGLER The AMERICAN ANGLER called in a report this morning of 10 Blue Fin Tuna. These fish were caught...
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    just an fyi i caught the tail end of rod and reel radio sun 6-7 on 540 am and they said a few bft were caught. yes it is still early no i am not going to jump on a 2 or 3 day based on this news. just an fyi
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    5 star review
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    fish boiling

    no it was not dolphin, I just was not sure if it was yellows shasing bait or cuda
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    fish boiling

    i was down at cardiff beach and saw fish boiling and birds crashing. What is it that i see boiling. It was less than a .025 miles from shore at around 6.30ish
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    Offshore BFT and ablies at 200 miles

    Yes i know it is early but it will been interesting to watch when the LR boats start to get bitters. Just waiting to pull the trigger on a 5 or 6 day in june or late set/oct trip base on water temps
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    Offshore BFT and ablies at 200 miles

    see 976 report
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    Indian overnight

    i am in just booked 7 spots left
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    COX Business Internet + Phone Lines

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    "Get your mind out of the gutter! We're talking marlin fishing here, boys." "If you don't buy EAT ME lures, then you can BITE ME."
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    Offshore 1.5 day boats getting bit

    sat late report by Alfalfa on Sat Jun 26 2010, 06:29PM Just got a small relay report from the tuna grounds the Dominator Has 47 Albacore so far today on a 1 1/2 trip. Stay tuned as we should see the 50 fish mark broken today....... <CENTER></CENTER> Print Email item to a friend fish are...
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    Offshore 1.5 day boats getting bit

    Saturday update- Here come the longfin! The Prowler just called in at 2:00pm with 14 albacore and 3 bluefin tuna on board and really good sign. Also the Condor called in with 21 albacore and 3 bluefin on the deck. Stay tuned for more updates! Light load on the Aztec leaves sunday night for a...
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    anyone on 1.5 day astec leaving sunday

    hoping on this trip light load need 12 to make it off the dock so far 3 signed up leaves sunday june 27 for 1.5 day fish are bitting see report below sat mid day report "The guys all have between 5 and 25 albacore on the boats for the morning with some bluefin as well. Most of the guys are...
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    reels for lr 5 to 7 day

    I have bx 2 400 and bxx 500 -2 speeds, tryons 12 single speed, baji special will these work for 5 to 7 day to lupe or rocks
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    Sea Adventure II or Prowler

    how long of a trip? if longer then a day 1.5 sa2 booth are good boats
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    RENEGADE MIKE may 2 report

    marlin was released
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    RENEGADE MIKE may 2 report

    Just got back froms cabo. RENEGADE MIKE is the bomb. After several days of wind we went offshore scouting. Mike had the terfin update and went over the game plan. We left the second we got on board to beat the crowd, got 10 baits. Mike had the rods set up, beer on ice and box lunch. The boat has...
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    LIVIN' IT UP IN CABO W/ RENEGADE MIKE!!! 04/17/10-04/24/10

    fishing with mike this suday goal marlin on spinning rod
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    albacore gettin close

    976 made a ref to it last week some were taken
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    cabo ?

    i will be in san jose cabo last week in arpil till mon may 3 should i fish out of cabo -Pacific side or san jose cabo and fish sea of cortez? I want to catch tuna, dodo, marlin
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    i will be on a 2 day charter in july
  56. telcofish


    put it in the frezer hour a half hour to firm it up
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    Never done LR looking at 2 option

    RP- 8 day in june RR in June
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    Holiday Sportfishing

    i will beak out the spinning reel and win jp
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    Holiday Sportfishing

    I have never had a bad trip or time on The Holiday. I know that they did put some tlc into the last year that we do not see.
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    Holiday Sportfishing

    tell raandy david meyers say's hello is that a paddy i see
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    Things You Can Only Say On Thanksgiving.................

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> 1. Talk about a huge breast!<o:p></o:p> 2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.<o:p></o:p> 3. It's Cool Whip time!<o:p></o:p> 4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!<o:p></o:p> 5. That's one...
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    Holiday Limited Load Trips

    doll's and balls take 2
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    Offshore Holiday getsum

    I leaving friday on their 3 day
  64. telcofish

    Offshore 1.5 day trip on the Holiday

    great mixed bag fishing- does not get any better
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    GREAT DEAL- GUADALUPE WITH GIVAWAYS ON THE HOLIDAY. I've been on the Holiday more than a dozen time- favorite boat out of Pt. Loma. They just dropped their prices and so I'm finally going to do their Guadalupe trip. Best prices I've seen. Now we just need enough people. Sign up! Let's make...
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    Offshore Holiday 2 day wrap up report. 7/8-7/10

    Randy put us on the bft but it was all show and no go- the fuckers would not bite. I even put 20 pound on the spinning reel with fluro and no takers- Sthe crew and the new cook did a great job
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    Offshore Day 3 report on the Holiday

    I was out on the Holiday 3.5 day last year and kill it with dodos, yellow tail.yellow fin, albies then I went out in august and caught the bft
  68. telcofish

    Offshore Day 3 report on the Holiday

    maybe the fish will move into us water and the seiners will be fucked I just got a back up spool with 20 pound for the spinning reel
  69. telcofish

    Offshore Day 3 report on the Holiday

    Jesse- I will be jumping on one of their trips 2.5 day trip
  70. telcofish

    Best 1.5 / 2 Day Boat out of SD

    Randy has always put me on fish on the Holiday + they have some great raffle's( a suck at spelling) August is always great fishing.
  71. telcofish

    Holiday 3.5 Independence Day weekend trip.

    Their are reports of BFT in US water wichs means no seiners. this should be a great trip are the price is right. Wish I could go
  72. telcofish

    Offshore ytf

  73. telcofish


    anyone here rommors of ytf 20 miles from pl
  74. telcofish

    Legend vs. Eldorado

    The holiday has the best deal in the fleet the boat got tlc this winter great crew,good food and customer friendly I will never ride the Legend again, never been on ElDorado
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    toomy geat dope i think we should send out false info to those bastards they wrapped the bft that was at the 238 last weekend
  76. telcofish

    Offshore Condor 6-19 1.5 tough fishn great times

    I was on this i wish we went long and work our way back up the line
  77. telcofish

    3.5 day on Holiday a go fore sure smoking deal

    Sorry how do i post in off show trip planning Gang I am going to try to hop on this 3.5 day trip it is a smoking deal and the fish are here early this year check out thier latest promo- they are going all out for thier customers I won the last 2 jp on the rock cod trips including a new...
  78. telcofish


    125 is a deal on the prolwer vs 275 on condor based on todays report
  79. telcofish


    should i pay 125 and do overnight on prowler or pay 275 for 1.5 on condor
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    Offshore 2 bft out of HM LAnding

    HM fish counts 2 bft no details but the boats were on a over night
  81. telcofish

    Halibut question

  82. telcofish

    Halibut question

    going on the pl 3/4 day on sunday any opion on what set up to use? How is the boat?
  83. telcofish

    Point Loma Halibut- questions

    I am going on the Point Loma for Halibut on Sunday any input onwhat gear to bring and opion on the boat?
  84. telcofish

    Offshore albies at 130 on Royal star

    Looks like i am hoping on this 2.5 day deal - wife bless it anybody else in **Welcome to HOLIDAY SPORTFISHING** NEXT TRIP DEPARTS, June 12th at 9pm - 2.5 Day for $395..Fish are there, but whose gonna whack em` first! Raffle on next trip departing on June 12th...There will be a raffle on our...
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    3/4 day out of Seaforth

  86. telcofish

    Offshore albies at 130 on Royal star

    06/09/09 Our prospecting this morning turned up beautiful water conditions loaded with bait. We looked for the entire morning with the feeling that a good school was just over the next swell. By lunch we came to the realization that our new area wasn't loaded up with fish yet. So in typical...
  87. telcofish

    Offshore albies at 130 on Royal star

    Fisherman said 54 rs website site say's 34 either way it is the 1st decent score
  88. telcofish

    Offshore albies at 130 on Royal star

    Just spoke to fishermans and they said the Royal Star is on day 2 of a 3 day and got 54 albies at 130 miles
  89. telcofish

    Offshore Albies at 130 miles

    lets if if any other sport boats get some so far this year no one has scored moe the 10 it is still eary but the sign is good
  90. telcofish

    suggestions for 1.5 or 1 day trip 6/26

    The Holiday has a deal on a 3 .5 day- if the bite is on that is the trip I am taking 1.5 day in June you might strike out
  91. telcofish

    Offshore what is this?

    brown eye scad
  92. telcofish

    What's the general consensus on when to catch Albies?

    Jeff I would wait till the 2 week in July Most of the sport boats are good I like to fish the Holiday I would go with a Parker 28 ft with a inboard eng and a tuna tower if money is not a object. but a center console 18 ft will get you out to the 371 but you will take a pounding
  93. telcofish

    Offshore New Lo An 5-30 1 1/2 10 ALBACORE

    976 has the picture-i do not think anyone is douting the 10 on the new lo an
  94. telcofish

    Offshore BlueFin

    i was told just one
  95. telcofish

    Offshore BlueFin

    heard of a bft caught at the 182
  96. telcofish

    Offshore Just in case anyone cares...

    wait about 3 more weeks for the warm water to push it way up Mid june is when the tuna bite starts and is in full swing in july
  97. telcofish

    Offshore Albacore Caught

    Black pearl report is on 976 he caught yellow tail
  98. telcofish

    Anyone been on the First-String??

    should be good fishing for yt,yft,dodo,bft and albies I fish the Holiday do not know much about First String
  99. telcofish

    boat question

  100. telcofish

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna today

    Last year first albies were caught at the double 220
  101. telcofish

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna today

    If the BFT are small go with 20 pound test
  102. telcofish

    Offshore 1.5 Day on The Eclipse 05/09

    What was the water temp .Heard a 12 pound bft was pick up did you guys look offshore
  103. telcofish

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna today

    Time to make a run at the bft before the seiners show up Anybody up for trying to put together a overnighter on a boat leaving thursday?
  104. telcofish

    What was the water temp last year when the dorado showed up?

    It was mid july I was on a 3 day on the Holiday and we got some
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  106. telcofish

    What is the best suited line for So Cal offshore?

    jesse that rock fish mark is still on my foot
  107. telcofish

    What is the best suited line for So Cal offshore?

    Dave's wife, here. I promise to buy him some "real man boots." Where can I buy them?
  108. telcofish

    What is the best suited line for So Cal offshore?

    I use the accurate twin 20 and it works great even thought I catch shit for using it
  109. telcofish

    What is the best suited line for So Cal offshore?

    glad to see someone else spin fishing for off shore species
  110. telcofish

    Yellowtail Special on the Holiday..

    Yellows at the island time to skip work for a day
  111. telcofish


    Don't waste your time and money. Did it once.
  112. telcofish

    Offshore Legend or Holiday 1.5

    Just goese to show you how good customer service is on the Holiday vs the Legend
  113. telcofish

    What's the best time of year?

    August and mid sept- each year is different
  114. telcofish

    big game 90

  115. telcofish

    Offshore Legend or Holiday 1.5

    2 WEEKS AGO I WAS ON THE HOLIDAY FOR The DOLLS 'N BALLS TOURNEY ( I WON BIGGEST FISH the picure is on the Holiday's web site. The Legend had a trip to Colonett that same weekend well i did not see them their guss they saved some money and went short. Shawn has an attude yes I suck at spelling...
  116. telcofish

    Offshore Legend or Holiday 1.5

    2 WEEKS AGO I WAS ON THE HOLIDAY FOR The DOLLS 'N BALLS TOURNEY ( I WON BIGGEST FISH the picure is on the Holiday's web site. That same weekend The Legend had a trip to Colonett that same weekend well i did not see them their guss they saved some money and went short. Shawn has an attude yes...
  117. telcofish

    Offshore Legend or Holiday 1.5

    I have fished booth boats- I would go with Randy on the Holiday
  118. telcofish

    Offshore 1st Annual Dolls n' Balls 3/13-3/15

    How about a repeat for tuna/yellows/dodo's this summer
  119. telcofish

    Dolls Vs Balls Fishing Tournament

    The trip was a blast who is up for a repeat but for tuna/yellows/dodo's this summer
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    Tommy made the Halibut tonight it was top notch
  121. telcofish

    Offshore 1 and a half day on Endevor

  122. telcofish

    Offshore Albies still here 213 report

    I was also on the trip with Jesse. Lefty thanks for the sushi and chilli on the way . The new retal and trolling gear looks good. Glad to see some tlc is going into the boat
  123. telcofish

    Friday The 14th Of Nov Offshore

    the Holiday and sea adventure 80 are going on a 1.5 day leaving friday
  124. telcofish

    Ho Wanted for Sun June 29th, Tuna-Triangle

    I would love to go $100+ BYOB, FOOD no problem David- cell 619 302 8053
  125. telcofish

    New LoAnn

    picking up a little but still is slow
  126. telcofish

    Going long 6-14

    going on a 2.5 day on the Legend they are leaving extra early at 10am Herd they might go out 180 miles
  127. telcofish

    Royal Star June 11th

    look at 976 2 day on the grande $200 leaves this sunday
  128. telcofish


    I hheard the AA got some abot 158 miles outlast week
  129. telcofish

    A 1.5 Day trip

    look at all the boats website and call them you might be able to get a last minute deal just ask
  130. telcofish

    2 day on the Pacifis Star

    looks like the indy got some bft and albies that are in 2 day range
  131. telcofish

    Offshore Islander 2 day trip 5/30/0/-6/1/08

    seems like 976 hyped it for bft and Albbies I would say we are about 2 weeks before the fish are in 2 day range
  132. telcofish

    Excel Found Some Albacore

    8 to 14 pounds listen to 976
  133. telcofish

    Need help choosing overnight boat!

    I herd the The Holiday is good t
  134. telcofish

    Anything out there!?

    Herd BFT about 90 miles out were spotted no caught-