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    Saltwater Fishing Cypress

    No fish in MA7. Ever.
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    2022 Blackmouth It’s long, and not action-packed, but here’s a link to a recording of a public mtg with some of those involved in this year’s NOF. This was in the past few days.
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    2022 Blackmouth Hard to stay optimistic these days.
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    “What is new is they have now started the process to differentiate these whales as “Sounders” very likely the first step to declaring them an endangered sub species of gray whales, much like their “ beloved SRKW”. “ This is exactly what jumped out at me from the article. Give them a cute name...
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    Early March Charter trip

    Hey guys, I'm a BD member from Washington state, about as far from Florida as it gets. I'll be in the Daytona Beach/Port Orange area the first weekend of March. My teenage son and I are hoping to get out on a charter. We are used to long days trolling for salmon and bottomfishing for lingcod...
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    Tribal Fishing-Area 7

    In December, I took my 6-yr old son out when winter crabbing was open. We dropped our pots. To kill time while they soaked, I clipped a cut plug on the downrigger and drug it around for a bit. Released one small ling. As I was pulling in the fishing gear to go check pots, WDFW came blasting out...
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    Commercial trolling spoons and Hardy flyreel

    I might be interested in the nickel wobblers. Where are you located?
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    Winding down locally, where is everyone going this winter/spring to fish?

    Blackmouth in the San Juans...........oh wait
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    Scotty Pot Puller!

    Where u located?
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    Log siding

    Where are you located?
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    various stuff sale/trade/free

    Good deal on that prop saver
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    Anything on Halibut yet?

    This sucks to read. They are bragging about the bycatch.
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    What can we do?

    There is a group in Whatcom County working to start a salmon hatchery near the mouth of Whatcom Creek. It’s based on a model used in Alaska that has been pretty successful. If I understand correctly it’s initially funded by a low-rate “government loan” which is then paid off by proceeds from the...
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    RIP blackmouth fishing

    I’ve never seen an orca while targeting blackmouth in MA7. Not once. I don’t see the data backing up the decision to close bm. I thought all the “threatened” runs they want to protect are summer run fish that are out in the ocean until it’s time for them to come back to the river. This is a...
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    Fishing closure statewide

    I’ve been thinking Canada is the option as well, as I’m located pretty close and can get my boat in the water. Just checked the info on getting a Canadian license:
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    License boycott

    Signed it, worth a try.
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    My kids like to fish. Been handing the rod over for 13 years now. Fun every time.
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    2009 Honda BF150

    Bump, still available. Summer’s over guess I better sell this thing.
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    2009 Honda BF150

    Ok Ty, let me know.
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    150HP Repower Advice

    If you’re not dead set on brand new, I’ve got a 2009 Honda bf150 in the classified. Good motor.
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    2009 Honda BF150

    Still available, been a busy summer and haven’t put any effort into selling this.
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    Saltwater Swiftsure reports??

    I was out there this past Saturday. Fished the Canadian side. Kid got seasick on the way out then fell asleep. After 2 hours of nonstop wild coho (at least 30-40 fish to the boat without a single missing fin) and one keeper slot limit king, my other crew member got sick. That put an early end to...
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    Saltwater Crossing into to

    Damn, you’re right.
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    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    Half right is better than I usually do! Thanks for the clarification. I just called the Campbell River Store which is just across the border at the Pacific (truck) X-ing. Guy there told me they don’t sell licenses anymore, stopped a couple months ago he said.
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    Try this again...CQ roll call..07/31 - 08/06

    I may be wrong, but I think you have to buy a Canadian license in person from a B.C. retailer to fish Swiftsure.
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    Saltwater Crossing into to

    I noticed this too. No more 80 cm upper slot limit on kings? At least for Renfrew/Swiftsure/WCVI
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    Ocean Chinook

    Well, that sucks. Trip already planned to take my dad and son to Neah in a couple weeks. Long drive for rockfish and coho.
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    pelican 95 qt

    Great cooler I have the same one.
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Update. Got the new prop on for a test today. Mercury SS Enertia 15” x 15p. 80+ gallons of gas, just me onboard, light wind maybe 5 mph. Still working on the ideal trim/tilt, but I’m pleased and impressed. Got my WOT where it should be and achieved my goal of hitting 40+ at the top end. It feels...
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    WANTED: 115-150 hp

    Starting my own post for this, don’t want to hijack this one.
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    2009 Honda BF150

    Took this off my boat for recent repower. Listing is on Bellingham craigslist. Approx 780 hrs. Starts/runs great. Includes side mount controls, gauges, throttle cables, prop. Compression tests good. It’s a good used 4-stroke ready to install and go. Asking $6250, it’s off my boat and located at...
  32. jonbackman

    WANTED: 115-150 hp

    I just took a Honda 150 with controls off my boat. It’s for sale, ready to go. On Bellingham Craigslist
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Today I adjusted the throttle cable. Wasn’t getting 100% wide open (but was close). Also changed props. The previous 4400 WOT was with a 14x19 3-blade aluminum. Today I ran a 14.5x17 3-blade aluminum(what was available to try on hand). Numbers improved to 5200 rpm WOT. To answer the height/trim...
  34. jonbackman

    Defiance 220ex repower

    This is exactly what I was suspecting when I ran it. Did not feel sluggish or labored at all, just felt like there should be more throttle once the control lever was all the way forward. My next move is to check the adjustment of the throttle cables.
  35. jonbackman

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Update. I bought the 2018 Yamaha 200 w/ low hours. Just finished the install Saturday. Took it out for a spin on Bham Bay. Wind was 11-15 knots, which is not ideal anywhere but especially up here. Only myself and my 5-yr old onboard with 1/2-3/4 tank of gas (fuel gauge not installed yet), so...
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Andy, I did communicate directly with Defiance about this and got information from the factory. They looked at the photos of my boat and advised I don’t go over 200 hp on the existing transom or I may have floatation issues. They have been helpful and honest(I think) whenever I have talked to...
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    I’m still in search of the best solution for my situation. It seemed like maxing out the hp at 250 was a simple answer, but after talking to some folks it seems that when my boat was built there were 2 different versions of the extended transom installed. One is apparently designed to float...
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Just to throw it out there, I got these 2 sea trial spec sheets. 200 hp Yamaha & 250 Honda.
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Patrick, I saw that one and it’s on my list. Thanks.
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Hey Everyone, 1st - thanks for all the thoughtful responses. This is a great place to get firsthand knowledge based on actual local experience. To clarify; YES I am disappointed with the current power. I have re-propped and gained a bit of performance, but it still feels sluggish and lacking. I...
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Hey Guys, I know there are several Defiance owners on here, including myself. I bought a 2009 Admiral 220ex a couple years ago. I’m very happy with the boat; layout, cabin space, fishability, everything except the power. It came with a Honda 150. There’s a lot of past discussion on this, and I...
  42. jonbackman

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    UPDATE: Problem solved. It ended up being the fuel fill hose. I removed it and found the hose in extremely bad shape at the lowest point where fuel had obviously sat. Guessing ethanol damage. Cut the hose open mid-point and it looked like plumbing completely packed with roots; no way any liquid...
  43. jonbackman

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Well, I pulled the fuel vent line apart today. Couldn't any obstructions, was able to blow air through it easily. I cleaned it up, including the screen at the vent end, reinstalled it, pulled over to the gas dock, and it is no different. So, I'm guessing it's the fuel fill line. Maybe sag/too...
  44. jonbackman

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Thanks for the quick response guys. Todd-that's exactly what I had in mind, and you confirmed my suspicions on accessing the lines. Hopefully I can take care of it later today.
  45. jonbackman

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2009 Admiral 220ex. Been shopping for a long time, so I'm pretty happy about making it happen. Sea trial went well, she runs and drives smooth. Had it out in Bellingham Bay today in some pretty harsh weather, and it did great. Anyway, went to fuel up, and it's acting...
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    Saltwater A7 scouting

    Nice fish, good luck in the derby!
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    Saltwater 7-1-12 MA7

    He always helps. That right there is the best fishing buddy I could ask for...he even made two halibuts trips with me this year, but we didn't get any.
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    Saltwater 7-1-12 MA7

    Tdub: Nope. I saw the Raider hardtop out there. Mine is a smaller one- 18' with the top off.
  49. jonbackman

    Saltwater 7-1-12 MA7

    I went out with the rest of the world yesterday. We spent a few hours weaving between the mob at all the not-so-secret hotspots. Managed these two and got home in time to have everything cleaned up with plenty of daylight to spare. Not a bad start to the summer season!
  50. jonbackman

    Saltwater MA7 4-21 No complaints

    It's a Raider Prosport 182. Aluminum. Great boat, does everything I want to do with a reasonable gas bill. Thanks for all the responses. Sal is a great fishing buddy. Usually when I say it's time to start heading in, he convinces me to stay out "just a little longer". He's hooked.
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    Saltwater MA7 4-21 No complaints

    Time for a first post, I've been hanging around long enough. I went out with my 5-yr old on Saturday. He came to the Anacortes Derby award ceremony (he didn't fish in the derby) and got pretty jealous seeing all the kids take the stage. So, I told him if he can reel in a salmon himself before...
  52. jonbackman

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    When I was your age I had to walk to the harbor, up hills both ways....