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  1. joedog831

    Recommendations on San Jose fishing guides?

    All the answers above are all you need. Just got back from there yesterday. Was fishing out of San Jose for two weeks. Just go to the cleaning table and talk to some of the Captains. Eric from Gorda Bank pongas is there at 6 am almost every day. He knows everone. Good luck.
  2. joedog831

    Cabo January 25-30th- Who to book with?

    Gordabank pongas many different boats available. Look it up online
  3. joedog831

    Wahoo delight, dorado return as Thanksgiving looms

    Thanks for the report. Flying out in the a.m. for Cabo area. Will be mainly fishing out of SJ. Sound good. }<]]]]]]]°> ·~·
  4. joedog831

    Picudo Sportfishing Cabo San Lucas Report

    Thanks for the update. Heading to Cabo Sunday.
  5. joedog831

    Mexican fisheries checking licenses and catch limits in central Baja

    So are you saying 2 dorado is a limit? And 5 Wahoo is a limit. Very confusing. Thanks for the info though. }<]]]]]]]°>
  6. joedog831

    7+ people want to fish out of San Jose cabo

    Thanks Hector I'll look into Gorda banks. I'll be fishing out of there with a friend that knows all the captain's in the area. Just wanted to get some Intel. Thanks again Joedog831 }<]]]]]]°>
  7. joedog831

    7+ people want to fish out of San Jose cabo

    Have some good friends coming down around thanksgiving and would love to try and get everyone out fishing.7-9 people. I will be there a few days before everyone else and will look around myself, but any information on services out of San Jose would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and tight...
  8. joedog831

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Sorry didn't get back to you all. Had a great day out of San Jose on the Gorda bank. Caught an 80lbs yellowfin and broke off another. Staying at the marine fiesta rm 518 till Dec 4th Will post some pic later. Tight lines my friend s Joedog831
  9. joedog831

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Sure Sammy thank for the info. What was he charging?did you go half day or full day? When where you fishing in cabo with him. His phone number and name would be great. What type of fish were you targeting. Once again thanks for the reply. Tight lines my friend.Joedog831
  10. joedog831

    Cabo Panga Pricing ?

    Go talk to ponga guys yourself. That's how I used to do it all the time. See who's bringing in fish and talk to them. They used to come in around 1-2 in the afternoon. Good luck give some feed back if you have any luck I will be arriving on Monday for two weeks and will be looking for some...
  11. joedog831

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Will be in Cabo 11/22-12/3 seeing if anyone will be in town during that time that might want to split the cost of a day or two of ponga fishing. I'll be fishing anyway by myself and thought I'd who will be fishing there at that time. Tight lines everyone. Joedog831
  12. joedog831

    Cabo surf fishing??where's a good location?

    Thanks ThatOBoy ,all info is appreciated. No wire is good info. Thight lines my friend. Joedog831
  13. joedog831

    Cabo surf fishing??where's a good location?

    Thanks Minnesotaphats, not sure were migrino is but will ask some friends that live there. All info is much appreciated. Tight lines my friend.
  14. joedog831

    Cabo for Bisbees and great Panga Capt find

    Thanks for the info will be spending a couple weeks there real soon. Will definitely look him up.
  15. joedog831

    Cabo surf fishing??where's a good location?

    Bparker 1225 thanks for the feedback, just looking to change it up a bit. Will be going to Todo Santos one day while I'm there. Thought I would try some beaches olong the way. Thanks again. Joedog831
  16. joedog831

    Cabo surf fishing??where's a good location?

    Rob, thank for the feedback. The video was good eye candy getting fired up for Baja. I've been fishing out of the cabo area off and on for 25 years and thought it might be nice to get away from the crowd in town. I've always fished from a boat out of Cano. I Wiill talk to some people in town (...
  17. joedog831

    Cabo surf fishing??where's a good location?

    I'm heading to Cabo for 2 weeks and would like to try some surf fishing and I'm wondering if anyone has any information or has had any good results from there own about where to go. I'm staying in the harbor area and will be renting a car for a couple days. Any and all info would be greatly...
  18. joedog831

    south loreto fish report

    Heading down to Loreto next week 4/14-4/22 will be staying in tripui and fishing out of puerto escondito any body have any present reports on the fishing and the weather?
  19. joedog831

    Strange fish...Big fish...Fun fish

    heading down to loreto on sunday any reports,tips ect.where to fish,whats being caught,love to here back from somebody.
  20. joedog831

    Mendo Rockfish Love 6/24/12.

    Nice job.I too have wanted to head up that way w/boat in tow,but just do the one day trip for ads.was any body else fishing for salmon?looked like a nice glassy day.
  21. joedog831

    what can i expect??

    heading down to loreto in november.will have a boat,would also like to do some fishing from or surfrods will have both.any info would be helpful also what type of fish for that time of year ect. thanks joedog831