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  1. KingofKod

    (Captain) Mike Berry - I Found Your Stuff

    Wow! You are a true Gentleman!!!
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    Offshore Today.

    that is just fricken awesome...
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    Offshore They are here but not hungry

    What day did you go out?
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    Offshore Fallin' for Dorado, hidden bank,9-20

    I love it... Kind of reminds me of the three stooges... Great job!
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    Offshore 9/21 picked away at em.

    Not too big, around 35', older cabin cruiser, with around 8 guys fishing
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    Offshore 9/21 picked away at em.

    Congrats on the fish, sounds like a great day. I was out Sunday to the 277 and back to Avalon all for 1 skippy. I too was cock blocked about 4 miles off the east end. I had fish start boiling around my boat and some douche-hole in a boat named "OSPREY" throttled in and practically landed right...
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    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    You can hide... We will find you... Still trying to figure out what a "cockdie" is???
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    Offshore 8/25 Dana Point Tuna-DoDo-Yellows

    Awsome... Maybe the swell will push them up my way...
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    Offshore A 38" Henway

    That must have been a mutant...
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    Offshore Two first timers, no Bananas and Kelp paddy Dorados. Fri 8/22

    Awesome, good to know they are here! I just wish we had some of those deans over here...
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    Fishing southwest end of Catalina

    But Jamie! We want tuna!
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    Offshore 23 Mixed Tuna on the "Done Deal" 9/6

    I keep hearing 20# flouro with size 1 or 2 hook is the best bet Congrats on the great job catching!
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    Great report! What size hooks were you using?
  14. KingofKod

    First ocean boat, any advice?

    I would start out on real short trips, get comfortable with the boat and work your way up to longer trips. Bring a good gps Don't get lost in the fog Don't forget your seasick medication! They say owning a boat is like throwing $100 bills away in the ocean (I hope you have a big stack...
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    Any update on how the fleet did today 9/3?

    The following was posted today on 976-tuna website "Pacific Voyager with 16 anglers had one hell of a trip. They returned today to the docks of Seaforth Landing with 16 very happy and tired anglers. 16 anglers had a epic day on the drift with 73 yellow fin tuna from 20 to 40 pounds, 22 blue...
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    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    I read on another post, it may have been same trip that this same captain made sure everyone got tuna. Sounds like the captain had good intentions
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    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    Quote: <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">Originally Posted by Harrington89 Yeah bullshit Capt should of been a lot more professional. Sorry...
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    Offshore 8/26-28 Yellow Fin Tuna/Yellowtail San Benitos on a 3-day

    I will be on the Vagabond for a 4 day in two weeks! Tuna countdown! Thanks for the report
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    Sounds like he has more wrong with him than seasickness. Puking blood is not normal!
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    Need advice...

    I agree I would invest in a decent avet reel (I own 5 of them), mx or lx 2 speed and a calstar rod. If you dont have the money cheap out on the rod but get the avet reel and save to buy the calstar rod next year. This year @ fred hall show I bought a real decent Okuma rod for $20
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    Looking for Bait

    Buy a sabiki lucky joe and catch your own bait
  22. KingofKod

    Where is the TUNA?

    I go on a 4 day trip in 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully Hurricane Frank will send us some TUNA!
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    what is the best 30 lbs test salt water reel for fishing catalina island

    I live in Avalon, I use all avet. After using avet mxj on albacore trip I sold all my penn, shimano and Daiwa reels on ebay and bought all Avet. I now own 5 avet reels, sx, mxj, lx 2 speed, jx 2 speed and hx 2 speed I would never go back to penn.
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    HX 5/2 fighting belt lugs

    I am also interested
  25. KingofKod

    New Price for Avet Magnetic Cast Control Reels

    All Avet prices going up Sept 1st. 2009 pricing
  26. KingofKod

    Tough times at AVET?

    Maybe the first screw and washer was free and they just charged you for the second set?
  27. KingofKod

    New guys with a few questions

    You can fit alot more line on your reel using spectra, as line is thinner than mono, adding top shot of mono will help you to cast ( and if you do get birdsnest mono is easier to untangle) mono will also give you strech in your line. I use albright knot. Avet is coming out with a magged reel...
  28. KingofKod

    Avet Price increase???

    All Avet reels are going up in price! Even the ones without the "Magic Cast"!
  29. KingofKod

    Avet Price increase???

    Last week I ordered from , He set me up with 3 new Avet reels HX 5/2, JX 2 speed, MX 2 speed spooled with spectra and top shots of mono. He gave me a good deal on the whole package, including shipping and no sales tax. They should be here Tues or Wed this week.
  30. KingofKod

    Which calstar rod best for HX 5/2?

    Which calstar rod is best for HX 5/2? For live bait and vertical jigging, 80# spectra, 50# - 60# top shot?
  31. KingofKod

    Avet Price increase???

    I just read that "2009 prices" go into effect on Sept 1st. I read that they will increase prices over 10%! :hali_parkutuli: Is this true?
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    Stolen boat

    That sucks!
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    Offshore 8/22 132 Albies on the Legend

    I went on the Legend the next trip after you on a 2 day leaving 8/22. I posted in this section. I was told they lost most of your bait due to warm water they went through getting to the Albacore grounds. I too would have been very upset. Sh*t happens! Crew were very tight with bait on my trip...
  34. KingofKod

    Offshore Legend 8/22 - 8/24 Albacore on the deck!

    Great fishing on the Legend, Great crew, good food and best of all lots of catching! First day I had two fish on the deck by 8:15 am, one on the troll and the other one I baited. Catching was a little slow for me after that until around 4:pm, I baited and landed three more Albacore beetween then...
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    Nice catch! I see you are fishing right around the corner from my house. Small world! Did you get pics I emailed you in October? You and your Gramps, Dorado on Grande.