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    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    Based on what’s happened the last 4 years probably fish Bluefin and Yellows in US waters. Also I don’t get the RP is the “Alpha” boat thing...Do the boats wrestle each other?

    Shogun - Police

    Man this story keeps getting more bizarre by the minute. Doubt the truth will ever come out, unless someone gets threatened with jail time. Surprised there hasn’t been more damage control from the Landing.

    4 Crew overdose on The Shogun

    Didn’t something like this happen on the Shogun about 4-5 years ago with one of the new Captain/Owners?

    Looking to book a 2-day on July 2021 -- Which boat?

    Some of those boats while excellent operations are too small for 20+ fisherman in my opinion. The boat needs to be at least a 65’ for 20+.

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    Unions were the money behind this.

    Border Info needed

    Heard conflicting rumors on whether the border crossing in San Ysidro to TJ is open to travelers. Anyone drive thru there recently or give me a link to updates. Thanks!

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Mike I fished with you a few years back on a fall Vagabond 8 day, you are a straight shooter and a darn good Wahoo fisherman. I am sorry for your loss and my condolences to you and your family.

    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    Like everyone said, Bleed, Gut and Ice immediate. I don’t like filleting them, cut them in steaks and put on a hot Charcoal grill. Mix some Soy sauce with Real Mayonnaise and a little Sesame Oil, so that it looks like coffee with cream, marinate for about an hour or 2. Tastes pretty darn good.

    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    “It’s a Vermilion Rockfish” What kid says that? LOL. Great job Dad!
  10. CHUBACA6

    Can you park at Zuma Beach to surf fish?

    Hello was thinking about taking my grandson up to Zuma to surf fish but don’t want to drive up there if we’re not able to park. Conflicting reports on the web regarding how open the beaches are up North. Thanks.
  11. CHUBACA6

    Accurate BV 500 vs Avet MXL raptor

    I think you need to start using them and see how you like them. Some fisherman / women are Avet fans and some are Accurate, Penn, Shimano Okuma etc...Just go fish and don’t over think it. You learn more by being out on the water and watching who’s catching the most fish.
  12. CHUBACA6

    Accurate Boss B2-870 (2-speed), cast control- Must see.

    One of the best reels ever made, little powerhouse reel imho.
  13. CHUBACA6

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Another vote Mike Lackey on the Vagabond.
  14. CHUBACA6

    Offshore 9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Nice clean pictures.
  15. CHUBACA6


    Rod sold, Reel price reduced.
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  17. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Penn, Avet

    Reduced price + combo deal.
  18. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Penn, Avet

    Reduced price on Spinning Rod and Spinning reel.
  19. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Penn, Avet

    PM’s responded to.
  20. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Penn, Avet

    All PM’s answered. I’m in the La Mirada / Fullerton area and will drive to meet within reason.
  21. CHUBACA6

    Owner Ultra Split Rings

    These Shimano’s work like a champ
  22. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Penn, Avet

    What's up BD, I have up for sale a reel and a Rod ROD SOLD 1) Shimano Terez Spinning rod taken on a few boat rides but never used, like new. Model TZS-78HBLK ROD SOLD 2) Penn Clash CLA6000 Spinning reel also like new, taken on a few rides but not used filled to the top with 65# MaxCuatro, with...
  23. CHUBACA6

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin?

    Is it self-bailing?
  24. CHUBACA6

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    When I fish I use polarized sunglasses to cut down the glare and I can see the direction my line / braid is going a lot better, important especially on a boat with 24 people on a drift. My work bought us some Bombers sunglasses, they float and have very good ventilation. A polarized pair will...
  25. CHUBACA6

    2.5 day on the Cortez departs Thur Oct 4 returns Sun Oct 7 $500

    Man great price to fish the Cortez, going out on the 5th otherwise would jump on this trip.
  26. CHUBACA6

    Five Star Bluefin Processing

    If they stuck let’s say 4 gaffs in the fish and one had to reset it can really do a number on the fish, the processor will cut out all that damaged area of loin amd you’ll only get the “clean” portions. How the fish is handled once they get it on board is important also.
  27. CHUBACA6

    Five Star Bluefin Processing

    Bellies they’ll give you, but collars have to be requested for.
  28. CHUBACA6

    Five Star Bluefin Processing

    Probably right if you just opted for the loins, also if the loins were damaged due to gaffing they will cut that damaged area out, Did you ask for the collar & bellies?
  29. CHUBACA6

    Toronado - weird operation

    I’ve ridden that boat a couple of times, they definitely cater to the “regulars” which I understand. Parking at the landing is tricky pay attention to the signs or you’ll end up with a big fat ticket. Parking is used by people that eat at the boardwalk. I live in La Mirada and the only local...
  30. CHUBACA6

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Damn Monday’s suck...
  31. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Excalibur 8/21-24 Slayed And Marauded

    Was gonna say, but figured ah WTF why bother...
  32. CHUBACA6

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    A couple years back we were at the “ridge” and had a pretty good bite going on 20 to 30 pound Yellowfin and smaller Yellowtail. To get a tuna we would pin a dead bait or slam a beat up live one on the deck cast out, it would drift in the current thru the yellows and the yellowfin tuna would eat it.
  33. CHUBACA6

    Sushi interest? Dragon roll! Poke Nachos! Pic heavy!

    The Poke Nachos at the Yardhouse are excellent, can you share the recipe?
  34. CHUBACA6

    Flying Volaris out of Tijuana

    If I had to fly Volaris (which Hopefully I’ll never have to) I would just pay and check in my luggage, eliminates a lot of headaches.
  35. CHUBACA6

    Are Big Bluefin AND paddy hopping possible on one trip?

    Pretty much what Southbaykiller said, I was on a 2.5 dayer out of Seaforth a couple of weeks ago and the bait we had was all small 3-4” Sardine. We flew / trolled the kite All Day Long behind San Clemente Island, we hooked 2 on the flatfalls in the dark but lost both. Second day we went S/E...
  36. CHUBACA6

    36 hour trip advice

    Try Seaforth they have plenty of 1.5 day trips. Tommohawk is a very nice boat, Tribute, Aztec. And Shhh free parking.
  37. CHUBACA6

    8/3 -8/5 | Puertocitos and Gonzaga Bay Trip

    Back in the day we (family) used to camp / fish / ride just south of San Felipe in one of the campgrounds every April or May, one year we couldn’t make it during that time period and opted to go in June..never again, even the sea water was hot . I had my young ones with me so we had to rent a...
  38. CHUBACA6

    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    Salas 6X JR Scrambled Egg
  39. CHUBACA6

    Help me with FG knot please

    Bill do you have a picture you can post on one with 60# or greater line? Thanks.
  40. CHUBACA6

    Help me with FG knot please

    Not trying to thread jack but I’ve tied the knot and pulled on it pretty hard and it didn’t break, my question are the wraps supposed to be all wound tight on the knot or is there supposed to be or ok to have some “separation” in between the wraps. I tied 80# braid to 60# floro and the knot...
  41. CHUBACA6

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    My condolences.
  42. CHUBACA6

    Accommodations in La Paz

    I’ve stayed at Costa Baja Resort, a little pricey but well worth it. You can rent a Condo thru Homeaway or VRBO there and have full access to the resort. They make the best Mojito’s I’ve ever tasted at the pool bar. You can rent a car or take a taxi into town it’s about a 10 minute drive to the...
  43. CHUBACA6

    4 Custom UC's Memorizing Kyle of the Vagabond

    Beauty's. Man I fished the Vagabond last October and Kyle was super nice with a great attitude, Damn.
  44. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Avet, Penn, Accurate. Are you faithful or a whore?

    I like em all, especially if they look " Sexy" ..oh wait.
  45. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe Night Fishing

    Had a trip where myself, 4 other anglers and the deckhand that was on night watch proceeded to fill the kill box with 25 to 30 # yellows after everyone fell asleep. Slab Mackerel, the bigger the better, 9/0 J hook and minimum 80# test was what worked that night. My buddy sent a live 12" Scad...
  46. CHUBACA6


    Or are you just mad cause the Seahawks are 1-2?
  47. CHUBACA6

    RP knot failure

    Ah common sense with a little bit of science mixed in..who knew..
  48. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Ranger 85 Reporting In

    Any word on the tackle that was used for that beast?
  49. CHUBACA6

    6xJr for wahoo?

    LOL, " I'll show you bitches how to catch a Wahoo" RIP Jorge
  50. CHUBACA6

    RP knot failure

    I've tried the RP-John Collins knot and it's also a very good knot, the only thing I did not like about it is it has 2 tag ends while the others I mentioned have only 1 towards the back of the knot. I had a couple of instances ( with the RP Knot ) where the front tag got caught on the top guide...
  51. CHUBACA6

    RP knot failure

    Try the Bob Sands / Tony Pena or FG knots, never had one of those fail as of yet.
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  53. CHUBACA6

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Looks like it's spinning West
  54. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    We leave on Oct 7th, probably be in the same general area as you guys. Good luck to you, leave some Wahoo for us...
  55. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    Cool thanks dude, I'm on an 8 day in October and Wahoo is the only pelagic that's eluded me. I'm hoping to get one this year...LOL
  56. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    Yeah probably use it for both applications. So the braid capacity listed on the Avet website is a little generous? Cause it says 400 yds of 80#.
  57. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    How do you have the JX Raptor setup? I was thinking #80 braid so I can fish short 50/60 top shots.
  58. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    Cool, that's what I was looking for. Thanks
  59. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    Looking to purchase one, don't have the box. The lower gear ratio will determine if I get one or not.
  60. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    The EBay stores that sell Avets, Tackle Direct is one of them. Just wondering if anyone knows what the true low gear is on the JX Raptor.
  61. CHUBACA6

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    Looking to find out the true ratio for the JX Raptor, Avet website says 6.0 / 2.8.1 but all the online stores has the low ratio at 3.8.1. Anyone know the actual?
  62. CHUBACA6

    For those that missed the fight..... here it is in full

    "Floyd lead him to the deep part of the pool and let him drown" Lennox Lewis.
  63. CHUBACA6

    Phenix Axis rods review?

    I think some anglers use Phoenix rods based on the line rating on the rod, Phoenix in my opinion rates there rods higher than they should be. I have a 700 H that's rated 30-60, I used to fish 40 on it but felt the rod was too light for 40, so it's become my go to 30# stick now. So maybe the...
  64. CHUBACA6

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Save your money and buy the Canelo / Triple G fight in September. I'll give McGregor a puncher's chance in the early rounds but if it goes more than 5 rounds, advantage goes heavily into Mayweathers's favor. McGregor was gassed in both fights against Diaz.
  65. CHUBACA6

    **PENN SALE** plus exclusive BD Discount!

    Charkbait has them for $399 in Silver just trying to help out my fellow fisherman.
  66. CHUBACA6

    **PENN SALE** plus exclusive BD Discount!

    Penn website has the 12VSX 2 for $397...just saying.
  67. CHUBACA6

    Any good dad jokes?

  68. CHUBACA6

    Truck Stolen SD overflow

    I always disable my truck anytime I'm leaving it at any of the landings including Seaforth. That being said I've never understood why the landings including seaforth can't hire a security guard especially at night to keep an eye on customer's vehicles.
  69. CHUBACA6

    Dodo recipes???

    Makes excellent Ceviche. I also steak and grill them, sea salt, ground pepper and olive oil.
  70. CHUBACA6

    Brand new Cortez reel- no freespool?

    Lol my bad dude, never mind.
  71. CHUBACA6

    Brand new Cortez reel- no freespool?

    If it's brand new, why not just take it back to the tackle shop and ask them to take a look. It's a lever drag reel so adjusting the drag requires it to be put in freespool, if the drag was adjusted with it in gear than...
  72. CHUBACA6

    Snowflakes are among us

    LOL, those guys showed a lot of restraint.
  73. CHUBACA6

    BX2-600 uses?

    Yeah my opinion yes it would, I took a 109# and 119# Bluefin last year and the reel performed excellent. The reel has the capability to fish 80# test so yes I think you can take a 150# fish on it, but I wouldn't use it for anything larger, again my opinion.
  74. CHUBACA6

    BX2-600 uses?

    Maybe not exactly the same reel but I have a B2-665 that I use regularly to flyline Sardine & Macs. It can easily handle fish in the 100 to 150# range. It's filled with 80# braid and I fish a short flouro 60# topshot. The BX-2 600 I think is better than the 665.
  75. CHUBACA6

    Avet sxj or fathom 12

    I have an SXJ that I purchased along time ago and that little reel is my skunk buster, bullet proof, flylines small baits and casts excellent. I have it filled with 50# braid and fish a short top shot from 20# test to 30# test. Ive caught bass, c-bass, yellows, tuna up to 35#s. Biggest fish on...
  76. CHUBACA6

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    I booked an 8 day in October knowing full well the closures were eminent. I can back out and get a full refund on the boat I'm on, because there is a wait list but screw that Im going on an 8 day vacation and I'm fishing. I'm choosing to just roll with whatever happens, and maybe get my first...
  77. CHUBACA6

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Ok there is a restaurant at Playa Tecolote near La Paz (can't remember the name) that I had the best tostada de ceviche I've ever had. It was a "mixta" with fresh shrimp, scallops, fish and octopus. Oh and the chocolate clams.....
  78. CHUBACA6

    Your fav fishing "baseball" cap

    I'm partial to a Pelagic visor in Camo.
  79. CHUBACA6

    Ranger 85 2 Day Memorial Day Charter Oxnard CA

    My second time on Mikee's charter. Mike's a big dude with a bigger heart. Bass fishing for quality reds / Lings and assorted rockfish pretty much sums it up. It was a fun trip with cool people that love to fish.
  80. CHUBACA6

    Offshore White Seabass Fishing on the Aloha Spirit - Video

    Did you guy's make / buy squid up there?
  81. CHUBACA6

    Late Report- Friday - Saturday San Clemente Island

    Kind of like human rod holders....
  82. CHUBACA6

    Who do I have to kill for a couple of Avet decals?

    Jump on one of their sponsored trips and you'll get all the stickers you want...
  83. CHUBACA6

    Looking for new spot to surf fish in Ensenada

    We've been renting a beach house for 7 days in August the last 5 years at either La MIsion or La Salina. La Misión has a public beach that has a large parking lot, La Salina doesn't so it's a little more secluded and don't see to many people walking the beach that don't stay in La Salina.
  84. CHUBACA6

    Looking for new spot to surf fish in Ensenada

    I've fished the beach at La Salina & La Mision and have had good success on Barred Surf Perch, nothing huge but super fun on light tackle.
  85. CHUBACA6

    Excel Bluefin

    Looks like a Shimano glow flat fall.
  86. CHUBACA6

    Red VMC Tuna Tamer hooks

    Anybody use the Red Tuna Tamer hooks? Does red make a difference?
  87. CHUBACA6

    Fathom 15 for #15 do I want the 2 speed???

    I just picked up a Fathom 15LD 2 speed, I'll be filling it with 50# Maxcuatro and a top shot of 25# - 30# Floro. The reel has plenty of drag, I would look at the 12 star drag if you want to fish 15# test no need for a 2 speed. In my opinion a 2 speed is good for 40# test and up, only reason I I...
  88. CHUBACA6

    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    Clean boat, but that little GMC truck is nice!
  89. CHUBACA6

    Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Price? Are the lenses glass or plastic 580?
  90. CHUBACA6

    Shimano tyrnos 16 2 speed opinions or experiences

    Good reels undervalued, but change out the drag washers before fishing the bluefin with Smoothies. The stock ones I believe were defective. Had a 12 worked great but I couldn't get past the ratcheting sound while winding in, sold it. Also I don't think Shimano makes the smaller ones anymore.
  91. CHUBACA6

    Shimano Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    A once a year sale 30% discount on all Shimano fishing products.
  92. CHUBACA6

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    76# YFT at Alijos Rocks single speed Accurate B-870 on 40# Short top shot of Seaguar Premier. I "learned" how to fish with braid on that trip.
  93. CHUBACA6

    Has anyone been on the Pacific Star out of Seaforth sport fishing?

    Twice on different trips, Mike came back in the middle of the night to re-bait due to crappy bait conditions. And we were 90 - 110 miles out. I like the classic rock music, especially when the bite is on.
  94. CHUBACA6

    Penn Fanthom 40 2 Speed for 50lb

    Is the braid capacity on the Fathom slightly enhanced? Website says 565 yards of 80# braid is that close?
  95. CHUBACA6

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    Not Long Range but still thought it was cool, a baby Barracuda. Found it while the crew was loading bait in San Pedro.
  96. CHUBACA6

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    The race for governor starts in earnest next year. There are 2 guys I don't want to see in that office, ex SF mayor and ex LA mayor. If you think our current governor is too far left, these other guys are in another class. Vote in 2019.
  97. CHUBACA6

    Offshore 4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    In April no less, when do the Albie's move in?
  98. CHUBACA6

    Whole yellowtail recipe needed

    Like Victor said keep it simple, de-scale cut some slits in the body than rub some cracked black pepper, sea salt or kosher salt than brush entire fish with Olive oil. Throw it on the grill, just add lemon and Tapatío when it's done.
  99. CHUBACA6

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    Your right, my bad.
  100. CHUBACA6

    Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland

    Probabaly don't matter but Al Davis took 1 million from Irwindale just to talk. 10 million would have broke that city back than LOL
  101. CHUBACA6

    Best tasting wild caught tuna is...

    Have to agree, that Bluefin on the squid was very good a lot more fat on it than the one's I've had on fin bait.
  102. CHUBACA6

    Sport boat records ?

    On the website hit the menu tab go to "Hall of Fame" and has a list of species with the anglers name, weight and where he's from. I'm in the WSB category... :rockin:
  103. CHUBACA6

    Sport boat records ?

    The Indy has something like that, not just tuna but Whitesea bass, Halibut etc, not sure if that's what your talking about.
  104. CHUBACA6

    Best braid for the komodo

  105. CHUBACA6

    Calstar 7470 Rail Rod Series

    What's the difference between the 770 series and the 7470 series?
  106. CHUBACA6

    30 plus kg rooster using 10'6" Black Hole Cape Cod surf rod in Mexico

    Badass, those were some big Oysters
  107. CHUBACA6

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1. Trout, East Fork Azusa Canyon 2. Jurel on the surface iron 3. White seabass 4. Baja style lobster or Chocalate clams.
  108. CHUBACA6

    X-Ray at the TJ border

    Actually the correct pronunciation is " aduana" not aduna. And it is Customs.
  109. CHUBACA6

    San Felipe please help

    Are u going alone or with family? If you came up to me and asked if you could take my daughter to Mexico ( assuming she's the same age) alone, I would tell you to pound sand, but I'm "old fashioned".
  110. CHUBACA6

    Chargers to move to LA

    Yeah it's a dirty move they had to make, otherwise the other spot at the new Rams stadium would've defaulted to the Raiders. Trust me the Rams and the Chargers could not have the Raiders come back to the LA market, especially the Rams.
  111. CHUBACA6

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Nice, I'd frame that pic with you , you're bud and the Island in the background.
  112. CHUBACA6

    Looking for a 60 lb Rod

    Another vote for the Calstar 765 ML.
  113. CHUBACA6

    Shimano Maxcuatro capacity

    Same Diameter as 80# Power Pro super slick
  114. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Ranger 85 2 Day Late report

    The landing had squid, they made squid the night before. We got to San Nicholas at dark on day 2 and there was a lot of scattered squid around the boat.
  115. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Ranger 85 2 Day Late report

    I was on the trip, we had some nice action with 15-16 lb Yellows on light line, quality Sheepshead, Whitefish and assorted rockfish. I was fortunate to capture 2 of those Bluefin a 108 & 119 on day 1. Mikee puts on a great charter, the Ranger crew we had was top-notch.
  116. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe 2017 trips

    Who's the 4th boat?
  117. CHUBACA6

    Avet lx 2 speed vs penn fathom 40 2 speed?

    Brandon the Avet LX is a 40 lb reel unless it's a Raptor, the Fathom 40 can fish 60 lb no problem, even 80 lb. If you're targeting the Big Bluefin on a party boat I would not drop 40 lb in the water 50 ok, 60 better, 80 lb if it's dark. So the Fathom would be my choice better if it's 2 speed.
  118. CHUBACA6

    Patriots + Bills=Dildo

    LOL it'll go down in the Anals of NFL history
  119. CHUBACA6

    Patriots + Bills=Dildo

    LOL, I saw when that came flying onto the field thought it was a flag.
  120. CHUBACA6

    Official Denver/Charger Thread

    Chargettes 30 - Donkeys 24
  121. CHUBACA6

    Intrepid is on them

    Not really I was on the 8 day Charkbait trip in November couple years back and the big ones started biting at the lower banks, Captain Joe took us down there for a day and we got 3 over 200 a few over 100, I was one of the lucky ones. That was on the Red Rooster.
  122. CHUBACA6

    Chargers beat Super Bowl Champs

    My Raiders got served a large piece of humble pie on Sunday. The ex- Seacock coaching the defense sucks balls..
  123. CHUBACA6

    Jx raptor at the lupe

    Curious as to why you have only 65# spectra in that reel with the drag it has, I'd have at least 80# spectraor maybe 100# Maxcuatro. That reel should handle 80# test line.
  124. CHUBACA6

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Sand Red Red Sand
  125. CHUBACA6

    Chargers beat Super Bowl Champs

    Raiders in first place all alone, been along freaking time since that happened
  126. CHUBACA6

    You can only go after 1 type of salt water fish out of LA area...

    Yellowtail, Seabass on the Ultra out of 22nd St Landing. Jake has a nice little operation going always chartered has open party trips on occasion.
  127. CHUBACA6


    Seiner's wrapping bait in Ensenada bay has been going on since almost a year after the pens were moved off the point going to La Bufedora. We used to have a family get together at Campo La Jolla every summer and the seiners at times would come dangerously close to shore, the locals would say...
  128. CHUBACA6

    San Diego parking

    If I go solo Seaforth. If i go with buddies than the big 3.
  129. CHUBACA6

    Excel or Intrepid??

    Damn you guys could start and star in a new realty show "Wife's of Long Range Fishing " ...LOL
  130. CHUBACA6

    Seaguar prmier fluoro

  131. CHUBACA6

    Seaguar prmier fluoro

    P-Line Shinsei, 1/2 the price of seaguar premier.
  132. CHUBACA6

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    In theory a pretty good idea, but I think this is a can of worms that should remain closed... Isla Cedro's. Long range sportie's with 30 guys on a 5 day loading up on multi-day limits in one day in SQ is not cool. My opinion only, Fire away...
  133. CHUBACA6

    Popping setup shimano/ Penn

    Thanks for the great deal!
  134. CHUBACA6

    Popping setup shimano/ Penn

    Hello, interested can you send me pics. 562 618 9732. Thanks Oscar
  135. CHUBACA6

    All Those USC Fans

    How's that 8 and 1 record working for your Ute's now....
  136. CHUBACA6


    Dude your mean LOL
  137. CHUBACA6

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    Very classy response. Were you holding up your nose and pinkies when you wrote that? LOL you're funny. Got it?
  138. CHUBACA6

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    LOL, I graduated with honors from the "School of Hard Knocks" in the US Army. Oh and you quite frequently drop the I went to USC line so yes I knew. Don't be mad bro, Fight On LOL.
  139. CHUBACA6

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    SC played 15 Freshman in that game, not to mention the kid playing left tackle who was starting his first game against what some were calling one of the best defensive front seven in college football. Give them some credit.
  140. CHUBACA6

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    How about giving the Trojans some credit instead of making excuses for why Utah lost. They had a plan and executed it for the most part. Still think Coach W won't leave if SC came calling?
  141. CHUBACA6

    Not everyone hates the Raiders...

    Funny, should be a good game today. Heard the Chargers will put in their relocation request in January was in the news yesterday.
  142. CHUBACA6

    2015 is it over

    Run Forest Run!
  143. CHUBACA6

    Chovie #20 rod

    Second vote for Calstar 270-8
  144. CHUBACA6

    USC Trojans - London Calling, Meltdown Expected

    Damn all that just to admit your a dick, would've been easier to just say it from the get go, would've saved the trouble of trying to read whatever it is you wrote.
  145. CHUBACA6

    USC Trojans - London Calling, Meltdown Expected

    Dude this is a sports thread, why make it political? What a dick.
  146. CHUBACA6

    Let's go Chargers, let's go...

  147. CHUBACA6

    Let's go Chargers, let's go...

    Maybe TJ will take them they can play in the bullring. LOL
  148. CHUBACA6

    Let's go Chargers, let's go...

    Thanks, Raiders are closing the gap but not there yet. Oh and our QB throws the football like a man unlike....
  149. CHUBACA6

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    I think I heard him say "it's a Tuner" LOL
  150. CHUBACA6

    Yellowtail Mango Ceviche

    Man that looks good. Yellowtail makes the best ceviche.
  151. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Osborn Bank on the Black Pearl - Limits BFT

    Can't find it but none the less they have something good going, boat needs a little work but still good for an overnighter.
  152. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Osborn Bank on the Black Pearl - Limits BFT

    I might be wrong but I fished on this boat 2 weeks ago and the captain was a young guy don't remember his name, but pretty sure it's not Gary.
  153. CHUBACA6

    Which L.A. area boats can bleed and chill fish (3/4 day-overnight)?

    Triton has RSW but it's primarily a 3/4 day boat and they carry a limited to 25 load.
  154. CHUBACA6

    GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2015 Version...

    No problem anytime....LOL
  155. CHUBACA6

    GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2015 Version...

    The song Little Dreamer from Van Halen comes to mind.....The Raiders are going to sneak up on teams this year.
  156. CHUBACA6

    Best store bought cookie?

    The OG Chips Ahoy with a big glass of milk, delicious.
  157. CHUBACA6

    Accurate, Shimano & Daiwa Reels For Sale

    Can you open them all up so I can check the internals? JK inside joke. Nice reels and great prices!
  158. CHUBACA6

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Liquid Bandage is good stuff
  159. CHUBACA6

    Just an FYI... High Radiation 1 mile out @ Del Mar...

    All non-profits have an agenda, you just got to dig deep to find where the money comes from. I know I have a couple of family members who work for non-profits with liberal ties.
  160. CHUBACA6

    Buckeye's unanimous #1

    Yup, meanwhile the other conferences are kicking each others asses with legit conference opponents.
  161. CHUBACA6

    Buckeye's unanimous #1

    Ohio State should be 10 - 0 heading into the last 2 games of the season Michigan St @ home & Michigan away, Jimmy's squad isn't ready yet give him another year. First 6 games are cupcakes... 2015 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Schedule Date Opponent Time/TV Tickets Monday Sep. 7 at Virginia...
  162. CHUBACA6

    Buckeye's unanimous #1

    Add to that the BIG 10 SUCKS so there you go...
  163. CHUBACA6

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

  164. CHUBACA6

    Bait condition in SD

    Yes 2 weeks ago same thing crappy bait, captain ran back in after the our first day fishing and loaded up with some awesome 6 - 8" mini macs. Made all the difference.
  165. CHUBACA6

    Go Chargers!!!

    Pre-season Champs!
  166. CHUBACA6

    Phenix Black Diamond Rod users

    Honestly it's ok, I have a couple of GUSA's that I like better they just seem stronger.
  167. CHUBACA6

    Phenix Black Diamond Rod users

    I have a 700H that I've used with 40 but feels better fishing with 30#.
  168. CHUBACA6

    ft fs mxj and an sx raptor

    Colorful reels….
  169. CHUBACA6

    Shimano Talica 2speed or trinidad a reels

    If you're fishing primarily 30# on it I'd get the Trinidad. There is no need for 2 speed for 30# test.
  170. CHUBACA6

    Just ate $400.00 on a canceled private charter.

    You should have took Charkbait being closed at 10 am as a sign....JK
  171. CHUBACA6

    Big bfts

    Flemish Cap
  172. CHUBACA6

    Reels sold, please delete

    Thanks Robert, get any of those big Bluefin yet? All PM'S replied to.
  173. CHUBACA6

    Reels sold, please delete

    1) Accurate B-870 4.61 gear ratio SOLD, thanks Ron! 2) Shimano Trinidad 12 Gold with clamp, SOLD, thanks David! 3) Shimano Curado 300EJ Brand new in box SOLD, thanks Gregg! Can someone delete this thread, thanks
  174. CHUBACA6

    Blue fin in Mexican water

    So what's your point?
  175. CHUBACA6

    Question about the Cortez (Jim Hughes)

    If you're a big guy the mid and aft side bunks are bigger, the middle bunks are small split in the middle with a 2x6, if you can get one of those and use both sides than that might work for a bigger dude. Jim's cool very connected with the Long Range guys.
  176. CHUBACA6

    Mexican Navy - watch the gringos run 7/5

    Thank you for proving my point and thank you for your service...
  177. CHUBACA6

    Mexican Navy - watch the gringos run 7/5

    Just because somebody serves or served doesn't mean they're smart..just saying.
  178. CHUBACA6

    WTB: Trinidad TN12 Gold

    Does it have to be mint? I have one with very minor boat rash. Let me know It's going up for sale soon.
  179. CHUBACA6

    Dana Pride finds the fish!!!! 7.1.15

    Classic best line of the year candidate, LOL
  180. CHUBACA6

    Offshore 60 pound yellow fin and pig yellow tail off O'side

    Damn had to put my sunglasses on to read it, but great job nice Yellowfin lol
  181. CHUBACA6

    boats not filling up on weekdays

    I think the Short Range fleet is pricing themselves out of business, $200 to $240 bucks for an overnight trip not including permits is ridiculous.
  182. CHUBACA6

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    Ok guys I just purchased a Okuma Cedros 10 star drag specifically for surface iron, I put 40# XXX P-Line on it but do not like it, seems to stiff. What is the best line for fishing the surface iron. Thanks ahead of time for your responses.
  183. CHUBACA6

    phenix psw 809H

    What's the line rating on it?
  184. CHUBACA6

    Murder at Costco.

  185. CHUBACA6

    F/S Accurate BX-2 in 10/10 condition

    Great deal right there Nacho.
  186. CHUBACA6

    How to setup an Avet EXW 4/02 that was too cheap to pass up?

    I took mine to Cal to get upgraded, spins like a top put 500 yards of 130# spectra on it. I can fish 100# - 130# test no problem, if you plan on using it as a cow reel.
  187. CHUBACA6

    Islander or Legend 2 Day trip cant decide

    The Islander gives you more of the "Long Range" experience. Doubt you get breakfast burritos....
  188. CHUBACA6

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    So I asked a Shimano rep at this years Fred Hall about the Terez rods and he said in a nutshell the Terez rods were made to absorb the shock of fishing straight braid to short top shots. Probably the same for some of the newer rods being made. I fish straight braid with a 15' piece of Flouro no...
  189. CHUBACA6

    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Assuming your targeting yellowtail and tuna in the sub 80# range, I would go with an Avet JX/2. Bulletproof, for yo yo fishing.
  190. CHUBACA6

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    That's one nice looking yellow, what size Cedros is that?
  191. CHUBACA6

    When did beer drinking become.........

    Nothing like an ice cold Heineken, light beer has no taste.
  192. CHUBACA6

    Essential words, phrases in Spanish when fishing Mexico

    Cuanto por una mamada = can I have some more chips please
  193. CHUBACA6

    Overnight 3/10 on the T-Bird

    I fished the T-Bird once...
  194. CHUBACA6


    LOL, classic Inferiority Complex….by the way, after 5 years Kemp still can't hit an off speed pitch.
  195. CHUBACA6


    Hated to see Kemp go to a team in the same division. We'll see how the Padres do with the target on their back now, can Bud handle the pressure of having to actually win….
  196. CHUBACA6

    RIP Mario, Sportsman's Seafood

    Wow, RIP Mario. His Tuna Jerkey was the bomb.
  197. CHUBACA6

    Two Sheriff Deputies killed in Sacramento area.

    Yes and my point being the guy that shot the troopers was a young white guy but I don't see anybody up in arms seems like whenever it has to do with somebody of a different ethnicity people start ranting about closing the borders bla bla bla. Instead of focusing in the fact that some screwball...
  198. CHUBACA6

    Two Sheriff Deputies killed in Sacramento area.

    What about the guy that killed those troopers in Pennsylvania? Was he illegal? Don't here much chatter about him from you guys.
  199. CHUBACA6

    Curious glance at the Long Range schedules

    My opinion if more boats would follow the Excel model where $500 secures your spot, I think you would have more people signing up early, all you got to do is look at they're summer and fall scheduled trips for 2015 most are sold out and some have few spots left, but most boats still adhere to...
  200. CHUBACA6

    Tribute(Buyer bware)

    Pulled the trigger with no bullets lol
  201. CHUBACA6

    Thank You San Diego!

    Next time post before not after, gives you more cred...bro.
  202. CHUBACA6

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    Got tangled and sawed off 9 times? It takes two to tango. Stay away from the guys that you feel don't have skills you'll have a better catch ratio, My Opinion.
  203. CHUBACA6

    Eclipse boat input

    Bring lots of swivels....
  204. CHUBACA6

    How big are these yellowfins?

    Bruno Mars look a like....
  205. CHUBACA6

    Thank You San Diego!

    Thank you San Diego Padres for sweeping the Hated ones today..... Go Dodgers:cheers:
  206. CHUBACA6

    New Metaloids in Stock at Melton Tackle

    How much 65# braid did you get on it?
  207. CHUBACA6

    Major Hurricane Odile - another one!

    Fuck that prick, all I can say is Karma's a bitch....
  208. CHUBACA6

    Major Hurricane Odile - another one!

    Typical Elitist response to a tragic situation. What a DICK...
  209. CHUBACA6

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    Seattle's Super Bowl MVP from last year is from So Cal, is he a puke? Is it raining there yet?
  210. CHUBACA6

    Here we go 2014 bitches.... are you ready for some footballlllllll

    Actually I forgot they traded for Mallet, he might end up being a nice pickup or buy them some time. Next year's draft will have some decent QB's......Go Bengals!
  211. CHUBACA6

    Here we go 2014 bitches.... are you ready for some footballlllllll

    RAIIIIDERRRRRZ............ Suck. :boobies::boobies:
  212. CHUBACA6

    New DFG fish filet regs?

    Yes, fish will have to be "slabbed" if your going to have them filleted on board. I went on a 2.5 day out of Seaforth I walked over to Marios's asked if he would cut my fish when I got back, he said no problem. Two dayer's because you get in late don't give you that option. That's why I rather...
  213. CHUBACA6


    Shimano TLD 20 or 30 two speeds, workhorse reels. The one on my avatar is a 30 on the rail of the Excel leaving Guadalupe. You can probably pick a used one up for around $150, new around $200
  214. CHUBACA6

    Return of American made Senators?

    Is PENN going to bring back the 112 3/0 size reel?
  215. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Ban on fishing tuna pens!

    When the Sportie's first started fishing the tuna pens, protocol was to call the vessel towing the pens and ask permission to fish near/around the pens, permission would be granted the sporty would then proceed to fish always people took advantage and the protocol was bypassed. So they...
  216. CHUBACA6

    Doctor Who

    If you wear a leisure suit you are a dork
  217. CHUBACA6

    while everybody is out there killing innocent tuna...

    I don't see anything...
  218. CHUBACA6

    Fillet fish on private boat

    We were told on a recent 2.5 day trip that the skin has to remain on the fish that is filleted, slabbed.
  219. CHUBACA6

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    I equate fishing the pens to fishing the pay to fish lakes here in So Cal, boring.
  220. CHUBACA6

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    LOL, Touché can't think of a comeback for that one...
  221. CHUBACA6

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    Why would anyone want to fish the pens, isn't the hunt part of the adventure?
  222. CHUBACA6

    Offshore 08/09/14 Good times at the 371 and thank you "Yutaka"

    Man what lake was that! Looks like grease.
  223. CHUBACA6

    Replacing hooks on jigs

    So on a Megabait type lure do you install the stingers at the nose end of the lure or the back end?
  224. CHUBACA6

    1.5 day boat recommendation

    John, when I go solo to San Diego to fish I try to book out of Seaforth, free parking, no rush to get your gear on board. Most of the boats there have excellent crews and captains, IMO.
  225. CHUBACA6

    Replacing hooks on jigs

    Has anybody ever put Stinger's on a Megabait?
  226. CHUBACA6

    So the ex called

    A 2 at 10, A 10 at 2 lol
  227. CHUBACA6

    Spineless Cousinstackle!

    When did Bloodydecks become the complaint department for all things related to Tackle Stores?
  228. CHUBACA6

    BFT In US then to Mexico

    Simple, just stay as far away from the pens as possible, eye balls all over them.
  229. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Rpt.-Sat.-Tuna and Tails!

    Yeah it looks different, longer fin. We're you using sliding sinkers? What size? I'll be on a 2.5 day in 9 days looks like the Sardine supply might be limited.
  230. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Rpt.-Sat.-Tuna and Tails!

    Nice job man! Were some of them small Bigeye Tuna?
  231. CHUBACA6

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    Probably true for the late Spring and Summer months, but for the Fall and Winter and early Spring a lot of the fruits and vegetables come from Mexico and a little might make it here from Florida. (Citrus)
  232. CHUBACA6

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    LOL, a lot of the produce that is in our supermarkets come from Mexico. Since you buy local you got it covered, enjoy your sandwiches! lol
  233. CHUBACA6

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    I never said that, re-read the post.
  234. CHUBACA6

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    I also try my best to buy products made and in the US. Just wanted to make the point that boycotting doesn't do any good if we're not FULLY committed to it.
  235. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Chief 1-2/2 day report 7-25-14

    Very nice Capt. Randle, beautiful grade of fish.
  236. CHUBACA6

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    Cool, I take it you won't be having Lettuce and Tomatoes in your sandwiches either? Lemonade etc….
  237. CHUBACA6

    WSB & tuna on the same overnight trip?

    Funny, but I have a 2.5 day coming up in August in that time period and was thinking the exact same thing, that would be very cool if it worked out like that.
  238. CHUBACA6

    Where is the freedom and tbird fishing

    Flemish Cap area.
  239. CHUBACA6

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    Boarder= n. One who boards, especially: a. One who pays a stipulated sum in return for regular meals or for meals and lodging. b. One who goes on board a vessel as part of an assault or military action: repel all boarders. Border= n. 1. A part that forms the outer edge of something. 2. A...
  240. CHUBACA6

    6480 BLANKS

    Lou, look up Charkbait's website they have some detailed info on Calstar rods and blanks.
  241. CHUBACA6


    Nice collection!
  242. CHUBACA6


    I had the edition with the Gray wrap, which I believe will be a collectors item someday. I kick myself….
  243. CHUBACA6


    Calstar 6480 DHS Rated at 30-60. Glass rod, soft tip with alot of backbone. I had the one, sold it and regret selling it.
  244. CHUBACA6

    Dead Duck

  245. CHUBACA6

    Halco 130's.............

    Anglers center & Melton's have the Pink and Chrome per website.
  246. CHUBACA6

    Offshore BFT ban in Mexico

    People that Beiber me will automatically get reported to
  247. CHUBACA6

    Offshore BFT ban in Mexico

    Are you sure it's for Bluefin and not Blue Perch??
  248. CHUBACA6

    Halco 130's.............

    The tackle shop I go to is all sold out on the 130's and it will be until September when they get a new batch.
  249. CHUBACA6

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    My comment was in response to Jer Dog's question, it is what it is. I'm Mexican American born and raised in the USA served int he US Army (12 Bravo), have an uncle who served in the Korean War and another who just passed away that volunteered for WW 2 who fought in the Pacific.
  250. CHUBACA6

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Same reason why Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, African, Russian, Central American, Indian, Central Asian, Middle Eastern come here and never leave…
  251. CHUBACA6

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Exactly, let it play out. The suddenness of this makes me think something happened out there recently...IMO.
  252. CHUBACA6

    Offshore NewLoAn 1.5 7/11

    Excellent, way to go on the 50# BFT.
  253. CHUBACA6

    Offshore NewLoAn 1.5 7/11

    Good job Robert nice Bluefin, tell me that wasn't on the JX? lol
  254. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Legend Overnight 7/12-7/13 WFO

    Cool, that boat was always very fishy for some reason. Glad to see it back in the water.
  255. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Legend Overnight 7/12-7/13 WFO

    Is this " The Legend" that used to be at Seaforth? Who's running the boat? Thanks.
  256. CHUBACA6

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    I went on the Thunderbird once...
  257. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    80 pound test, Surgeons Knot dropper loop, 9/0 hook with a FRESH LARGE slab of Green Mackerel. Drag pretty much hammered down on an Avet 4/0 EX, key is getting the first 2 turns on the fish to get the head turned up, that's what has worked for me at Guadalupe Island. Forgot to mention that was...
  258. CHUBACA6

    La Buffadora/Punta Banda, Mexico Pangas or Charter Boats

    No Vonny is the only guy I've fished with, I know there are a couple of places on the way to the Bufadora that offer sportfishing trips. I would go to Vonny and see if he can refer you to one of the Pangero's that work that side of the bay.
  259. CHUBACA6

    La Buffadora/Punta Banda, Mexico Pangas or Charter Boats

    Vonny's across the street from Campo La Jolla.
  260. CHUBACA6

    Mex mainland car rental - a little help por favor...

    You cannot get car insurance here in the states to travel in Mexico, you have to get it thru a Mexican company. If you have a "global" credit card that offers car insurance, the rental company will put a hold on the card for about a 3rd of what the car your renting is worth. I paid 375 for 4...
  261. CHUBACA6

    Driving to La Paz

    Thanks guy's, 19 it is.
  262. CHUBACA6

    Driving to La Paz

    Looking for some advise from you Baja guys, I will be traveling from Los Cabos Airport to La Paz in a rental car, and would like to know which road to take safest/ fastest, Hwy 19 or Hwy 1, Thanks ahead of time for your responses.
  263. CHUBACA6

    Good Yellowtail fishing with Vonny's in Ensenda 5/30

    You should have talked to Ivan, instead of bitching on the Internet.
  264. CHUBACA6

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    Damn, that would make a very combustible atmosphere....
  265. CHUBACA6


    I think he said 5 hours, so do we serve like sashimi or is there something else that goes with it?
  266. CHUBACA6


    107/ INDY 7 day
  267. CHUBACA6

  268. CHUBACA6

    Cubs in 1st place!!!!!!!!!

    Ahh, spring hopes eternal, Go Doyers!-
  269. CHUBACA6

    Fuck Walmart!

    Did they run out of Zebra print Zubas?
  270. CHUBACA6

    Anybody know how to hack a navionics chip to copy it?

    Damn you guys up north still have CD players?......:rofl:
  271. CHUBACA6

    Why Grandfathers are Different

    Good One LOL
  272. CHUBACA6

    your yo-yo reel

    Avet JX 6/3 or Accurate B2 665 Narrow
  273. CHUBACA6

    Free Playboys

    Only the ones with the articles....
  274. CHUBACA6

    if you're gonna go to war

  275. CHUBACA6

    What Would You Do?

    True story a friend of my wife's husband sees a guy grab a lady's purse at a supermarket parking lot, chases the guy tackles him get's on top than the lowlife turns the table on him and pulls out a blade and proceeds to slice his neck from ear to ear and runs and gets away, luckily the police...
  276. CHUBACA6

    Chargers Pluck the Birds

    LOL I believe reacharound is one word, hence the motion of doing it, all one fluid motion LOL
  277. CHUBACA6

    What's up with the NFL today?

  278. CHUBACA6

    3 over 400#

    Steroid Era, all three have to have asterisks on them...
  279. CHUBACA6

    Hot Female here moving to Cabo, Have any suggestions where or how to find a job?

    Name: Kim Vessel: 2pumpChump Location: SD Job:clam diver Posts: 3 Wouild that be of the hairy species?
  280. CHUBACA6

    Cedros Tuna?

    About 4 or 5 years ago we were about 5 to 6 miles outside of Cedros and were getting YFT while trolling, they were under the porpoise my buddy got a 60# YFT that day on bait.
  281. CHUBACA6

    yup I'm bringing up thr Qualifier.

    I saw him walking around the landings about a month ago in the morning when all the boats were coming in, maybe try going down there and see if you can talk to him in person, he wasn't hiding he was wearing his Q 105 jacket.
  282. CHUBACA6

    Ok.... Enough

    He didn't say it was his:rofl:
  283. CHUBACA6

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    Where is Cedras and Alejos?
  284. CHUBACA6

    Damn it's hot.........

    But its a dry heat...
  285. CHUBACA6

    Added expenses on 7-10 day trip!

    Permits, fuel surcharge
  286. CHUBACA6

    Indoor grow light/exhaust fan combo

    A salad made with the 'Hippy Lettuce":smoking33:
  287. CHUBACA6

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    Yes, but I believe only if you ride the Royal Star you get that treatment all the rest have to go dockside, curious what boat were you on?
  288. CHUBACA6

    CABO friggin loooonnnnng time ago

    Any idea when the picture was taken?
  289. CHUBACA6

    Goose Hunting accident.....

  290. CHUBACA6

    Ensenada best trip of my life

    Dude, you started out great than you fucked up by your last comment, I guess Archie Bunker is still alive and well living "INDAGO" what a DICK!
  291. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe no go

    My bad I mean't State Preserve and I did say National Parks, which you do pay to get in.
  292. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe no go

    Agreed, the background of my avatar is Guadalupe, I was told by one of the guys on the Excel that it is one of a very few places on earth that creates its own sort of microclimate I think Hawaii has the other.
  293. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe no go

    Sorry but last I remember you get charged to enter National Parks and don't even step off the trail in a National Reserve, you,ll have Mr. forest ranger all over you.
  294. CHUBACA6

    2 for 2.......

    Man, screw the weed its the other "things" potentially being smuggled into the U.S. that concerns me.
  295. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

    Ok Creamfilled LOL:rofl:
  296. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

    Yum Yum
  297. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

    Hermes...son of Zeus
  298. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  299. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Fishing Weather Update 7/25

    Thanks Chris, looks like my 6 day leaving Sunday will be nice.
  300. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  301. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

    Fan Fart
  302. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  303. CHUBACA6

    RR3 4-Day Returned Today

    Sweet, RR3 is one of my favorite boats and Fernando is probably one of the best deckhands in the fleet, no non sense.
  304. CHUBACA6

    whats a better fight?

    Greyhound vs Bulldog
  305. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  306. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

    Potatoe ships
  307. CHUBACA6

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 7/13-7/15

    From reading the Long Range reports seems as though the large volume of fish is in the 3 day range @ 200 miles
  308. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  309. CHUBACA6

    No wonder why girls like Teddy bears

    That made me crack up LOL
  310. CHUBACA6

    Lead weight on tuna rig

    I've seen guys, when Bluefin are around tie a 1/2 to 1 oz torpedo sinker to the mainline and tie about a 3' piece of flourocarbon leader on the hook side, also when the big tuna are around a 1 to 2 oz slider is used above the seaguar knot when tying the flouro leader straight to the main line...
  311. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  312. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  313. CHUBACA6

    Website issues?

    Left wing terrorists.. LOL
  314. CHUBACA6

    Website issues?

  315. CHUBACA6

    The word association game...

  316. CHUBACA6

    You might smile

    Some good ones!
  317. CHUBACA6

    Fuel Surcharges

    And I still don't understand what he meant :_diarrhea_:
  318. CHUBACA6

    Fuel Surcharges

    You must be a carpenter cause you hit that nail straight dead on in the head.
  319. CHUBACA6


    Fishermans Access in Brea & Charkbait are great, I like the way Charkbait follows up with a phone call to confirm your online order.
  320. CHUBACA6


    Meltons is a nice tackle store to walk in and look but the IN store customer service not so good IMO
  321. CHUBACA6

    Calstar, Shimano, Graftech, Daiwa

    PM's replied to, Issac will give you a call later on this morning, Thanks for looking.
  322. CHUBACA6

    Calstar, Shimano, Graftech, Daiwa

    Everything Sold, Thanks BD! Please delete thread
  323. CHUBACA6


    Ok here you go
  324. CHUBACA6


    Mike there is a free website that's out there, you put your number on it and it basically blocks your number from telemarketers.....but I can't remember the name. I think it's sponsored by the state or Feds.
  325. CHUBACA6

    Is it me or ?? Calstar 700MH

    I actually fish 40# with my 700H, and 30# with a 700M. I usually fish in the middle of what the manufacture rates their rods.I would get the 700XH for 50# personally.
  326. CHUBACA6

    Is it possible to send a text over the internet ?

    I believe that most Internet providers have an instant messenger type feature but the person you're trying to reach has to have the same service.
  327. CHUBACA6

    New Teramar 80MH

    What's up Greg! Whats the line rating?
  328. CHUBACA6

    Memorial Day

    Roger that, to the families that have had loved ones make the ultimate sacrifice for our great country Thank You! and rest assured that it was not in vain.
  329. CHUBACA6

    Marine on a Army base.

    Cool man, I did my Basic Training and AIT at Fort Leonardwood. Outdoorsmans heaven.
  330. CHUBACA6


  331. CHUBACA6

    Japan kayak fishing

    That's a cool truck, Toyota or Mazda?
  332. CHUBACA6

    Getting Ansy should I swap my trip

    BS, with out ALOT more pics........
  333. CHUBACA6

    Yo yo masters

    For the price you're paying for the Trinidad, you can get an Avet JX 2 speed, A very underrated reel for yo yo fishing 40 lbs line. One of my favorite reels.
  334. CHUBACA6

    A very special picture...............

    A couple of years back I had the privilege of fishing with Jean and "The Greek" on a six day on the Excel and Jean had his jacket on with Cape Polaris patches on it, Jean was very reserved but The Greek had some epic "life and fishing stories"
  335. CHUBACA6

    The Last DJ

    Maybe he'll end up on 100.3 The Sound.The only classic rock station worth listening to.
  336. CHUBACA6

    "Super-Hoos" on the ridge - EXCEL

    My buddies and I would charter the Tracer twice a year , at pierpoint and San Diego and we had alot of great trips with Steve. He always seemed to pull the rabbit out of the hat on tuna trips with us. Good get for the Excel , definetely gonna ride it next year.
  337. CHUBACA6

    "Super-Hoos" on the ridge - EXCEL

    When did Steve Thompson start working on the Excel?
  338. CHUBACA6

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    LOL , you are a funny fucker, we'll see on Sunday. Just so you know I am not a fan of the Charger's . Raider's or Jet's and I've been clean and sober for over 20 years. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: five times over LOL
  339. CHUBACA6

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    If New England can't run on the Jets they will lose , New England exposed The Faders last week in that they don't have a quality secondary there corners suck! You can't say the same about the Jets , Brady will not have the time to throw like he did against the Faders .
  340. CHUBACA6

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    Sorry but if New Englang can't run the ball , they ain't gonna win the reason the Jets lost the last 2 games was cause of their running game.
  341. CHUBACA6

    Fuel Surcharge

  342. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe vs Alijos Rocks Techniques

    I've fished Guadalupe more than Alijos and in my opinion the fish are a little more line shy at Guadalupe sometimes having to fish 30# and on a couple of occasions when there are Black Porpoise at Guadalupe you can fish'em on the slide with heavier line , I have never fished the slide at Alijos...
  343. CHUBACA6

    Utah vs USC

    Ok , so on to better things , Oregon's song girls are now the class of the PAC 12 IMO
  344. CHUBACA6

    Utah vs USC

    WHOAAA.....easy with the whole bigotry thing dude , I apoligize if I offended you or anybody else bad , just trying to put a little humor in the discussion.As far as football goes like I said before it's easy for an "underdog" to get jacked up for an opponenet from a BIG conference (Oregon...
  345. CHUBACA6

    Utah vs USC

  346. CHUBACA6

    Utah vs USC

    Ok , so anybody that follows college football knows that Utah has been the real deal the last couple of years , alot like Boise St but it's easy to get pumped and gameplan for the one out of conference game against a ranked opponent that they had played once a year , but it will be different now...
  347. CHUBACA6

    Link to NCAA Games?

    Channel 610 on Direct TV in HD
  348. CHUBACA6


    Thank you sir , Australia is one of our true great friends:appl:
  349. CHUBACA6


    Just when I thought I've heard and seen everything:supergay:
  350. CHUBACA6

    Pics from the Excel/Gallagher 8 day

    The picture where everybody in the corner is bit is EPIC!
  351. CHUBACA6

    Reel Time from the Excel on going report

    Hey Jaime, any way you can put pictures up of the size poppers and colors you were using?Thanks
  352. CHUBACA6

    How do you prepare bellies and collars??

    When I cook fish I try to keep it as simple as possible , too much seasoning takes away from what fish is supposed to taste like.That being said for Yellowtail collars I use some Sea Salt or Kosher Salt , cracked pepper and Brush on Extra Virgin Olive Oil refrigerate for about 1- 2 hrs , place...
  353. CHUBACA6

    How about Tim's Reports?

  354. CHUBACA6

    Cedros Adventures Report Aug 5-8

    Them are some nice Jurels ! What is the cost for a trip like that and is it all inclusive?
  355. CHUBACA6

    Daiwa salstits 2speed 40 vs. avet jx 6/3

    The Avet is bullet proof . I have 2 one for bait and one for Yo-Yo .The one for bait I filled with 65# spectra so I can fish a short piece of Flouro, The other I have about 350 yds of 65# spectra with about 50' of mono. I fish 40# on them.
  356. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Yesteryear

    When you drink Coors , Keystone Light is what get's pissed out, LOL cool pictures of the Tuna!
  357. CHUBACA6

    Viking's QB busted for DWI (DUI)

    He's the same knucklehead that got caught "WORKING" for a car dealership when he was at OU, the car dealership belonged to a big time Oklahoma booster.He got kicked off the team:zelfmoord
  358. CHUBACA6

    Sea Adventure 80 1 1/2 day trip - you in?

    Was thinking about jumping on a boat this week ,what IS the weather supposed to be like?
  359. CHUBACA6

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    First of all it's not pienche it's Pinche, kind of like "hey One Gumby you are a PINCHE PENDEJO" like that. Second you are making this what it's not supposed to be this is simply that if we want to fish in Mexico you have to have a passport, simple , plain , period. Ok Pinche Pendejo?
  360. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Bluefin on the Indian

    Nice , freaking job Greg! Thanks for the Phoenix Rod
  361. CHUBACA6

    "new" Kaenon sunglasses

    John thanks for the glasses,brand new as advertised! free bump
  362. CHUBACA6

    redondo (bullshit) sportfishing

    I live in LA and the only landing I go to the 2 times a year I go local ,is Pierpoint Landing all the others are just not worth it.The only negative is parking especially on the weekends,but its' still better than Davie's or Newport.JMHO
  363. CHUBACA6

    Douglas/Jamison Baja Fish; Excel Sold

    Here's to continued succes to Excel , great boat and awesome crew period.
  364. CHUBACA6


    Yeah but your football team lost there coach to Michigan....Oh you're talking about the Chargers , My Bad:rofl:
  365. CHUBACA6


    Thanks Doug , I hope u catch alot of big fish with the reel!
  366. CHUBACA6


    LX sold , Talica still available
  367. CHUBACA6


    Price reduced on Avet LX 2 speed to $200.00 cash firm.
  368. CHUBACA6

    Spectra Advantages

    What kind of reel is it ? Brand,Model?
  369. CHUBACA6


    Avet LX 2 speed still available
  370. CHUBACA6


  371. CHUBACA6

    2speed reels......avet, accurate and shimano

    Minh thanks for the 10 and the fast delivery!
  372. CHUBACA6

    Gear Question For My First Trip To Alijos

    Roller guides not needed , I would concentrate more on a rod and reel for 50# than 60#.I always take 2 50# setups and 2 40# setups and don't forget the Flourocarbon.
  373. CHUBACA6

    Fishing Galapagos Jan-April

    Simply Awesome!...The girl in the white shorts is very nice
  374. CHUBACA6

    Long Range The SEARCHER

    I have fished onthe Searcher 3 times and I have never had a bad trip,my 1st mini LR trip of 3 days was in 1997 in August we ran into a school of big Albies that turned into a wide open bite of mixed 50-70 lbs bluefin and yellowfin til the sun came down,and I've been hooked ever since.Steve...
  375. CHUBACA6

    What happens in Mx..................should stay in Mx.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.....or something like that
  376. CHUBACA6

    San Diego Jam Knot

    I believe that is a double san diego jam knot
  377. CHUBACA6

    My Photography from around western Australia....

    Awesome pictures dude!
  378. CHUBACA6


    What's up Garret! No I will not be joining them on this trip,but I am looking for an 8 or 7 day.Nestor and I received our 200 pound club jackets from the RR111 and rumor has it that Nestor wore his all day in 80 degree weather just to flaunt it in front of Andy. So Andy said Enough of that Im...
  379. CHUBACA6

    what braid size for 60 lb topshot.

    I am not an expert but I think I would rather have my smaller diameter spectra at the bottom and the larger diameter at the top so as to be able to put max pressure on the fish when you are up and down and the fish is close.JMHO
  380. CHUBACA6

    Rods for Sale (TImes are still tough)

    Is this the grey and black or the turquoise and black,If it is the grey and black can you send me pics I'm interested,Thanks
  381. CHUBACA6

    I'll never throw back another AJ

    They taste like pussy at night:boobies:
  382. CHUBACA6

    Lupe trips

    Guadalupe is a mythical place that only exists in our minds
  383. CHUBACA6

    Fred Hall. What to expect?

    Cash is king at the show,you can sometimes barter if you have cash
  384. CHUBACA6

    Fish handling for each LR boat?

    After getting off an 8 day last year the the catch was not in the best of shape.After picking it up from the processer I asked who consistently handles the catch better of all the LR boats and the response was Royal Star and American Angler in that order.
  385. CHUBACA6

    3rd Place Raiders............... heading for the cellar thread

    We'll see if they are for real after this weekend at the pissed off Steelers,:rofl:
  386. CHUBACA6

    SORRY PADS FANS.........................

    Like lambs being led to the slaughter.I hope Atlanta sweeps your asses!
  387. CHUBACA6

    Quite annoying......

    I am a Cincy fan and last year I got the Direct TV NFL package and I watched almost all their games,it was expensive but worth it for me as you could watch almost all the great matchups,and my wife could watch Sanchez and the Jets
  388. CHUBACA6

    Anyone going to Alijos Rocks Be Ready for Wahoo!

    And where would one purchase lures like these or are they not made anymore?
  389. CHUBACA6

    man rules

  390. CHUBACA6

    Wind on leaders

    Wow,Thanks for the very impressive replies from you guys,makes it alot easier in choosing gear and such when when you get actual on the water testing.Thanks to all,much respect.
  391. CHUBACA6

    San Diego

    I never said that the Madres had an easier schedule than the Dodgers,Giants or any other team,all I said was that THEY the Madres just finished their easiest part of the schedule which is in August,now they play all division rivals except for the games against the Cubs.SO again I'll say we'll...
  392. CHUBACA6

    San Diego

    September will be the month to see if the Madres are for real,they went thru there easy part of the season in August,now they play against division rivals and taems that still have a chance at the playoffs.So we shall see
  393. CHUBACA6

    Wind on leaders

    Curious as to why a tuna ring? Why not a seaguar knot? What brand of tuna rings do use?
  394. CHUBACA6

    Wind on leaders

    Thanks for the replies,I will be trying them out.But eventually will like to make my own,I will be going on an 8 day on "The Rooster" in November so I am getting ready.Do you guys normally fish the straight flouro wind ons or use the mono wind ons and tie a piece of flouro to it?
  395. CHUBACA6

    Wind on leaders

    Ok not sure if I am posting in the right spot,but I figured you long range guys would be the ones to ask.My question is has anybody ever bought wind on leaders from JAK Associates, they are on EBAY and have a vey good rating.Seems like they use the same quality stuff as BHP but less...
  396. CHUBACA6

    Momoi Hi Catch vs Momoi Diamond

    I've heard the Hi Catch is better than the Diamond even tho it's less expensive,I would like to here from you tackle junkies of which is better and the differences.Thanks in advance for your responses.
  397. CHUBACA6


    Yeah the Padres are hanging in there,but the month of September will really show everybody if they're for real.Cause they'll actually be playing more teams with a chance of getting in the playoffs,so we shall see.
  398. CHUBACA6

    Need an Accurate wiffle ball knob

    Check Ebay under Accurate Power Knob,Ive seen red ones
  399. CHUBACA6

    Kirk Gibson's team puts the wood to the Dodgers

    Yeah,the Cubs still suck!
  400. CHUBACA6

    Red Phillips knot

    Try the Tony Pena with a double overhand,I use it up to 50# test after that I go loop 2 loop
  401. CHUBACA6

    Padres death grip on the NL west increases

    The real season don't start til after the All-Star break,So don't count your chickens before they hatch
  402. CHUBACA6

    USA Soccer

    Best part is the U.S takes 1st place in their pool,way to go U.S.A!!
  403. CHUBACA6

    Legend vs Pac Star vs Aztec?

    Boat layout is better on the Pacific Star,Shawn on the Legend is a little bit fishier than Bullard.My opinion
  404. CHUBACA6

    Post your favorite blond joke

    Why do blondes wear hoop earings? To hold their ankles up!
  405. CHUBACA6

    Accurate BX2-400

    Do you take PayPal? If you do I'll take it
  406. CHUBACA6

    fishing Browns in the Sierras???

    If you are targeting big browns,the best time is early fall at the big lakes at June Loop or better yet the Twin Lakes in Bridgeport,troll Rapalas
  407. CHUBACA6

    A little help please

    The MX series is a good 30# reel,if you're looking for a reel to fish 40# try the JX or Lx
  408. CHUBACA6

    Let's see your Yellowtail!

    From a kelp patty offshore
  409. CHUBACA6

    Alijos Weather

    That is one nice yellow!
  410. CHUBACA6

    1994 23 foot Hobie with twin outboards

    Can I try starting it,so I can take it on a test run?
  411. CHUBACA6

    For Mike.......

    Just messing with ya,you guys have a tough job,That is very underappreciated
  412. CHUBACA6

    For Mike.......

    So, if it's so great there why are you here? just wondering
  413. CHUBACA6

    Brown balls

  414. CHUBACA6

    Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster

    Dude I lived in TJ for about 1 1/2 years when I was 7 years old, and I remember that house, just right on the side of the road,it was like 10 lobsters for about 20 bucks plus rice and beans and the flower tortillas,Damn! My parents say that that is the original lobster house#1
  415. CHUBACA6

    Fish processing

    5 Star
  416. CHUBACA6

    SX Raptor

    Sent pm
  417. CHUBACA6

    Padres and baseball

    Padres and Baseball?Now that is an Oxymoron!
  418. CHUBACA6


    Felt it in Whittier,Cant get in touch with family that lives in TJ
  419. CHUBACA6


    Spring Break
  420. CHUBACA6

    the horrible email joke my mother in law sent

    Don't quit your day job
  421. CHUBACA6

    Eva Longoria.........

    Dude why you staring at his package?
  422. CHUBACA6

    Olympic Hockey

  423. CHUBACA6

    Shimano Tiagras

    Sending PM
  424. CHUBACA6

    EX 4/0 2

    What are the gear ratios on the Avet EX 4/0 2speeds,I can't find it anywhere on the box or the reel.Thanks in advance.
  425. CHUBACA6

    Factory Calstars with gray wraps. DHS and LRS

    Got a DHS 6480 8' rated 30-60# in very good condition 100.00 bucks,there is a slight tear on cork tape due to reel seat,other than that it's a great rod seen very little use,pm if interested.Thanks Oscar
  426. CHUBACA6

    Shogun Staterooms

    Engines are very loud in the aft staterooms bring earplugs if you end up there.Also confirm your stateroom in writing and save it,so you don't get the old switcheroo.Other than that great crew on the Shogun,have fun!
  427. CHUBACA6

    10 and 11 day distinctions

    So David, how does El Nino come into play for the 2010 fall season?I know it's impossible to predict but based on your experience would it be possible for the larger tunas to push up closer to the Mag Bay area earlier in the fall or would the El Nino keep the waters there too warm?Thanks,great...
  428. CHUBACA6


    Thanks, Ok so now can you start a thread on pre Nov 10 days vs post Nov 10 days?Reason being is myself and my buddies are looking to graduate to doing 10 days and we are trying to figure out which time of year is better.Longest trip for me has been 8 days.Thanks,I think you need to write a book
  429. CHUBACA6


    Ok, so is the B2-30 an adequate 80# reel? and how much 100#solid spectra will it hold? Don't mean to hijack the thread.
  430. CHUBACA6

    BX2-500 & 600

    Are they still available?
  431. CHUBACA6


    I think he's just misunderstood,NEXT!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  432. CHUBACA6

    Oregon Oregon State thread

    I don't care who wins but who ever wins I hope kicks the shit out of Ohio State:deadhorse
  433. CHUBACA6

    Cow on a Spinner on Q105

    What color lure were you using?
  434. CHUBACA6


    How much to ship to L.A. county?Do you take paypal?Do you got'em in blue or black?
  435. CHUBACA6


    Do you got any HX's?
  436. CHUBACA6

    We're running out of room

    While I agree with you Steve on the whole tackle box thing,I think the responsibility should be on the boat to let people know how many boxes you can keep on the racks,rather than the anglers imposing limits on themselves.The sameway they do with rod storage,this way everybody knows from the...
  437. CHUBACA6

    Another new SX Raptor and #4 Phenix rod

    That is one sweet rig!I'm waiting for the MX to come out.
  438. CHUBACA6

    Another new SX Raptor and #4 Phenix rod

    How much and what size braid did you put on the Raptor?
  439. CHUBACA6


    What is the line rating for 6460h and xh.Thanks Oscar (can u put up pics)?
  440. CHUBACA6


    Does anybody have an idea of when Avet is going to come out with the MX Raptor or JX Raptors?
  441. CHUBACA6


    And where can one purchase the 30T after market clamp?
  442. CHUBACA6

    REELS-Avet,Shimano,Progear,Abu Garcia

    Price reduced on Avet EX 4/02 240.00
  443. CHUBACA6

    REELS-Avet,Shimano,Progear,Abu Garcia

    I have for sale 1)Avet Pro EX 4/02 Gold,taken on 3 boat rides,very minor boat rash on left side plate.Visually/9.5 mechanically/10,has about 300 yds of 65# spectra 280.00 PRICE REDUCED TO 240.00 SOLD 2)Shimano Calcutta 400S, like new 100.00 (non-levelwind) 3)Pro Gear CS501-6,like new has...
  444. CHUBACA6

    "Go to" 40# Bait set-up

    Calstar 765XL ACCURATE 870
  445. CHUBACA6

    Shogun 8day (10/10-10/18)

    Best thing about this trip was there was no egomaniacs,"That Guy"was definetely not on this trip.It was great fishing with you guys Garret.Sent a PM
  446. CHUBACA6

    solid spectra to solid spectra connection

    Ok I went back to see if I could find something on spectra to spectra connections (solid) but I couldn't find anything,so I would like your input on what is the best way to connect spectra to spectra same diameter.Thanks Oscar
  447. CHUBACA6

    Shogun Report 10/10-18

    Andy it was great fishing and meeting you for the 1st time and great post short but to the point,and it was fun putting a name to the face of all the guys that post here on this website,you guys know who you are . That was my 1st trip to the "Rocks" and it didn't disapoint I got my personal best...
  448. CHUBACA6

    Excell Gallagher 8 day Aug 22-30

    I was also looking at this trip,what are the chances of Wahoo in August at the rocks?Thanks Oscar.I was on this trip 2 years ago when it was a 6 day,there are some really experienced anglers on this trip that I learned alot from.
  449. CHUBACA6

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    Woe is you,the wrath that shall come upon youLOL
  450. CHUBACA6

    BD Roll Call for Shogun 8 Day (10/10-10/18)

    Yeah brother,I talked to Nestor yesterday and I put 2 and 2 together figured u were Andres with the new Bx2 600. this trip is goimg to be a blast!See you Saturday
  451. CHUBACA6

    BD Roll Call for Shogun 8 Day (10/10-10/18)

    I don't know any of you dudes but I'm in also and 3 of my fishing buddies.I've been ready for 2 weeks.
  452. CHUBACA6

    Royal Star Baja Fish Gear 7 day

    What area did you guys find the 100 lb tuna at?
  453. CHUBACA6

    spectra on party boats

    Words to the wise
  454. CHUBACA6

    Accurate Sale (197, 870, 665) & Avet EXW 4/02

    Are the 870's still avail,no response thru e-mail
  455. CHUBACA6

    Looking for a trip

    Pacific star has some limited load trips check them out,also the Legend runs ultra limited for around the same price,Good Luck Hope you find a trip (FREE PARKING at Seaforth)
  456. CHUBACA6

    Rods - Calstar, Seeker, Gloomis, & Gusa

    Received your pm I will take the gusa.Will try to contact you around 8:00 am Thanks Oscar
  457. CHUBACA6

    Perseid Meteor Shower

    I used to camp on the beach just south of San Felipe.You could see stars in between the stars and stars all the way down to where the night sky met the Sea of Cortez.Something that I will never forget
  458. CHUBACA6

    Accurate BX2-600

    If Helifree don't take I will Thanks
  459. CHUBACA6

    Accurate BX2-400

    Is the reel sold yet?
  460. CHUBACA6

    5-Day What Not to Forget

    Pepto Bismol (just in case)
  461. CHUBACA6

    color suggestions

    Gun metal gray x4 w/black spool
  462. CHUBACA6

    Avet LX for 50# & HX for 60# ??

    According to Avet's website the lx's max drag on strike is 15#,based on that 40# test is the way to go on the lx. 40# puts you at about 13#
  463. CHUBACA6

    Spearfishing Rookies

  464. CHUBACA6

    Offshore dodos albs

    Crappie at Isabella
  465. CHUBACA6

    Offshore Alb, YT, BFT 7/25

    Nice,Love that freaking P-Line.
  466. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe Permits 2009

    Let me correct that ,the permits were given out in '06 so that means that that this year would be the year that they need to reup for the 09-10 seasons ,and if my memory serves me right nobody had permits in 06 till middle to the last week of August of '06.I was on a 6 day 1st week of Sept on...
  467. CHUBACA6

    Guadalupe Permits 2009

    I might be wrong but I think the permits for Guadalupe are for two years and all the boats got em in 2007,so this would be the last year, they will have to reup next year and trust me they are making it harder and harder to get permits to fish there every time,don't be suprised if Cedros also...
  468. CHUBACA6

    LX 2 speed

    Thank you for your responses.I am going to put some 40# test on it
  469. CHUBACA6

    LX 2 speed

    The Acet website says the LX has 15 lbs max drag on strike/20 lbs max drag setting. Which is the one you use to determine what size line you can use on this reel?Trying to figure out if I can fish 50#on it or is it to close to the max drag setting?Thanks appreciate the help
  470. CHUBACA6

    Accurate BX 400

    How much 50# spectra can this reel hold? I seen what the Accurate website says,But would like to here from someone who has one.Looking to put a 40# top shot,would like to what know what you guys think.Thanks,Oscar
  471. CHUBACA6


    e-mail sent on 870
  472. CHUBACA6


    Does anybody remember 105.5 K-West? The sound is the best radio station on So Cal 100.3
  473. CHUBACA6

    For what its worth. Dog food endorsement

    Man and all this time I thought dogs were supposed to scratch,lick and rub
  474. CHUBACA6

    Any Huell Howser fans?

    He is ex U.S Marine
  475. CHUBACA6

    1 Day boats Limiting out this morning!

    Are the problems on the Pacific Star major or minor ? anybody have any info?
  476. CHUBACA6

    Dropper looping yellowtail on a 5 day - need advice

    ;)The best part about fishing the DL at night is that only a few knuckleheads like me are willing to stay up late and put the wood to 30#+yellows so you'll have the back of the boat mostly to yourself
  477. CHUBACA6

    Dropper looping yellowtail on a 5 day - need advice

    Nothing less than 60# pound test for dropper loop with a big j hook and a slab of mackerel has worked great at Guadalupe for me per deckies advise 2 peed reel 6 foot rod.30# and 40# pound test will be your go to as Guadalupe is more often than not finesse type fishing,good luck Guadalupe is an...
  478. CHUBACA6

    Shimano Talica

    My apoligies I meant to quote Fishstalker
  479. CHUBACA6

    Shimano Talica

    I don't post too much but I enjoy reading and learning from the guys that post alot .I have done multiple trips of 5 days and more on various boats,I have Shimano ,Avet, Daiwa and Accurate reels and have put all of them to the test.And all of them have there flaws and strenghths ,but on this one...
  480. CHUBACA6

    Manny's back

    Let the beat down begin!!!
  481. CHUBACA6

    I hate being right about the Padres

    I never heard Madre fans saying anything about Caminiti when he was with them or Shaun Merriman with the Chargers. It was all is forgiven and forgotten with those guys am I right or what
  482. CHUBACA6

    How to throw a jig, a step by step walkthrough

    I always lift my leg up:imdumb:
  483. CHUBACA6

    gloomis saltwater rod

    What's the rating on it ? Thanks
  484. CHUBACA6

    Kelp Paddy or Kelp Patty

    The closest thing to being a mass of something is patty, so patty gets my vote
  485. CHUBACA6

    Accurate B-870m NEW

    Do you have paypal?
  486. CHUBACA6

    Kelp Paddy or Kelp Patty

    How bout kelp pate'
  487. CHUBACA6

    Looking for a couple BD,s few spots open

    Anymore spots on this trip ?
  488. CHUBACA6

    First String 2 Day Report.

    Nice catch,the caps gotta go though!LOL
  489. CHUBACA6

    Legend vs. Eldorado

    I've fished on both boats both have great crews,Shaun is alittle more intense than Eddie.I personally like the head/shower facilities on the El Dorado than the Legends if thats important to you.And I have never had a bad trip with Shaun.Hope that helps
  490. CHUBACA6

    SenorTuna 2009 Charter Schedule

    Do you still have room on the August trip?
  491. CHUBACA6

    2 Day tuna trip

    How many spots do you have left?
  492. CHUBACA6

    Big Yellow at SCI

  493. CHUBACA6

    Jigstick for a Charger fan

    Can you make one in Silver and Black?
  494. CHUBACA6

    Daiwa Saltiga 30 w/ spectra

    Will take it if the other guys don't.sent pm
  495. CHUBACA6

    Torium 30

    How much 65# spectra can I put on a Torium 30? and how much of a 50#topshot?specificaly to fish larger surface iron? Appreciate the responses. Thanks
  496. CHUBACA6

    Is MXL single speed good for albacore?

    I've caught a plethora of 30 - 35# yellowfin at Guadalupe on it,no problems burned my drags on a Trinidad 20 same trip
  497. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Accurate, Penn, Tica Rod&Reels

    Is the 870 still available? how much spectra backing can you put on it?
  498. CHUBACA6

    Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Accurate, Penn, Tica Rod&Reels

    Interested in the 870 is it still availble? can I fish 50# on it?Thanks
  499. CHUBACA6

    need help choosing between accurate 665 or avet hx for 50#

    Thanks for the input fellas,anybody have any input on Tiburons.50# line size?
  500. CHUBACA6

    need help choosing between accurate 665 or avet hx for 50#

    Looking at the 2 speed 665
  501. CHUBACA6

    need help choosing between accurate 665 or avet hx for 50#

    First time posting on bloodydecks, looking for a 50# reel 2 speed and narrowed it down to Accuraye 665 or Avet hx any advise? Thanks Ozzie
  502. CHUBACA6


    This my 1st post here,and I was wondering if anybody ever fished the estero at Punta Banda,if so what is there to catch, what do use for bait?I'm staying in a house on the beach and I never see anybody catch anything in the surf on the ocean side but rumor has it that there is good fishing in...