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    Goodbye & Thank You

    Thanks for your service and good luck JB
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    Whistler 6/15

    Nice Job
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    Offshore 6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Well Done and Thanks for the info...You said plenty to be helpful...
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    Mark Pack tackle box/bag w mixed jigs

    Do you still have this bag for sale..?
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    Offshore Grandsons First Offshore Trip

    Great to see the Rug Rats involved at that age. Not many can say they have been to the 60 mile Bank.... Well Done.
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    Leopard Sharks Fishing San Diego Bay ( Video )

    Well Done Corey... Happy New Year..
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    Offshore 7-2-2017 fish report.....

    Thanks for the report Gary. Mirror image of our trip Saturday , we did 140 miles of time donations....Gonna be hard to upgrade such a nice boat...
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    Offshore Catalina Berracuda

    All of us have experienced those less than desirable days at times....The Sporty Captains can be Grumpy...However my similar experiences with Captain Ass Hat have been with fellow PB'ers... How you choose to deal with it also sets the temp for the rest of the day... IMO ... You chose...
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    Offshore Opah Madness

    Nice... Got one a bit smaller a few years back...Awesome fish and good eats as well...
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    Yellows and Whales in La Jolla 11/8/17 (VIDEO)

    Great Work on both the video and the Tail. Great shot on the front deck of the whole boat and fish.... Very Nice.
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    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Well Done Amigo...
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    Offshore 6/18 Wet Ass Whipping and a YFT

    The Cocktail Cabinet was a Great Idea.... Look forward to our next trip Crazy Cajun. Always a pleasure to have you on the boat. Maybe we can drag Snagalot out with us on the next run out on Non Stop.....
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    Offshore 6/18 Wet Ass Whipping and a YFT

    We tried to get a good fresh one pic even gave him a bath before his photo shoot..... Mostly because the size was not so impressive...
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    Offshore 6/18 Wet Ass Whipping and a YFT

    Decided to head south to play with Tuna on Poppers again.... Had a passenger who had never done it , so we were pretty determined. Cleared MBJ before 6 with some great bait and Positive Attitudes ( Needed for sure on this day ) . Just as we clear MBJ I notice my motor Trim Control does not...
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    Is it over?

    . Tru Dat... Ran south in that Shit ( around 100 miles round trip ) and only scratched 1 YFT...A lot of guys blanked and a lot more went home early. Rough Day on the water ..Really tough to chase BFT... I heard the wind is supposed to let up around Late Tuesday
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    Ooppss... See Below...My Bad
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    Offshore FINALLY

    Nice...Well Done Guys... Kudos to you Pop's. Lifetime memories right there.
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    Offshore 6-15 Lots of action on BFT

    Thanks for the report. Good info either way.
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    Offshore Got one!

    Was not directing that at you or any 1 person in particular. Just the scenario that repeats itself here over and over about reports not giving up enough info... Was just having a little fun Bro.... No Harm or Insult intended.
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    It's my buddies Jig Stick / Popper stick. Black Diamond PSW-869H-XF... Closest thing I have found to my favorite GUSA jig stick. Extra Fast tip is awesome for throwing Poppers. Will be my next investment .
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    Offshore Got one!

    Well Done Amigo... Nice Tunie for sure... Looks like a Triple Digit. Here's a list of what you need to take pictures of since you didn't post a report. - Rod and Reel including a side profile of your bait - Line package with Manufacturer and expiration date included - Your boat displaying...
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    Offshore BFT tues Coronados

    Well Done..... Frozen Paint Balls work great too... Just Saying
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    My go to Popper set up is a Trinidad 20 Gold / 65 lb PP / 40 lb P Line CXX top shot 75 yards ( Shock Absorber) / 40lb fluorocarbon leader on a GUSA 85 MM ( Phenix has similar models). Casts both large and small poppers like a dream. Normally this would be more than enough for our local Pelagic...
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    The San Diego got em today!

    Absolutely a Good Day right now.....Not just BFT in April on a 3/4 day but these fish are not WFO on bait...Saturday the SD went through 4 huge foamers and threw everything at them before they got their first in the boat.....These guys are putting in some serious work to get these fish.... It's...
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    San Diego Seaforth 3/4 day boat, Bluefin

    Nice Job Sean....Looks like our trip next weekend may have just taken a little bit of a turn to the SW from our original plan. Gary 's boat ( Reel Crazy) is ready to go too.... 2 boats... 6 Iron....I like the odds...
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    What chum, if any, for attracting mackerel for bait?

    Powdered Donuts...Doubles as breakfast too...
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    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    BFT in March is Positive no matter how you look at it or how big the fish aren't.....If you disagree ...That's okay and some of you already made that clear.... Just leave your boats covered or save your Cattle Boat funds.... Stay at home and relax.... I will let you know when the fish are within...
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    Charter help

    Seasons Sport fishing...Stand up operation will be happy that you called them.
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    Offshore Limits on YFT Most Impressive Boil of the Season

    Well Done.... Across the Board... What an Amazing Year for sure.
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    Offshore 2015 "West Coast Wahoo Challenge" Results!!

    Well Done Mike....Not often is this opportunity around....What an Amazing Year....
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    Offshore Whoo's combing the Nine.

    No ...But Yozuri does make a 6" Jig in Dorado that you can drag at 12 knots....HHMMMM..? Well done Sean, JC and Chris... This Friday... You, John and I will get after it with the JC Special ....In Secrecy of Course....LOL
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    Need Advice- Looking for a Marine Electrician

    What's Up All, I'm in the market for an Electronics upgrade on my boat. I'm looking at upgrading everything as a package and some rewiring while everything is open. Who have you guys used or would recommend locally for this type of a project.? Thanks in advance for your help... Tight Lines
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    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Avet MXL 6/4 with 50#PP/ 25lb Flouro on a GUSA 85 Mega Mag... Although this is my go to YT rig it also owns credit for 4 of my PB fish. 85lb YFT , 93 lb. Opah, 135 lb. Mako and a 220lb Swordfish...7 hours of pain on that one...but got it done.
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    Newbie question - Bass guy lost in the Salt

    What you have is perfect for the Kelp Beds and Paddies.... Should have some PP on that reel though. Flipping Jigs for Cali's is one of my favorite things to do. When I'm fishing the Kelp its with a 300EJ 40# PP on a GUSA 800H. I used that same rod and reel recently throwing Poppers for YT , YFT...
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    Tady 45's and a couple of Tady C's

    FYI.....Chark Bait is one of several places I buy them for $9 or less when on sale. The 4/0 and Holographics are around $12...
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    For Trade : My best surface iron jigs

    I sure hope so... I have a 23' Center Console with an F225 to trade for one of those... If they are Tried and True with a Guarantee... Would be a Great Deal....LOLLOL
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    Tady 45's and a couple of Tady C's

    Seems a bit much ...Tady 45's retail for $9.... Also, There are 12 Jigs in each lot ...Are you selling 22 or 24.? I really don't need them but would be interested at about $5 each for all of them....?
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Anytime Daryl... I will be coming by the club for that beer...Sounds like a good time...What days were the meetings.?
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    If you can get them to boil on it...You can get them to bite it.. Just like an LMB.. Pay attention to what gets them to boil on it and exploit that....Try changing the retrieve speed, angle upwind/downwind.. shady side or sunny side of the Paddy....pause length in between pops.. how hard you pop...
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    I don't mind...7" Williamson JH Green Mack / Blue Sardine and 7" Halco Dorado
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Correct...W 117.30... Just stay outside of that and you will be fine with a MX License ...No FMM or PP. That line is approx. 11 west of the islands. The MX Navy is apparently enforcing the FMM's out farther than 12 from the coast. Their water... Their rules... Not much you can do about that...
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Tru Dat...That is a BL Trip for sure....And is on the Agenda.
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Tag Along... ? This boat doesn't float without you or JC in it.... Had a blast ..Always a pleasure to fish with another TW Junkie.... Look forward to the next.
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    Game Plan.. Take the Future Son in Law out for his first time on the ocean to catch a Dorado.. His Bucket List fish...... Should be easy enough ..Head to Untouched Soil... Ya Right !!!... Been watching the crazy Temps and Currents moving around all week. Picked a nice TB with a Hot Spot below...
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    Offshore 9/19/15 MEX LIMITS

    Well Done....Sounds like we were on the same boat ... in the same area... Our Temp was 76.6..... 24/30.... All you want YT (3lbs. Maybe. But fun on LT) Limits of YFT for 3 ...3 nice DoDo and dozens of Explosions...Had one fish blow up and miss the bait knocking it into the air and another YFT...
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    Offshore 9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Tru Dat.... I'll bet he meant 32.12 118.00 That would make a lot more sense. Has been a common area for the past few years when the Hoo start to show up. Just south and inside of the E. Butterfly which is also Southish of Clemente as he mentioned. That run down hill in that boat would not take...
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    What combo do you pick up first...

    40lb Jig Stick and throw Iron or Popper....Surface or Deep depends on the scenario. Works for me...
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    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    Just to clarify ....The reason I was fishing the Popper on my 40# Jig Stick and TN20 was because there were some very large grade fish that showed up. I put down the "Typical" popper rod and reel , and grabbed something with a better chance at a larger fish. Not going to even start with the...
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    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    2 on Blue Sardine....1 on Mackerel...None were on a Coffee Grinder... Trinidad 20 on a GUSA Jig Stick with 40lb CXX...Getting ready to leave now for another round of Popper fishing...Good Luck out there...
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    Offshore 2015 Bait reports

    MB was out of bait 6 hours ago but must have found some.. This was posted 2 hours ago.....Guess I'm launching at 2 am....Should be an interesting morning...
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    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    Williamson 7" Jet Poppers worked great for us 2 days ago 18 off Torrey Pines. Landed 3 ...Missed 7.... All were 25 to 30lb class fish ..... Missing is almost as much fun as hooking.....Sometimes....
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    Offshore Trying not to be a dick

    SWEEETTTT!!!! Light Tackle is Always a Good Time. Looks like a Curado 300....and a 6 foot Kunan...LOL
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    Offshore O'side sunday. "that guy"

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    Offshore 8/18 can it get any better

    Chunk was a surprise for sure....But the Explosions on the Poppers were Fricken amazing and very Aggressive.
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    Offshore 8/18 we tried

    I couldn't agree more....Fishing the Fleet can be good at times but I have found just the opposite to be true this year for me. Focusing on where the Fleet is not... Temp Breaks and at times Chlorophyll has worked better for us with the increased pressure on the ocean in general this year. Good...
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    Offshore 8/18 can it get any better

    Nice Job Gary...Thanks for the call in yesterday. We got a triple on YFT less than 10 seconds after sliding in... 2 were on Chunk 1 on a Zombie Dine....Stuck with that school for a couple hours and picked off 5 more...3 on Poppers....Glad to see Jeff got some nice fish too....Back out again on...
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    Offshore Almost spooled 70lb yft

    Well Done Gary....2 over 60lbs less than 10 miles off the beach in less than a week....Crazy year for sure....Heading out in about 20 minutes to that same area we talked about last night...Thanks for the intel...
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    Offshore We call it CATCHING!! 8.21.15

    Nice Haul Tito.... Drop the kids off , Catch Tuna for 4 hours then get the kids from school.. What a Great year it is... ...I feel sorry for the guy that runs over your Paddy, then decides to run his mouth and pull up to your boat only to realize it's Tito.... The look on his face would be...
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    Braid to braid connection

    Uni to Uni works well for me.
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    Offshore Ten Hrs later...

    Congrats..... What an amazing year....
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    Offshore its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    Another Thread that reiterates the need for an "Ass Hat" Thread/Forum on how not to act, fish and drive your boat. Post pics of the perps and air the Frustrations here instead of on the water. Just a thought...
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    Halco 130

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    Offshore BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    X2 ....You just Stoked that fire....Congrats to you for sure....Epic... Got the Surface Iron BFT this year but the BFT on a Popper is still on my BL. Maybe this will be the year..?
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    Report? No. But I give one every year I fish so help me out

    Exotics Sport Fishing for a Private Charter...Great Captain , Fishermen and friend of mine.... San Diego is on top of the 3/4 day list for sure. ... Fishermen 3 is a decent boat but is not ideal for kids... Good Luck... Hope you get some...
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    Another Fat YT at the Secret Spot

    Congrats....Nice Job Dad.... Fishing with Rug Rats is about as good as it gets. Taking mine and a few Santee Ravens tomorrow. My son and his best friend got their first YT last year at the same time. Double Hook Up... It was awesome... Now they have Tuna in their sights and tomorrow is the day.
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    Offshore What a day...;)

    Sweeeett....!!! Way to get after it Cole... Nice Fish... It may be a 10' boat but at least its a BW... Have Fun....Be Safe....
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    First time Coronados what permits/visas

    Yes ....Last time I was boarded. They went through everything. When I got the Manifest and Visa receipts back, we noticed a small check mark with a highlighter on each. Last couple encounters were simple drive by's at 50 yards and a wave.... Coincidence...? Maybe...? Maybe Not...?
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    2 sets of boat seats

    Bump ....Nice to meet you Randy... Thanks for the seats ... The ones with the arm rests are nice... Too wide for my boat or I would have taken those.
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    Killed It and GIANT Yellowtail on The Sport King

    Very Nice fish for sure.... Just for comparison...We got a nice one a few months ago. It bled out in the kill box for 6 hours before weighing in at Dana... 32.5lbs ( Maybe 35 if weighed fresh) Measured 50" at the fork and 53" at the tip.
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    Offshore I have a helmet on my head.

    You're not alone Max. Heard you on the radio looking around the same areas we were in most of the day .. We did the exact same thing for the same end result.. Had GREAT Bait but nothing to use it on.....118 miles for Nada...Next time we'll get em... BTW... Heard you on the radio mentioning...
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    I'm taking my son on his first overnight trip. What...

    Take it all...It changes from day to day....Use what is working that day... In that area...On that school... A 30lb BW/CXX/ 65lb PP backed Bait Rig and a 40lb CXX Jig Stick with Surface Iron go with me every time... A 3/4 day YT trip on the SD may be a good training session for the Kid...
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    Offshore 62 lb yellowfin

    Nice Fish Gary.....Congrats on the PB YFT... What a Toad .... CHUM...CHUM....CHUM... Glad to see it worked for you...Hearing the details in person is so much better than just a post.... The Hook Pull and Reset was Crazy for sure.... Good Thing you ignored the fleet and went off and found your...
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    Offshore VIDEO: 6/27 north 9 bft

    Nice Job.... Mounting the Yami while fighting the fish was classic.
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    I agree that the Uneven Hips and Off center ring hole are in deed "Desirable Defects" but not the large hole that allows the iron to swing freely while holding the ring. That would be considered a characteristic of a " Good Swimmer" and is not what I'm looking for. A smaller hole that the ring...
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    Offshore BFT at the point 6_24

    Nice Job....Looks like you did get something on the Iron... Love the Vid.
  77. D-spot

    Offshore This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    That looks like a 4 or 5 ounce Iron. Also I don't have much experience with the Fish Trap brand. I can tell you that both the MW and BW Tady 45's with at least 3 Defects each accounted for 4 BFT on boils just outside the 9 last Saturday for us. They did not want anything to do with Perfect...
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    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna on the Troll and Lost big Bluefin Tuna (video)

    Well Done Corey.. Great videos...Look forward to the BFT vid.... Congrats on the Fish....
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    Offshore This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    Throw Iron or a Halco....Crank it like you're running from the Mexican Navy..:rofl:
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    Braid Questions

    White PP ...Worth every penny....IMO
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    How many has the jig/BFT bite been a first for?

    Just got my first BFT on a "Defective" Tady 45 this past Saturday...4 total ( 3 MW and 1 BW ) for the boat that day on the surface. My Buddy JC got his 1st,2nd and 3rd BFT on SI also that day. Was Amazing and something that had been on my Bucket List for a LONG time. Fricken Awesome Year for...
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    No Problem...No big secret there...I think every body and their mothers are throwing BW and MW these days...They just don't all look the same in the water.... Found another " Defective"one today at West Marine in the BS. Stoked...Been looking for that one for awhile ...
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    Daniel, If you are ever coming down this way and want to get out for a day of fishing (or short day)...Let me know.. It would be a pleasure to fish with someone who understands the iron that way. Bring your Jig box and lets get some. The back deck on my boat has plenty of room for a wheelchair...
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    Tru Dat... Paddy fish on the Dine was a YFT.... Good Eye
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    Sounds like we had the same kind of Mentor growing up....
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    5 count sink and crank as fast as you can..(TN20A with 40# CXX and 40# BW)..and Hold On...They did not want it slow....Highly recommend Mono for this...I love Spectra but not for these types of strikes. The iron was maybe a foot below the surface making the strike highly visible to say the...
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    You were the guys making bait at EB in SD right next to us....?...Just sharing info thats been shared with me...Nice job on the YT... Was definitely not WFO...but fishy non the less. Try that technique I mentioned for the GB's. I'm sure you'll be surprised how quick you fill the tank. See u out...
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    Offshore Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    Short Version....4 Tuna on Retarded Tady 45's ( 3 MW and 1 BW) and 1 on Slow Trolled Dine at a Paddy 5 SW of the 182... Great Weather and Crazy Fishing..... Long Version Dropped in at SI at 4:30 am in hopes of Dines at EB. Didn't help much. Mostly Chovie, had 14 Dines out of 10 passes. Game...
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    Where are the BFT

    Well ... How'd you do.?
  90. D-spot

    Offshore Pig YFT today

    Congrats Dave..Nice YFT ... Nice job handling some of these posts too...:rofl:.. Some peoples children just don't get it...The internet is good for more than Chasing Fish... Radio Fish...Internet Fish...Same Thing ... Going on a Hunt tomorrow and don't need to ask you where you got this one or...
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    Where do you go to purchase ice chests?

    Yeti's are the best I have used...They are all heavy when full of Fish on Ice....
  92. D-spot

    BFT Limits

    I just checked the DFG site and noticed that the current status of this Proposed Regulation is listed as "Withdrawn" as of June 2nd ...? ( link is below ) Interesting... ? Not sure what that means but it does not say " Goes into Effect July 1st" like I have been told. Either way... I'm keeping...
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    Offshore Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Awesome report for sure... This is why we all keep pumping money into this hobby......
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    Offshore Short-Range Shortfin

    Nice ...Thanks for the report.
  95. D-spot

    Keeping Ice the entire trip

    Totally understand..... The older GW's are great boats but do lack a little in the storage. A GW is what I was looking for but could not find one that fit my needs when I was looking to buy one. I was lucky to find a rig with a 3rd 4' kill box for bleeding that frees up the other 2 for fish. You...
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    Two PB's in 24 hrs yellowtail and halibut

    Well Done....Great way to start the summer... Congrats
  97. D-spot

    Keeping Ice the entire trip

    I personally don't worry too much about the melt. I drop 80lbs in each fish locker and add saltwater when icing the fish. Have tried it both ways but ice cold SW seems to work better, especially when icing multiple fish. The SW seems to keep an even cooling layer around all fish better than ice...
  98. D-spot

    Where are the Green Macs?

    We had no problem pulling 30 in a very short time at EB SD Bay this past Saturday. Canned Cat food and Mac pattern mini Krocodiles. They have been more productive for us lately than Sabiki's.
  99. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    There is no such thing as a multiple use 180 day Visa. The Visa you buy online is good for one entry in and out of Mexico for up to 180 days. So you can go into Mexico and stay for up to 180 days, but if you go in today and come out tomorrow you need to get another one before you go back.
  100. D-spot

    Raymarine A70D chartplotter

    Does this one have the internal GPS.?
  101. D-spot

    Offshore Adrianna finds the bigeye

    X2....YFT IMO but Nice Fish either way. Congrats... Its bigger than the BFT I got yesterday. Well Done.
  102. D-spot

    Offshore Bluefin on the 9

    The Paddy sharing is how it should be. Paying Good Karma forward has worked well for me... This Paddy was just loaded with marks all around it and deep. It was a tough day out here for many including us , so we decided to share the find. I called a couple guys in on this Paddy and within 15...
  103. D-spot

    Tuna meat lesion?

    I agree that looks Nasty. Does not even have the deep color of a BFT. I don't know that I would toss the whole fish but definitely that piece. First picture kinda looks like some sort of a wound maybe.
  104. D-spot

    Fish Weight

    23 #'s
  105. D-spot

    Lower half of the 277-- Possible State Record!! First bird school they came up to---

    SWEETTT.....!!!!!! Congrats to who ever caught that beast....Look forward to reading that story...Gonna be an Epic one I'm sure....:appl::appl::appl::appl: It was bound to happen sooner or later with all the chaos over the past month.....What a Crazy Year and it's just getting started....
  106. D-spot

    Offshore June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    No Numbers needed... You gave us plenty of info...:appl:.I'd just like to see a picture of your boat with its name on display so we can honor you in the true BD way. We have been working on getting a thread started to honor True Fishing Gods like you. There are a lot of us Newbies that strive to...
  107. D-spot

    fuel consumption

    I have a 23' CC with an F225 on a bracket. Last trip out we did 115 miles on 38 gallons of fuel. Fully loaded with a full tank of gas (150 gallons) and 4 anglers. Ran 23 knots at 3900 rpm most of the day with only a few hours of trolling. . My previous boat was a '98 Hydra Sport 19 ' CC with a...
  108. D-spot

    100 + BFT weighed at avalon 6-6-15

    It does look like a Baja Special....But , look at Corey's post.... "The guy that caught the fish said it was a Newell." I'm sure he knew what he was holding...Just Saying.
  109. D-spot

    100 + BFT weighed at avalon 6-6-15

    UH ..Oh !! You posted a picture of " Another Anglers Fish".... That's unacceptable.... :fighting0061:
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    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    I agree....but anything is possible with todays gear, Spectra and a Good Captain in the right location. My buddy got a 256lb YFT two years ago at East Cape on a TACII 20 and a Terez rod with 80 #PP in just under 5 hours....Some good boat driving , hard work and a lot of luck right there...but...
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    Nice ......
  112. D-spot

    Offshore 6/2 and 6/3 Upper 9 no good for us

    Ahhh just leave it....I'm sure no one on these boards will ever notice or make any kind of sarcastic comments about a simple typo....:rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Offshore Bluefin Tuna at the 9 mile bank

    Sweet... BFT in April, May and June.... Not many can make that claim ... Nice work and Congrats. Bottom detail on your plotter looks great. Which unit/card is that.?
  114. D-spot

    Offshore 6-2 Upper 9 and 182

    All info is good.... With or without fish.... Thanks for the report.
  115. D-spot

    Offshore No fish report 5/30

    Fish or No fish....A report is a report... Thanks for the info..
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    Offshore Acres of Tuna and the RTA gets them to bite...

    Nice... One of the posts above gives me the indication that it may be time to start the popcorn...
  117. D-spot

    Offshore Need help on side of road

    Nice... Glad to hear you still made it out.... "The Paddy Pokers" photo is classic. They may have been trying to show you the Paddy was the same size as their boat while checking the depth of the water with their fishing pole...... o_O It could be the first post in the "Ass Hat / That Guy"...
  118. D-spot

    Offshore WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    Sweeettt....!!!! Congrats on a fish of a lifetime ....Especially in your own boat...Exactly why we pay to go...
  119. D-spot

    Offshore What a Weekend

    Yep, mentioned it in another post....... Heard them on the radio and wondered what happened.. Talked to Cole about 5 hours in to it.... Epic for sure... Have to start looking for Unexplained Boat Wake and Birds now.... Gonna be an Epic Season for sure....
  120. D-spot

    Offshore yellowfin Tuna! on the San Diego 3/4

    I was just watching that video again and realized that I was on the radio in the background in the beginning and end of the video. I didn't realize that was you. I remember that call in. We were already having a good day, and then killed it on the way back in on that spot to finish off our...
  121. D-spot

    2 high pedestal seats

    I am interested...Texted you.... Pics would be very helpful..
  122. D-spot

    Offshore yellowfin Tuna! on the San Diego 3/4

    Congrats ...Nice Job Skyler... Just to Clarify something...The Numbers he posted were of the area shown in the picture below... There are probably at least 2000 people.. if not more... that know where the entire PB and Sportie Fleets were yesterday...The Numbers are no big secret ...this...
  123. D-spot

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Watching Cruise

    Same here....Long ride.....Great Weather...Great Crew...Good test for the new motor...140/43.7...Lots of life....One hooked and lost...Next Time...
  124. D-spot

    Offshore Sauerfish 5/30 BFT Limits

    Congrats ...Nice Work....You did much better than us... 140 miles( 43.7 gals.) for one 40lber lost at the rail... saw lots of life ...and crazy boils ...Just not our day.
  125. D-spot

    Offshore Jumping Bluefin! Just not in the boat

    get You are not alone.... My report is a duplicate of yours...140 miles (43.7 gallons of fuel) 182, Corner , 43 ,181, LJ and home.... Had one 40lber pop off the circle hook at the rail at the 43. Saw tons of life.... We'll get em next time... Did talk to a guy named Cole on 72 that was hooked...
  126. D-spot

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Tomorrow should be a great day to start the Ass Hat / That Guy thread.... I'm sure there will be plenty of Ass Hats on the water to offer up some great footage to get the thread going...Take lots of pics and post the evidence....I will... Have a Great Weekend...Good Luck.
  127. D-spot

    Who's Going Tomorrow... 5/30/2015

    I'll be out West with 2 others in our group on the Hunt for the "Empty Parking Lot". Will let you know if we see any Gary. Fin Addict on 72 FYI...Heard the San Diego 3/4 day got a 51lb BFT today. Should be a great day to be away from the fleet....
  128. D-spot

    Just to see what you think...

    How about a Mint and White Lightning Strike but with a little more white than the green one in the pic.... good design with a Tried and True color combo.
  129. D-spot

    US passport required to go to Coronado islands

    Well .....I just saw this Notice on FD ( see below )..... We apparently now have a whole new test to be a part of if fishing the Nado's..... WTF ...Just got up to speed on all the current BS.... Here we go again...Going to take a little bit for this to all settle in.... "But Capitain ....I have...
  130. D-spot

    US passport required to go to Coronado islands

    CADL is perfectly fine. I was boarded this past Saturday. Had FMM receipts , manifest with CADL input in place of the PP because only 1 of 4 on my boat actually had a PP. They reviewed the binder I keep with all receipts and manifests in it. They did not even ask to see our PP nor CADL...
  131. D-spot

    dominator 1.5 day will run!!

    Great to see you guys out there again and on here....boat looks great.... can't wait to get on it again.....I'd go but will be Offshore this weekend myself doing the same.... Good Luck ....
  132. Flipping PL

    Flipping PL

  133. Slow Trolling

    Slow Trolling

  134. Mothership Fishing

    Mothership Fishing

  135. Mothership Fishing

    Mothership Fishing

  136. Slipped at MV

    Slipped at MV

  137. Nado's


  138. Da Boat

    Da Boat

  139. Money Box

    Money Box

  140. 3E23Lb3Nf5F75Hc5Mbd3t5674fae86b231976


  141. 3Ed3Ga3K75Ie5K65Jcd3t83501641657c1bc5


  142. Da Fish Box

    Da Fish Box

  143. Da Boat

    Da Boat

    Da Boat
  144. Up Front

    Up Front

    My Favorite view of Point Loma
  145. D-spot

    Just to see what you think...

    No....That one is for the Fishermen.. Should also work well on Desert Rats....Seems to be working...LOLLOL
  146. D-spot

    cut board for sale

    Pictures and a little more info would raise my interest in this... May work for others too...
  147. D-spot

    Magma Cabo Gas Grill New in Box

    I was thinking the same buddy just bought a really nice one off CL for $90... that's probably why its been for sale for 5 months.... If I were the seller ...I would take LaserBrn's offer of $125 and consider myself lucky with a lesson learned about WM.....
  148. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    Yes ...It is... or JC as I call him on here just to leave full names out of it.(Not that it really matters).... He's on my rig every time it hit's the water.....Well maybe only 99% of the time.
  149. D-spot

    Misc Boat Parts - Seats, Windshield, Storage Box

    Did you buy the seats..? I'm interested in them if you still have them and don't need them.
  150. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    Sorry .... Talica 16.... It's not my reel or I would have known the exact model...My Bad
  151. D-spot

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    X2.... Nobody wants to be "That Guy" in a picture on these boards for sure... I've already decided to start keeping evidence on the next trip for sure...
  152. D-spot

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Tru Dat......Ass Hats parking at the end of the SI dock right in front of the opening.. Just kills me....Pull in Drop off/Pick up and move out .... Saturday it was a 23 Striper tied up to the end of the dock....Think we should start a Thread called "Ass Hats" where we can all post pics of them...
  153. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    We also thought it might go 35lbs but after bleeding out for 5 hours it only weighed 31.6 lbs. and measured 49.5" at Dana.
  154. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    Too funny...Mexi Dope.... Guys are doing laps around the Nados all day ...everyday with the FF for entertainment...Could be good.....I'd pay for that.....Oh...I forgot we already are....Mexi Dope AKA: FMM $23 a trip...
  155. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    Intimidation Factor for sure...It worked and I had the Doc's... It was really funny that... As soon as we got boarded...the Radio Chatter started about the MX Navy checking paperwork.....You could easily tell which guys were the ones who like to go without anything and then get nervous when...
  156. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    Too Funny....Fished that area for years and have never seen the quality of that structure in that area before...but i have also never really spent much time that far SSW from the point though either....Lesson Learned ...Be open to suggestions...
  157. D-spot

    Nados 5 23 15 ... MX Navy put us on the fish...WTF..?

    Headed out of SI at 6am....Grabbed a decent mix of bait 2 + scoops... Dines and Mini macs...a little extra for chum ...if needed.. Ride down was a little bumpy with the wind at 10 plus knots already....could only manage about 18 knots comfortably...sun was peaking out of the clouds here and...
  158. D-spot

    Coronado Islands-Sat 5-23-15

    I was boarded yesterday for the first time this year....Had all my shit in one bag...No Issues...MX Navy actually gave us a KUDO's for our paperwork ?? Did not expect that... ...then they gave us some great intel on fish that changed our whole day...WTF..? That post will be up shortly...
  159. D-spot

    Offshore Found those mysterious bluefin yesterday

    Ah Gotcha...Was just curious...Don't know him myself , but have seen the boat. Your buddies rig is sweet.
  160. D-spot

    Offshore Found those mysterious bluefin yesterday

    Aluminator...? Nice Report ...Congrats and Thanks....
  161. D-spot

    Raymarine C80 Components

    Is this sill available.?
  162. D-spot

    New to BD list and ocean fishing

    Tru Dat....11SW out of MB and 7.8WSW out of PL.
  163. D-spot

    New to BD list and ocean fishing

    X2 on the Sea Tow and 25 Watt radio with hand held as back up...Ditch Bags are good to have too if you start venturing offshore. Good Luck....Use the Trip Planning section when you are planning a trip and want to buddy boat with someone. 2 is always better than one but they don't have to stick...
  164. D-spot


    Ya it was, it shows the true size a bit better with you in it.....No more wet feet for sure...
  165. D-spot


    I still owned my HS19 when he bought this boat. Always wanted a bigger version of the HS19 because of the hull and how well that little boat did in the rough stuff...Fished the Upper Hidden many times in it .... First time I stepped foot in the Reel Hard ...I thought it was a HS22..Told him I...
  166. D-spot


    My previous boat was a '98 Hydra Skiff 19'....Loved that boat because of the crazy solid Fiberglass hull. This boat is built just like the HS 19 but a lot bigger...I wanted to buy this boat but Brian was not ready when I was looking or it would be sitting in my driveway.
  167. D-spot


    Bump...Sorry to see her go Brian....but it is for the "greater good". You have a reserved spot with me anytime... I have personally fished on this rig many many times before getting my current ride. It was built and performs just like it's big sister the HS22 of the same Era. Fishes great with...
  168. D-spot

    Catalina or SCI this Saturday?

    I'd have to agree with the others 5 is too many in a 192 on any day IMO. The weather looks terrible for a trip to SCI or CI on Friday night. I have a 23' CC bracket boat (OAL 28') that loves the rough stuff...It's rated for 10 and I would still not put 5 in it with gear for that run this...
  169. D-spot

    Offshore Dominator Sportfishing - Offshore report for May 9-10

    Sweeeettt....Congrats on the BFT and getting back on the water. Been on that boat probably 25 times over the years and can't wait to do it again. Top notch outfit for sure. Frank, Anthony and Randy do it right.....
  170. D-spot

    San Diego Couple looking to fish WSB, etc at the islands this spring

    So...You just came out of the Closet on BD....WOW...This site really does attract all types.
  171. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore BFT

    Tru Dat ...For Now
  172. D-spot

    Custom stainless and aluminum work

    I understand but would rather not have the splice in the middle of the bar. My best friend does Buggy Fabrication as a free time gig like you and has a bender in his garage. He does not weld aluminum and if he did , it would not look like yours. Maybe we can make it work using his bender , just...
  173. D-spot

    Custom stainless and aluminum work

    Nice Tig work...True Sign of a Craftsman...I have a Rocket Launcher on my T-Top that I'd like to add a second bar to with 5 additional matching Launchers. Is that something you would be interested in doing.?
  174. D-spot


    Is this one a Fly by Wire.?
  175. D-spot

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

  176. D-spot

    New fillet regulations for tuna may pass!!

    Just think of the impact this will have on the starving Fur Bags. We have already destroyed their Sardine populations and now this....How will they make it.? How will the species survive....?
  177. D-spot

    Is this a scam or a good deal?

    It's only a 22' Dauntless with a 225 Verado...10K is too much..:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  178. D-spot

    San Diego got 64 Yellows for 24 people - Today 5/10/2015

    Same place most of us will be next Saturday.....
  179. D-spot


    Do you know what the Re- Cert cost is ...roughly.?
  180. D-spot

    LJ Recon Report 5/9/15

    Tru Dat...I was happy to see them there but would have rather been able to post a Catching YT Report... Always another day...Gives us a reason to do it again.....
  181. D-spot

    LJ Recon Report 5/9/15

    Me too...It was needed.......New motor is dialed with 6 trips on it to date...Let me know when you're ready
  182. D-spot

    LJ Recon Report 5/9/15

    So being set on fishing all week and weather not looking ideal , we opted away from the Nado's and decided on some LJ Recon for future use if nothing else. Dropped in at Dana , grabbed some great bait with no wait...big surprise...and headed off to LJ. Ride up hill was a little bumpy in the...
  183. D-spot

    Crazy SST...Signs of Good Things to come.?

    I agree this weekend is not ideal....but after the week I've had....I'm fishing......probably not the Nado's... but fishing of some sort just to take a break from everything outside of the boat....
  184. D-spot

    MLPA Blue zones?

    If....??? they have a picture of you holding up the Butt for a Trophy Photo inside either area may have an issue.. :imdumb: other than that I think you're fine....
  185. D-spot

    Fish dope .com

    X2 Enough said...
  186. D-spot

    Crazy SST...Signs of Good Things to come.?

    Just saw this SST for today, local offshore and South a little. Water is warming up a little from last week. Nados are still a little cold but have been good to us the past few weeks. Sweet...No real stand out breaks but should be a decent weekend... I did not really notice the big picture...
  187. D-spot

    Coronado FMM?

    1 Manifest for the boat....1 FMM per person per trip...That is if you are following the actual requirement. It's very easy and only takes me about 20 minutes each trip....Good Luck
  188. D-spot

    BEST insoles for XTRATUFF Boots???

    Doc Martens AirWair Insoles....Used them for several years now...they seem to deal with the excessive moisture better than others...
  189. D-spot

    Fun Bay Pic's

    Bendo for sure....Love the GUSA shirt....GUSA rod..? Sure looks like one.
  190. D-spot

    Last Drop is a Winner

    First fish was very nice, not a huge surprise but a 43 lb YT at ??....Amazing can't remember the last time I even heard of a YT over 40 lbs locally at all. This post really should be titled 43lb YT at ??....Just saying... Well Done....
  191. D-spot

    Raymarine C80 Components

    Is this package still for sale.?
  192. D-spot

    Needed for Seasons tomorrow!!

    Right on...Totally understand the issues with having the right ones on the boat ....I'm very lucky to have the group that I do...Good Luck ...Hope you get some.
  193. D-spot

    Needed for Seasons tomorrow!!

    Just Curious....Why pay for the sport boat or a 4 pack , if you have a "24' Pilot House"....I'd rather fish in that.... than either of the other 2.?
  194. D-spot

    Offshore 5/2/15 took a boat ride

    Thanks for the report...
  195. D-spot

    San Diego 3/4 day 5-2-15

    Nice Grade....Congrats
  196. D-spot

    Heartbreak on the Malahini today

    I was there....It was a really tough day for everyone....Saw the "Hini" working its ASS off running and gunning all day....We only hooked 3 and only got one under 10lbs to the deck...Fur Bags were brutal all day.... Kevina....Sounds like a chicks name...Just Saying.... You may be better off on...
  197. D-spot

    marine swell and wind

    NOAA...and Chris Dunn the "Fishing Weather Man" Am I the only one going out tomorrow....regardless of the increasing swell...I'm sure not..!! I don't think I'd go Sunday or Monday but tomorrow is Saturday.... Let's go get some....
  198. D-spot

    Offshore Tufin Bluena

    Here is the area without the SST.....
  199. D-spot

    Offshore Tufin Bluena

    Sorry...I get so used to looking at the FD Charts that I sometimes forget that not all charts have all the extra structure marks noted.( Thanks FD ) Here you go...Notice the current Temp Break running N-NW from the Corner along the Ridge to the 140. The deeper water pocket is an indentation on...
  200. D-spot

    Offshore Tufin Bluena

    I think the Focus of this post still needs to be..."We are all Fucking Stoked..." BFT are being caught in PB range in April....Just Saying...!!!!
  201. D-spot

    Offshore Tufin Bluena

    Good Guess Mikey....the past few weeks the fish have been pretty thick out West near the 140 and the high spot just south of it... They have been in that triangle area ( 43 , Corner and the 140) for a while now in good numbers....Just not willing and very "Moody".....:imdumb: No Big Secret...
  202. D-spot

    Offshore NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    Posted....Interesting that whether we are in US or Mexico returning to US port...Bag Limit is 2.
  203. D-spot

    Offshore Tufin Bluena

    He did...."Offshore"....
  204. D-spot

    Offshore Tufin Bluena

    Of course he did....That's why he stuck the Gaff in it's head...To ensure the Release was a success..... Nice work....Don't care when or where you caught it...Thanks for the report.
  205. D-spot

    Fucking Carl

    Should have posted the streched pics first....Fish actually looks bigger than 10 lbs...Nice work Carl
  206. D-spot

    Electronics Box

    Great deal...Exactly what I'm looking for. Wish I would have seen it sooner.
  207. D-spot

    Bluefin @ The 182....from another site

    Not really a Big surprise...There have been a few caught out near the 140 and the Corner over the past few weeks. Nothing in quantity to generate a need to go run offshore and fish Paddies all day. But fishing the Nados in the morning and looking around on the way home...Sure....that's been the...
  208. D-spot

    First time to coronados

    It's only confusing because of the various interpretations of multiple individuals trying to justify not following the Reg's. No different than "Choosing" to drive 85 or 65 ..You clearly know the Law and Consequences.....Will you get caught..? ..Maybe...maybe not...It's your choice.. The FMM...
  209. D-spot

    Struggled a little this week

    X2...I use this technique every time I drift fish around structure. Bay, Kelp Beds or Offshore. It's a great thing to learn and get used to. Especially when fishing bird schools with spooky fish. I use mark instead of MOB simply because the save/label interface on my unit works better that way.
  210. D-spot

    BFT email from NOAA

    A flood of Private Boats for sale....
  211. D-spot

    BFT email from NOAA

    X2...I could not Agree more....A 50% cut in our daily limit would have been more than an acceptable compromise for both parties....Both US and Mexico Limits for BFT would have been the same...Makes too much sense though... :fighting0061: Should be interesting to see how it goes coming across...
  212. D-spot

    Need mono to flouro knot

    Another vote for Uni to Uni...Has been very good to me for Mono to Fluoro and Braid to Fluoro...(2 extra wraps on the Braid)...Seaguar looks good too....Just not sure I like the profile but will be trying it anyway.
  213. D-spot

    YT on poppers?

    Epic Video....I have tried the Poppers locally and had some success but the conditions have to be right. I got my first YT on the Yozuri Blue Mack a few years ago and my first YFT last year, same Popper. Now I'm trying for the YT or Tuna on a Spook....Got several bites on it last year ( small YT...
  214. D-spot

    Late start coronados

    Nice Work Amigo....
  215. D-spot

    late coranado report...

    Nice Butts....Well Done..
  216. D-spot

    Offshore How to clean a BFT

    I agree...but when prepping for Sashimi or Loin sears, I still prefer one swipe with the Bubba and skin is gone...No Membrane remains on the fillet.
  217. D-spot

    El Capitan reports?

    Fished on a few of sporties but never that one. FYI...You will get a better response if you post this in "Chit Chat".
  218. D-spot

    Sea Lion Morons

    He doesn't look upset...More like confused as to why he isn't facing the right direction....He's Hungry.. :eek2::eek2:
  219. D-spot

    Bait Barge Tipping

    No matter what you do...they will remember you. Tip or Not.. Unless you fish like once a year.....I choose to Hook them up and have always been treated the same...
  220. D-spot

    Sea Lion Morons

    Here you go...Looks pretty Hot....may just be another ploy to get people to pay attention to her maybe not. May not even be her, but this is from her FB page. Is it just me or does she appear to have some sort of built in PFD's on her chest.?
  221. D-spot

    Sea Lion Morons

    I would happily pay $250 for a tag. Already got my eyes on a special Knot Head... But , Frozen Paintballs will do for now....
  222. D-spot

    The Latest Sea Lion Garbage

    Thanks for the report.... FYI....You will get a much better response , if you post this in Chit Chat. Just Saying...
  223. D-spot

    Offshore save gas

    Great Info...It's Coming...
  224. D-spot

    150 on the harbor boat 4/12

    Well Done....Boat sounds like a perfect candidate for " Full Time" X Rap towing. Keep after it and you will get your YT...There is No Sonar that will help you find the bird schools....Good Luck Totally agree with the "Suggested Edit" above in regard to the Cow Cod at 20 Fathoms.?
  225. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    If it was I would have thrown you a beer.
  226. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    No Need....Karma is a Bitch...He will get his or I'll give it to him. Seen him at the Nado's a few times.He's due for a WOT drive by.
  227. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    Yep...San Diego was in the same area when we got on that school. "Googans at the Nado's"....Gonna be one of those years.
  228. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    Love Em and Use them a lot but have not had much success at the Nados with them... mostly X Raps and Yozuris....
  229. D-spot

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    Totally remember that process....Order a pre paid Visa for $30 with a simple email before you left..They filled everything out and emailed to the MX... if I remember correctly...Would be nice ...if it was Legit
  230. D-spot

    Coronados 4/11

    P Line CXX and Power Pro can help fix that...
  231. D-spot

    South Nine Yellows 4-11-15

    Nice Job...Heard someone on the radio calling guys in at the 9 towards the end of the day..YT on bird schools...Were gonna stop by and check it out but were already limited.
  232. D-spot

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    He mentioned the MMF as a Multi entry and exit doc.....Maybe that's what we all need instead of the FMM...Damn it ...I knew I was doing something wrong...
  233. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    Excel Spreadsheet was easy...PM me your email and I will send you a copy of mine. If don't have one already.
  234. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    Yep...." Picky YT Soup" at the Nado's was a first for me...
  235. D-spot

    Fishing Mexican Waters

    I agree with you on the Simplifying Things.... But as far as consistency...The same process has been in place for a while.. all the Links and instructions have been on Bd for a while....The inconsistency seems to be the 1000's of interpretations that refuse to simply read and agree to the...
  236. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    I've sent it in several times with no reply...I print copies of the Manifest, The Visa receipt and the "Sent " email showing that I did in fact send it...I have not been boarded but will let you know what they say when it happens...Which I know is inevitable...But, I will feel much better...
  237. D-spot

    Fishing Mexican Waters

    X2...They seem to pop up more and more often these days...
  238. D-spot

    Coronados 4/11

    Well Done on the Checker Board Release...On the YT... Chum....Chum....Chum....It worked for us...
  239. D-spot

    Nado's 4 11 ...YT , Mexican Navy and FMM's

    Did the FMM shuffle Friday night...Launched at SI early AM....Got the best bait of the year so far...Weather was looking unbelievably nice.... Ride to the Nado's was fantastic...Hit the MG's about 7 and dropped the Trollers...First YT was in the boat in the first 15 minutes on an Xrap...Threw...
  240. D-spot

    LJ Yellow 4/11/15

    Well Done....Congrats
  241. D-spot

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    I understand where you are coming from Mike but think about this....The Stamp is technically irrelevant because more than 50% of the guys fishing the Nado's with their attempts at the Correct Doc's are simply printing a copy of the Visa purchase receipt and Manifest and go fish....If the Navy...
  242. D-spot

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    HHMMMM.....Stay in US Waters=Catch No Fish.....Fish the Islands= Catch YT all day... Ya you're right... I'll just stay in US waters because 20 minutes on my laptop to file FMM's is just too much hassle to go catch YT....NOOOOTTTTTTT...!!!!!
  243. D-spot

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    It's very clear that there are and will continue to be many different interpretations of the rules as long as there are people who continue to translate the Law them selves. I have close friends who all view it differently. Some use the Visa multiple times and will until they are checked, some...
  244. D-spot

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    GUSA 85 Mega Mag if you can find one on CL...I found 3...If not the Phenix PSW 809H with an Avet MXL...Those with some PP will handle anything you need.
  245. D-spot

    Could us some help.

    Nice Job on the over under Tanner. Looks Great.
  246. D-spot

    My first yellowtail

    Congrats on the YT....
  247. D-spot

    Which Boat Insurance do you use..?

    Looking to switch to another BI company. Just wondering who you guys use / prefer... Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  248. D-spot

    Choosing Charter Boat for Dad Birthday

    Angler Management is a good choice too...Shop around and see what's out there. Just a heads up this is the wrong forum for this topic. You will get a better response if you post the question in "Trip Planning" Good Luck...Hope you Get Some
  249. D-spot

    Choosing Charter Boat for Dad Birthday

    The best way to do a 6 pack IMO is $900 split among 3 guys at $300 each.. or 4 even cheaper...Tons of room...Just the way to go. Done it and Loved it.
  250. D-spot

    SD Bay Halibut Fishing

    Carolina Rig with a White Bass Assassin on a 4/0 Owner Wide gap and 15lb Fluoro has always done very well for me with the Butts and everything else in the Bay for that matter. Sliding egg weight size should be adjusted according to drift speed, use the smallest possible weight that keeps you in...
  251. D-spot

    Offshore 4/3 - 9 mile to corner

    Nice....Thanks for the report and for doing some recon.
  252. D-spot

    Nado's YT 4/4/15

    Thanks Nick...You get some yet.?
  253. D-spot

    Nado's YT 4/4/15

    Take a look at the forum "Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy." There is a post on page 3 by Bahama Breeze that will answer everything you are wondering. He was straight to the point ...No BS. Everything I did was mentioned in his post. He was spot on.. The link is below... Go Get Some...Good...
  254. D-spot

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    I've heard the same thing but have also heard guys getting boarded and were never asked for it. All paperwork in order and they were allowed to stay and fish. I still have not been boarded but do have everything but that. I will be sure to post once I get boarded and know for myself.
  255. D-spot

    Nado's YT 4/4/15

    Waassuupp Carl....It was great to get back out there. The boat was down and out since October when I threw a rod in the motor.,, Just got it back in the water 2 weeks ago with the new motor...It's dialed in and ready...Let's Fish......
  256. D-spot

    Nado's YT 4/4/15

    It's funny...I held out on the Nado's because of the Doc's required only to find out it is no big deal. I'd almost rather do it this way than walking in to get a FMM from the landings when they are packed and parking for my boat is limited.
  257. D-spot

    Nado's YT 4/4/15

    Launched out of SI... Grabbed some really good bait... Headed to the Nados...Did get the FMM's ...was very easy ...took me about 20 minutes for all docs. Seas were good , a little Fog at the 9 mile but lifted around 10. My buddy Reel Crazy beat us there and had 2 - 20 plus lbs. in the box...
  258. D-spot

    Yellowtail mayhem on the San Diego!

    Well Done....6X comes through again.
  259. D-spot

    San Diego 3/4 day - April 3rd

    Well Done...Thanks for the report....
  260. D-spot

    BFT on the 3/4 Day ..???

    Oh Ok ...Perfect...I'll keep my eyes open for Miss Piggy for sure tomorrow. I'll even post a report with pics too...
  261. D-spot

    BFT on the 3/4 Day ..???

    So when does BFT season open in Mexico.
  262. D-spot

    BFT on the 3/4 Day ..???

    Good info...Thanks ...That's what I was looking for...
  263. D-spot

    BFT on the 3/4 Day ..???

    Saw the Mission Belle post 4 BFT "Released"for today... anyone here any of the details.? ..Heading to the Nado's tomorrow for some YT parking lot fun.... Just Curious
  264. D-spot

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    Frozen Paintballs are a tested and proven solution for me.. Up close with a Bat is not..Just Saying
  265. D-spot

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Good Info.....What"s Up Gary...Need to fish the Nados soon...with FMM's.
  266. D-spot

    Misc. Boat and tackle

    I'm interested in the flying gaff....Will you post a few pics and info
  267. D-spot

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    X2....It's amazing that even after all the posts and links to the correct info since this whole thing started , there are still so many interpretations with most being wrong.
  268. D-spot

    Parting Out - 2002 Yamaha F225 TURA (30")

    (ENTIRE MOTOR SALE IS PENDING) Shad ....I received a PM before your post. If the sale falls out you are next in line for whatever you want. I apologize for the delayed response.
  269. D-spot

    Parting Out - 2002 Yamaha F225 TURA (30")

    Parting out my 02' Yamaha F225 30" shaft. Engine threw a rod at the end of last season and damaged the block. After months of debating with myself over rebuilding vs. a new to me motor, I got the deal of a lifetime on another motor through my mechanic. So here I am with an entire F225 that I...
  270. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    That would be great....Anyone have the answer to Otto's question.?
  271. D-spot

    Offshore Great White chewing on an Opah at the South Nine

    VID...E....OOOOOO.....Lets see it.....
  272. D-spot

    Rod Holder

    I'll take it ...If C Level does not.
  273. D-spot

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    That is the Grey area....I have heard both but have only seen documentation that says 12NM from Mexico , it does not state from the Islands. I personally fish outside of 12NM from the Nados unless I have an FMM to avoid the Grey area on my boat.
  274. D-spot

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Grab a rental rod that's not yours....Keep the wind at your back so your line drifts under the boat and tangles everyone else's lines. They'll never see it coming. After getting everyone tangled, hang the rental rod in a holder , grab your rod , drop a bait ...Fish on.....
  275. D-spot

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    FMM for the Islands or inside of 12 miles ..Yes.... Boat Permit...Not aware of that requirement anywhere in Mexico. Has not been required for a few years now.
  276. D-spot

    Tranx 500 HG

    I'm interested....Pics..?
  277. D-spot

    Offshore 8/9 No love for a first timer

    Its a must to get an early start and to get off the beaten path with the way fishing is right now.... ALWAYS start a CHUM line when you find a "Hammer"....on a paddy or not.
  278. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    That was my case 2 weeks ago.....Fished 7 miles NW of the 182 because 2 passengers had no Mexi licenses.
  279. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Have not done a Sunday yet but a friend went out this past Sunday and had his limits on YFT at 9 am. He fished an area south west of the 371. Only 30 YT on Saturday for us ...No Tuna....That's Fishing.
  280. D-spot

    Offshore navigation hazard towards 371

    So your Captains license comes with Sportie quality Radar....WOW... I'm applying for mine today....NOT!!!!!
  281. D-spot

    Offshore Skunked and tired of the smell

    X2.... Just a suggestion....Figure out where all the fish have been getting caught.....That's where most of the boats will be ....Then go somewhere else....Fish are every where....Not just around Flotilla.
  282. D-spot

    Offshore 8/8/14 DONE BY 9AM YFT,YELLOWS,LEFT THEM BITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear that....Cut Bait Chum and LONG SOAKS........It's been the key on the last 6 trips...For Us...
  283. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Was the best pic of the year for me..So Far..Water was just crazy Clear Blue....
  284. D-spot

    Is Fish Dope worth it????

    I have it, use it and am already on the monthly fee program....$42.25 / Month (4 Months). I normally fish at least 4 times / Month. Yes, I do save at least $10 / trip using it. The Chlorophyll / Temp Break map overlay is my favorite tool that has always been a key to catching fish....
  285. D-spot

    Is Fish Dope worth it????

    Cut the guy some slack....If he can't catch fish...He has nothing to report...Just Saying...:nopity:
  286. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Same plan for tomorrow....Hope it works as well as the last one did....
  287. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    It's 12NM as far as I know.... I'm not aware of anyone that has produced a document or link to a document that actually states Mexico's interpretation of the distance being from Mainland or the Islands ( The Grey Area) I do know a few guys who have been checked at the 302 and 226 and were never...
  288. D-spot

    Raymarine C70 CHART/SONAR/RADAR/ MFD UNIT ) $300.00

    Is the unit still available and do you have the cables.?
  289. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Thank You...I appreciate the feedback....Never know if they are too long or too short....
  290. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    GUSA's were great. Have 14 myself.. still throwing iron on my 85 Monster Mag... ton of fun...and work...To bad they dropped out...
  291. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Got to try one with a TN 14 on a YFT yesterday....My buddy said the same thing about the similarities....Totally agree....Bad Ass rods for sure...Added to the bucket list yesterday.
  292. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Yep....Patience is a virtue when Tuna fishing IMO..Chunk bait Chum Slick ( 50/50 Dine / Squid) takes a little bit to set up right....Sounds like a lot of time but only took about 30 minutes in a 15 knot wind and boat that drifts like a sail boat. Fish were finicky and up/down quick ...So Chum...
  293. D-spot

    Offshore Saturday 8/2: Tuna on the New Lo Ann in US waters

    Hope all the Bieber Fans approve of the corrected wording...
  294. D-spot

    Offshore Saturday 8/2: Tuna on the New Lo Ann in US waters

    Congrats....Marcus was in the same general area as were we... most of the day...Could not believe that he was in that area...
  295. D-spot

    Offshore Aug. 02. Just got in..LIMITS

    Nice job Max....Heard you guys on the radio a few times....Glad you got em...
  296. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Wish you were there to join in...There's a spot on the boat reserved for you when your schedule allows for it....You may need to make John watch his crew and go fish with me....
  297. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Thanks.....the name of your boat is EPIC......
  298. D-spot

    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Game plan for the day was to focus on Tuna and avoid the Rats and Flotilla.....Freezer can't take anymore YT after the last 5 trips. ...Headed out of SI at 4:30....Got 2 scoops of decent sardines after a Fiasco at the Barge...Even at 4:45 in the morning it still took an hour..... Headed towards...
  299. D-spot

    Offshore Almost 302 YT BFT YFT 7 23

    If you are going to chase radio fish or numbers from a post...You need to know where the border is if your game plan is to stay in US waters......Just Saying
  300. D-spot

    Looking for a boat.. $$$$

    Just curious....Why are you looking to fish in someone else's boat if you have a 26' Blackman....I'd rather fish in yours than mine.
  301. D-spot

    Offshore Well, we didn't get skunked.

    TRU DAT!! Longest line I ever sat in .. Had the boys with us and a late start though..... Going tomorrow to make for all of it..
  302. D-spot

    Offshore East of 181 to the 209 7-18-14

    I got Dibbs on the Electronics...:Beat_Them
  303. D-spot

    Offshore Well, we didn't get skunked.

    We had 23 boats ahead of us at 630am.
  304. D-spot

    Offshore Aztec - Crushed Them 07-18-14

    Sounds like a good trip...Congrats....
  305. D-spot

    18 July 14. Who's going out?

    Same area Same time...See you out there Max...Fin Addict 0n 72
  306. D-spot

    Friday the 18th trip

    We will be in the same area (9 to the 182) by 630 or so. Did great out west last weekend....Plan to stay in US waters cuz we got the boys with us.....Fin Addict on 72
  307. D-spot

    Offshore 7/17 Solo Tuna and YT in US waters

    Nice Job...Great timing on the Intel...Doing a similar run in the morning with the boys...
  308. D-spot

    Offshore BFT ban in Mexico

    Too Funny....I seriously doubt you missed the 50 page thread on this started on Monday.
  309. D-spot

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    I knew the Sporties had crazy good electronics but I never realized they could tell the difference between BFT and YFT on their sonars....Damn I need to get one of those...
  310. D-spot

    WARNING - Terrible Delta Charter Experience

    Shortly after talking smack about your gear that was appropriate for the job and better than his......You should have sent him swimming... More room for the 5 of you and your own game plan....Just Saying..!!!!
  311. D-spot

    Offshore Went catching today..

    Congrats....Nice job Max.
  312. D-spot

    Offshore Late Report..7/12....Fin Addict on the board

    I was originally going to do the run down to the pens but opted not to due to the weather forecast....Had good intel from a friend who did well outside the 182 on Thursday which helped in making that call....I metered a lot of fish down at 80' to 100' inside and outside of the high spot.
  313. D-spot

    Offshore 182 wide open

    Sorry ...Don't usually post my pics in someone else's post...Here you go....
  314. D-spot

    Offshore Late Report..7/12....Fin Addict on the board

    Sorry for the late report.... Headed out 7/12 to get some in US waters only and we did.......Heard the wind was supposed to blow hard in the afternoon so we planned around that. The area just inside the 182 looked fishy, had the right temp breaks, currents and would provide a nice ride home in...
  315. D-spot

    Offshore 182 wide open

    Heard the same but went anyway...Fished the 182 yesterday for all the boneheads you wanted, limits of Yt, 2 BFT and 3 YFT ....A little windy in the morning ...Really nice at 5 when we made the ride home...Averaged 25 knots on the way back.
  316. D-spot

    Offshore Solo Quad BFT

    Looks like Tuna to me....:720icon::720icon:
  317. D-spot

    Offshore Adrianna 3 for 3

    Congrats...Nice Job ....Thanks for the info...Which one is 42 Lbs...?
  318. D-spot

    Offshore Reel Adventure II fish report 7/9/2014

    $12.50 / Lb. for BFT...Could be better ...Could be worse...Well Done....
  319. D-spot


    Use a Surface Temp Chart like Temp Break or Fish Dope....Pick a couple 3 or 4 GPS marks along the break ...Plug the numbers of the break into your GPS as waypoints and follow the line looking for Paddies....Hope this helps and Good Luck...
  320. D-spot

    anyone going tomorrow Wed 7/9?

    Sabiki and Powdered Donuts at the barge....Works for me...
  321. D-spot

    Offshore Sailboat - BFT, YFT ,Big Bones- Coronado Canyon 07/08

    I have a new respect for this blowboater.....He's a fishermen that owns a sailboat.....Just Saying.
  322. D-spot

    Offshore 7/8 Triangle

    X2 ...Pics 2 and 3 look like a nice Feeesh....Pic 1 looks like a Monster.
  323. D-spot


    I personally prefer the Itty Bitty ones....
  324. D-spot

    Tanker Seabass 7/2/14

    Nice Feesh..Nice pics..... My neck hurts though..
  325. D-spot

    Here we go again.....2 spots open for local inshore fishing 6/28/14

    Plan was to head south and offshore to look for...?....Between issues at work and 2 buddies that had to cancel...Game plan has changed to who am I fishing with and what am I fishing for...? LJ for Yt...? Kelp for Checkers...? Not too picky, just please be accustomed to fishing thick kelp...
  326. D-spot

    Would this be considered Over Limit..?

    Okay.... I got it..Guess I was just over thinking it..... So how would just 1 DoDo count by itself...?
  327. D-spot

    Would this be considered Over Limit..?

    The point system we were referring to was simply a figure of speech in regard to the same thing you posted above.... I was not quoting the Conapesca ...The last sentence in the Conapesca Regulations is exactly what caused the grey area regarding the Dorado in the first place......."of which only...
  328. D-spot

    Techniques for setting proper drag w/o scale

    Original test set up was 30 lb CXX over 65 lb PP on an Avet MXL
  329. D-spot

    Ride sharing

    On my boat fully loaded with 4 guys, running in decent conditions = about $2 / mile. 2 scoops of bait = $70 , Ice =$25 Those are average costs but are typically similar in like sized boats.
  330. D-spot

    Techniques for setting proper drag w/o scale

    I tie my line to my 12 year old , give him a football and tell him to score from 30 yards out...If he makes it...My drags too loose....
  331. D-spot

    Advise on roller bag

    Albackore....Have 3 of them. Great bags, take a beating and last forever.
  332. D-spot

    Would this be considered Over Limit..?

    Carl, I get what you are saying....The grey area is the Dorado. In the RR page they refer to 2- Dorado as equal to a Full Limit of YT (5). Which could be misconstrued as 2 Dorado = Full day limit I'd rather follow your understanding of it....Even under your version....5 YT , 4 YFT and 1 Dorado...
  333. D-spot

    Would this be considered Over Limit..?

    . My understanding is that it is a 10 point system. Each fish has a numerical value assigned to them. - Dorado =5 point - Yellowtail = 2 points - Tuna =2 points 2 Dorado at 5 points each would limit you to 2 per day per angler. No other fish allowed..?..Shocking but apparently true.... I just...
  334. D-spot

    Would this be considered Over Limit..?

    I saw this report recently posted by a local boat that will remain anonymous out of respect. I'm not calling anyone out... Sounds like a great trip... I am just wondering if I am thinking correctly in my understanding of the current Bag Limits in Mex. I see this as over limit...Am I missing...
  335. D-spot

    Offshore PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

  336. D-spot

    Fishing tuna tomorrow, need a couple Ho's

    Tape it ....Clamp it and head to the Pens for the breaking fish.....That's my vote...Just Saying
  337. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    I was told the same thing...Here is the grey area to be aware of that was explained to me by someone who lives near Puerto Escondido... ....The 7 day free tourist FMM is for Land Entry. Yes...You are towing your boat on land, but when you dump it in the water...Your may or may not be questioned...
  338. D-spot


    That Ghost makes that 30' boat look about 18'.....Well Done !!!!!
  339. D-spot

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Nice Fish...Well Done..!!!!:appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl:
  340. D-spot

    Boat Ho List

    I agree.... The Ho list would be great...I have taken 4 trips with Ho's from the boards. 3 of them would be welcome again without hesitation ...the fourth will never step foot on the boat again...I typically have a lot more time to fish than most of my friends do...let's do this...Would be good...
  341. D-spot

    5/31 - Bait, Fish, and a Jackpot Controversy

    C) Fish is DQ'd Don broke it off and Brandon snagged it... 2nd largest wins... Sounds like Brandon took the real JP home with him.
  342. D-spot

    Halibut 5/31/14 San Diego Kelp

    WTG on the Butt....Congrats
  343. D-spot


    My thoughts exactly....Boat is coming back next week. All annuals completed just in time....Lets Go..!!!!
  344. D-spot

    Offshore 25-30 west of the PT. looking for Tuna, up and down the ridge.

    Thanks for the intel and work you did....Next weekend it will be my turn to do the same...
  345. D-spot

    Offshore 25-30 west of the PT. looking for Tuna, up and down the ridge.

    Yep....Been like that at both SD and MB the last 3 trips out....Sign of things to come....I hope not.
  346. D-spot

    Lookin for a ride next sun6/8 or 6/15

    Added you to my list ....I will be fishing only sundays as well here shortly when my son starts football.
  347. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    I took a closer look at the 425 on FD . I think its well outside of the 12 miles and Fishable without the FMM. Even the shortest distance to land shows 17.02 knm......Here it is
  348. D-spot

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Simply Awesome....Sweet trip but even better is to see that happening now... Hell Ya..!!
  349. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    TRU DAT...!!!!! Until we are required to provide another doc for those areas....
  350. D-spot

    Big Calico

    So much for the next 100 Calicos my son was going to Catch and Release....They are all Dead now.....That's it I'm Done....I'm selling the boat..!!!!
  351. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    I was also happy to hear that the 302 and 371 are fishable without the FMM....I have just avoided fishing Mexico so far this season because of it. Enough is Enough it's time to go.... So , I did a little research on the actual distances in regard to what Otto posted.....You will see in the...
  352. D-spot

    Versatile surf and inshore setup?

    X2.....TN 12 ....50# PP...20# Flouro on a Phenix PSW 806...
  353. D-spot

    Any of you guys down to scout offshore

    My thoughts exactly....What areas were you thinking of looking.? Our game plan is waiting for the SST's later this week.
  354. D-spot

    Eclipse, RR1-2-3,Vagabond,Apollo,Topgun,Shogun,OO,SA80,Lo-An,Fortune and some that have gone

    I am really sorry to hear about your loss.....You have honored him in a way that he would be proud of....RIP to your brother
  355. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    Sherm, You stated that the required FMM and other docs are required inside of 24 miles from the coast. I just finished reading the FMM instructions page posted by Ali that states 12 miles as the distance from the coast where the FMM is required. Can someone please verify which distance from the...
  356. D-spot

    Flying Gaff 4'6" Nice west coast size

    Is it still available..?
  357. D-spot

    Big Mako Catch!

    At least he has some bitchen stickers of Sharks in his back window....Not to mention the incredible use of rope to secure the Shark and his cooler with the same rope...
  358. D-spot

    Any news on who has bait?

    That's exactly why we started saving and curing our own in my buddies slip in Marina Village. I think we are up to about 20 scoops. Not a lot but it's a good start. Its a pain in the ass to do but may pay off in the coming months.
  359. D-spot


    Just Curious about the $23 for the FMM... Are you offering your cancelled passengers FMM to your new passenger.? How would that work.? I'm asking because I find myself in your position more than I like.
  360. D-spot

    Day on the Bay #2

    Ahhh Gotcha....That makes a lot more sense....I fish the Bay every weekend but I have to say that you are much more dedicated than I with that drive....Try long lining some white and gold flake 3" swim baits near the Cable and Sea Port Village break wall. We have been pulling some really nice...
  361. D-spot

    Day on the Bay #2

    Just Curious....What are you doing in the bay to burn $165 in fuel....Seems like a lot for a bay trip..? Or are you running south to fish the rock pile for YT.?
  362. D-spot

    DP ghost 3/24

  363. D-spot

    Motor Glitch ...Need some advice.

    Is that just a random occurrence.?? Or is there something that needs to be repaired that would typically cause it.?
  364. D-spot

    Motor Glitch ...Need some advice.

    Took the boat down to the IB flats yesterday. Ran 30 knots at 4700 rpm most of the morning until the wind kicked up with no issues at all. Fished all day , ran home at about 25 knots at 4300 rpm. Got to the Big Bay and stopped on a spot for flatties for a few drifts. While the motor was at idle...
  365. D-spot

    San Diego Flatty……..

    Nice Fish for sure...We got six on Saturday but only 1 keeper....was not that nice.. only 28"
  366. D-spot

    Open spots for fishing the Big Bay tomorrow. 2/22/14

    Hitting the Big Bay tomorrow for another day of plastics and great weather.... Had a cancellation and now have some extra room....Should be a great day...Launching out of SI around 7.
  367. D-spot

    Need Help...Bait Pump Issue

    Thanks for all the info Gonzo25....I do have a ball valve on my through hull and actually do have 2 containers of Stay A Float as well...I agree that stuff is great. I will be installing a valve on the pump outlet to have in case I need to change the cartridge at sea and to play with the flow to...
  368. D-spot

    Need Help...Bait Pump Issue

    Thank You All for the feedback ..Some really good advise and some things that I had never heard ..You guys are the best....Here are a few responses to some of your suggestions.... 1) Pump is mounted directly on the through hull valve. No hose on the inlet. 2)All electrical connections have...
  369. D-spot

    Need Help...Bait Pump Issue

    I unfortunately bought the pump before I pulled the old one out...The old one worked so well I never expected to find an 800....
  370. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    First of all...Thank You.... MyNomad for putting up with the flurry of questions you are getting on this subject and responding to them....All of us are eagerly looking for a way to acquire the proper doc's to fish Mex without the headaches of the current website process. Here is my question in...
  371. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    Easy there Justin....Some of us who actually fish ( Internet Trolling doesn't count ) are interested in the FMM issues.
  372. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    So we can go to San Ysidro and get a 180 day FMM for $25.....That seems way too easy. Has anyone done this..?
  373. D-spot

    Need Help...Bait Pump Issue

    I have a 65 gallon offshore bait tank... A few weeks ago the pump went out so it was time to replace it. My old pump worked great with no issues keeping 2 scoops healthy with very few casualties. When I pulled the old pump out I was surprised to find it was an 800gph Bait Sentry. From what I had...
  374. D-spot

    Anyone Catching Halibut in San Diego Bay?

    Halibut fishing in the Big Bay has been pretty good to us lately. The last 3 trips we have managed 6 legals and have had 2 or 3 shorts on average. All on the plastic...Has been much more productive for me than live bait... The keepers we have found were nice but not the big ones we have been...
  375. D-spot

    Fishing Tomorrow on the Big Bay

    Let me know when Carl and we will go. I get out just about every weekend .. Normally on Saturdays... Halibut fishing has been great the last few weeks. 6 legals for 3 trips ... Biggest was 40" not a giant but a good one.
  376. D-spot

    Fishing Tomorrow on the Big Bay

    Wow... That didn't take long.... Boat is full...
  377. D-spot

    Fishing Tomorrow on the Big Bay

    I would totally enjoy fishing with you again Carl but if its for WSB' we are taking the 42' for that one. Much more comfortable than the cc for camping out. Are you up for it..? Lets go...
  378. D-spot

    Fishing Tomorrow on the Big Bay

    Hitting the Big Bay tomorrow for a day of plastics and great weather.... Had a cancellation and now have some extra room....Boat is a 24' cc with plenty of room for 3. Yes the boat starts, runs and even floats....Should be a great day...Launching out of SI around 7.
  379. D-spot

    YT in LJ 02-14-14

    Tru Dat ..!!
  380. D-spot

    FMM Permit Info

    I'm curious as well..??? Details...?
  381. D-spot

    Boat Stuff.

    Still have the life vests..??
  382. D-spot

    2 Spots open for the right Anglers....Fishing Sunday 8/25/13

    Thanks for all the responses... Sorry for lagging on my response... Just finished with my sons football game and after party... Boat is loaded and heading out in the am... I will keep all of you in mind for the next one....
  383. D-spot

    2 Spots open for the right Anglers....Fishing Sunday 8/25/13

    Tru Dat... Maybe next time.... Our goal is to have a great day for less than the cost of a 3/4 day.....Just depends on the fish and where they are hiding....
  384. D-spot

    2 Spots open for the right Anglers....Fishing Sunday 8/25/13

    My buddy and I have decided to take the big boat (42') out this Sunday to fish....Game plan at this time.... head out of MB (Marina Village) at 4am run straight west 10-12 miles turn south drop the trollers....(Yozuris, Rapalas , Feathers)...Whatever makes sense....Head South (down towards the...
  385. D-spot

    3 guys looking to go offshore Sunday -Tuna/Dodo

    Would that be the "Couple 100 Thousand Civilians" concealing weapons that would shoot our soldiers in the back as they turned to walk away....Just Saying....Take your Turban off dude...What's your real name...
  386. D-spot

    Buddy Boating 8 17 13

    Heading out again O dark 30 this Saturday...Plan is to head toward the 425 /371 and south to the Upper Hidden to search for lettuce. Anyone thinking of the same thing and wants to join our group send me a PM. We have myself and 1 other boat so far. Lets do this.... Things don't look incredible...
  387. D-spot

    Offshore 9/178/LJ canyon

    Thanks for the report...Was out yesterday with the boys and saw the boat sinking in the bay. Not sure what happened but Coast Guard was there when we passed by it. Just a stupid question but where is the 178.... Been fishing along time and don't think I've ever heard of it..??
  388. D-spot

    Buddy Boating Sat. 8/10

    The stoke is on.... Picked the ride up from Robby ( He's the Bomb ) yesterday finally after a month high and dry. Heading out offshore tomorrow O-Dark 30 to hit the paddies and get fish....What and where exactly depends on the temps and currents. Currently..looks like the 182 area and south. I...
  389. D-spot

    Dorado and yellows on the AM 1/2 day out of Seaforth?

    If that's not an indication that it's time to call in sick ...I don't know what is. I think i'm coming down with the Pelagic Flu....
  390. D-spot

    Offshore 07/29/2013 Catch and Release....

    Tru Dat... I was thinking the same thing....Really should have a buoy or some type of visual warning device attached. That could really ruin someones day. I'm sure they left their number on the tag for us to call for boat repairs when someone hits it.... Only a matter of time before that post is...
  391. D-spot

    Found the schooling OPAHS

    I'm very proud of that Mola...It was my PB....Got it on Bright Orange Power Bait in SD Bay next to the outhouse barge.....I'd give you the numbers but it's my secret spot for Mola... I got four in one day on Cast Masters... :-)
  392. D-spot

    Offshore 1 Paddy 3 Species Killer Day

    That is awesome....The rugrats will have that memory for a lifetime....Congrats.... I think I saw your boat last weekend at Robby's...What an awesome boat to enjoy that trip on...Nothing worse than having the ride high and dry when the fishing is this good....Glad to see you get her back in the...
  393. D-spot

    One stop shopping...

    Nice job....Congrats..!!
  394. D-spot

    Found the schooling OPAHS

    Wow...!!! I really need to get some Fish Dope....Or whatever it is that you're smoking..... Wide open Opah on the Iron...Thanks to the MPA's...:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:That's some some good shit man...!!
  395. D-spot

    Not Again....Boats hooked up and ready to go with no one in it...!!

    Ok...You got me.. Whats the deal with tomorrow..??
  396. D-spot

    Private Grady 22 Looking for Fishermen

    Mark is a cool guy.... Fished with him this past weekend offshore on the paddies. Had a great time and look forward to doing it again.
  397. D-spot

    2.5 day tips / Weather sites??? 2.5 day trip

    This guy is really good....I'm just a little confused as to why this text report shows the conditions ALOT worse than what NOAA is forecasting for Saturday... NOAA shows 2 to 3 foot seas with less than 10 kt winds in the morning becoming 10 kt in the afternoon ( Not too Bad).... as opposed to 15...
  398. D-spot

    Offshore All I wanted was a 10# yellow and I got this...

    Awesome Fish and Great Job on the pic....Congrats
  399. D-spot

    Boat is down and out for the next week...Looking to get out and fish 7/13/13

    Well Thank You Carl....We will be fishing again as soon as the ride is back from Robby.... Had a great time Ghost Hunting...Next time it will be killing.... - - - Updated - - -
  400. D-spot

    Boat is down and out for the next week...Looking to get out and fish 7/13/13

    What's up Fellas.... My boat is out of commission for the next week or so...waiting for Robby to get me in and drop a new fuel pump in it. I was hoping to have it back for this weekend but it's not going to happen. I was really looking forward to getting out this weekend and fish for something...
  401. D-spot

    7/6/13- Paddy hopping made easy, 9 mile bank

    I'm have not pulled a jump and shoot on a paddy in a lot of years nor do I own a spear gun....I still found this report encouraging because of the info in it.....Some glasses are half full ...some are half empty ...Just like people.......Just saying
  402. D-spot

    Going on 1st overnight. Need tips

    Board shorts...A bunk by the door...always keep your bait fresh... and the wind in your face while drifting.... Have fun....Nothing else matters.
  403. D-spot

    Offshore 105 Miles RT, One Big YT

    Very Nice Report...Thanks for the great info.... Congrats on the PB YT
  404. D-spot

    Private Grady 22 Looking for Fishermen

    I am interested and available either day ...did you mean 7/4 and 7/5 ?...My boat is in the shop instead of in the water where it should be with me in it. I would definitely say Tuna is out for now, they are still too far south for the range you mentioned and a crap shoot at best for anything...
  405. D-spot

    Not Again....Boats hooked up and ready to go with no one in it...!!

    Yes... He shared the cookies and even the bait too....
  406. D-spot

    Not Again....Boats hooked up and ready to go with no one in it...!!

    I'm not sure what Conseamate says about Carl so I can't really verify if it's true or not....What I can tell you about Carl is that he is really easy to get along least he was for me. There are not many people that I could sit on one spot for 7 or 8 hours never moving, just staring at...
  407. D-spot

    Not Again....Boats hooked up and ready to go with no one in it...!!

    Yes... Here I am again Saturday morning supposed to be on the water an hour ago but my partner had to cancel at 10 pm last night. The boat is hooked up and ready to go and here I am again on BD looking for someone who can fish on no notice.... I need to add some more anglers to my group of...
  408. The Ride

    The Ride

  409. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Thank You... I do like the boat...It has alot more than my previous 2 Hydra Sports. I did really want a 23' Hydra Sport and looked for a year and a half but never found one with a large 4 stroke. My best friend has an 18' Neptune that we fished the shit out of the last 3 years all over from the...
  410. D-spot

    Sea Anchor or Drift Sock..??

    Looking to pick up a Sea Anchor or Drift Sock for those windy days.Any recomendations on brands , sizes or just your experience with either would be much appreciated. My boat is a 23' CC. Found a guy on CL selling the Sea Grabber 60" parachute style for $65 new unused. Any thoughts..?? Seems...
  411. D-spot

    Boat purchase help.... Invader Reefrunner 17'?

    Heres an Invader you might take a look at a little more than 5K but you may be able to ffer less than his asking price...Invader fishing boat center console
  412. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Update.... First, i want to thank all of you for all of the support and advice you all have given.... Got the call from Robby on Tuesday that the Corrosion Inspection and Survey of the motor were complete. He did not want to discuss over the phone because there was just too much to go over. I...
  413. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    Yes....They seem to be affected as well... Yamaha F150 Exhaust Corrosion - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum
  414. D-spot

    Any one need one more angler for fri sat 31-1

    Just wondering...You work for ferguson pipe and supply..??
  415. D-spot

    fishing mission bay-piling dropin

    Nice... Great job on the PVC rod holders...Well set up rig you got there.
  416. D-spot

    Where has the etiquette gone?

    Drifting in on someones paddy or cutting someone off is bad enough but whatever happens all the time... ignoring a Dive Flag is grounds for an ass whipping....
  417. D-spot

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    2 70's sounds like a great set up for that boat but it may be easier and cheaper to find a single 150 Merc Optimax....The scuppers are going to let more water in with more weight on the transom...Just grab a couple scupper plugs from West Marine 8 bucks ...Problem solved regardless of the motor...
  418. D-spot

    Shimano Wax Wing

    On my 300 I use 50Lb Spectra and 20 Lb flouro on a GUSA 79H...Have caught quite a few YT on that set up with Mint and SE Waxwings but nothing over 18 Lbs....I dont think it would do very well with a Pig YT but it would be fun to try.
  419. D-spot

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    I would be very surprised if that boat could handle a F225....I have a 24' CC with that motor and its a little heavy for my boat....
  420. D-spot

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    Tru Dat...
  421. D-spot

    Offshore First string out of H&M

    Great Boat....Fished it a dozen or more times through the years...
  422. D-spot

    bait bag vrs bait tank

    Bait Tank.... We have had alot of issues with the bait bag on my friends boat since the day he installed it.
  423. D-spot

    Yamaha or Evinrude

    The Yamaha exhaust corrosion issue was limited to 2000 to early 2005 and was primarily the 225 not 300....Go for the Yamaha and use Robby Gordon at Boating Dynamics.
  424. D-spot

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    I would try google for the specs and if that does not work...Talk to someone else at Eagle Craft.... They should be able to tell you what you need. My guess would be 130 2 stroke or 115 4 stroke Max... Good Luck
  425. D-spot

    Bait Tank Light

  426. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    That is really good advice and I appreciate it....I'm sure others will as well... I really hope that it is an 06' and they were not trying to screw me but I doubt it... Still waiting for the report from Robby.
  427. D-spot

    Bracket or Transom Mounted

    I would go with the GW over a Parker...I would also go for the motor on the bracket vrs the transom mount...The bracket really makes my 23 feel alot bigger than it really is and does seem to imrove the performance quite a bit..Here is mine The bracket does give you alot more space inside the...
  428. D-spot

    Boat Pooling?

    That's some serious BS...Not getting a Mexi License and not saying anything...He would never step foot near my boat again...That sounds more like an acqauintance or co-worker than a friend...I'm feeling really lucky right now about my friends....They back up the trailer with no issues...split...
  429. D-spot

    Boat Pooling?

    This really should be posted in the Trip Planning Forum....Your best bet is to hop on a 3/4 day trip or a 1/2 day for the cherry....Good Luck
  430. D-spot

    Bait tanks

    I believe Ryan Herco Plastics still sells the sticks...The tips i used varied from 1/8" to 1/2" but the size tip to use was based on heat setting, base material thickness, how close the tip is to the material and how much you oscilate the tip....I played with a lot of different variations but...
  431. D-spot

    Bait tanks

    Just a note : plastic tanks can be repaired by welding them with the right machine, correct filler material PVC, HDPE and even PVDF and most importantly the right guy....Fiberglass repairs are alot cheaper and easier.. Just my 2 cents.
  432. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Point taken and duely noted..I have contacted an attorney and just need the documentation from Robby and CL to send a complete package to the previous owner..... Cost to date would put me at about $843/Lb but could potentially go up to over $1400/Lb for the fish I have caught...I guess i should...
  433. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    I agree with what you said...I know i made some mistakes and am probably going to pay dearly for them....The motor was pretty much verified "not an 06'" with confirmation of the exhaust corrosion that is present...actual extent of corrosion and damage not yet verified......An 06' would have...
  434. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    I agree with this recommendation and that is what i am going to push for...I don't remember if i mentioned it in my original post or not but the reason I was feeling like this Police Academy thing was BS was because this guy is in his 50's....I just don't see the validity in him being in the...
  435. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    UPDATE.... I just got off the phone with my mechanic. The leak down showed an average of 6% leakage across the board...#5 is in fact at 109 psi..1 and 3 are also low at 143 and 141...2,4 and 6 are not perfect but sounds like the rings are shot and the motor is going to require...
  436. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    If the initial inspection shows any signs of the Exhaust Corrosion issue...I want to have that documented by a Yamaha dealer or at least a reputable shop, which Robby does seem to fit the bill for. I think my only course of legal action may be to hold the previous owner accountable for those...
  437. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Thank you all for the responses....They have been encouraging and much more positive than I ever expected... You guys are the best. My main focus at this time is to establish a total cost to get this thing back up to par and go from there....My biggest concern right now is the fact that the...
  438. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Believe me I thought long and hard before posting this on here knowing that swallowing my pride was only the beginning of the bashing i may receive for my stupidity in this whole issue....I just decided that there was too much to offer others instead of being worried about getting beat up or...
  439. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Aggro...I agree with what you are saying about the tech if he only did a visual inspection...but Brian at Wilkes Marine did a full diagnostic, the owner of Wilkes Marine told me they knew it was not a 2006 when they ordered all the new parts they installed and knew the motor had caught on fire...
  440. D-spot

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Okay, I know that I am opening myself up for some bashing but it may help someone else avoid going through what I am when buying a used boat and motor and that would make the beating worth it to me. I know this is a long write up but I want all of you to know the entire story and hopefully avoid...
  441. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 sputtering at 4500 RPM...??

    Here is the issue ....My F225 runs perfect up to 4500 RPM without any issue at all....Right at 4500 it starts to sputter , as soon as i back off to 4450 RPM it runs perfect. This scenario occurs both under a load and no load ( sitting in the water in nuetral and run to 4500RPM)...I have replaced...
  442. D-spot

    Boat Sunk, Begging a Ride

    X2...You are welcome to fish with us anytime...Sorry to hear about your loss....
  443. D-spot

    Fishing Friday 5 3 13

    Both spots filled...That went fast...Glad the wondering is over...
  444. D-spot

    Fishing Friday 5 3 13

    Bump.... Room for two....Shelter Island launch ramp tomorrow morning...
  445. D-spot

    Fishing Friday 5 3 13

    Looks like i may have friday off and am planning another flipping trip to the K- Beds. Thought i would put it out there a little sooner than i did last week. Last weeks trip was a blast..great weather, good fishing and great company...Hope friday is a repeat..Looks good on the Cystal Ball at...
  446. D-spot

    Opah on the Beach

    Sweet....Nice Opah...Some real good eats there...
  447. D-spot

    Phenix Rod 2day on the El Dorado

    What landing is that boat out of...?
  448. D-spot

    Let's go fish right now....4 27 13

    TRU DAT.... Going again tomorrow... I have issues...Mostly Fishing..:rofl::rofl:
  449. D-spot

    Let's go fish right now....4 27 13

    I agree...Solo runs are sweet...I used to do alot of them with my Hydra Sport that was solo launch friendly... the new ride is a little too big for solo launching....I am still working on getting it set up just for that...
  450. D-spot

    Let's go fish right now....4 27 13

    Hey guys....Sorry for being such a bitch this morning with my posts...I had it set in my mind that I was going to fish one way or another....I did want to fish plastics in the bay and or kelp...I got my Yellow fix on last friday after we hit the Nados on friday.....I did get a random call this...
  451. D-spot

    Let's go fish right now....4 27 13

    This is just killing me....Boats hooked up ...should be in the water right now and i'm not....Am i the only one sitting in my garage looking at my rods wanting to be fishing right now....That can't be possible...Theres too many of us with the bug....I can be at the launch ramp in 1 hour and in...
  452. D-spot

    Room for 2 on short notice to fish tomorrow bay/ kelp beds

    Bump....I'm up and want to there not anybody up watching Hank Parker that's thinking ...I'd rather be fishing....This is just killing me...
  453. D-spot

    Room for 2 on short notice to fish tomorrow bay/ kelp beds

    I'm hoping to get it in tomorrow....but either way i'm fishing this weekend one way or another...
  454. D-spot

    Room for 2 on short notice to fish tomorrow bay/ kelp beds

    Here is a picture of my boat just in case you are wondering what we would be fishing on...Yes it is sea worthy and will handle fishing the bay or kelp even if it gets windy....let's go
  455. D-spot

    Room for 2 on short notice to fish tomorrow bay/ kelp beds

    I'm launching my boat right now....I should be there in a couple days....
  456. D-spot

    Room for 2 on short notice to fish tomorrow bay/ kelp beds

    Whats up guys...My plan was to burn up some undesireable gas in the boat tomorrow ...Fish the Bay and maybe some drifts through the kelp on a few of the go to spots for checker boards...My buddy had to back out an hour ago and I was already planning on going....Needless to say ...I still want to...
  457. D-spot


    I'm interested in A and G $30 shipped to San Diego..??
  458. D-spot

    Mark Pack "Long Ranger" Tackle Bag For Sale

    How much are you asking ..?? Or is $130.00 the asking price vs. the original cost
  459. D-spot

    4 Clamp On Rod Holders

    I want them all ....I will meet you today in clairemont no problem... you name the time...
  460. D-spot

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    Just reading the post I thought "you are the man...".....7.25 minutes per YT (X4) of that size on 20 lb... YOU ARE THE MAN....Nice Job
  461. D-spot


    Nice fish...Good to see them starting show...Just curious...Several times in this post the MLPA zone was referred to as a "No Take" zone...I thought the MLPA 's were no fishing period....Am i missing something..??
  462. D-spot

    4/19/13 Nados YT

    I remember pointing the Whaler out to my buddy who does'nt get out on the water partner has a similar Whaler 19' i believe...done that ride many times in his... How did you guys do..??
  463. D-spot

    4/19/13 Nados YT

    Well thank sound just like me..I think it was in the frame or thats where it should have been ...SIC's are a little pricey....mention that to everyone that uses my rods.
  464. D-spot

    Dusting off the winter dust

    Thats awesome...Congrats....Bleeding him out while you're holding him....You da man...
  465. D-spot

    4/19/13 Nados YT

    Wet ride home is a fact...I thought about that ride in my previous boat all the way home...was really appreciating the canvas hideout on my new boat...
  466. D-spot

    4/19/13 Nados YT

    Dropped the new ride in at Shelter Island at 6:30 am for it's maiden voyage to the Nado's....Picked up some decent bait....The ride down was really nice....Sun was up , wind was down cruised at 30 all the way....Hit the parking lot on the lee side of south island at about 7:30....Metered fish...
  467. D-spot

    Offshore WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!!!

    Yes it was indeed....I had 3 1/2 months off to enjoy it.....and I did alot of that with alot of BD' best summer ever.
  468. D-spot

    Life vests for girls

    Now thats a stand up BD'er.....:appl::appl::appl:
  469. D-spot

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    :appl::appl::appl: I'm digging my feathers out now....
  470. D-spot

    San Diego bay yellowtail

  471. D-spot

    04.13.13 - The Wedge

    Dreaming ..Equals motivation...Your day will come...Keep at it...:appl::appl:
  472. D-spot

    04.13.13 - The Wedge

  473. D-spot

    9 Mile Bank?

    Fishing is alot of luck and a little knowledge...Neither of which i have much of...I just love driving my boat around in circles looking for birds.. :-(
  474. D-spot

    9 Mile Bank?

    I learn something new everyday...All these years and I thought the moss backs liked structure like the kelp beds and islands...Go figure
  475. D-spot

    9 Mile Bank?

    Skip the 9 and save your gas's too early...If you really want to target YT with limited range....Go to LJ fish the NW corner 500 yards or so off the surface kelp...use your meter to find the edge of the deep kelp. Try deep cranking surface irons ( traditional colors) back and forth to the...
  476. D-spot

    Fishing the Nados Friday 4/19/13

    Tru Dat....More boats and more eyes normally equal more fish....If you're working together....
  477. D-spot

    Fishing the Nados Friday 4/19/13

    No Doubt.....Been watching the weather all week....tomorrow could be even better than today...If i was'nt already going...i'd be calling in sick right now..:rofl::rofl:
  478. D-spot

    Fishing the Nados Friday 4/19/13

    We've been waiting for this weather all week. Dropping my rig in tomorrow morning and heading to the Nados with another buddy and his boat to hopefully find and stick a few YT. Anyone interested in doing a little tag team on the fish tomorrow ....send me a pm and i'll give up the drop down...
  479. D-spot

    We found the yellows yesterday.

    Great to hear....Heading out tomorrow for the Nados.....
  480. D-spot

    Weld on rod holders

    Are they still available...I want all 8..
  481. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 ideal cruising RPM vs. Redline

    Ran the boat friday, don't think i Have a problem with the prop now that I know what RPM is safe to run it at thanks to all of you. - Ran it fully trimmed out in the bay on flat water with 4 guys, gear , bait and ice ...Easily hit 6K at WOT... was running 44 MPH. - Ran it offshore saturday...
  482. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 ideal cruising RPM vs. Redline

    Shad you are the man....All of the info you have given me has been spot on. I'm not sure exactly what prop i'm running cause I just bought the boat last friday and am still going through the learning curve of a new to me boat.. I do know it's a new stainless 3 blade stamped M-17. I'm dropping...
  483. D-spot

    La Jolla Kelpin

    X2....Thats a great mod to a great bait.
  484. D-spot


    This sounds like alot of fun. We're going to have our 42' anchored in 2 Harbors from late August to late september with our 23' CC attached to the back for running around. We are planning multiple extended weekend trips during that time. I'll keep watching for the website link for additional...
  485. D-spot

    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 4/10

    That was the best weather forecast i have ever watched.... Keep them coming.... Your link just hit my favorites... You're the man Chris....You can fish with us anytime you're in Diego.
  486. D-spot

    Nado's Yellows

    Thanks for the report....Heading there tomorrow ...hope they are still willing to play.
  487. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 ideal cruising RPM vs. Redline

    I appreciate the response....just wondering at 4500 rpm what speed are you running in your whaler....I'm dropping the boat in the water tomorrow to establish what my rpm at WOT is. That seems to be the key info i need to know in regard to any prop adjustment that may need to be done.
  488. D-spot

    Quality Yellowtail at the Coronado Islands

    X2 :appl: :appl: :appl:
  489. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 ideal cruising RPM vs. Redline

    Any info is much appreciated....Thanks guys..
  490. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 ideal cruising RPM vs. Redline

    Just added a new toy to our family, a 23' CC that has an 06' Yamaha F225 hanging on a bracket off the back. I have owned 3 Hydra Sport CC's all with 2 strokes , this is my first fourstroke. I was wondering what most of you guys with four strokes consider the sweet spot on your four strokes in...
  491. D-spot

    Lowe 21 foot Center Console

    Looks set up for saltwater to me....I don't see too many bass boats rigged with T Tops, VHF radios and Lean post bait tanks.....Just add anglers and a scoop of bait and go for it...
  492. D-spot

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    So is the problem isolated to 05 and older F225's...??? I'm asking because I have an 06 on my boat...
  493. D-spot

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    I thought it was a Big Eye Bay Carp.....:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  494. D-spot

    San Diego bay yellowtail

  495. D-spot

    West Marine VHF650 Radio

    Still available..??
  496. D-spot

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    I don't know what the problem is....It looks exactly like mine.......:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: The title should read..." First ever Opah that looks like a Mula.."
  497. D-spot

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Thanks Ali....So we do need the passport even if not stepping foot on land..??
  498. D-spot

    Need a little help and off subject

    The only Slimy Ones we have seen any where so far this year were off the back of my boat and my neighbors slip about 50' from us in Marina Village...We have caught 2 this week but very short around 15" to 18".They were caught on very small chrome Crocodiles and 10lb test mono down deep (about...
  499. D-spot

    Custom Canvas Half Pilot House

    Well done....looks great and very functional....
  500. D-spot

    That Guy

    "That Guy" thinks a long soak takes less than 5 minutes and should be done under the boat..
  501. D-spot

    That Guy

  502. D-spot

    Looking for someone to take 4-6 people out sat or sun

    Did you find anyone take you and your friends out.... I would have done it and have plenty of room for 6 or more but did not see your post till recently.
  503. D-spot

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I'm totally confused about the Visa requirement now....I purchased them on all my trips last year . We are planning a trip to mex next weekend and have noticed the sporties have been fishing the Nados for the recent YT. I went in to Seaforth sportfishing to get an update on the visa requirement...
  504. D-spot

    Killed the yellows at the Nados 3-17-13

    Swwwweeeettttt...... Thanks for the report
  505. D-spot

    YELLOWTAIL! Malihini on them again 3-22

    Whats up @ EZ..... Heading out in the morning to see if the YT 's want to play ....Can't wait.
  506. D-spot

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    Where are you launching from.....Looking at your avatar it does not appear that it would be in San Diego..??
  507. D-spot

    Offshore 09-07-12 Nados/ 371 Reports and Mex Navy??

    FYI.....I believe you still need the visa on the water inside 24 miles...
  508. D-spot

    Offshore 2 Days On The Dominator

    Congrats on the trip and the BFT....Great Report...Felt like I was there... My buddies were on that Ocean Odyssey 3.5 trip when they threw the shaft...was definetly not a prank call.....was a total bummer and were really late coming in but managed to salvage the trip with limits of BFT,YFT,YT...
  509. D-spot

    Offshore 302 area

  510. D-spot

    Offshore Voyager 85lb and 98lb BFT

    Glad to see someone finally got those things to bite....They have popped up twice on 2 of my trips in the past few weeks but could not get them to bite....
  511. D-spot

    Overnight leaving Sun 9/2?

    At this time I don't think the boat makes as much of a difference as the amount of time you get on the water....I would take the 1.5 day as you will still be fishing long after the 1 day boats and PB's head home increasing your chances by fishing into the twilight bite which has been a really...
  512. D-spot

    Looking for Crew - Dana Point/San Clemente Paddy Fishing

    Right now a good start would be launching out of MB and head W toward the 182..stop short then S toward the 302/230 and then E to the lower 9 and back upto MB..You should find paddies holding some fish.... Trolling on Paddies is not always the best method...It tends to spook the fish if they...
  513. D-spot

    Looking for Crew - Dana Point/San Clemente Paddy Fishing

    Let me know what you decide....I have been fishing the local banks and south alot this summer..20 plus trips since late june....I typically play navigator/trip planner for both of my friends that I fish with alot..i would be out with my buddy on friday heading south to hit the paddies but he had...
  514. D-spot

    Looking for Crew - Dana Point/San Clemente Paddy Fishing

    Have you considered coming to fish out of Diego for Thursday and Friday..?? The local banks have been real fishy close to home...
  515. D-spot

    I will pay for your gas and bait..

    Are you still looking to get out this weekend..?? PM sent
  516. D-spot

    Dominator out of point loma any experience?

    Great Boat , Crew and Capt's Frank, Anthony and Randy get it done.....I fish on it 6 to 8 trips a year...Been out 5 times this season so far ...2 day last week..all good trips..3 of my PB fish hit the decks on that's my first choice whenever i book a charter...Only bad thing is that...
  517. D-spot


    I would highly recomend the 1.5 day if you can...If not... i would go with the San Diego...They have been doing very well lately and you get one of the fishiest Captains in the fleet... . Good Luck
  518. D-spot

    Offshore MAW 2012 on Reel Hard

    Congrats on the win....Now I know who has answered me on the radio when hailing my buddy on his boat Reel Hard ...Too funny.
  519. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    Ya Buddy!!!! My favorite ride..4 to 5 times a year... On it tomorrow night for a 2 day with 20 guys...Can't come soon enough...
  520. D-spot

    Suggestions needed for First time boating the Upper 9

    try this link it may help a little...take a look at the street view to verify trailer or boat does'nt look very good...Good Luck on the fishing...
  521. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    I know you have....I'm just messing with you.
  522. D-spot

    Fishing mexican waters?

    There you go....The next guy may not get a warning and we all may be required to clear Ensenada first...It's only a matter of time and how many warnings they decide to issue...It's BS but it is their right as a country ...right or's now our issue to deal with..
  523. D-spot

    Offshore 302 dorado spanking

  524. D-spot

    Fishing mexican waters?

    The sport boats can get visas for their passengers...just as any of the PB'ers but the sporties are required to check in at Esenada prior to fishing anywhere in Mex...... The islands trips would have to be called "Coronado Islands 2 Day Trip".....1/2 Day of fishing ...1 1/2 days of driving...
  525. D-spot

    Help! Blood Knot or Double Uni!

    I agree with Carl that straight mono is typically just fine..that is how i fish on our boat...I like the P Line CXX blue and flouro if needed....However on a sportie I prefer to use 2 different set ups... -50 lb spectra with a 20yd top shot of 25 lb fluro and dbl uni -65 lb spectra with a 20yd...
  526. D-spot

    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 Day 8/12 - 8/15

    Those are decent grade fish....When you small I expected 5 to 8 lbs....Congrats on some nice fish...
  527. D-spot

    Offshore Tuesday at the 302

    X2....Money does buy nice boats...Too bad it can't buy Smarts and Common Sense....
  528. D-spot

    Offshore Tuesday at the 302

    Beers ...I agree...If it's done right.....Fingers...If it's not..
  529. D-spot

    Whats the hot lure right now?

    For Me...The mid size mint and scrambled egg waxies have been producing on the lock jaw dorado and YT...long sink ...slow retrieve.....FYI...You may get some shit for posting this question in this forum...
  530. D-spot

    Help me name my boat please.

    Sweet Boat....Just from looking at it....I say "Shelter" or "Under Cover"....Most names come from the type of fishing you do...??
  531. D-spot

    GUSA/Lands End 80 Monster Mag $160

    Bump....Will also consider trade for SX MC
  532. D-spot

    OTW signs of stroke

    X2...Well said...Thanks Guys for a job well done.
  533. D-spot

    Offshore The Ocean Odessey KICKS A$$ 8/11

    Getting the Rug Rats on fish is what it's all about....That's Awesome....
  534. D-spot

    Offshore NFIO......Oh wait...Report for 8/14

    DoDo on a paddy 5 miles off the beach...Now thats something to report....Thanks and Congrats..:appl:
  535. D-spot

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    Dude ...You need to read a little slower or get a stupidity translater so you get the story and your "Timelines" correct bro....The mechanical issues that you are referring to first occurred on the trip that fished on Thursday the 9th....Ethan and I both fished on that boat on Friday the 10th...
  536. D-spot

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    Let me guess...You woke up in the middle of the night terrified you might have to tie your own hook and decided to check the wheel house for a shoulder to dry your crying eyes on...:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Get over it....
  537. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    I would show it to my daughter...But she likes guys who catch bigger fish...:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  538. D-spot

    ? Fish Dope ?

    Wow....Really Dude....You really should be a little more informed on what FD is before claiming they only provide fish reports....Thats funny Shit..:rofl::rofl: Speaking of funny Shit ..I just looked at the SST link you dropped in your post. I was wondering if it's free down to the 302 and then...
  539. D-spot

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    Jack knows what he needs to fix..He's not an idiot...He's a Captain with a very young crew doing his best....It has been made more than clear to him long before this rediculous post popped up.....Jack is a good skipper and is trying to fix an unfortuneate problem the boat is suffering from at...
  540. D-spot

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    A couple spaces , 2- Grammar and 10-Spell Checkers...:rofl::rofl:
  541. D-spot

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    The kid earned his right to speak up...I was on that trip that he is talking about.....He washed the decks of the boat to help out the crew that was totally beat up and running a man short for the few prior trips....Exactly why Ethan stayed on the boat to help out, instead of going to work the...
  542. D-spot

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    I was on the trip the day after yours with Ethan....We fished with in 100 yards of the pens most of the day....scratched some fish...a good Capt. learns from what happened the day before...Kudos to Jack for doing just that...Complaining about only catching 40 BFT on a trip with a bunch of...
  543. D-spot

    Offshore Josie Lynn 8/12

    Well Done Mike...:appl::appl::appl:
  544. D-spot

    Offshore 08-13-12 Bday Dorado!!

    Sweeettt....Thanks for the report.
  545. D-spot

    Where can i find an online map of local fishing banks

    X2....Same thing I use...Works great....Especially since you can pull the numbers off the current temp breaks and currents...Great Tool to add to the box...
  546. D-spot

    What boat for a 2.5 or 3 day?

    The First String would be your best bet right now for open party....I have a couple spots open on a Limited Load private charter scheduled for next week on the Dominator but it's only a 2 day...Great Price( Way under market value) and Awesome boat...
  547. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    That won't be the case next week on our 2 day trip on the Dominator....You won't be working and No Crybabies allowed....I may have you fillet my fish though...You did such a great job and looked sooooo gooood doing it....It will be tempting.... :rofl: This is what you will look like.....just...
  548. D-spot

    GUSA/Lands End 80 Monster Mag $160

    This rod is still available....Looking to get rid of it....will take $ I can buy something else I don't need.
  549. D-spot

    Over night Or 3/4 day

    I know you posted overnight or 3/4 day....but if you can swing the 1 1/2 day ...I would highly recomend it for the few extra get dawn to dusk ...instead of dawn to 2pm depending on your location..
  550. D-spot

    Looking for Weekday HO's

    Mike, What day this week were you thinking of fishing and where are you planning on going..Re: Islands, Offshore Mex, Offshore U.S..??..I was considering wednesday.....
  551. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    No Worries Bro.....You're not the first and you won't be the last....You did great on the that fish...:appl:....You got the biggest fish on the boat by far....I did not get my first Tuna that size until I was 20..You did it 4 years earlier than me.....You did great kid....You should be very...
  552. D-spot

    La Jolla 8-8-12 PM

    Thanks for the report....
  553. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    You forgot the 2 Dorado( 1-18lbs by Pascuale ) and the huge YT estimated at about 2lbs...:rofl:Were you the kid that got his first Tuna but did'nt eat the heart..??
  554. D-spot

    Offshore First String was First Rate! Video Slideshow to prove it!

    Nice Show my buddy Gary was on that trip....couple shots of his fish ....I'm sure he'll enjoy the show...Keep up the nice work...
  555. D-spot

    Offshore Report 8/7 to 8/9

    Nice report...Congrats on the eats...Just wondering if your 210 has the custom catsing platform up front....??
  556. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    I'm in....done deal see you on the rail....
  557. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    Well Thank You....My trip tomorrow was an all day on a private....Just trying to arrange a place for the rugrats to stay tonight...Getting closer...:_hot_:
  558. D-spot

    Dolphin III tonight definite go, only 5 signed up

    Trying to get the stars to align so I can hop on tonight....Just talked to the landing 13 signed up as of 2pm.....Hope to make it as my trip tomorrow was just canceld an hour ago....:hali_parkutuli:
  559. D-spot

    Limited Load 1.5 &2.5 day Trips

    What boat are these trips on...?? Cancel that question...I just noticed it said F/V Constitution
  560. D-spot

    Offshore Grande-Sat, 8-4-12: Gills, girls, & gonads

    Nice....I don't know what Shawns looked like but that looks better than anything I've put on a plate...:appl:
  561. D-spot

    Offshore Grande-Sat, 8-4-12: Gills, girls, & gonads

    X2....Both 1.5 day trips I've been on in the past 2 weeks...The B&P Cedar got 4 BFT and 1 Dorado.
  562. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore 8/3/12

    I have'nt seen the flying fish but 2 of the paddies we stopped on did have small amounts of Dines..The few that they have been able to find and make are really good....It is tough to rely on but it's also been pretty tough relying on the bait from EB.
  563. D-spot

    Offshore 08-04-12 101-425,tuna alley,Nados.

    The highlight of this report is the 10 year old wants his own custom rods...for just him to use...Thats what its all about...Thats just awesome....
  564. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore 8/3/12

    No Doubt...Bait from receivers PATHETIC.....Some of my friends have started taking only a 1/2 scoop with them just in case and making the rest off empty paddies...seems to be working pretty well for them.
  565. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore 8/3/12

    Just a heads up ...I've been doing alot of research and reading everything I can find on that stupid issue from reliable sources and my understanding is that we do need visas inside 24 miles...we just don't have to check in at Ensenada like the sporties....If something has changed again...please...
  566. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore 8/3/12

    Unlike the clowns you are refering to...we actually do our homework and use electronics to find the fish....not the shoreline. :rofl:
  567. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore 8/3/12

    You read my mind....Can't forget the New Castle to wash it down.
  568. D-spot

    La Jolla-August 3rd

    Fished LJ from 1 to 530 after a long run came on about 4 with the HT we got one nice one...about 28 lbs...posted in my 8/3/12 offshore report... saw a few other guys get into nice models as well..same area near the finger....2 of them in Yaks right next to has not not...
  569. D-spot

    Coronadodo and yt 8/3

    Thanks for the report...
  570. D-spot

    Bubba Blade

    Great Knife...
  571. D-spot

    Offshore Offshore 8/3/12

    Spent some time looking at Temps and Currents Thursday night...The break seemed to be at about 20 out of MB in a straight line to the 302......Dumped in at 0600....Game plan out to the 182 then S/E to just above the 302..Hit EB in MB for some average bait nothing green and slimy was a little...
  572. D-spot

    Offshore Local Banks showed no love,friday

    "I was heading north we got fairly close to a group of about 5 the last one swung around and headed straight at me and dove upside down under my boat just maybe ten feet under me,made me nervous so I got on the throttle,has anyone ever had that type of experience?" Ten years ago while fishing...
  573. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    Give me a call on 72 if you need a ride back to the barn...Be happy to pick you up...:rofl:
  574. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    Carl, I did just look for the posts from earlier this week that several pb'ers did in fact state that they were asked for their doc's...License and Visa at the islands...Unfortuneately, I did not find the post where I read that but it was posted as a reply in a report thread... right now I'm...
  575. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    Apogee, I did not intend to create more confusion around an already confusing issue....I have never wondered about the requirement for a Mex License because I buy one every year....The 24 mile cutoff I read in Maggies original post warning all of us last friday about the change in the...
  576. D-spot

    Going for my 2nd attempt at a shakedown run 8/4

    AHHH....Gotcha....I did miss something.....I did not know that....Learn something new everyday...:ashamed:
  577. D-spot

    Going for my 2nd attempt at a shakedown run 8/4

    Proriders??.... did i miss something scuba guy..??
  578. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    @ ez.... there are several posts since sat when all the bs resurfaced in mex from private boaters that have had their docs checked including visas.....the only,, difference between us and the sporties is that we don't have to check in at ensenada before being allowed to fish in mex....visas are...
  579. D-spot

    Offshore 2.5 day First String

    Congrats to both boats... one with an incredible trip...the other with a really good trip...Not all trips are incredible these days... Been on many trips where I would have been more than happy with the Sea Adventure 80 counts. I'm just stoked to see the YFT in the counts.
  580. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    If you go to mex... get a visa
  581. D-spot

    Going for my 2nd attempt at a shakedown run 8/4

    I would try dines and swimbaits or small irons
  582. D-spot

    Going for my 2nd attempt at a shakedown run 8/4

    Yes 16 to 18 miles offshore.....182 is about 25 miles offshore ...roughly.... no apology needed...Glad to help.
  583. D-spot

    SD Overnight Trips

    I just did....:zelfmoord
  584. D-spot

    Lookin' to boat ho' Aug 4 or 5 to LJK for YT

    We are fishing friday...But,, Send me a pm and i would be happy to share any info i have to offer... Take Bouttime up on his offer...could be nothing but a good thing. Good Luckl
  585. D-spot

    Going for my 2nd attempt at a shakedown run 8/4

    I am fishing Friday to avoid some of the crowd... But, If I was going out sat and did not want to be in mex... i would probably head out toward the 182 stop short at 18 to 20 depending on the location of the temp break that day... head south to just above the border... slide outside 2 miles run...
  586. D-spot

    Offshore 7/31 local banks

    Nice Work...Thanks for the report..
  587. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    Perfect...thats even better than running a mile apart. pm sent
  588. D-spot

    Friday 8/3/12

    Heading out on friday to the 182 and then south....Anyone doing the same is welcome to join our little code group for the day...Temp break seems to be a straight line from the 182 to the 302...not a secret...seems to be about a 3 degree break..The 230 and 371 are sitting a few degrees colder...
  589. D-spot

    LOOKING for 2 open spots

    I have a 2day light load (22 max) private charter on the Dominator ...We leave wed 8/22 8pmish...return friday 8/24 9pmish . Send me a pm if you are interested and i will give you the details...There are a few other bloody deckers on the trip already....i only have a few spots left with a bunch...
  590. D-spot

    wed outside

    Heading out on friday to do the same....Will be watching your thread to see if we need to change our plan a little..Temp break seems to be a straight line from the 182 to the 302..seems to be about a 3 degree break..The 230 and 371 are sitting a few degrees colder than than the high spots inside...
  591. D-spot

    Offshore 9 mile

    Thats funny shit....:rofl:Would you mind if we do a drive by with the Cedar Plugs....Promise to practice C&R ..If we hook something...
  592. D-spot

    Offshore Has anyone been to the 9mile bank

    Heading out friday to do a little scouting 182 and south...
  593. D-spot

    Offshore 7/29-Tuna ,YT, Dorado @ the 238 and out.

    I'll take one for the team...I'll suffer with the one that looks like Snooki..:nopity:..
  594. D-spot

    Say What?!

    I think you slept through the Bluefin alarm clock... Good thing they're still here....
  595. D-spot

    MDR Big Goat!

    That picture is awesome.....
  596. D-spot

    MDR Big Goat!

  597. D-spot

    Island Yellow 7/30

    Thanks for the report...Nice YT
  598. D-spot

    This kid doesn't...

    He was'nt fishing ...He was doing a surf rescue.......:rofl:
  599. D-spot

    Youth Volunteer Orginization

    Thank You ...
  600. D-spot

    Youth Volunteer Orginization

    Does anyone know of any good organizations that need youth volunteers. Looking for something for my teen to do for some community service hours. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. First time i have had to deal with this and google searches did not help much. Looking to do service in...
  601. D-spot

    line capacity question for yellowfin

    X2..... Well Said... Totally Agree.... I switched to Spectra to fish smaller reels....NOT to cheat the fish out of a fair fighting chance....
  602. D-spot

    line capacity question for yellowfin

    If you want a better response to your question ....start a thread of your own....Just Saying
  603. D-spot


    Thats a great idea but their F***ing bait is absolutely horrible right now....They could'nt chum a scum dog from 10 feet away with that crap....Just got back from a 1.5 day this morning....All the bait was toast by noon.
  604. D-spot

    Offshore Prowler 1.5 day, 7/25 - 7/27

    Sweet...... On the water tonight ...sounds like its still good....Thanks for the report just amplified my stoke.
  605. D-spot


  606. D-spot

    Offshore Anyone have any experience with the International Star ? Good ,bad or Ugly

    Dito....Was a great boat back favorite at that time.
  607. D-spot

    Grand Slam plus one on the Klamath Aluminum Skiff

    That's Awesome..... Congrats:worship:
  608. D-spot


    Dana landing was not selling them a month ago when we needed them....Fishermens Landing was selling them or you can get them through MX Tour Assist sent direct to you for $8 cheaper. Not to mention you can avoid the mad dash to pick one up in the morning and waiting in line with everyone...
  609. D-spot


    I would not recommend fishing the rockpile without a visa....its way inside of the boundary mentioned in the original post...
  610. D-spot

    swimbait stick????

    Take a look at this GUSA i have for sale....You won't find a better swimbait rod out there....However,it does not collapse.
  611. D-spot

    Open Spots for 1.5 Day this Saturday 7/28/12

    Bummer...Sorry to hear that Joe....I will ask around but at this time I don't know of anyone coming down from LA. If you have a friend that wants to go I'm sure there is another spot available. Then the 2 of you could carpool together.
  612. D-spot

    GUSA Custom Jig Stick $180

    GUSA Graphite 8'-6" Custom Jig Stick....All Glass,Thread, Hypalon and reel seat are less than two months old..Took it with me last weekend on the Dominator...Threw Iron for about an hour but got bit on bait.....Still a Virgin... Aftco Graphite Roller Guides, Fuji TCS Graphite Reel Seat, Hypalon...
  613. D-spot

    GUSA/Lands End 80 Monster Mag $160

    Well Thank You....Bad Ass stick indeed. Just have too many of them.
  614. D-spot

    GUSA/Lands End 80 Monster Mag $160

    This rod is a Graphite USA 80 Monster Mag Custom wrapped for Lands End Tackle ( LESB) ... Pro Gold Series...Dual Helix Graphite Blank..Condition is 9.5/10... 8'-0" Extra Heavy....20 to 50lb... 1 to 8oz lure rating. THE ULTIMATE SWIMBAIT ROD....Hypalon / Cork combo handle....Fuji Graphite reel...
  615. D-spot

    Avet SX and MX

    Do you still have them..??? I don't see anything that says sold..??
  616. D-spot

    2005 210CC Triumph Fishing Boat

    Nice looking boat...Most of the 21's i've looked at are the 215 model and have the 150 on them with a top speed of about 40. Is this the same size as the 215 without the bow pulpit.?? What does this one top out at with the 115..??
  617. D-spot

    Open Spots for 1.5 Day this Saturday 7/28/12

    We have a couple spots on the Dominator for a 1.5 day leaving this saturday night. Its a private charter boat that i fish on alot every year. I prefer it over any of the boats going out this weekend. This weekends trip is a light load and I guarantee the price is cheaper than what you are...
  618. D-spot

    NADOS SLAYFEST sat 7-14-12

    SWEEEETTT.....Thats how its done .
  619. D-spot

    Pig Calico's on the Spitfire!

    Here you go (dkd711)...Pulled from an article written by an Oceanographer at Scripps.... "Kelp bass lay pelagic eggs that enter the plankton in coastal waters. High-contrast, black and white individuals with yellow-orange snouts are males. Fish with golden hues and yellow chins and jaws are...
  620. D-spot


    Fish of a Lifetime for sure.....Got mine last year on 20lb flouro with a 50 lb spectra backer....Mine was well under a 100 lbs though...It should be a contender for the LCR as long as the 20lb was not P-Line CXX...Filleting was quite a sight to behold ...the armor plates in those fish are...
  621. D-spot

    70 lb seabass on the "End of the line"

    Kudos on the Seabie....What a trophy.