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  1. jonbackman

    2022 Blackmouth Hard to stay optimistic these days.
  2. jonbackman

    Early March Charter trip

    Hey guys, I'm a BD member from Washington state, about as far from Florida as it gets. I'll be in the Daytona Beach/Port Orange area the first weekend of March. My teenage son and I are hoping to get out on a charter. We are used to long days trolling for salmon and bottomfishing for lingcod...
  3. jonbackman

    2009 Honda BF150

    Took this off my boat for recent repower. Listing is on Bellingham craigslist. Approx 780 hrs. Starts/runs great. Includes side mount controls, gauges, throttle cables, prop. Compression tests good. It’s a good used 4-stroke ready to install and go. Asking $6250, it’s off my boat and located at...
  4. jonbackman

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Hey Guys, I know there are several Defiance owners on here, including myself. I bought a 2009 Admiral 220ex a couple years ago. I’m very happy with the boat; layout, cabin space, fishability, everything except the power. It came with a Honda 150. There’s a lot of past discussion on this, and I...
  5. jonbackman

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2009 Admiral 220ex. Been shopping for a long time, so I'm pretty happy about making it happen. Sea trial went well, she runs and drives smooth. Had it out in Bellingham Bay today in some pretty harsh weather, and it did great. Anyway, went to fuel up, and it's acting...
  6. jonbackman

    Saltwater 7-1-12 MA7

    I went out with the rest of the world yesterday. We spent a few hours weaving between the mob at all the not-so-secret hotspots. Managed these two and got home in time to have everything cleaned up with plenty of daylight to spare. Not a bad start to the summer season!
  7. jonbackman

    Saltwater MA7 4-21 No complaints

    Time for a first post, I've been hanging around long enough. I went out with my 5-yr old on Saturday. He came to the Anacortes Derby award ceremony (he didn't fish in the derby) and got pretty jealous seeing all the kids take the stage. So, I told him if he can reel in a salmon himself before...