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  1. paradoxjim

    A few pics of a couple of rods built for my fav lure builder!!

    I was checking out the mahi weave and the damn fish swam away! Beautiful work, pictures aren't too bad either.
  2. paradoxjim

    Old blank restored for rock fishing.

    The blank might have looked very bad before, but the rod looks badd ass now! Nice job wrapping and restoring that old blank.
  3. paradoxjim

    2nd one of 2 for Pietro

    That is really pretty - your marbling is exquisite! The shading, the use of the gold flake, it's all just so nicely done.
  4. paradoxjim

    Gold Guides

    I haven't seen gold frame boat guides in years; they were all discontinued because the finish never held up to the salt. American Tackle has these or turbos with gold inserts.
  5. paradoxjim

    Best place to buy thread?

    I have used nylon and Madeira somewhat interchangeably without noticing any different characteristics. What do you find to be different that I have not picked up on? Want to make sure I'm not missing something while heading down the road to disaster!
  6. paradoxjim

    SS OSP 2X4

    Great idea to tone down the prism tape with an open spiral - looks very good. Very classy marbling, too. Excellent build.
  7. paradoxjim

    Rainshadow RCJB 84H For Dr. Brian.

    Holy sh!t, that is outstanding! If he doesn't like it, you'll have no shortage of people lining up to take it from him.
  8. paradoxjim

    Mono wrapped tigers

    Looks really nice, I like the colors that you used. I'm curious, how are you tying off the end of the mono?
  9. paradoxjim

    Old fenwick blanks

    LGTB 66(inches) 5(power rating) Most of the old Fenwick blanks that I ever worked with were brown "Fenglass" I'm not coming up with anything for the LGTB part of the model number
  10. paradoxjim


    That marbling is fantastic! It's like a psychedelic concert from back in the day.
  11. paradoxjim

    scratch, twist, repeat...

    For those of us that have been twisting for many years, Len's work is good to examine. Outstanding marbling and thread work!
  12. paradoxjim

    Inshore Fluke Rod, silent auction

    Sold a rod at a silent auction to raise funds for our fishing club.Trimmed the blank to the winners desire, measured up the handel for his long frame and built it for him. The blank was a MudHole "OEM" blank purchased on sale. Spiral wrapped with Fuji Alconite guides. Tiger has size A light...
  13. paradoxjim

    Rasta 800ML for Joe

    Your JTOB variations always impress, and you have taken it to a new level with the wraps under the guides. Multi thread crosses over multiple threads? I can't keep single thread twists as straight and clean as your do with multi threads. Suffice it to say, your work is beautiful and continuosly...
  14. paradoxjim

    Dorado'd out CX76 Raptor

    Lovin' it all the way around!
  15. paradoxjim

    Thread Color Combination Chart

    Well stated. I spend a lot of time looking at various spools of thread before I ever start any rod,
  16. paradoxjim

    Jimi Hendrix #2 weave completed

    OMG, yeah, what they said and so much more. That belongs in a case in a Jimi museum somewhere. That is unbelievably outstanding craftsmanship!
  17. paradoxjim

    Ladies choice

    I really like your idea for the open fish pattern! May I steal the idea? I feel better asking, even though I'll probably just borrow it anyway, LOL. Thank you for sharing.
  18. paradoxjim

    First color change weave

    Wow! Love the colors, pattern and especially the execution. Excellent work.
  19. paradoxjim

    Jesus #2 weave completed

    You always amaze - that is beautiful!! You really had me amazed with my first look at the pics. In the smaller version, it looks (on my computer) like you have a tiger wrap in white over black going on both sides of the weave. In the pic where you are wrapping, it looks like you are laying down...
  20. paradoxjim

    Jesus #2 Weave

    JC! The eyes look real!
  21. paradoxjim

    More marbling.. tests

    I really like your marbling technique for blending colors. The mahi looks particularly fine.
  22. paradoxjim

    Jim Morrison weave completed

    I'm left speechless, so I'm going with what Dawg said. And thank you for the step by step pics - excellent job with them, too! I can just hear Jim Morrisson singing This is the End when I see this.
  23. paradoxjim

    UC 76 VIPER

    Nice looking build. That lone black thread over the dragon scale really sets it off nicely!
  24. paradoxjim

    Calstar GF765H

    Beautiful work, as usual. And I am forced to say it, the colors are very fitting for the season that just passed!
  25. paradoxjim

    Jim Morrison weave

    Amazing, Steve! You must have too much free time on your hands. I spend days completing a weave from a left list and still have a grossly inferior product!
  26. paradoxjim

    A Pair or G Urushis for John

    I have always admired Urishi work, and yours is outstanding. Beautiful rods with good colors to compliment the blanks. Thanks to Capt. G for introducing Urishi to those of us not in the know (me!) in rod building. Where has he gone to? I'd like to admire more of his work.
  27. paradoxjim

    Spiral Wrap 6465XXH Advice

    Sweet Weaves! I like the wahoo weave with the split diamonds framing it.
  28. paradoxjim

    Is anyone using acid wrapping philosophy with bait rods of 60# - 100#

    I have a 50-80 standup rod on a charter boat that is acid wrapped with an All American roller top. Its caught countless tunas in the hands of anglers of all experience levels, and they have all said what a pleasure it is to use a rod with no torque.
  29. paradoxjim

    Recent weave

    I see 5 colors used in the weave, yellow, orange, brown, white and red. What do you go by to count the layers? Beautiful weave, regardless of how many layers it is!
  30. paradoxjim

    Calstar 770XH for Joel

    That might be a new twist of innovation there. I'm always afraid to use NCP thread because to me, it usually looks dull. You use it frequently in commbinations that make it shine. Beautiful!
  31. paradoxjim

    Another CCA donation

    Killer donation rod to what looks to be a good organization. Kudos to you for supporting CCA and your thread wrapping skills.
  32. paradoxjim

    United Composites CE 900 Monster Green

    Wow, It looks like there's more going on there with the sawtooth than meets the eye! You are constantly evolving your work and stretching the envelope trying new things. Outstanding work, as per your norm.
  33. paradoxjim

    Just finished the Give Away for December

    Holy sh!t Doc, that weave is tighter than . . . That is a beautiful weave and a gorgeous rod!
  34. paradoxjim

    Rainshadow RCLB 79 MH fade!

    I like the fade, and in the pics with it farther away, it really shines. Nice work.
  35. paradoxjim

    Seahawks RCLB80L

    Yeah, like South Bay said. What are you going to call that treatment in the guide underwrap? That looks really sweet and desrves to have a name. Maybe the JT Vine? Beautiful work all the way around.
  36. paradoxjim

    Uncle Sam Eagle Weave Pattern & Left List

    Wow! Thank you very much.
  37. paradoxjim

    Your own arsenal of rods

    I have no idea how many rods I have, but I do know that other than a few matched sets of rods, none of them are the same. I figure if I never take count of how many rods I own, I never have to fess up to my insanity!
  38. paradoxjim

    United Composites US80H / USMC

    Way to make one of our proud servicemen proud to sport a fishing rod!
  39. paradoxjim

    Just in time for my 22nd Annual Aug.' EXCEL 7-Day Charter

    A couple of beauties, there. The Eagle weave is really sweet.
  40. paradoxjim

    Rainshadow RCLB810M Optimus Prime

    Beyond beautiful! That JTOB with black over the NCP green really pops. I think I must be too old and out of the know; what is the "CTHD (crouching tiger, hidden dragon) wrap.?"
  41. paradoxjim

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB80M "Godzilla"

    "SALTYDAWG, post: 4388200, ]Really, really nice Yeah, what he said. Fantastic looking rod.
  42. paradoxjim

    JTOB Varaition Tutorial revised

    The pictures are prety great, too!
  43. paradoxjim

    76 Invictus for Pete

    You've been busy; that's like 8 rods that you've posted pictures of this week. The way I've been going, that would represent a good year for me! Pretty work. Nice color combos with great thread work, very clean. Thanks for posting them up.
  44. paradoxjim

    Trigger Weave

    That is like scary good. I'd feel like Trigger would be sitting there watching me if that holder was sitting on my desk! Do the eyes follow you around the room? Brilliant work, thank you for sharing your technique and the final product. This is almost a complete tutorial.
  45. paradoxjim

    OG Sabre 665h re-wrap

    One heck pf a "massage" all the way around. Beautiful work, Grant.
  46. paradoxjim

    Fishing Club Donation Rod

    Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I'll try a few pics and post a few of my builds.
  47. paradoxjim

    Has anyone ever had this happen?

    Lesson learned! Thank you for sharing before one of us amatuers gets hurt trying the same thing.
  48. paradoxjim

    Fishing Club Donation Rod

    Won at a silent auction, proceeds to the fishing club. NOS Allstar 727 spiral wrapped with Titan guides, Fuji seat and EVA grips. Traditional fish crosswrap. Weak photographic skills compared to some of you guys!
  49. paradoxjim

    Calstar 6480 w/ Olive Branch Fade

    Holy she - ite! Olive branch fade or peacock feather? Unbelievably fine work!
  50. paradoxjim

    SS 1x3

    Wrap those guides on and finish up that beautiful rod. Nice work!
  51. paradoxjim

    Help with double wrapping guides...

    Tie off the first layer and start a new wrap going back up the guide foot. It's always easier to control where the thread will lie while going uphill.You can always put a light coat of finish on the first layer before starting the second layer. Thats standard procedure for me on heavy saltwater...
  52. paradoxjim

    Here's where I've been the last 3 and a half weeks

    Holy chit, Charkbait! Looks like they will be arming the forces for a major offensive against the finned creatures.
  53. paradoxjim

    Lamiglas again

    I don't know how you can visualize these crosswraps in your head to lay them out. Aside from them being mind-numbingly tight and perfectly executed, the pattern variations that you come up with are incredible. Thanks for showing us your work!
  54. paradoxjim

    Another Lamiglas

    That's a loud rod compared to your usual. That one will stand out when it's line up on the railing! I have the utmost admiration for the quality of your crosswraps and your eye for choosing color combinations. Thank you for sharing.
  55. paradoxjim

    Lamiglas BBT 1083M

    I can hear you now!! :D It looks great. Exceptional crosswrap work, as per your usual.
  56. paradoxjim

    real fish scales & a American flag wrap

    I can't even catch a fish with scales that pretty!
  57. paradoxjim

    Mixing thread finish (brands)

    From Billy's website, Nerbs: Teh Billy V Epoxy mix – This is something which Billy Vivona has been doing for several years when he first tested Threadmaster before it hit the market. He has built hundreds of rods using this mix, and have spread the word at NERBs Gatherings for years, and there...
  58. paradoxjim

    Pink Floyd Prism weave Completed.

    Fishing, get's your soul I'm all right, Joel, keep you hands off of my pole That's beautiful and it hits a spot for some of us old guys!
  59. paradoxjim

    Seeker 270-8

    Beautiful work again, but I still like the blue Phenix better:rolleyes:
  60. paradoxjim

    Phenix PSW809H

    That marbling is mind bending - it brought back memories of Grateful Dead concerts. I thought that the marbling was great until I scrolled farther down and saw the tiger. You hit that work of art right out of the park. Outstanding!
  61. paradoxjim

    76 CENTAUR

    Classy looking build. I like the decal placement!
  62. paradoxjim

    Phenix PHD838MH Swimbait Rod

    I've always liked your work - beautiful builds. Been missing your posts. Are you posting somewhere else?
  63. paradoxjim

    Fenwick 1389 Restore and Build

    Nice clean look and the multi-axis diamond looks great. Super job getting the blank looking so good. A lot of the old rebuilds that I have done, I can't seem to get some of the stains out of the blank.
  64. paradoxjim

    Just finished this Honey Lami

    Perfectly tight wrap - beautiful work! The cleanness of your wraps blows me away, and that pearlescent thread is so delicate, it raises the degree of difficulty on this wrap.
  65. paradoxjim

    The Joker rod finished

    OMFG, are you kidding me? That weave is totally out of control. Unbelievable work all the way around.
  66. paradoxjim

    First Rod Build Questions for Now, Play by Play coming soon..

    You're killing me - I can't see a link for the video!
  67. paradoxjim

    Epoxy question..not bubble related

    Ambient cured epoxy sometimes appears sticky, tacky, and less glassy and smooth on the surface, when compared to oven cured samples. The cause is most likely due to a side chemical reaction of moisture (humidity) in the air, interacting with a curing agent. This phenomenon is known to epoxy...
  68. paradoxjim

    3 Matching UC's

    You mixed the colors for the marbling perfectly to match the thread. Unbelievably fine work showcased by superb photography!
  69. paradoxjim

    Seeker white tiger 2x4

    A whole lot of pretty stuff going on there. Too much glare to really se the metallic blue, but I'm sure it's pretty.
  70. paradoxjim

    More wasted time on Experiments

    It might be wasted time for you, but it's an eye opening lesson for me! Really cool tiger with the two effects popping like that. Your weaves are always impressive, but adding the blotches (through wasted experimentation?) really sets it apart. Thank you for taking the time to experiment with...
  71. paradoxjim

    A couple more Rainshadows

    Classy chevron with great 3D look to it.
  72. paradoxjim

    What is make and style of this guide?

    Sevier had a hardloy guide with chrome frames like the Fuji US series. The sevier rings were darker than Fuji hardloy, but not as dark as Fuji SIC. That might be what you have there.
  73. paradoxjim

    Seeker SS 1X3

    That thread work in front of the grip is mind numbingly beautiful! I can never comprehend how you so consistently work such detail into your marbling. Stunning rod.
  74. paradoxjim

    76 Raptor for Jiggyn

    The purple adds class and the simple Chevron really sets the tone - love it!
  75. paradoxjim

    Seeker Black Steel 6480XH

    Beautiful build, Jon. Your marbling always blows me away and that fade is killer. What thread id that primary! It looks too fine to be Gudebrod and I'm thinking it would look classy on a Lami S-glass (brown) blank that I just stripped down and refinished. Thanks for sharing.
  76. paradoxjim

    Seeker SSR810

    That rod features a tiger and some sweeeet threadwork, the components are incidental!
  77. paradoxjim

    10' Rainshadow popping rod

    Wow!! I started to loose my balance from the movement in that tiger. Then my eyes dilated when I got to the marbling and I just fell out of my chair! Holy crap, that is beautiful work!
  78. paradoxjim

    Anything Harder to Take Pics of Than a Fishing Rod?

    So is it the bricks that make it so that you two have the best pics I see anywhere or is it the craftsmanship on the rods? lol
  79. paradoxjim

    What size brush do you all prefer?

    I've been using 3/8 inch acid brushes for years. I trim off any stray bristles and make sure to run the bristles through my fingers to get rid of any loose ones. I toss them out after I use them and don't bother with clean up. The price is right and the final results have been very good.
  80. paradoxjim

    Beastly Jig Stick.......

    That tiger is off the hook. I am finally figuring out how to get away from the stripes to more interesting patterns, but nothing close to your work yet. Maybe in another 25 years! That mylar tape under the guides gives a pretty cool effect.
  81. paradoxjim


    "Jim was referring to the Silicon Nitride guides (BHNNG's). This frame is my favorite frame for rods that will be fished with 40, 50, or 60pound. They stopped offering this frame with SiC inserts like 5ish years ago and this is the next best insert available in the HN frame. " Thank you Jon. I...
  82. paradoxjim

    United Composites 76Raptor

    A master rod guy building for a master reel guy - gotta' love it! Beautiful work all the way around
  83. paradoxjim


    beautiful work, as per usual. I've got to ask - what's with all of the SN guides lately? I see you and Jim T spec'ing them on a lot of rods. I've used them on some wire line outfits, but not much else. There must be advantages that I'm not current with. Thanks.
  84. paradoxjim

    Hail Hydra!

    Cool spiral wrap:-)
  85. paradoxjim

    Another 10 footer

    The ramp to the cork tape/shrink tube looks flawless. Nice finishing touch on a pretty rod.
  86. paradoxjim

    Calstar GF800M OB Fade

    " Little bit of a different spin on dorado inspired colors." Are you kidding? You could put that out on a flat line and raise a billed monster to come take a look at it! Beautiful!
  87. paradoxjim


    looks purple on my end. Nice work!
  88. paradoxjim

    Batman - Hercules 700M

    The hell with the waterslides; that tiger is great!
  89. paradoxjim

    Tady 1097

    Throw in the olive branches on every guide and you can clock me in for 2 years!
  90. paradoxjim

    Calstar 765L w/ OB Fade

    "another version of the Olive Branch Fade spiral wrap" - reminds me of feathers on an arrow. Beautiful work! "cow man, post: 4081962, member: 158649"]Really nice Jim. Can't believe you're patience. I can't believe he is able to combine the patience with an ability to churn the rods right out...
  91. paradoxjim

    new work

    You're mastery of cross wraps is unrivalled. Never a thread out of place, a gap no flaws. Tied in with your eye for color selection in the fades that you incorporate, they are always beautiful. All topped with a flawless finish = awesome work. Thank you for sharing!
  92. paradoxjim

    Super Seeker 6480H

    I just took one look and muttered out loud "holy sh!!t, Jon." That is beautiful and your photography is always fantastic. Thank you for sharing.
  93. paradoxjim


    The fish wrap is one of my favorites. I've been thinking of doing one for myself just to get back to them. Seeing your beautiful fish wrap with the great color scheme has convinced me. Thank you.
  94. paradoxjim

    Super Seeker 6465XH

    Your marbling is always beautiful; it kills me. You better be careful, it looks like it's killing your dog, too! I always say that my dog is playing 'dead dog" when she lies like that.:-)
  95. paradoxjim

    Berry Pickin'

    The "wild side" was nice, but I like the classic better. Really fine crosswrap. Those guides must have come from some old inventory - don't see any gold frames around anymore.
  96. paradoxjim

    Rainshadow RCJB 84H

    Wow, Dawg, you pulled out all of the tricks for fancy and made one beautiful creation out of it. Exceptional is the right word.
  97. paradoxjim

    Dodo rod 6480

    Great work there! You can't leave that rod and reel laying around near the fish box - someone will pick it up and start filleting it!
  98. paradoxjim

    UC 76 Viper

    Great work spacing the barber pole spiral so that they emerge and tuck under the guide wraps at the same point in the spiral.
  99. paradoxjim

    Tiger Wrap combinations

    Damn, Doc! You're making so that I'll have to get a FB page.
  100. paradoxjim

    size 16 gunsmoke Sic or Ni II tip top?

    I have one that I can mail to you - gunsmoke SIC, Fuji RST12F-16. It's one of the flanged heavy tops. Let me know if you can't find one closer to home.
  101. paradoxjim

    Swordfish caster

    Wow - all I can say is wow! That is really pretty work Bill.
  102. paradoxjim

    SuperSeeker 6480H Acid Wrapped

    Beautiful work as per usual. The threadwork tying off the tiger is almost dizzying - I think your partner looks wiped out from all of the concentration that work took!
  103. paradoxjim

    Just finished this Lami

    Your work always amazes me. I just sit here, stare at the threadwork and try to figure out how you lay out the patterns so precisely. I'd love to sit and watch and learn from the likes of you.
  104. paradoxjim

    Stella 6000 SW

    I have a Gosa 5000F at home. It's spool is interchangeable with the 6000. I can measure it tonight if you are still looking. I do not know how it compares with the size of the newer SW series of Saragosa reels.
  105. paradoxjim

    I have one shot...can you help?

    These wraps, though they look like blue over white in the pictures, are just what you are proposing., This is Gudebrod black and silver size A under with Gudebrod metallic #245 blue over, one size A sacrificial. It came out OK to me.
  106. paradoxjim

    SD 70 XXH

    I'm liking the band with the "squiggles" right in front of the fore grip. Cool threadwork there! Oh yeah - thank you for posting up your tips for painting a blank.
  107. paradoxjim

    Super Seeker

    Holy sheet!! I wouldn't even know how to start to lay out the different sized/spaced boxes, never mind wrap it that perfectly. Outstanding!
  108. paradoxjim

    Harnell 173

    The sparkle is tremendous - I'm having a tough time differentiating between the paint and the thread! I kind of like the red and orange together; just have to remember the sunglasses when you have it out in the open.
  109. paradoxjim

    Calstar Baja Boomer for PEI

    Your marbling is always so damn precise - it blows me away. I think that I get too impatient to approach the consistency and precision of your work. Maybe a bunch of us can pool together to treat your wife to a day spa in exchange for her filming tutorials for us wannabes!
  110. paradoxjim

    Pink Floyd weave

    Damn! I can't get over the clarity of definition and detail in that weave. That is about as close to photo quality as weaving can get. Excellent craftmanship.
  111. paradoxjim

    latest dec wrap

    It may have been a while, but you obviously haven't lost it! Beautiful work.
  112. paradoxjim

    Whats the name of the tool ?

    I replicated the Clemens tool easily. Lay out a couple of pieces of hardwood and a piece of 3/4" aluminum angle stock (Lowes). Before you glue and screw the wood, trace a line where the edge of the angle will fall on the bottom piece of wood. Use a router to cut the V groove in the bottom piece...
  113. paradoxjim

    Blue Dream

    Outstanding tiger - is that metallic silver in the under?
  114. paradoxjim

    SuperSeeker CJB80F

    I am always blown away by your marbling. I almost don't have the patience to look at all of the detail in the marbling, never mind the patience to attempt to mimic you. Masterful job of combining thread and marbling pigments into an outstanding presentation. Thank you for sharing.
  115. paradoxjim

    Metallic Thread Fade Test

    Interesting and possibly scary to see the results. I have had Gudebrod metallic "rose" fade very quickly to silver, but I've been OK with other colors. If Bill's results are not pretty, I may have to give up fishing to keep my rods in a dark closet:(
  116. paradoxjim

    One of ours need some support

    Brent can do this. My Dad battled through colon cancer back in 1985. The doctors told my Mom he wouldn't make it, but he showed 'em they were wrong! Prayers for Brent to pull through.
  117. paradoxjim

    Striper Skin

    That is unreal! The guide wraps are a sweet compliment to the skin. Is the skin preserved? I'd like to try that (probably won't find the time 'til my son goes to college!) but I'd be worried about it drying/shriveling or rotting under the finish. Please share, if you are so inclined.
  118. paradoxjim

    Calstar GF700ML for Collins

    That tiger is out of control!!! First look at pic #1 and it looks like you've got shadows of fish tails following the yellowtail decal. Outstanding (as per usual):)
  119. paradoxjim

    Rainshadow set of 3 RCLB's for Bill Batson

    I'm really liken' the black and purple fades with the silver. Nice execution:)
  120. paradoxjim

    Bullards help please

    Hey, Jim & Bill, moving forward, will there be any way to get sap?
  121. paradoxjim

    UC AR700XL & Mega Mag

    you constantly amaze! If I applied a decal of one of your cross wraps, I'd still get gaps!
  122. paradoxjim

    My Blue Arsenal

    Excellent fit and finish on the carbon fiber handles! What was your sequence on the tigers? I like the blue/silver/black - it looks good.
  123. paradoxjim

    Calstar 700XH

    Fantastic work, Jon! That tiger is TOFC - Totally Outa' $#^&[email protected]% Control!! I too love the color match between the marbling and the thread wraps. I'd love to steal your "stuff," but I'm not that good at making my tigers come alive - yet!
  124. paradoxjim

    New PAC bay power wrapper 4' Aluminum base

    I'm not following - $85 new - are you talking about a dryer? What model is it or can you post a picture? I'm interested, either way.
  125. paradoxjim

    United Composites CP 70HPs

    So simple, but so elegant. They look really sharp.
  126. paradoxjim

    Phenix TJX602LB

    Your marbling is totally out of control! I'm getting better, but not like that. I'm liking the compressed JT Dragons, too.
  127. paradoxjim

    Shimano Terez rods

    I have struggled with choosing a blank to match the Shimano for it's strength, lightness and small diameter. I'd like to hear what Bill Batson would recommend, as it sounds like some others would like to know as well. Come on Bill, you must have something in your arsenal that can surpass these...
  128. paradoxjim

    Split grip spinner rod holder question

    . . . and don't forget, when you stick a spinning rod into a flush mount, the reel hangs down towards the butt, not allowing a too short handle to reach the bottom for the gimbal to lock in. Just sayin'
  129. paradoxjim

    Need a little help finding an old componenet

    I've got an old Lakeland laying around somewhere. I could get the O.D. when I get home tonight if you're still looking. I'd be happy to send you the whole thing.
  130. paradoxjim

    Seeker 809 Rewrap

    Killer buttwrap, very clean. I like the compressed spacing - it really makes the whole thing pop.
  131. paradoxjim

    Ultra Swimbait 800H

    You have got those tigers down! You come up with more ideas for color combos and every one turns out killer. I'm sure I can speak for many that appreciate your video showing us your burnishing technique. I've got to give it a try, but I do have some trepidation using a tool with an edge like...
  132. paradoxjim

    Help me make a Gudebrod master list

    If you ever find a replacement for the Electra metallics, please steer me in the right direction!
  133. paradoxjim

    M1 SMX73MH

    Great tiger, as per your standard. What blue thread is that? The color really jumps on the guide wrap.
  134. paradoxjim

    Lami Tog rod

    Damn, Ralph. Scold's head hurts trying to think about keeping it consistent. My head hurts looking at it and trying to comprehend where I would even start to try a pattern like that. Its so much more pleasing for me to look at than to think about wrapping!
  135. paradoxjim

    Synit Banshee M

    Beautiful work! The thread colors really matching the urishi is a nice touch.
  136. paradoxjim

    Twisted G-Urushi

    You don't work inside the box long enough to have to think about working outside of the box. Holy s>*t, that's incredible.
  137. paradoxjim

    Color help

    Hey Scold, that looks like you could make some friends at the University of Michigan!
  138. paradoxjim

    700H Facelift

    He ought to be dropping off a whole quiver or rods for "tip repairs!" Beautiful work all the way around. Especially like the marbling.
  139. paradoxjim

    First rod build in progress (advice needed)

    So far you've got it right, two threads laid down together. What color are you thinking of for the top layer? Not a whole lot of contrast in the bottom layer, based on the picture. I often go with a dark color with a silver or white thread to give some contrast. Burnish away and carry on. The...
  140. paradoxjim

    Doc !

    I'd say that a T-shirt with a copy of Pedro's weave of Doc's likeness would be a fitting way to pay tribute to Doc while acknowledging Pedro's artistic capabilities. I might have to buy a couple of those!
  141. paradoxjim

    M1 Spinner

    Yeah, I used a bright green Madeira with a blue for accent and really liked the look. Your tiger and the trims at the ends are all outstanding.
  142. paradoxjim

    Date the Thread

    I was thinking that the styros came out in the early 80's or earlier and were replaced with the plastic, though I can't remember when. They might have been transitioning to the styro in the late 70's for the 100 yard spool and later for the 1 ounce. The newest Gudebrod that I have is electra...
  143. paradoxjim

    I Know Nothing

    Hey, I resemble that remark! Love the weave.
  144. paradoxjim

    Phenix M1 Inshore 77MH

    Great work as usual; your tigers always pop. Can't wait to build my next one so that I can try the technique that you outlined for us. Maybe I can come closer to popping than in the past.
  145. paradoxjim


    Jimmy, you're over the top on this one! I mentioned that my techniques hadn't produced the results that you're getting, a few guys ask you to share techniques and you come right back with a video! I can't wait to give this a try. Thank you very much for sharing.
  146. paradoxjim


    and X2 on the technique! I've been trying different techniques, but I haven't hit upon yours yet. Any tips? Excellent work all the way around.
  147. paradoxjim

    new work

    My son would love the colors in the second one. I'm not even going to show it to him; I know my limitations and they lie somewhere far south of Capt. Richie's!! Absolutely stellar work.
  148. paradoxjim

    Phenix 700X3H

    I really like the black & silver thread work in the chevron. It looks like black material stitched with a silver thread! Nice build.
  149. paradoxjim

    Question for Rebuild rods

    You might want to check with a builder and consult with him on how to remove the old guides, strip the blank down and refinish it. I would much prefer to have a customer that wants a rebuild to tackle the stripping down/refinishing process on their own. It's then much simpler (read: a lot less...
  150. paradoxjim

    Phenix M1 MX-78H

    Excellent build! Love the decal - any details on how you printed it?
  151. paradoxjim

    30lb Halibut from the Tube

    Excellent catch, especially from a float tube! The difficulty that I'm having is that being an east coast guy, I always thought that your avatar was you!
  152. paradoxjim

    A New, Unique Concept - the 420 Rod

    Is that a new concept or is it something that you stole from Bill Colby?
  153. paradoxjim

    Seeker Hercules "Red"

    Unbelievable work! I can't believe that you can crank them out as fast as I can look at them on BD. It'll take me weeks to complete a rod that will sport comparatively inferior work. Maybe I should just quit trying . .
  154. paradoxjim


    I'm so glad that I scooped the last 3 spools of Electra blue from Acid Rods. Does anyone know of a similar thread to use once the Gudebrod is gone? I had a similar looking thread from Madeira, but it has a rough surface and took some finish to cover well.
  155. paradoxjim

    Camo colored thread

    A couple of pics of the camo a la Maderia thread and Sharpies wrapped on a MHole camo blank. You can see the green and black Sharpie markings in the wraps. (There is a little gold glitter in the finish.)
  156. paradoxjim

    Camo colored thread

    I made my own using an olive Maderia and a couple of Sharpies. I wound the thread onto a larger blank than the finished rod and drew random patterns on the thread with black and dark green Sharpies. Winding back onto the rod, the patterns became totally random. Worked well; I'll post some...
  157. paradoxjim

    Whoseajiggawhaaaat?? OTI 200gm

    Awesome looking build. The marbling just makes me think of alligator scales; good stuff.
  158. paradoxjim

    Winding checks

    Like Ray says, I do both depending upon the situation. The pressure is on to not commit any typos!
  159. paradoxjim

    Phenix swimbait

    Wow! Commercial fishing in style, for sure. I hope that this commercial guy takes better care of his equipment that the pinhookers that I know!
  160. paradoxjim

    Unfortunately not for Skeet....

    I am so stuck on how tight that weave is! Fantastic weave and build.
  161. paradoxjim

    Great rod finish explained

    Thank you Jon. Great write up, especially on a phone. I'm too old to be that good with a phone! Question: What advantage do you find the horizontal application over the thread provides? I use acid brushes and find that going against the grain like that introduces bubbles for me. If you...
  162. paradoxjim

    color wrap 2

    "Vessel: headache" Aptly named. I would have gone beyond the headache and progressed to institutionalized trying to complete that wrap. Nice work!
  163. paradoxjim

    Homemade rod+Homemade lure=

    That rod is awesome, a real "Sunshine Daydream"! Long live Jerry.
  164. paradoxjim

    Blue Universe

    X2! I kept scrolling down to see the process!
  165. paradoxjim


    ...and to be able to convey who that person is to so many of us by sharing his thoughts and beliefs through the peephole of a person's life that a web discussion board provides; outstanding!
  166. paradoxjim

    First build results in failure!!!

    If I can just cut the top and put a new tip top on, it would be great.... Sure you can. The action of the rod might be somewhat slower, but with that small amount broken of, you might not even notice. No need to throw it all away, build it and fish it and learn from the experience.
  167. paradoxjim

    Lots of techniques

    Holy S$%+!! That is beautiful. I couldn't even think like that, never mind produce it!
  168. paradoxjim

    New weave and survey

    Amazing, Doc. I can see the eyes of the squid, helping to identify them as such. Perhaps the pectoral fin should be a darker shade of brown or black, to differentiate it from the squid. Someone else suggested more of a pink hue for the squid - that too would differentiate them from the...
  169. paradoxjim

    United Composites Gladiator

    Thanks for that, Bill. I've got the Alps, just not the fonts. Print shop is $9.95 on Amazon. Looks like I'll have to give it a go.
  170. paradoxjim

    United Composites Gladiator

    If I could make fonts that look that good, I wouldn't care if I didn't have spell check! Bill, what software are you using to produce those fonts? I'd love to have labels that nice, it would help take the eye off of my thread flaws!
  171. paradoxjim

    Shikari Chick Bass Rod

    Your handwriting is top notch (to me!) and compliments the great threadwork. Nice job!
  172. paradoxjim

    ATC and Fuji

    I haven't found any ATK guide to be comparable with any Fuji in terms of quality.
  173. paradoxjim

    Phenix 20-50

    You're work is completely off the hook! Great color combos and impeccable craftsmanship.
  174. paradoxjim

    Golden Dragon Feather inlay

    Excellent work with colors - the feathers break up that length of gold and the tiger is beautifully orchestrated with a simple color combo. Thanks for sharing.
  175. paradoxjim

    rodbuilding records

    I keep records similar to Bill with details on the wrap as well as the components. I've had guys from out of state want a build to match an earlier rod or just the pattern. I also save the file of the labels that I put on the rod so I can have the customers name in the same font, etc. Saving an...
  176. paradoxjim

    MMASTURGEON: Calstar 900M

    Great color match of the marble with the thread. Tremendous consistency of the sapped unders from one guide to the next. Beautiful job.
  177. paradoxjim

    Gudebrod back.

    I'm down to my last spool and am dying to get more!
  178. paradoxjim

    Acid Heads

    I do a static test to place all of the guides and then use a small bumper between the stripper and second guide. Most of my rods are east coast, medium to fast action inshore rods (fluke & striped bass) but, I have used the same style on slow action trolling rods and on standup tuna rods. Not...
  179. paradoxjim

    OUCH!...What did I do wrong

    As for other suggestions . . . clean up with isopropyl or denatured alcohol. The acetone is bad stuff - for you and your components! The alcohols cut through most rod building epoxies surprisingly well and don't tend to harm finishes on blanks or guides.
  180. paradoxjim

    Weave for my buddy Ed's rod

    :oTOFC! Outstanding weave and marbling combo, the colors match perfectly. I'm jealous - I want one. Maybe I can mooch the left list and attempt my own? :o
  181. paradoxjim


    I built a spinning rod on a MHole camo blank for my son. Decent blank, but my experience was different from Zombie's. I went to clean the blank with isopropyl alcohol and it started taking the finish off. I coated with spar varnish - no more problems. My son likes it - the rod just completed...
  182. paradoxjim

    Gudebrod, on a come back?

    I love that thread! I'm down to my last spool - who makes something similar?
  183. paradoxjim

    Wonder weaver SOLD

    Still available at 12:53 EDT on Friday?
  184. paradoxjim


    Seconded! Thanks to all of the great builders and thinkers that share their ideas and work with us mortals.
  185. paradoxjim

    maybe it's time to take up golf

    I feel like I should throw away all of the rodbuilding "stuff" and take up golf every time I look at Jim Trelikes work! He is outa' control!