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  1. BDXL

    Crestliner 1600 SuperHawk

    I haven't had time to use the boat as much as I would like with crazy family life that most of us have that have young kids keeping us busy with sports and school. I have meticulously taken care of her since the first day I bought her brand new back in 2002. Great boat for the back bays and...
  2. BDXL

    Inshore Newport pipe.

    Went fishing Friday with the kid! We stayed close to home due to the forecasted winds and headed for the Newport Pipe area. We caught some quality sandbass and the weather stayed amazing all day. Water temp was 64 and clear light green. Fished in about 60 feet of water. The kid is hooked!
  3. BDXL

    Offshore Wahoo on the 267 today

    Went looking for wahoo this morning. 267 water temp was 73 trolling a large orange marator. Trolled around the bank for about 30 mins and we got our first local wahoo!
  4. BDXL

    Offshore BLUE of the Isthmus

    My dad just sent me a text. He's aboard the Mojito a 62 Viking. Owner Lynn Gross. Released an est. 175lb Blue Marin on the Troll 4 miles off the Isthmus (INSIDE the Island). He almost got spooled! Water temp was 73 Flat calm. SWEET!!
  5. BDXL

    Radio Wahoo??

    Can anyone confirm that someone really caught a local wahoo on Saturday?
  6. BDXL

    YFT in Newport Back Bay!

    Sea world research team netted a YFT in Newport back bay!
  7. BDXL

    Offshore Bongos killed it Today!!

    It's going to be a busy weekend!! Super close to home!
  8. BDXL


    Here was some offshore action from Friday and Saturday on Surfline you guys need to check out!:hali_olutta:
  9. BDXL

    Offshore Weather was great local!

    We went 83 miles yesterday. Found some yellows around 8-10lbs but not wanting to eat around the 209. My buddy hooked up to a small makeral on a 5" iron and a much larger fished grabbed that and made a 100 yard run before letting go. Water temp was 70 at the 209 and 74 north east of there. Water...
  10. BDXL

    Offshore Nice Dodo!

    Just got this photo from my buddies camera from our trip two weeks ago! This was a nice bull right here that kicked his ass. 10 miles outside of Newport on a small kelp. Wide open, left them biting.
  11. BDXL

    Offshore Bait?

    How has the bait been out of Newport? I heard Dana Point has had excellent bait. Going out on Friday and Sunday and looking for quality bait.
  12. BDXL

    Offshore FUN with the Dodos!!

    Left Newport around 7ish!! Blasted down south for about 30 miles. Water was BLUE, Water temp warm, and dorado everywhere!! We kept 13 and lost and released a bunch. 4 hours on a small 5X5 we found all to ourselves! Caught a sweet little bull with some really cool dark bands on it!:hali_olutta:
  13. BDXL

    Offshore Warm Water!

    The offshore Oceanside Buoy is reading 75 degrees this afternoon!! I would say that should bring in the fish very shortly if the weather stays like this!!!Good luck guys!:hali_olutta:
  14. BDXL

    Offshore Sum Fun

    2 dorado today! Good news for the local banks, and water is really warming up!
  15. BDXL

    Sauk River WA

    Had fun Catching the Bullies Last week up in Washington!!
  16. BDXL


    Fished off San Onofre on Sunday. Water temp was 61, slight breeze with super clean blue water. Metered lots of fish from 40'-60' feet all over a couple of the spots for nada. Felt something nibbling on a slice of squid at about 40' on my bass rig. Got it excited and missed him on the first...
  17. BDXL


    This is sick!!!!!! Thanks Jeff!!:hali_olutta:
  18. BDXL

    Offshore Dana, Friday

    Ran out pretty quick to the 267 with some great bait! Water was dark blue at 67. I trolled and tried to find a kelp quick because the weather was starting to make me a little nervous by 8:30am. We spotted a decent kelp and worked it for about 20 mins for nothing. Lots of macks and some nice...
  19. BDXL

    Offshore Dora Cat. 5

    So does anyone know how much the hurricane push affects our fishing up here? I have always heard that these storms push the warm water north.
  20. BDXL

    Big Bear

    Fished Big Bear yesterday. It was a little slow. We caught a handfull of smaller fish but we managed to get a pig that made the day!
  21. BDXL

    Newport Grand Slam!

    Launched at the Dunes at 7 ish. Fished PCH til high tide for 8 spotties. Made a run out in front of Santa Ana river mouth at 60' for 4 sand bass. Ran up to the Huntington power plant 65' for 4 more sand bass. Then made a run down to Crystal Cove for 4 Calico's! Water was 57 degrees. Nice...
  22. BDXL


    The Eclipse checking in this morning from the first of a two day trip just 65 miles from home and are on a nice drift right now. The 25 anglers have 30 bluefin on deck right now with 1 albacore to go with it.
  23. BDXL


    Bass tourney every weekend now! Fishing was slow. Tried drop shot, flashers, buzz and cast masters! Pulled out the fly rod and caught two of these little guys!
  24. BDXL

    DVL Tomorrow!

    :gayfight: :gayfight: We are going to ham:imdumb:mer that lake tomorrow! We have two boats in our group and hoping that the skunks stay away this time!:nopity:
  25. BDXL

    DVL skunk

    Great weather! Fished for bass, trollled for trout and striper. Tried everything! Algea bloom from the warm weather. Did not see any fish rise.
  26. BDXL

    iPHONE Fishing

    Make a wish track from my iPhone. Pretty cool!
  27. BDXL

    Shaver Area

    I'm headed up to fish Shaver are for a few days. Any ideas or tips?