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  1. rccalhoun

    Seward, Kodiak or Homer/Kenai

    My goal is to bring home salmon--halibut--ling and stock my freezer. I was told 2016 was a horrible year for silver salmon in the ocean. I can travel anytime. Which would you do and what month/week? Seward ocean--with the more consistent silver runs Kodiak ocean Homer/Kenai combo...
  2. rccalhoun


    any vibe on possible retaliation by Mexico on the fishing community based on the current developments in the political world?
  3. rccalhoun

    moving to sequim area

    what are my saltwater options? id love to do some crabbing and assorted fishing up there....and want to hear from the local fisherman as what type boat is needed and what to expect over the course of a year. thank you in advance for any information.
  4. rccalhoun

    possibly over booked

    what is the protocol when a lighter load boat overbooks by 1 (or by 2 depending on when you booked)? this is a long range trip. im okay with it, but just wondering out loud.
  5. rccalhoun

    royal polaris having a tough trip in deep south waters

    they haven't updated their results in a few days, but are having a tough trip. hopefully, they hit paydirt. they had one good day. now, all captains have to decide how far south to go as the deep deep south appears to be underperforming while the more northerly banks have had exceptional...
  6. rccalhoun

    15 day trip left san diego (polaris supreme) first trip to follow for this el nino season
  7. rccalhoun

    will el nino affect the 15 day trips?

    what are your thoughts? im on a january trip.
  8. rccalhoun

    best 15 day for a novice who doesnt have gear

    what boat would you experts recommend for a novice that has some knowledge for a 15 day trip this winter? which boats have gear and which crews seem the most suited? thank you in advance.
  9. rccalhoun

    where to live/fish in hawaii

    i am retiring and have limited experience salt water fishing, but and highly considering hawaii and getting out into the ocean all islands are being considered 1. where is the most convenient harbor for storage and launching (i hear a slip is out of the question)? 2. what would a minimum...