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  1. Swimmer Jim

    El Rosario

    Can anyone help me with Ed Lusk's phone number of Baja's Best Bed & Breakfast in El Rosario Baja please. Thank You! Would like to make reservation.
  2. Swimmer Jim

    Moss Landing

    Anybody have current info on salmon fishing? Heading up there tomorrow to fish in private boat for 3 days. Thanks for any help.
  3. Swimmer Jim

    WTB 20' Triumph CC

    Looking for a Triumph 20' center console. Minimum 150hp 4 stroke. Also need trailer. Price depends on condition. Cash buyer. Jim 805-350-0133
  4. Swimmer Jim

    WTB Boat Without Motor

    Looking for a 18-20 boat without motor. Do not need trailer but would consider purchasing with boat. Must be offshore worthy. No aluminum. Center console best but would consider other.
  5. Swimmer Jim

    WTB 18-20' Boat Without Motor

    Have a 90hp 4 stroke. Looking to put it on a boat it will push comfortably. Center console works best. I would buy with a trailer but not necessary. Panga up to 22' would also work. No aluminum.
  6. Swimmer Jim

    WTB Bait Tank

    Looking for oblong short bait tank. I have a Kodiak PF27 ( 27 gallon ) but it leaks. Would love to find one similar in size. It is 30" long, 17" deep. and 18" tall. Any available or ideas?
  7. Swimmer Jim

    Amato boats, Ensenada

    Could somebody help me with directions or location of Amato boats. Planning on being in Ensenada tomorrow Wednesday and would like to drive by. Thanks
  8. Swimmer Jim

    TIP Certificate

    Seems my boat age and make will not work on the on-line site. Too old, 1972, and make aquasport, not listed. Tried numerous ways but will not except a certificate that is not right. Do I have to go to the border or are there any other options?
  9. Swimmer Jim

    BOLA Trip/ Visa Issue

    Heading down Monday. I have never been asked about a Visa at any checkpoint prior to BOLA. My friend says that now some people are asked for a Visa at government checkpoints and turned around if they do not have it. Does anyone have actual information about this? I would like to hear from...
  10. Swimmer Jim

    Need BOLA Visa Requirement Info

    Go to BOLA often with no issues. A friend says now at any checkpoint prior to BOLA they will send you back if you do not have a Visa. I know there are a couple Federal Troop stops before BOLA but I have never been asked for a Visa. Anyone have any current info? I'm leaving Monday and pass...
  11. Swimmer Jim


    Mako 258 with twin Honda 150hp 4 strokes. 25.5 ft with 8 ft beam gives great fuel efficiency and chop slicing ride. Touted by many as the best riding hull that Mako ever produced. Outstanding safety and reliability with twin 2006 fuel injected counter rotating Honda's with only 500 hours...