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  1. Bigsurfer

    Rock fishing on the Sum Fun DPH

    I went out last tues on the half price 3/4 day. Rockfishing was slow and I unfortunately only caught/released a bunch of sanddabs and a few small Calico's. Maybe next time I'll keep them but was hoping for rockfish. Good going!
  2. Bigsurfer

    Do You Keep Sanddabs? How Do You Cook Them If You Do?

    Hit up a 3/4 day Rockfishing trip recently but unfortunately they weren't biting. Caught/released about 8 Sanddabs and a few undersized Calico Bass. The majority of people were not keeping Sanddabs but some did. I've had them in a restaurant before (Sanddabs Almondine) and they were very good...
  3. Bigsurfer

    Underwater video of yellowtsil in shallow water!

    Excellent the variety of fish too!
  4. Bigsurfer

    46 pound YT for my future wife off La Jolla Kelp-Twilight Trip

    Nice yellow! Hoping they come back in my neck of the woods off Box Canyon soon!
  5. Bigsurfer

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Wow! Catch of a lifetime there! Way to go!
  6. Bigsurfer

    12/15 strands fishing

    Good going. Dana Wharf half day boats normally hang out in that area some as well.
  7. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Yellowfin and Dorado 12/6 @ 371

    Great report, pictures, and score on the exotics in December thanks to El Nino!
  8. Bigsurfer

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    Kind of a bizarre comparison. Like somebody said...bonito vs skipjack would be more relevant. I don't do much sashimi (mom was paranoid about parasites in it when growing up) which is really the only way skipjack is eaten since it cooks up grey and bad. However the chunk light canned tuna...
  9. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Dana Point Decent Grade Tuna 11/19

    Excellent YFT this late in the year!
  10. Bigsurfer


    Great video...keep posting these!
  11. Bigsurfer

    Marlin at Newport Pier today

    Wow...and I only caught/released 3 hand sized barred surf perch not far from there on the beach today while surffishing! Awesome marlin photos close to shore there!
  12. Bigsurfer

    I did this in the 1960s I was a mere lad.

    Got my first two legit yellows (25 and 16 pounds ) finally (after trying for a long time) on the 3/4 day out of of Dana Point back in January of this year dropper looping live mackerel. So those mossbacks love the live mackerel as well as those other baits you mentioned! Can't wait to get my...
  13. Bigsurfer

    First Wahoo!!! Solo and in November!

    Your persistence, positive attitude, and willingness to consistently go the extra mile paid off in a solo catch of a lifetime here in So. November as well! Something you will never forget...definitely put that picture up on the wall...way to go!!
  14. Bigsurfer

    Davey's Locker Freelance

    I went out last week for the first time out of Dana Wharf since the beginning of the year when I finally got my first 2 big yellowtail that I have been trying to get for the longest time (picture of them below (16 and 25 pounds)...that was a great 3/4 day trip!). Only got one legal Sand Bass...
  15. Bigsurfer

    I did this in the 1960s I was a mere lad.

    Like your posts Jerry! Keep them coming!
  16. Bigsurfer

    Davey's Locker Freelance

    Yes. Four hour parking limits in closest lot. Just get a free all day pass from fishing landing for other lot right next door and parking is totally free!
  17. Bigsurfer

    11/8/15 la jolla report.

    Little boat and big yellow...way to go!
  18. Bigsurfer

    Davey's Locker Freelance

    $20 bucks for parking to fish Newport cattle boats!? Dana Wharf Sport fishing is closest to me and I normally go parking as well!
  19. Bigsurfer

    COASTAL Homeguard Hunting 11-5-15

    Nice to know the big yellows are still around on the bottom. Addicting getting them...way to go!
  20. Bigsurfer

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Awesome article Jerry about the history of Jigs in California!
  21. Bigsurfer

    Dana Pt Bassin' 10/26

    Nice Calicos Kevin! I hit up The Clemente out of Dana Wharf yesterday and had a legal bass and bonie along with many catch and release smaller model bass. Looks like you had fun. Thanks for the report!
  22. Bigsurfer

    Finally got it. 9th Inning Wahoo 10/26/2015

    Way to go on the Wahoo! A seal is like a criminal next to your boat if you have a fish just waiting for the opportunity to rob you as well!
  23. Bigsurfer

    Police recover stolen boat

    Awesome news! And Thank You to Wayne! Your quick response and thinking with the photo will bring you great karma! You are the man!
  24. Bigsurfer

    Offshore SWORDFISH! 10/24

    Getting stoked up reading about the normally unheard of Wahoo catches lately and now a Swordfish on the troll!? Definitely a fish of a lifetime. Way to go!!
  25. Bigsurfer

    This season really THAT good

    I was too young during the El Nino of 82/83 (I hear the tuna and especially bigeye were great then), but got into boat fishing during the last big El Nino of 96/97. Only did half and 3/4 trips and had fun on my first ever yellowtail (rats around 5 pounds or so). Got back into it during this El...
  26. Bigsurfer

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Congrats on getting your boat back. Hopefully those dirtbags will get the maximum penalty for what they did!
  27. Bigsurfer

    LIBERTY trades beer for tuna

    Went on my first tuna trip last year around this time and got a 20 pound Yellowfin. Tempted to get back out there for more but hear they are small...10 or 15 pounders would be fun but 5 pounders?! Will probably pass on that. That poor dorado looks around 2 pounds as well although I never got one...
  28. Bigsurfer

    Offshore 3/4 Day Legend 29 Wahoo for 10 Anglers

    Never got a wahoo as of yet. That is insane!
  29. Bigsurfer

    Offshore WFO Yellowfin 10-14 15 miles from DP

    3/4 Dana Wharf Boat got 230YFT for 30 anglers yesterday on the 15th. Unfortunately none today!? Hit or miss? I know most are a smaller grade but still sounds like a blast if they are biting. Would like to get out there soon. Thanks for the report.
  30. Bigsurfer

    Offshore 29 wahoo on the Legend

    Completely insane!?
  31. Bigsurfer

    YOYO YT Action ... Sunday Report

    Excellent Yellows. Very nice!
  32. Bigsurfer

    Lobster from pier?

    About 10pm.
  33. Bigsurfer

    Lobster from pier?

    A fisherman last Saturday night said Dana Point Harbor Patrol kicked off all hoopnetters on the little Dana Point Harbor Pier for some reason. Wonder why? Thought it was legal to do this off piers if you have lobster card?
  34. Bigsurfer

    Offshore 10/11 Dana Point

    I was wondering how big those fish were. Went on my first tuna trip on the Dana Pride last year around this time and managed a 20 pound Yellowfin Tuna on 25 pound mono (they were running 15 to 30 pounds). Then hit up the hot Yellowtail bite on the SUM FUN in January 2015 and was stoked to get my...
  35. Bigsurfer

    Whoo Late / Short Report

    A couple of great catches there! I was thinking she should keep her hands away from those teeth as well...way to go!
  36. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Condor Overnight 9/3 - 9/4

    Thanks for the update! Yep, I just called him, he said tuna limits and his buddy got a dodo on that first paddy as well! Forgot to ask him how big the tuna are running now!?
  37. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Solo Wahoo 10/3/15

    Crazy all of these Wahoo reports...way to go on a normally very rare catch! One you won't ever forget!
  38. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Excellent pics and report!
  39. Bigsurfer

    Milestone catch for me!

    Way to go on the Striper...a rare catch in So. Cal!
  40. Bigsurfer

    Rolling the Surf Zone

    Epic post and pics! If I ever make it to Texas, I want to go there!
  41. Bigsurfer

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    Great recovery using the pliers after the broken gaff on a fish of a lifetime out of Dana Point...Wahoooooo!
  42. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Condor Overnight 9/3 - 9/4

    A neighbor of mine and his buddy are on the Condor on an overnight right now heading out. Hoping they get into them well...sounds like a great boat and crew! Thanks for the report!
  43. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Dana Point Wahoo! 10/3 cool to get a Wahoo in a small boat like that out of Dana Point! One you will never forget...way to go!
  44. Bigsurfer

    Toad yellows in La Jolla

    Awesome mossback! Must have kicked your butt for a while on 20#...way to go!
  45. Bigsurfer

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    I went 25 pound straight Mono on my first tuna trip last year (average fish size around 15 to 30 pounds) and managed to get a 20 pound Yellowfin Tuna. Then went straight 40 pound Mono (Just a basic Penn Jigmaster 500 Reel) in January of 2015 and got a 16 pound and 25 pound Yellowtail from the...
  46. Bigsurfer


    I haven't been there in ages but Casino Point is great! Is a marine preserve right off the jetty. No tanks required! I just had a snorkel, mask, and one fin...still saw tons of fish there. Steps go into the water right off the jetty as well! Awesome diving!
  47. Bigsurfer

    662 Blue Marlin landed in socal today

    Who needs to go to Hawaii or Cabo San Lucas for the big ones? Gotta love this El Nino!
  48. Bigsurfer

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas fishing has come to So. Cal thanks to this El Nino!!
  49. Bigsurfer

    Newport patriot 9/21

    Thanks Kin for the info...about what I thought. I never got into the Skippies before and there are lots of them and really prefer YFT but still sounds fun!
  50. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point

    Yeah, got a 20 pound yft last year on first tuna trip and was stoked. Forgot how many tangles and sawed off lines I had to just get that one fish though. Looks like good quantity now but smaller grade fish around 10 pounds or so and the majority of fish are Skipjack (I prefer YFT). Haven't been...
  51. Bigsurfer

    Balboa Pier Yellowtails

    Awesome to get yellows off the pier thanks to this El Nino!
  52. Bigsurfer

    Newport patriot 9/21

    Thanks for the report. How big were the skippies and yft? I was thinking of going out of Dana since the numbers look good but with more skippies than yft (I prefer yft). I hear the bait is also small chovies and a small grade of fish around 10 pounds or so. I'm also assuming you used 20 to 25...
  53. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point

    Wondering if anybody going out of Dana? Fish counts looked good out of Dana Wharf today (9/20) with over 100 yft (smallish grade apparently) for 60 anglers on 3/4 boat. Sold out for tomorrow unfortunately. Want to get out there soon if it stays good!
  54. Bigsurfer

    Hog yellowtail caught off Mission Beach jetty!!

    Wow, catch of a lifetime from the jetty! Gotta love El Nino!!
  55. Bigsurfer

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    Want to go out of Dana Wharf for Yellowfin Tuna but the counts lately have been more on Skippies. Seems to be good one day then a bit off the next...kind of up and down now. Never got one before. I know they fight well and are the fish in processed canned tuna (chunk light type) but are they...
  56. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point Dream Come True

    Cabo San Lucas has come to So. Cal! Very nice!
  57. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-22-15 Dana Point A tale of Two Half's!

    Thanks for the report. Those tuna are hit or miss I hear. Your hard work paid off.
  58. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-22-15 Dana Point A tale of Two Half's!

    Ok, we did the crazy thing, bought more bait and headed back out. Sure enough the wide open bite had died. More shout outs of great fishing was made on the radio. The numbers that were given were only a mile away, so off we went. Yep, we saw some hookups on a number of boats. Setup a drift in...
  59. Bigsurfer

    Friday fishing on the Fury out of Dana Pt

    Nice! I'll have to hit up Dana soon if the numbers keep improving!
  60. Bigsurfer

    7/10/15 Aboard the Nostrovia @ Catalina Island

    Nice report Raimond...way to go on the yellowtail!
  61. Bigsurfer

    Sculpin have sharp dorsal fins! 6/18

    3 for 3 is great from a party boat. Never got spined by a sculpin and hope it stays that way! Great job!
  62. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point Yellows 6/21

    Got a my first few legit Yellows like that off Box Canyon on the Sum Fun back in January...what a blast! Nice to know some are still around. Way to go!
  63. Bigsurfer


    I may have to go out on the cattle boat there and combat fish for some yellows like that. Excellent job!
  64. Bigsurfer

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Got my first YFT on my first tuna trip out of Dana last summer...may not even have to get on a boat now!? How rare is that from the harbor!?
  65. Bigsurfer

    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    Awesome stuff! Got my first YFT last year on first tuna trip out of cool would it be to get one out of the harbor without getting on the boat!?
  66. Bigsurfer

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    Great report Tito! 150 is on fire! Keep them coming!
  67. Bigsurfer

    No crowds and easy fishing at the 150 6/11

    Nice yellows. Dana Point in my area is slow...will have to head up to the 150 one of these days soon. Looks like the hot spot!
  68. Bigsurfer

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    Nice yellows and combat fishing strategy there!
  69. Bigsurfer

    oPah 150

    That's the 3rd one now...sweeeeet!
  70. Bigsurfer

    Big full moon yellows in the LBC 6/2

    Great report and quality yellows there! I'm down in Dana Point area which dried out on the yellows (Box Canyon was hot at the beginning of the year though!). Need to get more...may have to come up that way!
  71. Bigsurfer

    Old School

    He will be back after that beautiful WSB!!
  72. Bigsurfer

    6/4/15 local yellows

    Assuming the 150 is out of LBC area? Way to go on the yellows. I had gun getting some off Dana Point back in January at the Box which unfortunately slowed down. May have to go up that way and get more! Very nice job!
  73. Bigsurfer

    3/4 day local yellows - SpitFire

    I was stoked to get a 16 and 25 pounder off Box Canyon out of Dana Point back in January on the Sum Fun. Unfortunately it dried up but you are stoked with those Yellowtail. That Big one looks much bigger than 25 pounds!
  74. Bigsurfer

    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    You won't forget that fight or fish...way to go!
  75. Bigsurfer


    Another gotta be kidding me! Fish of a lifetime there! Way to goooooooooo!!!!
  76. Bigsurfer

    First report....trip of my life

    Fish of a lifetime...fricken awesome! Way to go!!!
  77. Bigsurfer


    And I was happy catching my first 25 pound yellowtail earlier in the year!? Unbelievable and amazing report!!
  78. Bigsurfer

    My sons first 'tail today! Coronados

    You never forget your first! Way to go! They are completely addicting to get!
  79. Bigsurfer

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Nice big Leopard Sharks there! I surffish from the beach mostly during the day and catch/release the babies about 2 feet long or less. Would love to get some like that someday. Way to go on a great trip!
  80. Bigsurfer

    I'm still excited!!!

    Nice slug white seabass ghost! Way to go and congratulations!
  81. Bigsurfer

    San Diego 3/4 day 5-2-15

    Excellent yellows and trip scored nicely! I had a blast getting a few like that for the first time on the dropper loop back in January out of Dana Wharf...still looking to get my first on the jig like you! Way to go!
  82. Bigsurfer

    Orange county water temps

    The above sounds right. Pretty normal for March/April...except for the no rain thing of course.
  83. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.-Thur.- 04-23-75 Catalina Tails on the Ducky!

    Nice fish and report in some lumpy conditions. Looks like you had a good time.
  84. Bigsurfer

    Commander 1.5 day San Clemente Yellowtail (April 18) BAIT WRAPS Sponsored

    Good trip with nice fish variety there. Those food pictures are making me really hungry too...looks great!
  85. Bigsurfer

    Yellowtail Santa Cruz

    Excellent yellows there! They are always suckers for live mackerel on a dropper loop!
  86. Bigsurfer

    Monster from the beach

    I don't target Leopard Sharks but have caught/released tons of them over the years. They actually keep me from getting skunked on many occasions while surf perchin when it is slow. Mostly babies around a foot long, but some around 2 and a half feet long. Never got one as big as yours...
  87. Bigsurfer

    Geno's on the Board for 2015...couple of Corbina

    Congrats Geno! Great fish and report. Looks like the sand crabs are finally getting a little bigger. Corbina have always been my favorite surf fish to catch and release. I've seen those Ospreys pick the corbies out of the shallows as well...nice picture of it!
  88. Bigsurfer

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    Almost any sandy beach...Not many sand crabs around yet, but look for the beds (little v's in the sand will show where they are...especially at low tide) and if you can even find some micro sand crab beds...the corbina should not be far behind. I normally blind cast for them in a little deeper...
  89. Bigsurfer

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    I think the corbina are desperate for food since I have found some sand crab beds (however all are micro sized) which is why they are hitting well presented squid now on occasion. July is normally peak time for them, but with this weird weather year, things have been moving a few months...
  90. Bigsurfer

    Saturday 4/18, Malahini 3/4 day

    Nice picture and good report. Sounds like a lot of smaller models in the mix now as well compared to a few months ago. Still good fishing there!
  91. Bigsurfer

    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    Good trip, nice yellow, and whoa...that boat is right on top of that rock!
  92. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point 4/14/15

    Thanks for the Salt Creek report. Keep those posts coming in as that is my local spot...sometimes get the kayak out there as well. Caught/released a few corbina there surffishing recently off squid of all things which is pretty rare as they normally only go for sandcrabs. Hopefully this...
  93. Bigsurfer

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    Made it back down there today with squid on a hi/lo setup. Lots of kelp so hit the north end of the beach to avoid it but was still a problem. Saw a pair of Corbina in the shallows and a single so started casting to them and moved up the beach to dry sand so I wouldn't spook them. Unbelievably...
  94. Bigsurfer


    Congrats on your first yellowtail...completely addicting to catch as you just found out!
  95. Bigsurfer

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    I got into boat fishing last year after many years out of the loop (gotta love El Nino!) and have a few Penn Jigmasters on 20-40 lb. rods that have worked well on the local tuna and yellowtail. The biggest bang for the buck if you are just getting back into it and don't want to drain your...
  96. Bigsurfer

    Yellowtail mayhem on the San Diego!

    Quality and quantity there...very nice!
  97. Bigsurfer


    Way to go on a nice trip. Looks like you got that window in between storms as well which is icing on the cake.
  98. Bigsurfer

    My first yellowtail

    Congrats on your first yellowtail. They are addicting and you have now caught the fever!
  99. Bigsurfer

    LaJolla Best Yellow to Date!

    A 40 pounder is a yellowtail of a lifetime for me since I only got a 25 pounder (and was stoked with that)! Way to go!
  100. Bigsurfer


    I may have to head down that way as Box Canyon in my neck of the woods has completely shut down.
  101. Bigsurfer

    Past experiences on Thunderbird / Oside 95 / ultra?

    What ever happened to the Sea Horse? Got my first Yellowtail (4 peanut sized ones on a half day trip on light line) back during the 96/97 El Nino and was stoked! Nothing like the 25 pounders I got a few months ago on the Sum Fun during this El Nino, but still fun!
  102. Bigsurfer

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    Unfortunately, I heard that snagging Corbina from piers is legal. Hopefully, I'm wrong since snagging is the most unsporting way to catch and or injure such a game fish. Would like to see the specific DFG code per above as to the rules on snagging as well!
  103. Bigsurfer

    3/15 Thunderbird with over 90 yellows at SCI most on jigs.

    I think the Dana Wharf Boats fishing SCI are 5 to 5's or Overnighters. If those numbers hold up...I'm going to have to check it out as those Yellowtail are addicting.
  104. Bigsurfer

    3/14 Thunderbird Overnight Sold Out ;)

    Getting stoked up on the Yellowtail after reading your report...great trip!
  105. Bigsurfer

    Yellowtail Bycatch

    I finally got a few of those big yellows a while back after a number of slower trips mostly picking on the rockfish. Would love to get the quality Goat, Lingcod, Red, and Wolf Eel you have in those pictures though...beautiful pics! You will get some Yellowtail soon I'm sure!
  106. Bigsurfer

    Limits of Sm to Med Reds

    Nice Rockfish. I've also had that darn chest cold over a month now...seems to hang on forever!
  107. Bigsurfer


    Classic response from a guy a bit like this $100 boat hoe (have gotten some big yellows but can relate to the skunks too!)! You nailed it on the commitment of boat owning. I'm still checking out the fish counts and going on those "open party" trips at this point!
  108. Bigsurfer

    3/9 WFO at SCI--On The Fabulous Thunderbird

    Was thinking of trying for rockfish at the box since the yellows dropped out...looks like they went to SCI based on your report!
  109. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.- 03-05-15 Two more days of chasing Tails!

    Great report with detail on every landed and lost fish. I live vicariously through your is like I was there too. Keep them coming!
  110. Bigsurfer

    Dana point Bass

    LOL! The sportfishing landings probably get tired of me since I seem to ask a lot of those same questions when the yellows are biting to try to get the inside scoop! Great questions!
  111. Bigsurfer

    Local slugs

    Nice forkie! Hoping they start up again in my neck of the woods (Box Canyon) which has really slowed down as of late.
  112. Bigsurfer

    Rat Fishing

    Rat bait stations and the old school victor snap traps are how I do it when I varmint issues that come up lol!
  113. Bigsurfer

    Yellow on the Iron, and a Whale on the Sonar

    Nice legwork holding that yellow in the yak...heck, forget the gym, just get the forkies on the yak. Nice work!
  114. Bigsurfer


    Dropper loop with bait for me when I was on the party boats. Got some nice Reds, Bocaccio, and Chuckleheads out there a while back when it was legal to keep them.
  115. Bigsurfer


    Hopefully a repeat of the epic 2014 and possibly even better based on the above!
  116. Bigsurfer

    Live Bait Circle Hooks with Rings Good?

    I have some Gakamatsu ringed hooks, but just used the standard 2/0 Mustad Bronze live bait j hooks on the big yellowtail a while back with success.
  117. Bigsurfer

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Definite hottie! She wouldn't be cool going on a date at Carls Jr. I bet lol!
  118. Bigsurfer

    Ratboy, Jason Collins Featured

    Amen to that...surfing and fishing are the bomb. I normally just surf fish and off the rocky coves some since no boat. Used to do the party boat thing back during the last El Nino in 96/97. Just got back into it this El Nino of 14/15...was stoked to get Yellowfin Tuna and BIG Yellowtail a month...
  119. Bigsurfer

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    I think that was actually the 3rd time in my life getting the Corbina on cut squid. Almost always exclusively on sandcrabs. Fish had a scar on its back that healed up (looked like from a spearfisherman). I hooked it really well in the fleshy part of the corner of the mouth and had trouble...
  120. Bigsurfer

    Tuna Crabs & Tea Leafs

    I was too young to fish during the El Nino of 83/84 but the tuna fishing especially was supposed to be epic. Have fished the EL Nino of 96/97 for many firecracker yellowtail on the half day and 3/4 boats. This El Nino of 14/15 was amazing with slug 25 pound yellowtail off the Box, tuna on the 5...
  121. Bigsurfer

    Links to Surf Reports and Swell Forcasting

    Stormsurf is really good and pretty darn accurate....what is best is that it gives you the forecast for an entire week out as well!
  122. Bigsurfer

    Post Your Best Surfing Pictures and Stories!...

    You got it right Jason! Second two were at Gravels as well...was trying to get a close up barrel shot like that "limp wristed barrel" you got many years ago (without the limp wrist of course lol). A little too far away and took a beating on the third shot but worth trying. Made that wave (first...
  123. Bigsurfer

    Ratboy, Jason Collins Featured

    Very cool video Jason!
  124. Bigsurfer

    Ever Catch Corbina On Squid Before?

    Surffished South OC today using cut squid for bait (since sandcrabs are scarce). Caught/released a small Leopard Shark, 2 Barred Perch, and a suprise 17 inch Corbina. Have been surffishing for many years and have only gotten the Corbina on squid only 3 or 4 times.
  125. Bigsurfer

    Spooling a Torium 20

    2 hookups is a good to land them in 5 or 10 minutes max with the heavier gear...especially with 55 people on the boat!
  126. Bigsurfer

    Spooling a Torium 20

    I was wondering how you did that day (39 yellows landed) as I went out the next day and none were caught with no hookups at all. Lots of current and frustrating tangles for me trying for Plan B Sculpin and I got blanked on them too!? Sea lions and diving cormorants were relentless fishing the...
  127. Bigsurfer

    Longest lurker, first post

    Great WSB and forkie...well done!
  128. Bigsurfer

    Chasing Tails 3 Day Report 2/16-2/18

    Nice quantity and quality forkies there!
  129. Bigsurfer

    yellowtail by the rigs 5 for 15 smh

    Yellows and the Plan B Sculpin are the only game in town now. Very nice Plan A Forkies there!
  130. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    One of the best posts and pics I have read in a LONG time! What an epic adventure!
  131. Bigsurfer

    Monday, 2/16 La Jolla

    Thanks for the report Raimond. Went out off the Box last Thursday and it wasn't happening either, but not for lack of trying.
  132. Bigsurfer

    34 Pound Yellowtail from Kayak!!! Photo and Video

    Beautiful kayak yellowtail! Super Stoked!
  133. Bigsurfer

    Newbie question

    Agree with the above...don't worry about tides too much, but get out there when the surf is small, and hopefully minimal kelp and seaweed around. Use the sandcrabs if you can get them too...the best bait for surffishing!
  134. Bigsurfer


    I usually seek out Corbina, but 90% of my surffishing catch are small Leopard Sharks and Barred Perch. Wide open perch bites are always fun...I never get tired of the little buggers!
  135. Bigsurfer

    Thick in San Clemente....

    That hurricane Marie swell was a blast at Salt Creek. A little out of control in the am...still 8 to 10 feet in the pm with a channel and glassy!!
  136. Bigsurfer

    SB Sandspit

    Great barrels...Gabe is stoked on the barrel of a lifetime too!
  137. Bigsurfer

    Post Your Best Surfing Pictures and Stories!...

    Black and white one was during the biggest winter swell in many years back in 2008 at a spot in OC that hardly ever breaks. Had to sit deeper than everyone right on top of the boil/bug traps and luckily a great one came...Surfline photographer got the shot. Second (from shore) and third pics...
  138. Bigsurfer

    Follow up to Friday the 13th Box Canyon.

    Was out on the Sum Fun that day...Brian looked hard but it wasn't yellows and unfortunately a lot of tangles for me going for the lowly sculpin. Couldn't even get one...only a catch and release sanddab. USS Essex and the hovercraft were impressive to see out there...not sure how...
  139. Bigsurfer

    Valentines day LATE POST

    Excellent report...she sounds like a keeper!
  140. Bigsurfer

    yellows deep east of oil rigs

    Excellent haul slayed them!
  141. Bigsurfer

    2/14 Local lb yt

    Nice yellowtail on the swimbait...congratulations!
  142. Bigsurfer

    2/15/15 Dana Point Inshore

    Surfed Creek the last few days...pretty fun out there with summer like weather. Cool that the red crabs are there as well.
  143. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Friday the 13th

    I went out on Thursday the 12th on the Sum yellows at all either. Brian looked hard, but wasn't happening. Sea lions, diving cormorants, and skiffs following the boat like mosquitoes didn't help things.
  144. Bigsurfer

    Good boat to get yellows?

    New Seaforth afternoon half day today had 36 people get 90 plus yellowtail! Anybody know how big those fish are? Great numbers there!
  145. Bigsurfer

    Dropper Loop for YT question?

    That sounds like a good plan! Fish are still off the box I hear...sea lions are aggressive as well. Good luck out there!
  146. Bigsurfer


    Felt lucky to get mine a while back on the dropper loop. Heard the sea lions are now much more aggressive snagging the yellows and even swimming all the way to the bottom to snag live baits off the dropper loops!? Maybe jigging is the way to go...then you gotta get past the dogs!
  147. Bigsurfer

    Beginner Chasing LB Yellows

    Didn't realize you were on a private boat...4 hookups on a 5 to 1 retrieve Jigmaster is good! How did you lose the fish? I'd go at least 40# mono on the brutes. You will get a lot of different responses on where your drag should be set. Most will probably say button down the drag as much as...
  148. Bigsurfer

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

    Much appreciated...I was thinking along those lines too for jigging.
  149. Bigsurfer

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

    2/0 live bait hooks.
  150. Bigsurfer

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

    Thanks, felt I was at a disadvantage on a party boat with guys with faster retrieves with heavy braid and topshot and changed to dropper loop live bait (on straight 40# mono) which was successful. Will have to be more patient and try the jigging thing again...would be a blast getting them that way!
  151. Bigsurfer

    Beginner Chasing LB Yellows

    On a party boat, I felt I was at a disadvantage jigging with guys with 6 to 1 and faster retrieves with the heavy braid and topshot line even though I didn't jig for very long once they started biting on live bait. For dropper loop live bait fishing though, the Jigmasters worked perfectly fine...
  152. Bigsurfer

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

    Is a 5 to 1 gear ratio retrieve okay doing this on Jigmasters? I wasn't getting them on the jig on the party boat (was reeling as fast as I could)...think I was at a disadvantage with those with 6 to 1 or faster retrieves that got some which is why I switched to dropper looping live bait with...
  153. Bigsurfer

    Beginner Chasing LB Yellows

    I only have a few Jigmasters with 40# mono that worked fine on the forkies a while back on the dropper loop.
  154. Bigsurfer

    Deep dropper loop fishing : mono or fluoro?

    Seems like a lot of guys are using heavy braid line with 50 or 60 pound topshot on it which is probably the best although I got mine on straight 40 pound mono with drag a little on the loose side so I wouldn't get broken off.
  155. Bigsurfer

    Good boat to get yellows?

    Got mine on the Sum Fun a few weeks ago. Heard good things about New Seaforth as well down in SD.
  156. Bigsurfer

    Tips on Yellowtail for a beginner

    The above sounds spot on for jigging. I unfortunately only have a few Penn Jigmaster reels at the moment and jigging wasn't doing it for me. Maybe the 5 to 1 retrieve gear ratio on those is too slow compared to the others using faster retrieves. So I switched to a dropper loop setup with live...
  157. Bigsurfer

    Red Tuna Crab?

    Nope...he couldn't eat DURIAN (a gnarley fruit that smells like a sewer and has an interesting flavor once you get past the smell) of all things!
  158. Bigsurfer

    Chasing Yellows????

    That boat did great today! I'm hoping to get out soon...although I'm by the box yellows.
  159. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.-Wed. 02-04-15 A Tale of Tails!

    Way to go on the forkies!
  160. Bigsurfer

    Newbie got 2 today!

    Way to go getting on the full moon bite! New Seaforth numbers looked good. Dana is picking up too...unfortunately I cannot make it tomorrow. Need to get some on the jig like you...great day out there!
  161. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    Full moon bite looks to be picking up. Wanted to make it out tomorrow but unfortunately cannot. Nice forkies!
  162. Bigsurfer

    La Jolla Monday 2/2

    I got mine on dropper loop live bait as well. Still looking to get some on the jig...way to go!
  163. Bigsurfer

    Local toads !

    Box supposedly has slowed down a bit. LJ still sounds good...way to go!
  164. Bigsurfer

    got one 2/1

    Getting a forkie will always make your day!
  165. Bigsurfer

    Coronados update / Jigmasters heaven

    Way to score on the yellows...great report and pics Eddie!
  166. Bigsurfer

    1/28 Tales of Tails & Tails at Catalina

    Great pics and report...kudos on letting the big bug go. Major drag is always a blast too!
  167. Bigsurfer

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-28-15 Limits++ of Calico and Sand Bass!

    Nice report, Calico's, Sandies, and glad you are back to health and enjoying every moment out there!
  168. Bigsurfer

    1/28 Fishing meter marks on the hard bottom

    Getting yellows off the kayak must be a blast! Way to go!
  169. Bigsurfer

    tady 4/0

    I have a few Salas 6x's and a blue and white Tady 4/0...still looking to get a yellow on the jig too!
  170. Bigsurfer

    Yellowtail at the Domes 1/24

    Way to go on the yellow on the mint green jig! Near the bow on the starboard side worked for me also on the Sum Fun...congrats!!
  171. Bigsurfer

    Rainy day

    Is that from the Box? Nice SLUG!!
  172. Bigsurfer

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    That sounds about like mine but on the starboard side...way to go on getting one with 78 people...must be a big boat!
  173. Bigsurfer

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    Those tangles sound like my first legit one a few weeks back...thought for sure I would lose it but didn't! Your questions really paid off...stoked for you!
  174. Bigsurfer

    TOW = 2 Nice 'tails

    Nice Yellowtail and sunset pics there!
  175. Bigsurfer

    270 Slug

    Pulling up a few Spanish Macks and going for it was paid off for you...way to go!
  176. Bigsurfer

    January WSB

    Congrats on the education and WSB! Never got a legal sized one yet...may just have to be my next fishing goal!
  177. Bigsurfer

    Dines or macs?

    Very true about those birds getting the dines. Also saw many sardines eaten off the hook with only the head remaining...probably sea lions doing that. Both pesky and aggressive at going after the live bait!
  178. Bigsurfer

    Anyone got numbers for a Dogtooth spot off SoCal?

    Gotta love El Nino!
  179. Bigsurfer

    6' swells and 15mph wind...who's fishing Sunday?

    I'll probably surf since no real swell for way too long. If I had a boat things would be different though as the yellows are still there!
  180. Bigsurfer

    Lets all go to BOX Cyn!!!

    Purse seining NOT a good thing. Hook and line fishing much more environmentally sustainable.
  181. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon this weekend...Irons?

    People were telling me they are not line go heavy on the yo yo jig. When it was wide open last week, most colors worked well from what I saw. Scrambled Egg, Bird Poop, Mint Green and White, should be good. Saw one landed on purple too!
  182. Bigsurfer

    Dines or macs?

    Last week. Heard that they only had dines as bait last few days...counts still good though so they must be working. Not sure how many they are getting on jigs.
  183. Bigsurfer

    Winds and YT?

    Consistently check the fish counts there...numbers have been good the last few days...wind shouldn't change anything. Lots of boats out there...good luck and go get them!
  184. Bigsurfer

    Dines or macs?

    Got mine on Macks!
  185. Bigsurfer

    YT Report 1-22

    Scored! Way to go!
  186. Bigsurfer

    New Seaforth 1-22-15

    We've all been skunked out there...keep trying and learning and you will get them! I'm pretty new to jigging as well and didn't get them that way last week (lost patience quickly when people were going bendo and I wasn't), but on the dropper loop. Pick a nice lively sardine or even better if...
  187. Bigsurfer

    Okay last Newbie question for a while, I promise!

    Good advice on here already...I'd avoid the stern and fish the bow ideally with the wind in your face so you don't drift under the boat. Some of the best guys seem to slay the yellows at times on jigs, but I go with bait on a dropper loop setup. Pick a good lively greenback, and use a lot of...
  188. Bigsurfer

    1-19-15 big yt at the box

    Winkipop and Bells look fun...lots of good surf there. Hope to make it there someday like you!
  189. Bigsurfer

    1-19-15 big yt at the box

    No need for New Zealand Kingfish...just get them at the box like you did! Way to go! Hope you scored on the surf in Australia as well since it has been pretty flat here. Of course Yellowtail are a great consolation!
  190. Bigsurfer

    Yellows in the Mist...

    Nice forkies!
  191. Bigsurfer

    PV Yellows on Team Young guns

    Excellent forkies! I intentionally had my drag pretty loose on the two I hooked and landed since one busted me off with too tight of a drag a few months back. Way to go!
  192. Bigsurfer


    Now that is the way to redeem yourself with some slug yellows on the jig! Numbers have dropped off now...can't wait to see the pics. Way to go!
  193. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon 1/19

    Nice! Wanna see it!
  194. Bigsurfer

    1/19 - Hooked up at Box Canyon

    Thanks for the report. I never hooked a bird before until last party boat trip when a guy threw his used bait right next to my line and a pelican rushed in to get it. Got tangled in the end of a wing and it was too wide open for deck hands to untangle at the moment. Another guy tried to help...
  195. Bigsurfer

    Box canyon 1/18 - only sculpin...

    Thanks for the report...Yellows should stay around with the warmer water. Sculpin tacos are good too!
  196. Bigsurfer

    O`side Corbina

    Definitely my favorite fish from shore...they are battlers and great at using the surf against you! Way to go!
  197. Bigsurfer

    Anyone Fish San Clemente State Beach?

    I just fish north of there at Salt Creek...good for perch, baby leopard sharks, and corbina (in summer).
  198. Bigsurfer

    First yellowtail on the kayak!

    I only have a 9 foot Aquaterra Keowee (craigslist special) that I do laps on in the harbor occasionally without much gear. Have caught/released bass from the boiler rocks on plastics some on it. Probably too small to go off shore in...would love to get a first Yellowtail from the kayak like you...
  199. Bigsurfer

    Box Yellows 1/17

    Tried to get back on out of Dana Wharf tomorrow...completely sold out! Wish I had a boat! Article in todays OC Register about the Yellows is going to bring more people. Nice forkies!
  200. Bigsurfer

    I plan to go work some box tomorrow...anyone else going?

    Thanks again Brian for helping me untangle and land my played out fish at the stern with others back on Monday the 12th! Keep up the great work along with your excellent crew! Stoked Peggy got her fish that day too! Can't wait to get back out guys are killing it!
  201. Bigsurfer

    "The Jewel" of the coast still biting

    Yellowtail are totally going off everywhere this January! Well done!
  202. Bigsurfer

    YT near the 150 spot and Sandies at Izors 16JAN2015

    I've been celebrating mine too with a good IPA as well. Gotta frame your first Yellow picture and put it up on the wall! Aren't they addicting? I can't wait to get back out there for more!
  203. Bigsurfer

    YT near the 150 spot and Sandies at Izors 16JAN2015

    Nice Sandies and well deserved cigar for your first Yellowtail...congrats!!
  204. Bigsurfer

    Looking for boat Ho fishing Friday 1/16/15 Box Canyon

    Wish I could've made it out there again! Numbers still looked pretty good out of Dana was it?
  205. Bigsurfer

    Box canyon free gaff 1/15

    Way to deny that sea lion!
  206. Bigsurfer

    Are 2 Speed Reels For Yellowtail Really Necessary?

    Was stoked to finally get a few big Yellowtail out there on the 3/4 day boat...only have a few basic old school setups (Penn Jigmaster 500L Reels with 20 to 40lb rated conventional rods) since I've just recently gotten back into boat fishing. They worked fine on the fish. Spoke to a guy out...
  207. Bigsurfer

    Finally Got My First (2) Legit Yellowtail!!

    He actually came down and helped untangle the mess of played out fish in the chaos at the stern and did a great job as well as the entire crew! "Pound for pound the hardest fighting fish in our local waters. YOU'RE the one who's hooked now! Congrats." And yes, after landing a 20 pound...
  208. Bigsurfer

    Finally Got My First (2) Legit Yellowtail!!

    Thanks for the kudos all! Yep, I've been pretty obsessed about getting the monkey off my back with the "mossbacks" lol! Appreciate your help/advice on knots, etc...have learned a lot from you (as well as youtube for knots). Dropper Loops to Palomar Knots on the hook were what I went with. Was...
  209. Bigsurfer

    1/11 First good fish for 2015

    Sweet flattie and beautiful WSB! Couldn't beat the weather yesterday either!
  210. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point No Fish Report 1-13

    Sum Fun today got 57 yt for 48 people...very good again! I'm tempted to get some more! Checking the reports daily!
  211. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon 1/14

    I figured they would be after how good it was out there over the weekend and Monday when I made it out. Can't wait to get some on the jig (never did it) like that! Way to go!
  212. Bigsurfer

    Dana Point No Fish Report 1-13

    Thanks for the report...finally got them on the "Sum Fun" yesterday. Lots of private boaters were hooked up guy was out there in what looked like a 10 foot tin boat...he landed a nice one as we hooted towards him in approval. Seems like the bite is good for 4 or 5 days, then drops...
  213. Bigsurfer

    Finally Got My First (2) Legit Yellowtail!!

    Mostly surf and surf fish, but got into half and 3/4 day boat fishing during the last El-nino back in 1996/7 and had a blast on rat Yellowtail about 4 pounds or so along with the other inshore species. Fast forward to 2014...the biggest El-nino in 18 years...and I never even caught a tuna...
  214. Bigsurfer

    Second hand report: box yellows 1/10

    It was pretty crowded on the boat...follow your line, move around like always when hooked up, and listen to the crew...the standard stuff. I tried jigging for a while which I have never really done, but no love for me mine on live bait. About half were landed on the jig though. Both...
  215. Bigsurfer

    Anyone fishing out of Dana Point tomorrow?

    I hit it up today (Monday) and got my first (2) legit yellows!! Go get them if you can...not sure how much longer bite will last! Hope you made it out!
  216. Bigsurfer

    Second hand report: box yellows 1/10

    Got my first 2 legit yellows today...on fire now! Sold out however out of Dana Wharf...go get em if you can!
  217. Bigsurfer

    Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf has 49 yellowtail on deck 1/9/15 !!!!!

    Was bummed I couldn't make it...went out today though and got my first 2 legit yellows...stoked! Will upload pics soon!
  218. Bigsurfer

    Yoyo Yellows 1-10-15

    I finally got my first (2) legit yellows today out of Dana Wharf in the same area...stoked! Pics to follow soon! Great haul there!
  219. Bigsurfer

    Box Caynon 1.10.15 - 1st Hand Report

    Made it out there today out of Dana Wharf...pretty fricken wide open! Finally my first legit yellows...appx. 20 and 28 pounds per to come soon. Supposedly sold out tomorrow..I now see why!
  220. Bigsurfer

    Box Caynon 1.10.15 - 1st Hand Report

    Great fish and report...I'm stoked up and getting out there!!
  221. Bigsurfer

    Anyone cast 8-10oz weights. I have lots of scrap

    Wow...that is a lot of sinkers on one dive! Know a few spots like that by the boiler rocks...has to be very calm to dive there though. Lots of iron down there!
  222. Bigsurfer

    Dialed up the A-Team 1.7.15

    Nice report...and you went to Carlos Restaurant which is the bomb!...been there ever since I've been in the area since the late 70's!
  223. Bigsurfer

    Inshore Surf Bite in HB- GREAT ACTION

    Way to go on getting a Corbina this time of year. I usually like to throw sandcrabs to them in summer. However, they are scarce now, so in winter, I normally just throw small pieces of squid for Barred Perch and small Leopard Sharks...conditions have been good with the flat water and nice...
  224. Bigsurfer

    Strongest Loop Knot For Mossback Yellows On Bottom?...

    Thanks for all of the advice...I only have been using 1/0 and 2/0 hooks (depending on bait size) it true that those yellows can straighten those smaller hooks? May need to get bigger, stronger hooks. Sounds like a 6 turn surgeon's knot is pretty effective too...wetting down the line first...
  225. Bigsurfer

    There are yellows in SMB

    Thanks...will try it next time out!
  226. Bigsurfer

    Strongest Loop Knot For Mossback Yellows On Bottom?...

    Got busted off on Surgeons Loop before and just learned Dropper Loop and now Spider Hitch. Supposedly Spider Hitch is strongest so will probably stick with that least 6 turns on 40# straight mono.
  227. Bigsurfer

    Strongest Loop Knot For Mossback Yellows On Bottom?...

    Still looking for my first Mossback down deep off Box Canyon and want the strongest loop knot to land one (always tie Palomar Knot directly to hook). Choices are...1.) Surgeons Knot, 2.) Dropper Loop Knot, and 3.) Spider Hitch Knot. What do you think is strongest/best for Yellowtail 200 to 250...
  228. Bigsurfer

    There are yellows in SMB

    Just learned Spider Hitch Knot. How many turns do you do on that knot for maximum strength? Plan on using it next time out for Yellowtail!
  229. Bigsurfer

    There are yellows in SMB

    Just learned the Spider Hitch (wondering if 4 or 5 twists is enough?), and learned the Dropper Loop of course (do 8 that enough?). A 3 loop Surgeons Loop failed me (although I didn't bring tag end back under after doing the 3 loops...may have messed it up...did it like my surf rigs...
  230. Bigsurfer

    There are yellows in SMB

    Okay that's it...gonna learn and try the Spider Hitch Knot since I've heard many good things about it and don't want to lose my next one to knot to youtube to practice it...looks tougher to tie than dropper loop.
  231. Bigsurfer

    There are yellows in SMB

    3 Twist Surgeons loop broke off on 40 pound straight mono. I had deckhand set drag and since it busted me off quickly at the beginning of the first run, maybe it was too tight? Don't know spider hitch (supposed to be very good), but learned the Dropper Loop Knot and due to the above...
  232. Bigsurfer

    Catalina still has the YellowTail

    Good report Raimond...was fun fishing with you guys last week...Nice fish and a Yellowtail to boot is always nice.
  233. Bigsurfer

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    Okay...looks like I need to learn the Spider Hitch Knot...back to youtube to practice (looks a little more complicated than dropper loop)! Thanks for the advice!
  234. Bigsurfer

    There are yellows in SMB

    The only one I hooked busted me off on a three turn surgeons loop...trying to master the dropper loop now. Supposedly it acts like a hangmans noose and gets tighter as the fish 8 twists on it. Palomar to the hook is what I tie also.
  235. Bigsurfer

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    Oops...misread your actually popped at the Loop...just tried to do a 3 loop "Surgeons Knot" like I do while surf fishing on a double hi/lo rig for perch, small leopard sharks, and the occasional corbina. Yellowtail just laughed at me (busted it off at the beginning of the first...
  236. Bigsurfer

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    It popped at the knot...hook and 8oz. weight below it were gone. Dropper Loop only from now on for me! And yes, that Tuna was from the Dana Pride...stoked to get one on my first ever tuna trip! Has been harder for me to get a legit mossback Yellowtail (my next goal)...motivation for getting back...
  237. Bigsurfer

    Christmas Eve at Box Canyon

    I'm willing to give it a shot Raimond. Keep me posted on details. Todd
  238. Bigsurfer

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    Have a 9 foot yak, and after reading this...I'm kind of haired out to go out there alone (for fishing) if the seals are that aggressive!
  239. Bigsurfer

    Sum Fun 12/20 YT

    Very nice, thanks Cole. I plan to get out there soon!
  240. Bigsurfer

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    Stoked to get my first ever tuna on my first 5 to 5 tuna trip this summer after being out of the loop for a long time (pictured below) and am now addicted to fishing again. Caught peanut sized Yellowtail (4 pounds or so) during the last el-nino fly lining for them, but never a big one on the...
  241. Bigsurfer

    Sat 12/20 Huntington Oil Rigs

    Way to go on the mossback!
  242. Bigsurfer

    Santa Came Early with great YTs at Coronados

    I may have to drive down from Dana Point to hit up that boat since I'm looking for my first bigger Yellow! Way to go on the great report!
  243. Bigsurfer

    Sum Fun 12/20 YT

    Thanks Cole...I figured you were using more than the straight 40# mono I was using. I've never used braid...seems like the best fisherman landing the Yellows all use it. So you use 65#braid on the reel with the last 20 yards or so with 50# mono? Also, what is the best knot to tie to attach the...
  244. Bigsurfer

    Sum Fun! 12-22-14

    I called the report...29 Yellows landed for 60 people. A packed boat, however good numbers of Yellows for that many people! I'm still looking for my first big one (other than the 4 pound peanuts I got back in 97) like that kid is holding. Only got rockfish on the four Tuesdays I went out there...
  245. Bigsurfer

    Sum Fun 12/20 YT

    What pound line did you use? Was it braid or straight mono? Using jigs at all (I'm assuming you were dropper looping live bait)? I tried out of Dana for a while on Tuesdays and no dice on them other than some rockfish. Got busted off on one hookup with straight 40# mono along with lots of others...
  246. Bigsurfer

    Open spot-12/21-Out of Dana Pt. in search of YT

    Wish I saw this earlier as I'd be interested...let us know how you did!
  247. Bigsurfer

    Sum Fun 12/20 YT

    I noticed that report...thinking it was a charter, but was an open party boat. I should have been out there since I'm still looking for my first big yellowtail!
  248. Bigsurfer

    Dec 11 Box Canyon something something

    Thanks for the report. I went out on the Sum Fun hoping for Yellows Tuesday, but no dice. No private boaters hooked up either. Of course they got into some Wednesday and more on Thursday. Rockfishing was consistent although most were on the small side except for one Chucklehead I got that barely...
  249. Bigsurfer

    How To Deal With Sea Lions Stealing Your Catch?

    Fished a 3/4 day out of Dana Point a while back hoping for Yellowtail. Unfortunately I got busted off on one (along with about 10 others) with only one landed for about 45 people. Sea Lions were relentless out there, snagging the few yellowtail that actually made it to gaff along with the...
  250. Bigsurfer

    Rpt-Sun-12-07-14 Heartbreak chasing Tails in Box Canyon.

    Nice report. I noticed the good yellow count out of Dana Wharf Saturday as well...really slowed down today per fish report. Sounds like they are still around though and biting...may try to get out there the next few days if the counts stay good as I'm still looking for my first mossback yellow.
  251. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellows Still Here 12-5-14

    Nice yellows! I'm hoping to get one of those soon off the Box!
  252. Bigsurfer

    *Yearbook* Jan 1st - Dec. 31st 2014 Bring it!

    Went on a 5 to 5 out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing on 9/15/14 on my first ever tuna trip after many years out of the loop and caught this...a bucket list thing wiped off the list. Problem now is I'm completely addicted to fishing again and can't wait to get more!
  253. Bigsurfer

    T'giving Day YT

    Nice fish...looks very expertly prepared to eat too! I'm still looking for my first legit yellow off Box Canyon as well. If fish counts come back up out of Dana, I hope to get out there!
  254. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellowtail...

    It was a 3 loop surgeons knot that broke. Had deckhand tie dropper loop next few times since mine didn't look as smooth. The one guy that got a yellow had his up about 5 feet from the sinker. Mine was about 2 to 3 feet up that deckhand tied...more of a rockfish setup. Still looking for one!
  255. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellowtail...

    I only got the peanut yellows (4 to 5 pounders) before during the last El Nino in 1996 and am still looking for one or more like yours! Even those small yellows battled well on light line. The tuna was caught on the surface and after a few good runs, started doing the death circles and was done...
  256. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellowtail...

    Way to go on the yellows! Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it out...looks like they are mostly gone. Well, at least I got a tuna on my first tuna trip this summer! Still want to get a legit yellow as my next goal!
  257. Bigsurfer

    Kayaking out of Dana Point Tomorrow 06 Nov 2014

    I only have a 9 foot kayak without tons of gear. Fished the boiler rocks a few times throwing plastics for bass north of Salt Creek. I can launch directly from Salt Creek...would like to fish the kelp beds a little farther outside from the boiler rocks...prefer not to do alone though for safety...
  258. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellowtail...

    Those are good numbers...let me know how you do!
  259. Bigsurfer

    Yellows are back chewing on rock fish

    Lost one to dropper loop failure on a crowded party boat (along with most others). Would love to get one on a jig since no dropper loop knot! Sounds like a blast!
  260. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellowtail...

    Thanks Stuman...checking out the fish counts out of Dana...Yellows have (hopefully temporarily) dropped off. May hit it out of O-Side if those numbers continue as well!
  261. Bigsurfer

    Box Canyon Yellowtail... the season done with this first weekend winter like storm? Hopefully not as I'm still looking for my first ever legit yellow on the dropper loop (got busted off once (failed dropper loop) on three trips out of dana wharf sportfishing along with many others)! Will check out fish counts and...
  262. Bigsurfer

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    I tried for them out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing on the half price tuesdays 3 times in the last 2 months...only one person landed them out of 45 people each time. I got busted off on my one hookup at the dropper loop...used a surgeons knot (3 wraps) to a palomar knot on hook with straight 40#...
  263. Bigsurfer

    Yellowtail bites out of Helgren's Oceanside

    How big are they and are they dropper looping for them off the bottom? Unfortunately, I couldn't make it (just got in from out of town). Still looking for my first legit Yellow though...keep me posted on those counts...I plan to get out there soon.
  264. Bigsurfer

    Wahoo Dana point tomorrow

    Thanks for reporting. Keep me posted when you go out again...I'm 10 minutes from Dana Landing...a wahoo would be amazing. Heck, I'm still looking for my first legit yellow as well!
  265. Bigsurfer

    Yellows are back chewing on rock fish

    I'm still looking for my first legit yellow like willing to pay good money for even one, boat ho, etc! No love for me out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing (busted off once on dropper along with many others) last 3 tuesdays on 3/4 boat. Good rockfishing though. Am 10 minutes from Dana Wharf...
  266. Bigsurfer

    Need one for tomorrow 10/23

    May just do that since I only caught Peanut Yellows (around 4 to 5 pounds) during the last el-nino in 1997! I know off Dana they are big mossback yellows that you get off the dropper loop setup at the bottom and they are not line shy. I have a few conventional setups with 40# string. Is that the...
  267. Bigsurfer

    Need one for tomorrow 10/23

    I'm down in Dana Point area...let me know how you did! Still looking for my first legit yellow!
  268. Bigsurfer

    10/23/14 Nados - YT limits - 3/4 day on Malahini

    Sound epic! Still looking for my first legit Yellow...gotta get out there soon!
  269. Bigsurfer

    Yellowtail long beach KOLO style!!! 10/20/14

    Awesome Yellowtail! Way to go!
  270. Bigsurfer

    Dana Wharf Sportfishing Question For Wed 10/22...

    That's what I figured...full day boat too far away from 3/4. May even trek to SD since their numbers are better although I'm 10 minutes away from Dana Wharf. Couldn't make it out last few days due to work...wish I could though. Gonna get my first legit yellowtail one of these days soon!
  271. Bigsurfer

    Dana Wharf Sportfishing Question For Wed 10/22...

    Still looking for my first yellowtail (will gladly boat ho with anyone to get at least one during this el-nino...will contribute financially and clean up, etc.). My luck has been bad the last 3 3/4 day boats out of Dana on busted off once with failed dropper loop(along with many...
  272. Bigsurfer

    Anybody Want To Help Me Get First Legit Yellowtail?

    Just clicked your avatar, e-mailed, and left my # Jeff. Appreciate your offer. Those SD boats are killing it...may just have to make it down there. Don't even have to worry about Dropper Loop (or Surgeons Knot) failure using a jig too! I'd be stoked getting even one Yellowtail and catching...
  273. Bigsurfer

    Anybody Want To Help Me Get First Legit Yellowtail?

    Are you kidding me? Those are great numbers! I've had bad luck trying for a legit Yellow and don't know if it is ever going to happen the way things are going. My odds look good with numbers like that. If I could even get one decent one I'd be stoked!
  274. Bigsurfer


    Way to go on the Dodo's!
  275. Bigsurfer

    Anybody Want To Help Me Get First Legit Yellowtail?

    He had a last minute cancellation and notified me...unfortunately, I couldn't make it out the next day due to work issues...bummed out. Flexible schedule though so I hope to go out with him soon and get my first Legit Yellowtail! Hopefully they will stay around a while!
  276. Bigsurfer

    Dorado and YT fishing on Wednesday oo Oceanside or Dana Point

    Wished I could have made it out there...keep me posted how you did!
  277. Bigsurfer

    Box Yellows Late Post 10/7/14

    I was stoked to get my first ever YFT pictured here out of Dana back in mid-September on my first 5 to 5 tuna trip. Now really back into fishing...tried the half price Tuesdays last 3 weeks hoping for a Mossback Yellowtail (only got 5 pound peanuts during last el-nino in 96/97). Got busted off...
  278. Bigsurfer

    First La Jolla Yellow

    Way to go on the Mossback! I'm still looking for my first one soon!
  279. Bigsurfer

    Anybody Want To Help Me Get First Legit Yellowtail?

    Yes, that sounds like a good plan...the boat "San Diego" sounds like a great one too!
  280. Bigsurfer

    Anybody Want To Help Me Get First Legit Yellowtail?

    Tried Dana Wharf the last 3 Tuesdays (live 10 minutes from there) after being out of the loop for a long time...actually since the 1997 El Nino when I had fun with the Peanut sized Yellowtail (only 5 to 7 pounds) on the party boats. One guy landed Yellowtail out of 45 people each time...I got...
  281. Bigsurfer

    Mossback Yellowtail and Rockfishing Tips...

    I did 3 loops on Surgeons Knot. Tried again out of Dana and talked to the one guy that landed a yellow out of 45 people. He said 6 loops is better...was using 65# braid attached to 30# Topshot...I only have 40# straight Mono. 2.5 feet from my Weight to first Dropper Loop...his was about 5 feet...
  282. Bigsurfer

    Box Yellows Late Post 10/7/14

    About 5 Yellowtail were hooked today out of Dana...only one landed...a 13 pounder (smaller than yours). Grade of rockfish was much smaller than last Tuesday. I was out there with you...congrats on those Mossbacks and the Jackpot! I'm still looking for my first legit Yellow like that. Only...
  283. Bigsurfer

    Local Yellowtail

    I got rocked by one last week...dropper loop failure. Going to try again soon...did you just tie a dropper loop and then a palomar knot to the hook?
  284. Bigsurfer

    The San Diego 10/9

    Got rocked by one last week due to failed dropper loop knot...plan on trying again soon. Way to go on the Mossbacks! Wondering what kind of knots did you use when using the 6oz. torpedo sinker? Also what type of knot did you use to tie directly to jig?
  285. Bigsurfer

    Mossback Yellowtail and Rockfishing Tips...

    Unfortunately, it failed for me (may try surgeons loop is just looping the line and going through the loop 3x and tightening)...wondering if I can just tie a hook to end of line with Palomar Knot and tie a heavy weight above it with a rubber band, thus avoiding any other knot at all...
  286. Bigsurfer

    Mossback Yellowtail and Rockfishing Tips...

    40# Mono was brand new...spooled on the night before I went out. Need to know knots better...don't even know how to tie dropper loop well, so I just made a loop and brought the line through it 3 times and cinched down. Guys at both local Dana bait shops said it would work just said it...
  287. Bigsurfer

    Mossback Yellowtail and Rockfishing Tips...

    ...Fished a 3/4 out of Dana trying for Yellowtail and Rockfish. Never used heavy gear but scaled up to 40# mono and an 8oz. torpedo weight on a Penn Jigmaster 500L reel and heavier Abu Garcia Conolon Rod. Unfortunately, I still got schooled by a mossback Yellowtail at the beginning of the first...
  288. Bigsurfer

    Out of O-Side report 10-4-2014

    Thanks for the report...Yellows off the domes were pretty good last week. Hope it picks up again soon.
  289. Bigsurfer

    Best Setup For Mossback Yellowtail Holding Deep...

    I was going to try for some 25 to 35 pounders off Dana Point. Can only put up to 40# on my 2 conventional reels (Penn Jigmasters) with medium heavy 6 and a half foot rods. Was on a 3/4 trip last 25 pounder was landed on lighter line (I think 20 to 25#) on spinning reel...took a half...
  290. Bigsurfer

    Best Setup For Mossback Yellowtail Holding Deep...

    Looks like I need to get 40# test minimum for the big ones! Appreciate all of the responses!
  291. Bigsurfer

    Best Setup For Mossback Yellowtail Holding Deep...

    ...Only caught peanut sized Yellowtail before during the last El-Nino in 1996/1997. Looking to get one of the big mossbacks (20 to 30 pounders) that are holding in deep water around 150 to 200 feet. I have a few conventional setups with 25# test. I was thinking use a heavy 8 oz. sinker with a...
  292. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel Questions and Update...

    Tunanorth - I'll practice more, not worry about distance, and get out there soon! Mike Garrahan - was using 6 and 1/2 foot rod with 25# test line. Forgot about reel positioning when it got chaotic out there during the hot bite...will practice keeping the reel at a slight angle as well...
  293. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel Questions and Update...

    I had deckhand set drag and told him to set up to avoid backlash and birdsnests. Was thumbing the whole time but may have taken it off the reel a few times during the chaos and desperation to get bait down quickly when they were biting! Appreciate your info...will definitely practice more!
  294. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel Questions and Update...

    Thanks for the encouragement. Will definitely practice. Was trying to be conservative out there and just throwing the bait about 10 feet from the boat on underhanded casts to avoid the birdsnests. Felt I could have done better. Glad I'm not the only one getting them!
  295. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel Questions and Update...

    Stoked to get this on my first ever tuna trip on the Penn Jigmaster 500L! However I'm new to conventional reels (used only spinning in the past) and had some issues with it on the trip. (Actually practiced casting off the pier for a while while thumbing reel to get used to it before tuna trip)...
  296. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Newport Landing Ext. 3/4

    Couldn't get on this trip since it was full. Scheduled for wednesday...wondering if I should cancel. Depends on Tuesday reports. You never know though...that is fishing!
  297. Bigsurfer

    Best Weekday To Catch Tuna On Party Boat?

    Stoked to get my first ever Yellowfin tuna on a full day boat (first time out) last Monday. Fish were biting well. Numbers were better a few days and worse a few as well. Maybe no rhyme or reason as what day is best since tuna schools move so fast. I figured Mondays would have the least crowds...
  298. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel...User Tips and Advice?

    Rated for 20 to 40 pound test line. Can't wait go get out there!
  299. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel...User Tips and Advice?

    Oops...wet the line before casting from above...thanks for the input! Keep it coming...much appreciated!
  300. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel...User Tips and Advice?

    Appreciate all of your help...figured it is a good starter reel for the offshore fish. I have it spooled with 25 pound is mated to a vintage Abu Garcia Conolon Rod 6 and a half foot medium action which is pretty stout. Plan on going back on the party boats with it...not going for any...
  301. Bigsurfer

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    I think I'll keep that bearing cap pretty tight for a while lol! Thanks for the info...want to get better quickly and get back out there!
  302. Bigsurfer

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel...User Tips and Advice?

    Got my first ever conventional reel...the Penn Jigmaster 500L. Plan on using it for local tuna. Have used mainly spinning reels in the past. Wondering how to cast the darn thing with backlashing? Also, what is the best way to prevent it from birdsnesting on freespool (thumbed one before and it...
  303. Bigsurfer

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    Unfortunately, the vintage Garcia/Mitchell 600A Reel had a lot of worn components in it which is why the line was freespooling unevenly, making for a rough time out there. Just replaced it with a Penn Jigmaster today...not ready to cast it (afraid of backlash and birdsnests), but if line comes...
  304. Bigsurfer

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    Thanks! Nice to pop my "yellowfin tuna cherry"...exhausted and completely stoked!
  305. Bigsurfer

    First Post...Dana Point Advice for Yellowtail or First Ever Yellowfin Tuna?

    This El Nino is one to pop your cherry on the exotics most definitely!
  306. Bigsurfer

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    Got my first ever yellowfin tuna today (15lb. schoolie) out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing! Abu Garcia Conolon rod really put the wood to the fish and did great. Reel worked well for a while but eventually backlashed somehow which caused some gnarley birdsnests. First one got fixed, but happened...
  307. Bigsurfer

    First Post...Dana Point Advice for Yellowtail or First Ever Yellowfin Tuna?

    Awesome bite out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing today on the full my first yellowfin tuna (15lb. schoolie)...stoked!
  308. Bigsurfer

    Offshore Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    I saw 4 at once in South OC last month at about 10pm while driving. Orange in color...never seen anything like them before. Supposedly they were flares from Camp Pendleton. Some youtube clips on them too under "ufo in orange county".
  309. Bigsurfer

    Have boat will fish

    Thanks Rick, left a message back on your machine and now just read it here. I'm currently looking to go locally out of Dana area but may be up for that soon. Keep me posted how you do and good luck! Todd
  310. Bigsurfer

    Have boat will fish

    Hi Mike, my name is Todd, I'm in Dana Point 10 minutes from the landing. Would be happy to share costs to have the chance to catch any kind of fish out there any time as my schedule is flexible! Haven't been on the water in a long time and looking to change that. There is a sailboat in DP Harbor...
  311. Bigsurfer

    Going out of Oceanside for three hours cleaning at 9:45 AM Thursday anyone interested

    Just left message on your machine...leave one back on mine if I'm not in...I'm game!
  312. Bigsurfer

    Going out of Oceanside for three hours cleaning at 9:45 AM Thursday anyone interested

    Sounds fun...I'm in Dana Point. PM me. Wondering what the bait is like at O-Side now?
  313. Bigsurfer

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    Showed it to guy at fishing shop...he says it will work great on the tuna. I will bring a spinning rod backup with 20# test also. May try to get out on Dana Wharf next week (very near there) unless I can get a spot on a private boat somehow. The challenge for me is I've never caught a YFT...
  314. Bigsurfer

    Garcia Conolon Rod and Garcia Mitchell 600A Reel...

    Got this from an old roommate years ago...looks vintage...circa 60's or so. Any value to it? The reel says made in France and the rod model is 2897-A...6 and a half foot medium action. In good shape...just spooled it up with 25 pound test and was planning to search for tuna after many years out...
  315. Bigsurfer

    First Post...Dana Point Advice for Yellowtail or First Ever Yellowfin Tuna?

    Had a blast on the Yellowtail out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing during the last El Nino and am looking to get my first ever YFT now although I'm completely stoked to get any fish! Have been into surffishing for a long time...looking to get some pelagics now. Am 10 minutes from Dana Point Landing...