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    Flat fall 4 bluefin, what size

    What gram size 4 tuna 4 day and a half trips out of dago? Thanks
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    Bluefin jigs for fishing deep?

    What are your favorite jigs for fishing bluefin deep meter marks? Last summer I did well on BF up to #110 using a chrome and blue Tady 45 heavy. Have heard many good things about the flatfall jigs. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Offshore Tribute overnight pleasure cruise 9/14 - 9/15

    won't step foot on tribute after reading this one! It only takes one jackass deckie to ruin a trip, Owner should know about this idiot
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    Red Rooster III - rental gear ?

    Do not leave the office until your rental gear is in hand! Very unorganized as far as rental gear is concerned!
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    Trinidad 40 for sale

    This reel is sold! Thanks for the responses!
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    Trinidad 40 for sale

    Reel is in pristine condition. Original cost was $450. Selling it for $200. I live in Point Loma. (619)222-3285.
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    cancellations due to bluefin closure

    I have a 5 day trip in about 2 weeks that I signed up for over 11 months ago. My favorite fish to catch is definitely BF. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude toward what is happening. I am goin fishin and I will enjoy myself. Just wondering if any of you fellow anglers have cancelled your...
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    catching bait and those who don't

    What do you do when certain guys refuse to wake up at 3 am to catch bait, then they are the first at the tank to use it? I've seen it so many times!
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    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    Got yelled at for bouncing 5# yellas on the RR. Guess if the hook pulls, it could put an eye out. Wanted to release the rats anyway! The deckie who did the yelling is gone. Good riddance!!!
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    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    RR doesn't like you to keep anything under 10#. I like that!
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    Offshore Shogun 2.5 day blood bath

    That gave me wood!!!!!!!!!
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    lost gaff to fish

    Has anyone ever had a gaff ripped out of your hands by a 30#-40# tuna? Been fishin practically my entire life and was out with a few friends last season. We got into a wfo bite on b fin. I went to gaff a really nice one 4 my friend and the next thing I know the freaking gaff is gone. No alcohol...
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    Huge thank you to 2 Malihini brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was down at the H&M landing last night to use the ATM and visit PLSF. The "Hini" had just come in with a beautiful load of yellas. REALLY NICE GRADE. These 2 cool dudes out of nowhere offered me an insanely nice bag of filets. Wholly crap!!!!! I couldn't believe it was even happening. Just...
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    Moving on……Nick… on the Rooster Red Rooster….

    This is really bad news because he is one of the best! Nick, thanks for all the help and always the best attitude! Good luck to you my brother!
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    avet hx raptor

    Got 1 for Christmas. Is this thing capable of landing a 100+ pound tunafish? I hope it can do the job! I'm using 80# spectra with a 60# topshot. Thanks for any input!
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    Favorite Fishing Destination?

    I did my fishing out of Tavarua Island after flying in to Nadi. Tavarua is a surf resort that mainly caters to surfers for its world class surf. I've been down 7 different times,always in the Oct, Nov time frames and spent over 1 month each time. When the surf is down, you fish. All troll fish...
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    Favorite Fishing Destination?

    Fiji Islands for big wahoo and yellowfin tuna! The natives are amazing people, unspoiled by all the crap our world is going through! Have fun and "Bulaaaa".
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    The Relentless and Joel

    Just wondering what happened to this operation. Anybody?
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    yellow tail people are keeping

    I was down at the SD landing this morning and was kinda shocked to see so many 3-5 pound yellas that people were sorting. There were hundreds and hundreds of em. it just kinda made me sick and sad at the same time! What is you opinion?
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    avet hx5/2-mc

    I was just wondering what the biggest fish any of you guys have caught on this reel. I got a 68 pound BF a few weeks back. It's set up w/ 80 # spectra w/ 60# mono and then a 4 ft piece of 50# flouro. This fish still kicked my butt! Thanks for any responses!
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    do not buy fishtrap iron!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was fishing Benitos with a 6 inch fishtrap yoyo iron and hooked into another yt using this iron. After a 3-5 minute battle , my line went limp. Reeled in the jig and it was missing the ring and hook. Sent an e mail to Barry about the problem and got no response. Also, the deckhands told me...
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    130# Kanzen braid, 500 yd spool for sale

    Oh yeah, Kanzen is made by Seagar. Good stuff!
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    130# Kanzen braid, 500 yd spool for sale

    I won this on a RR111 trip and have no use for it. I'd like to get at least $75 for it! My # is (619)222-3285. Tanks eh! Or PM me!
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    Offshore Quick Bluefin battle(Video) New Lo-An

    amazing footage!!!!!!!! Got me ooozing!
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    July 17 TOP GUN 80 3.5 day

    Whatever happened to Shawn Trowbridge? Just thinkin!
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    Worst galley cook ever, business killer!

    Which f'ing boat was it?
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    avet jx ?

    I've been using a 40# topshot on top of 65# spectra with good success. If the 80+ pound bf are around, what do you guys think about using a 50# topshot on this reel? Would I be "pushing" it a bit? Thanks for any advice.
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    my new avet hx ?'s

    Thanks, haven't got it yet, so I was just looking for some input. I want this reel just in case some of those 150 pounders show up.
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    my new avet hx ?'s

    Geting a new avet hx and want to know about what # test spectra and what # topshot to put on it. I want to use this reel for catching the bigger bluefin that have been showing up occasionaly down around 200 miles. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Offshore Paddy BS

    Exactly, what is an asshat unless the guy using the term is one?
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    Pacific Star 2-Day 6/22-6/23

    Amazing report and pics. Thanks for sharing!
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    older model avet lx 2 speed

    Hi Ron, I figured out how to get my PM. Thank you for your responce. Not sure I can go $300 when I can get a brand new similar reel for about $150 more.
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    older model avet lx 2 speed

    Hi REK, was unable to retrieve the pm. Could you call me @(619)222-3285
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    older model avet lx 2 speed

    Thanks Buddha, but I need a 2 speed and want tofish 60# with it. Thanks anyway!
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    older model avet lx 2 speed

    I'm looking to buy this reel if anyone knows of one for sale. I tried to post this on classifieds to no avail. I'm not too smart on the computer. Doy!!!!!!!! If any one knows of one of these reels for sale, PM me. Thanks, and if a moderator could tell me what I'm doing wrong for the classifieds...
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    Avet LX 4.1 Blue w/Izorline Spectra BNIB

    Sorry. I'm looking for the 2 speed model. Thanks anyway, TP
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    Yellows going off in La Jolla

    Not 5 miles out!! Just up on the northwest corner was the best time ever! My son and I connected for 4 nice yellows in the 12# to 18# pound class. Class act on the New Seaforth! So, there ya go! Sorry if that's TMI. Just the fact, JACK!
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    5 star

    Anyone know if my favorite processors are still up and running? I sure hope so! Thanks for any info.
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    That Guy

    Shut this thing down, how ridiculous!
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    Biggest fish caught on a Newell

    110# wahoo off Tavarua Island, Fiji. Got it trolling a small blue and white tuna clone attached to 130# black wire leader. Was using a newell 338 and almost got spooled. Fed the camp for 3 days. Something I'll never forget as long as I'm around!
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    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    Incredible pics! What kind of camera was used?
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    can't decide between avet's

    I love my JX w/ 65 lb. spectra and 40Lb top shot! It's caught several tuna over 100 lbs. Had to have a bearing replaced after 2 seasons though.
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    pelican crewmember

    What do you say to a crew member who asks you for a fish or 2 that you paid top $ to go out and catch?
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    Offshore The Magic Paddy

    Great report! Please tell us what camera you"re using. I'm in the market for a new one and was very impressed with you photos. Thank you!
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    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    5 star are the only processors that I will ever use. I can't imagine what it would be like to come in from a long trip and not have this group of smiling faces there to greet me, and ready, willing, and able to process my catch. This family owned group gets my vote every time. Thank you guys for...
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    Bubba knives reviews

    How do these knives work vs. the Forschners/ And which ones are your favorites for fileting your catch? Just checked one of the Bubbas out and was fairly impressed! Thanks for your input.
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    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    What about Mike Burns? He always treated me right! World Famous Fish Processing.
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    On board photographers

    Had a photo guy on the Indy once. Initials, BW. I've got a jillion photos from past trips and don't need anymore photos of 40-60 lb fish. Anyway towards the end of the trip, he starts hitting me up to buy some pics. When I said I wasn't interested, he made a comment as he was walking away...
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    Tommy Gomes on Bizzar foods

    I just got an e from Catalina offshore saying it's on at 6, Monday evening.
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    Tommy Gomes on Bizzar foods

    Not sure exactly! It might be on at 6, west coast time, 9 eastern time. ????????????
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    Tommy Gomes on Bizzar foods

    Tommy will be on bizarre foods with Andrrew Zimmeran on Monday night @ 9 on the travel channel. Just a heads up, should be fun!
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    Bazarre foods

    Hi Tommy, I saw the tail end of a tv add featuring you and Andrew Zimmeran. I thought it said the show would air this coming Monday. Could you please post the time it will air on Cox cable? I really don't want to miss it! tHANKS FOR ALL YOU DO BROTHER! tp
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    best casting "30" sized reel?

    How far should I be able to cast a regular size dine on one of these reels if we come across some of those jumbo BF. Say 50 to 100 pounders. What is the best reel in that size for "reaching them"? Thanks, I'm new to this.
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    Trophy Hunting at San Clemente Island!

    Is that Bob Lundstrum? Bob, call T. Powell!
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    Info on the Indy?

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA operation all the way around. Enjoy yourselves and prepared to be spoiled. It has ruined me because I can't even imagine fishing on another boat. Make sure to bring your "stretchy" pants, as the quisine is 5 star!
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    Yellow Tail on the New Seaforth

    Watch out for the idiot in the 14 ft. klamath. Idiot cut my lines 2 while we were slow trolling. What a stoooooooooge!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pismo Clams

    Last time I ate Pismos I was freaking pooping and barfing for 2 days. Beware!
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    Thank You Five Star

    Dam that looks good! What is the recipe? Sarah and the girls and the fillet guys are awesome! Thy get my vote over the other 2 operations.
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    BD - A Front For The Russian Mafia?

    Only thing I know about choate is that he filled both my boots with water while trying to be a deckhand. Joke! Not!!!!!!!!