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    UC CP76HP 310 Rodworks

    That is awesome. Do the teeth of the saw blades consist of two threads or a really fat single thread? Impeccable thread work.
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    Jon, Looks a little like one of my rods, ha ha ha, I wish. Tom
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    Calstar 770 XXH build

    Ha ha, Jon has been coaching me up. He has been so helpful in elevating my wrapping skills, can’t thank him enough.
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    Calstar 770 XXH build

    Just finished 80-130 lb class ready for some action.
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    Cal star 800H build

    A couple more coats of epoxy and this one will be done. First attempt at marbling on a rod after many practice runs. I like it.
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    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    My long range jib box
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    Couple Renzetti questions

    You tension wire isn mounted correctly. The very end of the tension wire where the wire mounts to the frame (Around the hex bolt) needs to be behind the little black post, (below the hex bolt). That will lock the tension wire in place and make that end of the tension wire act as a spring. Bend...
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Sorry for all the duplicates, rookie poster here. Don’t know how to fix.
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Started wrapping a year ago, learned a lot and have enjoyed the hobby.
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    Custom Small Tackle/Jig Box for Rick Russell

    I draw the outline of the image and then fill in the detail while looking at the picture on my phone or tablet. Thanks it’s been a good hobby. I usually make pepper mills but decided to try the same technique to a jig box.
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    Custom Small Tackle/Jig Box for Rick Russell

    I have made a couple of jig boxes myself. Burned the images in by hand with a wood burning tool. Santos mahogany/yellow heart on one and Canary/santos mahogany on the other.
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    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    I burn the images in by hand with a wood burning tool. I also am learning to wrap rods and enjoying that hobby.
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    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    To pass the time I made a new box to hold my jigs in, made out of santos mahogany and yellowheart. Imagines of wahoo, dorado,yft And yt burned into the wood, hold around 55 jigs.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Just like the Intrepid, doesn’t address the issue of an infected person being asymptomatic at the time of boarding then two days into the trip all hell breaks lose. I agree that it won’t make a difference.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    The Intrepid posted on their web site about the new and improved cleaning procedures, and recommend purchasing trip insurance, which I don't believe is possible unless you do so within a very short window after your initial deposit. Unless the fleet holds its passengers financially harmless...
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    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    When I read this I felt like I was there! Until next year, Tom
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    Sad New's re: the passing of a long-range institution Mr. Dan Colonello

    He will be missed by all that knew him, truly a nice person who served his country in Vietnam. He has kept me long range fishing for more years that I ever would have had I not been fortunate enough to meet Dan and get on his charter. Rest In Peace my friend, Tom
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    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Rather than pay for a spot on the boat, I would just rent a room in the tackle box, it's closer to the bait tank than the other rooms!
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    Randy question

    Newbie question, some Tady jigs have single hook some have treble hooks. Why? Are the single hook ones for tuna and the treble hook ones for chasing tail? Can you change the hook from one to the other using the same jig or are the jigs fundamentally different? Should have read Tady question...
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    130 lb floro to wahoo jig

    I have frequently read here on bd that guys sometimes prefer to use 130 lb fluorocarbon rather than fish with wire for wahoo jig tossing. What I don't know is what is used to attach the jig to floro, crimp or knot and if knot which one. I also assume it is a finicky bite that motivates one to...
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    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    It must be much more difficult to catch fish with those Goofy footed reels you got there KH, aka WYD
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    Combined hobbies

    I know this is getting off(long range fishing) topic, so I won't post on this again, but I haven't been fishing much and I'm bored, as the salmon season is pretty slow right now. I finished another pepper mill, sea turtles was the theme, the woods are holly and Madagascar rosewood. It turned out...
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    Combined hobbies

    I just finished a new pepper mill. Yellow heart and Madagascar rosewood. This may be my favorite to date. Ten inches tall 124 pieces of wood. Tom
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    Combined hobbies

    I would be willing to sell this one or you could commission one like it for $350 which may sound like a lot but I have about 35 hours plus $60 of materials into it. I use a ceramic grinding mechanism from crushgrind which imo is the best out there. This one is about 9 inches tall. Here are some...
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    Combined hobbies

    I've combined a couple of hobbies, woodworking and long range fishing in the attached pepper mill. The images of the fish are burned in by hand. YFT, YT, Wahoo and Dorado. The wood is yellow heart and santos mahogany. It took about a week to finish. Tom
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    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Here is the one I built a few years ago, tiger wood, yellow heart, blood wood, macacuba and ebony. Tom
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    Spectra splice or loop to loop?

    I would like some opinions on connecting my leaders to hollow core spectra. In the past few years I have always prepared my leaders by threading the leader material inside the hollow core spectra and tying a serve knot to secure it. Then I have always spliced the tag end of the leader onto my...
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    Standing on Alijos?

    I seem to recall that John Klein has a rock from Alijos in his office. I may be wrong
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    tackle box suggestions?

    I like to do woodworking as a hobby so this is what I made which is about the same size as the large SBK which I had originally but I didn't like the inefficiency of how it uses its space.
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    What reel to match these rods?

    I just purchased two rods in anticipation of going on longer long range trips in the 10+ day range and and looking for thoughts on choice of reels to match with them. Price is not a huge issue, but I would like to hear your suggestions from good quality reasonably priced to money is no object...
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    New Tackle Box

    Rob, that is a beautiful tackle box, I like the dovetail work, very precise and I like the wood also. I would be interested in seeing pictures of other work you have done. Thanks, Tom
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    We're running out of room

    Steve K, I know you didn't accuse me of being a space hog with your how big is that condo comment on my new tackle box, but I wanted you to know it is only a couple of inches deeper than a large SKB box that so many people bring, and I only bring one tackle box for my self and my son who goes...
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    New Tackle Box

    Steve K I am in Ixtapa for two weeks so I can't measure it exactly. It is almost the same size as the large SKB box except it may be an inch or two taller and it is 3 inches deeper due to the rod rack/dolly frame. Thanks for all the nice remarks. I intend to use it and if it gets banged up...
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    New Tackle Box

    Thanks for the nice comments. I did not make the table, my woodworking is usually what is called segmented turning. The following example has over 3000 pieces of wood, all their natural colors.
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    New Tackle Box

    For years I have thought about a long range trip and finally pulled the trigger on the 2009 Coastside 5 day trip, and now I am hooked on these trips. I have seen a few custom long range tackle boxes and decided to combine a couple of my hobbies, woodworking and fishing. Here are a few pictures...
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    5 day trip advice

    I have the following reels: Diawa Saltist 30H, Saltist 30TH, Avet JX 4.6:1 single speed, Avet LX 6/3 two speed, ProGear 541, and a couple of TLD 30 two speeds. I am thinking about either an Avet MXL 6/4 two speed or an Accurate 870C single speed, both available at a great price. Which, if...