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  1. Caseman

    Galveston Poaching Pier Report

    Fillet, bbq w/butter and onions in foil. Breaded(panko) and fried w/light lemon pepper in panko. If baked, also butter and onions, cracked pepper on top and cover with foil so it doesn't dry out. I grew up fishing guam and most of the other jacks do taste better if you ask me, even the horseye...
  2. Caseman

    Surfing on a 800 pound SHARK!

    Some people don't realize that healthy systems have sharks...hence why they are healthy. Sharks weed out a lot of unhealthy and sick fish, along with the easier targets that are either lures or hooked fish. Its part of the game...not respecting the sharks as much as they may be hated for us...
  3. Caseman

    Will this make sense??

    Ocea jigger 1501 or saltiga 15HL. Same capacity of about 280/40lb braid and about 17lbs drag. Not sure if the new saltiga star drags in 10,15 sizes have spool lock like my jigger, but it takes a little getting used to casting...but may be an option.
  4. Caseman

    Offshore Not the Biggest, But My Best

    Hell of a nice fish, one of these days I'll be able to stop dreaming and get me one of them. Lol
  5. Caseman

    Shimano Why has Shimano not pushed slow jigging here in USA?

    There are different techniques for situations. Ive seen so many customers-japanese, Korean and Chinese improperly use slow pitch techniques when they shod have been doing a regular jigging style. Now at the same time, I've seen the experienced anglers notice short strikes or less strikes in a...
  6. Caseman

    Shimano rod for talica 12 ii

    I have fished my talica 16 on my custom black diamond 700h and it's an awesome setup for me with 85lb fins 40g and 40-60 flouro. I've fished 15 lbs on it and it did fine. Had a nice bend on a 50lb grouper I landed. Should be nice setup.
  7. Caseman

    Shimano Anyone used torium 14hga yet?

    My 16hga was the same way, like bantam it and it will get better. Also double check the spool tension adjustment. I was impressed with the reel that I feel I don't need a Trinidad for my setup, and waiting for one of my local stores to carry the 14hga. I have the old torium 14 and...
  8. Caseman

    Setting the drag

    Ive seen this happen a lot also, lots of people forget to back off a little as fish run line out. Every reel is different and I also spool my own line for this reason also...half way through I drag test at strike and one click above strike, then again when I am done filling spool. I compare...
  9. Caseman

    Shimano New Curado 200/201K models

    Very true. I fell trap to that when I moved to the states...bought a Revo Premiere over a core 101 due to drag rating...needless to say gears went out, 3 spool bearings went out within 2 months and nothing abused, never locked drag...probably never fished more than 5 lb drag. Sold the reel...
  10. Caseman

    Triggerfish - Fishing Over a School

    Slit on tail section, grab small flap with needle nose pliers and roll over like opening can of spam. If you guys like catching triggers...Guam has tons of them. Just like Hawaii. All different species and sizes. Have at 'em, they live from the shoreline to 60fathoms. Caught them on...
  11. Caseman

    Shimano New Curado 200/201K models

    JTL never had a problem pulling double digit bass out of matted veggies, docks, trees. One afternoon I pulled a 10.6, 10.3, 11.3, 12.7 same rod/Curado I combo out from boat docks about 15ft into the docks. And I do not lock down the drags either, and use the 6.3 for more torque.
  12. Caseman

    Shimano New Curado 200/201K models

    Been anxiously awaiting these in left handed versions, the matte black looks good and the reel is more connected than previous version and the brakes are same as what is in the 71 series. Bantam, do these have the core protect as the tranx series does? Hoping they do-would make it awesome for...
  13. Caseman

    Shimano Anyone used torium 14hga yet?

    Kimbo...I have found that most of the 400 sized shimanos and 14, 12 sizes are off on their rated 50lb braid numbers. I got 300yds on my Torium14. 300 on trinidad14a. 200-220yds on Trinidad 12. about 250 on caclutta 400D. On the bright side, the 40lb braid numbers are pretty dang close...
  14. Caseman

    Shimano Saratoga or Twin power

    I like what Bantam1 suggested, I'd go lighter with the TwinPower XD. Its a lot lighter than the regular Twin power. It will be like the stradic 5000fk wiith better gears...plenty strong enough.
  15. Caseman

    Shimano Talica 12ii or 16ii

    I agree with most about the 12. The 16 is overkill in size, mine has 550yds fins 85lb 40g. If I did it all over I would do the 12 with 65 and still have same capacity. It will cast and freespols better for live bait. My 16 sits and my 10 gets the workouts now.
  16. Caseman

    Shimano Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    Torium 14HGAL Torium 8 HGAL Talica Left Handed models. Harness lugs on Talica 16,12,10. Left handed Trinidad's. Or bring the ocea jigger series over. Lever drag in the 200-300 range (tyrnos and tyrnos 2 speed).
  17. Caseman

    FINS 40G Braid???

    I bought the 85lb blue for my Talica 16. 550yards lipped it out completely, I backed it off a bit to have about 500-515 yards to give enough room for top shot or accidently loading to one side. On a side note, I was able to 330yds on my Talica 10 also. Personally, I like it and it has a...
  18. Caseman

    Shimano Shimano Torium 20HG

    I have the 16hg, wish I would have waited for the left handed version to come out. Great little reel for the price and used properly I do not doubt that these new toriums will do whatever you need them to do at a lower price than the Trinidad. I think for their price, they are excellent. Mine...
  19. Caseman

    Shimano Tn16 freespool

    I second what finishright said. I had same problem with a TN12 I picked up used. cleaned the shaft, pinion, and replaced the dartanium drags with a set from SMoothDrag. problem went away. Same thing happened on a brand new torium16gha I bought, too much grease on drag washers. Cleaned...
  20. Caseman

    Shimano maxcuatro vs original power pro

    bluewaterbum... Recently for back from the promised land and picked up a jigger 1501 cuz they don't have leftie Trinis yet and it was substantially less weight than the 2000 you got. I got 280yds of 40 power pro...Same as my Tn12. From what I gathered in store and PE numbers you should get...
  21. Caseman

    Shimano Talica 10ii

    I have my 10ii on a custom Phenix Black Diamond 700m for the same purpose. But the combo casts so well, I use it for surface jigs, jigging as well as the live baiting 20-40lb leaders. I went with 50lb braid for line capacity for possibly hookin a nice one on a long soak with live bait. I have...