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    Joanna H & M landing

    Has anyone ever chartered the Joanna out of H & M Landing in San Diego? Thinking about doing a 6 pack charter and wondered if its a good boat/captain/deck hands.
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    Ensenada Fishing 9-17-2011

    Four of us drove down from Indio, CA. to Ensenada and did the 6 pack special on the Selena out of Ensenada. We left dock at 2 am grabbed some bait and headed out toward the 1140. We started trolling at sun up and nothing. Checked a few paddies but nobody home. Around 8:45 we found a nice paddy...
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    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    Get ready for some lovin on the bow chicka bow wow
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    Ensenada fish Reports (Updated Daily)

    Great reports! I was thinking about charting the 6 pack tuna special Selena in early Sept. Never fished out of Mexico, only outta H & M landing. Is it safe to drive down there? Does that special include rooms for the guy the night before fishing or the night after? How close is the hotel from...