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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Bonito used to be junk fish, there was always plenty to be had. They do make the occasional showing, but nothing like before. My guess is the reason nobody likes to hear or admit to, overfishing. Thats the last reason people want to hear, but I do believe it's true. The same goes for so many...
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    mexican navy stopped us

    Why would that make you nervous? Our military is full of 19 yo kids with weapons...does that make you nervous? Have you been pulled over by a Coast Guard boat lately? Pretty much the same thing.
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    Almost the coastal slam +++

    Did you use fresh dead squid? If so, where did you get it? Nice work. How big were the WSB and T-shark. Congrats on the great fathers day catch.
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    Mud Marlin

    With all those ingredients thrown in, a turd would be tasty. Aside from all the BS, how'd the fish taste?
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    BOOOO! It's only an add...WTF.
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    SD Bay Lately (A Pictoral Report)

    Very nice...say no more.
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    Octopus, Octopus, Sculpin & More Octopus

    Questioned by SDPD...let see if this elicites the same response you'd get if you were fishing in Mexican waters and questioned by Mexican authorities. Highly doubtful. I hope you're selling your boat to get another one. Otherwise, sorry about having to sell it.
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    Cat Food = Fish Food = Chum ???!!!

    And if that doesn't work, you got tuna sandwiches for lunch. Don't forget the cheeze whiz.
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    Fuel Surcharges?

    I think the fuel charge is necessary. They can raise and lower the surcharge with the fluctuation of fuel costs. The prices will go down eventually...they always do. If they (the landings and charters) do raise the rates instead of adding a surcharge, do you think the rates will lower when...
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    Like he DFG, the CHP dont have much of a sense of humor. Who the hell is Julio Chavez?
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    Seaforth San Diego 4/17

    Imagine the mess if the bite was on. Yep, I'm drinking.
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    Catalina with the Pups

    What we need is for the water to warm up a bit. There's certainly plenty of fin bait in the waters off of Dana Pt, Laguna and San Clemente. Some impressive early season WSB making a show. Maybe a few degrees here and there will wake things up. BTW Todd, did you take peanut butter along?
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    Dana Point 4-16

    Go Kris. Catch and release... into a steamer. Now that right there is some funny shit. Damn that looks good. Accompanied with rice and fresh veggies maybe? A bottle of O baby. Strong work.
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    New Record Seabass!! What a Lucky Bastard

    He must write this shit when he's stoned:smoking33: (hence the 420 in his name) and think it's cute or funny or some shit. Whatever...every village has one. :picknose:
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    Fishing in Mexican waters this summer

    Seriously, if you are really that nervous about going into Mexico by land or by sea, then dont. Its really that simple. Then you wont be having those bad feelings or anything to worry about. Im not trying to be smart ass, just saying.
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    Don't be fooled by this Craigslist Ad!

    Buyer or seller beware of any deal that is not face to face.
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    Mexican tow boat

    Ive been boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard and asked to produce the proper paperwork, I have no problem with that, as I would have no problem being boarded by Mexican officials in Mexico. It is your responsibility to have your paper work in order and it is their responsibility to ensure that you...
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    Catalina bonito and giant sized makerel!

    See what you started pendejo?
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    DP - 9/19

    Folks who fish are optomists by have to be. So, when you pull in a raked bait, always assume it was a giant butt. Just go with it, it's more fun that way. I do, it keeps me excited for the next disapointing, time and money wasting excursion.:zelfmoord
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    Offshore Bring Squid..............

    Where do you get fresh dead squid?
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    New to the troll!

    The heavy stuff is good cuz it allows you to power the fish to the boat which theoretically brings the school with. Thats when you drop back baits on the slide. Trolling with lighter line is fine, you may get more strikes but you will also break off more fish than with the heavier line. Also...
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    8/24/10 22nd St./ Pursuit-Catalina Island Report

    Cheney, laughing at others...what are you compensating for?
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    I nailed a big butt on Sat 8/14

    Very nice. Gotta love those big butts. I took the family whale watching out of Dana Pt. today...Victory at Sea. Way to tough it out.
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    8/14 DP North - Pretty BAD

    Check out this page on Zebra Mussels and thank the DFG guy for doing his job. Yeah, your tax dollar at work and doing a great job. Zebra Mussels
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    8/14 DP North - Pretty BAD

    Thank you DFG for doing your job. Sorry about your lousy day Cheney, better luck next time.
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    Boys...look what I caught today. What is it????

    Sea trout was my initial thought, but i looks as though Sable fish is the prevailing thought.
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    I've heard varying schools of thought when it come to taking 'T's. One says take the larger ones and let the little ones grow. Others say, keep the smaller ones and let the larger ones breed. I'm sure there are other opinions out there ranging from killem all to C&R all 'T's. Of course, like...
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    Salt Creek Kelp

    Lots of kelp and bait...why not?
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    Dana Point to San Clemente report 7-31

    Got a late start, 10:00, out of Dana Point today. Beautiful surface, smooth and comfy. We went to the kelp north of the harbor. Nothing going on up there. Went a little outside to drift for halibut, zero drift, zero current. Cold water 56-58. We cut our losses there and went to the Edison...
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    Catalina INFO

    Whats a left nut going for these days?:frehya2:
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    nados friday 23rd bait

    Will the party boats sell bait?
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    Maybe thats his point. :rofl:
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    Got A Big One

    Thanks? I think?...nothing like a back handed compliment:ashamed: Looks like a solid 50 to me. Besides, I'm sure it was weighed in. Very nice. Congrats.
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    Halfday halibut

    Very nice...jack pot?
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    Calstar 90J

    What the hell? How come people post stuff for sale but neglect to show the asking price?
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    6-28 Coronados WSB toad

    Is there a particular spot in the Middle grounds to target, like a pinnacle or other feature? Or do you just get to the area and fish the meter? Also, what are the VHF frequencies commonly used by the private boaters as well as the cattle boats in the San Diego/Northern Baja area? I'm...
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    20 ft Trophy WA

    Hey folks, I am the guy that backed out this morning. Chuck showed me the boat last night. It is a very nice boat, exceptionally well maintained and in very good shape. Chuck has obviously put a lot of time, effort and money into it. The electronics are all in good working order. Theres a...
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    20 ft Trophy WA

    Chuck, can you PM me your phone #?
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    20 ft Trophy WA

    Chuck, I PMed you on BD about the boat. The E-mail address you provided was not working. I tried different variations, I think I finally got it to take.
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    2000 18' CC for sale - need to sell asap

    This add was placed on Jan 15th. My guess is the boat sold long ago, hes moved and is no longer paying attention to his BD account as he no long owns a boat. Either way, it appears as though this add is no longer valid. If the boat has not sold by now, maybe its not such a great deal.
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    Selling for my uncle who just died

    Is it going to be brought back up here from Cabo? Or is that up to the buyer?
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    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    Yep, that's a shark alright.:idiot:
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    Boat aground in HH

    Does handicap parking apply to boats?
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    11-8 South O.C. Report & New Thing at the Ramp

    We're pretty lucky to have the wash down area in Dana Point. Hosing down the trailer and flushing my motor are priority 1 for me. If there's no one else waiting, I'll do a complete boat wash. Use your brain and be considerate of others and all will go smooth. The Harbor Dept. isn't required...
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    11-8 South O.C. Report & New Thing at the Ramp

    Can you push the button again after the time runs out? If you can, then whats the big deal? They probably put those in because when folks are done cleaning their boats they drive away with the water running. When it stops, you push the start button again, BAM!!! water for 10 more...
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    OB Pier hooping

    Boy, those cigarette companies don't miss a beat. They even have lobsters smoking. Maybe next time you'll get really lucky and pull one up with a six pack in tow. Nice pier bug. Nice looking plate, but what's with the green...eeew.
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    What's with all that green stuff on the plate?
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    need help with the lobster card

    You are required to have the card filled out before you even drop your nets. If you move to another area, you need to fill it out again before you drop. A lot of those DFG guys are unforgiving. Always a good idea to play it safe.
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    Bonies, Blue whales & Bald eagles-The 3 B's!!

    Holy nature awesome is that. It's always a bonus to see the unexpected mammal out there, but a whole pod of blues? And then to see some bald eagles. Double bonus. And then catch fish. Did you buy your lotto tickets? Better hurry before your luck runs out.
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    lobster pirates in dana point

    Holy smokes, it sounds like of a bunch of Jr. High schoolyard banter. He did this...I'll do that. He looked at my hoops...I'm gonna tell. The point the original poster and others are trying to make is being missed by many. Keep a vigilant eye on YOUR hoops. Don't mess with hoops that are...
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    Of course the skipper is possibly (I say possibly, not knowing anything about what really happened out there) liable. I was refering to a BDer being sued because of info being posted on this site. Earlier in the thread, it seemed as though someone was not willing to disclose info he heard and...
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    Offshore Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    You got me on that one, damn, I even looked it up to make sure I spelled it correctly.
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    Offshore Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    I fished on a Wiper before, can I be an ass hat too? My wife says I'm an asshole, but I think I'd rather be an ass hat. Ass hats go fishing.
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    Offshore Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    Hey, that was pretty'd you do that? Is her name Patty?
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    Offshore Do all Striper owners have no clue?

    :Death_To_Above: Are you sure it's not 'Patty' they were on, and it was your wife? You sure know how to make generalizations. Your right, we don't own the ocean. There are a couple of words you may want to look up in that big book called a D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y. Ever heard of one? Not the...
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    OK, OK, I'll lay off. Makes more sense with the 300mm Telephoto explanation. Sorry, but it just didn't look right. Great pic's. My apologies. Checked out your site. Very nice. Stunning sunsets. I'm also impressed with all the cool places you go. BTW, what lens do you use for the sneaky...
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    Man who died when boat ov was from Oceanside - KSWB This should answer a few questions. Liability? Lawsuits? Not likely.
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    Offshore worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    Serious mental issues coupled with alcoholism. Not a good combo on dry land, much less the middle of the ocean.
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Are there any other law enforcement agencies out there that can do that? It seems as though U.S. Customs can. They apparently don't need PC or any reason to pull you over and conduct a search of your vehicle and stuff contained in the vehicle. Thanks for your answer, best one yet. I'll...
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    Just sayin'...All 3 pic's were take from almost the exact same angle. Certainly not enough of an angle to completely eliminate the island in the back ground or the additional rock. Maybe it's just my feeble brain doing tricks on me (it's been doing that a lot lately)...but it just don't look...
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    Photoshop....I'm calling BS on the Costa Rica pic's. Isn't anyone else curious about the floating island and morphing rocks. It might as well be canoe on those rocks because the pic's are a hoax.
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    How come all the pic's are of what appears to be the same boat from the same angle but on different piles of rocks. Where'd the island in the background come from????
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    Lobster Bait Free

    Yeah, yeah, I'm just joining in on the ass bustin' fun. Rip on me all you want, I can take it.
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    Lobster Bait Free

    yes it it didn't...yes it it didn't.......
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    Lobster Bait Free

    His freakin' freezer broke skidmark. What the hell is he supposed to do?:stfu: What's the matter, having a bad day? Your pussy hurt?
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    local trip 9/27

    And not a very good one at that...he was losing his patients.
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    I don't know. I don't profess to have any more knowledge than the average Joe. But I do know a little about the 4th amendment and the rights it provides us. Those are called 'Constitutional Rights'. From the same Constitution that allows us to bear arms. I think we can agree with that. That...
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    SCI Boat ran a ground

    Handicap parking
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    Dana Point report 9-25-09

    No there isn't. Well maybe if you're looking for mac's. It's possible to catch a halibut or many other species almost anywhere, but there are spots that you will be much more likely to land one. A little local knowledge beats the hell out of fishing blind.
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    Lobster Hoopin Virgin I cant be the only 1

    #1, be sure you are well aware of the DFG reg's., they show no mercy, even if you are new. If you're not sure if a bug is legal and are riding the fence on it...toss it back. Makes sure that there is no question that its a legal bug. There is no gray area. Drop your net in the flat bottom...
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    Dana Point report 9-25-09

    :Death_To_Above: No local snobbery. No wonder the inland folks feel like we think our shit don't stink. It's the dumb ass attitudes and comments like yours. Manny, there are several good local halibut spots. Drifting along most kelp lines with live sardines, chovies or bounce balling work...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Blackfish, thanks for your educational response. Apparently you are affiliated with the organization that is responsible for the WSB come back. Thank you.
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    I hear you, but where do you draw the line between preservation and open season. Seems that many are opposed to any enviro regulations at all. There has got to be something in place to protect the resource. They can start by enforcing the rules already in place on the fishers who...
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    Anyone else experienced this?

    You forgot the 'R' in Oprah:idiot:
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    I was just joking, of course the likes of Rush won't be involved. I was just being a wise ass. Didn't mean to touch a nerve. Sheesh, must of caught you at the wrong time of the month. Straighten out your panties and relax Nancy. Without restrictive enviro. laws, there wouldn't be a fishery to...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Some of what you're saying is true, and some of it complete BS. The bonito fishery in no way has even come close to full force. Bonito used to be the junk fish. It was hard not to catch them. Now it's targeted. That in itself has to tell you something. 25lbs hali front page news? Yes a...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Amen brother, you nailed it. I was born and raised in San Juan Cap, Dana Point area and have witnessed the overfishing first hand. When the cattle boats ran off the San Clemente pier, barn door halibut were common. If I recall correctly,(Capt. Hanson can correct me if I'm wrong) they were so...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Your giant words still don't answer my questions. How is the MLPA and the DFG tied together? It just doesn't make sense. If the MLPA is successful with the wide area of closures it reportedly wants, the state and will lose a huge taxable income source as well as a reduced amount if fishing...
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    Wha do you think? got this in an email

    OK, you've redeamed yourself with great pic's to a cool story. But, it looks as though you've failed to satisfy everyone.
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    Wha do you think? got this in an email

    Hey Ricola, you're dealing with a skeptical bunch here on BD. No pic, no sell. Sounds very plausable and I'm sure most believe it...why not?'s a cool story. It's just on BD you need visual verification to make these folks happy. Sometimes I don't blame them, I want to see the pics too...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    WHAT??? Paranoia at it's finest. You better hide your rods, reels and hoops, the government will be coming after them next. They can pry my hoop net from my cold dead fingers. How is the DFG gonna do the screwing? Please explain how it works. What are your sources? Please don't say Rush...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    Fat Daddy, does the 4th amendment right of a reasonable expectation of privacy apply to boat owners and operators? If that is the case, does the DFG need my permission to board or can I refuse to allow them aboard. If they do board, can they inspect my boat in locations that are not in plain...
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    Carlsbad Kelp, Had a blast, 9/20

    That's not a skippy, that's a bonita. Great smoked.
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    My fishing adventures

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    Anyone else experienced this?

    Don't know much about Marlin, but it seems to me that Marlin spook easily and would'nt get that close to the boat. If it were a Dolphin, it also seems to me there would be more. Maybe it was a loner or a couple of dolphin. What the hell else would it be? Don't know. Maybe it was a Marlin...
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    what to do with porpoise?

    It's a great question. You can bet the guys with the smart ass answers don't know the answer or what the fuck they're talking about and are copying UNREELS answer down. You gotta realize, this site is full of wise asses...but that's half the fun.
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    They learn to back trailers on launch ramps. To bad they don't have practice ramps.
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    For my special Bears fan to get in shape...

    That explains why might right arm is so studly. I work it out a lot. Left arm can use some help.
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    How about the non-tailing of lobsters.

    Every time you change lanes without signaling, you break the law, speed, you break the law. Give me a break, like the DF'nG is going to keep tabs on everyone who has a lobster, obtain a search warrant because they saw you separate the tail from the body during a surveillance operation and...
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    fishing the beach

    Where did you fish out of Dana Point? I've been going to the kelp off San Clemente, not much going on there lately (for me anyway). Dana Point Sportfishing reported Tuna, YT and Dodo's on a 3/4 day run yesterday, 9/4. Either a misprint or the fish are getting real close. Good luck on the Tuna.
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    Big Yellowtail

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    Dana 8-16-09

    Looks like a great day on (and in) the water. Always fun to get the kids in on the action. I think that's a 'Smooth hound' shark. Don't know for sure.
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    La Jolla Sunday A.M.

    You're a lot nicer than me. Did you at least go over and educate the fool? I would have been seriously pissed. I'm pissed now and I wasn't even there. :starwarskid5: I woulda' showed him. OK, I feel better now. Probably a big ray. They head out to sea and are really hard to turn and gain...
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    Take frozen squid. Just in case. Sometimes it works better than live bait. I'm sure he has anchovies and/or sardines. You can always load up on small mac's. Sorry, no #. Good luck.
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    Sat out of Dana

    When you say Dana, do you mean Dana Landing in San Diego or Dana Pt?
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    Now's your chance fellas...get 'em while they still know everything. I already have two. They keep me grounded by reminding me what a dumb ass I am.
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    I'm going with the Tommy scale, 5
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    Darwin Awards

    Sometimes I wonder about my own judgment. About my ability to completely disregard all reason and rational thinking. Then I read the Darwin awards and I think, someday, it'll be about me.
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    One question quiz

    Unless it improves my fishing and helps me get more sex, whats the point of an assessment test? Sounds like a big waste of time. You could of been fishing!
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    Live Squid is like crack for fish!

    Nice catch. Congrats on the 4 stroke. I have a 25hp fs and love it so much I wish I could have sex with it....working on it. You are stoking on upcoming months. I know I am. Congrats
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    san onofre power plants....

    Don't know about the other landings, but Dana point has live squid. That explains the limits they've had on Sandies lately. Might even pick up an early YT in the kelp off the Barn, Domes, San Mateo (south San Clemente), Salt Creek or any of the other worthwhile spots up and down the coast. The...
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    This is for a friend

    :eek2: Nice fish!!! I guess I'll have to stop braggin' about my big butt and start pounding sand again. I gotta try the bounce ball method. I've never tried it before, heard it works pretty good. Any tips?
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    Booty girls,..

    My room don't get that dark.
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    popa_pescarul tries again to buy a boat...

    Count your blessings, theres a good reason he went right rudder on you. Only he knows why. Be thankful you didn't end up with a polished turd. Pity the poor sucker who ends up with that boat. $400. for a wood penguin? I can buy those all day long at the border for $10.00. Wanna buy another...
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    Good Halibut Fishing

    Those big ones are beauties. Are those other two even legal? 22"s right! The pic must be deceiving. Nice fish.
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    8/28 Catalina Yellow

    It doesn't really matter how big it was. Point is, you caught a nice TY. Thats better than I've done this year. Nice fish Daniel.
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    8/17 Halibut SD Bay

    Nice, lots O good eatin' there. Last week my brother and I loaded up on sardines and went looking for the dorado. Found a few vacant kelps. He started whining, so we came back in and I left him at Dana pt harbour. Still had a couple of semi alive baits left and headed south to my favorite...
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    Wide Open Dorado Newport

    Nice job!!! What tackle did you use? Were they line shy at all? Hook and bait size? Iron, trolling feathers, paddies? You got me all pumped now!
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    I think I'm gonna call BULLSHIT on this one

    You're right, something certainly smells fishy. A lab puppy mauling anything but a old shoe...give me a break. More likely to lick you to death. But, on the flip side...stranger, more unlikely things have happened.
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    Carlsbad to San Mateo

    He's faking it...waiting for you to pull in a fish, then whammo! They're sneaky that way. Even faking the decomposition and unusually foul odor.
  111. F

    Did you know?

    From which nuckle? Damn!
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    They're pretty indiscriminate eaters. Stick a hook in it, get it to them and they'll usually bite. The meat runs the length of the tail, you'll easily feel where the meaty part ends at the body. Cut the tail off there. A cartilage also runs the center length of the tail. Strip the skin...
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    A Heads Up

    Of course it should. But it's easy to forget things at times. I know I've gotten out there and realized i forgot my registration. I don't leave it on the boat. I'd forget my ass if it wasn't sewn on. The dudes just posting a heads up and a friendly reminder. Thanks Brian
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    yakatak's 3 yr old/ Dora pole

    I don't believe it's possible to get any cuter that that. Adorable.
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    Rampage Jackson Arrested, AGAIN!!!!!

    Lets hear it for steroids.
  116. F

    The Nine Mile Bank

    Nine mile out from where?
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    Offshore Slaughtered 'em Sat 7/12

    I do believe that story is worth a writing a country song about. Snag a baby cuda in the gills so you don't get skunked, that my friend is a harsh day...thoughts and prayers.
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    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    The self centered dick will be a dick, no matter what. Those who are courtious and aware of how their actions affect others are the majority. Bottom line is, there are no rules...just common sense and realizing that it's not all about you.
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    Offshore 295 dos idiosos

    Rough crowd...hey they're fisherman, nothing wrong with a little healthy exageration. The man said they're 30#, they're 30#, just go with it. Nice job filling the picanic basket Yogi.
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    Huntington flats/oil rigs 7-9-08

    As the bumper sticker goes. 'A bad day fishing, beats the hell out of a good day at work'. Or something like that... "have another drink"!
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    If you wanna go to the Barn kelp, it's situated aong the cliffs between O'side Harbour and San'O. You'd be beter off launching from O'Side, then go north. Or even a little further to the big pink tities. Lots of kelp. I like to drop a heavy rig to the bottom with a big bait and wait for the WSB...
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    Caught a BSB in San Quintin today.

    Wow, what an awsome fish. Hope you got a giant freezer. nice haul. My wife and I took the boat out of Dana Point yesterday. I dropped a whole, dead squid on the bottom and pulled up an estimated 50lbs BSB. What a treat to view such a beauty up close and personal. Had a hell of a time...
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    went on the victory july 4th cudas gone wild

    Nicely put AZ. It'd be interesting to hear what the other passengers thought of him. Especially the poor folks on the rail next to him.
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    went on the victory july 4th cudas gone wild

    Chickenbutt!!!...should be more like chicken shit. Come on dude, lame excuses don't fly on this won't get much sympathy from this group. No whiners!!!
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    Twilight on the Freelance, Monster butt

    Those nice fish take away a little bit of the sting. It dosen't pay to take your good gear on those local cattle boats, just for that reason. If someone wants to steal my old Penn 500, have at it. I'd still be pissed, but at least it wasn't the big dollar reel. Quick story from my neighbor...
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    Deadlest Catch Favorite Crew

    My vote goes to Sig...have you seen his wife?
  127. F

    Thong Injury

    Maybe she was a size 52. That would explain the exploding thong.
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    Offshore Bad Open Party Boat!

    Wow, so the local dickhead errogance isn't only with the surfing crowd any longer. What a shame. Way to go, for your son to man up and actually tip those losers. After the way you guys were treated, your son gets the only YT and wins the jack pot...poetic it. And then to be tipped...
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    What is it with professional athletes?

    No problem about voicing opinions. I personaly, don't see the relevance in a pro sports dicussion on a site devoted to fishing. My opinion, sorry if I offended.
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    What is it with professional athletes?

    I agree with the posted comments regarding the spoiled children of professional sports and how apparently no amount of money is enough...but what the hell does any of that have to do with fishing? Unless one of those big babies wanna buy me a boat and pay my fuel costs, I don't give a damn...