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    Strange catch

    Got this off Clemente yesterday weighing in at 92lbs
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    Kayaking la Jolla help?

    Hey guys was thinking of fishing la Jolla in the kayak was wondering how far the paddle out is to fish or any help on where to launch ect thanks
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    Catalina east end yellow on flat fall

    Fun fish on the flat fall maybe 80 to 120 ft weighed 24lbs at the house. Water is getting bluer some fish around. Def getting better out there bass bite all day
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    Catalina yellow on the bass jig

    Fun day caught shallow on bass blowing up on the anchovies
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    Catalina 8 14. Green water east end

    No yellows went out 430 to east end till dark. Bass Benito barracuda nice night on water
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    Catalina long point to the 3 vs August 11 to 13th

    Hey guys decided to fish the skiff sat Sunday and Monday yesterday.. the yellowtail bite has been off. Fished 6 to sunset all days for no takers trolled rapalas live smelt,Spanish Mack's and Pacific Mack's sp minnows for nada. Fished some fresh dead squid on some deeper spots for yellows nada...
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    Anyone gonna be out fishing the island Catalina this Sunday through thursday

    Have some time off if anyones out fishing this Sunday to thursday I'll be out in my little aluminum skiff more than likely fishing the east end down to cat harbor weather permitting. Always down to share info so stop bye or wave me down. I usually do just fine at my go to spots but always helps...
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    Catalina anchovies

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    Off the bottom

    Had a few hours to kill jammed the golf cart to the dingy dock jumped on the skiff hit the east end about 6pm first drop bam 2nd drop bam lost 2 others back to harbor by eight dinner bye 830.. 33lb and 36lb off the bottom 80 100ft double dropper loop fresh dead squid from the night before that...