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    blue newell

    newells, boss reels only... p.s clint daniels is a kalk sucking homo from redondo beach that lets his fat ugly wife do him right.. ha ha punk btch..
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    2 speed avet, or boss, or newells..
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    looking for

    newells or accurate reels needed..
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    new seaforth produces...

    went on the half day out of seaforth landing . the yellows were not that active but still had a good chance . turns out that the boat hooked 5 landed 3, i was one of the lucky passengers out of 70 i think..well long story short the NEW SEAFORTH is a great boat with one of the good crews of SAN...
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    farmers v.s joey trouters

    Hey farmers i guess u believe in throwing money away to boats that dont give 100 percent, to bad... private boats are the way next, yellowtail are chewing and i wish not to go up north for more pocket book jacking on rockfish by the deckhands on the mirage..... i know 35 people that are not...
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    hunter v.s. gather

    7-10-12 to 7-11-12 overnight on the mirage.. from fiskill91 . when i got to cisco's landing everything was going smooth, the captain talked about the trip.he said we are going to fish for white sea bass and if we dont find them then we are going rock...