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  1. Yagelberk

    Yamaha 175 (2) Stroke

    Best moter ever made period!
  2. Yagelberk

    Delta salmon?

    Any salmon in the isleton area yet?
  3. Yagelberk

    Any salmon in the delta yet?

    Hi is anyone catching salmon on the sac near isleton yet? Thanks
  4. Yagelberk

    30lb yellow at church rock

    almost spooled me ! My buddie cleared the other lines and fired up the boat just in time to chase him down. Hooked him in 45 ft of water and he ran strait out to the deep. And I use the rope to bleed and field dress him, gotta be on your toes though cause the dogs. ( the boat has carpet so...
  5. Yagelberk

    30lb yellow at church rock

    Caught this yellowtail on a bucktail with a fresh dead squid. On a Abu ambassador with 20lb mono . Crazy 20 min fight ! Weather was nice only yellowtail we saw all day.
  6. Yagelberk

    69 Glasspar

    Great boat my dad had one for years , fished everywhere on it one of the best boats ever made. Solid like a rock! The originator of glasspar also built. Fiberglass car bodies back in the 50s Harly earl borrowed one of his cars and developed the original corvette proto type from it . I...
  7. Yagelberk

    Calstar 800L and 800XL $120

    Hi I'd like to ck out the rods if u still have em thanks (818)679-4676 Yagel
  8. Yagelberk

    2005 Mercury 4 stroke 115

    Great motor too. Those 4 strokes run for ever