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    Islands Brief Coronados Visit

    Why would anyone try to smuggle people across the border in a boat right now when all they have to do is walk across and claim asylum and then get documentation to legally stay in the US until their court date 3-5 years later? Meanwhile receiving free heath care stimulus $$, and a shinny new EBT...
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    For Sale: 25’ 1973 Potter Seacraft Pocket Sport Fisher

    Very nice! I have had 2 Sea Crafts great boats with a cult following! GLWS
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    LJ Yellowtail 12-20

    Making memories! Nice winter toad!
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    260 West Marine Rib

    Im interested Still available?
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    2005 Grady White 282 Sailfish $76,000

    Nice, that’s a great riding boat with plenty of power! GLWS
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    Offshore Great day @ 213

    Well done! Looks like a nice day on the water..
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    Offshore October 13, Low Expectations Fulfilled

    Don’t you love how your buddies always say Don’t loose it Don’t loose it! ? Like we are trying to loose fish 😆 Nice job!
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    Offshore Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Ali found a new honey hole! 👏
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    Offshore Shake down trip successful

    👍 way to break in the new sled!
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    Offshore VAGABOND Aug 7-10

    Was that a post or a medium size novel? Glad you got out of the house and back on the water but WTF?
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    Offshore Tuna 8-4-20

    Don’t take the white parka off! I thought we were gonna get a blood shower on that thing! 👏
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    Offshore Personal Best Bluefin

    What a Pig! Congrats! Catch of a lifetime..👏
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    Grady White Marlin 28

    That’s amazing fuel economy! I have a Marlin 300 with 250 Yamahas and I average around 1.3mpg. With tower. Great boat looks to be in excellent cond. Should sell quick! Bump
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    Offshore Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    Yea, there was a real cluster F**K at the bait barge Friday morning Around 5am. Guys need to figure out how to stay In a single line and know who is front of you... There was almost blows being thrown.. Let’s get it together and we will all get our bait quicker and move the F**k on!
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    Offshore Coronado Canyon Foamers

    Mexican Navy is lazy and will take the low hanging fruit around the islands.. 5 mi. west of the island not to much to worry about just have your Mexi. License and passport..
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    Offshore Bluefin Video

    Nice double up! 👊🏻
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    Offshore BFT 6/26

    Way to go! Looks like a fun day!
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    Offshore BFT NW 230 6/25

    Fricken awesome solo run!🍻
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    Offshore 6-21 no luck 182 to 302 to 43

    Yep, I heard guys on the radio talking about that paddy last Friday. They were giving out the numbers to a paddy that they fished for an hour with no action..? Haven’t seen one that big in a while!
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    Offshore BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    When there that size you only need one to make your day! Nice work!😉
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    Offshore 5/31 BFT Report

    Congrats! Way to stick it out!
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    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    I agree, this is more about Gavin Newscum’s ego being hurt that his children are not minding him than it is about the statistics! We are going to see a big push back on this Gov. over reach this weekend!
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    Offshore Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Nice! I might try sneaking out this weekend. Thanks for the report!
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    Offshore Wide Open YFT mix BFT San Clemente 11/2

    Good times! ‘Thanks for the report.
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    Offshore SCI 9/27 Big BFT & a Marlin!! 4K Video

    Epic day on the water! Great job boys!
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    Final score - SD 38, Denver 24, NFL Offical's 15

    Freakin horrible!!! I am still fumin.... 0-2not good... The ref admits his mistake but doesn't change call?? Dumb Ass!!
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    Offshore Loaded up 9/13

    Great day! by the look of the satelite pics, that could be a good new area??
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    Offshore 425 & 371 & 101

    Take it easy on the kid! sounds like some are fishually frustrated! Get out there and get some! #'s are nice, water temps in different areas, conditions etc. it's pretty automatic right now! So get out and enjoy! and we don't need play by play from the what time you drop the Cosby's off at...
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    Offshore 8/1 Bluefin, Dorado, YellowTail, Albacore

    Way too go! A day like that makes the 2 hour drive home worth it! Priceless day's on the water with your boy! A couple more years and mine will be ready for the runs offshore!! Can't wait!
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    Mission Bay Bait Price Goes Up....

    Time is $ and who has the time for that!! Pay the boy's for the scoop and go have fun!
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    Offshore Slaughtered 'em Sat 7/12

    Feel your pain! Got a late start yesterday left SI just before 5:00am. ran to the 425&371 not wanting to make the run all the way to the 295,238 area and got blanked! Should of sucked it up, got out earlier and made the run!! Still a good time on the water with friends, but God I Hate Gettin...
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    Offshore No love/life @ 182

    Thanks for the info, will be heading down the line tommorow anyway... Hopefully a new batch starts to work its way up??
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    Offshore Thurs 7-10-08 295 Offshore Report, Albies n BFT

    Time to break out the fish trap on the cheater!
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    retaining wall

    3' or less would not need a permit. Typical cmu block 3' high retaining should run you approx. $50.00 to 60.00 per ft...
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    Would have to say bum dope! Nothin comfirmed... That temp break is sure settin up Niiiiice! that area?