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    Long Beach 150 and Izors Reef

    i was on the city of long beach fri,i think we saw you guys at izors
  2. J

    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    friday night was enjoying the scenery munching at the reef..,when i noticed they were dredging out the channel...good thing i dont launch there..
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    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    nooo not bigger than godzilla?!?!?!?!?
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    Dallas got screwed!

    Its the Clavin Johnson Rule!!! it was an incomplete pass!!!...karma bitches,,last week they say the passing interfernce was a good call for them,,,now the shoe on the other their crying like lil bitches....KARMA!!!!!
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    detroit playing dirty

    i dont think he shouldnt play for the rest of the season,,the N.F.L did what was right suspend him,for one of Detroits biggest game in a very very long know he's kicking himself in the ass for that...And im a detroit lions fan....
  6. J


    i dont believe in dirty play,,he got what was coming to him....but theirs alot of dirty players in the league..and alot of dirty plays..some of we dont see..but oh well...
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    IM A Detroit Lions fan,and i figure streaks were meant to be broken....and its time for a change..someone new to lead the N.F.C NORTH...Detroit has sat in the basement for far too long...LETS GO LIONS AND PULL THE UPSET!!!!
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    Ok, who does Glamis on Thanksgiving weekend?

    if ur gonna do dunes.try dumont
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    Ok, who does Glamis on Thanksgiving weekend?

    couple years back,.some fucker lost control and flipped his sand rail and tumbled on to my buddy and his kid...not a great weekend,,,too many drunks showing off!!!!
  10. J

    once in a lifetime catch! the story of bugzilla lol

    what a dick for showing that thing on a bbq!!!!,,but thats the only way in my opionion to eat them,,,congrats buddy!!!
  11. J

    The REAL 12th Man...Go Pack Go!

    #12 got cawked..the packers are a mediocre team with a good qb...
  12. J

    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    the way i see it.if those pb'rs arent flipping you off or chasing you down,then they must be ok wth what your doing...clearly the pursuit capt is a dick wad...and everyone else who thinks you were in the wrong..hey but everyone has an opionion
  13. J

    Offshore Dead Tuna!

    BLOODY DECKS..nice wtg
  14. J

    No Rat Chicks

    just a question about your waders..if you were to tip..wouldnt they fill with water...ive been wanting a kayak,,but i would want a body suit over me
  15. J

    Corvina and sand bass in oside

    nice catch!!!,wtg on the beauties..wall material
  16. J

    looking to buy motor

    give me a call,,,1562-964-5805
  17. J

    looking to buy motor

    2 strokes are fine..when can i check it out
  18. J

    looking to buy motor

    15 hp is a lil small..hoping to get a 50 -40 hp
  19. J

    looking to buy motor

    anybody out there willing to sell a motor for a 16 ft moark bass boat...shoot me some info and price and let me see what you got..
  20. J

    50 horse

    whats wrong with sazuki's????...arent newer models pretty much the same
  21. J

    50 horse

    looking at a 50 horse sazuki (new) for a 16 ftr it worth 5000 bux????
  22. J

    PB WSB!

    ddaaammmnnn!!!!,wtg on the pb croaker.....
  23. J

    wsb and halibut

    very effen nice
  24. J

    Windy Day Dock Fishing - Nice Spottie

    solid spottie,spotts hit like trucks,lotsa fun on light tackle
  25. J

    NPH 5/7 after work

    nice lil sesh
  26. J

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    yeah but do you have them in a lefty model?????
  27. J

    Question: Salt Water Bass Reel

    LEXA 300.POWER HANDLe 65 POWER PRO...40LB fluoro leader and your set..
  28. J

    SM - SPIT IT & The Total Domination!

    i love it..spit it you bitch!!,,,good stuf
  29. J

    42 Inch Halibut.....From the Beach! 4/7

    mother fucker!!!!!,,wtg..on getting your fix.
  30. J

    Best color braid? Does it matter?

    Its just preference,,I use it to color match my custom rods....
  31. J

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    yeah what he said!!!!...a if someone is willing to purchase them,more power to them...I always thought it ws the fisherman that caught the biggest and the most,that made a fisherman,,,NOT HIS ROD,OR HIS BOOTS WITH RHINE STONES!!!But great popcorn material....
  32. J

    Phenix M172H

    Jimmy ur taking this rod building thing to another level..looks sweet brother
  33. J

    Catalina Lings - 3/23

    nice looking lings,,even better looking lil family you got,,,congrats
  34. J

    Catalina Bonito - 2/22

    that looks delish...with an ice cold asahi would do the trick..
  35. J

    Bassin Before Hoopin

    nice...looks like fun
  36. J

    Dolphin Seeks Out Diver To Remove Hook

    on clemente island there was a pelican that must of enjoyed piercing,,he had 2-3 big hammers latch thru his neck,,,awesome looking punker pelican
  37. J

    Catalina Bonito - 2/22

    drag pulling bonita are a blast to catch..nice
  38. J

    LB Harbor Fishing

    nice!!! wtg on the catching
  39. J

    Full Speed Calicos and Johnny Bass 2-22-14

    thumbs up to you buddy,,kids with smiles after catching fish is whats its all about
  40. J

    Midnight bassin

  41. J

    Long Beach PB Halibut

    nice looking butt you got there...wtg..
  42. J

    Halibut on float tube 2/15/14

    thats what im talking about,,,,wtg on the tubed hali
  43. J

    Midnight calicos

    nice looking checkers
  44. J

    Broken dreams in the LBC

    Bendo shots are the besssstttt
  45. J

    Curado vs Calcutta

    i own both,their just for preference..i like the feel of the low pro baitcaster,but also dig the round cals...
  46. J

    Lingcod what do you use to catch the BIG monsters????

    sand dabs,live baits
  47. J

    float tube

    Need some help,need the bar strap with the mesh for my float tube....i dont now the official name,but if anyone has one to sell,or know of a way to get one,please hook a fellow tuber up....for a caddis navi 2
  48. J

    float tube

    anybody not using a float tube or anyone with some info on how i can find me the foam bar that has the mesh to keep the tube from collapsing.sorry dont know what there called,,,in dire need,,,got a major itch to get out on the bay and pierce some lips..
  49. J

    F****** Poachers

    believe it or not,ive seen caucasian poaches,,yup..but poachers suck no matter what race they are..
  50. J

    Spotties Winter cold weather bites??

    for me its all about (match hatch)....observe and see whats crawling on the piling.....or the bait fish.,...for me i love the chigga claw,,,basicly matches the lil green crabs on the piling...covered in butter,and toss and a lite twitch here and there,very slow retrieve....
  51. J

    Shimano New Curado

    i have a curado 201g7 model,and it is sweet,,cast a mile with it,,also has the 7-1 ratio...
  52. J

    Rod suggestions Please... to match my curado 300E

    i like my phenix m-1 7-7 mh perfect match on the lexa 300
  53. J

    More crabbin'

    bitchin video bro