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  1. Pacop

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    24 one square foot tiles will cover your whole cockpit floor. That’s including the Porto potti area. Obviously some of the the pieces will need to be cut. I used a razor to cut the tiles that needed to be trimmed.
  2. Pacop

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    Sorry for the late response. I purchased mine directly from They sell it for $4.76 a tile and you can buy whatever color you need and whatever quantity. You pay for some shipping but you get what you want from them including border pieces if needed. Check out their website. It...
  3. Pacop

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    Here’s another photo of the dri dek.
  4. Pacop

    My Parker 2320 build - Bangarang

    I installed dri-deck tile flooring that works pretty well too. Easy to remove and clean. It doesn’t leave any rubber residue either and easy to install. Just another option or idea.
  5. Pacop

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    Both. It will increase your mpg and possibly speed. You will definitely get more torque and will find a good cruise speed between 4200-4500. Way better low end torque.
  6. Pacop

    Offshore Cat and Avalon Bank

    What are the yellows biting while on the troll? Thanks for the report.
  7. Pacop

    Offshore Blue Fin deep at 182

    We used downriggers in Northern California for blue fin and hooked several times. We landed a 70 pounder and lost a bigger one when it snapped the line. They work very well. I'm sure more people would get fish down there if they used this method. We also hooked up using rapala x-rap 30's blue...
  8. Pacop

    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Badass picture.
  9. Pacop

    Offshore 8/12 Foamer 2 miles due east of Avalon.

    we caught Blue fin up in Northern California out of bodega last year using our down riggers. We put the lines down about 50 feet and let a live Mack about 150 feet behind the boat. That's. How they we caught them. A bunch of other boats out of Monterey and and bodega also caught them this way...