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    Thanks I was aware of 3 of these.....I bought some from the one guy on here back in 2018. I...

    Thanks I was aware of 3 of these.....I bought some from the one guy on here back in 2018. I just ordered the rest of the Bullet Jet heads from ebay, Thank you!
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    Homemade Wahoo Bombs

    Hello, I make my own bombs. I’ve found that 5.5 ounce heads work the best. I’m having a hard time sourcing them. Anyone have any contacts? This is an example of the best head I’ve ever found.
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    Yup, It's a US requirement's been around forever. I haven't worked on boats since 1998...

    Yup, It's a US requirement's been around forever. I haven't worked on boats since 1998 and we used to fill it out for every Multiday trip....every time.
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    Which long range boats are best for taller anglers?

    I am 6'2 and fished a 16 day in one of the upper staterooms...I had to sleep bent for all 16 days as I couldn't stretch out...Told me later I should have let them know I was a big guy....I have fished it other times with large bunks...but not all bunks are large.....key is to let whatever boat...
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    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    Don't forget about those overnight trips chasing the tuna at 100 miles......only to get skunked....If you go enough you will all get some nice boat rides in.
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    Recommendations for Hotel near Landings

    I booked the Ramada again just now for our end of September Rooster trip. I just like being close to the drive my cart across the street, load my stuff and leave my truck in their parking lot close. Rooms are good enough.....I wouldn't take my kid here unless your just planning...
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    I also have never been concerned with this stuff....matter of fact it would destroy part of the experience if I had to worry....and lock stuff up....or if other people were locking stuff of the greatest things about long range fishing is meeting new people from all walks of life and...
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    Which Forum?

    But who cares....It's not a competition. Both are fun.
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    Musings of an Aging Angler

    I just completed the first 8 day trip of the year on the Indy....I'm 53......I started long range fishing in 1993.....when I first started everyone was older than me....these days when I look around at my fellow passengers.....they're still almost all older than me...I think I was like 5th...
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    Indy 8 day Leaving Friday. Who's going?

    Oh she’s looking pretty!
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    Indy 8 day Leaving Friday. Who's going?

    Thanks Jeff! We need to fish together soon!
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    Indy 8 day Leaving Friday. Who's going?

    Hey folks. Excited to be leaving on the first 8 day trip of the year on the Indy. Anyone else going? I have fished the first trip on the American Angler 4 or 5 times.....which normally leaves when this trip is returning. They always seemed to have some nice catches.....even though the...
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    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    Mission accomplished! Ulua in my Bumblebee pattern by John Vadney of Dreadnought rods. Can’t wait to bust this thing in on some jumbo yellow on the Indy this week!
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    Wow…tears ….so powerful! Thank you for sharing this story. What great timing as I’m leaving on the Indy for 8 days come this Thursday. My last trip on her they were both aboard….Mark and Paul….good peeps!
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    Horizon goin to Guadalupe

    I used to work on the Horizon....I dove Guadalupe many times....such an epic unreal experience. Super spooky but supper exciting as well....kind of like Jumping out of an airplane. I never saw a Great White while freediving but I saw lots of other toothy critters.... like the 10' Bull Shark...
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    Fuel surcharges

    A few years back the Long Range boats all went through a considerable price increase to supposedly get rid of Fuel Surcharges. They were mandated to stop fuel surcharges.....Of course fuel prices haven't been crazy in a few years so the profits must have been nice. The port, landings and bait...
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    Vagabond Closing!

    I would cancel and rebook...I just booked at the Ramada across the street for May was like $105 including tax for a Harbor View balcony room....Ramada has always been better than the Vagabond.
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    Is Fisherman's Processing still down

    Reservation made and confirmed! Can't wait to see the new place.
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    LR rock cod methods

    I love all kinds of fishing....I love catching shallow water rockfish and lings. I will always be at the rail for all these stops.....normally fishing some kind of Bar with a shrimp fly tied up about 3' However, I am not keeping any rockfish on a LR Trip as getting them cleaned is not worth it...
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    What are these two pieces of white tape for?

    Thanks everyone!
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    GOMEXUS - Seems legit but haven't tested it out under fire yet. [MEDIA]

    GOMEXUS - Seems legit but haven't tested it out under fire yet.
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    Yeah I finally found the documentation from's for putting on your spool so line...

    Yeah I finally found the documentation from's for putting on your spool so line doesn't spin on the spool.
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    Yup ...attached it to my Ulua and it seems it will work fine.

    Yup ...attached it to my Ulua and it seems it will work fine.
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    2021 Abalone

    I was camping up at Salt Point State Park this weekend. I think it's a marine preserve no Abalone ever. I was down with the kids checking out the tidepools at low tide. I counted 20 - 30 abalone in the tide pools......I don't recall ever seeing one in a tide pool before. Gave...
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    What are these two pieces of white tape for?

    Hey folks just bought a new Trinidad 30a and upgraded the handle. It the tackle pack with the reel seat were these two pieces of tape? Any idea what they are for? also is the reel seat studs supposed to be loose? The nuts don’t tighten all the way down. Is that by design?
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    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    So I found Jon Vadney who has done past work for me and is within an hour drive. He is really good. I'm getting an Ulua (9' 3") wrapped or I would have tried Cow man. Shipping costs are prohibitive for the long rods. @Scold
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    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    Bumping up this thread again. Need someone local in the bay area for wrapping a busted guide.
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    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    He built my last few rods...haven't seen him around in a while. His website is down as well.
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    Nice work! Do you have a website or any contact info. Looking to get a rod built.
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    Reel bag, box , or mounted on rod for transport?

    I put it on the upstairs deck out of the way. Which is one reason I like it over a standard reel bag. Things get dirty and wet upstairs....wouldn't want to mess up my nice reel bag by leaving it up there....most people put them in their staterooms....the bucket is easy to find an out of the...
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    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    Hey Guys, I posted this before in the Rod Building forum. Any rod builders within striking distance of the East Bay? I live in San Ramon and I am looking to have a new Jig stick built for this year. Any local recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I also need to get a guide fixed on...
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    Reel bag, box , or mounted on rod for transport?

    I created a reel bucket. I cut out some Foam Egg Crate for a couple of layers to sandwich my reels. For an 8 to 10 day trip all my reels except my big stuff goes in here. For my big reels I use a tackle bag that has misc stuff in it....not a dedicated reel bag. I normally put it up top...
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    Evaluating LR trip in mid June or early Dec

    I have fished both of these options many times. 8 day early June trips and 10 day December trips.....I just went through this exercise for adding my second trip of the year....I chose the 8 day June trip. Every trip is different but these are my high level observations. June trips have the...
  35. Pangamaster

    single ready to mingle. shogun 6/4-6/12

    I went back and forth...back and forth...hadn't tried the Shogun in a while and this trip was $500 cheaper than the May 28th trip on the the end 27 people on the Shogun or 26 on the Indy decided for me....I booked the Indy. I just bought a new Trinidad 30A that needs to be put to use...
  36. Pangamaster

    Aftermarket Reel Handle for Trinidad 30A

    Hey Everyone, Any options available out there for more T shaped handles for the Trinidad 30A reels?
  37. Pangamaster

    30# rod choice for fly lining / casting sardines

    Now this is objectivity...just data! Nice!
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    single ready to mingle. shogun 6/4-6/12

    My fingering is hovering over the Purchase button on this one....haven't fished the Showgun in a while...price is the early spring trips..... Side 8 day last year was the first time in my history (28 years of LR) I didn't tag a yellowtail....lots of fish......just no...
  39. Pangamaster

    Success Sportfishing or Others?

    I would love to fish her! Any openings?
  40. Pangamaster

    Field Reports - Wahoo on Tern 600 at 53 ipc ??

    You guys that like the Terns for Wahoo what gear ratio are you using? I bought a 500 with 6:1 and used it last year. I'm a bit particular....but I didn't like it at all.....Didn't like the effort it took to pull a bomb through the water. The reel free spools like a dream....just didn't like...
  41. Pangamaster

    Booking a summer trip?

    Some of these stories bring back less than fond memories....the regulars who I beat to the dock early on a first come first serve ahead of me as I‘m boarding and put little towels down to reserve their spots....grrrr! Getting on a boat about Mid way in boarding order....but...
  42. Pangamaster

    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    Time marches on! Sad to hear we lost another good long ranger captain to the Commercial Industry. Alex was legit. Best of luck to Tommy and Susan. That being said I hope they open up the schedule to be more year round. Looking forward to see how the new owner does.
  43. Pangamaster

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    I just recently retired my Newell 338 which can still cast a Sardine a mile and take on anything 30# should be able to handle. I'm using a Talica 10 II with a Calstar 850 M. Dream for fishing bait in appropriate 30# conditions. Kelp Patties, Pick Tuna Bite, smaller fish on the ridge etc. I...
  44. Pangamaster

    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    Hey Everyone, Any rod builders or rod repair guys in the East Bay Frisco area. I live in San Ramon for reference. I have some guides that I need fixed. I mostly have long range Salt gear. Thanks! Dave
  45. Pangamaster

    Department of Fish and Wildlife and the RP?

    I just came back from an 8 day on the Rooster...I would have passed the test....the crew tried hard to stop folks from harvesting too much. Dodo's are what mess everyone up. That and when the fish are small.
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    Awesome Soda! If I can't fish with the Soda Pop at least I'm fishing on a boat with his gear on it!
  47. Pangamaster


    You will be fine. My stuff always fits on the Rooster and I always bring way too much stuff. I am leaving on the Sonny Jones trip this Thursday. We will try to leave you some Wahoo for your trip :)
  48. Pangamaster

    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    I always do it 1 - 2 weeks before the trip....if it’s a short fluro or leader to spectra i do it on the boat. Every thing else I do before. Cocktails, friends, seas, get in the way once you leave port.
  49. Pangamaster

    Bomb skirts

    Winner Winner....I always go straight to the source at WTP. Anyone have connections for just the heads?
  50. Pangamaster

    How our Gallagher/Excel Charter is handling the Covid Issue

    Works for me. Good luck, have fun, forget about 2020 for a while.
  51. Pangamaster

    Shogun 1.5 day with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Great report on many different levels. Well done and congratulations!
  52. Pangamaster

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    x2 Some really good recipes from this guy. A recent favorite of mine is Crispy Fried Tuna Tacos. Amazing concept. Wrap seasoned raw tuna in a corn tortilla and fry it. By the time the tortilla is done you have perfectly seared tuna on the inside...
  53. Pangamaster

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    I got to go fishing a week and a half ago up in the Bay Area. Wearing a mask was not an issue. I was fishing on the Cal Dawn and Captain James was basically asking us to respect the sport and the fleet by wearing masks so they wouldn't get shut down. Sure they came off occasionally for a...
  54. Pangamaster

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    From Facebook Fisherman's Landing 33 mins · It is with heavy hearts that we are posting this to inform you that the county is ordering us to shut down operations until March 31st due to Covid-19 situation. We are sorry that we have to cancel our upcoming trips, but the safety of our...
  55. Pangamaster

    cow tuna sardine hooks

    Mustad for me. I like these.
  56. Pangamaster

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    I'm on the Rooster in late September this year. Trying to figure out another trip....probably needs to be later in the year though with family and work balance. On a lighter note I'm going to Fiji with the family this summer....must be some kind of fishing out there?
  57. Pangamaster

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    I have fished almost all the LR trip options over the years. From 3 - 16 day trips. I have probably fished the early summer trips more than any other. They are unique and this is what I like about them. 1) Trips cost less 2) Weather is cooler...but still tropical once you get down to the...
  58. Pangamaster

    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    Great report Soda! Hope to fish again with you soon! So much fun and so many fish!
  59. Pangamaster

    The Colonello Excel 2019 (Memorial) 10 Day: A post Thanksgiving “tail”.

    Great report! Thank you for spending the time and energy to share and let us walk in your steps! Congratulations!
  60. Pangamaster

    Fish 3 times the line test

    I caught an 8# Yellowfin Tuna on 130# and Jack-Poled him and few of his buddies. The line size was about 22 times the size of the fish. I like to keep the odds in my favor. o_O
  61. Pangamaster

    Spirit of Adventure - October 15-23, 2019

    Alan you always do such great write ups! Thanks for sharing!
  62. Pangamaster

    105 FOOT BOATS

    Huh? You saw the post above right? The Q105 is still working...looks in really good shape too....just not a sportfishing boat any more. There is a ton of really old sportfishing boats that still pass Coast Guard inspection every year.....The Q105 was more about management style than age.
  63. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster: 10/20-10/28 Report

    Sounds like an amazing trip....great fishing....great food....light loads...good weather...and your son was working for you.....bad ass! Thanks for sharing!
  64. Pangamaster


    Another great write up John. Sorry the fishing wasn't so hot but you still managed to keep the happy face going. Thanks for sharing and spending the time to create such a great report.
  65. Pangamaster

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    The very last boat I used my ticket on....I ran second on her a few times back in 97...RIP!
  66. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Way to go Soda Pop! You’re Karma is growing stronger!
  67. Pangamaster

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    There were not sleeping in the galley. The crew on that boat, like many of the long range boats, sleep behind the wheel house which is above the galley. Some other post just mentioned the crew admitted they were all asleep. So where they sleep is above where the fire the time...
  68. Pangamaster

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    I worked on SD boats for 5 years. The great boats I worked on had a crew member roving the deck at all times. Separate from the license driving the boat. The more typical day boats they repurposed this to include the second ticket was driving the boat and was the rover. The shady boats I...
  69. Pangamaster

    $1000.00 discount on Excel/Gallagher 10 day

    The new folks are paying full price...the people not going are paying the first $1000 of that full price tag.
  70. Pangamaster

    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Sounds like a great trip and can’t wait to hear about the trip with your friend. What an amazing thing to do!
  71. Pangamaster

    What To Leave Home?

    I have a term for some of you guys. “The Rigger!” There are some on every trip. Over the years I have noticed a few things about riggers. 1). The amount of rigging a rigger does, does not translate into being a better overall fisherman. 2) The rigger is seldom if ever the best fisherman on...
  72. Pangamaster

    Fish processing prices?

    Cost of my fish from my last trip. Trip $3000 Misc Related expenses $1200 (New gear and tip) Fish Processing (I had it shipped to me) $700 Total for my 7 day trip = $4900 150 pounds of fillets $32.67 / pound Still cheaper than Whole Foods and I had an amazing time in the process. Not the...
  73. Pangamaster

    Indy Rusty Hook 7 day 8/3 - 8/10

    Hey Guys, Just got back from a fabulous trip on the Indy. Here is the trip in a nutshell. Left Saturday am with no issues....everyone got loaded up and took their assigned tackle box spot and found the extra spots for their rods. Starting meeting new people from literally all over the US...
  74. Pangamaster

    Polaris Supreme 8 day 8-1 to 8-9

    Congratulations on a great trip. We fished by you on the Indy down on the 13.....our Yellowtail story was way different....tons of small fish....we did eventually find enough good bites to put a decent count of yellows and tuna in the WSB for us...but the wahoo was on for us. Good...
  75. Pangamaster

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Great report! Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your story. This has me pumped up. We leave for 7 on the Indy next Saturday. I have a bunch of new homemade jigs to play with as well as a bucket load of the tried and true varieties. Now I am officially really fired up!
  76. Pangamaster


    Check out Guy’s site for the Raider / Spanyid lures...not sure on who was first and all that but these are just like the Raider Jigs of old.
  77. Pangamaster

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

    This is a great question...everyone calls the guy that lost his fish a farmer...but why? I think I always thought of it as if you lost the fish .......its out there free, making babies and continuing to live. Thus you're raising or farming fish by not harvesting any.
  78. Pangamaster

    Micro Bait Jig

    This is what I did.
  79. Pangamaster

    Fishing reports are really really good... time to get out on the water

    Can't wait...hope it keeps solid like this for a while! Leaving for 7 days in 2 weeks on the Indy. Yippy!
  80. Pangamaster

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    Absolutely awesome! Congratulations Jonny, what an amazing catch! That’s a lifer event for sure!
  81. Pangamaster

    Shop Closing

    Off to Squidco, Anglers Choice and M&M's.
  82. Pangamaster

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    I like Maui Jim’s. I switched a long time ago to high quality shades and have tried most brands. I haven’t tried the Costas.....maybe next up. The reward of high quality pays dividends over the years in comfort and protection. I always have a leash such as chums on so that I don’t lose or...
  83. Pangamaster

    Manual Drag Override

    I pushed hard enough on my last long trip to break off 2 nice ones using 130#. Both broke at the leader in the last 10'...not much room for forgiveness in that last bit right before they gaff it. You win some you lose some. I'm leaning towards depending on the drags more. I put a lot of...
  84. Pangamaster

    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    That’s awesome! That’s how it should always be!
  85. Pangamaster

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    We need some red and green running light fluid up in the bow ....asap!
  86. Pangamaster

    Paul Carramao

    Got it! Thanks Dave
  87. Pangamaster

    Paul Carramao that Rene from the Excel? That will partner with Paul?
  88. Pangamaster

    Royal Star 5 day After Christmas Trip

    I used to think I liked rock fishing on Long Range trips. And I still do on occasion to break up things, especially on crappy trip.....or even really good trips on the rare occasion you have already caught all the target species. However rockfishing is much better up doesn’t take...
  89. Pangamaster

    Paul Carramao

    Very cool! Shogun would have been my first guess but wanted to make sure nothing else was going on. Good stuff!
  90. Pangamaster

    Paul Carramao

    Tim just posted that this is Paul’s last trip on the Royal Star as he is off to be a captain and owner of another Long Range Rig. Anyone know what rig Paul is going to? Great guy and happy for him.
  91. Pangamaster

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    Longe Range is all started off with Richard Joryce. Aka as Uncle Red to me. A fire chief from Los Angelos. My father and Red grew up together....his stories and fish parties were things of legend...Terry Maas....Body Glove Brothers...All kinds of firemen....he was also a big...
  92. Pangamaster

    Blue Pacific Tackle (BD Launch)

    Any pictures of what the Grip-N-Hook looks like when it's actually on a rod?
  93. Pangamaster

    Shorter trips during the December Timeframe

    It’s a total crap shoot! Let’s be honest. However the chances of scoring a lifer....or even a nice Tuna right now.....compared to the last 20 years is pretty good. Nothing is’s fishing....but the last month has seen some epic hauls. Depends on your risk factor.....I...
  94. Pangamaster

    Prowler involved in collision

    My thoughts exactly....this is how rumors of fake news get started.
  95. Pangamaster


    Great report John! Thanks for sharing all the details! I’d love to do one of those “Camping” trips! You’re a great fisherman.....and more importantly.....a great story teller!
  96. Pangamaster

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    35 years ago going out of Davies Locker on cheap half day trips on the Western Pride......oh can still do that. Cost a little bit more.
  97. Pangamaster

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Holy cow! I was -9 years old......I bet they didn’t have WiFi on that trip.....was it straight Penn reels?
  98. Pangamaster

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Hey Guys, I know there are a lot of really “Old Time” Long Rangers out there. We have all seen many references to the “Old Days.” What was your first trip? What boat? Charter? Memorable moments? My first trip was on the Spirit of Adventure in 1993. The charter was the Tim Green...
  99. Pangamaster

    Questions about the American Angler

    I’ve fished the AA for a long time...I wish they’d change and do boarding order by reservation date like other boats. I fished the first 8 day this year as I’ve done 3 or 4 times in the past. Left the Bay Area in the evening....drove all in line at about 3am.....I was about 10th...
  100. Pangamaster

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    Have you guys looked at the prices of the housing surrounding the landings....there is not much under a million dollars. Many multi-million dollar houses....25 years ago the crowd looked tough down at the landings....I mostly see yuppies and Milf while I wait for my boat to leave now...
  101. Pangamaster

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    Just go across the street to the Ramada. Same distance to the landing. Nicer Hotel and nice pool area for doing your base camp activities :) We also left our Cars parked at the Ramada for our last trip when the landing was full.
  102. Pangamaster


    Hey Ed, keep me in the loop! I know you guys are on some waiting lists for next year. FYI...I was taking notes...what rods, what reels you guys were using..Kind of like a stalker......I need to modernize.... I also watched how often you changed your jigs....Those little clip things came in...
  103. Pangamaster


    Hey John, Great report! I had a blast watching you and Ed cast your long rods. You guys were amazing. It was definitely a tough trip as things were never really wide open. Like you ...I have plenty of fish to last the year and I am thankful for that. But next time the fish really decide to...
  104. Pangamaster

    Excel Phenix 10 day 9/23 missing tackle bag

    Hey Tom, I saw it on deck as the last of the fish were loaded into the cart. The crew had it and was asking whom it belonged to. I would check with Jason and let him know the crew had it. Hopefully it didn't get lost in the crew shuffling between new trips. Fun fishing with you! Good luck...
  105. Pangamaster

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    I bring a full sized jig bucket completely full of jigs....then a container each of bombs, light irons and heavy irons....that are mostly they get dinged up in the jig bucket.....I bring about a 100 favorites... at least 3 of each of those....then I have to force myself to...
  106. Pangamaster

    Excel Phenix Rod 10 day roll call

    See yall in a couple of days. Also staying at the Ramada inn on Saturday night. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  107. Pangamaster

    RP Next Week...yeah baby!

    I'm leaving on Sunday on the X for 10 days. Looking forward to getting away. Not looking at my phone, Catching fish, eating too much, sleeping too much....telling way too many stories....pretty much pretend like I'm 25 again in my size 50 body. Can't wait! Good luck on your trip!
  108. Pangamaster

    Please exercise caution my friends

    This post makes sense to me. Use good common sense...there is nothing earth shattering here. Post pictures of your great catches. Show your friends and family pictures of your catch, your food pics....that cool whale and that amazing sunset. But have some tact...understand a huge bloody pile...
  109. Pangamaster

    Mile's and Kens Fall Classic / Open 8 Day / 09/21-10/01

    Actually private charters are fairly rare these days. Open normally implies there is no sponsor. These days most trips are either sponsored or open. Sponsored trips normally have a rep from the company/group sponsoring the trip. Depending on the level of can mean just a rep...
  110. Pangamaster

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    So far....New trip for me...Rusty Hook 7 day in August on the Indy. Going out with some newbie buddies....I think they got the bug....they just went on a cow or bust 3 day on the Excel...they are still pissed....I redirected their anger to a longer trip......
  111. Pangamaster

    First Cow with 7 year old on the Royal Star

    This is awesome! Way to go dad! These memories will last a life time. I just gave my funeral speech last weekend....regarding my own dad...and of all the memories...all the things he taught me....taking me out fishing offshore on SD boats was the tops! Well done and congratulations on a...
  112. Pangamaster

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    I still wouldn't call it Long Range....If you can get to the same spot in 2.5 hours in your 16' Boston Whaler...that's not long range. Fishing Long Range Style in the comfort of a deluxe boat, light load, amazing food and the best of the best crew... Maybe that is the word I'm looking...
  113. Pangamaster

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    So really this brings up a different topic....What defines Long Range fishing? If you go straight West to’s about 60 me that is not long range...I spent 5 years of my life spending 250+ days a year in that’s not long range.....Long Range means you go left...
  114. Pangamaster

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    Exactly! My buddies that fish once a year ....just went on the Excel on a 3 day that exclusively fished the BFT. Boat landed 2 over 200#’s. They are still fuming....they will never fish the Excel again....they would have absolutely loved 10# dorado....the boats needs to judge their clientele...
  115. Pangamaster

    The American Angler Captains

    Sams out of the business. I was on an 8 day in June and confirmed. Brian and Ray rock it!
  116. Pangamaster

    Mak 30SE

    X2 I have way more than 30#’s on both my MAK SEA’s.....they freespool like a dream even at high settings. Also I have 130# on my 30’s and adjust my top shots accordingly.....however for an 8 day I would leave what you have on and work with whatever topshots you feel you might need.....more like...
  117. Pangamaster

    How to solder solid rings

    X2....I was gonna chime in as well....silver solder issues
  118. Pangamaster

    Stuff I've learned

    Cool thread....Many great ideas out there .....lots of years of experience for all to take in. There is a common thread here related to experience....the more you do the more you learn....the more you learn the more you relax....the more you relax the more you take in the big picture....the...
  119. Pangamaster

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day 8/27-9-4

    Sounds like another successful adventure! Thanks for sharing. Need to check my stash of small shit.
  120. Pangamaster

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    Interesting...I last posted on this thread 6 years ago. For generic fishing I haven’t changed....I still dont use long rods as much as I used to. Also things haven’t changed about the dynamics of fishing the long rod....they are better for getting bait out farther ....easier....fighting fish...
  121. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    They would go out of business if they accepted work like this. If you bought from them and asked them to sell you this problem. Guy from ringed hooks will do it as well. ( You need to support their business if you want support. Otherwise it’s going...
  122. Pangamaster

    Soda pop

    So I have heard you explain in explicit detail....those Sodas take their toll....especially at night....sugar sleep fishing with you both!
  123. Pangamaster

    Best LR boat/trip for an inexperenced friend

    Any of the long range boats will do. Anyone with an open mind ready to learn and listen will fit in with just about any group. All of the long range boats are plenty large enough. Chances are after their first trip that boat will be their new favorite!
  124. Pangamaster

    Is there a guadalupe cage dive/fish combo?

    I used to work on the Horizon and we would fish the whole time....on the way down and at the Island...once at the Island we pretty much never landed a fish as the GWS ate almost everything. Since then they banned all fishing gear on the trips...similar to those Ecology fishing...
  125. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Thanks! I validated on Alan Tani's site that this part is the same for TRQ25 and 40. I am good and ordered the part! Thanks Again!
  126. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Thanks...those links go to a TRQ40.....I’ll give them a call though and see if they can help.
  127. Pangamaster

    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    I would never leave home without a Salas 6x blue and white.....never! Shorter trips.... 6x junior in blue and white Every trip I bring a full size jig bucket filled with all kinds of jigs....the latest fashion & glamor statements are always there....last trip I added $250 in Flatfalls.... But...
  128. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Thank you all that responded to this thread. Because of this thread I decided to go ahead and purchase a Penn Torque 25 Star drag as one of my 40# class jig outfits. I’m looking for the conversion kit as I don’t want the standard 6/1 ratio. Seems the 4.8 is sold out and not made anymore? I...
  129. Pangamaster

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    This goes both ways....guy with loose drag afraid to put pressure on his fish does 8 laps around the boat and tangles 15 other anglers 2x each over the course of 2 hours then loses his fish and blames someone else for eventually losing his fish.
  130. Pangamaster

    excel phenix rods 10 day 9/23

    See you guys shortly! Me and my buddy Alex will be riding with you this year. Looking forward to it. I’m just starting to gear up. Working on homemade bombs right now!
  131. Pangamaster

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    RIP to your dad. I can dad taught me to hunt and fish. Gave me the fishing bug....placed me on an unavoidable collision course with San Diego Style offshore fishing....took me on my first albacore trip....I lost my dad to Parkinson’s disease last week.....kind of floundering...
  132. Pangamaster

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    My favorite long range boats in no particular order mainly based on fishy killing machines with great crews. Red Rooster Excel American Angler Polaris Supreme Indy Royal Polaris Vagabond Intrepid Spirit of Adventure Royal Star Shogun .....oh and I have heard the Searcher is great....just...
  133. Pangamaster

    I can't stand it anymore!

    My advise...and congratulations by the around the marriage thing. You have to go long range fishing early and often in your relationship. Even if you went before the marriage you cannot slow down now...if you do, you loose the advantage of being able to say "I have always been a Long...
  134. Pangamaster

    Where's the money ?

    You should get your money back the moment a trip is cancelled. There is no other way to look at. Trip back. I just had this happen to me on the Royal Star...trip cancelled. Money was instantly refunded when I made a decision to not move my money to another Royal Star trip...
  135. Pangamaster

    Heh Heh Heh

    I love wahoo! The thrill of the chase is like no other fish. It’s action long waiting game....pure action. The speedy trickster making fools of experienced long rangers as if it was their first trip. The fish that makes you feel like a master....then a newbie all in...
  136. Pangamaster

    Is Point Loma a zoo on the fourth of July?

    Trips that arrive during the AM hours normally arrive pretty early. Long before regular people start ramping up. Not a reason to not go fishing. Not even close.....get out and post up some pictures when you’re done!
  137. Pangamaster

    Boarding Policies

    It’s 50% ....there are some follow up dates where you have to pay 100% to maintain your boarding order....I’m thinking like a month or so before the trip sails....but to get your original spot it’s 50%......most boats are the same way. Some boats like the Excel let you put some amount down...
  138. Pangamaster

    Boarding Policies

    Those who have read my posts know I’m a boat flip flopper....I have fished all the LR boats sans the Searcher. Most within the last 6 years at least once. I hate those rat bastard cheaters that jeopardize the mojo of the trip by starting off trying to cheat the system....yes it happens on all...
  139. Pangamaster

    Finally got a Bluefin...American Angler

    Congratulations! I was on Rockies 8 day prior to your trip and managed 8 of those finicky biotches! None as nice as yours though. The challenge makes the reward so much sweeter! The amazing product in your freezer will be even better. Here’s some of my Bluefin
  140. Pangamaster

    Homemade Poppers

    Hey guys, With the large Bluefin being on the chew and large poppers being one of the weapons of choice....any pointers on making your own? The cost of the current big game ones is going around $50. I guess this falls in the stick bait category? How do you connect all the hooks and the front...
  141. Pangamaster

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    So food on Long Range operations comes in all shapes and sizes. Each boat has it’s vibe and the way they do things. Periodically boats get outstanding chefs that shake things up and go beyond the culture of the boat and change things for the better while they are there. Those that know me...
  142. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    What’s up Harold? We are indeed neighbors! PM me if you want to meet for a beer and talk shop. I do take care of my Newell’s....lately I need to outsource my reel service as the modern reels are too complicated! Alan Tani and Brian take care of me!
  143. Pangamaster

    Socorro Air Strip

    Hey Donna, Glad you made it home safely and on the mend. Scary stuff for sure!
  144. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    Ha ha! Filling in for Soda Pop I see. Long range epicness!
  145. Pangamaster

    General Info on the Independence

    Indy is a cool rig. One thing I learned which I wished I knew prior. Your tackle spot is reserved by the order of your down payment. This boat has a hybrid loading system however....first come first all the little extras are dictated by your boarding have your main...
  146. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    I never upgraded....Bluefin were in a classic mode .....the reason I created this post. Very picky bites! On my trip that just returned. I landed a 35 pounder on my old Newell 220. Straight 20# line with a top shot of 25#. No problem....just played her out.....My Newell 338 and 30# landed...
  147. Pangamaster

    Excellent promotion

    Brian bought Sam out...didn’t hear that Ray was part of the deal but expected it. Ray is pretty cool....and can a long time time long ranger seeing the new guys rise up.....Ray was on my radar from the start....he’s the real deal. Congratulations to Ray and the AA family....a win / win!
  148. Pangamaster

    Alejos Rocks

    I honestly don’t recall...I was too busy bombing away after each hit....oh yeah....I caught yellows on the bomb as well.....I think that was a first for me.....they were thick!
  149. Pangamaster

    Alejos Rocks

    I was on the AA that returned Sunday...haven't had time yet for a report...but here is the dope on the rocks. 68 degree blue fishy water...Yellowtail was off the hook good. Few sharks but nothing serious. We fished it for a day and a half on the front end of our trip. I could have been done...
  150. Pangamaster

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    Those look great! How do I buy some?
  151. Pangamaster

    Trip Decision

    Not likely you are going to see a Cow on either of those 7 day trips. Both will be fishing Guadalupe for some decent size YFT...but not cows. Of these options the 10 day is your best for a Cow. I went on this same trip 2 years ago and landed a 215#. The rest of the ten days was slow...but...
  152. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    I dilly dallied too long...for this trip I am sticking with the Newel 220. It has upgraded bearings and the TSI 301 oil has me free spooling almost a minute.
  153. Pangamaster

    What trips are you on this year?

    Maybe I will see you at the Dock tomorrow? I'm on the Angler...the last time I fished this trip you were my roommate. I think 2011 or so.
  154. Pangamaster

    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    What about the guys that go out and couldn't catch their own ass with both hands if they tried? The ones that appreciate a hand-off. Ever been on a trip where the bite is hot...can't miss...every bait is a fish....then they leave....boat never finds another school...that was your only...
  155. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Any information on where to buy the conversion kits to make it 4.8-1? Ever where I’m looking it doesn’t seem available including Penn?
  156. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Awesome! Thanks Jeff. I need to check these and the Torques.
  157. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    It shouldn’t be about star vs lever....just what is the best?
  158. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    This is the dope I’m looking for! I know the use for 20# on a true long range trip is I previously posted we ended up on my last 16 day trip fishing for local 20# class bluefin tuna....even my bait rod was too heavy....
  159. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Lol...I guess your not picking up what I’m putting down. My Newel is pretty sweet....looking for something modern that might replace it. Some other good suggestions so far.
  160. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Hey Guys, Lots of post about heavy gear. What reel are you using for your 20# rig? Lots of reports the last few years on the bluefin only biting 20#. I’m thinking great free spool. Probably a star drag....single speed.....gasp! My 25 year old Newel 220 I don’t think is up to finessing in a...
  161. Pangamaster

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Great write up Jim. Thanks for all the details....oh the mysteries of tackle failures...I'm still paranoid about my failures from my last trip. I do know that when your fishing you have to be confident...confident in all your connections, your abilities etc....Sounds like you are doing a lot of...
  162. Pangamaster

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    Same....I think I could walk out of my house right now and do back to back 16 day trips and then a couple of 8 days...without buying anything. Where is the fun in that though?
  163. Pangamaster

    What trips are you on this year?

    Holy cow! What a great trip report! Now that has got me fired up! I've caught my share of Wahoo but I have never really been on a barn burning trip like this one! Need to review my Wahoo stash! Looking forward to meeting you John.
  164. Pangamaster

    What trips are you on this year?

    Hey Jeff.......You never know what’s going to happen! On my last 16 day the last day was spent around the 60 mile bank for 20# bluefin.....anything can happen any time! As Andy would’ve got to be in the arena to play the game. Good luck on your trip!
  165. Pangamaster

    Royal Star Cancels Mazatlan Trips as expected...shit happens.....good for Tim and the gang on informing everyone with as much notice as possible.
  166. Pangamaster

    Royal Star Cancels Mazatlan Trips

    I was on the middle trip of 3 scheduled 3 day trips in spring on the Star and they cancelled about 2 weeks ago. Said they had to do some boat repairs that week. I figured BS the trips just were not selling.....looks like the repairs came necessary sooner than later. Sucks for these guys when...
  167. Pangamaster

    What trips are you on this year?

    See you in September Mark! Please let me know if there is anything special I need to know for this group :)
  168. Pangamaster

    What trips are you on this year?

    Hey Guys, The last of the ultra long trips are coming up real quick. Then in May the regular season starts to ramp up. The local boats are already posting some interesting yellowtail and bluefin results. I myself get to go on 2 trips this year! First time for that in a while. 8 day on the...
  169. Pangamaster

    holy crapola

    I’ve fished this trip before. Great food. Enjoy that they only take 24. Nice comfortable boat. Great time for misc fish. Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi, grouper, yellowtail, have a chance for everything on this trip. Love that Alex is on this rig now. Can’t see how you can go wrong with...
  170. Pangamaster

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Git er done! Thanks for sharing!
  171. Pangamaster

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Ha ha! You were cracking me up every time they served rice. Rice = Grumpy Donna.
  172. Pangamaster

    Another long range boat in San Diego ?

    Long Range at a diiferent level. $50k for a spot on a limited load 10 passengers and 7 crew trip. $10k extra for a Craig’s list companion or $30k for the mail order bride package. All inclusive. Crew hook and hand all fish. 80% tip is expected but no one has to push dock carts after the...
  173. Pangamaster

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Ramada right across from Point Loma....a step up from the other local dives and similarly priced. I recommend it. Request one of the rooms over looking the landing so can see what's going on at the landings. You can watch all the first come first serve boats as the people starting lining up...
  174. Pangamaster

    Shipping your booty...

    I flip flop on same day processing and having it shipped. Same day I wait anywhere from 45 mins to a couple of hours....depending on my place in line.....then the 7 hour drive back to the Bay Area....positive for this is you have fresh fish as soon as you get home. Sometimes I just want to get...
  175. Pangamaster

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    I have regular modern rail rods all custom built with Turbo roller guides or roller tips.
  176. Pangamaster

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    To answer the earlier question. Both fish were lost on different rigs. The last one was a brand new MAK 30 on a 7'6" Invictus that was also brand new. The other reel was a 2 speed Cal'd Penn 50TW filled with brand new 130# from Basil. Neither rigs had landed a significant fish. Guides on...
  177. Pangamaster

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Hmmm very interesting. I can see this being a valid argument.
  178. Pangamaster

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    In my premade topshots....I go floro into Hollow about 3 feet. This was 130# pink Yo Zuri into 130# Hollow JB. Two nail knots and Tac Glue about a foot. I then inline splice the top shot into my 130# Hollow JB on my reels when it's time. I normally mark up my line with a sharpie when doing...
  179. Pangamaster

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Both of the big fish I lost on my last trip where on the final circles with part of the top shot in the guides.....I was heavily palming the spool both times....both times the top shot popped. Once in the 135# mono Izor topshot and once in the 130# JB spectra....none of my connections failed...
  180. Pangamaster

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    Merry Christmas Soda Pop! Happy fishing to you in 2018! Can't wait to fish with you again!
  181. Pangamaster

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    Here's my kite story from my last trip....kite is slow....sun is directly behind the kite for eye burning fun. How can I gracefully get out of this situation without just giving up.....crew is letting my bait out....I've already been on for an hour.....second bait.....crew member spots a...
  182. Pangamaster

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    Soda Pop was amazing. Probably the high light of the trip. Slightly crazy, extremely generous, very Knowledgeable....great guy. Donna was great as well....they both added a lot of experience and good laughs to the trip!
  183. Pangamaster

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    And the final product just arrived from 5 Star. Shipped up to Oakland, no issues, product looks great. Seems a bit more pricey than years past.... but what doesn't? $500 to 5 Star and another $200 to Southwest Cargo. 3 50# boxes. Nice to not have to worry about the wet packages sticking...
  184. Pangamaster

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    It was sanded down into a nice rounded bullet shape with no sharp edges.
  185. Pangamaster

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    So one clarification...I had 1 topshot failure...the two big fish I lost both topshots held. The first was 135# Izor Mono in 130# JB Hollow. 75' of broke somewhere towards the end. Second was 130# Yo Zuri Pink in 130# JB Hollow. I I had a 14' piece of Floro inside the JB about 30...
  186. Pangamaster

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th Hey Guys, Here is my trip report for the Pelagic 16 day that just returned on the Excel. Unfortunately, the trip was extremely slow. When Soda Pop says it’s the slowest he has ever seen it you…you just scratch your head….and say why now????? We...
  187. Pangamaster


    This post is that cannot fully be shared and accepted on today's social media sights is destined to fail. You are only delaying the inevitable. We must adapt and make everyone want to see as much as possible in a way that works for everyone. Hiding shit only exasperates...
  188. Pangamaster

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    That's what I mentioned on their FB page. LR boats generally follow all the rules and limit the catch to Mexican limits...then happy Anglers post their pictures on the internet... these pictures are what this FB site is showcasing as the reason the Islands need park status. Nobody is allowed...
  189. Pangamaster

    5 Star Service was great

    I am contemplating doing the same...I have a reservation with 5 Star as usual for same day service however, to me taking it home and freezing it in my chest freezer always affects the longevity of the product. At least the Sushi quality part. Cost a bit more but there is less hassle and the...
  190. Pangamaster

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Last year on my 10 day on the Indy the crew mentioned Cedros was looking like a goner....a few months later it was. This year it looks like Clarion is next up. I consider my self a bit to the left and pro Environment.....I was reading through the posts on this FB's a full scale...
  191. Pangamaster

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Ouch...I might need a new hobby if all this goes through.
  192. Pangamaster

    16 day Excel trip leaving the day after Thanksgiving!

    Right on Donna! See you on the boat....I'm doing my family duty and eating Thanksgiving dinner with them....I might be sitting at the table but by that time my mind will be long gone....I'll be on the road before the last cranberry hits the sink..... Last night was a biotch...sleeping was...
  193. Pangamaster

    16 day Excel trip leaving the day after Thanksgiving!

    I guess not many BDers on this trip? This is the trip of a lifetime for me. I've been dreaming of a trip like this for most of my is flying by and suddenly its only a few days until reality meets my dreams! Holy Crap! I've been prepping for a while now....I'm prepared with 2...
  194. Pangamaster

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    What a great report! I had previously read LB's report so new it was a good one...but your writing style added even more to the story. Congratulations on the fish and trip of a life time. I could see myself there....I'm going straight home to rearrange my cow gear and make sure everything is...
  195. Pangamaster

    JRI Custom Lures Vagabond 5.5 to the Lupe

    Looks like another great trip! Thanks for sharing!
  196. Pangamaster

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Awesome! My trip is me and my buddies 50th celebration as well! Happy 50th!
  197. Pangamaster

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Your going to be fine. I was on the Indy for this same trip last year. We caught a few nice fish but most ended up with small stuff. Not really that great of a trip unless you were one of the few with a cow. That's why the Excel moved to a 12 day and RR didn't sell out. Now you either get a...
  198. Pangamaster

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    Congratulations! Looks like you owned this trip! Super Tuna!!!
  199. Pangamaster

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    I've been using homemade Jig buckets for years. I even have a homemade reel bucket. Every long range trip I bring a jig bucket and a reel bucket. I have rod holders on the side of the buckets. I usually leave them out of the way on the deck pushed under the tackle rack. The buckets are not...
  200. Pangamaster

    Pelagic Gear - 16 Day trip on the Excel ... Nov. 24- Dec. 10 Roll Call

    Hey Soda Pop! Looking forward to meeting you. Me and my buddy Scotty Guy are on this trip, I just got the email that they are serving Thanksgiving Dinner and the boat is open for those that would like to stay aboard the night before the trip leaves. Such a great gesture! I'll be rolling in...
  201. Pangamaster

    EX on 'em about here

    T minus 18 till departure! OMG these reports are amazing! I was a tad worried my trip was on the full moon....super moon to be exact...but these 300 pounders fell on a fairly full moon! I’ll be barking at the moon in a few weeks!
  202. Pangamaster

    Best Casting Mono??

    I’ve used Ande for 30 years and haven’t really seen a reason to stop. I still fish long top shots on my jig outfits but mostly fish Spectra to fluoro on my bait I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to.....but I still totally stand by Ande!
  203. Pangamaster

    American Angler off the water report

    Awesome trip! Congratulations on a great trip! You killed it! Thanks for sharing! Send it and bend it!
  204. Pangamaster

    Hurry up and Wait

    American Angler, Royal Star, Polaris Supreme still board first come first serve...I think the rest board per your 50% deposit date twist I learned last year is the Indy also boards first come first serve even though your tackle box spot is reserverved....enough motivation to get there...
  205. Pangamaster

    Big Fish

    Looks like these fish are coming from the lower banks is that right? Got it...they are on a 10 lower banks! Epic!
  206. Pangamaster

    Big Fish

    Dammit! 3 more weeks for me!
  207. Pangamaster

    Fishing Report New Salmon Queen Saturday 10/28

    Yup! Sea wolf is run by Jon which is Jays brother from the New Huckfinn. They look out for each other. Both great rigs! Sundance it’s been a few years...
  208. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    This exact same thing happened to me. I crushed my hand 3 months before the trip sailed. Thought I could make it....plate broke in my hand and I was back in surgery the day after the trip sailed. I had to provide a doctors note like a kid sick from school. Trip sailed with a full load + 1 as...
  209. Pangamaster

    Fishing Report New Salmon Queen Saturday 10/28

    Went fishing on the New Salmon Queen this weekend. I normally go rockfishing a few times a year to hold me over for my San Diego Long Range trips. My favorite boats are the New Huck Finn and California Dawn. They both were not available this weekend. Boat was fine. Typical NCAL boat. They...
  210. Pangamaster

    How does the long range boat Kite fishing

    Just go on a Long Range Boat....they take care of everything! They provide the Kite, the crew, the experience ....everything you need to get hooked up!
  211. Pangamaster

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    This post is absolutely shit. I go long ranging to get away from this kind of dividing, biased drivel. Take your politics somewhere else. Long Ranging is facing many challenges....If I can’t find a decent place, free of political biases, to discuss my passion I’ll just go somewhere...
  212. Pangamaster

    Trip to San Diego

    I also live in the Bay time is critical for maximizing trip enjoyment! On a normal trip I leave at 5am.....pass all the usual subjects along the way.....including bumper to bumper traffic solid into the Bay Area...opposite direction....A great reminder you are on vacation and...
  213. Pangamaster

    flouro mono

    When I was learning about fishing heavy line I asked the same question....what knot to tie the heavy line to the hooks.....3 turn Uni...easy....board it works perfectly....why over think it? Go for it!
  214. Pangamaster

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Damn! That video just gave me the fever! Month left till my next trip!
  215. Pangamaster

    Let the Listing Begin

    For me I’m bringing 1 top shot per 100# & 130# rig per day + 5 100# and 10 130# TS’s. Im using Yo Zuri Pink primarily. I like the diameter and luck I’ve had so far with it. Plus I like I can buy it in 100 yd coils and not just the regular 25-30 yard spools. Plus I always buy a variety pack...
  216. Pangamaster

    What Web Site for Weather reports Fishing out of the Golden Gate

    I'm signed up on the New Salmon Queen out of Emeryville.
  217. Pangamaster

    What Web Site for Weather reports Fishing out of the Golden Gate

    Thanks guys! Looks like I might be in trouble this Saturday. Dammit!
  218. Pangamaster

    What Web Site for Weather reports Fishing out of the Golden Gate

    Hey Guys, Any suggestions on any Weather websites for fishing outside of the Golden Gate? Appreciate your suggestions. Dave
  219. Pangamaster

    Let the Listing Begin

    I will make some of your list my list.....I need way more bait catchers. Is there a better place to buy them in bulk? Or any other favorite tackle shop? For bait catchers....
  220. Pangamaster

    Let the Listing Begin

    Holy Moly! I don't feel bad at all about what I am bringing. I am planning on 10 setups for my upcoming 16 day. I'll have a couple of backup reels just in case my old shit breaks down...I have a Huge Tackle Box, A Tackle Bag and a Jig Bucket....I keep the tackle box in the rack and the jig...
  221. Pangamaster

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I must read this section too much since I know Fishy uses EC 2004's ...I was just waiting for the post o_O
  222. Pangamaster

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    Dude....the limited load with 20 Anglers on the RP? This trip looks awesome.....I’m too cheap...if I had the funds this boat with this load would be at the very top of my list. You might have days where you don’t run into any other passengers! Just you and the crew gaffing your fish. Do it!
  223. Pangamaster

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    The RP used to do a lot of trips with 35 anglers....looking at their current schedule I only see one trip with that many....the boat is much more limited load now. It’s an amazing rig with a great history, great crew, great food and very comfortable. That being said I vowed to never ride her...
  224. Pangamaster

    Changing Salas 6X trebles or making it a Single hook

    Ha ha...this was the post that started it all for me. I still do all the stuff I learned in this thread. A bulk of it from post #25...after a few years of experimenting with stuff learned in this post I don’t make my own ringed hooks....too cheap to just buy already ringed hooks. I do ring...
  225. Pangamaster

    Looking at a 10 day

    Me too! See you next year Jason!
  226. Pangamaster

    1st cow trip LR gear

    My advice....which was the same sage advice given to me on my first cow trip....don’t buy anything else. You guys have a great range of gear. As you fish your trip many things will click with what BDers have posted....then there will be things no one posted about that you wished you’d had...
  227. Pangamaster

    Best Long Range Boat

    See you in a few weeks! Can’t wait!
  228. Pangamaster

    Best Long Range Boat

    Holy Cow? 2019? And I thought putting my deposit down on the Phenix Rods 2018 trip was getting ahead of the game? I signed up a month ago and still got spot 31. I'm not used to this planning ahead stuff.
  229. Pangamaster

    One man’s wahoo rigging suggestions

    Great dope Mark! Thanks for sharing!
  230. Pangamaster

    Excel "Phenix" 10 day Trip Report

    Are you using some kind of App to store and access the template?
  231. Pangamaster

    5 Star

    My reservation for December is already in....first post Sarah trip for me.
  232. Pangamaster

    1st 6 Day on the RP

    Congratulations! Looks like a lot of fun! And you managed both big yellows and big tuna! Thanks for sharing!
  233. Pangamaster

    Long Range FISHING Reports bad...I went back and updated the Buena Park thing :)
  234. Pangamaster

    Long Range FISHING Reports

    OMG...I thought this post was a bit irritating but this just made me completely lol.....the OP from ALASKA..I mean Buena complaining in this other post that the new Avet G2 left hand reels are not made in the "Neptune Heart" color! Holy sheet.....I'm crying! Thanks Jim!
  235. Pangamaster

    Ken Bush Fall Classic Home

    Sounds like another successful trip! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  236. Pangamaster

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    Hey Guys, Lots of great responses to this post. It kind of went a different way than I expected. I guess I wasn't thinking about what makes a great LR in me some others have're on the're on vacation...everything is great...this is the small stuff I am...
  237. Pangamaster

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    You're excited! You may or may not fish a lot of days out of San Diego....but your about to board your chosen long range boat for your upcoming trip! What makes a good trip for you? Anything can happen on any trip but most charters leave with a bias towards one way or the other. What's your...
  238. Pangamaster

    favorite 40-50# bait stick

    So there are a few considerations to figure out when asking yourself this question. 1) What is your physical shape and age? Shorter rods are easier on the angler....longer rods cast farther.....there is a sweet spot for your age and shape. 2) Are you a good caster....or committed to...
  239. Pangamaster

    welding rings on hooks

    Hey fishy can you post a link to the Smith Little Torch that you are using....found the 1/32" stuff.
  240. Pangamaster

    welding rings on hooks

    Good Stuff Jeff, I do the same thing. I still need to find the 1/32 Silv 56. I also hated my little benzomatic as I couldn't get them to load up on the butane. Not sure what I was doing because there is gas in the refill but I couldn't get it to load up more than a hooks worth of gas at a...
  241. Pangamaster

    Rodless Again

    This just sucks....I'm miles away contemplating a vigilante stakeout! I can't imagine how shitty this must feel. Your Karma should be fully loaded and ready for glory! Good luck on your trip!
  242. Pangamaster

    RP knot failure

    Yup..I still have the ones you got me. I have to admit tying the FG knot is pretty simple after a couple of tries.
  243. Pangamaster

    RP knot failure

    I just tied this and the regular Hitch FG. I think I Prefer the Hitch FG because the leader comes out of the knot parallel to the main spectra line using the rizzuto finish. The tag end of the Rizzuto comes out in the middle of the knot which doesn't allow you to get any wraps around just the...
  244. Pangamaster

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    Awesome! I turn 50 this year and got to choose any trip I wanted....thanks wife! I love the Rooster! This was my second I already explained i don't like the fly back options....such a light load and what a great crew! If it wasn't fly back I would have been on this trip. I'm...
  245. Pangamaster

    RP knot failure

    Dammit! I just googled this....more shit to learn. This looks tight to me. Off to the garage to practice!
  246. Pangamaster

    Nice fish...

    Sadly the long range boats code of ethics is simply a marketing scheme that is adhered to as convenience dictates....we don't do what the Day boats do.......unless we don't catch that much...then we do. I get it...I've been guilty of it....I just think it might be time to take those signs in...
  247. Pangamaster

    The Future of Fishing Will Be In Good Hands

    I have lots of concern for long range fishings future....not a captain in the fleet isn't worried about this very thing. When I was younger, Cedros and Benitos were wild edgy day it changed from the hard working pangeros approaching the boat for some first world
  248. Pangamaster

    Slow 7-Day in the RP, 9/8-9/15

    Thanks for the report! Not every trip is gang busters! Sometimes you pay your dues into the karma bank. Still sounds like a fun trip ......better than any day at work!
  249. Pangamaster

    The Tax Man

    I worked on the Horizon taking people on spearfishing trips to the Lupe a few times a year from 93-96. I don't remember much about great whites the first couple of years. It was spooky as shit....always thinking about that guy that got attacked on the Bottom Scratcher ......the last couple of...
  250. Pangamaster

    Jump from 8 to 10 day

    A 10 day at that time is pretty much the same kind of fishing as an 8 day at this time ....obviously with 2 more days of lots of guess is the big fish will still come from your time at Guadalupe and then you will have some extra time to explore the Rocks or the ridge...
  251. Pangamaster

    9/2 thru 9/10 Excel/Gallagher Fish Explosion

    Sounds like a blast! Thanks for all the details as usual! Sounds like so much fun!
  252. Pangamaster


    Great story! This sums up a lot about how things work....and how they feel on a LR trip. Just like life we all need a little help along the way. Congrats on the catch!
  253. Pangamaster

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    I prefer the Royal Star operation over the Intrepid for many of the reasons Wahoodad stated. The crew is top notch...really a different level....especially in fish question the Intrepid is much more luxurious and a larger boat. I have been on both boats...they both have their own...
  254. Pangamaster

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Well I finally threw down this weekend and bought the Mak 30 SEA in Silver. Finally found the deal I was looking for at Pelagic Outfitters. Labor Day Weekend Special 20% off the cost of the reel No tax Free shipping Filled it with 130# JB also 20% off. Total cost was about $570 delivered...
  255. Pangamaster

    December 10 Trip

    Hey Dan, Here is my trip report from a 10 day on the Indy last year. It sailed over the same time as the Rooster and Excel. There were a few cows landed and then a lot of smaller YFT and YT. You will definitely need a broad range of gear as this has been pretty standard for this time of...
  256. Pangamaster

    double checking the quiver...

    You will mostly use 40# - 50# rigs...jigs and bait....I like a 20# rig for stealth tuna....and other misc stuff....30# for sure as often that's what's getting bit prime time on paddies. Yes, you want the 80# class for dropper loop....Guadalupe is the wildcard....seems like it's moving back like...
  257. Pangamaster

    33 Days!

    Absolutely! I am looking forward to meeting and fishing with the legendary Soda Pop! We are going to have a blast!
  258. Pangamaster

    33 Days!

    I'm on the Pelagic 16 day this year but already have my deposit down for this trip next year.....they really make you get your ducks in a row ahead of time on this rig! I'll be watching the reports and rooting for you this year! My goal is bigs this year and misc. next year! Good luck on your...
  259. Pangamaster

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    This whole concept has changed for me over the years. When I started long range fishing I cleaned my own fish and would go absolutely commercial...I kept everything! I gave the extra to friends....smoked it ....canned it....gave that to friends as well. Then I started making more...
  260. Pangamaster

    What does a "Sponsored by..." trip mean?

    One other thing the Top Gun 80 is not a long range boat so sponsored trips are normally handled much differently....there will be a guy from Seeker on the guess is he will hand out some free stuff and end up bunking and boarding as a normal can get much more complexed...
  261. Pangamaster


    I also use Alan Tani and Bryan Young. Alan used to farm the work out to Bryan and he does such a great job I normally just go straight to Bryan now. PM me if you want his phone number.
  262. Pangamaster

    7 Day Spirit of Adventure . . . 1st Timer . . . 7/27/2017- 8/3/2017. . . EPIC!!!

    My Long Range passion also started off on the Spirit. Brian was even on the trip as the second. That was 23+ years ago. Great operation....congratulation on a great trip and thanks for sharing! Welcome to the club.
  263. Pangamaster

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    Do they advertise this anywhere? I know they used to do it but I can't find it anywhere.
  264. Pangamaster

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/8-7/16 - Official Report

    Great report! Looks like another great trip for this group. Congratulations!
  265. Pangamaster

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    Wow! Sounds like an amazing trip! This really gets me fired up! I need to go fishing! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  266. Pangamaster

    3 day on the Shogun

    Congratulations on your trip! Sounds like the shorter trips have been hit or miss. So kudos to you and the gang! Thanks for sharing!
  267. Pangamaster

    Loop to loop

    I only use top shots for 80# and above. I use inline splice instead of loops as I don't like having double legs of spectra and it takes about the same time for me to make the connection. I use Bob Sands below 80#. Works for me but there are lots of options available. Whatever direction you...
  268. Pangamaster


    Holy cow! You just set the new standard for trip reports! Amazing! Thanks for sharing all your details, background info, pictures and great writing! Franks boats are still getting it done! Congratulations on a great trip and thanks for sharing! I can relate to much of your background!
  269. Pangamaster

    Yellows, Tuna and Dorado, RR3 4 day

    Excellent! Sounds like another successful RRRIII trip! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  270. Pangamaster

    First Look: Penn International 50 VISX

    iCast ends July 14th....I wonder how soon they will be available in stores after that?
  271. Pangamaster

    Shogun 5 Day

    Why didn't the Shogun fish the Lupe? Was it just a captains choice to make the run based on reports and current conditions? Or do they not always have permission to fish Guadalupe? Anyone know? Is this the trip you were on? From the Shogun Website. 6/30-7/5 5-Day Down to the Ridge...
  272. Pangamaster

    Making Bait

    I think bait making is fun and part of the game. There are lots of strategies to be aware of on potential bait making nights. You might be up late ....either I quit drinking now or don't stop till it's over! Sometimes very tough decisions! It also makes you feel like a rough and tough...
  273. Pangamaster

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Hey Dustin! Thanks for bumping this post! I totally forgot about it! It took me a couple of trips but thanks to this thread and others I have achieved my bucket list fish. I captured a 215# Cow last December on the Indy....I came damn close on the Star!!!!! Just amazing support from many...
  274. Pangamaster

    How many outfits for 4 days?

    I'd say bring 30, 40 and 50#. You will be fine with these options.....if you fish a lot and have more rigs bring them! A 20, 80 and 100# rig wouldn't hurt.....but you don't need to go out and buy them just for this trip. More rigs is nice to a point....too many and your toying too much with...
  275. Pangamaster

    American Angler Calstar 5-Day 6-29 to 7-4

    Nice report! Congratulations on a great trip!
  276. Pangamaster

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    Sounds like the Guadalupe I remember....more typical June fishing at the island. The SOA and Mike are a class act! I took my first 3 long range trips on her back in 94, 95 and 96. The Tim Green Special....which still sails to this day. Congratulations on a fun trip. I hope Alan is doing ok!
  277. Pangamaster

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    Of course it says it's to protect fish would be awkward if they just acknowledged the new regulations were created to keep the Americans out.
  278. Pangamaster

    Excel and 5 star

    Pretty cool! I enjoy fishing with others that like to help out where they can. Good Karma!
  279. Pangamaster

    Excel and 5 star

    And for transparency....I always get my fish processed and have used 5 Star for years. I'll be checking out options now that Sarah checked out.
  280. Pangamaster

    Excel and 5 star

    So with more folks doing this cool service I hope there is still support for those people who don't use this service but have another plan for their fish....for example if 5 guys want to clean their own fish their needs to be a new plan....those five guys shouldn't have to cart and sort their...
  281. Pangamaster


    Just to be clear...prior to lasiks I had bifocal prescription lenses in my Maui Jim's. They were amazing...worked for both knots and staring out at the kite.
  282. Pangamaster


    Hey Steve, My Maui Jims are bifocal. I loved them until I got Lasik's surgery. Now after Lasik's I can see perfectly far away but can't see so good up close. I am considering getting some more Maui Jims with a different bifocal lense for knot tying.
  283. Pangamaster

    With All The Talk Of Closures...?

    There are a lot of options already for fishing in of the biggest draws for long range fishing is having the ability to launch and return all from the good old USA.... no border worries if your car will be there when you get federales...
  284. Pangamaster


  285. Pangamaster

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Lol....I'm not crapping in a bucket! It's long range in style all the time for me....if the bucket becomes mandatory I'm finding a new place to fish. Hopefully with Mike in the Galley!
  286. Pangamaster

    Favorite Hook Knot

    I still use the improved cinch knot for 50# and guys over complicate a deckhand I used this knot for literally 1000's of trips....never a failure for our customers or me. Someone referenced the fact that the best knot is the one you are comfortable
  287. Pangamaster

    Please dont kill me

    Holy Cow! You are going long range fishing....for the first time! You are going to be amazed. Congratulations on making the plunge! I have fished all of the long range boats and have no favorite....but the Dirty Bird will do you right! Crew is amazing and Mike in the galley is cutting edge...
  288. Pangamaster

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    Unfortunately many of the best Wahoo trolling rigs ever have met a similar fate! Too much temptation to launch jigs after the original troll strike before things have situated.....I too lost a fabulous Black and Purple Maurader that had an impressive record in just this fashion. If anyone ever...
  289. Pangamaster

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Pretty freaking old....I'm rapidly approaching 50 and LR fishing is one of the few things that makes me feel young.
  290. Pangamaster

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Thanks for all the great advice! I really appreciate it. Anyone know of any deals going on for Makaira's? My last one I bought at Palagic Outfitters because they offered free quality spectra. I don't see them offering that option anymore. I don't want to get the Charkbait line that is...
  291. Pangamaster

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    Sad to see so much politics here on this forum. One of the things I like best about long range fishing is the absolute collaboration of folks from all different walks of life working together to have a great time. No problem with the topic as it's been around a long time. The fuel surcharge...
  292. Pangamaster

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Wow! Thanks for all the amazing information. Looks like I should have included the Mak 20 in my poll. So it seems I'm between a Mak 20 and a Mak 30 now instead. My rods I have so far are 770 XXH, 770 XXXH and SS 6463 XXXH. With the 76 Invictus my quiver could look like.... 770XXH Mak20...
  293. Pangamaster

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Hey Guys, I am getting one more outfit for my 16 day trip on the Excel in November. I'm getting a 7'6" UC Invictus wrapped right now I need to get another reel. I have an Okuma MK-20IISEa, Okuma MK-30IISEa and a Cal'd Penn 50 TW. From my experience this about covers all the scenarios. I can...
  294. Pangamaster

    Nebraska photos from Intrepid 15 day

    Very Cool! Thank you for sharing!
  295. Pangamaster

    M & M Custom Rods

    The website is still up? I spoke with Monty a couple of months ago and the son was taking over or had already taken over.....didn't hear anything about stopping. I have lots of rods made by Monty!
  296. Pangamaster


    Another great story! Congratulations on your catch I can literally feel your excitement!
  297. Pangamaster

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    Hey Soda Pop! And others! I'm going Friday as well. Last few years have been too chaotic on looking to take a deep dive into some Railrods and see if I can find an addition to my cow town arsenal. 1 rod and 1 reel is my goal. I'll be staying in the area that night as well...
  298. Pangamaster

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    Looks like I need to try and learn this knot! Thanks Fishy! Keep on sharing stuff!
  299. Pangamaster

    AA 14 Day Report

    Thanks for the great report and congratulations on your cow!!
  300. Pangamaster

    Nine Days and Counting...

    Have a great trip!
  301. Pangamaster

    AA Staterooms

    I have been in both. My preference is downstairs because of the AC. On the hotter trips I can't stand it up there. On Cooler spring trips they are fine. Have a great trip! Love the AA. As per the comment that the AA bunks are for sleeping only....I have hung out and read just as many books...
  302. Pangamaster

    Long range trip questions 10 or 12 day Indy or Excel

    Oh Yeah...I go solo all the time....Love it! No issues ever. My next trip I will be Solo. Don't let this hold you back at all!
  303. Pangamaster

    Long range trip questions 10 or 12 day Indy or Excel

    I just fished the Indy December 10 day. I was one of the lucky ones and landed a cow. The rest of the folks had some fun on smaller tuna and smaller yellowtail. December on a 10 day is really good chance of being a cow or bust time of year. We didn't catch any wahoo....not even really a...
  304. Pangamaster

    glow paint experiment

    Thanks I just ordered the Aqua kit off of Ebay.
  305. Pangamaster

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Congrats! Looks like a fun trip. Nice quality fish!!
  306. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Yup! I sure did get my 200 LB Club patch. Now I have to find something to attach it to! Watch out for those vicious rock cod! Use low gear!
  307. Pangamaster

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    I also noticed this on my last trip..not sure what is meant by UV lights? Seemed the guys were using those new compact LED type flashlights .....pull out your glow jig of choice.....blast it with the small light for 15 seconds.....the glow was blazing as they dropped them over the side.....way...
  308. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Yup! I remember you and Jim....though I didn't know you from BD at the time. There were a few cows landed that trip including a 298# if I remember right.... I have the photos some where.....that trip is where I landed my previous best....a 174#. Learned a lot that trip.....learned so very...
  309. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Yup! I remember you and Jim....though I didn't know you from BD at the time. There were a few cows landed that trip including a 298# if I remember right.... I have the photos some where.....that trip is where I landed my previous best....a 174#. Learned a lot that trip.....learned so very...
  310. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    It has been a dream of mine since long before my first longe range trip in 1994...I think I became aware of Long Range sometime around the early 80's when my dad got me addicted on some day albacore trips......... I read the books, my Uncle Red had a long Range fishing party every year when I...
  311. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    We didn't measure my fish....they told me it was a 150 ish fish....I didn't want to bother them.....I looked back at the fish reports and they even mentioned a 150# class fish being landed that day. I don't think a 350# fish is landed that often....and that's what hit the deck before my fish...
  312. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Yup! That's the Val! I taught her the basics of San Diego fishing some 20 something years ago...... Now she fishes long range more than me and is better than most!
  313. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    You bet Soda Pop! I thought that was going to be my next realistic chance at a cow. Now I just need more cow! Can't wait for 16 days on the Excel!
  314. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Well let me just start with.....I got my first freaking cow!! Ok onto the details. This would be first time fishing on the Indy. I have fished all of then now except the Searcher. I am boat flip flopper... There are things I like and don't like about every boat. I think over the years one...
  315. Pangamaster

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    Five Star doesn't accept fish under 10 pounds. They will just leave them in your pile to do what you want with them. Great idea if you ask me.
  316. Pangamaster

    Upcoming 5 day X-mas trips

    Good luck! I just returned from the last Indy 10 day. We fished hard from San Pablo.....all the way past San Martin....caught some schooly yellowtail....10 - 15 pounders.....many left on the dock as not large enough to process by Five Star....lots of barracuda, sand bass, big Bonita... And...
  317. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    OMG! I can't wait to get there! Leaving the Bay Area at 5am tomorrow!! For my trip to San Diego!
  318. Pangamaster

    Up Coming 10 day Trips - Last of the year, Who's going?

    If the Rooster is really on the lower banks and catching all those cows.....I'm not gonna be able to sleep till we leave!!
  319. Pangamaster

    Onboard report from the XL/Pelagic 16 day

    I'm on this trip next year to Celebrate the big 5 0! Can't wait! Sounds like an awesome trip down there!
  320. Pangamaster

    Tougher fight 90 lb bft at tanner bank or 90 lb yft at Guadalupe ?

    I'd be stoked to catch either...both situations are epic and few people get to actually cash in on either of these experiences. The post seems to belittle one situation over the other. Kudos to anyone that has ever landed a fish in either of these categories. I've personally had amazing...
  321. Pangamaster

    Up Coming 10 day Trips - Last of the year, Who's going?

    Vagabond just reported in with 9 cows on their current 10 day trip......lower banks! Yeah baby!!!!
  322. Pangamaster

    Up Coming 10 day Trips - Last of the year, Who's going?

    Hey Guys, The last of the 2017 trips are rapidly approaching. There are three 10 day trips left. The Indy, Excel and the Rooster. Who is going? What's your plan of attack? I'm on the Indy with a few buddies. I have created a bunch of new Wahoo bombs and I am chomping at the bit to try...
  323. Pangamaster

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Great report! Thanks for all the details and killer pictures. Looks like another awesome Guadalupe trip!
  324. Pangamaster

    Spectra hollow to hollow connections

    We do this all the time. I commonly do 100# with 130# at the end and 130# with 200# at the end.
  325. Pangamaster

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    This post and the comments reminds me of the "Wi Fi" is now available on your favorite boat threads.....I can see all kinds of interesting fun with this.....ahh can we pull the anchore my $5k drone ran out of juice over there.....what drones are best for 30, 40, 50.... Pound test? Combat...
  326. Pangamaster

    what reel for a 6480 jig stick?

    I have 2, 6480's and have used both of them extensively on every trip i have been on for the last 15 years. Numerous jackpots have paid for these rods a few times over. It depends on what you're doing but the rods are great for 30 - 40# rigs. I always map out my gear ahead of time and for my...
  327. Pangamaster

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    I just heard from Sarah.... No information on what's really going on....however we have a bunch of hardcore Fivestar folks on the Indy 10 day that returns 12/20 and she has graciously agreed to finish up with our group. Thanks Sarah! Diehard customer service till the end!
  328. Pangamaster

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    Yikes....I am coming in from my 10 day on December 20th....i have only ever used 5 Star.....Ever since I quit cutting my own fish. Sarah was the best ever...she always got me out right away with the highest quality. I need to come up with a new plan....quick!
  329. Pangamaster

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Great report! Love seeing all the pictures and hearing and living the stories. It brings back vivid memories of my younger days....see I worked on a dive boat....I dove Guadalupe for like 4 years on many LR dive trips...exactly where you were fishing. We used to call Monster Rock, Afuera...
  330. Pangamaster

    May Need Another Sacto Get-Together

    I'm up for a Bay Area Rendezvous?
  331. Pangamaster

    Wahoo Reel Choices

    I agree with Jeff....there is no need for 2 speeds with wahoo fishing....the split second when you get bit is the make or break time......if you do anything but keep on winding through the bite your doomed. Wahoo are speedy little torpdeos with very little stamina.....keep on grinding.....if...
  332. Pangamaster

    Tallica Re-build

    How do you get the anti reverse dogs to align up. All i need is take my reel apart and I cannot get it back together. I think its because of the two dogs not alligning. Please help.
  333. Pangamaster

    Starting 'em off

    Way to go Dad! Long range fishing starts on 1/2 day boats! You're the man!
  334. Pangamaster

    Which reel for surface jigs

    My favorite is a Newel 440.... But as I make the transition to modern day fishing .....I have purchased a Pro Gear V50 and put it through its paces on a couple trips. I know one day my Newel is going to give up on me.......the mere thought brings demons into my dreams late at night. She has...
  335. Pangamaster

    Intrepid is on them

    I normally bring 8 - 10 rigs on a misc 8 - 10 day trip.....ill be adding 2 straight cow rigs to the mix ...Mak 20/CS770xxh/100# and Mak30/SS6463xxxh/130#.....maybe I'll leave a 30# rig at home.....tbd!!
  336. Pangamaster

    Intrepid is on them

    I'm on the last 10 day of the year on the Indy...2 months to go......all these stories are going to kill me! I hope there is some left when we get there! Talk about needing a lot of gear...the standard 8-10 day gear plus all the cow gear. I'm going to be loaded for bear!
  337. Pangamaster


    So same question for all your straight solid you just replace all the spectra? Or some other plan. I understand how to do hollow to solid connections. Thanks for the info!
  338. Pangamaster


    Hey fishy do you replace all the spectra on your reels or do you do a solid/hollow/solid splice .....or some other way to add fresh spectra to your reels?
  339. Pangamaster

    San Diego Bait Situation

    Bring size 4 to 10/0 + on every single trip. You never know what kind of situation you are going to run into. Be prepared. Hooks are relatively cheap compared to everything else. It will cost you very little to get every size in those cheap throw away Mustads....then stock up more...
  340. Pangamaster

    Problems With Pig Tails

    What is a "line puller" ?
  341. Pangamaster

    Guadalupe in January??

    On a normal year it's not that great of a time.....the last three years have not been normal.....who knows unless you go?
  342. Pangamaster

    Okuma mk 3011 topless?

    Here from the Okuma Website Open top frame design on MK-5II, 10II, 15II, 20II, 30II
  343. Pangamaster

    Swapping out a stock handle for a t-bar style

    I hate the Nob handles on the Talica's and Avets. For the Avets I just buy the larger size T-Bar style handles that come stock with the bigger Avets. They fit on the small reels just fine. (JX/LX) I went looking for a T-Bar style handle for the Talica's. I bought this one...
  344. Pangamaster

    Yo-zuri Fluorocarbon ON SALE!

    I used it for 100# and 130# on my last trip. Loved it. No issues at all. Landed fish up to 170#. I also use it off and on for my 40# rigs. Once issues. Works well for me. I also buy it when its on sale. Melton has it from time to time at buy 2 get 1 free.
  345. Pangamaster

    New Lupe trips added Shogun

    Interesting that they didn't discount the trips much for a time of year at Guadalupe that isn't historically that great. Seems a good time to entice some folks to keep the boat running during a time it normally sits at the dock.
  346. Pangamaster

    Fishing is on fire!!!! Reports from some of the boats

    Looks amazing! I am suffering from Cubicalitist. I think I will start on my topshots for my my December trip. Or do other silly local fishing stuff like going on a Dan Hernandez trip out of Emeryville this know....Lingcod and Yellowfin tuna are very similar....well not...
  347. Pangamaster

    whats your game plann?

    A couple of key things I learned on my last trip. Make all of my top shots before the trip. This worked out really well. I think I polished off my 12' 130# and 100# just in time. You can make much better quality top shots in the comfort of your home. I didn't need a second 50 size reel...
  348. Pangamaster

    Arm and hand cramps

    I like after market reel handles. Like those sold by Tiburon. I hate the little knob handles that come on smaller Avets and Talica's. I have replaced them all with T-Bar type handles. This helps prevent my hands from cramping up. On my LX and JX I have purchased the larger size Avet T-Bar...
  349. Pangamaster

    Excel or Intrepid??

    I have fished mentioned many times before each boat has a different say if you haven't fished a long 8 - 10 day trip which ever you choose will soon be your favorite. I'd focus on the time of year, cost and what your goal is. Misc fish vs. large tuna...etc. the...
  350. Pangamaster

    How do you 40 lb?

    40# is my go to rig on 8 to early 10 day trips....on Normal years I bring at least 3 rigs 8' jig stick with 100+ Feet of mono on it... I have many options favorite is a CS 6480 with a Newel 440 7' bait rod with 50' of mono and fluro tip....used for offshore paddy fishing. My...
  351. Pangamaster

    Polaris Supreme 9-17 early start!!!! 0:700

    Fished this trip a few years ago. Prime Time on a great platform. Anything is possible! Have a blast!
  352. Pangamaster

    Mono topshots for hoos

    I prefer mono under my thumb for the duration of my cast for all my jig sticks. I don't like flinging jigs with just spectra under my fingers. Bait is fine for short topshots....but with jigs the spool gets moving pretty fast. Even with tape I end up shaving skin at some point.
  353. Pangamaster

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    Awesome! This will keep him coming back for the next 80 years!
  354. Pangamaster

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    Exactly! Given the choice I'd give the nod to the kid posting his first yellowtail picture on BD over some guy trying to reach his sales staff for status.
  355. Pangamaster

    The soda has popped

    Good luck with your healing Soda Pop. We haven't met but I enjoy all the good karma you spread around our sport. Couple spaces still left on the 2017 Excel Pelagic 16 day trip. Come join us! You should be plenty healed by then!
  356. Pangamaster

    Voicemail on the High Seas

    In simple terms it's the same thing that happens when you turn your phone off or it runs out of batteries. People calling you will go straight to voicemail. If you have any doubts. Just turn off your phone and give yourself a call. On a different note learn how to put your phone in airplane...
  357. Pangamaster

    Drag checking scales and technique

    Holy crap! I was all freaked out on this subject on my first ultra long range trip. Get the scale and pull on it....make sure the angle is correct....check it at the beginning and after travel down into humid waters .... This after being a deckhand and checking thousands of people's...
  358. Pangamaster

    1st trip: borrow or buy?

    I'd say rent and learn before making any purchase. It sounds like your relatively new to the sport. There are many options out there and what may be great for one may not be so great for another. Get an idea via rental gear what works for you. Then once you get addicted unleash the bank...
  359. Pangamaster

    Just booked my first LR trip, 7 day on the RP in August 2017

    Congratulations on your new obsession! Think about how stoked you are right now. Now push that forward 10 months. You are going to be a sleepless mess come next July. Welcome to the club. By the way ....great job on booking that trip before your pending nuptials? It helps set the tone for...
  360. Pangamaster

    Question about dropper loop and two-speed reels

    Something to consider....a 40, 50 or 60# yellowtail cannot break 100# line. It's the yellowtails natural instinct to wrap around any structure in an effort to free itself that makes them unique. If yellowfin tuna fought like this things would be very different. Having shot many quality...
  361. Pangamaster

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    Actually this is part of the Long Range 101 class. When you get into a wide open ....or mostly wide open bite on dodos all the long range boats request you stop using's just too dangerous with these acrobatic ball slappers to take the chance. When they jump out of the water and your...
  362. Pangamaster

    best wind-on loop for "The Lupe"

    I hadn't fished looped to loop until my last big trip....I didn't like it at all. So with loop to loop you have the length of your loops in hollow line doubled up at the connection.....depending on the size of your loop that is 1 - 3' of doubled up hollow line acting like a bulky cork...
  363. Pangamaster

    LR question -- kind of

    This makes sense to me. LR food is not like everyday food in any imaginable form....I gain weight every time....actually this is part of the fun.....the food is so rich....yes you can custom order and pick and choose your meal and be just fine....I still enjoy over doing it every time.... In...
  364. Pangamaster


    It's a great I mentioned on another post I was on this same trip close to 10 years ago. We ended up going to Alijos for a "Hero" or "Zero" trip. Not much was biting offshore and Alijos had been doing well. Mike made a gamble of not much fishing time for a possible epic...
  365. Pangamaster 8 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Sounds like a winner! Congratulations on an amazing trip! Can't wait to see the photos.
  366. Pangamaster

    LR question -- kind of

    I've never heard of any issues with the boats reverse osmosis systems....I'm curious why you said this and what data do you have to back this up? I literally lived on this water for 5 straight years....
  367. Pangamaster

    Internet on Red Rooster III

    Exactly! I've only had to use the Sat phone one time in 20+ years of long ranging......I was sitting on the rail of the Vagabond Iike 10 years ago....typical first day ....I think it was a 6 day and we were on our way to Alijos because everything else was crap. Drinking...shooting the breeze...
  368. Pangamaster

    Internet on Red Rooster III

    The RR has wifi. Just like all the other big boats. If everyone is using one gets through. Business-wise it's not dependable. If you get up at 3am when everyone is sleeping you have a better chance. But these days everyone just leaves there devices on all night and even though they...
  369. Pangamaster

    3 Day on the Royal Star

    I'd say you're good. As mentioned a 3 day on a long range boat is really more like a 2.5 day. First day you will bait up and head out. Depending on the bite you may get a bit of fishing time south of Coronados. Then you get 2 full days of fishing ...sun up to sun down....arriving back to...
  370. Pangamaster

    30# Rig

    I've noticed on my 8 day trips the last few years the hot sticks are quite frequently using 30# gear. Often catching the jackpot...many jackpots are less than 60#'s for the entire trip. My Newel's are getting out dated....they can still out-cast most rigs but they are fragile compared to the...
  371. Pangamaster

    This was my first LR trip.

    My first trip was a 7 day on the Spirt of Adventure about 1994 ... I was a deckhand at the time so money was was pretty close to a $100 a day. The trip was the Tim Green Charter which still sails today....I went on that trip for 3 years in a row. My first trip I won farmer of the...
  372. Pangamaster

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Hi! My name is Dave. Some refer to me as as Panga Master and that's ok. I use and prefer 5 Star Fish Processing. Out!
  373. Pangamaster

    First Aid Kits

    No kidding!!
  374. Pangamaster

    First Aid Kits

    Cold Medicine! Some kind of decongestion medicine....whatever your regular cold medicine is bring it! I think 30% or more of my Long Range Trips over 7 days I have caught somebodies cold by the end of the trip. Pretending that I'm still 21 and being stuck on a floating island with all my...
  375. Pangamaster


    Who's running the rig now? Drew ran most of the trips....
  376. Pangamaster

    Calstar GFGR875H LR Wahoo Special

    Is there really no way to delete a duplicate post?
  377. Pangamaster

    Calstar GFGR875H LR Wahoo Special

    I'm going with something similar but unique. I just got a custom built 800XH with 4" cut 7' 8". Looks great! It's slightly more beefy than the 875. Tested it on some yellowtail on a short 3 day Excel trip and it worked great....Next up a winter 10 day....I'll report back!
  378. Pangamaster

    Calstar GFGR875H LR Wahoo Special

    I'm going with something similar but unique. I just got a custom built 800XH with 4" cut 7' 8". Looks great! Tested it on some yellowtail on a short 3 day Excel trip and it worked great....Next up a winter 10 day....I'll report back!
  379. Pangamaster

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Great write up! Thanks for sharing! This group sure knows how to have a good time!
  380. Pangamaster

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    Everyone needs a chance to reset there clocks...someone recently commented on my "Out of Office" PTO always seem to be going where cell phones and email don't work? ....ahhh yeah! Otherwise it's not really a vacation. I was one of the guys in general opposition to the long...
  381. Pangamaster

    Day after Thanksgiving Trips?

    I pulled the trigger....16 day on the Excel....leaving 11/24/17..... Making sure I'm locked in for my 50th birthday year! They only required a $1000 deposit.....which locked me in to the 12th boarding about planning ahead! ....only 5 months until my 10 day on the Indy....I...
  382. Pangamaster

    Oct 21st Seeker 12day, Royal Star

    It's first come first serve. Get there early if you want to board early. Amazing operation and crew.
  383. Pangamaster

    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Congratulations on a great trip and welcome to our world. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm ! Awesome report!!
  384. Pangamaster

    Fishing the RonZ

    I'm comparing RonZ only.... Charkbait 4x102 = 4 ounce casting weight 4x hook = $19.99 Tunafishtackle 4x102 = $24 Charkbait 4x105 = 8 ounce casting weight and 4x hook = $39.99 Tunafishtackle 4x105 = not an option on their website
  385. Pangamaster

    Day after Thanksgiving Trips?

    Hey Friends, Next year I turn 50.... Holy sheet! So I already have the hall pass for my next Ultra Long Range Trip. Couple questions for the experts out there. How is the fishing on these earlier LR trips? How are they different from the standard Jan - April trips? Weather? Bait? Temps...
  386. Pangamaster

    Lexa 400 or Tranx?

    Thanks Jamie. Good info! I'm also looking into a Tranx.
  387. Pangamaster

    Spirit of Adventure 2016

    Congrats Alan on another successful trip. Your reports are always a pleasure to read. Thanks for taking the time to share all the details. We need to fish again very soon!
  388. Pangamaster


    Even this can be up for interpretation....what is a chewing out to one person can be a lesson to another....the boats all have some rules that need to be followed and every trip there are those that challenge those rules.....on my last trip on the Excel ....which was my first.... There was no...
  389. Pangamaster

    Smokin great spring 8-day on the Rooster

    Congrats on a great trip Jeff! Thanks for sharing the details! A Crocodile ? I think I've had one or two in my box for the past 20+ years....can't remember when I last tied one one....thanks for the tip! .....and I don't remember you with Heineken ? Thought you were more of a Mexican...
  390. Pangamaster

    Five Star customer service

    5 Star is the best. There customer service is out of this world...not compared to other fish processing places....but to all forms of business. Just amazing. I always do same day and always get my reservation in early....often I am the first done. So I pick up my fish, Pay and I am on the...
  391. Pangamaster

    Crew treats?

    Everyone likes to compare Long Range fishing to other tipping jobs....I'm trying to picture myself giving my Sushi chef an extra pack of socks...or bringing in some prime homemade beef jerky to the local strip club. Maybe it's an age thing I just don't get? As an ex crew member a good tip and...
  392. Pangamaster

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of a UC set up for lighter long range fishing. My last few trips the 30# rig has been pretty important. What do you guys recommend in this class? I prefer fast action and higher line ratings....something like a Mega or Monster C. Any opinions? Do you guys fish a reel...
  393. Pangamaster

    Newell Graphites?

    Hey Bryan, Thanks for all the great reel maintenance and upgrades you have done for me before. I'm a Newel Nut....sent you a text on purchasing a couple of these 5 stack upgrades! Thanks, Dave
  394. Pangamaster

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    I use 5 Star religiously. I have over caught and over's been a learning curve. I now only keep what I can use and really close friends and family. It took me a while but I don't need to keep all my fish Anymore. I know what I need and try to stick to that plan. Filling out...
  395. Pangamaster

    What is it about 40lb set ups?

    40#, 40#, 40#!!! On Long Range trips 5 - 10 day trips 40# is the sweet spot. I now always bring at least 3 40# rigs. Surface Iron, Yo Yo and live bait....lately I have added another live bait.....long soaker bites I like 6' of fluro tied directly to the spectra......for more common offshore...
  396. Pangamaster

    Reel Service

    OMG! X2! You cannot beat Alan Tani! The guy is amazing .....pretty much the most dedicated reel man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
  397. Pangamaster

    Floro or Mono for yellow tail

    I almost always start off with Fluro.....when the yellows start charging and I need to cut off and re-tie...... if its a straight yellow bite I just straight tie to the mono.....then again if it's straight yellow I'm normally fishing a jig ....also with no fluro. Dropper loop always straight mono!
  398. Pangamaster

    catching skippies?

    Sorry that information is only on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn......
  399. Pangamaster

    The Bigger Bluefin...

    Hey Steve, I'm sure that had something to do with it.....I kept admiring how huge and comfortable the Excel was....and being huge I wondered if it sounds like a seiner to the tuna......???
  400. Pangamaster

    The Bigger Bluefin...

    I was on a 3 day on the Excel this past weekend. I was prepared for the big ones...but ended up being low on the quality light gear. We passed by some schools of the bigger fish on our first the 3/4 boat range...but they wouldn't bite with boats and seiners mixing everything up. We...
  401. Pangamaster

    nine foot rod suggestion

    X2 on the 90j! I had so much fun with that Rod. From 1/2 day fishing for sculpin to multi-day fishing for non stop yellows to my biggest a 90# bluefin tuna and everything in between. Jackpot money paid for the rod many times over. These days I mostly leave the 9 footer at home and...
  402. Pangamaster

    3.5 Day, early Sept or early October?

    I like October....did a quick trip a couple of years ago on the Tribute and had a blast. When every boat is still running the bait gets hammered by all the boats using it...the landings are jammed packed.....and weekend warriors are out in full force. It's a little bit more mellow come October...
  403. Pangamaster

    June 2016 - Long Range Boat color coded spreadsheet

    Depends on what boat you are going on. But I would call the boat to ask what time you should be there...the trips I have been on they always send an email or something with the time. If you're on one of the first come first serve boats...Like the Star or the AA.....some people like to come...
  404. Pangamaster

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    I guess this strange last post is in reference to the fact that the Maximus Sunk off Cedros?
  405. Pangamaster

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day returned 5/8/16 report

    Enthusiastic excellent report as usual! Thanks Jamie!
  406. Pangamaster

    Outstanding Customer Service from the companies that support our passion.

    Hey Gang, I just had an extremely rewarding experience and wanted to share my experience with my fellow long Rangers. I bought one of those new Progear Reels at the Fred Hall show this year. It comes with those little Avet like knobs that I don't like. Especially on larger fish as your hand...
  407. Pangamaster

    First Trip on the RP part 3 wrap up

    Thanks for the detailed report Rick! Sounds like a tough trip with lots of learning opportunities. Appreciate the details and you taking the time to share! You filled up your Karma bucket so now you are due!!!
  408. Pangamaster

    Wahoo Reel.

    X2. Caught just as many if not more wahoo on my last 2 trips using the 440 than the average angler.... When it dies I'm gonna cry! There is no substitute! I bought my 440 used in 1994..... Rebuilt and lovingly cared for ever since!
  409. Pangamaster

    Excel Sportfishing, three day trip report and pictures

    Great story! I'll share it with my buddies. I'm taking some newbies on the next Excel 3 day trip. This will really help with getting them prepped. Thanks for sharing and congrats on a great trip! See you on a longer one shortly! The weather is nicer in prime time :)
  410. Pangamaster

    Mid December 10 day?

    Agreed with Fishy! If your goal is Cows don't mess with 10 day trips. Go on a 14+ day that focuses on them. If your interested in a variety catch with an excellent chance at Jumbos...go on a mid November to December 10 days trip. On my last 14 day day trip we started on the lower banks...
  411. Pangamaster

    Oldest Long Ranger... when do I quit?

    Long Range is one of the only things left that still makes me feel young....I'm 48....I still get on trips where I am in the bottom 10% age That being said....I have been lucky enough to fish LR from when I was in my very prime....I could cast all day...kill the fish when the gods...
  412. Pangamaster

    What to know about the Royal Star

    I have fished almost all the LR boats....many of them up in the bow as I am a last minute addition on many trips. I felt no difference from any other LR boat up in the bow. So yes you can get the feel of the sea a little more in the bow as opposed to the stern....but no more so than any of the...
  413. Pangamaster

    Fish Report - Intrepid - 15 Day - Okuma/Soft Steel - 3/19-4/3

    Hey Connor! Congrats on your first really long trip! Sounded like a really fun trip. Thanks for an amazing detailed and fun filled report! As a recent de-virginized Ultra Long newbie similar to yourself. I Could relate to many things you were saying. Good to see that these more experienced...
  414. Pangamaster

    Hey CV-Wayne! I just saw this today. How did your trip go? I signed up for a 10 day on the...

    Hey CV-Wayne! I just saw this today. How did your trip go? I signed up for a 10 day on the Indy for this year. Super excited!
  415. Pangamaster

    Most Useful Freebies?

    I like charter masters that give a lot of little stuff to everyone over those that give a couple of sweet deals to a select few...why? Because I never win shit...... I mean never! I have won jackpots......that's different.....I mean those random draws.... I never win! Ever! If everyone is...
  416. Pangamaster

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    Don't over think it. This is a 3 day trip which will end up happening so fast your head will spin. The best thing you can possibly bring on a trip like this is a positive attitude! Let the deck hands know right away your experience level, listen carefully to what they say and recommend. Keep...
  417. Pangamaster

    Sticky Threads

    It's a great idea. I guess it's the moderators that have this ability? I doesn't seem to be used very often in this forum. The one sticky thread about Mario's is old information and not as relevant as it once was. I agree with you that adding more threads to this section would be a benefit...
  418. Pangamaster

    Long Range Topshots

    Another option is Basil. For about the same price you get one of the best in the Business. Example 25' 130 # Seguar Premium wind-on $30 Many other options to chose from on his site
  419. Pangamaster

    Hotel around fisherman's landing

    We have been staying at the Ramada. It's directly across the street from Point Loma. It's a few bucks more than the Vagabond but WAY nicer. It has the breakfast buffet and nice clean rooms with decent clientele. For offseason trips we just park in the hotel parking lot and then drive over in...
  420. Pangamaster

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    Holy cow! Some of you have quite the line up going for this year. I'm jealous but happy I get to also get some time in.
  421. Pangamaster

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    With the recent news that a short range boat has already had a trip that limited out on Bluefin....the frenzy of the season is upon us! Fred Hall has past least the big show.....most people have plotted and planned by now and have a good plan in place with the family general to allow...
  422. Pangamaster

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    great write up! Sounds like a fun adventure if a little slow on the catching side...but still a fun adventure. Thanks for sharing!
  423. Pangamaster

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    I got these from Basil...I also have those cheap $5 ones everybody sells....these cut spectra like butter.
  424. Pangamaster

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    X2 on Channel Locks. I normally wrap the handles with some tuna cord and then epoxy it. Helps with grip and identifying that they're mine. I have a leather holster but prefer just using the plier pockets in my Pelagic/Fishworks shorts. I also carry a backup in case my primary disappears. I...
  425. Pangamaster

    Mono to Fluro

    Another vote for the Surgeon Knot.
  426. Pangamaster

    Best 50 lb. bait rod?

    I'm experimenting on this very situation. I have ordered a custom Calstar 800XH with 4 inches cut off. So it will be a 7' 8" Rod. To me I like the 8 footers ability to get the bait out in the zone but then the advantage shifts to the fish with the longer Rod. Since this will be a true 50#...
  427. Pangamaster

    Xtream Braid

    Ha ha ...been there seen that! More than once.
  428. Pangamaster

    Xtream Braid

    Sounds shady to one place they advertise 14 days another says you have 10 days....typos all over the website. Oh whoopie! A 2 week guarantee! Sometimes I buy line months before I use it.... Nothing wrong with looking for a...
  429. Pangamaster

    Fred Hall Show

    Just got back from the show. By the time Saturday comes around I think most of the good deals are gone. That being said I went to touch and feel some stuff and meet some old friends in the industry. Mission accomplished. I was surprised at a few booths where I asked questions and reps had no...
  430. Pangamaster

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    I used to work on the Horizon and we did a few 7 - 10 day trips each year to spearfish and dive Guadalupe. This was pre Great White shark cage diving days. What an amazing experience each and every time. I have too many stories to post here. Gin clear water, filled with yellowtail, yellowfin...
  431. Pangamaster

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    In the old days a trip to Guadalupe was either for a shorter trip or a checkin on the way down or back. You might stop there on the way back from a 10 day but you sure wouldn't start there. Such a fun place...but when it was available for every trip back in the was just like any...
  432. Pangamaster

    Tac Glue... is there a shelve life?

    I've had a couple of bottles both used for a couple of years. No issues. I have seen smoke come off my leaders when gluing the inserted line. In my opinion this is one of the reasons it really works. It seems to really be binding the spectra and the leader into one solid connection.
  433. Pangamaster

    Suprise deal at the show...

    Gotcha! The right time and place just hasn't happened yet. I ended up choosing the Indy over the Excel this time simply because one trip leaves on Saturday and one leaves on Sunday. It's one less vacation day for me. I want to try them both and this was the slight favor that tipped me this...
  434. Pangamaster

    Suprise deal at the show...

    I'll fish the Excel some day just not this year. Not sure what you referring to when you say wait till the end? I signed up 9 months in advance...that's pretty early for me. Plenty of space on all 3 boats going on that final 10 day trip of the year. I ended up getting the 5th boarding...
  435. Pangamaster

    Suprise deal at the show...

    Interesting...I was on the fence between the Indy and the Excel for both their last 10 day trips in 2016. I just signed up for the Indy trip. This deal might have changed my mind. I still do plan on going on the Excel as after this years trip I will have been on all the boats minus the Excel...
  436. Pangamaster

    Fred Hall Show

    I'll be there Saturday. Interested in checking out the new Pro Gear reels amongst other things. It's my chance to touch and feel everything. Love Fred Hall.
  437. Pangamaster

    Gear for my Oct. 10 Day

    I agree with Mr are set! Don't buy any more rigs! You are good for your first trip. Best advice I just got on my recent first 14 day trip. There are many ways to rig up for a trip. You have all the bases covered. hard! You will know after this trip what would be...
  438. Pangamaster

    Yo-Zuri HD 130lb Fluoro Diameter

    No freaking wonder! I thought I had bought two packages of 100# line instead of one each of 130# and 100# because the diameter of the 130# was only 1.06 - 1.08 mm. Thank for the update!
  439. Pangamaster

    Rigging Rings

    Thanks Tim. I think it was one of your previous posts that I learned about Mason rings!
  440. Pangamaster

    Rigging Rings

    I start with some kind of bullet head with a hole through it that the line can slide through. I wrap witchhair around it and bind it with reflective tape. I use around 3 ft of 90# wire that is crimped to a ring on one side and a ring that has been braised onto the hook at the other side. I...
  441. Pangamaster

    "Early Season" @ Guadalupe Isl.?

    I've been there many times in June both diving and fishing. It's never like it is in the fall. We used to at times get the school size tuna to go and yellowtail fishing could be decent. Especially for jackpot size fish. Calico bass fishing can be un-freaking-believable. As this is prime...
  442. Pangamaster

    Wahoo Bomb Heads

    I posted the same question a few months ago and never got any good leads. I'm running out of supplies !!!! Please let me know if you learn something!
  443. Pangamaster

    Rigging Rings

    I have been using these. $14.70 for a 100. Caught 5 wahoo with them rigged to my homemade bombs. No failures on my last trip. Used 90# wire crimped to one side and 40# as my main line. I searched everywhere and these where the best...
  444. Pangamaster


    You're in good hands! I did a couple of these trips when Sport Chalet was the charter master.....those shirts are getting worn it's been a few years now. The boat is great but this time of year is a bit of a gamble but the early year price normally makes it worth it. A few years...
  445. Pangamaster

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    I think l'm going to rethink my strategy. I always go 5 star same day. I live in the Bay Area and have a chest freezer. I used to try and dry off the fish packets and then throw them in my freezer. That would result in half the packets stuck together. So for the last 5 years or so I put a...
  446. Pangamaster

    Pro Gear progear albacore special - finally something nice to say

    Charkbait is selling these reels again. Do they still stand up to all the modern reels now available?
  447. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    BVD was awesome!!!
  448. Pangamaster

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    I use 5 Star...they take reservations for same day service. As soon as you know your trip let them know. On trips I reserved early I have been packed and on my way out of dodge before 9am. You have to let them know how important it is to you to get out ASAP.... Like you, I have a long drive...
  449. Pangamaster

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Must have been a real doozy! Nothing on FB or Shogun website.
  450. Pangamaster

    San diego 5 day long range

    My first longe range trip was on the Spirit...I have since fished on the RP. They are both great boats for beginners. The RP really caters to new people ....but they also take a crap load of passengers which can be frustrating if you are not used to this type of fishing. But the RP can go to...
  451. Pangamaster

    Which reel should I use for trolling and which for dropper loop.

    50 for trolling and 30 for dropper loop.
  452. Pangamaster

    Which reel should I use for trolling and which for dropper loop.

    Need more information! What size trip? For a normal 8 - 10 day trip both are over kill for both applications. If you fish Cow trips I recommend you don't mix trolling and dropper loop rigs with your go to cow rigs. If you don't go on cow's realy at your descretion. The 50 is...
  453. Pangamaster

    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    I also fish all the boats! Some folks are really loyal to their rigs...I am really loyal to long range fishing in general....I have fished almost all the boats and will continue to do so! I have my favorites as everyone else does but to me my life schedule takes precedent. Happens to be that...
  454. Pangamaster

    The Long Range Character thread.

    Lighten up France's....Jeff is a real gentleman to fish with. No reason to hurl insults. I think this thread is supposed to be entertaining so it's you that is being "Counter Intuitive."
  455. Pangamaster

    long range t-shirt question

    I brought a nice 5 Star t-shirt with me on my Royal Star Trip....nah I didn't wear it. But I still used 5 Star. :food-smil
  456. Pangamaster

    long range t-shirt question

    It shouldn't matter. I fish all the boats and I'm proud of that. There are a couple of boats and operations that aren't friendly to each other. I don't wear those shirts when I'm on those boats. But even if your not aware of the politics it shouldn't matter. Good customer service by the...
  457. Pangamaster

    American Angler 1/10-24

    Nice report Steve! It was nice seeing you at the end of my trip. Sounds like you had another successful trip. Yeah those dang tubes...i got its a double...damn it they all fell off! Try again.... The 30 size reels were the ticket on my trip as well. I agree with you...leaving...
  458. Pangamaster

    Anybody been on a 6 day trip and went on to the rocks/ridge?

    Ditto....when I signed up for a Vegabond September trip....years back.....I figured I was signing up for an extended 5 day...i.e. Guadalupe ...Cedros/Benito's offshore...nothing was happening....Guadalupe sucked.....offshore sucked.... Off we went for a huge gamble....worked out...killed the...
  459. Pangamaster

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    I didn't absolutely verify this but I think this is what the crew on the Star was doing....12"ish and a Sato crimp & glue.
  460. Pangamaster

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    I used 3' inserted into hollow with 2 nail knots and 12 inches of Tac glue on all my premade top shots. 130# JB connected to 100# and 130# Yo Zuri fluoro and Jinkai Mono.....I could cast a dean fine as the connections slide through the guides and I inspected all of my top shots as I was...
  461. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Holy Shit! Someone turned in my bag to Black Water! Tracey just called and I am getting it shipped up here. I had almost lost faith. I wonder if I can return all the new underwear I just bought? Ok now the trip was 100% a success!
  462. Pangamaster

    Overfishing worldwide worse than thought

    Thanks Utah....nice to hear that people are concerned about our fisheries. Especially Long Rangers. Alarming statistics.
  463. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Ha ha! I had this strange urge to yell out Big Country Just this morning......then I looked around and realized I was in my cube and not in paradise anymore.....sigh.....back to work.
  464. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    The fish died and actually broke off some where under the boat....all of a sudden it floated up and the crew gaffed it. We shared some filet with the Excel as well.....wonder if they ate any?
  465. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Agreed! Poke wasn't the best but it was good. We had it 2 other times.....Blue Marlin Burgers and grilled with a bacon/blue cheese crust....which was amazing!
  466. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Hey Connor, Besides what I mentioned in my report not much really. I was way over prepared.....I'm sure you have your wahoo jigs and bombs ready to go. I caught all of my fish on a bomb. I saw some people get them on your standard wahoo jigs as well. The smaller sizes were getting bit better...
  467. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    All were on big Mustad single hooks! No trebles.
  468. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    This was my hope as well....I sent a blast email to everyone including the RS hoping to hear back from someone.....I thought for sure I would here back by now....I guess someone really liked my dirty laundry! It's funny I was so focused on not let my fishing gear out of my site i forgot my...
  469. Pangamaster

    Departing Sunday 1/10....

    Good luck Steve. Nice catching up with you on the dock! Hope you get them good!
  470. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    As many of you know I got to finally go on my long awaited bucket list trip. After much research and personal experience, time of year, cost, passenger load etc. I decided to go on a 14 day trip aboard the Royal Star. To tell you the truth the 6 months leading up to the trip were almost just...
  471. Pangamaster

    possibly over booked

    All of the boats mention in fine print that they reserve the right to overbook by 1. Every long range and SD day boat says this somewhere on their brochure. If the trip over-books past that number they are violating the trust of their passengers. Don't advertise one thing and sell another...
  472. Pangamaster

    Happy Holidays and go get those cows.

    Thanks Bro! I'm locked and cow fate is in destinies hand...thanks to many folks here on BD I'm as prepared as one can be! Mentally and physically! I'm just so stoked for the opportunity! me what trips you're going on next year....we need to fish again soon!
  473. Pangamaster

    Happy Holidays and go get those cows.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that other stuff! I feel exactly like I did when I was 5 years old......I cannot wait to go YFT hunting! Good luck to all of you Long Rangers! May the big ones bite often for you, may the sunsets warm your faces, may your knots and your hooks...
  474. Pangamaster

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Thanks! Strange this isn't on their main website? I'll check them out!
  475. Pangamaster

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Which model of Trokar hook is this? TK619h = ?? Is it the TK4 Lancet Circle hooks? I don't see these as an option on the website?
  476. Pangamaster


    Funny....I'm suffering from the affliction. It's not getting any better with age.
  477. Pangamaster

    fishing with danny osuna, puerto vallarta - 12/9-13/2015

    Awesome report Alan! Looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures and the videos!
  478. Pangamaster

    Big Fish, Lower Banks

    Rooster got a 308# for a guy fishing 80# today. Impressive! Hopefully it didn't take him too long to reel it in!
  479. Pangamaster

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    There's some good advice posted above. With the advances in technology to providing near real time fish reports and statistics there is a real challenge in understanding from simple statistics posted on boat reports and other web sites what dictates a good trip. We got used to getting boat...
  480. Pangamaster

    DEC 26th, who is going long that morning??! Heading out on the Star on my first trip longer than 10 days! Should be a very busy place on the 26th...Royal Polaris, Shogun, Indy and Rooster on 5 day trips. Star, Intrepid & Angler on 14 day trips! Should be around 180+ long Rangers and crew milling around that day? Fired up!!!!
  481. Pangamaster

    Guadalupe Trips next season? permits?

    Been there a lot of times in early summer. The water temperatures and conditions are not normally good until later in the summer.....for tuna that is. Yellowtail are always around but seldom in numbers that that can be found at Cedros / Benito's / the Ridge at the same time. When it was open...
  482. Pangamaster

    2016, picking a trip/boat

    I have fished all three of those boats during this time. I suspect 36+ on the RP was too much for you? It was for me although I still loved fishing with Frank and would jump at any chance to fish the RP on a lighter load. For a while I fished the Angler on its earliest 8 day....fished it with...
  483. Pangamaster

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Wahoo is just as tasty as all the traditional Tuna's worries...This year my freezer is fat with Wahoo...thank you EL Nino for spoiling me this year....I hope to continue to reap your bounty soon!
  484. Pangamaster

    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    This is really a simple question..and mostly a simple answer....The Excel is a great rig...but so are all the other long range far as newbies go they are all excellent. I would say it depends more on the charter than on the boat. If it's an open party trip I would say all the long...
  485. Pangamaster

    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    What's an example of a "Chunk Hook" you like to use?
  486. Pangamaster

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    What a great report on what sounds like an amazing trip! Congratulations on a trip of a life time! This report just makes me want to go out and fish! For anything! I just want to feel a small percentage of the high this trip must have produced! Thanks for sharing!
  487. Pangamaster

    How relevant is rod length ?

    Chuckle....glad you got your fish....this has been a crew game for many many years now.....they get these nice super long custom wrapped rods ....hook a fish and hand it off....let the fun begin! You learned, as have many before you the value of appropriately sized rods for the game you're...
  488. Pangamaster

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    You are just a really good writer.....doing the shit I love....which means you are weaving some really good stories .....I almost feel like I'm getting a free sample or something of a super great modern day Melville giant yellowfin rodeo roundup! Always look forward to your candid takes!
  489. Pangamaster

    Need some insight on booking 1st LR trip

    So you have heard a lot of the options....what it really comes down to is how much $ do you want to spend, how much time do you want to spend at sea......and when does your schedule best fit this plan? I make a spreadsheet almost every year and put these and other variables on it so I can...
  490. Pangamaster

    Best Knot for Solid Spectra

    What size of line are you talking? For line class up to 50# I have been using the Bob Sands with a 5-6 turn uni....which is of course a variation of the Tony Pena. I have an up coming 14 day where I have been practicing this knot all the way up to 150# leader. Some people with much more...
  491. Pangamaster

    Casting Spectra

    I don't like the abrasion of the spectra at band saw speed on my jig rigs....For bait fishing I often use only 5' leaders tied directly to spectra.....but casting a Dean is nothing like casting a jig.....the spool really starts moving at high speeds when I'm flinging....and I like to fling more...
  492. Pangamaster

    The FG Knot for catching Cow Tuna - A video demonstration

    Me too! On 100# and 130#!
  493. Pangamaster

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    Ha ha! Good question! I've been long ranging for 20 years and have always been a cart pusher....but I'm only 48....for some reason long ranging is one of the few things I do where I am still considered on the younger side.....that's slowly fading away....dammit! I'd rather push all the...
  494. Pangamaster

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    Thanks Mark...just purchased the Nicopress others mentioned you get a discount if you call them directly and order it the old fashion way.
  495. Pangamaster

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Especially great thread for me! Thanks for posting this. After much research and asking around I kind of went with a list Screamingreel Jeff posted a while ago...... I then bought some super mutus to augment my Arsenal ....since I'm a newbie and haven't formed my own opinion yet on this topic...
  496. Pangamaster

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    Hey Mark, I ended up buying these crimps. I have the Jinkai crimper and the smallest hole is still too large for these tiny .6 mm crimps on the 90# Sevenstrand. What crimper are you using for this application?
  497. Pangamaster

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    Further measurements 130# Blackwater Fluoro - 1.20 mm 130# Seaguar Premier - 1.05 mm 135# Izor First String Mono - 1.18 mm 130# Yo Zuri - 1.04 mm
  498. Pangamaster

    Shogun Nov 7 - 12 Guadalupe Report

    Sounds like a great trip! Great detailed report as well. Every trip is a learning experience and it really pays to keep an eye on the hot sticks. Congrats on a nice catch!
  499. Pangamaster

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro I'm getting all ADD in preparation for my trip I went out and bought a nice digital caliper to better understand line sizes and to assist in crimping. Interesting results on the Yo-Zuri HD Carbon Fluoro 130# on package says 1.225 mm in reality it's 1.01 - 1.04 mm 100# on package says...
  500. Pangamaster

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Looks like you had a great time! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your awesome slide show!
  501. Pangamaster

    Indy 11/1-11/11

    Looks like fun times...lots of challenges and good rewards! Thanks for sharing!
  502. Pangamaster

    Spectra to swivel knot or connection

    Thanks Basil!
  503. Pangamaster

    8 day on AA 11/1-11/9. We caught one of these...

    Ha's a big eye'd albacore tuna!
  504. Pangamaster

    Spectra to swivel knot or connection

    Got it! So on double trouble rigs the legs are about 7' ish... But the fish you may connect to May be longer than 7'! Nice problem! So to stick to the "You need a longer length of leader than the fish you may catch" theory you should have some mono fluoro above the leader connection? Either...
  505. Pangamaster

    Spectra to swivel knot or connection

    It seems getting your double trouble rig through a small loop a couple of times through a small swivel eye would be challenging? I guess it can be done but if you can tie a simple uni, or San Diego ...or as mentioned surgeons and palimar knots....I think that would be easier....just don't...
  506. Pangamaster

    Spectra to swivel knot or connection

    Hey guys, Another question I haven't been able to find. What knot or connection do you use to tie spectra directly to a swivel. I'm thinking specifically I have created my kite rigs with a swivel on the end. I want to connect the spectra to the swivel.....i guess I can make a loop in the...
  507. Pangamaster

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    On the Spangler when you tie it right is it supposed to have the two lines side by side? Ie not crossed as they go through the hook?
  508. Pangamaster

    Vagabond 10/31 - 11/9 Mike pulls it out at the end!

    Sounds like a great trip! Great variety and you covered all the different sizes of fish. I need to get back out on the Vagabond! Thanks for sharing!
  509. Pangamaster

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    Agreed! Been a few times to the lupe with Mr. Lackey....he is the prime time short to mid range guy! .....and I guess on the few LR he dos he's not bad either!
  510. Pangamaster

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    I was wondering how long it would take for this thread to spin a negative perspective on Frank....took longer than expected. Kudos to Frank on getting all these happy people to Guadalupe ...the crews....the tackle shops....the passengers...and the Internet blogs all thank you for providing an...
  511. Pangamaster

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    Hey Lew this is a pretty cool knot....I just tried it 3 or 4 times and it's super easy to tie in 135#....the Springer/jansik...easier for me than the Spangler...but I'm sure I can manage the Spangler as well....but not sure anything is easier than the 3 turn Uni...... Does anyone know does...
  512. Pangamaster

    First January Long Range Trip

    I'm also gearing up for my first long trip and just went through the buying of expensive heavy fluorocarbon leaders. Check out Meltons. They had a buy 2 get one free deal on Yozuri which I think is still in effect but not advertised....try adding 3 spools to the cart and check the prices. I...
  513. Pangamaster

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    Hey Guys, I know this topic has been brought up before but I would like some fresh input. I'm interested in what knots you guys use for 100 -150# fluro/mono to the hook. I know some of you crimp...but those that tie what's your preferred knot. I'm leaning towards a 3 turn Uni because it's...
  514. Pangamaster

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    I was using a single #3 AFL crimp and 90# 7 strand for my wahoo bombs....I decided to go out and test my work....a bunch failed at less than 20#'s....panic! I redid a couple with two crimps on each side and was able to get it break at the 80# line instead.....still it didn't seem consistent so...
  515. Pangamaster

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    I'm all in on Pink Yo Zuri for my up coming 14 days. 2 100 meter spools of 130# and 1 100 meter spool for my upcoming 14 day. Melton had a buy 2 get one free on this stuff. Fucking expensive stuff....but spending $300 instead of $450 was worth it!
  516. Pangamaster

    Wahoo tips/techniques

    Ahhhh Mason Rings ....100 for around $14... The answer I was looking for on another post. Thanks Tim!
  517. Pangamaster

    Independence got a cow

    Vagabond is getting some as well.... More good news. The boat was already HEAVY with Wahoo from the first part of this 9-day but then we added 2 COWs that may tip the scales to the 3 mark. Looking for more today.
  518. Pangamaster

    Blue Fin Tuna Update!

    Great news from the Excel FB Page. UPDATE - We just got word from Conapesca in Mexico, effective immediately, all US vessels are allowed to catch and keep Bluefin tuna in Mexican Waters. The regulations are the same as they are for California, 2 per day, per angler, max of 6 per trip. Great...
  519. Pangamaster

    What long range boats do private charters?

    ...Sorry ....nine replies so far. . But this is really a simple question......all Long Range Operators are open for private charters...some are more booked than others but all will charter...look at their existing schedules and start making calls! Simple!
  520. Pangamaster

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    Any suggestions on a source for the solid rings? To perhaps buy them in bulk? I know owner makes them and they are quite pricey....any other options out there? Also when rigging wahoo bombs you put the large Solid ring on the hook and then crimp that to the 90# wire...anyone know what size...
  521. Pangamaster

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Thanks for the tips Lew! I am still debating on which box or boxes to bring....I will make sure there is an available tie down.....and yes I am looking forward to greeting the new year directly from Cow Town! Sorry To have high jacked this post!
  522. Pangamaster

    Shogun tackle storage question

    This is exactly why I post on Bloody Decks..this is really great information! Exactly what I was looking to hear. Thanks Jeff!
  523. Pangamaster

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Your entitled to your opinions that's for sure. If I went on a charter with a bunch of "Super Tight" guys that made me feel not part of their "lofty" aspirations.....I would know I was with the wrong group. I have often been close to the last boarding position because for years I switched...
  524. Pangamaster

    Shogun tackle storage question

    . Thanks mentioned above I did confirm with RS via Tracy....yeah I get it ....charters get to do there own deal. Larry Brown is a full on charter that can organize as they feel is best for the group....this is a Blackwater/open charter which goes by the boat rules......not a fan of...
  525. Pangamaster

    Shogun tackle storage question

    Ugg I just called and confirmed Royal Star loads this way. I was getting used to the modern way on the Rooster....sleeping in in my Hotel and just wandering down to the dock when it was closed to time to launch.... When I fished the other boats that don't give you assigned boarding positions I...
  526. Pangamaster

    Little Dab'll Do Ya? (Tac Glue)

    I use it when making my top shots. It does a really good job of bonding the line inserted into the hollow. Where I glue it is the same place where the nail knots are so those get covered as well. I have not ever had a reason to glue any normal connecting knots as they don't ever come...
  527. Pangamaster

    Shogun 5 day opinions?

    Right on! Now you have a target and a goal to look forward to. Have fun preparing and getting ready for your trip!
  528. Pangamaster

    Reels Who likes what best?

    There is no set answer to this question....congratulations on going on your first long range trip! Great decision on using the boats rental gear. I suggest you go out and fish your first trip and see what you do and don't like about your loaner gear.....see what rigs are the most important and...
  529. Pangamaster

    Royal Star Tiburon 10 day

    Looks like a great trip. Lots of Whoo and lots of quality tuna! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  530. Pangamaster

    Shogun 5 day opinions?

    Hey Pat, This trip is a great value trip at about $1300 for 5 days on a great rig.....the same 5 day trip in August goes for $2100 ish. This is an early season trip that historically fishes for yellowtail with prime time being somewhere around Cedros/Benito's...with a swing to the outside on...
  531. Pangamaster

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    Actually I don't think there is ever a need for a collision.....let people know your coming....if they can't hear you or didn't understand.....tap them on the shoulder and let them know.....I'd rather lose the fish than run someone over.....Collisions destroy the fabric of the teams cohesiveness...
  532. Pangamaster

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Hey Bob! First off good luck to you on your trip! Your trip is right before mine. I am going on the Royal Star that leaves 12/26. I will be reading every single one of the reports from your trip..I can guarantee that! We can share Newbie experiences when the dust settles!
  533. Pangamaster

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    LOL ....I can only hope I am not this helpful.
  534. Pangamaster

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    As many of you know I am preparing for my first Cow trip coming up in December...I have been asking questions and researching and buying...and asking...and's been a great ride. I took my first long range trip back in 1994….but I have never made it out longer than a 10 day….. In...
  535. Pangamaster

    Intrepid catching cows

    I'm in trouble....2 months and 4 days for me. My entire garage is filled with too much Long Range shit as I try to figure out what I really need and what I don't need....and how can I get all of that into tackle box and storage.....I think I am finally done spending after getting my final reel...
  536. Pangamaster

    Shogun at Guadalupe

    It's interesting how things play out. Guadalupe used to be the best option for large fish for the shorter long trips. This is where the 4 and 5 day trips could fill out the JP's. If you fished the Lupe on a 10 day....the grumbling was often is only 1 day away from SD after all...
  537. Pangamaster

    The Reason why the Revillagigedo islands are closed

    Actually here is a much more detailed and telling story...... You can almost see the ban was caused by this American Mike McGettigan or at least he got the ball rolling on the ban.... He is a member of Seawatch which makes Green Peace look a conservative organization. Some interesting stuff...
  538. Pangamaster

    The Reason why the Revillagigedo islands are closed

    It's interesting in that the islands are still regularly fished by both Spearfishing charters and 6 pack boats. If they are allowed so should the LR fleet. For example......
  539. Pangamaster

    Pulling the Trigger on a Spring 5 day

    Come on now....a 5 day trip by most members definition is a Long Range trip. Not everyone gets to fish all the time.....the concept of 5 days at sea still blows most peoples minds....for someone that has been on all kinds of long range trips this may not sound so extreme....but you...
  540. Pangamaster

    Shogun/Bob Sands Tackle 8 day report

    Thanks Jaime....great write up as usual. I really enjoy going through all the details. Sounds like you had a really fun trip. Congratulations!
  541. Pangamaster

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    And I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one....I have fished Cedros, Benito's and Guadalupe in a much different manner than most sport a dive boat "Horizon" we would routinely anchor up straight in the weeds....often tied off directly to shore so the divers could get to...
  542. Pangamaster

    Pulling the Trigger on a Spring 5 day

    These trips used to be a guaranteed yellowtail trip with a swing by to the outside for chances at prime time bluefin tuna fishing. As Mexico has decided to keep the bluefin for themselves it's still really pretty much the best time for yellowtail. On a normal year the warm water fish generally...
  543. Pangamaster

    Intrepid 10 day Oct 5-15

    Sounds like a great trip. Lots of action from the Ridge to the Rocks all the way back up to the Cortez Banks.....Fun times! Thanks for sharing!
  544. Pangamaster

    JRI 8 Day Vagabond

    Great report and pictures! Looks like fun times! Your girl friend looks a little pale I hope she had some good sunscreen! Congrats!
  545. Pangamaster

    BIG Hooks....

    G Good question...for Mustad and other companies.....but no matter where their product is made their brand is on the line..... but when you buy no name brands that Copy Brand name products....that have no vested interest in brand recognition....that's when you really need to do due diligence to...
  546. Pangamaster

    Breaking News on fishing Guadalupe!

    I have been lucky enough to fish and dive Guadalupe Island extensively. I worked on a dive boat that did fishing and dive trips in the 90's. I have maybe 150 days at the island...either free diving or fishing....yes as a passenger and as a crew member......It's an amazing place....I have seen...
  547. Pangamaster

    Sacramento Roll Call

    This is awesome! How many guys made it? Let's do one in the Bay Area next! I'm in!
  548. Pangamaster

    BIG Hooks....

    Tricky situation.....spending more money doesn't mean you're getting a better product. But made in China with the same naming convention as a well known brand...Eagle Claw 2004...hmmmmm Basil sells a single Eagle Claw 2004 ringed 11/0 hook for $2 bucks....not a bad deal. The Chinese ringed...
  549. Pangamaster

    Wahoo Advice

    Mauraders are designed to be fished short in the prop wash. Wire leader doesn't effect anything....stay with the plan!
  550. Pangamaster

    Ken's trip, Angler 9/27-10/4

    Another fun trip on the Angler for you! Congrats Steve and thanks for sharing!
  551. Pangamaster

    7 Day Vagabond Trip

    Congrats on your trip! Sounds like you had a blast...with a couple of lessons learned. There was another recent thread that this brings emphasis on. Make sure you have dikes or spectra cutters on you at all never know when you're going to need them and waiting on the crew isn't...
  552. Pangamaster


    Great report! Very detailed and informative. Thanks for taking the time to share. Congrats on a fun trip!
  553. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Not sure what is correct but I always considered the Pena the spectra part that goes up and back down with the criss cross pattern...then it becomes a Bob Sands when the mono/Fluoro part has a uni in it...then it becomes A fishy big fish knot when using large string and only 2 turns on the...
  554. Pangamaster

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    . Good for the SOA and other long range boats! Back a long time ago I asked a renowned LR skipper why he chose to sell beers for such reasonable prices....his response...."I'm in the fishing Business ....not the beer selling business"......I really have a hard time going short range these...
  555. Pangamaster

    AA Lures - Wahoo lures.. Check them out.. I have a couple of these and cannot wait to try them out..

    $80 bucks....yikes....I'll stick with my Mauraders for now. Good luck!
  556. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    After making a few top shots and seeing what a pain it is....yeah it gets easier with time but still.....there has to be an easier way....I've been checking out the Tona Pena with a 2 turn Uni on one side. Both Fishy and Alan Tani recommend the method.... Which is basically the same as a Bob...
  557. Pangamaster

    Which boat / trip

    To me it depends on the passenger load....the Shogun has enough bunks to take around 31..ish while the star can only take 24.... Boats are similar in style with the Shogun being wider...RS has a longer more established crew.... But the SG crew is just for me it's the load.....a 7-8...
  558. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Should I bring Balloons? What size?
  559. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Thanks for all the replies and PM's on this. I started making top shots today. Made 2 100# fluoro, 2 130# fluoro and 1 150# Mono rig. The 130 and 150 were pretty simple. Getting the 100# into the 100# JB was not as easy. I am glad I am getting a start on these as I don't think it would be...
  560. Pangamaster

    RR III 25SEP-01OCT 6 day

    Sounds like another successful and fun Long Range trip. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  561. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    I went for this option! Thanks!
  562. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Anyone know where you can buy or obtain twist ties?
  563. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Thanks Jeff! Just looking for ball park ideas like this!
  564. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Thanks Steve. Already talked to the boat. This boat and other boats...I'm more interested in what other experienced long Rangers are the passenger has a different perspective than crew. Especially the really experienced ones. I also understand the dynamics of fishing and I'm not...
  565. Pangamaster

    Tac cement and building new leaders"...

    I was using 100# Spectra with 80# Jinkai mono. I saw zero slippage. It seems the spectra bonds into the mono. I haven't tried 6 inches...not using a nail knot was enough of an experiment for this trip.
  566. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Hey Guys, I have just finished buying my materials and am about to start creating tops shots. I know how to create them I am just curious what configurations I should prepare ahead of time. How many is enough? What sizes do you use. I will have the following rigs for my 14 day trip. Mak 20...
  567. Pangamaster

    Tac cement and building new leaders"...

    I used Tac Glue on my Trolling rig for a test on my past trip. I inserted about 18 inches and just used glue. No crimp and no Nail Knot. Caught two 40# Wahoo with no issues.
  568. Pangamaster

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    Now that is how you write a report! Thanks for sharing and congrats on a great trip!
  569. Pangamaster

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    I love it! Long Ranging is not just about the fish in the hold or how big your pile is at the end of the's about the adventure...the people you meet...the break from work...the naps when ever you like....the amazing food...the stories you live and hear...the fish you catch and the...
  570. Pangamaster

    will el nino affect the 15 day trips?

    Ha ha...oh shit! Now that is one scenario I'm not prepared to accept. I didn't have you create that beautiful Rod for me to use as a rail crab pot retriever ....I'll though I guess it would work in that capacity.
  571. Pangamaster

    will el nino affect the 15 day trips?

    I've waited my whole life ....dreaming, studying, reading ....and now ......I'm now finally signed up ..and paid up for my first trip which leaves December 26th. Figures that my first trip is during this wacky El Niño year. I'm good whatever happens. I hope we make it to some of the Ultra...
  572. Pangamaster

    How do you cook your fish?

    I was lucky enough to have been given some smoked salmon, a white King Salmon and a nice chunk of Pacific Halibut while visiting friends up near Eureka. With the Halibut I created a Blue Cheese, Bacon, Poblano Chile, Sun Dried Tomato and Chive stuffing. Pan seared the Panko Crusted results and...
  573. Pangamaster

    pics from January Intrepid trip

    RIP Kent! Thanks for sharing your trip!
  574. Pangamaster

    Wahoo thoughts

    It cost nearly 20 x as much so it must be better!
  575. Pangamaster


    I agree he is a great deckhand! Does this mean he gave up on running his own boat? He was fixing up the Invicta? Right?
  576. Pangamaster

    Fuel prices at all time low!

    That's what I'm talking about. What complete BS. They should call it what it is...a service fee.....or extra cash's not a fuel surcharge.
  577. Pangamaster

    Fuel prices at all time low!

    With such low fuel prices I am sure we are all stoked that all legimate operations have now done away with fuel surcharges. One of the benefits of fishing in this awesome El Niño year. Help our fellow fishermen out if you hear of any operations still charging this bogus fee! Fish on!
  578. Pangamaster

    AA jackpot

    Been on lots of trips where Marlin were landed....can't even remember one where a Swordie was landed....seen lots of hook ups.....none landed....a sword is in a class by itself. Think Melville!
  579. Pangamaster

    AA jackpot

    Sounds like he caught the jackpot ....whether it was the money kind or not! What a score! Fish of a lifetime!
  580. Pangamaster


    Wow! What awesome fishing....lings ....albacore and Pacific Halibut....I'd switch up my Long Range fishing for a chance at that combo! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  581. Pangamaster

    discover angling on the hulicat - 7/30/2015

    Awesome! Really cool! If you ever need any volunteers for this sort of thing please let me know! I would love to help. Nice job Alan!
  582. Pangamaster

    Shogun 3 Day 08/13-08/16

    I grew up on fishing these short 1 to 3 day trips. One thing you learn early is that when the fish are biting it's time to put the wood to them. You never know when the bite is going to stop....and it might never happen again on your trip. It's tempting to stop fishing and take a nice picture...
  583. Pangamaster

    Knots for heavy fluorocarbon

    I love how threads get off topic....thanks for those that provided answers to the posters original question. Gave me some food for thought.....I'm torn between learning some fancier knots or going with the KISS program. (Keep it simple stupid). I can tie a 2 or 3 turn uni right every...
  584. Pangamaster

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    You have to assess your financial situation and future dedication to the sport. This board will generally promote the best most expensive of everything. I hate seeing people deterred from the sport because they feel they can't go unless they have the best most expensive gear out there. Half...
  585. Pangamaster

    (PART 2) - 7 day charter

    I'm not sure it really matters if a customer of a long range boat needs to knows how much work it takes to maintain a boat. You pay for the trip ... The boat should work. Simple business. Yes, shit happens. just like fishing....sometimes the fish don't bite. Research and do your due...
  586. Pangamaster

    Nature lovers to target fisherman?

    Ha ha! You beat me to it! I love and respect nature! There is no comparison between this sport and the exotic trophy hunter stories currently making all the news. Fish on!
  587. Pangamaster

    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    Excellent report and congrats on a great trip! Thanks for sharing!
  588. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Sounds like great fishing not so great catching. Congrats to the lucky ones that landed the jumbos... And that beautiful opah. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  589. Pangamaster

    Wahoo getting closer!!!

    The Top Gun 80 reported a Wahoo today. Not sure on length of trip but I'll bet it was less than a 3 day! This year is going down in the history books!
  590. Pangamaster

    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    This exactly was part of my last introductory speech by Andy on the Red Rooster. His recommendation for anglers in this same predicament ...bring a small soft sided cooler and all the fancy beer you'd like. Store it all in your stateroom.....maybe the cooler on deck? Use the ice from the ice...
  591. Pangamaster

    Future 3 to 5 day trip, Looking for the best value

    This was a fun trip... Maybe one of the best non long range trips I have ever been on! We chose this trip because of the ultra limited load. We killed it! Still I only get a few trips a year and if I'm going non long range I still want ultra limited load like this trip was. If the Tribute or...
  592. Pangamaster

    Creating your own Wahoo Jigs

    Hey I might have a winner with this BPI site. I saw the Hawaii one but the images are not clear enough to convince me to buy them. Thank you!!
  593. Pangamaster

    Creating your own Wahoo Jigs

    Hey Everyone, I like to create my own wahoo jigs but I am having a hard time finding the heads I normally use. As I have no tackle stores around me...anyone know where I can get heads like this? Yeah, I know you can use torpedo sinkers but I like the heads the line slides through. Any help...
  594. Pangamaster

    Internet on LR Boat?

    On my last trip the Rooster was toying with only allowing laptops access to the Internet....only giving the pw's out for critical reasons.... I never tried as I didn't consider posting on BD critical...I make my living off understanding mobile applications and how they work. By the end of the...
  595. Pangamaster

    Future 3 to 5 day trip, Looking for the best value

    I just did a quick check and the Shogun 5 day trips are almost exactly the same price ...around $2000 the Red Rooster, Royal Star, Polaris supreme... The Shogun is a great operation but it's not a "Value" boat...especially in prime time. The Vagabond & Searcher do offer some trips at a...
  596. Pangamaster

    Trip Gifts - Crew

    How about a good attitude, a willingness to listen, treat the boat and the crew with the same respect you would desire, talk to them and ask them about their lives, ask them for their opinions.... Help the other passengers understand boat and crew etiquette don't leave the heads a mess...
  597. Pangamaster

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/11-7/18 - Official Report

    Sounds like a great trip! Congratulations on the Wahoo and the nice sized yella! Thanks for sharing such a detailed and well written report!
  598. Pangamaster

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    Great info. I hope to meet a puffer this year!
  599. Pangamaster

    Making bait for the next trip

    This was an interesting position to be in. When your fishing bait and really need it at 2am there is always a couple folk that don't participate. This leads to numerous threads about that guy not pulling his weight. Can't count how many stories have been written on this subject! But now you...
  600. Pangamaster

    Independence 3 Day 07/10 - 07/13

    Short Ranging in Style! Sounds like a fun trip! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  601. Pangamaster

    John Collins Knot question.

    You'll be fine. I use hollow and nail knots for 60# and above. But in the heat of the moment when I don't have time to insert the mono and nail knot it and glue it the Bob Sands or John Collins works just fine. I have never used any glue on my connections that are not inserted into hollow...
  602. Pangamaster

    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    Congrats Steve on another successful Angler Trip!
  603. Pangamaster

    Making bait for the next trip

    I think it was just insurance on the trip I was on. We had already killed more Yellow than we needed. So going to Cedros for more yellow wasn't necessary. But adding insurance for the next trip was a good move. The bait we got at the landing was very mixed. From small dines up to Mongo...
  604. Pangamaster

    John Collins Knot question.

    What's the goal? There are lots of different possibilities. What rig are you fishing on and for what?
  605. Pangamaster

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices front of my Rooster 8 day was the Top Gun passengers in from a 3 day. I also loaded my fish into my truck and brought them over to 5 Star from a Tribute short range trip....of course I made reservations ahead of time for same day service.
  606. Pangamaster

    Any boats fishing cedros?

    We already had way full limits of YT when we got there and Andy made it pretty clear we were there only to catch bait. He let us get busy for about 30 mins in the middle of breezing bait schools and landed 5 or 6 fish for the group....all high 20's to low 30's.....fat fish. Even as we fished...
  607. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster III 8 day - Mahoney/McVey - Awesome !!

    I'm not exactly fond of the frisky business myself......which is why I was taking the pictures at this time. Sometimes it just drives you into being a jig fisher!
  608. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster III 8 day - Mahoney/McVey - Awesome !!

    Great fishing with you Jeff! Nice to have finally met you! You had great trip! Way to work the surface iron!
  609. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster III 8 day - Mahoney/McVey - Awesome !!

    Hey Guys, Just a quick post as I am paying the piper for taking the last 10 days off. 8 Day trip on the Rooster - June 26th - July 4th Day -1: 1/4 of the group arrived 1 to 2 days early for the trip. Which allowed us to hook up with Mike and Alec and go out for Pizza and drinks the night...
  610. Pangamaster

    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    Good luck Steve! Nice time chatting with you before your trip left! Hopefully those close Tuna bite real good for you!
  611. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    And we're off! Will report when I get back or sooner if the internet works!
  612. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    Its about freaking time! Alarm set for 4:30am.... Followed by an 8 hour journey South! Let the party begin!
  613. Pangamaster

    2015 of adventure charter

    Looks like a great trip Alan! Happy for you guys! Love your detailed reports! I read it twice once on each site..... Because it's that good! I'll be keeping my eyes open for other Alan Tani trips!
  614. Pangamaster

    which spectra??

    I was thinking 130# also....600 yards is plenty. JB and Izor would offer the same capacity. 130# makes connecting top shots easier and you can vary from 80# - 150# Have fun!
  615. Pangamaster

    Outkast Fishing Tackle

    I think it's the industry norm once they ship the part of the order they have in stock the transaction is over. I just went through the same thing with Melton's. Minus the poor customer experience. I called them because I was wondering if I was going to randomly get the rest of my order later...
  616. Pangamaster

    White Sea Bass They have a yearly total catch area which lists the top boat and top landing. Top boat so far this year - Mirage with 111 WSB Top Landing so far this year - Channel Islands Sportfishing with 387 WSB for the year...
  617. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    Good luck Val! Being new doesn't neccessarily make someone a "That Guy!" Sometimes Newbies and their enthusiasm are the best to be around!
  618. Pangamaster

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Don't forget to put sun lotion on the day you are waiting to get on the boat. I can't tell you how many trips I left sunburned because I didn't put sun lotion on until after I had loaded the boat and got all situated. It makes it that much harder to deal with those hot summer days when your...
  619. Pangamaster

    Recommendation for a first timer check here for you NCAL day boat options. I prefer the New Huck Finn or the California Dawn. Good luck!
  620. Pangamaster

    Jack poling Tuna

    They found a way to outsource jack poling fishermen? Wow! Still better than a facking net boat but still.....
  621. Pangamaster

    Cedar plugs?

    I want one! How do I order one? 7" !
  622. Pangamaster

    My first 6 day trip

    According to the current cook. Mike Nall, Chappy has moved on ....meaning he is off surfing some where. Mike can get the job done!
  623. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    I just saw the Everingham Bros bait report for today. 4" Anchovy Is this just today or has there been Sardines in the mix? I better add another light Chovy casting rig!
  624. Pangamaster

    My first 6 day trip

    So for me.....I went through this same transition about 18 years ago. Speaking on gear the time I fished about 40 days a year....1/2 day to 3 day stuff. I was pretty good at the time and I fished mostly 30# rigs. My first 7 day on the Spirit I won farmer of the trip. I hooked so...
  625. Pangamaster


    Ha ha! Exactly! I think us Newell fanatics have yet to find a suitable replacement. The industry is focused on hardcore aluminum reels that can take a beating! No one has addressed the super light weight amazing free spool that a Newel offers. I'm bringing 10 rigs on my next 8 day. 4 will...
  626. Pangamaster

    Sea Adventure 80 Back To H&M?

    It's a sister ship to the Horizon. Used to be the dive boat Encore. I fished my first multi day trip with Scott a long time ago on the Pegasus. Like a really long time ago. Hard to believe he is still fishing. He was pretty good back in the day. Worked a couple trips with him as...
  627. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    Congrats! Glad you guys made it down there and made a decent catch. Even with all the doom and gloom over all the Hurricane activity. Looks like a nice safe and fun fishing trip!
  628. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    I think this year will be special! We are going to kill much more than red beers!
  629. Pangamaster

    Flat Fall Questions

    Great! Sounds like I can use any old jig or technique...especially those old jigs that don't normally work! Love trips like this where you don't need to over think things!
  630. Pangamaster

    Must have setups for SD fishing?

    I agree.... For pound test 3/4 - 1.5 day I like 30# rigs for 1-3.... Maybe 40# for yoyo. 15/20# for the bass rig Now if you go beyond 3 day range my line class ratings change dramatically. 30# is my go to rig for local / short range fishing.
  631. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    12 days until I wake up and drive down to San Diego. Fishing sounds like it is going to be better than ever. The catching part is even looking up. Looking forward to some good opportunities! Can't wait! For once I am all set two weeks early. All my rigs are ready and my tackle box is in order!
  632. Pangamaster

    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    Is there a franchise fee?