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  1. Vincent Torio

    Daiwa Saltiga 5000H

    Used, just back from full service with new bearings. Bearings were making noise so I shipped it out for service. Bearings were dried out. Dont use much. $750 PayPal, includes fees and shipping
  2. Vincent Torio

    Shimano Tekota 800LC

    Looking for 1 or 2 800 line counter tekota 800's
  3. Vincent Torio

    Shimano Terez 100lb to 150lb, white rod

    Used missing butt cap. 7' 4" $245 shipped
  4. Vincent Torio

    Makaira 50w sea, for Avet 50exw

    I am looking to trade my makaira sea for an Avet 50 exw. Pictures if any interest. No line included. Excellent condition
  5. Vincent Torio

    BV300, Accurate

    Used a few times spoiled with full spool of 30 lb power pro $335 shipped PayPal friends and family
  6. Vincent Torio

    Valiant, bx

    Picked these up today cant wait to try them out. First accurates for me!
  7. Vincent Torio

    Talica 25ii, shimano x's 3

    Talica 25ii with clamp as pictured. Smooth reel with light marks from use $525 plus $7.50 insurance and signature confirmation
  8. Vincent Torio

    Flush Rod Holders

    Pair of new unused angled flush mount rod holders. $35 shipped
  9. Vincent Torio

    Shimano, Torsa 20

    Ecellent reel that I was looking to trade for talica 25. Now I'm just looking to sell. I also have a penn 50 for sale in another thread. $575 shipped priority , insured, signature confirmation
  10. Vincent Torio

    Penn International 50 SW Cal Sheets

    Cal sheets blueprinted, bearing and spool shaft upgrade, dura drags, tiburon t bar handle. $400 pick up, will ship PayPal ff or add fees plus shipping Line not included
  11. Vincent Torio

    30 lb Boga Grip

    New in sealed box. Seeing if anyone may have interest in this. Weighs up to 30 lbs. $100 shipped
  12. Vincent Torio

    my ShimanoTorsa 20

    I'm looking for a talica 25 ii like new in box
  13. Vincent Torio

    Or trade, Talica 16ii

    Looking to trade for avet HXW Raptor, makaira 20 or towards a talica 25, Will sell $435
  14. Vincent Torio

    Makaira 16ii east coast tuna

    Looking at purchasing for upcoming season. It's spooled with 130 lb hollow. I'll be fishing for yellowfin up to 100 lbs. Bluefin mostly closer inshore but could go to 250 + lbs. Would I be ok with this ?
  15. Vincent Torio

    Deck boot recommendations

    I've been wearing $20 boots and it's time to get a goo pair. I'm looking at the grundens deck boss. What are you guys wearing? Any recommendations ?
  16. Vincent Torio

    Couple inexpensive rods

    Ande 6' Stand up 30 to 80 lb with aftco roller tip Star Delux 6' 6" 30 to 50 lb $80 shipped, each
  17. Vincent Torio

    Leader length for jigging yellowfin?

    Tying my own leaders for upcoming trip for yellowfin on the east coast. What is recommended lengths for jigging? What length leaders for chunking ?
  18. Vincent Torio

    FS Avet MXL 5.8 MC

    $195 shipped like new was spooled with mono for freshwater.
  19. Vincent Torio

    Gamakatzu Hooks

    2 lots of 9 packages with 6 hooks each Lot 1 6/0, 7/0 & 8/0 $35 shipped Lot 2 7/0 & 8/0 $35 shipped $65 shipped for both lots PayPal friends and family or add 3%
  20. Vincent Torio

    Abu Garcia Blue Yonder, nib

    New in box $225 shipped, priority, tracking PayPal ff Blue Yonder 7000
  21. Vincent Torio

    Fury 600

    I'm looking at the fury 600 for yellowfin tuna jigging. Would this be a good choice spooled with 65# Hollow core on the east coast?
  22. Vincent Torio

    2 Shimano TLD 15

    $155 shipped for the pair or $85 each shipped PayPal