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    Offshore Tuesday 8/18 Report- 14 miles NW of Mission Bay---Strange to say the least

    Great advice about reading the bird patterns...thanks for sharing..
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    Offshore HH to 277, plus Make your bait last longer, a lot longer

    Makes sense..I will use the 20 minutes to sabiki up some marlin Mack's near the bait barge....
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    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    A handheld mirror is part of my old school survival pack...signaled with it as sun was going down in catalina channel..Falluca, a swordfish boat, came from two miles away to assist..
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    7/12 on the Gail Force

    the depth his fingers are in it's eyeballs is about the same depth someone should have put a shoe up his ass......would love to hear the captain's side of this story....
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    Yellows at Channel

    Nice pics and memories...looks like fishing chicks have a new member!
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    Offshore Don't Forget the Balloons

    Good off to the 99 cent store for a couple of floating mylar birthday balloons.....plan to rubber band my line to one about 6' above the hook and drift it back with a live bait to the bluefin that are so fond of sounding on a boat approach....
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    Offshore Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Our forefathers in the tribe would be very proud of, show us old guys how to land a big yellowfin! Bob Ballew
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    Offshore Dominator report and an idea!!!!! Hmmmm

    Then, you should like my newest invention..a large drone that drops a mini-bomb and blows those bluefin right out of the a sardine, I say...
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    Yellows on the harbor boat-video

    Nice video...Strongly suggest a Vessel Assist membership for that size boat....2 things always happen to small boats: an engine conks out; and, it always occurs when the wind and swell is building....a cell phone can help but have the phone numbers handy for coast guard, Vessel Assist and Harbor...
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    Offshore Local Socal BFT- What has worked for El Gato Dos

    I can find, with info worth gold from this report, I just may be able to hook one of those tricky buggers!...they have fantastic eyesight...fired a shaft at one on the Cortez a few years back while spearfishing... It saw the shaft coming and instantly turned on it's side, with the...
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    Offshore Beware Oceanside City and Harbor POS

    In Long Beach, they sweep once a week...positive is streets look clean most of the time..paid 2 $45 sweeping tickets this year...I just go steal something from the City to get my money back.....once, I went and raided the free bureaucratic food at city hall on City Council nite....:)
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    Using the Current Map to find Fish

    as a spearfisherman who hunts wsb, I always work toward the head of the current on kelp beds..the bait balls up there behind the lead stringers in order to pick up small particles drifting into them while still being able to hide under the kelp from predators...the wsb and yellows come up to...
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    Pettit Epoxy Primer Protects Boats from Blisters

    It does an excellent job of keeping water out once old bubbles are ground out, the area dried out and filled won't keep bubbles away if water is already in the glass....also, boats like Uniflites have bubbles created by chemicals put in the original layup to prevent fires..this type of...
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    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    This is why I like free diving and spearfishing...just me and the sharks....until a sportboat jumps my spot and they start throwing jigs at me.....the positive side is that now, I have a nice jig collection...
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    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    Some years back, calls for police assistance rang out from all decks on the Queen Mary..seems the vets of foreign wars convention crossed paths with many sexy females also having a convention..well soaked vets were in heaven until they finally figured out it was the annual drag queen's ball......
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    Rocky Pt. Yellows 10/27/14

    My kid and two buddies worked Rocky Pt. for lobster last nite and yellows to day. Lobstering tough due to the offshore swell coming is dropping...Wed looking pretty good...they hooked into 4 yellows using macks...landed 2 of the 30 pounders....lost two near the boat...the fat lady...
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    Hog Yellows 8 miles from Long Beach

    nice son and friends fished the same area for 3 fish in the 25 lb. range...
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    Making bait in LB

    you can make bait between the bait receiver and the of today (Fri/Sat), Nacho has squid in the nets...
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    Did you know a permanent trailer Reg. expires every five years?

    Ordinarily, AAA cannot issue new registrations or a license until all posted tickets have been cleared thru DMV and/or the courts...not sure if this issue is different with different criteria.
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    Lobster Opener at the Cortez Bank and Channel Islands

    Just read your story...thanks for sharing...well written and some good object lessons, even for us old can have 1,000 lessons on the ocean and 1,001 will always be a little different and perhaps, fatal, even when a diver is prepared....You should send this in to California Diving...
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    Hey Underwater Lobster Killers!

    It might help to post a photo of the boat with more info and your experience on the ocean..bunks for 20? galley food or bring your own...location of departure..etc...lots of tubs out there and some unlicensed/uninsured skippers that pose a danger to uninformed is a long swim home...
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    Great Fishing: Monster Ling Cod on light gear!!!

    Thanks for sharing...hope this inspires the youngsters to be conservation minded...
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    Year of the lost lobster season

    Yes, southern-most lobsters taste sweeter, but....our Long Beach breakwater lobster are easier to find since they glow a nice radiation green in the dark...
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    Offshore Tribute 2.5 Labor Day - Pelagic Sponsored trip

    Thanks for a positive, detailed report on what and what not to a free diver still learning to fish correctly on H&L, I greatly appreciate the info...
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    any reports for cortez banks?

    Sept. is a good time to make a run, especially if you can go on the 2nd or 3d day of a Santa Ana wind condition...sometimes, it is flat as glass under those conditions...hopefully, water temps will go back up thru the fall...
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    any reports for cortez banks?

    bluefin, yt and big need live squid..
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    Offshore late post. It was perfect weather and good fishing but we had ou share of issues! lol

    a boy...his dog...and fish...parenting doesn't get better than that!!
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    Catalina Cold....

    and, you didn't miss much up the inside...dead water at the Isthmus with milky vis...a few yellows taken at Hen Rock and in the squid off Long Point....had daytime squid under our boat in 35' of water inside Long Point after we anchored overnite...
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    help selling my riffe speargun

    Try Craigslist/San Diego/sporting goods or luck
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    Long Beach Info

    The big bugs come off the breakwater, inside the harbor in illegal spots to dive/hoop or out on rockpiles/small reefs near the horseshoe kelp spot...
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    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    As holder of the US record for spearfishing on blues (9'2", 234 lbs. and, speared at point blank range as we charged each other), I see a couple of big problems...if a large blue, gw or muncher mako goes for you in the cage, it will fold and buckle inward due to the rope locations...once the...
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    Disappointing Trip

    My kid is a hardcore fisherman...he will stand by the bait tank all day waiting...the paddy shows and he has a bait hooked and ready..usually he is among the first with a bait in the water and gets hooked up, while most guys are still standing with a burger in their hands...loaded charter boats...
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    Any been to the 43

    Ran down Friday with flat conditions...purple blue...very few paddies..found 2 holding yt but, no dorado fishing or diving..hooked up 2 on fresh dead frozen squid..lost both when they threw the hooks..two nice 20 pounders taken on spear....metered squid on top of 43...five or six other boats...
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    Brought the Hawaiian sling to marine street

    Don't know your age, but, a sling is a very poor choice for our often limited vis coastal diving..unless you just spear perch, a free shaft will only result in lost and wasted fish...spear a 20 pound halibut or a sea bass with it and you will probably watch both, shaft and fish disappear off...
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    poke the man in the grey suit- sketchy

    Moral: never carry a .22 caliber bb gun to a .45 caliber gunfight.....been there with my .45 cal. long gun and it was still scary as hell....
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    WTB hawaiian sling

    Not really practical except in clear tropical waters...and, guaranteed to cost him a big fish sooner or later...better to buy/build him a 36 to 42" speargun rigged for that sea bass or 30 lb. halibut swimming in 10' of water...:)
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    Catalina Combo Report 7/21-22

    Followup: My more learned colleagues (and, somewhat less senile) have informed me I was on the "Twin Reefs" pinnacles, not "Twin Rocks", which is above the surface...time to hire a diver proof reader...
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    Catalina Combo Report 7/21-22

    What free divers call twin rocks is underwater and is outside the closed zones...not in a prohibited zone to my knowledge..might be within the Bird Rock zone but, under sec. 632(a)(3) CCR, the spear take of pelagic finfish such as yellowtail is permitted in some State Marine zones...but, I will...
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    Catalina Combo Report 7/21-22

    Loaded up the Parker 25 bait tank with squid from Nachos and off we went for the east end..scouted the Avalon bank for kelp paddies..found one with no one home..ran up the backside as far as Salta Verde with milky water (damn s/w swell), chop, some rain and overcast conditions..fished the spots...
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    Late Report Local Paddy Fishing 7.12.13

    not sure which I would rather face off with...a great white or a big mako...makos are so damn quick, you can't swing your gun fast enough to track one when they start playing ring around the rosie with you...we keep one guy on the boat very close by, with engine running and he never takes his...
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    Torrey Pines cluster F Bed Thread

    Hmmm, an educated man might easily mistake these posts for a lesbian bitch session..except..for all the talk about,can someone tell me where can I find a white sea bass?? I want to catch a white sea bass....
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    Cortez and Tanner Banks

    I've done primarily free diving/spearfishing runs out there...too early for bluefin..have had good luck on schools of white sea bass and yellowtail this time of year...July 4 is usually the magic number for us..We dive the pinnacles and breath hold down in the edges of the bait balls for...
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    Catalina 6-15-13

    glad to see there are still some fish inside Long Point....:)
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    Rpt-Sat-06-15-13 Catalina-a few more Ghosts!

    Thanks for the squid info...used frozen to no avail our last, there is hope...:)
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    Slow pick then quick steady pick.

    a few suggestions: drag the chum bucket a half mile to quickly get the chum line working; start the drift and throw out a ladle of chum mix from time to time..Mix: sawdust and wood shavings mixed with sand and ground up chum...the sand takes the scent downward and the shavings carry it across...
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    Fathers day fishing with my son and dad!

    ahhh, the best time of a parent's life...before girls and cars become the catch...:)
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    The Thunderbird 6/7

    Hmmm, seems like, at the start; some description of the exact problems encountered would have solved this whole issue for everyone...tough business to be in and tougher to find a good crew..but, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?? maybe they are all on welfare....
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    wsb wide open Wed 05-29

    Thanks for sharing your neat pics and story...heading over Sun-Tue after the crowd leaves for home...will fish plus speargunning it (if plump body still fits into wetsuit)..will post results on return..
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    Where has the etiquette gone?

    Hmmm, you boys should try free diving to meet the real primates...can't count how many times I have had my dive flag up while working a kelp strip and having boats run thru the kelp over me or run thru the 20' wide open spot between my boat and the kelp...there is nothing like being down on a...
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    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    Hmmm, all of us gain knowledge on what not to do, from making mistakes...once you know the extent and cost of damages, suggest immediately sending him a demand letter certified mail if you want a refund and give him 10 days to reply...detail the issues..(2002 not a 2006, etc) so you have...
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    WON / Yamaha White Seabass Tourney Updates

    Thank for the detailed report...time to head west....:)
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    You boys "breke" me up!!! Should get even better when the wsb show.....
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    finding white sea bass

    ...A few other tips: you will need some type of floatation attached to the gun or your weight belt to clip onto the gun or line..a balloon type Co2 cartridge setup works well..the reason is: once you let go of your gun to raise a fish, the current can suck the gun under and if you lose sight of...
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    How to fish a feather for barracua?

    short piece of dowl with eyes in each end or round cork bobber to drag ahead of feather to create surface great under birds on bait schools being chased to surface....
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    finding white sea bass

    You will see them if you spend enough time in kelp beds searching..the problem is whether you are prepared with the proper gear so the fish won't rip off and be wasted...they run 100 to 200 feet usually, then, give will need a longer gun with range and a reel or float line so the fish...
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    Can't Ask for Much More!!! Mothers Day Session!!!

    nice start for the season!..keep us posted....
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    Imagine staying down for 20 minutes, with out a tank

    hmm, very interesting possibilities for us oldsters...a combo of oxygen and viagra..viola! bigger fish and a new 18 year old happy wife.....
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    here we go...

    just finished taking apart a big Rupp outrigger to make a center rigger on my Parker 25', a plastic Channel Islands covie trolled way back for those shy bluefin and albies...
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    Lost Speargun at Marine St

    might try posting some signs on site offering, "Reward- no questions asked"...may be locals who took it....
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    Coastal Halibut Diving-101

    ...Flatties are moving up shallow all along the coast to spawn..coupled with a good grunion run May 10-13th and May 25-28th, now is a good time to plan a filet run...My experience is that a day or two before a scheduled run, the grunion gather out in slightly deeper water prior to going ashore...
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    Who do you go through for Boat Insurance?

    Can only relate my experience with bids...I went with Trafalgar Marine Insurance Services in Newport Beach...they outbid AAA, Boat US and several others for insurance coverage on my 2003 25' Parker and trailer...they placed me with Arrowhead General Insurance Agency for $516, same price as last...
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    New (kind of) from Queerboard

    C-Goat must have hung around us old school guys as a youth..I offered to meet face to face with a couple of my harassers on Spearboard via takers...sad, when the twerps can hide behind a keyboard and aren't man enough to spew their vindictiveness in person..since I am getting too old...
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    Short report front

    a good report...when there are cudas, there are also wsb...:P
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    New (kind of) from Queerboard

    Nothing wrong with having a strong opinion...but.....try stating it without attacking other people and you may find you have supporters rather than detractors....but, what do I know, I have only been diving for 50 years....:) p.s. I quit sharing my knowledge on spearboard because of the young...
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    Nice fish...hmm, nice boat...telling people is a mixed bag..some will appreciate it and some don't care...but, the world is a better place when people get involved...
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    New (kind of) from Queerboard

    guys get banned from Spearboard for being complete assholes and posting negative stuff is one thing to have a is quite another to attack people constantly to build an immature ego and show how ignorant you are.....these boards are for sharing positive info about a...
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    Spearfishing 72nd jetty longbeach?

    Usually pretty dirty bet is to dive it just before peak high tide. early has wind and bottom gets stirred up...halibut hang about 10' off the rocks on the north side..better vis out at the breakwater if you have a kayak or inflatable..
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    Sea Hitchhiking

    If nothing turns up, you might consider taking the Catalina Express over, leaving the canoe behind (or, call them and ask if they will take it at an extra charge if they have a light load of passengers). You can catch the 9 am out of San Pedro to 2 Harbors..might be able to rent a double kayak...
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    Tuna spearfishing in Mexico

    Real spearfishermen know better than to hunt tuna at Guad in late summer..been there, done that....:( actually, the island locals say February is the best time to see great whites at Guadalupe...that is when the seals and sea lions pup...great, get us some from Clarion!..:)
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    3-15-2013 Overnite on the El Dorado

    It is great to hear the ElDorado is back in action kid got his sealegs as a deckhand on this boat and is now up at Cal Maritime going for the big ticket....has job offers and hasn't even graduated yet....thanks to the mentoring he received from the skippers on the ElDorado!!
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    Epoxy help

    with teak guns, we often just rub teak oil in, let it soak a few days and it seems to work fine for protecting the gun...epoxy questions might be better answered for you on Spearboard..CA section..I don't like shiny finishes on guns...the reflection in sunlit water can spook gamefish or attract...
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    Helgrens Sea Trek can't find there own fish

    Hmmm, you boys should all be in a free diver/spearfisherman's shoes, er, fins, in the summertime. That's when a sportboat will pull up on top of the kelp bed you are diving and allow the hook and liners to throw iron at you. I have a pretty good collection of Tadys and Salas iron I have cut...
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    Finding market squid for bait

    another little trick many fishermen don't know is to look along the shoreline for blue colored seagull droppings on the rocks...this indicates the gulls are eating surface squid, usually, just outside of the spot the droppings appear...if you make squid there, this same area can frequently be a...
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    Finding market squid for bait

    Depends on the brand of fish finder you have...on a color Furuno like I have, squid show up as blue snow flakes when up off the bottom and lumps of blue when nests are on the need to watch the squid reports in WON or here, go out to the grounds and cruise slowly over them until you...
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    Offshore/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 2/13

    A right-on report...water off Newport Beach was flat today with little wind...the beach sight seeing was fantastic as all the trophy wives were there...guess I will stay retired here!! A free diver reported seeing a nice wsb just south of the harbor entrance in the kelp..
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    Catalina Mooring and Hotel

    Bob, here are a couple of sites with good (has cam clickon so you can see how full the harbor is);; and time of year, some hotels offer 3 nites for the price of two mid-week..definately take in...
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    Offshore ORCA'S on the Fishfinder !

    Mid Catalina channel once running my commercial ab boat solo..saw what looked like fat tuna jumping ahead..ran in ready to jump in naked with a speargun for a fast shot..then, saw it was seals jumping like crazy..suddenly a pod of 8 broke the surface, herding the seals ..the orcas lined up in a...
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    Offshore 0 on Ridge but Big Catalina Yellowtail

    If Bill wasn't built like a fireplug, the fish would look even bigger....:)
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    Offshore Wow... Nothing???

    we had the same results Sat/Sun....had to go back up to Catalina and pick off a few big yellowtail...understand the Toranado ran out to Cortez for only some yellowtail and rockfish with no bluefin...interesting season...tho' not over till' the fat lady sings...
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    Offshore 0 on Ridge but Big Catalina Yellowtail

    Sat/Sun...Cruised in the dark down to the 277 from Long Beach..ran long for a half day for 0 a desert out there...turned north in flat calm cobalt blue water and suddenly had 4 battlewagons coming down on top us from different directions...??? whazup? then, a marlin came up on the...
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    Offshore Offshore Weather Update 9/19/2012

    hmmm, time to head west beyond SCI on the Parker25..departing Fri nite thru Sunday...will post results Sunday nite..
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    Offshore Offshore Weather Update 9/5/2012

    Mon/tue it shall be on our 25' Parker...:) Thanks for all the effort and sharing...
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    Offshore Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    I can certainly understand the a free diver, ex-commercial ab diver and h&l fisherman for a half century, I have been on both sides of the receiving end...from a charter boat allowing rod guys to throw iron at me to chase me off a small kelp bed I was on long before they pulled up, to...
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    new seaforth produces...

    Hmmm, does this mean I have a problem??? I understood every word he said.....
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    farmers v.s joey trouters

    stay out of my Blackstone merlot....
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    CA Gas Tax Refund $ for Boat Fuel purchases

    ...Reminder to new boat owners or forgetful old are entitled to a cash refund from the state for boat fuel used on water and not on state highways...go to: on "Public Services" tab and go to Gas Tax Refund... ....two forms need to be mailed plus keep your...
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    Catalina shore

    the seaward side of the incoming boat pier is good at evening or early am...also, you can walk out past Lovers Cove to Ring Rock point and cast plastics on the kelp stringers just offshore for calicos..have taken a couple of seabass there right at the point as it comes into Avalon bay...inside...
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    NEED HELP I want to start spear fishing. NEED HELP!

    Billy...suggest you go over to ...California section and introduce all the posts to learn from experienced divers, hook up with an experienced diver to avoid some of the dangers and go for it...good luck.. and, always remember....there are no stupid questions...
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    Halibut spearing from Carlsbad to Del Mar

    anywhere sand bottom hits against rock bottom areas...look for bait..then, start looking for pockets between rocks and kelp strands lying across the bottom..go early before the sun lights up the bottom..better chance of spotting one before they bury to hide from predators..."find the food...
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    Nice Palos Verdes Halibut

    nice pic and story...grunion run June 19 thru 22nd!..I like the 3rd and 4th day of a run, when the flatties are shallow, full of food and too lazy to bury in the sand...:)
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    Seadoo for diving?

    just make sure you take a cell phone, signal mirror and flare gun in case of a breakdown...nights in the cargo boat channel can be long and scary.....
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    I broke two of my 10 Commandments of Fishing Etiquette in one shot...

    Some days, You just have to say to hell with, "Can't we all just get along"?... was free diving a small kelp bed at Catalina once when a sport charter captain pulled up along side and let his customers throw jigs at me..cut several off for trophies..then, one stuck me in the arm, which pissed...
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    Run over by a boat by Salt Creek

    Glad to hear no appendages are missing...nothing like the high pitched whine of engines getting louder and louder as you reach the limit of your breathhold ability...have been run over 4 or 5 times at Catalina..once, a kid in an aluminum skiff rammed my head while I was floating on the surface...
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    Fishin for Butts in the Surf

    Both tides will produce, but, I find a high brings in clear water, making it easier for a fish to spot the swimming lure and do a reaction strike from several feet away..lows are usually dirty outflow water and limited vis for the fish to see the lure...lows also require a longer casting...
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    Fishin for Butts in the Surf

    A free diver's take on shallow water halibut...a day or two before the grunion run, they start congregating out in 30' or so depths under the gathering grunion..I like to dive shallow the 3rd or 4th day into the run, as they are in shallow feeding or digesting the nite's catch, and will lie in...
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    Offshore Whats Down Deeep

    Several old time commercial fishermen swear there are spots out there in the deep that hold jumbo size halibut...and there are oarfish up to 55' in length..caught a baby one by hand off Long Point while spearfishing once and a 15'er swam into Fishermen's Cove by the Isthmus a few years...
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    lost my truck/trailer

    a down day for sure..the positive is no one was hurt or killed..keeping life in perspective, it was a good day, especially if you don't have to go to court to fight a lawsuit that could drag on for years...Thanks for sharing and reminding us to double check everything...
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    Divers plus Ship Rock = Seabass

    Postscript: as I understand it from a local islander, the west end kelp on Bird Rock is outside the boundary, as is Ship Rock, so, fishermen and divers can take fish at those locations..might want to confirm my info first, as I haven't plotted the gps coordinates yet...
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    Catalina this weekend can't catch a fish on your computer...:)
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    need some help!

    If you don't have live bait, try trolling or casting some chrome Krocodile jigs for they said, the swells and wind can come up suddenly..always have a life jacket and cell phone in a waterproof case with you..lots of ways to get into trouble, especially in the afternoon when the...
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    Divers plus Ship Rock = Seabass

    ...Ran our 25' Parker over to Catallina Mon/Wed for some free diving...backside vis wiped out by south swell but, fishable with 5 or 6 boats strung out along east spots..worked our way up the island with milky vis..Avalon dead and no shoreboat after 7 pm??.. ...Tue evening, we dove several spots...
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    Local White Sea Bass

    Thanks for sharing..time to buy some bait and invest in some fuel...
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    RE: great white at La Jolla

    was drinking coffee while reading the red shirt, it's all over my desk calendar....:)...moral: don't dive where there are seals, as I learned at Church Rock when a 15'er almost got me while spearfishing....I am now a dedicated kelp bed lover!
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    Great White (probably) report/attack

    bite marks and spacing look to be about a 12 footer...hope she was doing a standup paddle routine....yum yum yellow paddleboard?
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    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    nice catch...but, a very probable dead fish once they are handled that way....:(
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    squid at the island?

    guys forget that squid have a short life span and die off anyway.....
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    I love launch ramps

    was wondering where my wife went?? but, who is the other guy? more important...did they catch anything?
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    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    I am in for 10 3' halibut.....
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    squid at the island?

    a few at the west west cove...good luck
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    New to this

    not a good way to start out....we aren't going to send you out to a big fish spot if all you have is a polespear and no experience...suggest you introduce yourself first, your age, and provide a little info on your level of experience and exactly what type of fish you want to go
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    Yak Fishing out of Newport

    nice catch and some good exercise....where do you fellows suggest launching from to go out? just bought a Prowler 13.....
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    Albacore Research Results

    I run a torpedo weight on a 15' nylon line with 3' of mono...for two reasons: it gets the lure down below the whitewater from my twin props so the fish can see them and trolling close to the boat brings fish up into the pattern fine on Southern Cal albies..for some reason, my...
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    Best Overall Pilothouse

    Pilothouse title was confusing..thought you were talking about the house design..not the boat..have owned Radon and the forward leaning cabins for the extra space above ...for our standard n/w swells in CA, you can't beat the Davis/Radon hull design for coming home in the afternoon...
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    What kind of boat would u buy for less than 20k with these criteria..

    and old hull from an auction...and a BRAND NEW 250 h.p. outboard engine!....If you don't want to spend all your fishing time making repairs on an old rig that someone is selling cheap...
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    Tax Bill From San Diego Treasurer

    tip: appeal tax on boat..schedule date with their appraiser...appraiser shows up with engine parts laying all over the place (yearly maintainence accidentally taking place at same time)...complained loudly about all the things that needed repaired and tax bill on my 38'er dropped...
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    Offshore 1/27 at the Lasuen Knoll

    Neat in water video....can't help with threshers but, can direct you to area of 18' gw that would make a top ten hand feeding video...:)
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    HB inside spots 1-28-12

    Lucky man!..was drydocked today but walked the new Headlands nature trail at Dana Point with wife..could see SCI, Catalina ridges and gullys and SBI clearly....we still live in paradise.....great hike and fantastic ocean views, if you like to walk for exercise..
  118. B

    Cageless Great White Dive Video @ Lupe

    There is a very thin line between adventure and stupidity....lost one of my dive partners to a great white there and almost got taken out by one at Church Rock, Catalina island...made it inside a kelp bed just as the shark surfaced after following me up...fifteen plus dove...
  119. B


    We constantly find from dive gear dumped by a diver who drowned at Ribbon Rock the week before, to fishing lures in the kelp stalks...dive knives, dive lights, etc...even anchors and rope..funniest thing I came across was sex toys at Cat Harbor from a swingers yacht that sank on it's...
  120. B

    Is Ship Rock, Catalina inside the MPA Zone?

    Can't tell from the poor maps I have access to...looks like Bird is ancient history but wondering about spearfishing at Ship Rock?
  121. B

    1/16/2012 San Pedro Report

    obvious typo...since everyone is aware the law only permits two hooks...
  122. B

    AS Good As it gets

    nice skippering...and good advice....
  123. B


    4 posts and a self ordained expert...:)..I will have to take him free diving and show him how "real men" do rods for us!
  124. B

    Warning MDR parking ramp

    Also, the damn gate at Davies is so quiet, you may pay twice before realizing the visa worked quickly and you can go...:)
  125. B

    LA Harbor (pre-work session)

    nice setup...well organized..looks very efficient and compact! Thanks for sharing..
  126. B

    10/31/11 Popped a few boners

    Thanks for the lure lure to add to my Christmas list!!...:)
  127. B

    5 out of 6 Legal Bugs prefer Mackeral over getting head:

    pics gave me a good laugh...flashbacks to when my son was that age..some Snickerdoodles and he will be good as new!....:)
  128. B

    Catalina: Spear Tournament & Found Hoop

    You found it or lost it?...the one I found was at the very west end...
  129. B

    Catalina: Spear Tournament & Found Hoop

    negative...the pull rope on this one was bright red...
  130. B

    Catalina: Spear Tournament & Found Hoop

    Ran over in heavy fog Friday pm to compete in the L.B. Neptunes Fall Classic spearfishing competition...very glad to have a gps/radar combo on board...dove the meet Saturday with good vis in many spots, lots of bait around and no sightings of pelegic fish from the Isthmus to the West end and...
  131. B

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    If you haven't tried night time fishing for the big Humbolt squid, it is lots of fun and a great way to give the kids an adventure to remember...Counts las night were: Dana; 1,803; LB Berth 55: 1,000; LB Marina: 1420; 22nd St.: 2,180; Redondo: 905...other good news: the small market squid are...
  132. B

    Giant Squid

    Watched several fishermen on the Newport Pier this morning (18th St) using pink/white MegaBaits to hook Humbolts..they had 8 or 9 in a pile on deck...diver said he saw dead Humbolts around him in the surf line at of them inside Dana Point harbor today..also saw a seal on the beach...
  133. B

    30 Chinook Salmon on the Pursuit?

    Same report was in the Long Beach Press Telegram fish report, I am inspired!
  134. B

    First report: Long Beach to Balboa

    Where can I find a big halibut? I want a big halibut...
  135. B

    LA river

    carp, goldfish escapees (Nemo), 2-headed catfish and d.b. munchers..
  136. B

    South Bay

    any day on the water with your children is a fine day...
  137. B

    30lb. YT SCI

    Nice pics and story...also, nice aim on those center shots...:)
  138. B

    Diving off a partyboat!

    my buddy was sitting on my gunnel enroute to Catalina ..lost his police badge and leather holder overboard..figured it went to the bottom..2 weeks later, the Newport Beach lifeguards called hm to come and pick up his badge...lady found it on the tideline while walking along looking for...
  139. B

    need to find a brokerage

    Long Beach Yacht Sales does pretty good business..their locations get lots of passerby seeing the boats, both on the water and on trailers...seem pretty honest in my dealings with them searching for a repo...
  140. B

    Late report from Freedom 8/26

    Thanks for the, I just need a SCI yellowtail on this Wednesday's trip...:P
  141. B

    First time with Ethenol E10 issues, Yamaha F150

    Also, changing the main filter every 50 hours is recommended with the solid filter non-viewable setup...only problem with the clear view filter is the drain knob on some of them...sometimes it develops an air leak and drives people crazy trying to figure out why the engine isn't getting power...
  142. B


    you have to go north or south a ways out of the bay..real high tide changes there, so, don't leave your wetsuit drying close to the water overnight...might try going over to section and ask for info from guys who have been down there recently..
  143. B

    Offshore Big Mako

    In the ocean, you are either a predator or a pork chop...I prefer not to be the pork original Ballew useless platitude
  144. B

    Offshore Big Mako

    speaking as a free diver, I don't think I will miss it......
  145. B

    How would you feel?

    Like two sides to a coin, there are 2 sides to a story and often, the truth lies in between...hope it works out ok for both sides..we need unity, not division...
  146. B

    Anyone have any rogue wave stories?

    while commercial diving abs on the backside of San Clemente Island, my 24' Radon was hit in a cove while I was underwater...lifted the boat, pulled the anchor and took the boat up inside the cove 400' into the shallows..dragged me across the bottom about 50' on my hookah hose..interesting part...
  147. B

    Yamaha Outboards and AM/PM Gas?

    I was advised to use high octane gas in the Yamaha motors..confusing, is what additives to put in the gas station stuff, as there are numerous opinions on what brands actually help reduce ethanol related problems..have been adding ValvTeck at each gas station fillup..not sure if I need...
  148. B

    How would you feel?

    Get your ducks in order for the final round...send a certified demand letter for any refunds due you, give him 5 days to respond and advise him that your attorney will handle any further problems if he fails to correct the situation..first step needed to file a claims action in court..that...
  149. B

    Yamaha Outboards and AM/PM Gas?

    Bought a 25' Parker with 2003 4 cycle outboards..Arco gas is 26 cents a gallon cheaper than the Chevron station...any negatives to using Arco gas over Chevron? Thanks for any advice..had diesels before, so, now I start the learning curve all over again...
  150. B

    Attn: ALL pro Island hoppers - Where are the bonies biting at Cat?

    You can usually get them trolling a feather from out front of Avalon, past the sea-doo barge and up to Long Point...
  151. B

    Pacific Queen 2 Day to Catalina - June 25 & 26

    The grin tells it all...a father/son trip to remember for years to come....
  152. B

    C.G. DUI Checkpoints the 4th...

    Beware mixing alcohol and fishing over the 4th..Coast Guard is setting up to do checks on fishermen, divers, sightseers....08 percent while operating a boat will cost you big time...and, make sure your four flares are current and floating gear is readily at hand..not good enough to have it, but...
  153. B

    Thief in Dana Point harbor

    the local dopers have been stealing gear off boats by the ramp and stored boats, for the past year....guys walk away to grab a sandwich and 15 minutes later, they come back to find stuff missing..theft was going on, even when the economy was good...
  154. B

    Plan B = FAIL

    Don't feel bad,..... my son, the deckhand, took our 25' Parker over last night, brailed squid and fished the grounds all night and half the day for nada...then, after running out all my gas, the kid didn't even bring me any squid for bait....:(
  155. B

    Drive to Catalina

    The problem occurs when you get into heavy fog with 15' vis..scary as hell trying to watch for ships coming down on you plus finding your way into a cove when you can't see the rocky shoreline from 50' away...once you do that, you will: 1) instantly invest in radar or 2) never make night runs...
  156. B

    06.17.11 - 16.19.11 Pacific Star - White Sea Bass

    Thanks for the detailed story and great pics...almost as good as being there!....leaving to fuel up the Parker now....:)
  157. B

    Any Reputable Trailer Repair Shops near Long Beach?

    Thanks everyone..spent 8 hours on it...time to let the pros do their magic...:)
  158. B

    Any Reputable Trailer Repair Shops near Long Beach?

    Just bought a used 25' Parker pilothouse and dual axle Pacific trailer.. trailer brakes lock up when in reverse...any recommendations for reputable shops in Long Beach vicinity or L.A.? Thanks
  159. B

    Offshore Does anyone fish the 60 mi bank for Rockcod?

    On Bloodydecks, you are either a redneck or a prima donna...YOU cannot be both!!
  160. B

    Cat Food = Fish Food = Chum ???!!!

    When making chum mix, I throw in some sand to carry the scent down and some sawdust to carry it on the well on sharks also..
  161. B

    Catalina spring break trip this sat-tues

    Kevin, you can fish off the outside concrete pier where the boats come in (make sure you have your fishing license...sheriff's checks the pier frequently...kelp goes out about 20'..some good calicos there...evening is best after the boats depart...if road is open,you can walk around Lovers Cove...
  162. B

    Marina Del Rey or Cabrillo Beach

    I have launched at all but MDR...personally, I think it would be worth the gas to launch at Davies ramp (2nd/PCH) at Studebaker Rd from 405 frwy...good ramp, patrolled constantly, good parking, Albertsons 1/2 block, Hof's...same distance...less chance of theft, 20 min. to outside...
  163. B

    coffee maker for 25 skipjack fisherman?

    hot water, french press AND filtered water with no chlorine in it..then, buy some fresh roasted beans and grind them cup you can get...good coffee making is a science....three cups and your wife will move to another bunk.....:)
  164. B

    Boat loan?

    best bet is to join a local credit union...usually better rates than banks and s&l's.....many offer used boat loans at about 6 1/2 low as 5 percent on new purchases with 20 percent down...
  165. B

    Vessel-property assessment ?

    yes, the state collects yearly personal property tax on all registered boats.....also, if you rent a slip, you usually have to pay property tax on the sand under the freebies from the good state of Calle-forn-ya....
  166. B

    Defiance pilothouse vs. parker pilothouse

    Looked at both at Fred Hall Show...thought the Parker had better fit and finish...then, got on board a Davis Rock Harbor..higher sides and higher bow rail plus good finish had me drooling....lots of years of on water experience went into the space layout on the Davis...even had a rod holder in...
  167. B


    Catalina is about the limit on that size boat...once you get in some 10' waves with high wind catching you in mid-channel, you will understand what it is all about...good vhf radio and antenna plus vessel Assist are a must for small is short enough without taking chances..good idea...
  168. B

    LBC Slip cost?

    Alamitos Bay Marina office in Long Beach might have dry storage lot is fenced and up to 23' to the waterski/boat racing bay ...about a 5 minute drive to Davies launch ramp next to the 2nd Street bridge just off Pac Coast Hwy...restaurants and groc store...
  169. B

    White shark tagged...with unintended result

    hmmm, for us free divers, that only leaves 299 to watch out for....
  170. B

    Tsunami Damage in Cat Harbor March 11, 2011

    Cat Harbor is on the backside of Catalina Island at Two Harbors...about a 3/4 mile walk from the front to the back of the island..neat harbor to stay to stay on a mooring if you don't know the area..
  171. B

    Offshore Has anyone fished Cortez or Tanner recently?

    Hope you don't plan on taking your 21'er out there....? not the time of year to be risking your life when one of the non-forecast blows suddenly occurs....I have been in 15' stuff that wasn't on the radar.....:(
  172. B

    Mantis Shrimp Mayhem

    but, but,......where is the mangled finger photo?
  173. B

    Tsunami Damage in Cat Harbor March 11, 2011

    looks worse than it was...only dinghies were turned problems for larger boats in harbor...Harbor Patrol boat did have trouble going out against the current tho'...
  174. B

    Alaskan Fishing Lodge Recommendations

    tides are a critical part of timing..might want to go to the Alaska F&G site to check tides (less flow, the better) and look at the predicted fish run calendar dates for different may start runs earlier than August..
  175. B

    Juneau Boys..Parker up for Auction!

    Would bid myself if I had the time to tow it to CA..:) check out: in the boat catagory..$7,000 bid so far..looks like the 25'er..
  176. B

    33 inch/18 pound halibut off marina del rey!!!!

    ignore those guys..everyone knows that Bloodydecks fishermen measure all fish with the mouth open and add another 10 percent for shrinkage....
  177. B

    Any 35' Albins around?

    Every owner who has posted about their Albin seem to love them....I have been researching the 28 tournament express (TE)...early 2000 Yanmar 300 and 315 engines had some valve guide problems and involved a recall...for some good info, go to and in...
  178. B

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    Hmm, I have ran out of people to insult over on Spearboard..can I come over to the redneck side for awhile?..My bowl of fresh popcorn is ready...NEXT!
  179. B


    It could be could be stuck in traffic down here in Call-e-fornya with all the near sighted Asian drivers and cell phone texting tweekers....:)
  180. B

    $10 saved, $40,000 lost!

    Hope he still gave you the 10 percent tip from the $40,000....:)
  181. B

    Offshore Fish Finder Question

    As suggested, the 582L is a good color fishfinder...sold new back then for $, you can find them for $400 or so...go to a thru-hull bronze tranducer and your readings will improve...upgrade the transducer (made by Airmar) and it will be a great unit...I upgraded mine to a B256 ducer and...
  182. B

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    imagine what it is like for us free divers when we have a dive flag up, our boat is 20' away and the same idiots run thru the middle of the kelp bed at high speed...I have watched props go over my head on more than one occasion while coming up for air.....:(
  183. B

    Good Yanmar Mechanic for Engine Survey??

    Have first dibs on a repo..Need a good diesel mechanic with computer to plug into a 2001 300 hp diesel to determine condition and hours...Thanks for any recommendations you can provide..Long Beach area..
  184. B

    gluing spear points

    I hope you are glue made will hold a metal prong in either have to weld or solder it...don't lose and waste a good fish with crappy gear..or, open your wallet and buy a new prong...3 prongs are ok on a polespear..get a flat 5-prong for spearguns... if you really want to...
  185. B

    Catalina INFO

    some sites to answer your questions:;;; and $4 a head one way on shoreboat...better to take inflatable if you plan to stay 3 or 4 days...tough to find mooring in July and...
  186. B

    25' farallon Saturday , July 31, 2010 - Pomona Fairpl

    Followup: It sold for about $12,700 plus 15 percent auctioneer's fee plus sales tax plus $55 release could have had it for a little over $15,000...fair not great one is $63,000 base without engine...sometimes, you can do better direct from a private owner....I quit when it...
  187. B

    25' farallon Saturday , July 31, 2010 - Pomona Fairpl

    pics looked good, so, I drove out to Pomona today and looked at it just to see if it was worth bidding on...pretty rough layup on the glass back in the old days...the glass cabin door looked like a 12 year old had made it...:(...some deck rot as they used plywood back then..wood stringers may...
  188. B

    38' Twin Diesel Uniflite-$10,000

    This is a 1979 Coastal Cruiser with the big side glass windows and flying bridge. It is a project boat with Volvo TMD40 diesels with 1500 original hours. One engine runs fine and one needs replaced or rebuilt. The hull is sound and was redone with epoxy barrier coat prior to coating with...
  189. B

    Dumb dumb: lost nets again!!!

    consider pouring a disc of concrete mix onto the bottom netting...or tie on a brick or two...I put extra weight on all my hoops, as the floats and current combo will lift them off the bottom when a stiff current is present....
  190. B

    Lobster Opener

    You boys are light weights!...back east in the current lobster wars, they are sinking each others boats in a dispute over territory...primate man is alive and well...Like my friend, Mike, says, "Can't we all just get along?" Do like I do, skip the opening night and go out a few days later when...
  191. B

    oside flatty!

    shooting halibut with a sling is a bad idea unless you have a line attached to the shaft..all you are going to do is lose a big one one day and your shaft with it..very powerful fish when they start thrashing around...even with a speargun, you need to pin them to the sand and hang on..they will...
  192. B

    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    the fish count kids don't deserve any hassle...the stats they collect help F&G determine the health of the various fisheries...they have been doing it for years and I have never heard of the stats being used against fishermen in any way....
  193. B

    Offshore Mammals = Tuna 9-20-09 and Customs Info

    take a boring job for the most part...add multiple big horse engines and you can have a fun day running 80mph on taxpayer paid fuel.....a perk of the job....:)
  194. B

    Lost Spear and leapord.

    post your info on spearboard in the CA (Riffe) section titled lost and found...a new post area for lost gear...
  195. B

    Offshore 9\12 371 Full speed fishing

    great pics and story...what kind of camera?....:)
  196. B

    weather sucked...

    Avalon patrol guys get stressed out by the end of August...lots of weekend warriors to deal with who expect to just tie up inside immediately and let loose with profanities when they find out it will take a day or two to get inside the harbor....there is nothing like spending overnight on an...
  197. B

    Offshore 8/22/09: 425, 302. Bad judgment. No fish.

    Thanks for the reminder....positive side is your boy liked Mr. Toad's wild ride rather than being in the cabin seasick....:)
  198. B

    Offshore Yellowtail in the box, and my "Issues"

    Hmmm, sounds like a good day to me.....more fish have been caught on Penn 4/0's and Jigmasters than any of the new is the fisherman, not the gear that makes the catch....:)
  199. B

    how to stay down?

    you don't want to sink like a rock...weigh yourself just enough to be neutral at a depth you are comfortable cruising along at...ex. I cruise at 30 to 35' looking for gamefish while spearfishing and am neutral at that depth...when I go deeper, I will sink faster which becomes non-productive...
  200. B

    catalina transport

    if you are a Costco member, you can get a discount cash card for Catalina Express: $100 value for $80..just don't forget to activate it at the front desk before leaving store...the Express is the best way to go for non-boat owners...put your gear on an "L" shaped cart, cover your spear tips...
  201. B

    The Mighty Mako

    what? you mean that I read all this....and, there is NO secret spot???
  202. B


    diving inside kelp beds is very safe...larger sharks usually won't go inside kelp areas...most divers never see a large shark in their lifetime...
  203. B

    Dodo and YT but need help

    at least the line didn't get stuck around you a few wraps...a 35 can take you down a ways...I shortlined a 55 pounder once and it took me down 30' before I could let go of the line....I was at 40' when I shot it off Lionhead point...why did the line jam in the reel?...unusual unless you let a...
  204. B

    Deadliest Catch Comes to the Flats

    nice report and a reminder that a good bucket in the hands of a fast bailing captain has saved many a boat...
  205. B

    Offshore 7 30 Fish Report

    his smile tells the story...a real Father's Day on the water!
  206. B

    Offshore fishin report for 181 182 7/29/08

    no need to photoshop a shark into the pic...lots of makos and blues on the paddies.... should be some very interesting encounters this year for divers....but, it all makes for some great epic bluewater adventures....thanks for posting the info..
  207. B

    looking for info...old capt of the City of LB

    last I talked to him, he was rigging up a boat he bought to charter..
  208. B

    great fish & hot chicks!!

    I am surrounded by hot chicks...I wanna see a fish pic.....
  209. B

    Legend vs. Eldorado

    Dave on the ElDorado makes a mean breakfast burrito...the captain will go the extra mile and put in the time to find fish....the deck hands do a good job of fileting fish and aren't fishing when they should be gaffing or untangling lines...just my vote....
  210. B

    MONSTER YELLOW!! SCI on the ELDORADO 6/7. killed sum yellows, hooked a thresher

    first pic shows an easy son, Billy, is the lead deckhand and is holding the gaff...Billy is 5' 11" tall at age 19 and very stocky (230 lbs)...the fisherkid dwarfs him and probably weighs 250 plus....all my Cedros yellows were always long and a little on the skinny side...just my...
  211. B

    best truck for towing

    None of the 2009 model 2500 models rate thinks reliablity should be the first consideration followed by towing ability...consider a city fleet auction for an older model truck with low hours..I picked up a City of Long Beach fleet truck (2500 dually with camper shell, 61,000 miles and...
  212. B

    Looking for a pair of used DIESELS...

    suggest staying away from used Volvo diesels...unless you like spending $1800 just for a new oil cooler...Cummins, John Deere and Yanmar would be my choices...with Cummins over Yanmar due to less parts to replace, lesser cost for parts and easier to work on..some of the Cummins engines can be...
  213. B

    Local Halibut

    That's a big'un in my book....:P
  214. B

    Eldorado - Saturday June 6 - Monster Halibut at SCI

    Thanks for the story and pics...Billy doesn't want dear old dad to post on their trips...of course, he is still ticked at me for losing a yellow and a wsb under the boat last week after they worked so hard to put us on fish....:)
  215. B

    Spear gun help

    even the pros haven't solved all your questions....:) spearboard as on Riffe logo for California need to hook up with an experienced spearfisherman to guide you in the right direction..
  216. B

    Halibut: Help Make the call

    easy....if you value: longivity of marriage; hers, sex; alimony; hers....:)
  217. B

    PACIFIC QUEST 2 day to SCI & CAT.

    nice story and pics of the eagle were a treat....what an island...we are really lucky to live in fishing paradise....
  218. B

    Long Beach(wall or other) or OC Diving

    you might have better luck on free divers there with a few scuba...
  219. B

    no, you just need a name and password..might take them a day to enter you...
  220. B

    Hoop net Puller

    looks like the perfect for kayak hooping...thanks for sharing!
  221. B


    I used to just throw live ones in the bathtub with no water overnight..they stayed alive with no way is to twist tails, use antenna to remove colon tube and freeze tail immediately or put in deterioration to worry about...
  222. B

    Offshore Tuna and the mammals!

    Hmmmm, you boys let a new world spearfishing record get away...guess we will have to demote you to Jr. Frogman status....
  223. B

    ! ! ! ! STOLEN KAYAKS ! ! !

    sounds like it is time to start asking for drivers licenses and writing down lic plate vehicle rental...
  224. B

    Should have stayed home: One $1,000 Calico

    wow, sounds like you went from stage 1 (buying a bigger boat) to stage 6 (the fish are here, I don't care, wonder how much will it sell for).....(stage 7: I don't care what it goes for..just sell the damn thing).....:)
  225. B

    Offshore OOOOOOPAH!!!!

    nice going...have pops check out whether it is a kids division U.S. record....
  226. B

    Offshore FISH!! 8/13

    nice pics but a wasted report with no story to help out the guys who still need to find a fish...
  227. B

    Offshore 8/9 dodo 182/226 area & warning

    looks like her smile canceled out the green feeling...:)
  228. B

    Offshore 302-371-Islands

    Assholes with attitudes are a dime a dozen..unfortunately, they inhabit these sites like fleas.......................:)
  229. B


    Without knowing what kind of gear and experience you have, it is tough to help...any of the outer reefs will hold fish: Bird Rock, Ship, Isthmus Reef (watch out for the hump in the middle,it will take out your prop on low tide), Eagle Reef and the kelp beds and points west of the Isthmus....wear...
  230. B

    Offshore Offshore near SBI July 4th

    nice catch and nice boat..Is the boat's deep v sufficient for offshore? was wondering how they handle in offshore conditions? Looked them over at the Fred Hall Show and the price seem excellent for size of boat...
  231. B

    GW sighted off Doheny State Beach 6/1/08

    for a complete description of the encounter, go over to:
  232. B

    GW sighted off Doheny State Beach 6/1/08

    Perhaps you would like to volunteer to go out and take a few pics for us while diving?? diver at Carlsbad was buzzed twice, up close, by a gw a day or two least, one or perhaps, more, cruising the shoreline currently...
  233. B

    First Time Taking Divers

    the main thing is to watch for the current coming up strong...if you see the kelp starting to lie over and go underwater, then, start scanning for their bubbles or watch where they is easy for a diver to get carried away, especially, if they are out of shape and tired at the end of a...
  234. B

    Dive instruction classes?

    shore dives are often in limited visibility..but, once you get to Catalina and the island experience, you will be hooked...definately go over to Lovers Cove at Avalon and snorkel with all the fishes....after certification, do your first few scuba practice dives at the Casino Point Underwater...
  235. B

    Trolling from Newport to Avalon

    with the barries and bonita present, you can't go wrong trolling chrome feathered jigs, rapalas or small blu/white jigs..
  236. B

    First East side Big Su King....70 miles up river

    this is why we love Alaskans...down here we eat the fish heart..up there they eat the rod used to catch the fish....:)
  237. B

    GW sighted off Doheny State Beach 6/1/08

    A 15'er came up behind a boat just off Doheny Beach yesterday. It was in the prop wash a few minutes, then, went back down and disappeared..probably thought the surface disruption was a school of barricuda, which are in off Dana and Newport currently... heads up when hunting halibut over the...
  238. B

    85" El Dorado Trips

    Eddie the captain runs a good boat..Billy the deckhand, can filet fast and accurately..they just did a lot of work on the boat..should be looking great by now..better check, as they may be in San Diego part of the summer...
  239. B

    Catalina free diving ?

    with limited experience, I suggest you go up to the middle of the island and dive on some of the reefs such as Isthmus Reef, Bird Rock, along Lion's Head, etc...perhaps, Eagle Reef just west of the Isthmus (just west of red buoy....(watch out for the high spot on Eagle breaks the...
  240. B

    spearing yellow tail on kelppatties or at sna clement

    wear white cotton gloves...when you see them coming, drop down about 10' , hang there and extend your left arm outward, wiggling your fingers to look like a squid...often, they will circle you or a fish or two will break off to come in close and check out the possible free meal...big yellows...
  241. B

    where do i shoot yellowtail or big gamefish?

    shoot just behind the gills in the lateral line on all game chance for a clean kill shot...
  242. B

    spearing catalina or sanclementi

    SCI is iffy right now, weatherwise and the military frequently kicks out divers from their operations spots..there are fish at Catalina currently, so, save the fuel costs and have a fun, easy trip over to Catalina..
  243. B

    spearing halibut

    son, time for you to dump the sling and get a real speargun..otherwise, you are only going to injure and lose the big ones..a 30 pounder should be attached to a line so you can play it if it should break loose out of the sand...also, never string a big one on your waist unless you stick it with...
  244. B

    spear reel or no reel or float

    It is pointless to go out and shoot a large gamefish and lose it because you aren't can use either a reel or float line to land fish but, you have to rig properly...suggest you go out with an experienced spearfisherman who can show you the proper tactics and gear setup...I prefer...
  245. B

    Commercial Lobstering

    looking at what is occuring economically, I wouldn't jump into such a venture immediately...fuel costs can only go up, closures coming in many prime areas; in the last couple of years, hoop netting has become popular and hoop netters are everyplace there is lobster...Previously, the big ones...
  246. B

    Do Great White Sharks visit Alaska?

    After I posted warnings to divers re several great white sightings by divers at Catalina Island (Los Angeles area) seveal weeks ago, we lost a swimmer to a great white near San Diego this of people training for endurance contests, were offshore swimming when the white came up and...
  247. B

    Thought this was cool!

    yes, those seagulls can get dangerous...
  248. B

    New King Salmon Regs for Southeast

    As a charter customer flying up from down south, I don't have a problem with that..considering there probably won't be a salmon season in CA, WA and Ore..
  249. B

    Wolf fishing for Salmon

    you should send copies to National of a kind shots!
  250. B

    Spring in Seward?

    Tomorrow it will be 85 degrees in Long Beach...yesterday evening was a cold 50 (for us)...and, I can't wait for June 15th, so, I can head up to Alaska...funny how the grass always looks greener somewhere idea of paradise is to summer up there and winter in at Catalina Island....
  251. B

    Fairing Block Install

    boat yard workers hate will need a sledgehammer to get the transducer loose...they recommend BoatLife or 4200 so that it can be changed out when you want to upgrade or change it out someday...
  252. B

    Airmar M260 or B164?

    suggest you fire off an e-mail to the Airmar techie guys with your equip and hull info..they will recommend the best transducer for your situation...I have the 4 element B-256 on a Furuno 582 sounder and it works great...the more elements, the better the fish separation...
  253. B

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    does it come with a money back guarantee if it doesn't work as promised...:)
  254. B

    spearfishing wetsuit question...

    you only need them if you are grubbing around on the bottom for urchins/lobster or crawl over reefs on a consistant basis...I don't get them and the nylon outside of my suit seldom gets any nicks or tears but, my suit is mainly used for free diving/fish hunting...if they come free with the...
  255. B

    Two good Sites for Alaska Trip Planning..

    Check out FishAlaskamagazine for stories and info on numerous fishing sites thruout Alaska..for reviews by others who have stayed at lodges, B&B's, cabins, etc, type in the name of the accomodation and the state, followed by the words: Trip Advisor .....This site has great recommendations and...
  256. B

    5/4 or 4/3 wetsuit?

    can't speak re camo, but, I like black or royal blue for open water diving...both allowed me to get close to fish and each have benefits, depending on the type of water you dive
  257. B

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    the majority of my spearfishing friends have hundreds of hours in the water and have never seen a is a big island and the chances are very much in your favor..go diving and bring back a report on the sea bass....:)
  258. B

    Spearfishing patties offshore?

    you need to exercise caution, even with small sharks...if they get lucky and hit a femoral artery trying to take a fish, you will bleed to death quickly, even though the bite may be from a small shark..commercial friend of mine was diving abs one time and ignored a 4' blue swimming near...
  259. B

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    a month ago, a great white was harassing a mother grey whale and her calf just off Pt. Fermin by the breakwater..
  260. B

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    Lifeguards claim the H.B. episode was a hoax..but, like in Jaws, the tourist trade comes first....:)
  261. B

    Spearfishing patties offshore?

    a year or two ago, a white attacked a free diver up north and took off his head..the head ended up ashore on a beach a couple of days later..I have been attacked twice, once by a white and once by a big blue...
  262. B

    Spearfishing patties offshore?

    one other tip for spearfishing...wear white cotton gloves...when a yellowtail comes in, extend your fingers and wiggle them in your best imitation of a sex starved squid...often, it will attract them in close enough for a good shot..also, diving down and hanging at about 10' will cause fish to...
  263. B

    Spearfishing patties offshore?

    most of the time, it is safe...but, always have someone on the boat ready to do a quick pickup if things go downhill fast...if a big shark gets between you and the boat, you may be in trouble...mostly blue sharks, some makos and once in awhile, a white shark could show up...not recommended for...
  264. B

    Lost Gun with 50lb wsb attached. @ Back Side of Catalina.

    Moka..whatcha doin over here with these bad boys...they all cuss...and I hear some are bi-sexual...back to spearboard, my man....
  265. B

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    I had a 15 1/2 footer almost get me at Church Rock while free diving...all that saved my ass was a kelp bed around the followed me up and actually broke the surface and stayed there about 20 seconds...could see his black beady eye looking in the kelp at me from about 8' away...finally...
  266. B

    A Heads Up for White Sharks at Catalina

    If you do any diving while fishing at Catalina, stay alert...there are two or perhaps, three big ones cruising the frontside and scaring the hell out of the dive charter customers...word is that several tank divers were screaming like babies when they saw the size of these critters....for full...
  267. B

    It is white shark time at Catalina

    Heads up when you are diving at Catalina...there appears to be at least two or more big ones cruising the inside currently. Sunday, the Sand Dollar was at Blue Cavern Point when a big one showed up and divers started jumping aboard at record speed...George, the captain, came out of the...
  268. B

    good gps

    Garmin 76 basic unit is an excellent choice..wouldn't waste money on color or chartplotter screen as it it too small to do much good...accurate to within 6'...has compass and other programs including upload capability from a computer...on sale for under $200 currently...
  269. B

    Alaska in june

    Our family is going up in late June via coastal cruise line to exit at Seward, taking some cruise line bus tours included in the trip: renting a car in Anchorage, fishing Homer and Seward, overnight at Talkeetna and fish, up to see Denali Park, a whitewater rafting trip then fly home from...
  270. B

    Has anybody used a Hooka diving thingy

    They aren't practical to tow around off our beaches...when the swell comes up, it will flip over and you will be doing some expensive repairs...not recommended for beginnners unless a pro sets it up for you..several things can go wrong with your health really fast...hose must be certified for...
  271. B

    Boat choices for Southern Cal

    older Skipjacks hold their value but, tend to take water over the top in any kind of headon swell, compared to some other similar models..
  272. B

    Bongos-Catalina 3/6-3/7

    Great pics with fine detail...What kind/brand of camera was it?
  273. B

    Catalina this Sunday....need a deckhand with experience

    swell is going up on Sunday...better to go Sat if possible...wind comes up in afternoon, so, early there and early back from the west end for smoothest ride in...
  274. B

    5/4 or 4/3 wetsuit?

    If you are serious about free diving and spearfishing, go 5m minimum...guys forget there is a thermocline down about 30' ..I use a 1/4" suit year round and am still in the water hunting fish after the young guys freeze out...two piece with attached hood...farmer john bottom with one velcro...
  275. B

    LA Boat Show

    Thanks...was trying to decide if it was worth the trip compared to the Fred Hall show..may do them both...:)
  276. B

    Boat Yard Near Long Beach?

    I do mine at Marina Shipyard...have to buy their overpriced paint but, you can do it yourself...when they do it, they thin out the paint which I didn't like..I usually take it in on a Thur or Fri so I can do my own work over the weekend...if they do any work for you, there isn't a charge for lay...
  277. B

    resealing windows

    Check out this article for step by step instructions: How to Repair Window leaks...........Yacht Survey Online: David Pascoe, Marine Surveyor
  278. B

    Crackerjack's Nifty Tip for Flying w/ Tackle

    Just read the latest issue of Sportfishing magazine..Capt' Andy was in it with a great tip on using your Foodsaver sealer to prevent chipping of your lures and compacting your stuff when flying...perhaps, he would be gracious enough to share it again with Alaska buffs on this site...:)
  279. B

    Skipper/Guide In Avalon

    Why don't you send the family over on the Express out of San Pedro (LB landing is closed for dredging) and pick them up at the island...stay overnite at the Pavilion Hotel and send them back on the big can follow it back if the water is rough...would still cost half of a boat charter...
  280. B

    It's not over until I say it's overL 11/5/07!

    Hmmm, those guys look like the trapper in the Charle Bronson movie who shot guys in the far north to get their gold teeth....
  281. B

    Alaskan Crabbers

    Hey, Ethan, don't feel bad...I am in Long Beach, CA and had to turn on the heater today when it dropped down to 55 (above, that is)...hope to hear more about your adventures we only dream about...:)
  282. B

    Salmon/Halibut Fishing Stories

    Well, I was free diving off Torrance Beach (Southern California) once when I speared a 32 pound halibut..strung him on a stringer off the back of my weight belt..shortly, I felt a stinging sensation on my butt...the damn halibut had bit me on the ass.....fortunately, I was wearing a wet suit...
  283. B

    Captain Position in Seward, Alaska

    Don't want to hijack your thread, but, how hard is it for high school graduates to find a summer job deckhanding up your way? My 18 year old local sportfishing deckhand son is headed off to the Maritime Institute in the fall but, talks about how neat it would be to work summers where there "are...
  284. B

    Fishing restrictions for Southeast Alaska

    Personally, I can live with that...better to bet conservatively now than deal with crashed fish stocks later, as some areas found out the hard way....:) our hoop netters are wiping out the big breeder lobster that were formerly too large to fit in commercial traps....:(
  285. B

    Ketchikan, AK fishing charters?

    Here are three that are recommended by others who went up to fish:; Northend owned by Skip and Louise Patterson; at Knudson Cove 20 minutes from town...take a breakdown spin outfit with 8# and some silver/green kroc lures in your...
  286. B

    Where and How to start Kayaking?

    why don't you drive down to Cherry Beach, throw some quarters in the meter and practice in calm water until you get a feel for proper balance...some good halibut holes outside near the oil islands...
  287. B

    anyone know where to buy live bait?in south bay ,san pedro ,long beach.

    Nachos bait barge on the far east end of the Federal can also catch mackeral for bait between his barge and the breakwater
  288. B

    WTB Prowler or similar kayak...

    try, the kayak rental place on PCH in Sunset Beach is having a sale currently...
  289. B


    There are good bugs there but, try moving outside the wall into deeper water on the rock piles...when stormy weather starts, they move into deeper water to avoid the surge...
  290. B

    conditions at Catalina ?

    once it rains on the island, the vis usually is muddy and poor for 3 or 4 days from the dirt washing out to sea...just my input from diving there commercially for years...but, the island turns a beautiful green and Lua Larry's in Avalon still makes a great Meyer's Rum and orange juice...:)
  291. B

    LA / LB Breakwall Removal?

    Have watched this issue for 5 years...unlikely to occur due to funding, loss of wildlife habitat and erosion of the beach in front of two million to 10 million dollar homes owned by city powers that be...even less likely if global warming starts to occur...even if it was removed, the waves would...
  292. B

    san nic

    Try 805 989-1470 re: closures...a few of my spots are the west end high spots, the east end at 33.13/38/119.23.80, 3 Mile Reef just north of the middle part of the island at 33.18.32/119.27.26 (66' to top of reef)...good luck
  293. B

    Offshore Fishin with PeterC3 on an Outerbanks Boat Club Twin Vee Cat

    Nice pics and, what is your opinion on how the Twin V handles and rides?
  294. B

    Offshore Coral Sea 1 1/2 day 9/18 Albacore still wanting to play.

    Nice fat fish...! thanks for the report...
  295. B

    Dive& fish SCI Sat. 7/28.

    you might want to consider switching to ss cable, double crimped at both ends...problem solved...
  296. B

    Clemente this weekend 27/th

    try fishing Pyramid at night...everything in there currently, from a great white (12'er), to wsb and halibut..good luck
  297. B

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    and I have done my job...over 5,000 views... you dummies owe me a 6 pack of Corona.....see ya on the kelp paddies with the makos....just don't run over, it is time to stir up the deadheads on Allcoast.....:)
  298. B

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    Heck, I would give everyone man hugs, but, it would raise some eyebrows, since I live in Long Beach, gay capital of the world...apologies to the original poster for hi-jacking his thread......waaaah, I wanna be a Bloody Decker just like the big guys!
  299. B

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    When I need a good laugh, I come over here where the i.q. level is measured by how many times you boys can use the "F" word....:) damn, I really need to go fishing...I looked in the mirror this morning and could swear I am starting to look just like Swazi....:)
  300. B

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    The blue shark was trying to eat my ass and I had to shoot him in the head at point blank range...the shaft didn't even clear my gun...also had a great white try to get me of my diving buddies was killed by a great white...want to go out in the blue water for some big game hunting with...
  301. B

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    The other side of the coin is that captain Jordan is a professional, runs a good boat and I would be proud to have my deckhand kid work on his boat anytime....pinheads screw up but, that is how they learn to be good is hard to find good crew these days, as the current generation...
  302. B

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    Is Swazi a complete idiot or can he be saved?? Tune in tomorrow....:)
  303. B

    Offshore To those who died for our country on the 4th

    Thanks for sharing...ahhh, life in So. Cal....
  304. B

    Yellowtail on Paddies Below Catalina

    This morning, the yellowtail broke wide open on kelp paddies just below Catalina Island...yellows to 35 lbs taken at 33.13/118.04....with albies and some bluefin in the San Clemente Canyon just below SCI, it would be wise to troll with some mini-jigs if you are out there paddie...
  305. B

    West coast Grouper

    I never said anything about spearing trout, catfish, etc...and, unless the law has changed, it is illegal to take stripers by spearfishing in the can take stripers in the lake with a any rate, it is fun to drift down the river and explore the holes as you go..just watch...
  306. B

    Great White hanging out at E/End Catalina

    I stand corrected on the size of the 25' sighting...a call to the skipper indicated the white was definately over 20' and possibly as big as 25'...however, there are 25'ers out there...swordfish spotter plane pilots know the sizes down to a foot or two...they have reported seeing several whites...
  307. B

    West coast Grouper

    In Vegas, try renting a skiff at Willow Beach on the Colorado River and run up toward the dam to do some practice diving...big stripers, trout, bass, catfish and carp in the river..some interesting wildlife up on the cliffs above the river..saw a mountain lion there day trip for...
  308. B

    West coast Grouper

    Due to political correctness, we can no longer call jewfish a, we have to call them "Goliath" grouper, more commonly known as black sea bass..they grow to 700 lbs and are protected under California law..we do get a few actual grouper who cross illegally from Mexico into San Diego...
  309. B

    5 bugs - one butt - no cops

    It is a gotcha....oh well, not as bad as the scuba tank I dropped on my little toe this week....:(
  310. B

    5 bugs - one butt - no cops

    am I missing some vital info here..? sounds like he is poaching lobster out of season in California waters..or is he in Mexico??
  311. B

    Great White hanging out at E/End Catalina

    Just to liven it up a little more...a sport charter boat on the 425 just reported seeing a great white they estimated to be at least 25'...yes, they do get that big....a new world spearfishing record....:)
  312. B

    Great White hanging out at E/End Catalina

    free divers need to stay alert while diving the east end light area...a great white came up and took a seal swimming in the chum line of two gals who were fishing for wsb near the eagles nest on the east end...a day or two later, the Avalon Harbor Patrol witnessed another seal being eaten by a...
  313. B

    Offshore 06-13-07 Worse than the last episode of Sopranos!!!

    look at the positive side...tomorrow you will wake up and have a great appreciation for the good days to come....or, something like that...:), where did I put my bolt cutters????
  314. B

    Looking into new wetsuit. Any advice

    Buy yourself a custom measured 1/4" suit....farmer john bottom with one velcro shoulder strap release and an attached hood top..use your old suit for warm summer days will stay warm long after the other divers have frozen out and given up....Don at M&B Wetsuits makes great custom suits...
  315. B

    Endangered sea bass shot with spear dies

    It was not done by any locals...the culprits were two South African deckhands from a sailboat who were diving and probably didn't know any better....any local stupid enough to do that would have half a dozen shoe tips put up his butt promptly by his fellow divers...
  316. B

    Best way to islands?

    your lack of knowledge could get you into big trouble...I strongly suggest you take an experienced boatman with you and have him check out your gear to determine if you are properly outfitted for an offshore trip..good will have a fun adventure if you go properly prepared...
  317. B

    first spear fishing trip

    first things first: buy a good dive flag and put it running over you while free diving is no fun especially when you are coming up from a dive and the boat engine whine is getting louder and louder...:( weigh yourself so you are neutral at the depth you are comfortable swimming...
  318. B

    SCI restriction

  319. B

    what about san clemente island?

    wide open yellowtail currently and some wsb..check for closed sections beforehand due to military
  320. B

    375 Lb T shark Oceanside Tournament

    Thanks for the pics, story and an excellent fishing lesson for us beginners....:)
  321. B

    Nice WSB

    Now we know the secret spot!...under the Redondo pier......
  322. B

    who were the dumbasses who went diving yesterday?

    Hey, if the white sea bass are in, the ocean needs to get out of my way....:)
  323. B

    Yellowtail still present at Catalina 12/20/06

    The boats landed about 15 yellows on the backside today. Conditions were flat with little wind..the fish were taken in 75' of water on a rising tide with current...the productive areas were from Eagle Rock down to Whale Rock..some squid scattered along the back side but , no real concentrations...
  324. B

    Looking into new wetsuit. Any advice

    More divers freeze out and quit diving, than overheat...I use a 1/4" suit year round for free diving..farmer john bottom with one velcro strap release on shoulder and stretch cuffs for easy exit and an attached hood on the top...M & B Custom Wetsuits in Long Beach is the place..Don does many of...
  325. B


    Like race car driving or mountain climbing, it is in the thrill of the chase..I have jumped 2 swordies off San Clemente Island over the years and both times, they went down just before I could get within shooting range with my longgun... but, I have speared big sharks also while free diving..I...
  326. B


    Girly-boys, one and all...why, in Long Beach, we don't even let the gay ones get away!!
  327. B


    I dropped down on the outside of Ship Rock one time and at 45', spotted a school of yellows milling around in the bait next to the rock. I picked one and aimed..suddenly, my shaft was pointing at a nice white sea bass...I blinked and started to look at what I was seeing..a school of whites had...
  328. B

    Sports Authority 25% off Coupon..

    Today's Long Beach Press Telegram (and, probably other local papers) has a 25 percent off coupon with apparently, no limitations and applies to your entire purchase. It is only good Thanksgiving Day. New Penn 50-wide anyone?
  329. B

    sea urchin

    I believe the limit is 35 or 36..before harvesting an area,find a spot with kelp and break one open to check the roe..if milky or dull yellow, it isn't good....look for bright yellow roe..they look good with a Christmas bow attached....:) a long handle 3-prong garden rake makes a good hook to...
  330. B

    Butt Whoopin'

    Since you have named yourself quite well, no reply is necessary....:)
  331. B

    PV report 11-12-06

    Hmmm,nice catch; if you boys can do that well with a polespear, we will have to stick some big game guns in your hands to see what your full capabilities are...:)
  332. B

    Butt Whoopin'

    Hi John, so, there is still hope for the human race after all....:) well, in a certain trailer park way...they are rather entertaining, if not, enlightening...:) I am back to posting useful info for guys who really go out fishing and diving...Good luck, bob
  333. B

    Butt Whoopin'

    It is a good thing there is no law against being a moron...otherwise, half of you idiots would be in prison....:)
  334. B

    Butt Whoopin'

    This site needs a moderator with the balls to dump some of the morons who think using the "F" word in every sentence makes them an intellectual...respectful dissent is one thing...cussing and attacking people you disagree with just shows what limited intellect you really have...pretty sad...
  335. B

    SMBay - Late Report

    Thanks for the report..flatties are moving in, tho...
  336. B

    Any Pointers??

    On breakwaters, we usually start late...around 9 or 10 pm, as it takes the bugs a while to crawl out of the deep holes and up shallow..dive two hours before a high tide to 2 hours after for max vis...check the swell charts before going out:
  337. B

    Conditions are right

    Euroguns and the one flopper barb shafts suck...they are made for the small reef fish in Europe because there are no big fish remaining over there to shoot...You guys need to rig some big game setups or stop shooting fish that you are only going to lose....your reels should have only enough...
  338. B

    Many Lobster Gauges are Inaccurate

    Check your gages with an accurate measuring device..Many gages, especially Promar brand, are 1/32" or more, short of legal..The manufacturer won't pay your citation, although a judge might throw out the ticket in the interest of justice....
  339. B

    Interesting Dive

    When you are stirring up the bottom (taking lobster, prying halibut out of sand, etc), it draws them in and they seem to enjoy hanging over your head..On contact, you will see a green flash and feel like a sledgehammer has smacked you...the electric charge can knock you out, depending on where...
  340. B

    10/10 And I did NOT get eaten by a white shark...

    rub some baby oil inside the shell every year and they will look nice forever...
  341. B


    That is what I love about this much empathy and sympathy for your fellow man....:)
  342. B

    Offshore Offshore trip Sunday Late dorado post

    WSB showing at SBI..try n/e reef...yellows on the 9....good luck
  343. B

    I get to be the captain when they go under!

    I have many friends who have been free diving for 30 plus years and most have never seen a shark. I have had two encounters with big uns'..Just don't dive with guys who pee in their wetsuits...:)
  344. B

    Insurance needed on a 38 Hatteras

    my best quote so far is from AAA..$800 for a 38' boat..a boat survey is needed to qualify for the coverage...make sure you have spill coverage..The Coast Guard charges big time for fuel spills if the boat sinks in the harbor...
  345. B

    Cleaning boat bottom?

    Water blasting is the standard approach.If there are worm tubes (white tubing growth), scrape them with a putty knife to break up the tubes , then, use muratic acid(from a pool supply outlet) and a nylon paint brush on every time on crusty, dried growth...wear eye protection, long...
  346. B

    Camo suit

    A great white's sensitivity to movement is uncanny. I was behind a great white following him and within 8 seconds, he turned 180 and was moving in on me...
  347. B

    Camo suit

    Correct....but, the shark didn't bite the camo.......
  348. B

    Camo suit

    After 35 years of fish hunting, I don't think it makes much difference unless a shark is after you, then, camo might have some benefit. I have had good luck with blue and done just as well with black. Camo might be of some benefit in shallow water comes down to stealth, skill...
  349. B

    Big WSB Showing at Catalina

    I learned the hard way...I swam up and poked a 200 pounder, which exploded so quick, the water movement knocked off my mask and actually compressed my left eardrum...The largest black I have seen was probably close to 700 lbs (except for the 2800 lb. white shark I saw from the back and chased...
  350. B

    Taking my kid slinging...

    There are some big halibut up shallow should put together a speargun for him with a small reel...slings and polespears will cost you dearly when a big halibut swims off with it or, worse, just tears itself loose to go off and die....also, big white sea bass alway swim by 5' away...
  351. B

    Big WSB Showing at Catalina

    I dove the backside on Sunday and had some good sightings of White Sea Bass. At a sand and big boulder spot called, "Sid's Outside", I saw one school of 12 to 15 fish, in deep water that had to be close to 70 pounders...When the sunlight reflects off their scales, they look like giant silver...
  352. B

    30.5# Halibut/ First Post

    Do you wear white cotton gloves? If not, try it and wiggle your fingers with arm outstretched...Frequently pulls them in for a shot, as they think, "squid".....
  353. B

    Catalina Question

    You definately have a better chance near kelp. If you can make it inside the bed, you blend in and are more difficult to locate...However, big sharks do cruise thru the beds near the bottom. My partner saw a 12' hammerhead inside the kelp bed at Silver Canyon some years ago. Most divers never...
  354. B

    new to the board

    John, I run out of Long Beach on a boat and am rigging two kayaks...I am retired and looking for a few guys to chase wsb with...Bob at: [email protected]
  355. B

    Catalina Question

    Don't mix up your sharks...:P Harry is a baby of only 10'...The 15' er is dead...a swordfish boat harpooned him the next day at Church while he was chasing seals on the surface. He had 300 lbs of seal meat in his stomach and weighed 2800 lbs., if my recall is correct.. There used to be a pic...
  356. B

    Catalina Question

    Two suggestions: rent a skiff from Joe's Rent a Boat on the Green Pier or drive around the point at Lover's Cove. You can dive several spots from Ring Rock out to the Quarry area. Look for kelp and try to dive an hour or so, before the high tide, early am or late afternoon. There are halibut...
  357. B

    Offshore 5-20 @ 302 yellows + great white

    Spotter planes have reported several sightings between Catalina and SCI of whites 20' or larger. A F&G biologist doing fish counts on scuba at SBI some years back had a 25'er go by about 15' away. Had a 15 1/2' gw almost get me at Church Rock while free diving and one of my spearfishing partners...
  358. B

    Tshark fishing out of O'side 5/18. Never give up!

    I retract my above statement and remain your faithful servant..:)
  359. B

    Tshark fishing out of O'side 5/18. Never give up!

    And who are you? We don't see any fish on your boat pic....a little courtesy goes a long way...
  360. B

    YT in LJ

    Sounds like a good you wear white cotton gloves when yt diving? Works great when you wiggle your fingers at arms length..looks like squid and they will turn in or circle to come back for another look, giving you a good opportunity for a close in shot..
  361. B

    breathing exercises

    running on beach while holding your breath; hold your nose and start pressurizing(gently, to avoid eardrum damage) your mask at the surface as you start down rather than wait until you are 5' down, bicycling; breathe up deeply about 10 times on the surface just before descending (don't overdo it...
  362. B

    Offshore cat isl 5-14-06

    It is due to break open with 63 degree water...any info on areas where the squid are showing up ? On Sat, whites were taken at Ironbound and Johnson's Rock..
  363. B

    Can Kayaks be Launched at Salt CreeK?

    Thanks...good high tide this week..
  364. B

    Can Kayaks be Launched at Salt CreeK?

    Want to try some O.C. free diving off my kayak. Can I take spearguns and a kayak in at the Salt Creek parking area? Best place to launch in that area?
  365. B

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    Interesting comment on the west end. Everytime I dive the bluewater off the west end light, the hair stands up on my neck. Have developed enough "extra senses" from time in the water to feel when things aren't right. It may be the way the bait hugs the reef or an electric tension you can...
  366. B

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    Ryan, there is no such thing as a "non-aggressive" great white. If they are full, they may just look you over..if they are hungry, they will try to eat you want to stick around to guess which mood he/she is in?? Even a friendly nip can kill you if it cuts a femoral artery.....which is...
  367. B

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    Some of it is luck and some of it is keeping your cool long enough to get out of the situation. I forced myself to swim at a steady pace and not make jerky, erratic moves which might trigger a hit. If you can survive the first, hard rush, you have a very good chance of coming out intact. A close...
  368. B

    internal antenna under a bimini/isenglass

    I have the Garmin 76 w/ internal ant. and it works as long as it is located near the clear windows. Try tilting it at different angles while watching the signal bars onscreen to find the best angle for reception...
  369. B

    furuno 582 or 600L

    582 or equivalant with an upgraded Airmar transducer...:)
  370. B

    Furuno 582L

    Depends on which transducer you have installed..It may not be compatible with the 582 unit which uses Airmar brand transducers. You can contact the tech guys and ask if that model transducer will work with the 582. I have the 582 with a 4 element B256 Airmar transducer and it...
  371. B

    top 10 items to take with you

    A 5 gallon bucket or manual pump for saving the boat if you are taking on water and the bilge pumps quit working, roll duct tape, shaving mirror to signal s.o.s. if electronics ever fail during a problem, tapered wood plugs to drive in hull holes if bronze fittings get knocked off, 6 x 6'...
  372. B

    top 10 items to take with you

    A 5 gallon bucket or manual pump for saving the boat if you are taking on water and the bilge pumps quit working, roll duct tape, shaving mirror to signal s.o.s. if electronics ever fail during a problem, tapered wood plugs to drive in hull holes if bronze fittings get knocked off, 6 x 6'...
  373. B

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    Well Chad, that is why my boat is called "Ball luga"...:)
  374. B

    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    Surg,I put you on the worked on my boat when the engine wouldn't start.. I later found a bad ground at the altennator and it started right up...
  375. B

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    Martin, one of the swordfish plank boats harpooned him the next day at Church Rock as he was swimming on the surface chasing seals that were up on the beach. He weighed in at 2800 lbs and had 300 lbs of seal meat inside him. I went after him in the haze after seeing him from the back and...
  376. B

    White Sharks T.V. Special

    On Thursday 27th, Channel 58 KLCS will show a special on white shark attacks on boats and people along the California coast. Having survived a confrontation with a 15 1/2 footer, I will be eagerly sitting on my couch with my popcorn and speargun....
  377. B

    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    when a great white shows up, to get back onboard, you have to either feed him your partner or throw some chum to keep him busy..(just joking) We use live or frozen bait to fish rod/reel when the diving visibility is bad..I did throw a yellowtail to a big hammerhead once to keep it busy while my...
  378. B

    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    Bill, I don't have a problem with a diver taking tanks along on some trips but, for the most part, we take all our fish and lobster while free diving. Tank bubbles scare off the gamefish and make lobster dizzy...:)
  379. B

    SCI dive spots

    I also have taken a 23'er to Cortez but it was in the fall under Santa Ana wind conditions..This time of year, only an idiot would try it..:) This month is the tail end of the winter weather and only experienced boaters should make the run to SCI in a small boat. The sea is an unforgiving...
  380. B

    Leo Carrillo 4-13

    Not much offshore near the need to go south a half mile to find good reefs and kelp spots..Usually dirty unless it is flat and a high tide..
  381. B

    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    Am seeking a few freedivers for spearfishing trips to Catalina, SCI; starting in May and a Cortez trip in the fall. Boat: 38' twin-diesel flyingbridge with 10' inflateable shore boat. Share fuel, mooring, ice and bait costs. Slip in downtown Long Beach near new restaurants and Aquarium. Contact...
  382. B

    SCI dive spots

    You didn't say whether you are scuba diving or free diving or what you want to dive for..lots of good spots but the weather can turn on you quickly and a 21'er is the minimum size for going out that far..check the weather closely...
  383. B

    How will you die?

    While spearfishing at Cortez Bank, a world record 100 lb. white sea bass swims within range of my speargun. Just as I aim, a great white shark comes up from the deep and cuts me in half with a single bite. My buddy, knowing the shark is busy eating me, takes the shot and lands a new world...