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    New Rayanne

    A group of us from central and southern California made the drive to Sausalito and fished salmon for two days on the New Rayann. I am super impressed with Captain Johnny. The boat is spotless and he is dialed in on salmon fishing. He is energetic and truly enjoys taking people fishing. His deck...
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    American Angler 6 Day

    I have a late opening on my 6 day charter on American Angler. Trip leaves July 15 and returns on July 21st. Last year's trip had amazing yellowfin tuna fishing at Guadalupe Island. Several over 100 pounds with biggest going 167. Very easy going group on this trip. Love fishing and enjoy our time...
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    Offshore Voyager October 2nd

    Arrived at Seaforth Sportfishing early afternoon October 1. Once our group began to arrive we went for a nice meal at El Indio. Back to the landing and waited for the Voyager to arrive from its overnight charter. We boarded about 9:30 and headed to the bait barge. Nice sardines and in real good...
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    Truline Info

    I came across three Truline rods. One has numbers SN775, One has the numbers SN776 and the last has the numbers SN770. They are light rods probably fish 15-25 pound on them. Curious if anyone knows about these type of Truelines.
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    Great Prizes

    Just a heads up Friends of Rollo has a monthly prize give away on their Bloody Decks Forum. This month it is a $500 package from Seagaur. Last month it was an Aftco package. Just go to the forum page and enter for the monthly drawings. Great deal
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    5 day certificate on the Shogun for 2010 valued at $1575. May be used on any 5 day trip or the certificate may be used to upgrade to a longer trip. Great price and oppertunity. Contact Howard at (805) 598-3401
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    Aloha Spirit Charter Opening

    I have two openings on a charter aboard the Aloha Spirit out of Capt. Hooks Sportfishing. The trip is on Sept. 16th and is limited to 14 anglers. Cost is $110. We will be targeting sea bass and Calico bass. If intrested e-mail me at [email protected] Howard
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    Aloha Spirit Charter openings

    I have two openings aboard the Aloha Spirit out of Capt. Hooks Sportfishing. The trip is on Sept. 16th and is limited to 14 anglers. We will be targeting Sea Bass and Calicos. Cost is $110. If intrested e-mail me at [email protected] Howard
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    Offshore 3 day Sea Adventure 80

    Left on Sunday night on a 3 day on the Sea Adventure 80. I have been chartering this boat for the last three years and the Sea Adventure for several years before that. The last 6 years Terry has run our trip. I learned at the dock that Terry would be at the wheel for this trip. He is a great...
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    Late openings 3 day Sea Adventure 80

    Due to illness I have just had two openings on my 3 day charter on the Sea Adventure 80. The trip is July 20, 21 and 22nd. Boat leaves on July 19th. All meals included. Call me at (805) 598-3401 if you would like to join us next week. The tuna are biting.
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    Santa Barbara

    Good news for those of you in the Santa Barbara area. The water on the beach is warming up and cleaning up. The calico bass are starting to bite finally. Today I fished with 21 teens on the Stardust out of Santa Barbara. This was a trip with a youth group from Santa Maria. The calico bass bit...