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    VHF Radio Problems

    I was buddy boating Sunday with a friend. He could only hear me on the VHF when I was within about 400 yards. Any further and I would start breaking up. It seemed to be working in the morning and happened at some point during the day. Standard VHF and antenna on 23 foot whaler outrage. Anyone...
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    Catching Mack’s at Catalina ?

    Heading out to the island tomorrow for 3 days. Any suggestions on where to find Mack’s ? Won’t be able to get bait each day.
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    Looking for someone to fix speakers at slip

    23 foot center console whaler. Speakers are very unreliable and left seems that it’s not getting power. I know this is a simple job but ideally I’d like someone to redo all the wires and make sure I don’t have problems in future. Any recommendations appreciated
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    Best baitcasting reel ? inshore fishing

    Looking for a reel to pair with a phenix maxim mainly for fishing inshore point loma and la jolla. What are your favorites?
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    Looking for a Trusted Yamaha Mechanic 2010 250hp

    We have a 2010 yamaha 250 with about 600 hours. The engine has never had any issues prior and always ran like a dream. It recently got serviced but the engine will now not run over 3700 rpms and does not sound right at all. The mechanic who serviced it seems to be too busy to get back to us...
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    Keeping Yellowtail from Tangling in Kelp Paddy Strategy?

    Curious about everyone's strategy. Whenever I hook a big yellow it immediately B-lines it for the kelp paddy. I'm sure many of us have lost a fish as it got tangled in the kelp. What do you guys do if anything when it takes off for the kelp / once it is tangled. Could be rigging related or boat...
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    Best solution for more rod racks? Whaler

    Whaler outrage only comes with like 5 rod holders on the back as shown in these photos. What is the best solution to add more? We had those clamp ones but they kept loosening and...
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    Offshore North 9 and North For Small YT and Nothing Else 7/8

    First paddy surrounded by porpoise bait birds 5 miles offshore. Picked a small yt off the paddy and the rest would just follow the bait back to the boat. After that found tons of porpoise and bait schools getting munched by bonito. Trolled for hours for nothing but bonito. never saw a YFT...
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    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    just looking for some ideas that won't break the bank.
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    Looking for 50W fishing Reel Used 2 Speed

    Looking for any good deal on a 50W fishing reel. Please let me know what you got. I am in the Pacific Beach San Diego Area. PM please
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    Bait Tank not working (electrical) / re-hosing needed

    Hello, Looking for recommendations on someone who can help repair my bait tank situation. Last season a valve broke and the repair was a bit jerry-rigged and the bait tank basically needs to be completely redone in terms of hoses and electricals. Switch panel will not turn on the pump. Thank...
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    New Captain looking for people who can fish Weekdays or Occaisonal Weekends

    Hello, I am 25 years old and my family has a very well maintained 23 foot Boston Whaler Outrage. It is fully rigged to fish with 2 bait tanks brand new electronics and has 300 mile range. 250 HP Yamaha with only 200 hours. Currently slipped in Shelter Island I am currently having a problem...
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    Anyone caught a fish on the chunk this year?

    Slayed the tuna last year with the chunk. Wondering if it is even worth saving my dead ones this year. Anyone had any luck?
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    Terrible Boating News... Don't Drink and Drive A man I work with lost his daughter last night. San Diego family vacationing in New York. A boat ran over their boat at night time killing his daughter and injuring...
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    Best place for New Marine Speakers???

    Need to replace these blown out speakers. Where is the best place to find speakers that will seamlessly fit these dimensions? Should I simply bring this whole thing into West Marine? Thank you for your help in advance
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    Switch Panel Replacement for Whaler Outrage 23'

    Anyone know if I can buy a prewired switch Panel that looks exactly like the one pictured? I've found some like this but I am looking one that fits exact on my boat. The current one is totally corroded and the connections keep breaking. Thank you
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    Looking for Trolling Rod and 9-10ft Jig stick.

    Seeker / Calstar or whatever you have let me know what it is and your price. The trolling rod will be paired with a shimano TLD and Jigstick for 40-50 lb potentially a Diawa Sealine X50 Thank you.
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    Whaler Outrage 24' T-top Tower price estimation?

    Hello, Just purchased a Boston Whaler Outrage 24 footer. I am currently considering putting a small tower on top of the canvas top as shown in the following link. Just a simple railing potentially with a seat depending on the additional cost...
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    Star Spangled Banner Played with a Gun

    My cousin has succeeded in doing the most American thing possible...
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    Sport Boat Loses all your Fish? What do I do

    Fished Seeker on private charter. 1.5 day. Only caught about 30 fish on the whole trip. (excluding rockfish which all the people who hadn't caught a fish started fishing for). I caught 2 yellowfin and a yellowtail. The night before we got to the dock they pulled all the fish and laid them on...
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    Anyone wiling to give up spot on San Diego for Seawatch for cash Saturday?

    A group of 15 of my buds are going on the San Diego this Saturday and I forgot to reserve my spot until it sold out. I am willing to pay someone to give up their spot on the San Diego and go on the Seawatch instead. Looking for 1 to 2 spots. Anyone interested?
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    Best Catalina Boat Charters?

    Looking to charter a boat this weekend on Catalina for yt or wsb. Its pretty late to schedule but I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on where to start looking.
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    Find Macks Before or at LJ?

    So we have been launching out of dana landing and fishing La Jolla recently. I was just wondering if LJ is the best place to find the greenbacks or if we might be able to fill the bait tank a little quicker anywhere on the way out. Every once in awhile we get out to LJ and the conditions aren't...
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    Can anyone tell what this Bug Weighs?

    Found this picture of my grandpa and was wondering if anyone had a guess at how big? It looks huge compared to his head.
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    Diving For Lobster DFG encounter. Question

    So we came out of the water and were diving way north of scripps pier. Of course DFG warden drives by right as we are walking to our car. We had licenses and report card but he said its illegal to dive for invertebrates North of the pier but its legal at Blacks. He didn't ticket us or anything...