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  1. Big_Mike199

    Eurasian Hunt 7/28. Brawley / Calipatria.

    Started out the morning at the grain pile just outside the city limits of Calipatria. Absolutely full of life, but the only problem was that the sky was full of Mourning and White Wing dove, with the normal share of Euros in between. I only took no brainer shots at the birds just to make sure...
  2. Big_Mike199

    Offshore YFT & YT mexican waters

    Left shelter island around 4:45 with three guys, looking to get into some action with the tuna or yellow tail, not being too picky. Got out to 371 and spotted a patty after a little while with all the 2 and 3 pound tails you could want. Kept the four biggest, after about twenty or so, and headed...
  3. Big_Mike199

    Coronado FMM?

    I do know that it is required but if anyone could explain the situation that would be great. Better to learn now before heading out again
  4. Big_Mike199

    Offshore 182 to 9 bank for nothing

    got to bait at 630 for solid dines. Weather rolled and stayed bad through the day, continuing to get a little worse as things went on. Came up on three dry paddies and then came up on a solid streak of about 300 terns following what looked like a pod of porpoise. Trolled around it, even marked...
  5. Big_Mike199

    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    Started late leaving Dana at 7 am with 3 guys on board. Got to EB for a little line and OK baits at best. Made our way to the south end of la Jolla and started trolling for nada. ( We were fishing right by the new seaforth the whole time and didn't see shit but there counts called for 32 YT?!)...
  6. Big_Mike199

    Offshore Limits YFT 8/19

    Headed out of SI to get good dines and a few mackerel. Went to 371 for 4 Yellow and then headed towards the herd at the 371. After watching that shit show we headed towards the 302 and about five min. Into our run we found about 50 terns working this school of tuna. Stayed there for about one...
  7. Big_Mike199

    Offshore 371-425 8/9

    Got to the dock at 4 am to find a herd of boats trying to launch. Made our way to EB in MB to get great sardines, only had one or two roll all day. Made our way down to 371 stopping at three paddies to pick up 4 yellowtail and threw back at least 10, the ones we threw back were about 2-3...
  8. Big_Mike199

    Offshore Wide open YT at 43-182

    Headed out from MB 4 Am with some numbers from 976 bite. EB only had chovies and that was a real letdown. Headed to the 209 to come up dry and made our way to the 43. Found a paddy holding little yellows and they only were biting iron, were not interested in chovies. When we reached the 43 it...