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    Select Fire 10/22 80% w/extended rail, jig and mill tool kit $175

    The receiver is new anodized black with extended rail. 80% 10/22 $130 Jig $29 Mill tool kit $41...
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    Soo... after a year of considering building one I have started. I've decided to add a 6.5 HP mud motor that has been tricked out to 11 HP. I have to admit doing so has made starting the motor a challenge. I may have to buy another motor and only include bolt-on upgrades. At full throttle I get...
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    Glock Store input

    I did some stipple work for someone who purchased a glockstore recoil spring which failed. When they attempted to have it corrected glockstore gave them a run around.
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    Need help with an air rifle

    I agree with Chuck. Buy him a BB gun he can cycle and learn to handle responsibly. Buy yourself a more capable pellet gun so when the opportunity arises you are equipped. I own the Ruger Airhawk which shoots pellets at 1200 fps. A well placed shot collapses cotton tails. For the record my pellet...
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    Howa 1500 Mountain Rifle 25-06, IE, No Shipping

    Make: Howa Model: 1500 Stainless Steel Caliber: 25-06 Location (city or county): IE, Riverside Price: $550 Will ship (Y/N): N Other info: Great cartridge for medium sized game with minimal recoil and awesome ballistics. This rifle is the SS platform with a beautiful laminate stock (just...
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    Nikon Buckmaster APG 3x9x40 with matching 1-piece rings mount APG

    Hmm.. Apparently I am not smart enough to figure out how to reconfigure the layout. $200 FTF for all of the above
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    Nikon Buckmaster APG 3x9x40 with matching 1-piece rings mount APG

    I have a brand new Nikon Buckmaster 3x9x40 APG scope (Nikon Duplex) with matching APG 1-piece rings. This scope is a $218 scope, but after much trying and experimenting does not have sufficient eye relief on my rifle. Rather than dumping more $$$ finding a picatinny rail and having it hydro...
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    Ruger 10/22 Action

    Incorrect! I find used bolts starting at $35 on ebay all the way up to match grade big name bolts for $220. But a modest match grade bolt will run $100.
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    Sea Striker SS448 Gaff *used* Looking to trade forfishing neck gaiter or $15

    I have a used gaff in OK condition (I ran over the end of the handle backing out of the driveway once while I was staging gear prior to trip). Please see attached pics. Gaff is in very serviceable and can probably be fixed if your picky, but it never bothered me. I'm hoping to trade for a...
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    Frog Gigging?

    Anyone tried frog gigging in SoCal? If so where? I'm thinking of taking my layout blind out, but with the exception of Corona Lake I don't know where they even allow boats at night. I guess Lake Hodges would be a good spot. Please post your input.
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    For Sale One USED LARGE ProMar Sand Crab Rake

    I sent PM, call me if interested. I have a slurp gun and I'm heading to LAX this morning.
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    Where do I buy a ticket to ride the airboat? Seriously!
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    Perfect these were what I was talking about.
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    Waterfowl hunting in SoCal from a layout boat?

    I'm new to waterfowl, but not to hunting. I'm hoping to hunt from a layout boat, does anyone hunt in the SoCal area from one? If so where? Also, if you do what do you use to propel the boat? Oars? Push pole? Trolling motor? I'm thinking of building a 2hp mud motor.. thanks- If you don't mind...
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    Palmetto State Armory AR stripped lower

    Thanks, if I can't sell it I'll pile it in the back of the safe. It'll join many .45 acp pistols.
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    AR Polymer Lower, Instock Now $79.95

    Enterprise Arms in Irwindale has them in stock for $90. Just picked up 5 more
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    Bump, Just finished two Glocks, a Ruger LCR, S&W Sigma, Taurus 24/7 can send pics if interested.
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    Brownells GI Mil-Spec AR Buffer Tube kit

    Still available, I guess I can ship for free.
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    3pack of Polymer Lowers. $299

    I purchased the FMK polymer lower, in my opinion the polymer is much better quality than New Frontier. Also, there are many people complaining that New Frontier holes don't line up requiring slight modification. FMK just released FDE polymer lowers within the last week. I wish I would have...
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    80% AR lower

    When I ordered it was only 6 weeks. Now that I think about it that was 6 weeks ago, I guess I should call them.
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    Brownells GI Mil-Spec AR Buffer Tube kit

    Bought from Brownell's before Christmas, paid $66 + $5 shipping. Asking $70 each- Call or text me, 95one 80ne6 78 49 It's a complete un-opened set. 080-000-555WB Mil-Spec Adj. Carbine Stock Completion Kit...
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    Winchester Model 37 "Red Letter" 12 gauge

    After another successful season $275 this weekend. Call me at 95one 816-7849
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    stripped upper receiver

    I just bought a PSA lower. I'll take it can meet halfway (say hwy 76). I have cash in hand and am willing to meet tonight.
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    Saiga .223 new in box

    PM me if straight sale- or if interested I have a beautiful single action shotgun I use for upland (game) hunting +$$. I forgot to type (game) hunting. I was assuming everyone understood I meant upland game hunting. I didn't want anyone to think I was Upland (the city) hunting (what cholos and...
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    remington 870 home defense

    Up until this post your comments were digestible... Now you're a douche!
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    Ruger M77 bull barrel .22-250

    of course! Now that I just spent $300 on reloading gear. Too bad I only have $240 left...
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    Ruger M77, 22-250 varmit controller

    Two hours ago I had $550 burning a hole in my pocket... Now I'm down to $300. Best of luck and free bump for an awesome rifle.
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    gun price question

    everything firearm related has gone up! I remember a few years ago when a CZ P01 was $439, now I can't find it for under $650.
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    Thanks. Price really depends on the extent of stipple. Worse case scenario it would be $125 and that includes whole grip, under trigger frame, and front lip of magazine butt pads. Currently I am only a BD member. As of yet I have not gotten a BD customer. Please understand income generated...
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    This procedure isn't done to metal. Stippling is done on polymers. Since all manufacturers use different blends of polymers, each brand has different results. For instance Springfield XD and Glock's frames seem to have the most aggressive stippling. Keltec seems to have the least aggressive, but...
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    I can do hunting rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolver, knives... Just ask.
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    I do not have a FFL which is why I prefer that customers come to my house drop-off their weapon, go eat/run errands, and return in a few hours. I do not engrave or checker, that is best suited for a TRUE artist. I say true, because it is a honest form of art. I am a honest person who is like...
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    The challenge is every firearm is different as are the customers wishes. Generally my rate starts at $25. This usually applies to knife handles, forward tactical grip (broom handle). On a firearm such as a Springfield XD I charge $125 for a complete stipple job. This includes re-doing the...
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    The process is fairly simple, but does require a steady hand and guts. I use a heat source to melt and dimple the area to be stippled. First I do the complete area in one direction. Once the area has cooled I do the same area from a 90 degree direction. This process gives it an aggressive...
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    Custom Stipple Job, handgun, rifle, revolver, pistol

    Hey BD Members, I do custom stipple jobs on handguns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, knives... I can do most items. It's my way of paying for my fishing habit. I also do custom work on shotguns, mostly simple stuff like tactical stocks, followers, safeties, polish chambers, trigger work. PM...
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    Mossberg 535 Turkey Shotgun

    Keep it and we'll get some Thanksgiving turkey...
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    I have a buddy that works for BLM and he let me borrow some maps. I am having them scanned and converted to a PDF. My plan is to buy a tablet that I will carry for hunts (maps, ballistics, charts, references...) What I would like is for anyone who has a link or attachment to a map that would...
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    my latest incarnation of my m-4

    ready for raccoon season!
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    Dove Hunting Spot that ROCKS!!!

    Shaken not stirred!
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    new game cam pics

    Beware of the chiggers..
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    SEARCH for missing person

    Tragic news! May this serve as a reminder that we should ALWAYS let someone reliable know where we are going, and when to expect us back.
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    coyote jerky! *****warning not as TRoB graphic as last time*******

    Try E. on Domenigoni toward Hemet, all you have to do is fart and they come running.
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    Wild pigs beware...

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    Spot and Stalk Archery Pig

    Sounds like an awesome hunt.
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    Another Piggy Dirt Nap

    Nice pig.
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    Squeaker Fest

    Haa! Good job...
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    Kottontails and Cids

    Seriously! You're a great man and a TRUE sportsman.
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    Rabbit Pellets

    My favorite is 22 shorts when they're in groups. They have no idea what's happening. Shoot one, the others run 10-15' stop and look around, shoot a second and they usually freeze. It's much quieter than my Ruger Air Hawk.
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    King City hog hunt openings 8/11 results

    Great job! Thanks for sharing. That reminds me that I need to get out there. Well, once it cools down a little.
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    Shotgun Choice

    Yes you can, 500's receivers are made of hippie alloy. They are absolute junk, after a few thousand rounds you'll notice where the action bars meet the receiver is worn out like a TJ hooker. Remington 870 is a SOLID choice!
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    Ruger 10/22 Takedown

    I really want a S&W 22A with a 7" barrel. I would really like a 9-10" barrel. Which is why I'm considering a Beretta Neos.
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    Ruger 10/22 Takedown

    Have I missed something? I still don't understand the hype. For the $$$ I would rather a Walther P22, Ruger SR22 or mk III. Same capacity, less weight and size. More importantly as if a 10/22 is bulky, I can strap a carbine, or target model to the side of my pack and the $$$ saved will buy a ton...
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    Looking for a pair of boat seats

    I have a silly project that I would like to complete. I'm looking for a matching pair of folding fishing chairs (jon boat style). Please let me know if you have any, I'll bring you a COLD 12 pack. Thanks-
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    CAUTION Oceanside Surf Fishers

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    Leopard Sharks!

    Awesome catch! I never get them that big. Generally this time of year at Bolsa Chica is incredible. After a hour I get board and go back to boogie boardin'.
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    Great shooting .243

    I may be closer... $220 quickly? (I'm messing around) but seriously.... I'm interested in scope.
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    Great shooting .243

    how much for the scope?
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    Winchester Mo. 62 - 22 LR - Pump

    Am I missing anything? BBBump....
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    I want to whine about a Seperate forum for Webyshops?

    Ironically when I agreed earlier with this suggestion my post was deleted- I still AGREE!
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    VETERAN/Active Duty U.S. Military Personnel Offered Free Entrance to All National Par

    I can't remember if it's the California Distinguished Veteran or "America the Beautiful" that charges 1/2 price on overnight camping, but it's free day use. Ok it's the California
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    Bass Pro gift card

    Balance is $167.02
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    Nikon TurkeyPro 1.65-5x36 Riflescope Ballistic Turkey Reticle Matte $125

    Brand New in Box. I bought this one to mount on my CUSTOM 870 I have for sale listed here. ARD included, Cabela's has this scope rated at 5 out of 5 stars! Product Number: NK8455 Web Product Title: TURKEY PRO BTR 1.65-5X36 MATTE Item Price: $249.95 $119.95 Availability: In Stock...
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    Nikon TurkeyPro 1.65-5x36 Riflescope Turkey Reticle RealTree APG $130

    Brand New in Box. I bought this one to mount on my CUSTOM 870 I have for sale listed here. ARD included, Cabela's has this scope rated at 5 out of 5 stars! Product Number: NK8455 Web Product Title: TURKEY PRO BTR 1.65-5X36 MATTE Item Price: $249.95 $119.95 Availability: In Stock...
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    Nikon TurkeyPro 1.65-5x36 Riflescope Turkey Reticle RealTree APG $130

    Never used, recently mounted but prefer to go another route. I will include the Weaver 1" Medium Grand Slam Steel Top Mount Rings it's mounted in. One small scratch from when the armorer wrist slipped resulting in the screwdriver scratching the side of scope. I tried taking a picture and it will...
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    Bass Pro gift card

    $166.## remaining balance. As much as I enjoy shopping there and can usually find an unlimited amount of things I want, I have decided to sell my gift card. $150 can meet at BPS (On weekend) or my house- I also have receipt that shows balance prior to buying a $8 emergency whistle. (I...
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    Skeet Launcher

    Inline please-
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    Rare Kmart green Nylon 77

    that didn't take long...
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    Colt 38 agent

    sounds like a cool firearm.
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    Reloading help needed please...

    I load Barnes TTSX BT in 180 gr for piggies, I advocate Barnes. Pick out the gr, grab their book and be happy..
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    Cottontail Rabbits???

    Great! Now I'll never eat them.
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    Cottontail Rabbits???

    Yeah right... then your police department will beat me. Sorry- I'm sure that you're tired of hearing it. I'm glad they were fired.
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    Cottontail Rabbits???

    Botfly?? I thought those were South American concerns. I guess I'll wait although October seems so far away.
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    Cottontail Rabbits???

    I've heard of this but why?
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    Cottontail Rabbits???

    So I keep hearing there are months when one should avoid eating cottontail rabbits. I'm not sure if it's true or if someone is wrongly informed. Either way I'm dusting off my .22 and loading up some shorts. Also if you have a good recipe please let me know- Thanks-
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    Anyone got a good cottontail recipe?

    Thanks in advance. I have too many cottontails destroying my lawn.
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    Well, depends on what he means. I agree that 1911 have superior quality of workmanship, and fit... that's why a decent 1911 will begin at $1200. I disagree in terms of reliability, and I'm not afraid to carry my XD in a holster.
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    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    You'll know it's gone mainstream the day CCI announces a .22lr zombie load...
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    Onan 2500 Watt Gen - Electric Start

    Bob, I haven't received an e-mail.
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    Onan 2500 Watt Gen - Electric Start

    Will you trade for a Winchester Model 37 "red letter". It values at $375-
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    Formal handgun training

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    Too bad I have a short bed...
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    White long bed tanneau cover below

    very generous of you
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    Cumberland Float Tube! Come get it!

    Agreed.. Bumperoo for a deal-
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    Ghost Shrimp Pump $20

    Had I not just built one a couple weeks ago... Bumperoo
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    Shooting Slugs in a Choked Barrel

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    Turkey Success!!!

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    That's plenty
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    Seriously? Those words are like oil and vinegar... Save your money, you're not getting away with building anything cheap. I want to see a picture of this tacti-cool AR you built. Now if you're looking for a good hunting cartridge go 30-06. If you're looking for another cartel cool...
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    Or I suck...

    Compadre, your up!
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    More corbina action 4-15-12

    All killer....
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    Are reel lubricants appropriate for guns?

    :rofl: That's a different use...
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    1962 Boston Whaler Refit (Picture Heavy)

    I take it back.. Incredible boat
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    Holed Up in Key West for the Winter........

    judging by the looks of it, I WOULD NOT GO NEAR THE BOURBON BAR!!!
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    A Day in the Everglades

    thanks for sharing..
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    GLOCK shooters.

    If you were a "real friend" you would encourage him to buy a Springfield XD.... (I just started a war).
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    Love the scientific approach. I guess sometime one needs to "modify", what ever works,,, right? In the end the proof is in the pudding... Your boat looks sick.
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    Took a week off to work on the Savannah II

    Hey Danny, I'm glad to know you survived Iraq. What's up with the progress? I don't know if you remember helping me fix my baja bugs 1-piece front end. It obviously worked because some dude bought the whole baja.
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    Duck boat build....again

    never mind, trolling motor = registration.
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    My buffalo mount is almost done

    finished pics?
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    Halibut Madness in the Foam Zone

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    Discussion on hunting seals

    +1.... Just when I was going to ask how the Japanese prepare dolphin.
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    Free decoys

    That is awesome! I wish I lived closer.
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    Discussion on hunting seals

    Agreed, but could you imagine the rich folks outrage?
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    Discussion on hunting seals

    I am soliciting the opinions of those whom would hunt seal/walrus to know what they would do with the carcass after the shot. Leaving a floating carcass seems F'ed up. I was not soliciting general opinions. I guess what I'm most interested in is whether anyone knows a recipe or if the hide...
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    Discussion on hunting seals

    *Disclaimer* I am in favor of gun rights, hunting and believe everyone has a right to voice YOUR opinion. If you plan on bashing guns, or hunting I KINDLY ask that you voice YOUR OPINION ELSEWHERE. OK, I'm in favor of the legislation, known as the Controlled Seal Population Plan (CSPP), which...
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    7mm / .270 Debate

    270 WSM only because the ballistics are incredible. I realize reloading options are limited, but with time I believe more people will move over. In fact that may be my next round.
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    What laws apply and how would you handle this?

    why not purchase it and submit a volunteer firearm registration? Or you could walk it in to gun shop and DROS it (call first to find out how this situation is handled) since it is a private party transfer, maybe they'll take a notarized letter authorizing the transfer and copy of ID. I would...
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    Or I suck...

    I'm willing, Seal Beach usually works for me too. Yesterday I totally sucked. If anything else it would be nice to see others rigging, bait choice, and presentation. Pick a date for a weekend (preferably Sunday, I coach soccer on Saturdays) and lets meet up!
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    I should have Thanked the DFG Officer...

    Agreed, it will also reinforce his attitude toward others. Also, I'm sure that he'll appreciate it since DFG is a thankless job.
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    Or I suck...

    Left my house at 430 this morning plan #1 fish Bolsa Chica. I got to Bolsa Chica when the gates opened. Fished for three hours... Nada. Ad Hoc plan #2 fish HB pier. Two hours later, thoroughly crispy on the outside, and bored. Ad Hoc plan #3 HB State Beach. Three hours of fishing...
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    Pre work corb session 4-5 Tanker !!!!

  112. E

    Afternoon Corb session 4-4

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    I may have to quit fishing

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    A Few Days of Perching PICS INCLUDED

    That's a great write up. I'm glad your dedicated enough to get out there frequently.
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    Fishing Cart

    Yeah I saw that one too. I'm looking for something sturdier..
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    Fishing Cart

    I've been considering the golf caddy, I currently use a big wheel radio flyer.
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    Fishing Cart

    Prefer aluminum.. LMK what you have, pics would be great!
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    Newport Beach Fishing help

  120. E

    Big Bull and Lost Hammer

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    Cardiff State Beach 3-16

    Dude I've been fishing for years and struggle with all your acronyms. I'm jumping on E-B-A-Y and B-U-Y-I-N-G a decoder ring... The jist of it is that your nailing perch while I'm reeling in the kelp beds. Sounds like your 10x better than I am.
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    Perch bonanza

    That would be awesome...
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    Crappy Surfing... Great Bikini's

    WAIT?!? There was surfing in the video?
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    New waders and a new PB. PICS INCLUDED 3/21

    congrats... She got the boot size correct? Sounds like a keeper.
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    another lion attack

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    vans pro hb style !

    cool videos
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    added LED Docking lights to Boat

    Those are awesome, price if you don't mind?
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    Chest waders for kayaking

    Thanks for the video-
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    possable thresher fishin this saterday

    Yes, Ironman this weekend
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    Dana 3-27-12

    That's great!
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    Determining size

  132. E

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    sick photos
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    30lb. YT SCI

  134. E

    Spear fishing in CBad?

    How successful are you while spearfishing in general? I've looked at youtube and all it makes me want to do is grab a kitchen knife and dive for sharks...
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    52lb. Halibut

    that's awesome, who can photo shop my face in that picture?
  136. E

    Nice Palos Verdes Halibut

    very nice.. -the fish dude, the fish
  137. E

    new mental discipline

    Semper Fi...
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    Sand Flea Rake

    I'm not disabled in a sense that I'm inhibited from collecting by hand like I do now, just lazy.
  139. E


    Nice, wasn't trying to be a jerk. I'm undecided about getting another yak or trying a float tube.
  140. E

    Sat at the LBC

    That's good stuff..
  141. E

    Sand Flea Rake

    I searched for the net, I'm not sure it would help much. I'm looking for a way to catch them, once caught I'll put them in a container. Someone has got to have one sitting in their garage collecting dust....
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    Scouting report

    Tagging along, maybe someone will have 1 too many and share their secret spots... See you guys out there Saturday.
  143. E


    Too bad the sheath is ACU. However, I have the exact knife w/ leather sheath and will vouch for the quality of the knife.
  144. E

    SM 3/24 PB BSP

    That's awesome, I decided to skip Newport Beach due to the predicted 9am showers. Tried Oceanslime Pier instead. Totally got skunked, I only caught a huge starfish.
  145. E

    Newporters I have a question

    Tagged along, thanks for sharing your spots. I'll be there tomorrow with my youngest.
  146. E

    Sand Flea Rake

    Thanks, $31 for rake, $32 for shipping... It's exactly what I'm looking for, but I was hoping to avoid the shipping cost.
  147. E

    Newport Beach Fishing help

    So I'm headed to Newport Beach and was thinking of fishing the harbor. Where is a good spot to toss some plastics from? Park where? TIA
  148. E

    Perch'n 3/22/12

    Awesome.. 9 was worth the effort.
  149. E

    BPS turkey seminar today...

    I joined... No one shares their secret spots with me.
  150. E


    What seat and paddle? Interested-
  151. E

    Sand Flea Rake

    Prefer aluminum. Looking for a nice one. Thanks PM me-
  152. E

    Gun show do's and don'ts Please help

    DO... be careful. I was at the last Ontario Gun Show. Someone negligent fired!!! They claim is was a dropped box. BS I've been around enough guns to know what a round sounds like. Of all places inside the convention center!
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    Goose hunt trailer

    Smoking them....
  154. E

    Duck boat build....again

    Dude, awesome work. After having read this article I wanted to build one really bad. With that in mind I cam across someone willing to part with a AMF Minifish (sailboat) that's identical in shape only 12' long. I was thinking of attaching a trolling motor. I only paid $100 for it... Will post...
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    My finished buffalo mount

  156. E

    looking for custom duck and goose lanyards?

    If you swing by for turkey patterning, I've got one you can have that I made.
  157. E

    BPS turkey seminar today...

    Sent a PM
  158. E

    Camo patterns in socal

    Realtree APG or Max4 for me. I bought into the MO brush for a bit...
  159. E

    How many hunt with...?

    I've used rifle for deer, will also use it for boar once I get out and do some scouting. Shotgun for everything else.
  160. E

    Surf Fish

    I don't care as long as I'm catching them
  161. E

    IB Surf Fishing Tournament. Sign up Here!

    Any surf fishing tourneys scheduled?
  162. E

    Fish Cat 4 + accessories

    Interested, PM me if available.
  163. E

    Penn Long Beach

    Sounds like its what I'm looking for. Thanks
  164. E

    honda generator

    PM me if you're flexible on price, Can you also send me a picture to see condition. More details would be nice-
  165. E

    Misc Guns

    price? Tell me more about the rifle?
  166. E


    Your benefit was being lucky enough to make it through unscathed.... I consider myself very lucky that I'm not in the position some of our brethren find themselves in. Great post!
  167. E

    Safe Clearance

    What's the price on the coach gun?
  168. E

    Misc Guns

    price, make and model for 300 win mag?
  169. E

    Vista Irrigation District/Pigs

    I want in...
  170. E


    Covering fire.... First two words in the ad are Russian SKS
  171. E

    Penn Long Beach

    So I was rummaging through my parent's garage and found a pair of Penn Long Beach reels that belong to my dad (functioning). I know they're not worth much, but I would like to use them to pier fish. Can someone give me a rod suggestion? I was thinking of buying a pair of Bass Pro Shops Offshore...
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    AK scope mount.

    Interested in selling the rifle?
  173. E

    Bird Launchers

    Those are too cool. I wish you weren't so far.
  174. E

    Mossberg shotgun

    Good price, too bad I bought another 870 yesterday.
  175. E


    Call me a factory pistol snob, But in my experience Taurus has left much to desire. Then again so has Beretta. While I'm at starting a war... Glocks suck too!
  176. E


    I own three XDs. I've shot >11,000 rnds through my 4", >8,000 through my 5" both in 40. I've only shot 1,000 through my 45. I've only had one problem, and that was a spring that quit. I've used them in IDPA, I've used them in three-gun, I've used them for all sorts of tactical shooting...
  177. E


    Your price range is wide enough that you can pick up a brand new Springfield XD-40. Turners had them for $399 and later for $419.
  178. E


    Still available-
  179. E


    .223 sold- It was nice meeting you Tom, and if you ever want to trade that Howa. I''ve got a model 94 waiting for you.
  180. E


    I need to clear out some ammo. Winchester 300 Win Mag 180 gr. power point (1) box $20 Winchester 300 Savage 150 gr. power point (1) box $20 I've got more, I'll update later-
  181. E

    Depredation hunt in New Zealand

    I volunteer my neighbor's pitbull. That beast will kill anything...
  182. E

    Little slow slip and slide

    COOL, where do I buy a ticket?
  183. E

    My new toy...

    Urban sniper...
  184. E

    Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .375 Winchester

    Bringing it with me to the gun show if anyone wants to meet.
  185. E

    Winchester Model 37 "Red Letter" 12 gauge

    Bringing it with me to the gun show if anyone wants to meet.
  186. E


    Bringing it with me to the gun show if anyone wants to meet.
  187. E

    beater tandem yak

    Best bet may be to buy a demo/2nd from OEX Point Loma. Good luck with search..
  188. E


    Back up for sale-
  189. E


    PM replied to. Sale pending-
  190. E


    Anyone? Bueller?
  191. E

    Surefire M900a Foregrip light. Good Condition.

    price? I've been considering getting another one.
  192. E


    PMs replied to. I just ordered a Nikon TurkeyPRO BTR, I'll include it for an extra $150.
  193. E

    Glenfield Model 60

    looks like a similar design to a Ruger 10/22, they are awesome. GLWS
  194. E


    New rock bottom price, $325 firm.... If not I'll keep it.
  195. E

    Badlands 2200

    Too bad I just bought a huge Camel Back.
  196. E


    There sure are some nice firearms for sale in the firearms classifieds... Some really nice O/U and Turkey guns.
  197. E

    410 gauge Pardner and 20 Gauge H&R

    had that 20ga been a rifled barrel I would have jump all over it!
  198. E


    Would make a decent duck gun....
  199. E


    Ironic considering I sold my other shotties to spend the money on camo'd ones.
  200. E


  201. E

    Safe Clearance

    Can you PM price per? Remington 870 Wingmaster Police. Wood furniture, rifle sights. 20" barrel, very nice. Long mag tube. I have the sping and follower to convert to 4 +1 Remington 581 Bolt 22 S,L, & LR this is a cool little 22 bolty, same action as the BR model. Great youth rifle or all...
  202. E

    10mm Pistol

    Looking for a 10mm pistol. LMK what you have-
  203. E

    Sneak Boat

    Sluester, AWESOME work!!! I found a free mini sail boat without mast. Slightly larger than a surf board. Thought about using that, What do you think? It should hold me, batt, trolling motor, deeks....
  204. E

    POF415 Tactical Rifle

    It's not too much for home defense, Ironically the first time I had to use a weapon (M4) in clearing a Bldg I was pie'ng a corner using my ACOG instead of looking over my sights, I did a lean-to-the-side pull the trigger and shoot the wall in FRONT of me, took me what seemed like a minute to...
  205. E

    POF415 Tactical Rifle

    Having carried a M4 and used it to clear houses in a hostile environment, I can tell you I'd trade it for a shotgun any day. AR platforms have a legitimate use, but stopping power and home defense aren't their strong point. Stoeger has a SxS home defense shotgun. If my needs were strictly home...
  206. E

    Zombie ammo

    I started making fun of people who believe in Zombies at Turner's in Chino. Turns out the salesman at the store is President for the O.C. Zombie Preparedness Squad.... He didn't take kindly to being mocked.
  207. E

    Gift Cards once again

    still interested in BPS
  208. E

    Howa Rifle Break-in Procedure

    Is all of this REALLY necessary? TIA
  209. E

    Winchester Model 37 "Red Letter" 12 gauge

    Wow! both great offers. Ithaca's are cool, but there's something about an O/U. Let me consider the offer, I do appreciate it. Where are you located? The USA is large and even if you're in California, it's still a large area. Thanks-
  210. E


    OK I have one too many turkey shotguns, just ordered another one. Typically there is no such thing as too many, however (4) turkey guns is too many. Specs: turkey Model- 68231 Caliber- 12 gauge 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/2" Barrel- 24" w/fiber optic front, bead, and rear ghost ring w/fiber optic...
  211. E

    Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .375 Winchester

    It books in it's current condition of 98% at $750. A local gun shop will only give me $600 for it, I would rather a BD member enjoy it at that price than a shop make profit from me.
  212. E

    2 Beretta semi autos for sale-LA/OC

    Bump for awesome shotguns... That 1100 skeet is awesome
  213. E

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    You're right that the tipped has better BC, I thought the TSX would retain shape better since boar skin and bone are tough. Thanks for all your help.
  214. E

    Speedgoat eradication implement (.243)

    Someone got a great rifle...
  215. E

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Thanks Gerry, I actually stayed away from the TTSX and bought TSX.
  216. E

    Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .375 Winchester

    .375 Winchester... It's their big bore, only made 4 years.
  217. E

    Marlin XL7 30-06

    Even in need of a larger safe, I'm still trying to buy more firearms.... What's wrong with me?
  218. E

    Winchester Model 94 Lever Action .375 Winchester

    This firearm was appraised a few weeks ago and rated 98%, I was offered $600 by the gun shop. Specs: Winchester Model 94 .375 Winchester Big Bore XTR Rated 98%, only has a scratch next to the loading port. I am looking for a safe... I could do trade + $$$. (I've outgrown my safe...
  219. E

    Winchester Model 37 "Red Letter" 12 gauge

    Specs: Winchester model 37 Single Shot 12 gauge coveted "red letter" It really is a pleasure to hunt with. $275 this weekend!
  220. E

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Gerry, Thanks for the advice. I agree with going lead free and not having to recalculate POI. BTT
  221. E

    Marlin XL7 30-06

    Was at the gun show yesterday and found one for $329 with walnut stock. I regret not buying it thinking that Turner's may have it cheaper.... Anyone else spot this deal? Any idea who the vendor was?
  222. E

    Remington SPR100 Like new 12G Single

    next in-line.. I will be at the OC gun show tomorrow. Call me at 951 8one6 78.49 if you're interested in meeting.
  223. E

    Monkey faced eels

    Eric, Good job digging this up. Definitely worth reading.. Those are gnarly
  224. E

    over/under shot gun

    text message sent-
  225. E

    Savage axis .223

    I just got it in 30-06. May I recommend the Howa 1500 ranch or Weatherby Vanguard II.
  226. E

    Wounded Warriors BHCR trip

    For the boys??? You can count me in to cook, clean.... PM me if you need any help.
  227. E

    Gift Cards once again

    interested in BPS.
  228. E

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Oh, do you take paypal?
  229. E

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Gerry, I got your PM. I will call you after class, my plan was to go TSX 180 grain for crushing piggys. I hadn't considered 190 grain much, although I had been looking at them in the Cabela's catalog. I maybe driving to Oceanside this week. If not I'll have you ship to Murrieta.
  230. E

    Pismo beach area shark fishing

    I catch leopards off Seal Beach all the time, good luck with Tresher Shark.
  231. E

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Interested, PM me a phone number-
  232. E

    Ruger Super Blackhawk 44

    Interested, any chance a scope can be mounted on it? PM me when you can.
  233. E

    Oceanside Harbor From the Rocks

    Man... I have to get out there-
  234. E

    Winchester Model 37 "Red Letter" 12 gauge

    Not for sale, I'm just asking if anyone is looking for one. PM me 28" break action, single shot, good bore.
  235. E

    gun transfers

    Depends who you're transferring to: if it's immediate family you can 'volunteer registration' which is a $18? for sure less than $20 fee.
  236. E

    HK USP fans...

    Wait!... What?.... I'm confused. I thought we were going to talk about how awesome USPs are. I'm dying to buy a P7M8.
  237. E

    Why would I want a .300 WSM?

    +1 I agree 270 WSM is awesome, I hear reloading isn't too much fun..
  238. E

    Winchester Model 94 $600

    Rated at 98% by The Shootist in Murrieta Model 94 XTR .375 Includes 2- boxes of ammo Pelican rifle case Would prefer to trade for .300 WSM or .270 WSM. MUST BE FFL TRANSFER!!!
  239. E

    Hitch mounted 6-Rod Holder, custom made.

    I think that rack is very cool, I had been shopping the aluminum models... I also like the rod racks w/ice chest rack.
  240. E

    Sure Signs Of A Good Time (Here We Go)

    great work! I cast my vote for some "Rolling Rock" representation.
  241. E

    Mirrors, Hats, and Scoopfaces..

    That whole set is awesome! Would look really cool framed and used for deco-
  242. E

    DIY weights

    Are there any hazards associated with pouring my own weights? I have children and this is a concern. Any tips as to best place to purchase molds? lead? Thanks
  243. E

    K - coating? paging yank & crank JR.....

    You'd be very surprised at how simple it is to re-finish a firearm. I used gun-kote from Brownells and it has been very durable. I've also used aluma-kote and that went on great but didn't seem to be as durable.
  244. E


    Paul, If you ever need a partner PM me-
  245. E

    HK 45 Acp

    great firearm, I own one.
  246. E

    Fishing HB/Bolsa Chica A little help??

    My secret is to use a sabiki jig and bait each hook with sand fleas. I've pulled out doubles + a leopard sharks. Be forwarned you'll hook tons of leopards- Enjoy.
  247. E

    Who Wants to Surf fish Bolsa Chika?

    I've fished it several times, I love using sand fleas. I usually fish it early (before the crowds) or evening as they leave. PM me next time you head out, I may join you- I have the # for a guide that charges $20 an hour, may be worth the $$ for a few hours.
  248. E

    Travelling Pigs

    If you ever feel like dragging another hunter along, please let me know- I would love to shoot coons.
  249. E

    Looking For Pigs On The 30th

    Please let me know if you see any turkeys. Wish that I could join you-