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    Found hoop

    Found hoop near the Zuniga jetty Saturday. Has very distinctive marking. No bugs. Message me with the marking on the float and I’ll reply to get it back to you.
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    Cummins QSB380 Install

    Beautiful custom work there. Much of that custom work looks better than you would get in a factory finished boat.
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    Parker 18'

    Is there a bait tank?
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    Old Stuff, C120 and DSM300

    I have a used C120 and DSM300. Free to a BD'er. Most of the cables too. No transducer. PM me to pick up in San Diego, Rancho Penasquitos.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Bump for Mothers Day weekend.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Still available. I think the LOA is just a touch over 26' if you count the swim step on the back. And that is including the bow pulpit.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    The boat is around 5000 lbs and the trailer another 1000. I have a 3/4 ford. I imagine a 1/2 would be ok, but I like to keep my carbon footprint big. And I'm compensating.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    At 20 mph, fully loaded going out, 1.25MPG, maybe a bit higher. Coming back in gets closer to 1.75 at 20 MPH. Like any boat, slower is cheaper. It does have a functioning, calibrated flowscan, so you can see how you are doing and track total fuel consumed.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    A few more pictures of the cockpit. Engine cover is strong enough to stand on and makes a good casting platform. There are two bait tanks, each under a seat. Each tank is about 30 gallons. Separate pumps for the bait tanks.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Bump for Presidents Day. Ladies, it is definitely not too late to get this for your man for Valentines ay.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Bump for the weekend. Hoping to sell prior to Fred Hall so I can get the next ride.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Yeah, one payment :).
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Bump for MLK day.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Bump for the new year!
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Winter service complete. Also a complete detail. Boat looks great despite the rain. A few other items to mention: -floscan, (2) 35 gallon bait tanks, each with its own bait pump, All lights converted to LED, Furuno radar, New batteries, with isolator and automatic batter charger so the engine...
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Somebody buy this thing. Momma says I can get the next boat once I sell this one.
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    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Thanks for the seatrial last week. Really liked it, but the wife says the boat I have has to go first. GLWS.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Thanks Tanner, now I feel like I belong here.
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Bump. I'm feeling pretty pathetic. Nobody even going to tell me to drop my price or my pictures suck?
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    1999 SeaSwirl 2600

    Well cared for and great fishing boat. The family has had many successful fishing days on this boat. Fishes very well. I had the motor replaced with a 5.7L VP rebuilt at Affordable earlier this year. The rebuilt motor is fuel injected and has fresh water cooling. I've run 200 hours on the...
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    Oceanside Harbor tips??

    I used to fish there a few times a year while camping at Del Mar Beach on Pendleton. Used to catch a at least one good halibut each trip. That was a six years ago. They did some sort of dredging three years ago and I don't think the fishing has recovered. I know there are fish over near the...
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    Goliath on the crawl of the season

    So it is illegal to possess a lobster that you purchased from a store and intend to either eat or release???? What if I purchase a lobster from a market and go to the beach to barbque it? FnG gonna arrest me?????
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    Pheasant Hunting

    try Took my son and had a great time. It IS planted birds, so if that is not you thing, go on a wild hunt.
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    Searching for Yellowtail... went home with ? (Part 2)

    Great video. Thanks. Great fish too.
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    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    Dont have anything to add. Just figured I should reply since everyone else did. I do love the Jaws references. Favorite movie by far.
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    Hoopers Opinion - old, stinky bait or fresh caught?

    A lot of discussion. I'm thinking the yellowtail was jsut not oily enough, but something else was going on. It was too wierd to have no life at all in the nets. I'm blaming it on the two divers, even though I know it couldnt have been them.
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    Humboldt Squid

    I'll do my share, where are they and are they around during the day or just night?