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    Why I Hate Fishing On Weekends & Holidays!

    Question: When does making an observation become a crime? Answer: When you single out an ethnicity, and forget to give due credit to all of the other ones that grind your gears. Not fair! Haole hackles gonna get all ruffled up!
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    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    No one ever said u needed a monster reel. Ur the only one sucking on your own vienna sausage about it...
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    kaneohe Bay Done...

    Holy guacamole..
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    Oahu King Charter-stay away

    Since when did BD Outdoors change their name to BushyDikes Online? Guess I didn't get the memo.
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    The old man and the ahi

    Much respect.. Boom shakalaka!!
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    Great Fishing: Monster Ling Cod on light gear!!!

    Thanks for the report. Always interesting seeing different fish from different places in the world. What's your guys favorite way to prepare Lingcod?
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    Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!
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    Shimano Waxwing damaged

    Geez Louis... Maybe Shimano needs to design a bib while they're at it..
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    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Sept. wrap-up

    Nice fish! What was the gear?
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    Short Funny kayak vid

    Backscratch fever! Good job!
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    Most caught inshore fish in Honolulu?

    Or ask um, "Ho! Wat is dat one?" Not cause you being rude, but cause you really like know.
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    Most caught inshore fish in Honolulu?

    Pictures please. :hali_olutta:
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    COINS...What's the RIGHT ( most productive ) way the use the "coin" lures The ultimate crew for working the coin jig. Go get um!
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    Socotra Island Yemen October 2012, The Last Frontier

    Thanks for sharing... Freekin awesome! How did you guys cook the job fish? I love that fish! Keep the reports coming. Never enough stories to hear! Thanks again.
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    New personal best!

    Bonita Applebum... Got it going on.:rofl:
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    Wide open jackass bite! If only fishing was so easy!
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    Waianae 6/30/12

    Huge fish and huge congratulations to you guys! Thanks for sharing the story and picture!
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    Kona Grander - Linda Sue III

    Thank you for da reply. Is the texture on big marlin (500+ lbs.) when it's smoked still good, compared to smaller ones? I don't know. That's why I'm asking. It's tough (no pun intended) to think about TRYING to catch something that old and huge, that might not be that good to eat, especially if...
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    Kona Grander - Linda Sue III

    Dat would be a MONSTER! Can someone please tell me (witout getting pissed, or get pissed if you like) what's da point? From my lack of experience, targeting monster marlin is da same thing as shooting an elephant. At least with an elephant you can grind down da tusks and make some afrodesiak...
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    28 Gallon Gas Caddy - FOR SALE- $375

    Good deals. I wish I saw this 3 mo. ago. Don't forget... Christmas is right around the corner.
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    Is it just me?

    Enjoy the time out on the water! Keep learning from da braddahs and pretty soon hear the sweet song of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!
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    maui mahi's

    Looks like good fun!
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    Beginner Spear report 27 oct 11

    You sure dat little guy got a pound?
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    KANEOHE 8/28

    Good going on da load boyz! :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Need to speak up!!!

    Da chinese. Digging for gold...
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    I don't think so. But would be awesome if he was! ALOHA.
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    They'r back!!!!

    jus for da bones bu.
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    Hello from the Maggie Joe

    Awesome! Thanks for posting!
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    VIDEO How no to catch Ahi 101

    Get um in da boat. Let um go if you like. Wats your point?
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    Ahi fever results from the board of directors on 226.4 and 226.6 ahi

    "Burkart... You and I really know what happened out there." "Idiots"
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    Ahi fever results from the board of directors on 226.4 and 226.6 ahi

    "Come on Rick! We're filing a protest!" "Why?" "What do you mean why! He deliberately pulled your leash! He caused you to fall!"