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    Strange catch

    Winner and it was our skiff just dont keep this fish give to the locals
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    Strange catch

    40lb yoyoing a mega bait
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    Strange catch

    Got this off Clemente yesterday weighing in at 92lbs
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    Kayaking la Jolla help?

    Hey guys was thinking of fishing la Jolla in the kayak was wondering how far the paddle out is to fish or any help on where to launch ect thanks
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    Catalina Mid-Week Yellows 8/20 to 8/22

    Nice fish Mike thanks for the report
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    Catalina east end yellow on flat fall

    Ya nothing in its belly it was weird considering all the bait in the water
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    Catalina east end yellow on flat fall

    On the retrieval lost one to the seals on the same .
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    Catalina east end yellow on flat fall

    Fun fish on the flat fall maybe 80 to 120 ft weighed 24lbs at the house. Water is getting bluer some fish around. Def getting better out there bass bite all day
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    Catalina yellow on the bass jig

    Ya it's slow got one yesterday on the flat fall
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    Catalina yellow on the bass jig

    Fun day caught shallow on bass blowing up on the anchovies
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    Catalina 8 14. Green water east end

    No yellows went out 430 to east end till dark. Bass Benito barracuda nice night on water
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    Catalina long point to the 3 vs August 11 to 13th

    Hey guys decided to fish the skiff sat Sunday and Monday yesterday.. the yellowtail bite has been off. Fished 6 to sunset all days for no takers trolled rapalas live smelt,Spanish Mack's and Pacific Mack's sp minnows for nada. Fished some fresh dead squid on some deeper spots for yellows nada...
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    Anyone gonna be out fishing the island Catalina this Sunday through thursday

    Have some time off if anyones out fishing this Sunday to thursday I'll be out in my little aluminum skiff more than likely fishing the east end down to cat harbor weather permitting. Always down to share info so stop bye or wave me down. I usually do just fine at my go to spots but always helps...
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    Catalina anchovies

    Nice video. Nice fish. Are you fishing close to the island? If so how many miles off? Thanks
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    Catalina anchovies

    Ya that beach is already one of the better to fish halibut. We got 4 shorts just throwing a crockidle from shore and a small yellowtail. I didnt have any of my gear with me just a pole from the camp.
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    Offshore Ever had your prop blown?

    Fun little casino blew my load on that same motel with a sweet hooker
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    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    It's the Russians!!!!! It's the Russians!!! It's the Russians!!!!!!!!!!
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    Catalina anchovies

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    Off the bottom

    Yup tourist chicks are a great plus always I still find my self chasing the. !!
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    Smelt for YT?

    Smelt is by far the best yellowtail bait for the island hands down just flyline and slow troll I'd take it over any other bait
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    Smelt for YT?

    Smelt is the best bait for the yellows at the island all day any day
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    Off the bottom

    Had a few hours to kill jammed the golf cart to the dingy dock jumped on the skiff hit the east end about 6pm first drop bam 2nd drop bam lost 2 others back to harbor by eight dinner bye 830.. 33lb and 36lb off the bottom 80 100ft double dropper loop fresh dead squid from the night before that...
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    Offshore Foamers and fast moving BF at 302

    Was out at the 43 Sunday same story tons of fish everywhere tried everything a buddy even jumped in to try and shoot one no luck. We ended up flying the kite got one huge blow up but fish just missed it nice big one too over 150 for sure . We saw some big grade schools of a few miles from the...
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    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    Do you allow the iron to sink. Also how do you retrieve it fast slow medium just curious thanks
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    Selling squid at cat?

    The back side has a few boats out sure they will sell
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    6 hoop nets lost at Catalina

    Did they have double bouys and chain around the hoop nets and line that came out the end of bouy
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    Going to Catalina and need advice

    There's been squid boat out front harbor you can buy from baits been hard to make lately good luck
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    7/21 Catalina, late report

    Ya that was my kayak he stole it lol only bum on whole island I found him and got kayak back lol
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    Thieving pirates at Catalina!!

    I live on the island and have had kayaks stolen total bummer send me a pic of the set up if you have one will keep my eye open 949 4729255 would love to catch someone zach
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    7/21 Catalina, late report

    Was the kayaker in a sit inside camo kind of colour.
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    Fish report

    keep the drum !!!! what works works fuck them!!!! nice job
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    Where's everyone fishing tomorrow?

    normally go every sunday 445am with 2 buddys but ones in rotan diving others sick but we killed the threshers last weekend all of us had multiple hook ups just drifted mackrel dont paddle south of jetty 60 100 ft of water super fun we kept 1 released 7 there out will be going next sunday for...
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    Where's everyone fishing tomorrow?

    you ever go out of newport
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    stolen gear!!!!

    swapmeets check all of your local ones out i had tools stolen from truck found there week later called cops they arrested the two guys....
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    question: can you hoop net in newport harbor?

    you can but they taste gross we dove alot of nights last season in side the harbor not even the jetty rocks there all over better ones outside harbor
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    Offshore YT, Dodos and YFT, 14 and 209

    why dont people clean fish on boat lol seems like everyone likes to have a kill shot at there house im guilty as well just curious
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    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    does your daughter on the boat mean she can have a fish limit meaning you your wife and dagughter can legally catch limits for 3 people just curious as i have a 16month old son and could use the extra fish lol we eat alot and would help the wallet...ty
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    3 Day on Vagabond July 28

    marijuana bails
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    YFT in Newport Back Bay!

    there was a swordfish right out front by the red bouy last week
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    What is the best setup (Rod & Reel) for Bluefin Tuna? off San Diego

    i got a 60lber last season on a penn reel i had to buy last second at big 5 due to all my stuff getting stolen out of car night before we were leaving . paid $79.99 GOLD REEL coffe grinder put 65lb braid to 40lb fluro make the leader longer and i was whacking them everyone was laughing oh and i...
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    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    i win once in a while i just split it 50 50 im poor so it helpsme get out again i also take the toielt paper in the bathrooms if i loose
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    Long Beach

    nice saw this on facebook
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    i caught a sea bass with a mola in its stomach is that why they call them gay
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    Scored the last 1/2 scoop of chovies in DP this morning

    also best spot to hook a mac while fishing keip line
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    Scored the last 1/2 scoop of chovies in DP this morning

    you guys fly line the macks? what size hook if you do. ive thrown them fly line and get bit but have trouble hooking up , hook size?
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    Info needed on Sept-Oct 10 dayer

    have fun fishing for kelp mackrel
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    Concrete/Pavers in OC

    zach 17144046111
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    Dana Point Harbor spotted bay bass

    went this morning got a few spotties nothing huge but had a nice halibut bust off at my kayak after i did a half ass gaff job over 30inches for sure should have brought the net halibut +gaff on kayak spooky deal when there bigger models anyway threwbig hammers and some flukes fun 3 hours
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    Best LA/SoCal lake for a Double Digit LMB...???

    take kevin up on mission viejo youll have a killer time
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    Best LA/SoCal lake for a Double Digit LMB...???

    ^^^^ was at mission a few days back got an 11.9 and 9.2 along with many many 3-6 lbers that is the lake to go to easy to sight fish super clear water also puddingstone east shore i think one in way back had some 5 pounders last friday next to second pier
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    big bear lake
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    WWW.WALL-AID.COM FOR ANY SMALL drywall touch ups or patches or anything to do with drywall great work hes got good prices to
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    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    my donkey does the trick for me
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    What does Mola taste like..

    they taste fishy
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    the passanger was arrested two years ago and his boat got taken and put up for auction and his friend bought it thats the two of them read the report
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    how much
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    San Nic on the Toronado 3/15/14 Lings, Reds, Sheephead..etc

    what kind of shrimp and how to use wholewith head on or cut
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    free diving breathe time

    ive been free diving spear fishing for 20 years my biggest calicos were all in kelp no more than 10 to 20 ft deep buy a good gun just use your snorkel float on top of water and shoot .. good lots of 10lb females last year great to eat god luck try practicing on the really orange fish there...
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    free diving breathe time

    i can hold for 5 min to get a bass 15 sec just buy a gun
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    FS: Hobie Outback Tons of Accessories

    trade you for some baby goats and a few chickens
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    Limits in the storm Saturday Night. Long Beach

    wfo in sd i got limits in 2 hours fri sat and sunday but im pretty good at this in the storms some may even call me stormbugger
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    land of giants

    ill be out in my float tube hooping the lanes too we should meet up
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    fish identification! anyone?

    asian fish ''Udomphuc''
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    Irvine lake Fishing

    buddy said the same about yesterday only caught bass he was fishing for trout
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    Odds N Ends for sale

    color fishfinder?
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    Family camping

    silverwood lake
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    Opah on the Beach

    i saw one at lake irvine
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    Best offshore foot ware?

    high heels
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    that couldnt have been on the sum fun i heard that captain wolly wofffer aka brian coulndt find fish in his own live well nice bass
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    they taste like shit and the meat smells woulndnt eat but loads of fun to catch
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    1.5 Day personal stuff

    bring a bottle of good whiskey a fake mustache and really short shorts
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    how much would tackle shop charge to spool spectra on my reels

    hey need help on how to post cant figure it out anyone please thank you
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    Shrimp for Sheephead

    raw with head on works well for me i cant figure how to post a thread if some one can let me knowhow to as ienjoy sharing info but cant seem to figure out thank you
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    Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deers

    bear chased them into the water happens all the time snaged dead ones before 100plus feet water
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    upper oso resevoir

    huge bass and monster catfish been fishing it for 15 years park at the grocery store walk under toll road on backside of damm there is a giant hole you walk through puts you on the damm 50 plus lb catfish right off damm easy to hide as itsa tunnel on the damm to the right or left good bass...
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    Fish ID

    baby opha
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    Irvine Lake Sport Chalet Trout Tournament This Saturday 3/16

    hey ill be down this weekend camping and fishing for the tourney out off my kayak troll most the time always do well no the lake ok names is zach have a grey kayak white work van called wall aid good luck stop bye
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    honda 10 hp outboard

    cant figure out to post my own message cansomeone help ty
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    San Diego Junior Pheasant Hunt

    dont no how to post if someone can let me know thank you
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    Don Eddies, San Quintin 3/2/13

    how do you post something having problems cany figure out
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    my son attacked

    god bless you
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    Lobster it was fun while it lasted

    how do you post messages i cant figure out any help would be great ty
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    Wanted Crawdads

    golf course lakes work great
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    what trout is this?

    maybe yosemite reds i fished irvine lake yesterday and got a few when i cleanded them they looked just like that and there real tasty
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    Tips for flyline Sardine?

    can someone showme how to post reports if you have time ty
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    Point Loma Halibut 2/16/2013

    if anyone has the time would like to learn howto post reports not thatcomputer savy ty
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    Offshore Whats the best hoopnet bait?

    cigarette butts and a few bleeding heart liberals always works for me
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    Made my own WaxWing

    have you tried it out how does it swim
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    time for shrooming

    The Department offers free and reduced-fee fishing licenses to eligible persons. For example, reduced-fee fishing licenses are available to certain low-income seniors at least 65 years of age, and honorably-discharged veterans with a service-connected...