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    Lexa HD... 300 better than 400 for high drag settings?

    I have a 1st gen Lexa 400 type HD I wanted to use to replace a Tranx 500 a few years back. The application is fishing around bridges for big snook throwing jigs and swimbaits... so gotta have alot of drag to prevent fish getting into structure. Fished the Lexa for part of a season and on 2...
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    Fathom Low profile 400... confusion

    So Im hoping Penn made the perfect LP reel and eliminated the cons Ive experienced with my Lexas and Tranx. So Im looking to try one but there seems to be some conflicting info out there on the levelwind. Some threads Ive researched on here I saw someone post the LW is disengaging on...
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    Question on modding a divers lip

    I need to make a lure run shallower, Ive done this on baits that the lip is straight and I know that works however this lures lip is different as you can see in the pic. Will shortening the bottom tip of this lip make it run shallower? Thanks for any helpful info
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    Tranx 400 help with constant water intrusion?

    Is it just me or anyone else deal with this?? Had it for several years now found out in the 1st 6 months it was high maintenance type (pinion bearing got rusty) and thats happened several more times as well as the outter spool bushing a few times. I have gone to extreme lengths to coddle this...
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    Tranx 500 / 400 bearing / knob mods

    I posted this in fishing chit chit as I didnt even see this forum at the time..... re posting here to hopefully to some more info I mean come on is no one modding any of these shimanos? Searched high and low and cant seem to find the info I need. 1st On my tranx 500 the right spool bearing (the...
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    Tranx 500 / 400 bearing or handle mods?

    Searched high and low and cant seem to find the info I need. 1st On my tranx 500 the right spool bearing (the one under the pin) needs replaced and Shimano doesnt sell it as they want there techs to only service it.... so looking for anyone out there whos done this that can provide info on the...
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    Shimano More drag from a Trini 12a?

    Considering purchasing one but would really prefer it be capable of a few more pounds.... How accurate is the 17lb rating hoping its on the conservative side? If it is accurate has anyone found a way to get some more out of it?
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    Shimano Trini a series clicker Q

    I noticed that a brand new Trinidad 20a's clicker is much stiffer and one Ive had for quite some time.... I had 2 and this new one replaced one I lost and both those clickers were the same as far as tension. Did Shimano change something to make it stiffer? Id like my older one to be like the...
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    Shimano Trini 20a's not available?

    Was thinking of ordering another.... tackle shop said they arent available right now and no projected available date.... any insight on if its going to be a while before they are?
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    Shimano Size difference trini 20a vs 16a?

    I already have 20s and considering going down to 16s if the size difference is worth it. Anyone know if its a change in width only or is the diameter smaller as well? Shops that carry them are at least 45 min away so have no quick way to get this info myself right now... Thanks in advance
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    Shimano quick help on Tranx 500

    Anyone know which direction the roller clutch bearing is removed from the right side side plate? The one on mine doesn't seem to want to budge but haven't put much force on it yet in case it direction dependant. The parts diag seems to show it coming out from the inside of the plate and all...
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    Shimano Understanding drag on Lever drags Q

    I am considering replacing my trini 20A's with Talicas.... anymore they are mostly used for trolling or live baiting so I see no point not converting to levers. I'm looking at the 8 or 10 size and I see the drag rating with freespool is 13lb @ strike with a max drag of 20lb. Does this mean if...
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    Shimano ISO Terez Waxwing TZSW 70MHblk

    Cant seem to locate one here in Florida yet, going to widen the search Monday. Was hoping out west they are more popular and some shops might have some onhand, any suggestions or better yet anyone see them routinely at places out there?
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    Shimano Teremar West coast rod help / info

    I plan on adding a Tranx 400 to my collection soon so Ive been considering rod options. Looking at the Teremars ... don't really care for the Southeast Teremar blue color so Ive been eyeing the West coast models and it seems they have a bit more selection anyhow. Problem is I cant find any...
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    Shimano Have to buy a $80 handle to replace knob / bushings!!?

    As die hard a fan I am of Shimano this is getting a bit much..... So I have 2 trini 20a's and a Tranx... Youll never keep the white knobs clean which I hate, the bearings in the knobs (lower especially) always ends up corroding making it hard to turn the knob, all issues I'm sure most are...
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    Tranx / Trinidad driveshaft play

    Hey Guys....While using my Tranx the other day every now and then Id feel a slight clunk when reeling.. I did some investigating today and found that there is some play (in and out) in the driveshaft. I disassembled it and inspected the parts that are involved keeping it retained and all appears...
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    Shimano Ideas on cause of driveshaft play (Tranx & trinidad)

    Hey Guys....While using my Tranx the other day every now and then Id feel a slight clunk when reeling.. I did some investigating today and found that there is some play (in and out) in the driveshaft. I disassembled it and inspected the parts that are involved keeping it retained and all...
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    Shimano Tranx opinions

    Ive found alike new Tranx hg for a decent price..... could use some input from those who have used them pros / cons and whether or not they are holding up well to use. 1st one I held in the store quite some time ago I felt it was just a bit big for my liking.... recently picked up a Lexa type...
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    Conventional reel issues with braid

    Hey guys hoping to get some advice on this issue... I know using conventional / baitcasters in the salt is way more prevelant out west so this should be the ideal forum for the help. Ive used baitcasters all my life and am very adept at using them... with mono. When I transtioned over to salt...
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    Shimano Talica handle knobs

    Hey Bantam... will the knobs off a Talica fit a trinidad A? Can I purchase just the knobs?
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    Info on making assist hooks

    I'm going to give this a try and was hoping for some info from those in the know so I don't order some stuff that won't work. Thought I would try both methods.. splicing an eye loop and the double line way using kevlar cord. My first concern is what size cord to use... I was looking at the tuf...
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    Trini A size comparison

    Hoping someone can help me out here... I'm interested in buying a Trinidad A... but before I can commit I really need a visual reference as to their size (no stores here have them in stock & it may be a while a guess so I'll have to order sight unseen) So does anyone have the means to take &...
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    Way to increase tension on line out clicker??

    There are 2 springs on each side of the pawl which I assume applies the is I were to replace them with heavier one it should increase it I'm guessing. The trick would be to find the right length spring in a heavier version.. anyone fooled around with this or know where to look...
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    SX raptor drag settings

    So I am eagerly anticipating the MX raptor and I am figuring it should have a similair drag range to the SX, so I have a few questions for those who are using an SX Raptor. 1- It's advertised max drag is 17 @ strike 26 @ full a difference of 9lbs, am I correct in the assumption that this 9lb...
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    Solution for using line out clicker

    When livebaiting (conventional lever / star drag gear) and the bite is not exactly on fire or the fish are spread out, I throw the rods in a holder, out of gear with the line out clicker on and slow troll. My problem is finding a way to maintain enough tension to prevent line going out under...
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    Topshotting Q's

    What determines the length of the mono top shot? Is it personal preference or does it vary according to species or fishing method used (drifting / trolling etc)? I've always used mono for offshore stuff, so what if anything would I have to overcome or get used to going with a braid / topshot...
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    Talica 10 input

    Looking at buying this reel and would like to hear from those who are using them. What setup are you using for braid / topshot (lb test & how many yds ea)? Any problems? What kind / size of fish are you catching ont them?
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    MXL Raptor....when?

    Hello to this site, been lurking for a while gleening information. I'm probably gonna have numerous questions on Avets & topshotting as neither of these have really become real prevalent down my way yet. So I am in the market for 3 reels and I currently have an MXL 5.8 and after I...