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    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 Day 8/21/2020

    That skippy I see? First one I’ve seen this season
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    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    Seiners. They were out working Sunday. A dozen of them. Saw them make a wrap. Sucks. They were working between 267 and 14 and north of it about 7-10 miles off.
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    Offshore Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    No. But I heard there’s a 37 on the west coast somewhere. Might be in Newport.
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    Offshore Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    Think I saw you guys out on the backside of cat. I was on the 42 freeman with quads. We left from Dana point. Crossed the channel from Dana to east end in 35 min, doing just over 60, autopilot and relaxing. My little 22 whaler tops out just over 42 and it’s not fun in that boat. In the cat, we...
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    Parking at dana point

    It’s my local ramp also. My car has been hit twice. Then I’ve been blocked in where I had to unhook and have the worker there move my trailer out. And one time I blocked someone else I parking my car in my storage spot with the trailer. Of course the boat next to my spot, which hadn’t moved for...
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    Offshore Submarine

    Don’t know. But it was long time ago like 40/50 yrs ago
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    Offshore Submarine

    My buddies uncle used to captain a tug boat. One night he was pulling a big barge and while underway, a sub surfaced between the tug and barge, hooked the line and dove. The sub pulled both vessels under. Buddies uncle was on a life raft for two weeks at sea before he was found. The sub didn’t...
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    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    My bro was on the boat that picked up the crew. Not sure of the cause. But he said the CG was a shitshow. They had two pumps but neither would start, nobody ready to jump in the water. When they first arrived, the Capt of the CG boat came in hot and swamped the boat. Buddy thinks it could have...
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    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    Such a bummer. Dana is going to suck. Dry storage is supposedly going to quadruple. Inside info I got recently...the guy in charge of the project was asking marketing people if he should change the name of Dana Point Harbor to something else. Marketing folks were like wtf...let’s ask some...
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    Offshore Dana Landing Hit and Run (9/2)

    Same here in DP. Went early in the am while dark, ran solo. Came back and a huge dent on the side of my car. Took another look and noticed I parked in the dark and ended up in the middle of the lane. No cars in the morning but packed when I got back. Everyone had to drive around me. Haha. Said...
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    Offshore 14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    I went out sunday to the same area and came across a pretty large dead seal (or sea lion, whatever, didn't look THAT close) that had two bite marks out of it. Could definitely see big teeth marks. The jaws looked to be about 12-15" across. Shoulda taken a pic but didn't. Second dead seal i've...
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    1-14-17 - No Halibut, New Boat Report

    Were you towing her on Harbor blvd near the 405 last week?
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    Need new Fish finder

    What he said except I believe my Lowrance (gen 3 btw) has autopilot capability. Like I said, the transducer(s) was the hard part for me to figure out.
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    Need new Fish finder

    I just recently upgraded to Lowrance HDS7. Like a dumbass, I waited till the "end" of the offshore season, then my new baby was born so only have used it three times. I love it tho (albeit my last one was maybe the first ever Garmin made). I researched for friggin ever. Almost went Garmin again...
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    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    I usually rinse my trailer after launching and retrieval. I think it helps. I keep a short hose so it's easy to use
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    Offshore Blood Moon Bait Blues

    That definitely sounded like a pucker moment w/the bait boat!!! Happened to me once on a booze cruise, Duffy, Newport backbay (at least behind the bridge). Big boat coming in pitch black, couldn't tell what we were looking at thru the isenglass window glare. Hard evasive maneuvers to avoid it...
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    Offshore same day report 8/13 oceanside

    I'm still hoping my Calcutta rod with a Calcutta reel, attached to a tuna from last season shows up. Near the corner store. Pm me if someone gets it please. Note: do not chunk to boiling fish and then toss a hooked chunk in with slimy bait hands. Thing got bit 5 ft from the boat.
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    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    Just accidentally forget something important. Then you'll get em good. If you're itchin to pull on something, get some hard baits and fish the bass inshore on the kelp line. They're spawning and it's awesome right now. Totally neglected right now. Do that until it turns on outside (but it does...
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    14 mile bank, 4-19-15

    I almost ran one over that looks to be about the same size while heading back about five miles inside cat yesterday also!!! Glad I didn't get it. Was doing about 22 knots and didn't see it until it was about 3 ft off my port. Btw, hit farnsworth for two YT.
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    Dana Point 4/14/15

    Left the harbor around 830. Test running the boat. Water right outside was 60.1 and green. Headed north to the red buoy at DP proper and bass fished a bit. Couple of biters. Water warmed up to maybe 61 and cleaned up. Fished up the coast to monarch in decent looking water. Found some fish up...
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    You're all measuring wrong. This is how... DP last night
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    Any good suggestion on lobster charter?

    Helena out of Dana point does it. 10 people a night
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Oh, Ok. Got it. Missed that thread.
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    "Ethnics" aye? Does that include or not include "non-ethnics"? Would non be whites? None of them use mules? Not a single one? Just curious cause I've only been here since I was born. I don't know the rules of ethnics vs non ethnics. Thanks.
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Last lobster season I just went for a booze cruise with my wife. Got back to the harbor around sunset. Dfg came up and asked if I was buggin. I looked at my empty boat, then gave him the wtf do you think look, then said ", I don't even any gear". I had one bass rod on the boat. He still...
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    O'side 9/24/14

    They're at sci if u can make it there. Out of my range. Eating chovies. Don't bother w dines is the word I heard
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    DP towards the 209 9/19/14. Yft and world record yt

    Haha....pretty close. Gonna need a scale that can do grams
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    DP towards the 209 9/19/14. Yft and world record yt

    Here's the mini yt after a day on the tree...
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    DP towards the 209 9/19/14. Yft and world record yt

    Ya, it does. Turned more yellow after it died.
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    DP towards the 209 9/19/14. Yft and world record yt

    Dana harbor @530. Floating by 615 after some bait pump work. We were #15 in line for bait. Only second time this long. First was the Wednesday before. 2 day old dines were relatively excellent for the day! Three of us Motoring out by 715. Straight towards 209. Resisted kelps near the 267 based...
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    Offshore 9/8/14 DP to the 267, 277

    Left the harbor at 10am. Good quality/mix of dines and macs. Headed straight for the 267. Water was oil. 73°. Found a few paddys on the high spot. All you want rat yellows. Had to keep one cause I hooked its gill and was bleeding out. Got them on dines, mc slugs, poppers. Fun stuff. Some spearos...
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    Offshore Dana to 14 8/31/2014

    This isn't all my catch. Three of us. Of course neighbors, family, friends. I definitely wouldn't keep this much, plus it's more than a limit. We can and smoke a lot. Cans last a couple years or more. Got into wife open yt earlier this season. Kept a few, released ten plus. I ain't no hoarder...
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    Offshore Dana to 14 8/31/2014

    Weather wasn't good in the morning. We were nervous but the day became excellent by late morning. 25kts home.
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    Offshore Dana to 14 8/31/2014

    Launched Dana Point at 5 this morning. Dines at barge. Zoo at harbor. Headed west to the 14 and a little beyond. Water was a little green but real clear. 73.4 degrees. A couple on a paddy, the rest on birds. 16-21lbs. Lots of yahoos on the water running over chum slick. Parking lot when we got...
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    Lost and Found

    I saw that one wearing it! Thought it was just some bling
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    Lost and Found

    Don't suppose you or anyone found my Calcutta 400 on a Calcutta rod attached to a yft? My buddy let that setup go from an instant bite yesterday so there should only be about 15 ft of line out. Had a second or two to make the jump in after it but brain freeze. Watched it swim away. Oh, it's got...
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    Offshore Monday theft report at DP and BFT

    Slim chance to catch them but I believe there are cameras and the embarcadero office might let you see the footage.
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    Dana Point Harbor boating in danger!!! Need support

    See the attached memo. If you go to the website shown, it shows plans for the harbor. We will lose dry storage as all they will offer is stacked dry storage. For those of you who fish out of Dana, please come out and support. Thanks. Sorry this isn't a report. I'll probably head out tomorrow and...
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    Lobstering at San Diego Bay and Mission Bay... is terrible. Opening Week too.

    Interesting points but as for your statement that 300 tons is nothing I don't necessarily agree with. You do realize that 300 tons = 600,000 lbs, right?
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    DP Inshore Sat.Sun

    What the other guys said. We just gaffed it in a couple spots and pulled it in but it was dead tired. I don't think it even flopped once when we were gaffing it and putting a rope on the tail. Held it on the side of the boat for a minute maybe while readying to pull over and waiting for a...
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    DP Inshore Sat.Sun

    Went to mess with the boat Sat afternoon. Decided to go for a quickie bass run with a bro Streaker, and left the dock after 3 with some plastics. Went south, fished the birds close to shore. Pretty nonstop action and a plethora. Just used one single pattern plastic and got a bunch a Calicos, a...
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    DP Loop 14mile, 277, 267 No Love. Farmer

    Ya, solo. I had to go so I could report something because I'm tired of reading about Opals (although it is providing some entertainment while I'm waiting for fish). The leopard looked like it was right there at the 36" mark. The thresher was a lot smaller (prbably less than my ten lb guess)...
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    DP Loop 14mile, 277, 267 No Love. Farmer

    Made the loop today. Went to the point, made macs and headed toward the 14. Water was cold inside, 64.9-65.5ish up to about 5 miles out. Then it starts to warm up just a bit. I think 66.5 and the water cleans up. Stopped on two paddies about 6 and 8 miles out. Nobody home. I cut in a bit below...
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    Great day Seabass and Yellows 6/18

    one biter that felt like the right kind over night that came unbuttoned. Plenty of cuda biting at night. All the rest were am and afternoon bite.
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    Great day Seabass and Yellows 6/18

    Oh ya, water was 64-ish, clean. Current was downhill at night, uphill during the day, gradually heading straight in. We were in about 80 ft of water, south of the border not too far. They were hitting 40 & 50lb fluoro.
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    Great day Seabass and Yellows 6/18

    Haven't gone on a charter in years but a buddy convinced me to go on an overnight on the Blue Horizon out of H&M to go looking for some seabass. Awesome trip! Left the dock around 6:30pm and headed out to make squid. Captain was on it...found the spot, dropped the light and the place absolutely...
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    Frozen Squid at its best

    Dana Point X3
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    Boston Whaler 22' Outrage Refurbish

    Sweet setup! I really like your bait tank setup. I have an 88 with a whaler drive that I want to similar. The only thing different would be the pumps. I like to use that compartment as a kill box so flopping fish with the plumbing is probably a bad idea. I was thinking to put the pump in the...
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    Shark/Lobster bait DP

    At the point (Dana pt). Just north at the kelp. You gotta use a little piece of squid or something (squid stays on the best) on your sabiki.
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    Shark/Lobster bait DP

    red can. they're always there. Got awesome for offshore candy macs the other day after a dodo season of bigguns but used them for lobster. They've been a bit south of the can the last week or so. But usually just north.
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    When are the DP RedBull Air Races? We need them

    Went out Monday past 267 about 5 and south of it about 5 and found a paddy with jumpers. Nobody on it. Dropped a mac and bit in about 3 seconds by boat breezers. Called in a bro. Awesome bite until a couple more boats pulled in. One boat asked if we were going to stay a while cause they wanted...
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    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    Sorry, it was Labor day 9/3. That's a symptom of being unemployed...don't know what day it is...
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    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    haha...they're in a saltwater/blood/ice slurry. Pull their gills, bleed them and throw them in the icy brine and it keeps the meat good. I love knowing the fish was on ice while still alive. ya, good point. Forgot to mention that. I tried to hail them on the radio but no response. We waved...
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    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    *The Super long version...sorry so much reading required... As a local guy unemployed and plenty of time on my hands, still decided to go out on Labor day expecting crowds. Wasn't the case. Maybe the weather over the weekend scared everyone off. Anywho, left the dock around 6:30, got a half...
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    Dana Pt offshore Tues 8/28 - No love but a big hammerhead shark!

    yep. that's exactly what we were thinking. after looking around for so long for nothing, woulda been nice to pull on something for a sec.
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    Dana Pt offshore Tues 8/28 - No love but a big hammerhead shark!

    Left dana pt around 10 this morning with a full tank of macs caught the night before. Headed towards the 14 in search of paddies. Not a one. Victory at sea. Went out about 8-9 miles, turned south and motored about 5 miles south. Nada. Water was cooling down. Speaking of was 66 in...
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    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    The only complaint I have is that one time I got a skirted one and the rubber band that holds the skirt broke after one day's use, without catching anything, and not fishing the bottom. Bummer. I bought more. Chips don't bother me.
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    Dana 8-11-12

    Water was super clear, blue from Dana all the way. Saw a bunch of giant blue whales cruising. Heard reports that the water turned green the day before but didn't see any of it.
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    Dana 8-11-12

    Sorry, meant about a 200 heading.
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    Dana 8-11-12

    Went out late start. 9:00am. Caught about 15 macs at the red can the night before. Got a scoop of deans in the am. Headed out towards 267 on about 180 heading. Went down to about the barn and ~10 miles out. Found paddies with lots of bait and molas. Nobody else home. Headed back on a zero...