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    Jalama beach surf fishing

    Hello all. I will be camping at Jalama Beach for a week starting the Monday after the 4th of July. Does anyone have any insight on how the surf fishing has been up there? Thanks in advance.
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    Cleaning lobster?

    So after your first successful of pulling in a lobster, what's the next step? As far as maintaining through the evening, cleaning, storing etc? Just a newbie looking for some insight. I really want to get into hoop netting but know very little. Thanks in advance but all the input. I'm not...
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    surf fishing guanacaste questions

    I will be staying at the RIU guanacaste from march 5th through the 14th. Are there any decent oppertunities at surf fishing in this region? If so, tackle suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the response, looking forward to a GREAT time.
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    La jolla kelp fri 8-29

    Finally made the ride from my house (Ontario) at 3:30 to mission bay. My sister, her boyfriend (Mike) and myself arrived at about 5:30. I'm the one in the straw hat. This was my first time taking my 12' aluminium skiff down to san diego. I have never fished there before. With out a fish...
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    La jolla trip please help...

    I usually fish newport area as i live in Ontario. I usually take my 12' aluminum skiff past the breakwall and down to crystal cove or laguna. My first question is do you think its safe enough for me to launch out of sd somewhere and make the trip up to la jolla? If so, my next question is...