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    Calstar 770 XXH build

    Just finished 80-130 lb class ready for some action.
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    Cal star 800H build

    A couple more coats of epoxy and this one will be done. First attempt at marbling on a rod after many practice runs. I like it.
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    Randy question

    Newbie question, some Tady jigs have single hook some have treble hooks. Why? Are the single hook ones for tuna and the treble hook ones for chasing tail? Can you change the hook from one to the other using the same jig or are the jigs fundamentally different? Should have read Tady question...
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    130 lb floro to wahoo jig

    I have frequently read here on bd that guys sometimes prefer to use 130 lb fluorocarbon rather than fish with wire for wahoo jig tossing. What I don't know is what is used to attach the jig to floro, crimp or knot and if knot which one. I also assume it is a finicky bite that motivates one to...
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    Combined hobbies

    I've combined a couple of hobbies, woodworking and long range fishing in the attached pepper mill. The images of the fish are burned in by hand. YFT, YT, Wahoo and Dorado. The wood is yellow heart and santos mahogany. It took about a week to finish. Tom
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    Spectra splice or loop to loop?

    I would like some opinions on connecting my leaders to hollow core spectra. In the past few years I have always prepared my leaders by threading the leader material inside the hollow core spectra and tying a serve knot to secure it. Then I have always spliced the tag end of the leader onto my...
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    What reel to match these rods?

    I just purchased two rods in anticipation of going on longer long range trips in the 10+ day range and and looking for thoughts on choice of reels to match with them. Price is not a huge issue, but I would like to hear your suggestions from good quality reasonably priced to money is no object...
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    New Tackle Box

    For years I have thought about a long range trip and finally pulled the trigger on the 2009 Coastside 5 day trip, and now I am hooked on these trips. I have seen a few custom long range tackle boxes and decided to combine a couple of my hobbies, woodworking and fishing. Here are a few pictures...
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    5 day trip advice

    I have the following reels: Diawa Saltist 30H, Saltist 30TH, Avet JX 4.6:1 single speed, Avet LX 6/3 two speed, ProGear 541, and a couple of TLD 30 two speeds. I am thinking about either an Avet MXL 6/4 two speed or an Accurate 870C single speed, both available at a great price. Which, if...