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    lots of very informative SPJ videos on youtube

    by shimano South east asia. all subtitled in english
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    Trinidad 14a covid Christmas special

    BNIB. It's brand spankin new, seals not even broken. Asking 420. Not considering trades at this time You can reach me via pm or at 7147220927
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    BNIB shimano trinidad 14a Covid Christmas special!

    BNIB trinidad 14a. unopened box. no i will not get you more pictures. hand me the cash and you will be the first to open it. will not ship, shipping is a nightmare right now with COVID. asking 420 dollars. located in westminister, can meet you somewhere in the north OC area
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    beefing up hooks on LC110s

    this seems like the best place on the forum to ask. what hooks would you all recommend to replace the stock LC110 hooks? i am planning on rigging up several to take down to baja to cast at some toothy shore critters, and dont want them bending out, as the stock hooks are known to do. so what can...
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    Gold Trinidads, new torium lefty

    For sale is 2 shimano trinidad 30s. both are serviced. one is scratched up, but mechanically fine. the other one is very clean, and has upgraded drags and has the DC clicking pawl upgrade also selling a torium HG left hand 20 size. in like new condition asking 200 firm for the scratched...
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    Golden shimano reels

    for sale are some shimano reels I have: 1 trinidad 12A SOLD 1 trinidad 16 SOLD 2 trinidad 20 SOLD 1 trinidad 30 1 tranx 500PG (not pictured, but BNIB, havent even opened the seal on it) all the trinidads are in excellent working condition, and come with line. the trinidad 30 has a clamp, but...
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    Silver Trinidad 30a

    used but in good condition. new gears, bearings, handle, and swapped out black knob. comes with clamp. asking 380 OBO. i can be reached by PM or at 714.722.0927
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    Gold Trinidads up for grabs Lot one is 4 very well used trinidads. 2 30s(1 has upgraded drags), 1 14(with spectra), and 1 12(with spectra). asking 240 each, will give better price for multiple purchases. all these reels are scratched up, but they are top...
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    Gold Shimano Trinidads

    For sale is 3 shimano trinidads. all have signs of use, scratches here and there, but all 3 are in good mechanical condition. they have all been serviced with Cals drag grease, and had any faulty bearings replaced. trinidad 12(comes with carbontex drags and #50 spectra to the top)-240...
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    Daiwa Pluton like new

    For sale is an excellent condition Daiwa Pluton. it is like new inside and out. You would be hard pressed to find one in this condition. asking 300 OBO, this thing is ready to kill some stripers. I can ship nationwide at your expense. I can be reached by PM or text at 7147220927
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    Shimano gold Trinidads

    For sale are 3 gold Trinidads. 1 12, 1 14, and 1 20. All have line on them and they are serviced. Asking: 12 SOLD 200 for the 14 20 SOLD I can be reached by PM or by text at 714.722.0927
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    Tiburon Frame For Penn 500

    Tiburon frame, appears to be unused. Doesn't have what reel it is for on the box, but based on some googling, it appears to go to a Penn 500. Great for adding some rigidity to the reel, which is a weak point on those older Penns. Comes with a clamp and clamp hardware. asking 60 OBO. I can be...
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    Lb fish supplies/ Caivo fred hall deals!

    I was checking out Jimmys facebook, looks like he has some great deals lined up for fred hall! Surface irons on sale, small sizes 5 for 20 and large size jigs 4 for 20. a great deal, ive personally used these to catch all local fish, yellows, yellowfin, bluefin, grouper, cabrilla, and...
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    wtb albakore backpack

    looking for an albackore backpack, better condition is preferred. the zippers on mine are starting to give out.
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    anybody have any panga connections for gonzaga bay/enchanted islands

    planning on heading out there soon, does anyone have any connections on pangeros that can go to the islands, and any leads on where to stay? we are planning an exploratory trip to hopefully add the area to our rotation of baja spots to fish.
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    any more reports out of san quintin?

    anyone been out lately? i saw the report with the "26lb" WSB, but has anyone else been down there? headed down the 7-8th, would like to know what to expect.
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    Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCL

    for sale is my revo toro. it is in good condition. this is the second season i have fished with it. it is spooled with #55 Daiwa saltiga boat braid. Comes with both Power, and paddle handles. $200, and i can be reached through PM or at 714.722.0927
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    Daiwa saltist 5000h for sale

    For sale is my daiwa 5000h spinning reel. it is a great little workhorse, perfect for the local tuna, yellows, and dodos that have been and are going to be coming in. comes with close to 440 yards of #55 line. looking for 150 for the reel. NO TRADES. I can be reached through PM or at 714.722.0927.
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    for sale penn international 30 trolling setup

    for sale is my international trolling rig. comes with a penn international in good condition and a full roller rod with an aluminium reel seat rated 50-100. looking for a quick sale. $180 for both. NO TRADES. i can be reached through PM or at 714.722.0927
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    Rods and reels(shimano phenix daiwa penn)

    for sale is several rods and reels. all have served me well, but im upgrading all my gear. i can be reached by PM or at 714.722.0927. NO TRADES REELS: Shimano Trinidad 16. comes with carbontex drags, half spooled with #65 PP in red, and half spooled with #40 P-line CXX. perfect for a jig stick...
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    hooks for poppers

    i just bought some Yo-zuri sashimi sliders and sashimi bulls, and was wondering what the best single hooks would be to run on them, or if the trebles are the best option. ill be using them for baja fishing, dorado, yellows, yellowfin, etc. i sometimes get skipjack and bonito bycatch, and would...
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    WTB albackore tackle bag

    looking for one in good condition.
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    Shimano colt snipers at fisherman's hardware hb

    Blue pink color 60-100g. Act fast!
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    trolling setup for sale

    for sale is my Penn international 30/roller rod setup. the reel is scuffed up, but mechanically excellent. its spooled with 60LB Pline cxx, and has been used for everything from bonita to sailfish. the rod doesnt have clear branding, but it is graphite and rated 60-100lb. it had an aluminium...
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    reel reccomendation for my whopper stopper?

    I managed to find a whopper stopper mini rod(about 3.5 feet) for a hell of a deal. anyone familiar with them, or used them before want to give me recommendations on a reel to pair with it? would prefer lever drag, since im obviously not going to be casting with it, also no Avets please!
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    anyone ever fished out of popotla?

    a guy at the fred hall show was telling us about popotla, but its been a while and i forgot what he told me. anyone know the deal down there?
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    FS trinidad 16 na

    for sale is my trinidad 16 na. it has a few blemishes(that might be removable with car wax) but is in otherwise great condition. i only fished it once. mechanically it is in perfect condition. you will get this with the knob switched out for the black talica knob, and if you like, i can give you...
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    WTT Trinidad 16na with braid for 20a

    like the title says. That is the only reel i want in exchange, and i dont want to sell my trinidad. it comes with 340 yards of Daiwa saltiga #55 braid. it has a few scuffs, but is mechanically perfect. I'd like to get this deal done this coming week. will also trade for a talica 16ii with cash...
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    a couple of reels and a teramar

    i have for sale a few reels. first up is a calcutta 200te. its got some scuffs, but great mechanical condition comes with carbontex drags, and has some 30lb power pro on it. (can fill it to the top for an additional 20 bucks) $130 SOLD next is a curado 200G6. could use...
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    WTB phenix 700xh rod

    as the title says. preferred in orange county. pm me or text at 714.722.0927
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    Shimano 2 questions about the Trinidad 16na

    first, does anyone make a specific narrow reel cover for it? i think the standard shimano neoprene cover looks very sloppy on it. second, and this is more of a general question of the trinidad A, does anyone have a how-to on removing the knob? i want to switch it out for something better...
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    Salas Jigs and rapala trolling lures

    for sale is 2 lots of lures. lot one is a lot of Salas yoyo jigs. $40 the second lot is a set of rapala trolling lures. only 4 are pictured, but there are 6. also $40 so shoot me a PM, or text me at 714.722.0927
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    custom wrapped calstar 530 for sale

    custom wrapped 9 foot calstar 530, comes with deckhand grip. great for throwing irons at yellowtail, my pops just upgraded to a better rod. 160 OBO. i can be reached by text or call at 714.722.0927
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    Storing the Shimano waxwing?

    what do you all use to store your waxwings? i had a jr size in a plano box, and the wings got bent and the action got screwed up on it. I plan on getting a larger size for yellowtail and such, but cant really figure out how to carry them around outside of just keeping them in the original...