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    22’ Wellcraft Center Console

    Nice boat what kind of gas mileage do you get with that E-Tech
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    Your thoughts, Seeker Classic Trolling Rod

    I have one pair up with a penn 6/0 senator 114hl its old school now but I use it trolling back when some off the boats did not have or some of the passengers did not have the gear. I use it for dropping loop now , it's a 60 # + set up . Short rod with good bend to it.
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    Wahoo Wire Harness

    Savon Tackle in Santa fe Springs Ca. has them 562-864-2659
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    Got my Wyoming elk mount back

    Nice elk where in wyoming ?
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    Your Favorite Set-up

    Talica 12 - 2 with a Phenix psw 700h great 40# set-up
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    Beretta vs Benelli Shotgun

    pattern the gun at 30 yr. and see if it hits in the center . If its on then you know if not make the ajustment.
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    San Gabriel River West Fork 6-1-11

    How was the trash and graffi ?
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    Yellows on half day boat.

    I was on that boat (New Seaforth) 5/25/11 with 62 fisherman on a 3/4 day. When I booked the trip it was in the mid teens. They told me 25 people no more then 29 that day. They said the San Diago was chartered for the day and the half day boat (New Seaforth) was going to be the 3/4 day boat. Dont...
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    I fished with Karen last year. I think she is one of the best 3/4 day deckhands. Gave her and the crew a bag of oranges Great day fishing.
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    Model 70 or Browning x-bolt???

    If the 270 worked for you go for it. I killed and elk with it knotked the dog shit out of it !
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    New to Southern Ca, Need a starting point for hunting locations

    Just pm me and leave your # and i will call. Going to colorado to do some Elk hunting in Steamboat Springs. I also hunt in Big Bear.
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    New to Southern Ca, Need a starting point for hunting locations

    Hay quack'n, smack'n iam in La Habra maybe we can go hunting !
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    Im going to Bahia De Los Angeles!!!!

    The south side of the bay near the point there is a small protected bay that has clams in about 4 or 5 feet of water. You can feel them with your feet. Just look out fore the stingrays