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  1. fishincrazy

    Offshore 9-19 03 over 21 YFT and Dados

    Fished with my son today. Had a blast. Found the fleet with some seiners working an area 03 over 21. water temp 69 - 70 Color Blue in the mix with the fleet we had one knock down slow trolling but lost it several cranks in. Worked the area with everyone else but didn’t get anything going...
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    Free Boat Bow Cushions

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    Free Trailer Hitches

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    Offshore 6/17 7 miles west of 9 North

    Went 2 for 4 yesterday. 70lb and a 40lb. Metered lots of fish and saw them boiling in the morning. What worked for us was to throw a good amount of chum once we metered. Good times with my friend his son a my son. Water anywhere from 71 to 73. Fished 30lb line small hooks. What a season so...
  5. fishincrazy

    Offshore 7/3 south of Coronados

    Fished with my 10 yr old son today. We fished near the fleet which was about 10 miles south of Nados and 15 miles offshore. Water was blue and temp was 66. Got one bite on a sinker bait on 25 lb test. (Not a good idea). Took 2 hours to get in, didn’t weight it but guessing 65 -75lbs. My son...
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    For Sale Seeker Black Steel Graphite

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    Offshore 6/6 No luv on the BFT's

    Headed out late Saturday night with some intel on the day before fishing just west of Ensenada. Not to mention I think I saw the entire fleet there on Marine Tracker. Anyway we left at 11:30 and headed that way to try and get the night bite which was supposed to be better than the day. Got to...
  8. fishincrazy

    Carbon fiber drag washers

    They are spoken for and gone. Thanks guys. For Trinidad and Torium - 16, 20 and 30
  9. fishincrazy

    Infant/child Life Jackets

    GIVEN AWAY! I have two life jackets that my kids used but they have quickly outgrown. Located in Bonita, CA.
  10. fishincrazy

    10K Pound Tandem Pacific Trailer

    This is a Pacific 10K lbs Trailer which has been rebuilt with Pacific parts and hardware. Trailer held a 25ft Mako 252 Center Console on it. Trailer has been rinsed after each use with fresh water and salt away. See pics and details below. Title In Hand - Ready to go for the season. Let me...
  11. fishincrazy

    Diawa LD30 2-Speed, (2) Penn SQL60LD

    Hey guys...up for sale: Diawa LD30 2 speed - $200 $175 ***(Pending)*** Used on two trips last year Loaded with 50# spectra 9 out of 10 condition (2) Penn SQL60LD - $75 $50each ***Pending*** Used for two seasons, serviced last season Loaded with 80lb mono 8 out of 10 condition Nothing wrong...
  12. fishincrazy

    Seeker, Calstar, American Spirit Rods

    I have three rods up for sale, location is Bonita/Chula Vista, CA. Local pick up only. Seeker Black Steel Graphite - $175 $125 ***Sold*** 80 - 130 lbs Aftco Rollers/seat/Butt 6ft 3" length Calstar GWC 6460HX A/R (Brand New) - $399 $275 40 - 100 lbs Aftco Rollers Alps Seat/Butt 6ft Length...
  13. fishincrazy

    Kids size 3 xtratuf boots

    Used one season, plenty of life. Location Bonita.
  14. fishincrazy

    Starboard Door with SS piano hinge

    Measures 13 3/4 x 12 3/4 see pics.
  15. fishincrazy

    Chart Selection Assistance

    Hey guys, I have a question on searching for the right chart to show contour details in Mexican waters. I have a Simrad NSS system with C-Map charts. Charts look great and have a ton of detail when north of the Coronado Islands. Once I get south of the Coronado Islands the contour details...
  16. fishincrazy

    Calstar 755 XH or similar

    Hey guys, looking to see if I can get my hands on another 755 - XH...I have one and looking to get a matching one or something similar by Calstar. Let me know if you'd be willing to part or thin your herd. Thanks Mark
  17. fishincrazy

    Boat Stands Wanted

    Hey guys, Looking to buy/rent/borrow some boat stands. Got some winter projects I want to do to trailer and looking to take boat off of it. Don't want to store boat in the water. I see you can buy them online, however before I do that wanted to check and see if anyone has some around they...
  18. fishincrazy

    Offshore 10/3

    Tired from long day so short post... 6 miles south of Nados paddy loaded with 10lb YT. Lat/long 19 over 19 fished 1010 empty 378 - Dado on the troll and two skippies 390- big YFT on the troll 45lbs Half way between 390 and 371 found patty with hungry Dados and YT. Limits YT and Dados for...
  19. fishincrazy

    10/3 1010/378/390

    Tired from long day so short post... 6 miles south of Nados paddy loaded with 10lb YT. Lat/long 19 over 19 fished 1010 empty 378 - Dado on the troll and two skippies 390- big YFT on the troll 45lbs Half way between 390 and 371 found patty with hungry Dados and YT. Limits YT and Dados for...
  20. fishincrazy

    SiTex SP110 Autopilot

    Just upgraded my system. Selling this SiTex system which worked really well on my 25cc with twin 200 outboards. I’ve taken video to show you it performs it’s test and is functioning if interested I can text you. I am disclosing and showing the damaged that occurred on the plastic bezel...
  21. fishincrazy

    XtraTuf Boots size 9

    Have these boots that have been sitting in my garage for a couple years. Size 9. You can see by the bottom soles they barely have been used. $40 Local pick up only (Chula Vista) Mark 858-232-0305
  22. fishincrazy

    Seems like a dumb question/tire size

    Hey guys, For the life of me I cant figure out this tire size on my trailer. The print on the side of the tire says: 8.5 - 16.5 LT. I had a tire blow out on me and luckily I had a spare. Now I want to find a replacement tire, I did a little research online and that tire size doesn’t come...
  23. fishincrazy

    Seeker Rods w/reels (Mexican & American Series

    I have two rod/reel combos. They have sat in my garage for a couple years without any use. Nothing wrong mechanically with any of it. American Series with Daiwa 30t $100 Mexican Series with Daiwa Sealine X $100 Not willing to separate reel/rod combos Local pick up Chula Vista let me know...
  24. fishincrazy

    Priming Mercury 200 Optimax Compressor

    Hey guys, I am in the middle of changing out my compressor and have been doing some research and looking for more help. My question is on the priming of the compressor. I understand I have two options: 1. Reset the engine back into break in mode 2. Bring the boat to a mechanic that has a DDT...
  25. fishincrazy

    Optimax Air Compressor

    Hey guys, Just checking to see if anyone might have a an air compressor up for sale. I have a Opti 200 with a compressor that just shit the bed. Testing the waters to see if I get lucky. I do see them on eBay as well as the dealers but thought I would check the forum for one local. I am...
  26. fishincrazy

    Offshore 6/20 San Salvador

    Short report: if I were heading offshore tomorrow I’d head to the Knoll. Lots of meter marks, saw BFTs on the surface multiple times. Had one good shot with them crashing the surface my buddy threw out a live dine and was instantly bit. Last 20 seconds as his 30lb snapped like a twig. we...
  27. fishincrazy

    Calstar 660XXH 6ft

    I purchased this rod new a few years ago. Been sitting in my garage rarely used. In great shape. Tip guide is slightly bent but still works fine. Can be replaced. Great rod for the big BFTs. $150 obo local pick only San Diego Mark
  28. fishincrazy

    Used UFP Brake Calipers and 12” Rotor

    I removed these calipers (yes they could use a cleaning) and the rotor was a spare I had laying around. Calipers were purchased and installed summer 2017. My understanding is you can rebuild them. I would suggest doing that prior to installing. What you see in pics is what you get. I do not...
  29. fishincrazy

    Shimano Torium 20 Reel

    Selling gear I don’t use much. This one has been sitting in a box for a couple years. Scratches on plastic and handle has some wear. but nothing mechanically wrong with reel. Great reel for rock fishing. $25 obo call or text Mark 858-232-zero three zero five
  30. fishincrazy

    Penn Squall SQL60LD

    Used one season. Good quality reel for a low price. Just serviced. Nothing wrong just getting rid of some gear I don’t use or need. comes with box and tool. $100 obo call or text 858-232-zero three zero five
  31. fishincrazy

    perko switches and Bluesea ACR

    Reworked my wiring on my boat. Purchased new switches and ACRs. These are all in working order and have no issues. 1 (SOLD) ACR - $70 Was just made aware by bman (Thank you) they sell new for less than $60, $25 is the new price...need to do my homework next time. 2 Perko Switches (each) $25...
  32. fishincrazy

    Furuno 1621 Mark 2 Radar System

    ***SOLD*** Selling my system as I upgraded to newer technology. Taken off boat on 1/17/2020. System works well with no issues. Included: Radar Dome Display Unit 20 Ft of Dome to display cable uncut NEMA cable Power Cable with Fuse Asking $350 or best offer Prefer local pick up (Chula...
  33. fishincrazy

    ICOM IC-M36 Handheld VHF

    SOLD! Lightly used handheld VHF. Used on a handful of trips. With two fixed VHF’s on the boat this one is more of something I never use or most often never bring. Everything works and everything that came in the original box comes with it. Please see pics. $75 Text me with any...
  34. fishincrazy

    Simrad Halo 20

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback if anyone has purchased and operated the Halo 20 model. Looking to upgrade my Furuno system but not break the bank. I see the 20 and 24”. I don’t use the radar often except during the night when leaving to go offshore. I know these radars are so much...
  35. fishincrazy

    Simrad RS12 VHF

    SOLD! Selling this unit. Comes with radio and cover. Do not have fixed mount which is part of the reason I am selling. Works great and had it flushed mounted. Great to have a second radio and backup if you don’t have one. See pictures. $50 Mark 858-232-zero three zero five
  36. fishincrazy

    Simrad VHF RS12 Mounting Bracket

    I have a Simrad RS12 VHF, I have had it flushed mounted and want to now mount it somewhere else using the mounting bracket. Like a knucklehead I threw away the bracket. Looking to see if anyone has one that I can buy. Searched online and couldn't find one. Thanks Mark 858-232-zero three...
  37. fishincrazy

    7” Simrad NSS evo 2

    ***SOLD*** Excellent conditioned Simrad system. Here is what does not come with this purchase: - No power cord - No top mounting bracket What it does come with: -Build in C-Map for West Coast -Two sun covers -Bezels and flush mounting hardware -Installation manual Location Chula Vista, CA...
  38. fishincrazy

    Offshore Wide Open YFT mix BFT San Clemente 11/2

    Steady action south east of Clemente. 4 hour bite. Arrived around 9:30 and was out of bait by 1:30. Was solid green every bait for an hour. Called in the numbers and three other boats showed up and it was game on for them. fish were all caught on dines, 20lb, 40lb, 80lb. Didn’t matter...
  39. fishincrazy

    Offshore 9/12 start fishing 6:30am done by 8:30am 371

    Nice flat conditions. Bait was awesome from SD Bay arrived at 371 or shy of it around 6am. trollers in shortly thereafter Moved away from the crowd more toward 371. Got a triple jig strike...all skippies Threw some bait as I reeled all of them in. Then threw out the 20# stick and it...
  40. fishincrazy

    Offshore 10/1 371It

    Last minute trip for me today. Tried to get someone to go but struck out with the four guys I knew might be available. Arrived around 7am half way between 371 and 302. Fleet was there to start the day. Water temp 69.5 and blue. Worked that area for multiple skipjack on the troll. Not what...
  41. fishincrazy

    16” Galvanized Trailer Rims/Tires 6 on 5.5”

    I have three rims and tires. Rim Pattern: Spoke Tire Diameter: 16" Rim Width: 6" Rim Finish: Galvanized Lug Pattern: 6 on 5.5", 4 1/4" Center Hole Load Capacity: 3,040 lbs TIres: Trail Cutter A/P 8.75R 16.5LT Tread is new. 5/8” see pics Price: 3 for $275 $90 each (Great to have spare)...
  42. fishincrazy

    Simrad NSS 12”

    Looking to buy a used unit. Can’t afford a new unit. Currently have the 7” and want to upgrade to larger unit. If anyone has an evo 2 and they want to upgrade to an evo 3 I can buy yours to offset your new purchase. Thanks for reading. Mark
  43. fishincrazy

    7/14 South Nado w/fleet

    Headed to the Nados since it appeared things were going off down there the last couple of days. Left Shelter Island with my friend Mike, his son and my son at 4:30 to the bait barge for a mix of dines and chovies. More Chovies than deans...but enough to supply us for the day. Headed due...
  44. fishincrazy

    Simrad NSS Transducer Recommendations

    I have a Simrad NSS evo 2 - Currently have a Airmar B60 50/200kHz thru hull which is decent but I am looking to add another Transducer to get to the next level. What recommendations would those that have the NSS unit give. I utilize the boat mostly offshore fishing for Pelagics. Appreciate...
  45. fishincrazy

    Offshore 6/23 Offshore w/Fleet

    Sorry guys, I posted this in the wrong section earlier this morning. Fished with my son and friend David yesterday. First stop was the 371 got there around 6:30, lots of birds working, saw some BFT's puddling around the area but didn't have any luck getting them to go. Did manage a small...
  46. fishincrazy

    6/23 Offshore w/the fleet

    Fished with my son and friend David yesterday. First stop was the 371 got there around 6:30, lots of birds working, saw some BFT's puddling around the area but didn't have any luck getting them to go. Did manage a small Mako that once hooked gave us a little air show which was cool. Had some...
  47. fishincrazy

    Kodiak 27 Gallon Bait Tank

    In great shape. Just pulled it off the boat. Used it this past weekend and didn’t lose a bait during the entire trip. I’ve fished with one scoop usually pushing it with a scoop and a half. I had this rigged with a rule tournament series 800 gph pump with a valve to adjust flow rate. Usually...
  48. fishincrazy

    5/24 Offshore South

    Planning on heading out Friday. Looks like the wind might cooperate. Not sure if anyone wants to buddy boat and cover twice the ground. Plan right now is to fish south of the Nados...depending on weather how far we will be heading S/SW. PM me if you have any interest. Tight lines Mark...
  49. fishincrazy

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 869H

    Great rod. Used it all last season. I’m moving away from this because I have too many rod/reel combos. I used this mostly fly lining deans. Rod is in 8/10 condition. Taking it down to an 8 because of the wrap that molded to my reel shape. Everything else in great shape. See pics. $150...
  50. fishincrazy

    Three 50 - 80# Trolling Rods

    Perfect for trolling offshore 1 year of use on these trolling rods All roller guides Aluminum seats All three for $175 OBO Mark Call or text 858-232-0305
  51. fishincrazy

    Sea star Hydraulic Outboard System Question

    Hey guys, I have an HC5345 that is leaking fluid. I bought a seal kit only to find out I have pits in the hydraulic cylinder shaft...does anyone know if they sell the hydraulic shaft. I found the support bar but I need the shaft that slides in the cylinder. I have searched but not been able...
  52. fishincrazy

    406 MHz EPIRB

    Selling this EPIRB which I never used. I have another one which is on my boat. This one has a battery life left until July of 2019. Comes with everything in pictures. Clean with no signs of being exposed to salt water. $250 Call or text Mark 858-232-0305
  53. fishincrazy

    Marathon/Duck Key End of March

    Hey guys/gals, Looking for some help. Heading to Hawkscay end of month with brothers and families. We all grew up fishing in the northeast and now southwest ocean fishing. I am looking for some guidance for fishing when we are in the keys. We are renting a boat from a local company. (24ft...
  54. fishincrazy

    Center Console Seat Back

    just took this off my boat. Had a new one built. Nothing wrong with it. Would hate to just throw it away. Measurements are in pictures. Come get it.
  55. fishincrazy

    Shelter Island Ramp now open for business 12/21

    Looks great. Better late then never.
  56. fishincrazy

    Simrad 3G or 4G radar

    Can help with uninstall if needed. Already have NSS system just need radar to complete it. Thanks. Mark
  57. fishincrazy

    Daiwa AG9000X spinning reel

    This spinning reel has been sitting in garage for a few years. I believe it was for a surf casting setup. Not sure about the line on it. Everything works. $20 OBO Eight five eight 232 zero three zero five Mark
  58. fishincrazy

    Used Shimano tekota 600

    In good working condition See pictures has many scuffs/scratches on plastic Been sitting in garage Drag appears to be good $35 OBO Eight five eight 232 zero three zero five Mark
  59. fishincrazy

    Two Penn Senator 114H’s

    Great condition, Drags are good, been sitting in garage a couple years. Green backing 80lb spectra Clear looks about 50lb mono Asking $100 for both or best offer Eight five eight 232- zero three zero five Mark
  60. fishincrazy

    Helm Bench Seat Locks

    I will post pics soon. I have a 25 CC with a bench seat. It has a storage box under the seat. The seat is on a single hinge that is the length of the seat. I’m trying to find the best solution to keep the seat locked down. I’ve search the web and can’t find anything that is specifically...
  61. fishincrazy

    Offshore YFT, Dado and Skipjack 8/25

    Fished with what appeared to be 100 boats down east of the hidden. Caught troll fish on black and purple, blue and white. Had a couple on the colt sniper. As many skippies as you wanted on the surface. Had to get beneath them to get to the tuna. Looks like lots of the fleet limited out...
  62. fishincrazy

    Offshore Producer 8/5

    Very solid trip on the Producer. Left 8/4 at 10pm and steamed south about 70 miles. Woke up just before grey light and the boys had us waiting on a paddie full of Dados. Once it got light enough it was game on. For about 45 it was pandemonium on the deck. If you got a bait in the water it got...
  63. fishincrazy

    Puerto Las Salinas Marina

    Was driving back from Ensenada last weekend and forgot that Las Salinas marina had a ramp. Looking to find out if anyone has towed their boat down to Las Salinas and launched off the boat ramp. Is there a (safe) place to keep trailer, place to buy/make bait. I’m Sure there is a charge to...
  64. fishincrazy

    Stainless Steel Strap Hinges

    I have 8 stainless Steel strap hinges. Recently taken off my boat, all in great condition. See pictures for measurements $40 for all 8. Local pick up in SD. Call or Text. 858-232-0305 Mark
  65. fishincrazy

    Insurance recommendations other than Boat US

    I currently have Boat US and they raised my rate by 46% from last year. I have no claims and asked them why. They have some lame reason that it’s happening to everyone. Anyway I’m looking for other insurance companies that cover in Mexico other than Boat US. I fish the local banks down to...
  66. fishincrazy

    17ft Mercury Platinum Throttle Cables

    I have two Mercury Platinum Throttle Cables. They are Gen II and 17ft in length. They have a total of 170 hours of use. Located in San Diego. Asking $40 for both. Mark 858-232-0305 Call or Text
  67. fishincrazy

    RH and Counter Rotation Stainless Steel Props

    I have two SS props which are 19 pitch and 15 1/4". One is RH and One is LH. They came off of 200 Mercury Optimax's No dings or dents, in great shape. $200 each or $400 for both obo. Let me know if you have any questions. Mark 858-232-0305 Text or Call.
  68. fishincrazy

    (3) Okuma Pursuit Trolling Rods

    I have three used Okuma Pursuit Trolling Rods. These have been used for the past 7 seasons. Normal wear on the rods. I would say 7 out of 10 on condition. All guides are Aftco. All seats are aluminum. The specs are in the pics. $75 for all three. Let me know if you have any questions. Mark
  69. fishincrazy

    Metal Transom Rod Holder

    Looking to buy a metal transom rod holder. Something that has three or more rod holders is preferred. Looking to buy used if anyone has one since I am going to have it powder coated to match my boat. Something like this: Thanks Mark
  70. fishincrazy

    5 Gallons Quicksilver 2-Stroke Synthetic Blend

    I have 5 Gallons of quicksilver 2-Stroke synthetic blend. 4 gallons in HD bucket and 1 gallon still in container unopened. Repowered Boat with Opti’s now running DFI oil. Oil was in reservoirs prior to removal of old engines. Walmart sells oil for $28 a gallon. All yours for $100 Call...
  71. fishincrazy

    Outboard Lifting Eye

    Does anyone in the San Diego area have a mercury 1 1/2 inch outboard lifting eye I could borrow or buy? Thank you. Mark
  72. fishincrazy

    Twin 200 Mercury EFI's For Sale

    $3,500 I am selling my 1998 Twin 200 Mercury EFI's because I am repowering with newer technology: Included in Sale: Engines Standard Rotation/Counter Rotation 25" shafts Oil Tank Bilge Reservoirs Quicksilver Throttle Controls Not Included: Props Hoses (Oil/Gas) to engines/to Oil Reservoir...
  73. fishincrazy

    Tamarindo Recommendations Please

    Heading to Tamarindo, Costa Rica end of Sept. I've never been and I'm looking for some recommendations on outfits to fish with. Also planning on surf fishing with own gear any suggestions on tackle/spots would be appreciated. Not sure if you need licenses...etc. Best Mark
  74. fishincrazy

    Offshore 302/181/S9 on 6/18

    Left first light. Got dines from EB. Headed towards 302 from the point. Found countless paddies just inside 302. Started marking some and decided to Fly line. I had also had some squid so we chummed the waters. We also Threw jigs/flat falls and the kitchen sink. Couldn't get anything to...
  75. fishincrazy

    Offshore 5/27 nados 425 hidden rockpile

    Left shelter island at grey light. Bait: dead and bad...half of it died by the time we reached north island. At North Island. Slow trolled for nothing. Did see some breaking fish but they didn't stay up long enough. Headed south towards 425. Looked around didn't see much life. Water...
  76. fishincrazy

    FMM Visa Stuck

    I sent in my paperwork and payment information to the appropriate email address. ([email protected] ) I got a response when I needed to make a date correction on the paperwork. I sent in the correction information on Monday the 15th and have not heard back. I was hoping to fish...
  77. fishincrazy

    3-D printer still in box

    i have a brand new still in box ROBO R1 plus 3-D printer. This is a great printer with everything you need to get printing. This printer sells for $800 plus tax. I'm selling this one for $599. I am also willing to trade for a Simrad 3G or 4G radar with some cash on my end. Call or text...
  78. fishincrazy

    WTB Strataglass

    Looking to buy a smaller piece of Strataglass if anyone has some. I am in Chula Vista area but travel up to LA 2 - 3Xs a week. I need at minimum a 3'x3' piece to complete the job I am working on for my boat. When searching to buy, this stuff is sold in large quantities. Appreciate any...
  79. fishincrazy

    DSC wiring for Standard Horizon to Simrad NSS

    Looking for a little help. I just bought a Standard Horizon GX1300 as a second radio and want to connect it to my GPS. I bought the SIMRAD NMEA 0183 cable. Problem I am having is wiring colors do not match. Simrad has: Orange Green Blue Yellow Standard Horizon has: Yellow Green White Brown...
  80. fishincrazy

    Best Boat Insurance for SD

    I currently have GEICO marine insurance however they don't cover my boat in Mexico. Looking for other insurance companies that you think are good and cover when fishing in Mexican waters. Appreciate your input.
  81. fishincrazy

    May 13th

    I know it's a couple weeks away but with the family I need to plan ahead. I am looking to buddy boat offshore if conditions allow. Might be an Coronado Islands day if things are not happening offshore. I am out of San Diego and can trailer to Shelter or Mission Bay. If anyone else has plans...
  82. fishincrazy

    Pair of 1998 Mercury 200 EFIs for sale (New Lower Price).

    I am selling both engines because I'm going to re-power with newer technology in the near future. Engines are sold without props, controls and oil reservoirs. These are the original engines on the boat. I'm the second owner of the boat which I bought in 2007. Both engines have been serviced...
  83. fishincrazy

    Saturday 9/3 Offshore

    Looking for some other boats to work with finding the YFT or other Pelagics. Right now 43 and south are the areas we are intending on fishing. If anyone would like to work together let me know. Boat Name "Get Hooked" Mark
  84. fishincrazy

    Offshore 8/23 302/371 on Blue Horizon

    Chartered the Blue Horizon for a company event. Group of un experienced fishermen/women wanted their shot at the Tuna. Left bait barge with decent looking bait at grey light. Headed southwest straight for the 302. Got there with the fleet and seiners. Capt. Joe worked metered fish all day...
  85. fishincrazy

    Need Fishing Recommendation San Jose Del Cabo

    Heading down to San Jose Del Cabo on 8/10 probably fish by myself if I can convince my wife to go with. Looking for some good solid captains from my fellow BDer's. Appreciate the guidance. Mark
  86. fishincrazy

    Offshore 7/30 181/182

    Left mission at 5am got large dines at bait receiver. They did well all day. Went up to LJ to make macs. Couldn't find them. Spent 2 hours searching. Nothing. Wind came up early from the south and looked like it was not going to be the day to head offshore. After the 2 hours of...
  87. fishincrazy

    NSS7 with Airmar B60 No Depth Reading, but reading Temp

    I have had NSS7 unit and thru-hull for about a year. Both were working fantastic. Third trip this year the depth went blank. Blank white screen. I am getting temp reading which I have checked with other boats and is within 1 degree of what others are reading. I have recently done the...
  88. fishincrazy

    Two Penn Senator 114H's for price of one

    I am selling two Penn Senator 114H's In decent shape, both work good. Just replaced clicker on one. Great trolling reels the SD waters. You will want to put new line on them prior to use. Reels come with everything seen in pics, I do not have boxes, wrenches or other items when purchased new...
  89. fishincrazy

    Offshore 6/5 15 miles south 425

    Chased the BFT all around had a couple bits but couldn't get them to stick on the popper. Plenty of fish left down there. If I were fishing tomorrow that's where I would head. Good luck.
  90. fishincrazy

    Offshore Hooked 1 lost to seal...I hate seals!!!

    Spent the day at the 302 and 371 3/30. The most amount of big fish crashing I have ever seen. 2.5hrs battling this one only to lose it at the end to a fucking seal. Caught on a popper thrown into the boil. Get some while they are was just amazing to see these fish...oh yeah bring...
  91. fishincrazy

    Need a HO or two for Sunday 29th or Monday 30th

    Looking for a HO or two (I may have one already) to fish offshore on Sunday or Monday. Looking at weather to decided best day. Me: 45, fished since I was 5, West Coast since 2005 Boat: 1998 25ft Mako 252 Center Console, twin 200 mercs, new Simrad system, Furuno Radar, outriggers all safety...
  92. fishincrazy

    5/21 Coronadoa

    Plan was to fish offshore but Mother Nature had other plans. Swell and wind was a bit much to head on the westerly coarse. Opted to head for the Nados instead. Fished mostly South Island on the easterly side. Managed 1 small YT 3 Bonito 1 Baracuda All with tiny deans on the slow troll...
  93. fishincrazy

    Heading South 5/21 buddy boating

    Planning on heading south to hunt the BFT depending on weather conditions. Looking for any other boat to buddy boat and cover more ground. If interested PM me before Saturday or hit me up on Saturday. We will be standing by 72 "Gethooked". Mark
  94. fishincrazy

    Offshore 302- 371 on 8/1

    blah....blah....blah Got to the 302 at gray light put trollers in got double dodos on cedar with 5 mins. Found Patty farmed 3 20 - 25lb YT Trolled to 371 at 8knts picked up two more dodos. Found patty and fished that for 4 more dados. My buddy Barry hooked on the slow troll a good size dado...
  95. fishincrazy

    Offshore Get Hooked 1 Seal 0

    Left early sat head out south. Tolled from 425 to about 10 miles south first patty stop. Picked on yellowtail from 10 - 25lbs until we hit limits and started throwing fish back. We caught on dines and YOYO. Called out numbers w/one taker the Mushroom. Header further south towards the hidden...
  96. fishincrazy

    Transducer Crows Foot Wrench for Airmar 60B

    Does anyone in the San Diego area have a crows foot wrench for an Airmar B60 transducer that I can borrow? I can buy one but wanted to check and see if anyone had one local first. Removing old transducer that doesn't work in a tight space. Thanks. Mark
  97. fishincrazy

    ***SOLD***Furuno GP-7000F For Sale $500 w/Antenna

    Furuno GP-7000F 7" High-Contrast TFT LCD Display Color LCD GPS/WAAS Plotter with Fish Finder Included: Original Box with all paperwork Mounting bracket Screen Cover Power Cables Furuno Antenna C-MAP NT West Coast/Hawaii $500 Mark
  98. fishincrazy

    Need two for 9/13 heading south/west for Pelagics

    Looking to head out early Friday morning, come back Friday night Looking to go deep to find the fish (depending on weather) - looking for Dado's, YT, YFT and BFT. Needing two fellow fisherman. You: Non-smoker, know how to fish, have own gear, willing to split costs, will clean boat after...
  99. fishincrazy

    7/27 Buddy Boat?

    Heading out Saturday early. Looking for someone to head West/ pens/paddies looking for Pelagics. PM if interested.
  100. fishincrazy

    Offshore 6/29 Rockpile/101/425

    Left harbor island around 5:30-am head inside south down the coast to avoid fog. Started at rockpile for a couple Baracuda but no love on the YT. Headed due south water started to turn a little cool headed back up to the 101 found zero paddys. Headed due west to 425 and stopped on a monster...
  101. fishincrazy

    Shift & Trottle Cable Replacement advice

    Hey guys, I have twin 1998 Mercury EFIs. One cable is worn (see pic) and needs replacement. I have not done this before and would like some advice on how to replace the cables and find the appropriate length of cable. My assumption is that these cables are original, but I could be wrong. I...
  102. fishincrazy

    Custom Canvas Half Pilot House

    After a few seasons of traveling home from the grounds getting sprayed by the waves, I decided I needed a way to keep the wind and sea spray off my face. I found myself leaning towards a canvas. After a few weeks of research and a couple trips to two of the local canvas guys I was well aware...
  103. fishincrazy

    Have room for 1 possibly 2 for Friday 9/28

    Heading early out Friday 9/28 down to the zone. I have room for one for sure possible two. Split fuel, bait and ice costs. Must bring own gear have MX fishing license. Non smokers please or willing not to smoke during the trip. Me: fishing since young guy, licensed 100 gross tons, have...
  104. fishincrazy

    Offshore buddy boating 9/28 heading south

    Looking for anybody that is planning on fishing Friday 9/28 to buddy boat with. Thinking 1010 maybe little north of that. PM me if interested. Get Hooked! Mark
  105. fishincrazy

    LJ 4/21/12

    Started off with the fleet very foggy conditions Slow start to the morning with little or no action on the water or radio Wind picked up in the afternoon and the boils started to appear under the birds. Slow trolling deans is what worked for us, we hooked up twice and lost both fish. Enjoyed...
  106. fishincrazy

    Melton Tackle Custom Fish Bag Never Used

    I have a Melton Tackle Customer Yellowfin Bag 34"x80" up for sale that has never been used. I bought it a couple years ago, but my boat has always had plenty of storage in the fish boxes. I am selling this for $300, retail is $377 without shipping. Below is the link to Melton Tackle where I...
  107. fishincrazy

    Boat Charter share May 1st 2nd or 3rd in PV

    Looking to share cost of full day charter for either May 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I am heading down to PV for a wedding the weekend prior. I am looking to fish with Danny Osuna whom I have already contacted. I am the only one in my group who fishes. Looking to split a charter with someone that might...
  108. fishincrazy

    101/Rockpile Radio reports for 302 7/23

    Fished Saturday with three friends. Left SI at 4am headed to 101 found five or six patties all dry. Water blue/Green temp 63. Took off for the rockpile around 9 after working south to find warmer water with no luck. Got a report on the radio that water was 68 at rockpile. Got there water...
  109. fishincrazy

    9 north/9 south/makos/paddies/LJ 7/14

    Left Dana Landing at 5:30 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> Scoop of dines<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Started at 9 north, lots of life, birds, dolphins, whales, water slightly off color, temp 64 = no paddies no fish<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 8:30 Worked...
  110. fishincrazy

    Offshore Not much deep except cold water 7/10

    Fished with my brother And friend Saturday. Went from point loma to hidden bank water started at 63 and dropped to 61... Fished 6 or so paddies near 425 with no love. Arrived at hidden bank trolled for an hour and decided it was not the right conditions...water was clean...we made the decision...
  111. fishincrazy

    Bait tank issues

    Guys, I have a 1998 25ft Mako CC with a custom bait tank. The tank is a 35 gallon tank which I usually get 1 scoop of bait. After the ride out to the fishing grounds the bait seems to die rather quickly. I know part of the problem is the bait gets bashed around when the boat rolls. I am no...
  112. fishincrazy

    San Diego/Hawaii Fishing Swap?

    My wife and I are heading out to Hawaii this week on Thursday December 17th. Yes, I realize this is short notice but thought I would give it a try anyway. Kauai - 17th - 21st Honolulu - 21st -25th. I am seeing if anyone would be interested in trading a fish day on your boat in Hawaii for a...
  113. fishincrazy

    Offshore Marlin North 181

    Last Sunday my brother and our friend from FLA decided to head out for what I thought would be our last chance for tuna. I won’t bore you with the details on the planning. However, we were working the 181 north to the 209. Our friend from FLA Chris spotted a fin on the surface. The fin looked...
  114. fishincrazy

    Excessive Smoke Mecury 200 EFI's

    I have a pair of 1998 Mercury EFI 200’s. I have owned these engines for three years now. This season, the engines appear to have excessive smoke over the past two seasons. The smoke is white/gray hard to pick one color over the other. However, it is to the point now where starting the engines...
  115. fishincrazy

    Engine Idle Issue

    Hey guys, I have a pair of 1998 200 Mercury EFI's. The port engine is stalling after pulling the throttle back to all stop at times. Not always but at times. The starboard engine is fine...any suggestions on what to check first? many thanks Mark
  116. fishincrazy

    Fuel Tank Replacement and other work

    About 6 weeks ago I realized that my gas tank was leaking. You all know I do not have to explain the danger in that. I have a 1998 25ft Mako CC with a 200 gallon tank. Knowing that I was scheduled to fish in the Bloodydecks YT tournament I knew I had to scramble to find a solution to this...
  117. fishincrazy

    Anyone up for Buddy Boating Thursday 6/18

    Looking for another boat to fish with on Thursday, heading south.
  118. fishincrazy

    Bull Ring & Nados on the Mission Belle 5-25-09

    Went out on the 3/4 yesterday with a very light load on the Mission Belle. Started off pulling on some cuda's off the beach of the adjacent the bull ring. Hook ups were pretty easy, both the iron and dines were working great. Water was off color a bit. From there we headed to the islands...
  119. fishincrazy

    AMS Boat Repair

    Guys, What do we know about AMS boat repair? I am needing a fuel tank replaced and want to get the skinny on these guys and their work? Thanks
  120. fishincrazy

    No Threshers 4/5 - Boat Canvas Stolen

    Decided late Saturday that I would put the boat in the water and give it a go for some Thresher. Took the Fiancée for a nice boat ride on a really nice day. Trolled two bait-o-matics with squid in LJ canyon for a good 4 hours yesterday with no action. No knock downs, no love with the...
  121. fishincrazy

    2009 Tournament

    Does anyone have information on the dates for this years tournament? June is only 4 months away!
  122. fishincrazy

    Marine Electrician

    Hey Guys, I am in need of a reliable marine electrician that is willing to come to my boat? Any suggestions? Mark
  123. fishincrazy

    Trailer Drum Brake Issue

    Hey guys, Last weekend I pulled my boat/trailer from Mission Bay to San Diego Bay and had some issues with my drum brakes. The brakes didn’t lock, but were definitely engaged as you could feel them. I tried moving the trailer forward and backward aggressively to get the brakes to release. I...
  124. fishincrazy

    What is the ratio for Spectra line strength to Mono line Strength?

    Looking to reline some of my reels and wondering if there is a specific guideline to go by when lining out a reel with spectra with a top shot of mono. Examples: If I want to fish with 25lb top shot of mono what strength/lbs of spectra would I use? If I want to fish with 40lb top shot of mono...
  125. fishincrazy

    Offshore 390 and beyond

    Just got back with my bro from fishing the 390 and below today Nov. 1st Lots of jig strikes for YFT and Skippies...cedar plugs, mexican flag, braid runners all worked today. Couple of fish off a paddie. Lots of paddies found even in the fog. Lots of radio chatter about Dodo's, BFT and...
  126. fishincrazy

    Fishing out of Dana

    I have never fished from this landing. I know it is a pay ramp, not sure where the bait barge is located? Any specific items I should be concerned with? Thanks for the help. Mark
  127. fishincrazy

    Afternoon and evening fishing at the 9

    My bud and I planned our first sword fishing trip last night. Monday the 8th. We left Dana at 2pm got some bait, and left heading towards the 9 mile. Found a huge paddy, largest one we have seen this year a couple miles north west of the high spot. My buddy hooked up to a good size Dorodo as we...
  128. fishincrazy

    Panel Switches

    I have a 12 rocker switch panel. Two of the switches (my baitwell and salt water washdown) when turned on they work but sometimes turn off and on sporadically. I have examined all the connections to the switches to make sure they are tight and cleaned them. They appear to be good. It seems as if...
  129. fishincrazy

    Offshore 7/11 Goose Egg 181/182

    Flat ass seas sea temps 66 - 69 clean water A ton of paddys all holding lots of small and large bait $300 in gas = NO FISH A very slow day but we did see a finning sword and tried to bait it before it got spoked and dove deep. Other than that nothing to report. Best of luck to you guys...
  130. fishincrazy

    Pool/Spa Installation Hookup

    Hey Guys, I wanted to pass along some information on a new business venture I am part of. I am working with a friend on installing fiberglass pools. If anyone has been thinking about adding a pool or has an old pool that needs to be replaced please give us a call. I have been a part of four...
  131. fishincrazy

    Offshore Quick Trip to 181/182

    Left early yesterday like some others did to check the outside conditions. Flat seas Water temps ranged from 64 - 67 Water color off blue/green Found 6 or 7 patties all holding bait/bonies/molas/blue sharks Back to the barn by 6pm...real nice day. I say give it a week or two and things will...
  132. fishincrazy

    Check this out...

    How far can they take this shit... >> If You Wouldn't Do This to a Dog, Why Do It to a Fish?
  133. fishincrazy

    Engine Voltage Questions

    I have twin 200 Mercury EFI 2-Strokes. The starboard voltage when at idle is producing less than the port. So much so that when at idle for a considerable amount of time or the engine being turned off the GPS unit will shut down because that is the side the GPS unit pulls power from. Any...
  134. fishincrazy

    4/19 Mr. T Arrives!

    I had decided early Friday that I was going to shark again after a pretty unsuccessful fishing trip the week before. I called up my buddy James and asked if he was available to join me. The original plan was to play Torrey South Saturday, but scratched that and decided to fish instead. Plan was...
  135. fishincrazy

    Repacking Bearings

    I have zero experience with repacking bearings, is this something I should attempt or hire someone to do? If I should hire someone, suggestions on who to contact would be much appreciated. Trailer is a Pacific 1998 tandem which holds a 25ft boat. As always I appreciate the help.
  136. fishincrazy

    Gel Coat Work

    I just had some gel coat work completed on my boat. I researched some of the local vendors and priced them out. The guy that I used was by far priced more reasonable than any other company. His work was done extremely professionally and accurately. I wish I took some before and after photos...
  137. fishincrazy

    Gel Coat Work

    Can anyone give me some references on who to use for Gel Coat repair?
  138. fishincrazy

    Anyone want to fish 9/19?

    I am planning on going out tomorrow for a full day of fishing for Albi's & YFT. I have a 25ft Mako CC. Depending on the swell and weather dictates how deep I will travel. Right now I am going solo. I am looking for one person to fish buddy back out on me yesterday due to work. PM...
  139. fishincrazy

    Toads At Guadalupe

    Just returned from a 5 day on the Top Gun 80. Fished 3.5 days of solid YT bite. Day 1 - travel down to Guadalupe...great crew, great fishing stories, great group of people on this trip...very friendly. Day 2 - arrive at heartbreak ridge for some seriously angling. I have never seen such...
  140. fishincrazy

    Giant Bluefin Fishing Massachusetts

    Not sure if anyone can recommend someone in Massachusetts for Giant Bluefin fishing. I will be in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st=" /><st1:State w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Massachusetts</st1:place></st1:State> mid September and want to charter a...
  141. fishincrazy

    Strange Oil Leak

    After the last couple of trips I have discovered an oil leak on my Mercury 200 EFI 2-Stroke. The leak is not within the engine cowling. The leak appears to be come from around the exhaust port and not from within it. The oil is black in color and only appears after the boat has been used and...
  142. fishincrazy

    Offshore Sat 8/4 Report

    Left <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:City w:st=" /><st1:State w:st="on">MB</st1:State> at 4:30 with Dave and Mike. Plan was to go deep with the weather predicted to be nice. Reached the 302 at gray 30 and started the search for paddy's. At about 6 am we spotted...
  143. fishincrazy

    Offshore Only 1 Fish!

    My buddy Barry and I left M<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:PlaceName w:st="on">ission</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Bay</st1:PlaceType></st1:place> at 5am with a mixed scoop of chovies and dines. The water was glass, planned to fish for Albies at the...
  144. fishincrazy

    Trim Motor Replacement

    Hey guys, I am replacing my electric trim motor on one of my engines as it has died. This will be a first time for me doing this. I have a 1998 Mercury 200 EFI. I ordered the motor itself, I want to know if there are any other parts I might want to think about ordering or having prepared...
  145. fishincrazy

    Fact or Fiction

    Okay, I have heard this twice now from two different sources and want to hear some validity around it. When flushing out my engines I have been using Salt-Away after each use. The cost is out of control for that stuff. A couple of people have told me that a much cheaper alternative is to use...
  146. fishincrazy

    Mercury Outboard Engine Mechanic Needed

    I have twin 1998 Mercury 200 EFI's that I need to have the 100 hour service performed. Does anyone have any recommendations of where I can bring my boat to, or if there are any traveling mechanics that will come to the boat? The boat is stored at Campland. I appreciate the help. Mark
  147. fishincrazy

    Sea Surface Temps web sites

    Hey Guys, Guys, what are the different websites for viewing sea surface temps. I know Terrafin, but there was another one I used in the past but can't remember its name? Thanks
  148. fishincrazy

    Cleaning Aluminum T-Top

    Guys, I need some suggestions on cleaning salt pits off aluminum? I have tried several cleaning products from west marine which all failed. Any suggestions? Thanks. Maddog
  149. fishincrazy

    Shark Dehooking Tool

    Does anyone know the manufacturer name of the shark dehooking tool or where I can get one beyond Dana Landing? Dana Landing has them ordered but wanted to see if I could go directly to the source for a quicker turn around. Thanks.
  150. fishincrazy

    Steering Wheel Replacement

    I can not believe I am posting such a simple mechanical job, but I am not sure what to do next. I have a 1998 Mako 252 with the original helm on it. I purchased a new wheel with a knob to make it easier to dock the boat. I went to take the old helm off and it seems to be frozen on the shaft...
  151. fishincrazy

    2 Stroke Yamaha

    Guys, Need some help. I am considering buying a used boat with twin 1998 Yamaha 200 2 strokes. I have never had outboards always I/O's. Can you guys give me some advice on what to look for? Questions to ask the current owner? I don't know the model yet, but know that both engines have...
  152. fishincrazy

    Mahi Mahi & Wahoo Caribbean Style

    Took a week trip down to ffice:smarttags" />north west side of an island called Anguilla which is just north of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comSt. Martin</st1:place> this past week and did a little fishing. We went out with the crew from Lee’s Sport Fishing. Max...
  153. fishincrazy

    LJ Kelp 9/6

    Went out yesterday to the LJ Point. There were birds working bait on the surface, all over the place. The visibility was the best I have ever seen. 40ft easy. Throwing all sorts of irons and Croc lures and everything was hit. All small bonito's but fun never the less on the small tackle...
  154. fishincrazy

    5/29 Bonito Fest

    Left MB at 6:30 head out to Point Loma. Was by myself. Little bumpy running out. Stopped just outside kelp beds, boats galore around me. Rocking and rolling, didn't feel too well bobbing up and down. My head started to spin which I was able to stand about 30 mins before I had to change the...
  155. fishincrazy

    Finding a Boat Trailer

    BDers I am wondering if anyone has some leads on a finding a new or used (2yrs or less) Galvanized trailer. Searching the web, FE is the only manufacturer I can find locally in SD. Want to do some comparison-shopping prior to purchasing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  156. fishincrazy

    Bilge Pump

    I have Rule 1000 installed and lately when switched to auto, the pump will not shut down even when bilge is empty. Any idea of what the problem might be? Thanks. Mark
  157. fishincrazy

    4/16/06 LJ

    Woke up around 5:30 after hitting it hard Saturday night. Plan was for my brother to meet me at the boat at 6am. Found my phone, text from bro read "still out on my date" that was at 4am...I knew he was out so I decided to take on the big blue myself. Boat in the water by 6:30 and off get...
  158. fishincrazy

    Fishing Coronado Islands

    BDer's, Outside of getting a Mexican fishing permit are there any other requirements...boat registration for Mexican waters???...New boat owner and new to fishing the west coast. Thanks. Mark
  159. fishincrazy


    Guys, Anything I should be aware of when hooking up a new GPS/Sounder...I am somewhat mechanically inclined, just don't want to pull a dumb ass move and break the unit. Thanks. Mark
  160. fishincrazy

    Boat Partner Wanted!

    Guys,ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comMark</font] [/FONT]