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  1. hendo7

    battery reccomnendations for house and start

    i have 2 group 31 AGM batteries 1 for bank and 1 for starter both are fairly new , the problem i have (only when not paying attention) is that i run a lot of power through the house WHEN ENGINE IS NOT RUNNING (DRIFTING) 3 head units,radar on standby, high flow bait pump,2 radios,stereo...
  2. hendo7

    any yellows north of Dana point recently ?

    has anybody got any recently ,north of Dana point ?
  3. hendo7

    broncos escaped with a win at home

    hats off to the Dolphins
  4. hendo7

    mercury 5.7 with merc tr2 out drive

    fresh water cooled motor with tr2 outdrive 18.5 stainless prop, water cooling spray kit,runs perfect wiring harness etc about 900 hours ,fresh tune up and wires if i can get $6k for it all its yours as i am thinking of going out board motor and outdrive only of course
  5. hendo7

    bait tank needed fibre glass 40-60 gallon

    must be fiber glass round corners, off shore etc i,m in ventura county
  6. hendo7

    lowrance HDS 7

    Lowrance HDS 7 gen1 w/card B164 transducer and cables with box and manual $700.00 o.b.o.
  7. hendo7

    raymarine C80

    great condition with box, manual ,flush mount and deck mount (navionics inc) $800.00 Airmar B164 with raymarine cable (still in boat) $300.00 raymarine DSM 300 (still on boat) $300.00
  8. hendo7

    how connect a garmin gps antenna to a ray marine ?

    i know this has been done seen it but how do you do it ? lots of wires which ones ? please help thanks
  9. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke

    SOLD this has been the best and most reliable outboard i ever owned always used yamalube $3000.00 new price $1800 comes with cable harness but binnacle needs some work (no gages) can ship on your dime motor came off a 18 foot eaglecraft
  10. hendo7

    Seeker Hercules reviews anyone ?

    did the search thing not much came up i,m in the market for a jigging type hybrid rod that,s also capable of few other types of fishing, rather have a 8 footer medium to heavy , not interested in the Phenix as some may recommend rather stick with a local built rod thinking about the 30-60 line...
  11. hendo7

    whats the recommended load on a ignition switched wire from a outboard

    whats the recommended amount of accessories can i run from a switched on wire from a Honda out board what i plan on using is 1, senders, fuel, engine info etc 2, trim tabs 3,dash lights (gauges) 4,flow scan 5, bilge pump all connected to my starting battery all other electronics will...
  12. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 1996 fuel injected

    this has been a awesome motor never had a hick-up ,i,m selling because i have sold my boat its on and the new owner does not want the motor ,it is on the boat now till Sunday and Tuesday the boat and controls will be heading north to Canada ,so if you like to see it run you got till Sunday its...
  13. hendo7

    ahi assassin rods

    looking at there jigging rods they seam pretty stout n light weight anybody have one ? are they worth the coin ?
  14. hendo7


    Catholic coffee Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee. The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him 'Father'." The second Catholic man chirps, "My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room people call him...
  15. hendo7

    amf and white water boats looks awesom

    AUS and NZ built boats that look like they can take a beating 6mm aluminum hull ,they dont even look alloy theres a jet boat in there that does stuff i would never try on a boat (vid on utube )
  16. hendo7

    how to get to know the hours on a honda ?

    thinking about buying a Honda 225hp 4 stroke with unknown hours the seller does not know ,he does says they where purchased at government auction ,he also says he has one on his boat and it runs like new but all that don't mean diddley , do I need a expensive Honda read scanner ? he has 04,05...
  17. hendo7

    make sureyou got your boats paper work in order upto date

    this is from the log Mexican IRS Impounds 338 Vessels posted: 1/10/2014 <!--Read comments--> Read Comments (4) <!--Recommended--> <!--Email to Friend --> <!-- SHARE THIS SCRIPT -->...
  18. hendo7

    catholic cofee

    Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee. The first Catholic man tells his friends, "My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him...
  19. hendo7

    getting old

    Hell to be Old OLD people have problems that you haven't even considered yet! A 79-year-old man was requested by his Doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, 'Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.' The next day the...
  20. hendo7 nbox&f

    not sure if this is the right place to post but sure needs some attention
  21. hendo7

    Nissan 9.9hp 2 stroke

    comes with tank and fittings, its reliable and starts right up every time $500.00 i have a bracket for it also for another $75.00the backing wood is molded to fit a skippy but will also fit anything else
  22. hendo7

    etec or yammy

    got a decision to make etec 250 hp with very low hours 230 or a yammy 250hp with 1200 hrs yammy 3k more than the etec both 2006 modals etec comes with all the rigging and new controls to get the boat on the water the yammy comes with most of the rigging but still need to purchase more to get...
  23. hendo7

    craigs list find ,blackman 23 i think it a good deal ,not affiliated
  24. hendo7

    WTB a hydaulic steering kit for yamaha 225hp

    please get a hold of me and tell me what you got thank
  25. hendo7

    scubba tanks ,full face mask.spear gun,hawaiian sling etc

    MASK,S HAVE BEEN SOLD twin tank alum 80 set up $200.00 with harness 100 c,u high pressure tank 3300 psi alum never been wet $160.00 3o" spear gun alum never used SOLD Hawaiian sling never used $40 6.5 mm wet suit med to lg never used $60 dry suit med - lg $200 needs new neck dam and coughs i...
  26. hendo7

    wye pipe (280 volvo) and i/o parts,dual prop DP

    wye pipe i/o parts 50-150$ DUAL PROP IS SOLD
  27. hendo7

    5.7 volvo/chevy in board motor fresh water cooled

    fresh water cooled engine 260 hp was new replaced in 94 so the previous owner told me runs great (going to outboard) i,m guessing it has about 600 hours on it $500 with flex plate housing and wiring
  28. hendo7

    anchor rope

    i think its 3/4 " about 200 feet $100
  29. hendo7

    window from a parker

    22.75 x 31.50 not a slider $150
  30. hendo7

    skippy parts for sale doing a conversion to out board

    DUAL PROP IS SOLD, COOLER SEAT IS SOLD engine runs good but need a carb rebuild was told it was replaced in 94 and has about 800 hrs on it fresh water cooled $550.00 engine cover full top opening $100 single lower $300.00 i have two outdrives complete for parts one broke and good for parts $10...
  31. hendo7


    WILL MAIL AND EXCEPT A CHECK ,PAYPAL OF COURSE CASH IS NICE ASKING $75.00 i thought it had sold because apparently its just the g2 card no fish eye view and maybe not a g2vision card gave the money back to the buyer so now its up for sale again back up for sale again as previous buyer said its...
  32. hendo7

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    i am thinging of getting rid of the troubles of the IO and going with a outboard on a bracket/swim step to create more room better economy and more reliability i know some have said that a skipjacks are designed to have the weight down low but with that said i figured i would put a fuel tank...
  33. hendo7

    what a good filler thats easy to sand after appling awlgrip primer?

    just did two coats of awlgrip primer and need to know what is a good filler to fill in slight indentations etc i used the d6070/d3707 i also have the d3001 /d8001 i am thinking of using as the final primer base any help will be appreciated thanks in advance
  34. hendo7

    hp rating on a eaglecraft

    does anybody know the hp-weight rating of transom on a 18 foot 1987 Eaglecraft boat i emailed Eaglecraft and nobody there seems to know
  35. hendo7

    Shimano curado j modal

    how does this Curado j compare to the EJ whats so different about it ? is it a new type not in our stores yet ? more info needed thanks
  36. hendo7

    yamaha c70 2 stroke 20"shaft 96-91

    WTB ,has to have the oil injection, counter rotating would be perfect but not necessary [email protected] or call me 8186343968 god bless us all i meant to say 1996-2001
  37. hendo7

    doctors visit

    <table style="color:#000000" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td style="direction:ltr;font-size:12pt" width="100%"><table style="width:96.34%;color:#000000" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="3" width="96%"><tbody><tr><td...
  38. hendo7

    yamaha 70 2 stroke 96-2001

    yammy 70 ,2 stroke with oil tank in the cowling runs perfect its been a great motor with no hick ups $2800,00
  39. hendo7

    boston whaler over turned in channel isle area

    did anybody hear about this ? i heard it on the radio and i think it ended up on the beach, also heard no life jackets and one person could not was a calm day out on the ocean flat as can be just wondered what happened
  40. hendo7

    100-150 yamaha outboard

    4 stroke would be nice must be in good running condition or a 70 hp yamaha 2 stroke
  41. hendo7

    ez loader trailer 14to 16 foot

    2004 trail rite, for sale, galvanized in great condition (no brakes ) galvanized wheels $800.00 single axle rated for 2000lb like new was meant to be $1000.00 but will let it go to BD members for the $800.00 SOLD
  42. hendo7

    yamaha four stroke 100 harnest will it connect to a 70hp 2 stroke outboard ?

    just purchased a boat with no engine ,it had a 2001 yamaha 100 four stroke and come with all the controls and gauges ,i have a 70 hp yamaha 2 stroke that i think is a in the 1996 ,do you know if they are connectable as far as the wiring harness ? have not got the boat yet but will try to...
  43. hendo7

    petition to keep johnson valley open

    please spent very little time to keep johnson valley open ,we need your support YOUR VOTE COUNTS I CORRECTED THE LINK AS THIS ONE WORKS BETTER THANKS DON
  44. hendo7

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    compare a radon/wilson/davis/davison to a Farallon in following seas, is the extra cost of a Radon style hull worth the bucks here in so cal ?or does the Farallon compare in the ride quality and ability to handle rough following seas ? how are the rides compared to Farallon to the radon style...
  45. hendo7

    the bet> > An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse >

    > > An elderly woman walked into the Bank of Canada one morning with a purse > > full > > of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking >to > > the president of the Bank because, she said, she had a lot of money. > > > > After many lengthy discussions (after all, the...
  46. hendo7

    gettin olog

    Couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things. During a check-up, the doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might want to start writing things down to help them remember .. Later that night, while watching TV, the old man gets up from his chair...
  47. hendo7

    jet drives more economical ?

    i wonder ,seam like they would last longer but are they more economical for fishing boats compared to a twin screw ? they also seam more immoveable i would imagine also that they need higher rpms ?
  48. hendo7


  49. hendo7

    christmas is coming

    ne year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift... The next year, I didn't buy her a gift. When she asked me...
  50. hendo7

    mexican house maid

    The Mexican maid asked for a pay increase. The wife was very upset about this and decided to talk to her about the raise. She asked, “Now Maria, why do you want a pay increase? ”Maria: “Well, Señora, there are tree reasons why I wanna increaze. The first is that I iron better than you. ”Wife...
  51. hendo7

    smartliner boats

    smartliner boats seam impressive with the utube videos ,small engine but looks like lots of power and capable boat and very economical does anybody know about these boats ?
  52. hendo7


    <small>[email protected] looks like a decent boats (maybe a repower) and call it good not mine i dont know what yr it is sorry not sure how to post a link but found it on craigs did the search thing for a farollon and this came up </small> 22&apos; RADON CRAFT FISHING...
  53. hendo7

    2008 Volvo Penta XDP Sterndrives & Transom assemblies - $2900 (Fountain Valley,CA) p

    2008 Volvo Penta XDP Sterndrives & Transom assemblies - $2900 (Fountain Valley,CA) pic what do you guys think about these ?
  54. hendo7

    need stand alone engine monitor

    i have the raymarine e7 and c80 and would like a stand alone monitor to save space on my dash , i dont mind using the c80 if it has a split screen i can monitor if ot can be done ? or do you know of any other stand alone engine monitor ?
  55. hendo7

    volvo xdp or 290 which is better ?

    i have a 280 out-drive single prop in my skipjack 24 open and want to upgrade to a dual prop not sure which of the two are better and what it will take installing them i know the 290 will bolt in but not sure if i need to cut the transom for the XDP ? also my drive line vibrates when turning...
  56. hendo7

    need skip jack floor hatches

    need skipjack 24 open replacement floor hatches does anybody know where i can get them from, i need three
  57. hendo7

    skip jack cooler seat n misc

    ,6 gallon fuel tanks $30.00, new rv/boat door $200.00,tackle boxes one new $10.00 other used $5.00 parker window,280 outdrive w prop 5.7 motor with fresh water cooling headers etc new gauges (4in1) twin stick controller used once wye pipe engine cover original gauges in dash new throttle...
  58. hendo7


    originally i was looking at buying a radar for my C80 but wanted the bird mode I found a E7D combo that sells at $2500.00 includes radar,remote,cable and the E7D with bird mode so basically i will be spending a thousand more on a complete system rather than just buying a radar for about $1500 do...
  59. hendo7

    cruising rpm on a skippy 24

    i have been looking for a thread but can,t find one so here it is.i have just added a pilot house to my boat just after i purchased it and was not sure of the performances before and after what the rpm and cruising speed are you guys running at with a standard 280/290 and a dual prop assuming...
  60. hendo7

    awesome deal on a 28 foot parker diesel

    28 foot parker
  61. hendo7

    seeker rod/calcutta

    pictures tell the story........ reels are SOLD....... reel has new 30 lb p-line new seeker rod has mexican wrap , reel with reel cover $200.00 obo located in moorpark,ca
  62. hendo7

    raptor mxj or mxl and what kind of fish

    not sure of which one to get ,i like the size and feel of the sx and want a little more drag for yt but still be able to go for smaller fish and cast a descent distance ,i have my own boat i will be using it on so i can chase the fish so i don,t need a large reel or the bulky feel also would...
  63. hendo7

    4/30 to 5/4 at cedros

    fishing was good at cedros island caught lots of large sized calicos,3 yellows,5 halibuts keepers,lots of barracuda ,brought back about 60 pounds of filleted fish,water temp about 63 degrees we mostly targeted yellows but could have caught calicos all day
  64. hendo7

    raymarine hd radar

    prefer a 18" and pedestal if you got one
  65. hendo7

    cedros island trip

    looking for a cedros island package flight, panga,hotel and possibly meals willing to drive to ensenada to get a flight if there is secure parking ? or is there a place i can rent a panga and guide if necessary or just the panga ? there will 3 of us and looking for a reasonable price deal thx in...
  66. hendo7

    cedros island

    where do you launch your boat to go to cedros island and is there a place to stay (hotel) and how long to get to the island ? i am thinking about taking my boat down there in late April to about 3rd of May any advise will help and i am open to hear of any other place around there thx
  67. hendo7

    fishing trip april 27 to the 4th of may 6 day

    ALL INCLUSIVE look into the trip i need more spaces filled on April 29th to 4th of may $995.00 per person includes food beer and license check it out at or call 714 538 8010 seams like a awesome deal i,m going
  68. hendo7

    tony reyes trip april 27 to may 4

    spaces are ready to be filled at a discount 6 day trip (food, beer,soda,s,included) $995.00 i need more people to go on this trip as i have booked for my father and friend and need just a few more so the trip goes out its a awesome deal ,3 to a cabin, all the beers you can drink, great food...
  69. hendo7

    which reel which rod ?

    i have a seeker M870-7 foot mexican wrap 15(25)40 LB and a Shimano Terez TZC-70H-PW heavy action power fast, Reels Shimano Calcutta 700 (older modal) mono line around 60 LB Daiwa sealine-X SHA with 65LB braid (new) one rod i want to use for Jigging and maybe a little trolling the other i want...
  70. hendo7

    i just won tickets to the SB

    just was informed that i have won the raffle tickets to the super bowl air hotel, nfl experience ,food , i cant believe it
  71. hendo7

    looking for a 4 or 5 day boat in april out san diego any recommendations

    new to long range and my father 75 yrs old is coming for the trip i want to catch some tuna maybe around 30lbs or more can,t be too expensive any recommendations ? thanks
  72. hendo7

    looking for a radar scanner /raymarine

    i need a scanner for a raymarine that will work on a c80 hopefully you have the cable thanks
  73. hendo7


    i am soon to be in the progress of building a pilot house and need a good inexpensive or a alternative to buying expensive windows, i have looked all over Ebay and even thought of a truck window shields with the right trim or rubber trim that holds the window in place but not having much luck...
  74. hendo7

    instead of impellors

    instead of using impellers why not use a bait tank style pump run on a heat switch of course on a inboard motor ,maybe even a scoop style inlet so the pump does not have to kick on at speed,i am also talking about or even on a raw water system ?
  75. hendo7

    1990 trophy 22.6 twin outboards

    90 trophy 22.6 sleep 3 with dog house twin 125 hp force outboards(just spent 2k on repairs and testing) three fish holds bait tank with new pump new bilge pump with float switch galvanized trailer with long tongue windless (needs wiring) vhf, marine stereo,fish finder sink ,ice box,rod holders...
  76. hendo7

    WTB curado 300e

    looking for a shimano 300ej [email protected] got one yesterday ,please delete
  77. hendo7

    this is unreal or is it

    looks real
  78. hendo7

    anybody going out of C.I. today

    just found out theres no work today ,i know its late but i can be at the ramp around 10 am your boat or mine
  79. hendo7

    anybody going out of C.I today your boat or mine

    just found out i dont have to work today and need to get out and fish,i know its late but i could be at the launch ramp by 9:30- 10:00
  80. hendo7

    ? the difference between a garmin g2 card and a hxus039r card

    i have a garmin 441s and thinking about a g2 card to enhance the screen for fishing,finding wrecks and a little more detail,online i have found the hxus039r for around 90 bucks and then theres the west marine card for $299 bucks ,whats the difference in the cards ? i cant find anywhere telling...
  81. hendo7

    avet /saltist/reel wanted and rod g loomis /pheonix

    tell me what you have i am in moorpark ,ca and fish out of ventura harbor regularly dont want to travel far to get it so if you are around here i have cash i am looking for a rod around 7 foot maybe 8 that,s good for minimal casting and good for 50 pound braided line ,i,m fairly new to offshore...
  82. hendo7

    defiance yellow tail

    whats your opinion on the yellow tail ? its 20 foot small boat i know but its new and some what inexpensive , whats the ride like ? i,ve own a few older boats now and had nothing but problems i want to buy a new boat but the bigger boats are more costly and more maintenance ,i fish mostly with...
  83. hendo7

    what the ride like on a sportcraft 252 ?

    thinking i may buy a sportcraft 252 direct drive but the ride is more is a preference for me ,i live in ventura county and it seams to me that we get mostly 2 to 3 foot swell here on average . i have had a sea-ox 23 footer and i have a 23.6 trophy (for sale)and the ride is pritty hard in that...
  84. hendo7

    25" shaft to a 30" outboard

    i have seen a good deal on a 225hp 30" shaft outboard and my set up with the stainless bracket is set up for a 25" shaft do i really have to raise my stainless bracket up 5" or will it be OK not too ?
  85. hendo7

    wanted outboard 175-225hp for my boat

    wanted 200-225 hp long shaft outboard motor must be reliable 2 or 4 stroke
  86. hendo7

    23 foot sea ox

    SOLD its in good condition , new fish finder new vhf radio stereo bimini top live bait tank 3 new bilge pumps 2 new batteries with isolator could do with a new trailer but this works fine now recent engine work on a 94 evinrude 225hp 2 stroke injection motor runs descent but needs more work on...