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  1. GOFAST88

    HDS7 Gen3 Sonar not working- Lowrance repair locally?

    Worked fine with this transducer for 2 years, Unit is about 4 years old. Everything else works, GPS, Transducer reads temp. Just 3 dotted lines for depth. Thought it was the transducer so I bought a new one, standard 83/200 skimmer & same result. Tried Hard reset multiple times. Selected the...
  2. GOFAST88

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    ? for the saltwater bass tournament guys. Most of the fish that get put in my 14 gallon bait tank roll on their bellies after 20-30 min. ( Tank keeps a 1/2 scoop of dines all day 500 GPH pump) They stay alive but takes a while for them to revive and swim off at the end of the day. anyone use the...
  3. GOFAST88

    2013 Yamaha 20HP outboard electric start

    SOLD Tagged 2013/ New in 2015. Short shaft. Very low hours 40-60 max. Aluminum tiller extension, whale tail, 3 Gallon tank, new costco batt. under warranty until Sept. 2700$ 949- 748-0021 Tyler. In Murrieta. The old 15' gregor is also for sale, Its been rebuilt and some patches welded on. Will...
  4. GOFAST88

    Best deal on New F50 Hp Yamaha Outboard?

    Looking to buy New or very low hour F50 possibly 60 with controls and tac. I have received pricing from, Trade wind, H & H, Inland boat center and a few others. prices are all over... Also found some New in box but 2012 and 2015 Manufacture date motors. Should I be concerned about...
  5. GOFAST88

    2009 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner 13K

  6. GOFAST88

    1st 18' to 20' CC Aluminum Boat Build.......

    I have been thinking and slowly planning on this project for a couple of years... I was a metal fabricator offload/ commercial for 8 year before going into another trade. Aluminum/ Stainless sheet metal/ Tig welding is my game... I enjoy Fabrication much more now as a hobby and I finally have...
  7. GOFAST88

    Stuffed YT belly w/ spicy basil Cilantro Chimichurri

    Very Good recipe for chimichurri! Great on all kinds of fish baked or BBQ. 1/2 cup Cilantro 1/4 cup mexican spicy basil 1/2 white onion or full shallot 2 tablespoons garlic tablespoon Lemon juice tablespoon extra virgin olive oil ground back pepper Red pepper sea salt cumin you can add...
  8. GOFAST88

    PB Corbina @ MB dog beach

    The wife, the Dog and I got a group-on deal for the ocean villa inn, dog friendly hotel for the week end. Pretty cool simple little spot, right on the dog beach. I can't go anywhere without a fishin rod she says. Glad I always do. 10:30am on the incoming tide I saw a red crab roll by... so I...
  9. GOFAST88

    What blank for short yo yo/ jigging 30 to 50lb?

    I would like to build a pair of yo yo/ jigging rods. One spinner and one acid conv. I am looking for a parabolic 5' to 6' strong bend with out spending 200$+ a blank? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  10. GOFAST88

    Moby dick mash up... OMG WTF jayy!

    hahaha if you have seen the original, this video is a must watch!
  11. GOFAST88

    ? on my new HDS7 gen3

    Just installed a HD7 with B60 through hull & side scan. This thing is RAD! My first outing with it yesterday. 3 YF 2 skips for a few hours :D. But 0 to 20' always had some interference. somewhat straight lines across the screen. What was weird is when I actually metered tuna the interference...
  12. GOFAST88

    NEED HELP WITH 2003 Suzuki 115 4stroke!!

    I recently purchased and rebuilt a 19' skiff. It has a 2003 Suzuki 115 with 254 hours on it. I know the boat sat for a little before I purchased it. (1 year) So I did all the maintenance I felt necessary... Impeller, anodes, thermostat, plugs, oil, All filters, except the high pressure, flushed...
  13. GOFAST88

    Best place to buy swim baits online?

    Going to Cedros in a few weeks!:D I need to buy 50-75 5" to 9" tails and some 1 to 2oz weedless heads. Is anglers choice the best price for MC's?
  14. GOFAST88

    It official... I've seen it all... pontoon boat tuna fishin

    2 miles NW of the N9 hahaha The dude was fishin solo on the party barge!
  15. GOFAST88

    Calstar 670- old sabre and fenwick

    Fishermans landing Calstar 670- Condition 8/10- 150$ Old Sabre rock cod ( broom stick ). 10$ or free with purchase of Calstar Old Fenglass like 15 to 20lb- has a great bend! but there are a few half A** repairs done to the guides. - 15$ May have a couple other sticks for sale.... 8'...
  16. GOFAST88

    Best combo Unit for skiff, Under 1,200$?

    Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated! I don't have a lot of knowledge on electronics... And there are so many options. I am familiar with Garmens. I need something that will do it all .. We also do a lot of hoopin, It seems like that side scan unit could be a game changer?
  17. GOFAST88

    Offshore 182 and more... What happened to the bite!?!

    Quick one... not worth long report or taking pics...90ish miles..hit about 30 kelps today. Pretty much by ourselves the whole day. 5:30 MB short line for great bait... 75% 4-5" mini mac / sardine. south to N9, saw Jumpers +birds for nada. 182 Kelps south of ridge for 1 10lb dodo. Trolled north...
  18. GOFAST88

    Renewing Passport ?

    There are so many services available to get a passport quick... Can anyone recommend a service they have used? I have a trip planned to Cedros in mid. Sept. I know I should of sent it in earlier this year.... The fishing has been too good to not have it on hand...
  19. GOFAST88

    Offshore Winner winner on the spinner! A day for the die hards

    Fished the Oceanside anglers yellowtail tournament yesterday. Lots of Fun Thank you OAC for putting on this event! My Dad and I are new members. The few members I have met are really nice guys. Looking forward to participating more with the club. ( Team Slug Brothers ) We weighed in about...
  20. GOFAST88

    Full Speed islands. Epic

    South Island. limits by 9:30 am. messed around for a few hours playing catch and release. ended up with 30ish yellows. 5 to 27lb. A lot of rats. A lot in the 14-18# . Kept a limit of 14 to 27lb fish. They bit it all. and Shallow water! Almost Cedros good! Crazy surface iron fishing! Saw one on...
  21. GOFAST88

    Fishing Tomorrow SD

    Taking my wife and a couple offshore newbs on my pops boat tomorrow. Half the fun for me is putting others on the fish. Such a cool Dad to let me use his boat :D. My plan now is the 226 area. Could change by tomorrow... Do you think SI is going to be a cluster at 6am? Trying to decide where to...
  22. GOFAST88

    Offshore Bluefin & yellows 6-27 4ish miles Firstsss

    First Trip out in my new to me 19' skiff. Decided to launch in Oside in fear of shit show in SD. Turns out we should of launched from mission bay.... But got MY 1ST BLUEFIN EVER!! Up there with the biggest tuna I've caught in US water. Ive caught tons of YF and ALB. but the BF has evaded us. We...
  23. GOFAST88

    Offshore 312 to 181 6-20

    Very few kelps outside of 5 miles. First kelp we stopped on we went 3 for 4 on quality yellows. 1ish miles inside of the 312. Headed to 181, lots of kelps close to high spot. One was holding but these fish would chase surface iron and short bite the baits. Saw a monster follow the iron pushed...
  24. GOFAST88

    19' SeaSquirt CC Rebuild. Need C.C. build tips!

    So My buddy Derrick and I split our first boat a 17' Western a year ago. Served us very well over the last year! Actually sold it to another fishing buddy of mine ( On the same date we bought it on a year ago...trippy ) Glad to see it go to a good home. A few years ago my friend Tito bought my...
  25. GOFAST88

    My Costa Rica Honeymoon! Pura Vida

    Spent 12 Days in Guanacaste area with my wonderful new wife! Memories I will never forget! Squeezed in a lil fishin too!! BIG Amberjack & Rooster. Epic. Enjoy the pics!
  26. GOFAST88

    SD Bay....Halibut ate my SSB!

    Excellent day on the water yesterday! Chovies + 6lb = Wide open. Lost track on how many bass we caught.... Ive seen some crazy shit in my day but this I will never forget! We were fishing in about 10' and I hook a SSB about 8 to 10" (1lb) as I real it up about 3' under the boat I see a large...
  27. GOFAST88

    Panga Papagayo Costa Rica?

    Any recommendations for a panga in the Guanacaste/ Papagayo area? Looking to fish 2 or 3 days the first 2 weeks of April. This seems like the best option so far.
  28. GOFAST88

    Fishing info Costa Rica Guanacaste April 1st to 12th

    Going to North pacific side of Costa Rica on my honeymoon April 1 to 12th. We are staying at Dreams for 5 days and then Occidental Grand for remainder. I am looking for a good Panga. Wife will be fishing so CC bathroom is a +. We plan to fish 3 days. Also anyone know what kind of fishing is...
  29. GOFAST88

    Fish Dope ?

    I'm going to renew my subscription. Whats the deal at Fred Hall Show? Is it worth waiting I'm fishing this week end
  30. GOFAST88

    1983 Mariner 40HP ?'s

    Does anyone know of a website that has information on these motors? I have it on the back of my Alum. boat and the thing runs great! bought the boat last year and have put about 80 hours on it this season and each time we go out now I'm double checking I have my BoatsUS card... haven't done a...
  31. GOFAST88

    Shimano SP10000SW or 20000 Salwater Spheros?

    Anyone own this thing? How do you like it? Didn't really want to fork out the 250$ for the Saragosa... Although I have used it and it is sweet! Looking for a heavy spinner that will hold up or the Penn battle 2?
  32. GOFAST88

    270 Slug

    Mission bay bait barge was closed??.... sabiki'd 2 spanish macs and went for it. Yo Yo'd our ass off all morning chasing meter marks. Fish are at 200' to 250' in 280 to 300' depth. Saw a couple fish get picked. decided to drift away from the spot. I looked at the dropper loop rod and no weight...
  33. GOFAST88


    I heard Obama is funding this....BAHAHA
  34. GOFAST88

    YF TUNA Recipes?

    So I had to buy a chest freezer this year... and its plugged... We've made poke, seared, sushi, tuna salad, smoked tuna and more.. Looking for some new recipes to try. One of my favorites is poke w/ Ken's steak house sesame, soy, ginger dressing. With some green onions. And sushi done rite of...
  35. GOFAST88

    Baja trip planning w/ 17ft. Alum. CC

    Purchased my 17' western CC last year. Great lil boat. Trailer has beach launch pivot. I've driven Baja many times for the SCORE races. I am looking for recommendations and people who want to plan a trip. I would love to rally for the tin boat gonzoga bay trip next year. Fished San Quintin once...
  36. GOFAST88

    Offshore 277 fishin & Triple hook up marlin??? west of the south 9??

    Went out today to the 277. Found a fat patty early... good fishin from 630 to 9am. 10 to 15lb YF and some 20 to 25+YF and some nice Dorado. Then the shit show began... but i guess cool to see 8+ boats all catching fish. Wish it was to ourselves. I have fished mexico all summer, I wonder how many...
  37. GOFAST88

    WORST CA TURKEY OPENER EVER!!! nothin but SH** tons of bad luck

    Well we started off scouting the last couple months found some nice spots but at the same time have a pig tag as well...just in case the opportunity presents itself. We go out our spot in CNF friday night. My buddy and I. More experienced than I. We set up our tent and blind but leave our...
  38. GOFAST88

    End of season Lobster hooping ?

    I am new to hoop netting. I am planning a trip at the end of this month. I would like to hoop net the last night of the lobster season, but plan on staying at the islands for the next 2 nights. I will have the hoops on board the whole time... plus it may be cool to try and send them down for...
  39. GOFAST88


    Sat. out of SD harbor. went up to la jolla shelf. quick limits of 2lb to 4lb baccacio. couple reds. bunch of small stars sent back down. + few more groupers sent back. hit the bay for a couple short butts. Sunday. hit the pipe for more baccacio 200ft. short ling. then to the whistler. for couple...
  40. GOFAST88

    Offshore RAT INFESTATION!!!

    Me and a buddy head out SD early thurs 9-19 hit the bait dock about 545... Damn horse deans... our game plan- cruze through 425 head south toward hidden bank look for Tuna. Alot of boat around the 425. as we head out we see a few boats on patties close to the island.. but we keep goin. About 2...