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  1. Genie Aye

    Sept Hali day in MA1&2

    Ma1 & 2 Halibut day: September 24. Last hali day of year.
  2. Genie Aye

    Saltwater MA2 closes to salmon

    Tuesday 9/7 @ midnight... Fyi
  3. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Coho in MA2, STUPID FISHING

    Coho fishing is better than i have seen in 45 yrs right now...go get sum. A few pictures of this weekend. Coho up to 28".
  4. Genie Aye

    SS RX4 Propeller

    Genie Aye submitted a new listing: SS RX4 Propeller - SS RX4 Propeller Learn more about this listing...
  5. Genie Aye

    Raymarine quantum radar unit

    Genie Aye submitted a new listing: Raymarine quantum radar unit - Raymarine quantum radar unit Learn more about this listing...
  6. Genie Aye

    Westport opener sunday

    For those who couldn't make it or didn't go because of forecast...22mph out, 28mph in. Found Dragons...some hali and 35 yellowtail/widow for 55 fish by 12:30... Had a two fer ling pull up on 1 sand dab...after catching 10 ling on board, 3 hali, needing 2 more, we pulled up 9 more dragons before...
  7. Genie Aye

    Spotted Wldlfbio on freeway

    Needs more rods??
  8. Genie Aye

    Hope for salmon & Steelhead

    PSA State Board Presidents Message for March WE WON! Throughout the last 2 1/2 years we have been intensely working on getting rid of HSRG from the WDFW Hatchery Policy level to take the handcuffs off of hatchery production. When this first started we thought it would be a slam dunk and it...
  9. Genie Aye

    State taking away open carry of any weapon Open carry will be a felony, gun, knives, or anything government considers a weapon.
  10. Genie Aye

    SS Props

    2 SS props. Rebel is for big lower case evinrude/johnson V6 thru G1, Does not fit G2. Viper , buy a hub kit and put it on what you want...make me a offer, great spares...
  11. Genie Aye

    Vision X 4.5 light cannons kits

    I have 2 brand new kits, complete with wiring harnesses, relays, switch. All you have to do is hook to batteries, plug in lights and turn on. Passing a deal on to a brutha that wants. Jobber 449.00 Christmas deal...349.00 I have 2 extra kits..maybe i could scounge up a third..
  12. Genie Aye

    Saltwater MA 2.2 COHO

    Had a good morning fishing with Brian Olson, he got us in the salmon hole. Caught a chum on a spinner, then Brian got his Coho and about 10 minutes later hooked mine.
  13. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Johns river salmon

    Fished Johns river saturday on the Overkill with Ben and have rarely ever caught so many kings, i caught 6 kings from 18 to 25 ish lbs, what a hoot. The boat got 2 coho keepers and caught 7 kings altogether. Had steady action the whole incoming tide, but just before high i caught 3 of the kings...
  14. Genie Aye

    Saltwater No fish in Westport...

    Had a fair weekend fishing with Ben Overmars Jr as my boat is down from self inflicted damage. Had Norm Smith with us saturday and Bob "Sharkster" with us sunday...had a awesome time with awesome fishermen...still learning every trip...whats up with the fishing right now... Limits of sea bass...
  15. Genie Aye

    Wldlfbio on AGT

    Lawrence i Was suprised to see you on Americas got talent. When did you dye your hair?
  16. Genie Aye

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    who else is seeing what i see? Running with a Limey and son on board...
  17. Genie Aye

    Saltwater No Salmon in Westport

    As title
  18. Genie Aye

    Cannon riggers, 1 new, 1 used

    All gone
  19. Genie Aye


    Just looking for a couple.. Polar Orange Nuclear Crush Someone has 1 or both of these collecting dust..
  20. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport sivers

    Fished off ocean park friday, no king love but 1 undersized but got our coho. Saturday ran just south of leadbetter on the beach, 1 hr and done and finished with a nice little king. No pictures friday, all coho around 23" and empty bellies.
  21. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Day 3 deepwater lingers

    Not as big as yesterday, but they work!!!
  22. Genie Aye

    Halibut dates, coast

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 June 12, 2020 Potential coastal halibut fishing Coastal halibut fishing remains closed for now, but WDFW has been working with stakeholders this spring to discuss...
  23. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Deepwater piggies

    Got 1 or 2 piggies today!!
  24. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Deepwater ling

    There aren't Any...
  25. Genie Aye

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    No halibut ...yet WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 May 22, 2020 Contact: Region 6, 360-249-4628 Some recreational fishing to reopen in Washington's coastal waters Columbia River crabbing will also open...
  26. Genie Aye

    Lowrance radar..24mi dome

    SOLD has communication box and cables. All you need is the screen ) head unit), it works with HDS units and older. I believe it is lowrance first digital unit I switched brands on my electronics. Make a offer.....BD BRUTHA special....
  27. Genie Aye

    Fishing closure statewide

    WDFW closes recreational fishing statewide in wake of governor's order to 'Stay Home, Stay Healthy' in response to COVID-19 OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) today announced its decision to temporarily close recreational fishing and shellfishing statewide in the...
  28. Genie Aye

    Lowrance HDS7 gen 2 touch screen

    UNIT SOLD.........Has navionics platinum card, includes all cables, factory transducer and Airmar P66 with temp and speed, factory cover and manuel. Works great, currently using. Questions, ask. COORDINATES WILL BE DELETED!!! Do not have bracket. $475 obo.
  29. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Good day on the pond...

    My type of quarantine
  30. Genie Aye

    Surf perch derby

    Clam dig after!
  31. Genie Aye

    Fish death

  32. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Razors, friday/saturday........

    A bit of a slow start friday, shoed at low tide, saturday night....20 minutes for 120 of the yummy tidbits...left cabin at 7ish, back before clam weather...
  33. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Razor clam friday

    Went digging with Sharkster and Overkill tonight...nice fritters coming.. Great time. P.s. no clams in Westport!
  34. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Tuna, WP, Saturday..

    We had a couple newbies with us today...fished south of most the fleet... Morning we had peanuts..tough time getting the fish to come up and play...onsies, twosies. Had around 15 from trolling and quick bait stops...then we gottem going...the bait stop that....well ...just kept on giving...
  35. Genie Aye

    Tuna are here!!

  36. Genie Aye

    Tommy? Are the Tuna here yet

    think he is ready to go!! Great seminar!
  37. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport 7/13-14

    Well saturday was sloow forus, 1 keeper coho-27". Lots of wilds. Ran north to 47.14 in 240fow, then moved out in front of grays harbor in 180fow and had wilds galore. Moved agian about 5 miles sw of gh, no love there, but saving grace was 24 nice crab on the way in. Sunda..north to 47.30, fair...
  38. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport salmon 7/5, 7/6

    Friday ran south 30 miles, 230 fow, coho game, had 1 nice king, angler lost it at the boat, tried horsing it in, got our 6 coho with only 1 wild, 70% on riggers with hootchies and rest on diver with bait, done by 11am. Water conditions, sweet. Saturday ran north 32 miles, 250fow, found coho, no...
  39. Genie Aye

    MA 4 Neah Bay

    As of monday 7/8 it will be 1 king a day. Just fyi. Don't shoot the messenger
  40. Genie Aye

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    MA2...June 28, 29...fri, sat. MA3/4...June 27,28,29...thurs, fri, sat Go get them cards filled!!
  41. Genie Aye

    More halibut days in MA3/4

    More sport halibut days to open in Marine Areas 3 and 4 Action: Open recreational halibut fishing on Thursday, June 27 and Saturday, June 29 in Marine Areas 3 (La Push) and 4 (Neah Bay). Effective date: Immediately Species affected: Pacific halibut Location: Marine Areas 3 and 4. Reason...
  42. Genie Aye

    Halibut update 5/31/19

    Recreational halibut fishing to open for additional days in coastal areas Action: Opens recreational halibut fishing on Saturday, June 15 in Marine Areas 3 and 4 (Neah Bay and La Push). Opens recreational halibut fishing Thursday, June 20 in Marine Area 2 (Westport) and Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco...
  43. Genie Aye

    Hali June 6th in MA2

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 May 20, 2019 Sport halibut season dates added for 2019 Action: In addition to dates already announced, recreational halibut fishing will be open Thursday...
  44. Genie Aye

    Westport boat launch parking

    It's coming along, should be paved shortly..
  45. Genie Aye

    Ace line puller

    Selling Ace line hauler, i picked it up from anothet BD brutha, figured i would build the adapter for cannon mounting then i ran into another one all set up for the cannons and bought it so i did not have to build the mount or change the plug. Carrying case to, some chips in the powder coat...
  46. Genie Aye

    Saltwater or freshwater

  47. Genie Aye

    Salmon season setting is starting

    Please participate in this and voice your opinion if you can make any of the meetings dates and times are given if you click on link, if you do not speak up at these meetings, we stand no chance of getting a fair shake to get on the water to fish, especially Saturdays!! WDFW invites public...
  48. Genie Aye

    Stiches replacement...hmmm

  49. Genie Aye

    New boat at show?

    So who is buying that GORGEOUS 35' Bertram? Need to know so i can be crew. So i need to win a lotto before i can buy it
  50. Genie Aye

    What the ?

    Apparently he can't afford the four tires to go under the truck? And needs a left fender too...
  51. Genie Aye

    New fishing charter in Oregon, check it out!

    8 hour tour.....
  52. Genie Aye

    Getting to them thar tuna grounds

    I am new to this, might this work?? 40' Sea Hunter 2014 Center Console w/ twin 627hp Seven Marine - $289000 (Port Aransas) hide this posting image 1 of 19 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) length overall (LOA): 40 propulsion type: power This...
  53. Genie Aye

    Orca task force help

    From the desk of Ron Garner Orca Task Force Draft has a major issue and need your input. We have worked through the process and have whittled down that we would make a Slow Go Zone on the west side of San Juan Island and a Slow Go Bubble wherever any whales are seen. We were down to finalizing...
  54. Genie Aye

    Halibut season setting meeting

    Call to ARMS: If you can be there, help our cause...To FISH!! WDFW to host meeting on options for 2019 halibut season OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will host a public meeting in Montesano in early October to discuss management options and select proposed dates...
  55. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Sept 15

    September 15 meeting. 6:30 pm Mac Causland hall Maritime museum Our speaker is Larry Phillips Director of region six. This will be a very informative discussion on what happened this year on the quota numbers and what's hopefully in our future. Raffle is always going. We look forward to...
  56. Genie Aye

    Common sense to save the Orca..

    Time for a rant: Orcas...saving them. Government spends millions of dollars and wastes to much time figuring out what to do to save the Orcas. Habit...has been improved and getting better since the 80's. Dams...nothing has changed here except fish ladders been installed to improve the runs..70's...
  57. Genie Aye

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    Okay folks...finally they give us 7 days a week and 2 king limit starting friday the 24th. Yipee, 2 whole weeks...thanks.. Why not just kick us in the whohaw!!
  58. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers august 18 meeting

    August meeting, Saturday August 18th. Mac Causland Hall , Westport maritime museum. 6:00 pm Do not want to miss this one!!! Ron Garner, President of the PSA will be speaking, hear about what is happening with our fisheries. Raffle will be going strong, top prize is this cooler!! Salmon...
  59. Genie Aye

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    It is the Charter Association, they run the WDFW. My rant: All Washington State fisher people...salmon fishers in specific, does this sound...well a a huge conflict of interest.. WDFW hires retired head of WDFW as a consultant for them, but he is also a charter boat...
  60. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 21 meeting

    PSA Ocean Anglers July meeting: Saturday July 21 6:30 PM MacCausland Hall, Westport maritime museum. Mr John Keizer is going to be our speaker, we will address electronics and how to improve what you are getting from your electronics to help improve you catch. We will have our raffle as...
  61. Genie Aye

    Saltwater MA2

    Catch of the day...all good eaters!! Bonus of 21 crab...
  62. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers June 16th

    Meeting...June 16th, third Saturday of the month. Macausland hall, Westport maritime museum. 6:00 pm. We know some of you will be enjoying the area 3/4 halibut opener, tight lines. Our speaker will be Ron Warren WDFW fish program manager. Have questions for Ron on your concerns. Of course...
  63. Genie Aye

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Who's in??
  64. Genie Aye


    The meeting for May has been cancelled. That was scheduled for this coming Saturday. Speakers etc just all fell apart. Plan on June meeting...third Saturday of June. Raffle will be twice as big as normal, it will be a don't miss meeting. Sorry all... May all have a great halibut season..
  65. Genie Aye


    If anybody is trying to call me this weekend, you need to try NEMO.COM. I’m not ignoring you...well maybe I am
  66. Genie Aye

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    PSA Ocean Anglers First meeting for 2018!! About time... April 21rst...Saturday 6:00pm Place: Tackle Box, 2681 Westhaven Drive, Westport. West end of Westhaven drive. Also across the street from the ARSC fleet. The speakers for this will be Mike Cenci WDFW law enforcement deputy chief and...
  67. Genie Aye clams.....

    No clams here either
  68. Genie Aye

    Coastal salmon meeting..westport March 26th

    this is so you can be heard, please be there if you can, the charter fleet will be so they can put it at 5 days a week, not 7 days a week.
  69. Genie Aye

    2018 coastal salmon season...

    Alternative 1: 32,500 chinook and 42,000 coho. Marine areas 1 (Ilwaco), 3 (La Push) and 4 (Neah Bay) would open June 23, while Marine Area 2 (Westport) would open July 1. All four areas would be open daily through Sept. 3. This option would have a fishery scheduled from Sept. 29-Oct. 14 in the...
  70. Genie Aye


    Love ya Todd...
  71. Genie Aye

    Westport has ..NO clams...

    2 dig report....on the other hand...I did miss the boat show....
  72. Genie Aye

    Wdfw director...bye bye

    Already posted...yehaw anyways.
  73. Genie Aye

    Westport boat ride time...

    Look at 44 second time...
  74. Genie Aye

    Anyone need something out of cali or oregon?

    Headed south early morning, will be in LA tus day morning, back wenesday....just pm me.
  75. Genie Aye

    Westport beach find....

  76. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Oct 22nd meeting

    PSA Ocean Anglers October 21 meeting. 6:30pm Macausland hall Maritime museum Westport. This month we have Becky McRoberts from WDFW law enforcement program as our Speaker. Have questions ready, this is not a gripe session, but to learn more about enforcement and get clarification's. We will...
  77. Genie Aye charts for 10/3

    temp 1 day shot Chlorophyll 1 day shot
  78. Genie Aye

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 October 3, 2017 Contact: Heather Reed, 360-902-2487 WDFW to host meeting on options for 2018 halibut season OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife...
  79. Genie Aye

    Razor clams.....yum

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 October 3, 2017 Contact: Dan Ayres, 360-249-4628 First razor clam dig of season set Oct. 6-7 OLYMPIA – The first razor clam dig of the fall season will get underway...
  80. Genie Aye

    PSAOA meeting...this saturday

    Meeting saturday....yes this saturday... 630pm Macausland hall Tommy "Cornfed" Donlin will talk to us about the World Championship tournament. Lots of info on this so bring questions. Of course the raffle will be going. Lots of tuna talk will be going sure to be there! Willipa bay...
  81. Genie Aye


    I have had a leared experience with the early production approved fuel lines..... Not a good one... Found out they break down as well........ Had the CG approved ethanol line (black) from my tank to fuel filter 1, then the grey approved line from filter 1 to filter 2. The black was breaking...
  82. Genie Aye

    Westport boat launch Aug 1.

    Boat launch will be closed August 1rst from around 7 to 11 am for military emergency preparedness drills. Just FYI for those who fish mid week and use the ramp.
  83. Genie Aye

    MA 2 salmon catch change

    As of Saturday.....2 kings are open ad well as the others...1kING 1coho, or 2 coho.
  84. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers JULY 22nd meeting

    We have guest speaker Dave Phillips, Raymarine and Shimano Staff .....we will be talking.....TUNA.. Be there, this is a don't miss.. 6:30pm Macausland hall Westport Be ready for that raffle.... All are welcome!
  85. Genie Aye

    Hali open this saturday!!!

    FISHING RULE CHANGE WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 June 6, 2017 Recreational halibut fishing to open June 10 in Neah Bay, La Push and Puget Sound Action: Open recreational halibut fishing Saturday, June 10, in Marine Areas 3 (La...
  86. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers June 17th meeting

    June meeting of PSAOA. JUNE 17 6:30 PM MACAUSLAND HALL WESTPORT This month we have a great speaker that will inform us of what is going on and what is down the pipeline for us on the coast. Guest Larry Phillips, new director for the WDFW Area 6. Let's have those questions you want answers...
  87. Genie Aye

    Watch your "bait" when bottomfishing

    Do you use Flounder for Lingcod bait? Are you aware that even if used for bait, they count against your limit? Enforcement has started checking bait tanks and counting Flounder and writing tickets. I was unaware until this spring, I had always assumed that if I was never over my bag limit, the...
  88. Genie Aye

    Halibut update

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 May 24, 2017 All-depth recreational halibut fishing will close off Ilwaco, continue in most other marine areas Action: Recreational halibut fishing in the...
  89. Genie Aye

    May 25 hali per wdfw

    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 May 17, 2017 WDFW approves another day of halibut fishing in marine areas 3 and 4, portions of Puget Sound Action: Recreational halibut fishing will open...
  90. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 20th

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 20th is next meeting. That is next saturday. 6:30 pm Macausland hall Maritime museum, Westport Captian Kevin Vasereno of the Gold Rush will be out guest....this will be a question and answer get together....Bring those questions and pick Kevin's brain. We should also...
  91. Genie Aye

    Butt or not...

  92. Genie Aye

    Halibut update on days...

    April 14, 2017 Contacts: Heather Reed, (360) 249-1202 Halibut fishing to open May 4 under higher catch quotas OLYMPIA – Anglers fishing for halibut will notice a change this year with consistent halibut seasons across all Puget Sound and ocean areas, except marine waters near the mouth the...
  93. Genie Aye

    GH bouy....ouch

    Current report at 1:30....wave height. ........ 25.9' Swell 17' Wind chop 8.9' Destruction island, sustained wind..50 knots Gusting 70 knots... Let's test the Kelly Ann.....who's in???
  94. Genie Aye

    Cannon mag 10

    (2) Cannon Mag 10 downriggers Work great, new cable last season,400'. Updated power cables. No mounts. Questions ask. $225 ea
  95. Genie Aye

    L&D downrigger (cannon) service

    Does anyone know if Larry shut down? I cannot find my contact info for him, anyone help out? Have a couple mag10hs unit's that need a freshen up before season. Thanks
  96. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers First meeting of 2017

    Okay everyone..... FIRST MEETING OF 2017!!! April 22, Saturday, 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:15 Macausland hall, maritime museum, Westport. Remember that dues are due to bring your membership current $40. We are honored to have Captian Rhett Weber of the Slammer and Captian Kevin Vasereno of...
  97. Genie Aye

    Cat splash

    This will fish....
  98. Genie Aye

    Boat signage

    Okay Brutha's, think we got it dialed graphics for the sides of the boat..what's your take? Got some good pointers from Mark Coleman and Tommy(Cornfed) Donlin and made corrections to first draft, seeing if we need a 3rd draft before going to production. Updated one with bigger...
  99. Genie Aye

    Sell westport house?? Buy mobile condo, fishing boat??

    Could be enticing, a base and fishing boat...hmmmm
  100. Genie Aye


    To all ya all...
  101. Genie Aye

    Cyndi and Kevin's farewell

  102. Genie Aye

    October PSAOA meeting cancelled. ...

    To be announced new date soon, it will be our farewell to Cyndi and Kevin as they move on to warm weather year round and the next adventure in their lives...
  103. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Tuna and elk....Friday and saturday...

    So I get the crew together for friday to do tuna, but one of my crew waffles a little cause saturday is the elk opener for him...but really wants he says yes and is in.. Head out west to the 13 line and start putting them tuna in...we get both holds and kill bag filled and call it and...
  104. Genie Aye

    Who is in friday..?

    Who else is headed out for Bloody decks tomorrow? ??
  105. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers September 24

    PSAOA SEPTEMBER MEETING. Sept 24th Maritime museum, Lens Building, 6:00 pm Topic: Tuna Town Hall Sitting on the Tuna Panel Darrell Johnson Kevin Lanier Mark Coleman Tommy Donlin This is a question and answer on anything Tuna!! Bring your questions and bring your crew. Get the answers...
  106. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Tuna weekend....Westport

    Made the run out saturday morning...about 23 knots,,,got to 33x53 and got to work....had to knock the rust off for sure, alot of stupid screw ups that cost us fish. Mostly troll fish but picked up a few on bait stops when we didn't screw something up. Got 12 nice grade fish. Iced em, ate and...
  107. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers August meeting

    PSA Ocean Anglers August get together..this is our annual Barbeque....the one we wait for all year...last year we had 150 in attendance, let's see if we can surpass that number... .August 20th Address. ...710 first, westport. Across the street form last year's barbeque, grey and red 4 bay...
  108. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport, 7/16....Kings

    Done at 8:45....220 fow, red fish flash, brined herring stuffed in anchovies special, 130' on the wire. Team Genie Aye back in form....booyaw We fished saturday as well, late start, found 1 nice king and a legal king, but caught at least 15 nice coho's, 1 27" long, thought we didn't have coho...
  109. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    July 23rd 6:00 pm Macausland hall Tuna time!!!!! Season is upon us, this is the one you are waiting for.....Round table....3 skippers that know how to put Tuna in the boat...Darrell Johnson of Far Corners Charters, Mark Coleman of All rivers and saltwater charters and our own infamous VP...
  110. Genie Aye

    Jim's Q cove flashers....brand new

    Have around 200 plus Q cove flashers new in package. $10 ea. As few or as many as you want. No polar orange! Alot of greens, silver, gold, blue etc. These are the early ones, before Ken made the multicolored ones. Respond to tree tard or post here, he is my son.
  111. Genie Aye

    Westport, what's for dinner? many we had to rail dump 1 pot...
  112. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers, June 25, this saturday

    Next meeting, June 25th 6 pm Macausland hall Westport. We will be doing a round table discussion with several charter captain's on salmon fishing. This will give you the opportunity to talk 1 on 1 with these guys and see what gear they use, their style of baiting and share how they successful...
  113. Genie Aye

    Tuna are here!!!!

    Tuna are here! Team ARSC went out and caught the first washington tuna of the on Brutha's. ...
  114. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    6 pm Macausland hall Westport Greg Mueller from the Troller's Association is going to talk King fishing, how to target, what to use, where to try. Greg likes questions, so listen and ask. It is time to renew your dues if you have not done so. You can due it online now...
  115. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Nearshore halibut

    Don't do it...3 of these....even a rookie can catch nephew's first butt.
  116. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers May 21 meeting

    Next Meeting...May 21st 6:00 pm Macausland hall Westport Greg Mueller of the Washington Troller's Association will be discussing trolling techniques for Chinook Salmon. Greg is great source for information on this and loves to answer questions. Of course we will have the awesome raffle...
  117. Genie Aye

    Extra tuff boats, dock shoes etc, sale!

    Cyndi Lanier is getting ready to place a order with xtra tuff. Any one needing or wanting a pair or two get ahold of Cyndi. She will be watching here, or call her at Dockside Art Gallery/ KC Sportfishing Charters or stop by and order. Go on line to xtra tuff and look at the options, they have...
  118. Genie Aye

    BD BRUTHA HOOD ...Rocks

    So I am out bottomfishing today, limit boat and headed to port.....motor shuts down... So I pick up the radio to see who is still out in the area.... Call out Mancave...answer's. ..tell Josh my issue...ya he says, no problem....then the radio goes off and Darrell from the Tunacious (Far corners...
  119. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers April meeting, This SATURDAY

    Ocean Anglers general meeting.... This saturday, April 30th. Time: 1:30-4:00 Macausland hall Westport Kevin will give a state of affairs report on salmon and the NOF preceding's. Then on to the SWAP MEET! !!! Bring your gear to sell our bring a loaded wallet to never know what...
  120. Genie Aye

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    First, Thanks to all who helped in this battle, Ron, Kevin...... By the way, this year Puget Sound NOF is not about science and numbers this year. It's about the tribes wanting to tell us how to manage our fishery. Our numbers bring our fisheries in under impacts. The tribes never even...
  121. Genie Aye

    Flasher?? Blown transmission? ?

    I hear through the grape vine... Flasher had a major transmission ( gear) issue out at sea...
  122. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, Swap Meet

    Here we go, APRIL 30th, that's right, day before halibut opener SWAP MEET....1:30 TO 4:00 p.m. Macausland hall, Westport. Bring that extra fishing gear/ boat equipment and set up a table and see what you can sell or swap. Bring good gear, no junk or you will probably take it home. Members...
  123. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, March 12

    That's right, time for another get together. March 12 6:00 pm Macausland hall Westport. Talking Springer fishing, how, where and when....Mark Coleman of All Rivers will be speaking and answering questions. Raffle of course, fishing equipment...come and get them tickets. Reminder, time to...
  124. Genie Aye

    Boat A Ground...

    Opps...brand new engine, 3 months underwater, finally drug her out, scrapping..
  125. Genie Aye

    Shop pole holders....

    I got most of the rods properly part was saturday Limey and his wife, Tami, came over, Tami thought I have to many rods but said at least they are not in my bed....lmao
  126. Genie Aye

    Marine Non skid deck paint--opinions ???

    Going to put a fresh coat of non skid paint on Genie Aye s deck this coming weekend what is your experience with what brand and type..please be specific......GO
  127. Genie Aye

    Cornfed has been Charged....

    Charge as follows...
  128. Genie Aye

    Winter Blues??

    Ha ha ha
  129. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, February

    First meeting of 2016, let's fill the hall!! February 27th, 6pm Macausland hall, westport Guest speaker : Cap't Rhett Weber of the Slammer He will be discussing with us the art of successful bottom fishing, which he is well versed in. Time to renew your membership to. We have some...
  130. Genie Aye

    What to do??

    Cabin is done, shop is up and cleaning station built, no ocean fishing, crabbing and no razor clams...yet. Snow on the ground this crazy Ride....
  131. Genie Aye

    High Water....WP

    For those with backing issues... Does this help....
  132. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, November 14th

    Last meeting of the year November 14th 2015 Macausland Hall Westport, WA 6pm Kevin will be giving a state of the club presentation Plus STEVE...
  133. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, October 3rd GEAR SWAP MEET!!!!

    Okay guys and it is... October 3rd 6:00pm Maucasland hall, Westport, Wa. First semi-annual SWAP MEET!!! Fishing/Boat gear.... $20 a table/$10 for half a keep all your proceeds. Dig out all that extra gear you are not using, maybe make room for some new gear. Let's show...
  134. Genie Aye

    Looking for tuna crew saturday....

    Any takers????? The "Tide" looks awesome! !! For a
  135. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport, south beach love....

    Saturday @5:30 we head for the south beach, water is very nice and normal fog. Drop in lines about 2 miles north of windmills. Troll in 25 to 30' of water, 15 and 17 on the wire, 30 minutes, pu up a nice silver, while reeling the silver in the other pole lights off, nice king for my son, he...
  136. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, August 15, BBQ

    Sorry about getting this out late, thought I had it done. PSA Ocean Anglers/Sno - King BBQ. August 15th, 6:00 pm, it will be held at Paul Walser's (Genie Aye), 610 n first st, westport, 1 block east of city hall. This is our first annual membership drive so bring a friend and sign up to...
  137. Genie Aye

    Saltwater There are tuna left after the WTC.

    Man I am glad I was not out there saturday, it was brutal. Today much different, crazy at 32 miles out, put troll gear out, bout 10 minutes, take down, convert to live bait and it was lights out, 3 guys fishing and plugged the boat by 10:30 and headed in. Thanks to the PSA Ocean Anglers for the...
  138. Genie Aye

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

  139. Genie Aye

    crabbing closed from Columbia to the Queets river!

    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 August 4, 2014 Contact: Dan Ayres, (360) 249-4628 Marine toxins prompt expansion of crab-fishing closure on coast OLYMPIA - State shellfish managers today doubled the area of...
  140. Genie Aye

    Navionics Gold chart card SOLD

    Navionics Gold chart card CF/2XG Covers from mid oregon to Alaska, this includes BC. I got from jet2go, does not fit in my Lowrance hds, fits Northstar and raymarine, so I am just passing it thru for..... $100.
  141. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Kings of WP

    Last weekend, king show for sure. 57 x 33 roughly, the kings were hanging in the 190 to 220 range on the wire. Spoons produced the best for us, 6". The Kaimana and team Genie Aye got out late as we stopped and towed in a dead boat, fellow brother, Job Site, just out of the marina, both engine...
  142. Genie Aye

    Ride out to the grounds with Team Genie Aye. ..

    I think I almost lost my first mate on this swell?!
  143. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, July 11

    Tuna Tuna Tuna, that's right, the tuna are here!!! Of course our MC for the evening is by our own Tommy Donlin (holy crap). We are doing another round table venue with 3 of the best Tuna captains in Westport. This will give you time for those unanswered questions. Darrell Johnson, of the...
  144. Genie Aye

    Saltwater WP saturday 6/27

    Got to do the tri generational fishing trip, grandpa, dad and both sons. Action was slow in the morning, then picked up around noon. Fished the 170 line then moved up and out to around 186 line and found the kings at 80 to 90' of wire. Caught most of our silvers around 12 to 18 pulls with diver...
  145. Genie Aye

    Guess who is.....

    Who's in the engine room getting ready for.....Tuna? even had directions in print.... MM was standing guard on the back deck.....with drink in hand....
  146. Genie Aye

    Driver/delivery job

    Job is in seattle. Driving everything front a van to Isuzu box trucks to international 24' box. Schedule varies for days off but no sundays. Pm me if interested. No, you are not going to get rich, but it's a job.
  147. Genie Aye

    Everyone needs this

    Anyone know where I can get a couple of these??? Need them in my Westport Fishin shack
  148. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, June 6th

    PSA Ocean Anglers chapter meeting. Where: Maucasland hall, maritime museum, westport. When: 6 pm, next saturday, right after a good day fishing. Will have 5/6 speakers covering multiple subjects, all q&a. Do not miss this, all Welcome, members or not. Don't forget the best raffle around...
  149. Genie Aye

    mighty vac vacum packer.....

    Anybody have a mighty vac sealer that they have replaced, owned 3 of and got tired of buying a new one every year? Well no more, this mighty vac will do everything you got, it is a beast, you could seal up 4 tunas worth of loins at the same time, on one side, or a whole hali at once. Anyone...
  150. Genie Aye

    Need a Lowrance RIM-300 Cable--can you help??

    Anyone have a Lowrance/Simrad cable ---RIM-300, part# 000-0121-10? They have discountinued this cable---Great---screw anyone with a unit not more than 4 years new---so if you know of anyone that has some older stuff rat holed--ideas of where to look are great--I have sent out probably 25 emails...
  151. Genie Aye

    For those who the forecast scared off the water sunday.

    You got to be there to fish it! Once you got past the outflow influence, the water was just a average day. The reward......
  152. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, May 2

    Just a reminder.... Next meeting this saturday, may 2nd. Time: 6:00 pm Place: McCausland Hall, maritime museum, westport. Have a couple great speakers. Discussing early season salmon fishing, colors, depths, pressure bleeding etc... Raffle as always, awesome and another charter in the raffle...
  153. Genie Aye

    Metal shops?

    Who has a metal shop and can help me out with who or who not to use. I find most manufacturers are using 29 gauge steel, seems awfully thin to me, especially for westport. I have 1 that is selling 12 gauge for just under 2000 more than the others with 29 gauge. I have talked with 4 manufacturers...
  154. Genie Aye

    Forgot my barbie pole, dang it!!!

    Noodling was not a option. These are 45 to 50lbrs tarpon swimming by the dock, what I would have given for my tuna pole!!!
  155. Genie Aye

    six shooter clones?

    Any one use or try six shooters clones/ heads for albies? What is your experience with them? We just got a box of these heads along with about 30 clones, feathered and not. Some flat head, some Bullitt, every color. six shooter is second from bottom picture.
  156. Genie Aye

    PSA ocean anglers: Speaker/information , March 7th

    We are privileged to have Cornfed, Tommy Donlin speaking on early season salmon and Fishin Luhrs, Kevin Lanier updating us on the 2 bills that went in front of the senate. March 7th @ [email protected] the Islander. And of course a great raffle for gear! See ya all there.
  157. Genie Aye

    Fishing Luhrs starting change over.

    A couple shots of the tower swap. Kevin, ken, randy, Zach and Josh spent 6 hours prepping for the move over from boat to boat, then my boys and myself came down for the real move them. Spot kevin up top with the hammer, keeping everybody in Rest of tower will go...
  158. Genie Aye

    Biggest bone head play in NFL history?

  159. Genie Aye

    Fishing Luhrs...Fleet???

    Is Kevin starting his own sport fishing fleet??? Lol
  160. Genie Aye

    PSA Ocean Anglers Chapter

    We are official and good to go. Here is some info for those who did not get it passed to them. A Huge Thank you to all who made their way to Half Moon Bay Bar and Grill last night for our First official meeting as a PSA Chapter. There were 53 who attended and a hand full of special guests from...
  161. Genie Aye

    Where to watch the Hawks in WP?

    I know, poor planning on my part, did not get the cable/dish installed soon enough at the cabin in WP? Where to watch the game that we might be able to actually hear it as well as watch, i know most of the haunts, which is best for watching sports? Thanks
  162. Genie Aye

    metal shop builders in westport??

    Anyone have someone they can recommend to build me a metal shop in Westport?? Looking to put up a 20 by 34 shop behind the new place in WP. Someone is building all the shops down here.
  163. Genie Aye

    Salon treatment done--WP bound

    Wldlfbio (Laurence) baby has finished the salon visit and ready for WP and Tuna! 29 World Cat. GH Fishing(KERRY) New member of his charter fleet got a visit to the salon as well--28 Parker. I look forward to seeing them on the water down there and fishing on them too!
  164. Genie Aye

    Prepped for BIG TUNA!

    We are ready for the big boys as soon as they arrive (hurry up) with Team Genie Aye's new weapon. Mega sized RAP-X Whatcha think?
  165. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Quadfecta out of westport

    We spent Sunday thru Tuesday in tuna town, got 4 nice mid 30's hali's and our ling, then 1 hali and 4 ling Monday-nearshore and of course tons of crab both days. Pulled pots Monday night because of forecast for Tuesday--good thing--it was howling today--mark to sea would have gone--lol--you...
  166. Genie Aye

    Bent-on fishing's 28 Farrollon on the water.

    A few shots of Captn Bill on the water last Tuesday out of Westport. Its one nice ride, can't wait to fish off her. And that diesel moves her right along--I had him at 39mph at one point.
  167. Genie Aye

    Saltwater lucky we were not fishing on mothers day.....

    We were catching---lol Loving the short run and great table fare sized Halibut---which I am good with. Great weather---great having family and always great when you catch! Happy Mothers Day---Hali a plenty.
  168. Genie Aye

    Port Angeles 5/9-10 Hali

    Anyone else headed up for this one? Tides are like nothing both days---going to be up there giving it a try. Should be good--
  169. Genie Aye

    Halibut closier--Westport May 4

    Looks like mother nature has closed the opener... This is for 10 to 60 out... OUCH... Detailed Forecast. Saturday S wind 11 to 16 kt increasing to 17 to 22 kt in the afternoon. Rain. WSW swell 8 ft at 13 seconds. Wind waves 1 ft building to 4 ft. Saturday Night S wind 21 to 23 kt. Rain. WSW...
  170. Genie Aye

    Your thoughts on how we got more salmon via..

    Read this and give your take on it. In 2012, the British Columbia–based Native American Haida tribe launched an effort to restore the salmon fishery that has provided much of their...
  171. Genie Aye

    Would this =great fishing ?

    This is what you want it looking like when you have a bait stop going--just might have a bloody deck going... Thoughts
  172. Genie Aye


    If you do not know--the EPA and fedral government is pushing this latest fuel on the public--watch this video to explain this Shit they are pushing. It is even affecting the cost of our groceries because more farmers are growing corn to get in on the subsidees...
  173. Genie Aye

    Penn International 50sw w/ brace

    Got the sweet deal on the reel for someone for Christmas. $400 Pictures say it all. PM me or call Not mine, selling for a friend that needs some cash.
  174. Genie Aye

    Overnight Tuna run sunday thru monday--looking for crew

    Who wants to crew for a overnight tuna run with us leaving early sunday morning thru Monday afternoon? DB ? WLDLFBIO? CHASIN TAIL? KC FL? How about that guy Tex mofo? UB? CORNFED? Cannot get seasick Has to like the movie "Victory at Sea" as we will be watching..or should I say...
  175. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Tuna Town Tuna 7/31

    We headed over to the load up on bait around 5:20 and no line--sweet--in and out like a rabbit. I had iced up Tuesday afternoon in prep for Wednesday. Headed out to the 124.50/46.35 and away we went. Ran just past the numbers and temp hit 58.7 and jumpers, we rolled in to them trolling and hit...
  176. Genie Aye

    Who was it that the CG tried boarding on the WP bar??

    I read a thread on here awhile back about someone that they wanted to board on the bar and they told them to follow them into the marina area and then let the CG board them---then they damaged your boat?? Send me a PM or post here---I have a very helpfull info for you to handle a damage report...
  177. Genie Aye

    Saltwater NB the last days of hali....ling--sea bass

    Well--we pulled into Neah around 3:30 wenesday--got the boat in and MH set up across the street from the boat launch at the Village right up front. Then on to prepping the boat and gear for a Busy Thursday. First on the dock to greet us is Silver Slayer--Josh, then we run into Mark from the...
  178. Genie Aye

    Really WDFW ????

    WDFW seeks public comments on draft plans to protect frogs, bats Really---My tax dollars are paying for this??
  179. Genie Aye

    Would this work for a overnight trip for tuners??? Maybe a peligac run??

    :finger: Specs: Length:80 feetMax Beam:21′ 3″Draft:5’8″Engines:(2) M94 MTUs with 2600 hp eachGenset:(2) 38 kw Northern LightsDry Weight:120,000 lbsFuel Capacity:3,200 gallonsWater Capacity:450 gallonsWater Maker:(2) 1800 GpdHolding Tank:250...
  180. Genie Aye

    New way of getting live bait!!

    But only if you can share!!
  181. Genie Aye

    89 GW 23gulfstream F/S

    This a pretty nice unit. I saw it up in Monroe at Sky Valley Marine. It has radar and twin 200 merc with low hours, canvas that is in good condition for sides and back of cabin area. Sitting on a aluminum trailer. The owner has not listed it yet--it is a second GW for him and he is not using...
  182. Genie Aye

    TT's seminar on Tuna at the boat show !!

    Tower Todd is giving a Tuna seminar wenesday at 4 at the boat show on the blue stage. Just wondering if MM will be there as his Hoe?? Who is planning on going?? I will be there--always Like getting more pointers from Todd.
  183. Genie Aye

    KC's Fishing Luhrs in St Lucia, West Indies ?

    I could have sworn I saw Kevin and Cindy's 320 tournament Luhrs in St Lucia, West Indies last week---same top and sides--tuna tower and I could have sworn I saw the BD flag flying off the tower support. Kevin--are you guys running fishing charters in St Lucia and did not share it with the BD...
  184. Genie Aye

    What others countries think of us the people

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do. "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him...
  185. Genie Aye

    PETA --the silent scream

    :finger:You have to watch this---PETA is a crack up--what a bunch of shizzle sticks!! I want to catch even more fish now:finger:
  186. Genie Aye

    Another chance??

    Will we get another chance for tuna this season? Will mother nature flatten out the waters of life??
  187. Genie Aye

    Saltwater They are still out there!!

    Okay---the Tuna are still out there!! Thanks to wldlfbio and his dad, brother and Curt(ZZZ)---Had a great day out on the water today---started on the troll-----pickup 1 on troll---then nothing---saw Stacey out there and called him---he had 4 on troll at that point. Pretty soon we decided to...
  188. Genie Aye

    Next week Tuna??

    Looking like a day or two of flat water. Starting to gear up in prep. Anyone else in?? Maybe Friday at this point, saturday not bad either.
  189. Genie Aye

    Marine Areas-Check your maps!!

    I see alot of listings for Edmonds in MA 10----Edmonds is very clearly MA 9 I hope your punchcards have it listed right-- 1. the GW can nail you to the wall on this 2. This is mis information going to the WDFW at the end of the year and changes limits etc in areas. Please make sure you...
  190. Genie Aye

    Lets see your BD Picture!!

    Here is a starter--a quick shot from a couple weeks ago in WP. Lets see your's
  191. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport is just ho-hum---eh

    Team Genie Aye Fishing----enough said----thursday thru saturday. So on to the porn!!!! Report: Okay if you work at it!! Great seeing so many of the Bruthahood down there as well:finger:
  192. Genie Aye

    Tuna on video--from wldlfbio

    Here is a 10 minute bleb of video from last weeks tuna run on the Albidamned. Thanks agian wldlfbio---AKA --L.S.
  193. Genie Aye

    What have you done to your boat today???

    So what is new on your boat? Repairs--updates--add ons---Share this with all of us---We want to know. Throw pictures on the post too--we want to see these items. I am just slapping a coat of wax before we get in to tuna season and all the blood on deck.
  194. Genie Aye

    Fish Porn from La Push and WP this season

    Here is some Porn for ya all. I hope you all enjoy--Team Genie Aye Fishing did!!
  195. Genie Aye

    Sockeye season in Lake Washington??

    Looking at the numbers reported for this year at the locks---if they hold up--We are looking at a season--of course we have already almost hit the numbers the state forcasted for the whole run. Looks like a possible record run if the numbers hold---whatca all think??? Last opening inn 06 there...
  196. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Wp and the King

    Well we arrived in WP thursday afternoon and settled in getting the boat in and MH set up at the Islander. Started early Friday morning with the 4:10 alarm--Beverages down the hatch and off we go--Bar was a cake walk at 5 am and headed south(second boat in that area). Started searching for...
  197. Genie Aye

    WP must be good !!

    Tequila II came in today with 37 Kings on board---Kenny must know something about where they are. How did the rest of you BDrs do today???
  198. Genie Aye

    What the heck is this fish -- Experts only

    We saw this fish in LP??
  199. Genie Aye

    Required saftey gear inspection!!

    Get your boats inspected for the year with a CG sticker and the paperwork to show other CG agents that want to inspect your boat when cleaning your fish or trying to leave to go fishing. If you go to: and click on "vessel safety checks" and find your local CG guy--they...
  200. Genie Aye

    2 cannon downriggers F/S - sold

    I have 2 nice cannon downriggers---easy troll II's new stainless cable--200' last season installed--so 1 short season used on cable. Come with standard mounts. Would like to see $100 ea.
  201. Genie Aye

    Ugly Bayliner does it agian!!

    Steve had some time and did some work on the Genie Aye for me--the addition of 4 more pole holders. Steve nailed the placement and did a great job. If you need work done--especially custom--he is the man.:finger: He has a front seat on board my boat anytime!!! He just plain and simple takes...
  202. Genie Aye

    Delivery--south to Bay area??

    I am headed down to the Bay area/Sacramento next week--does anyone need anything taken down or brought back? Just let me know. Genie Aye
  203. Genie Aye

    Furuno radar

    Have a Raytheon RC21 radar--no target aquisition--everything else works--seems to be the magnatron--no longer availible--but for parts--all yours.
  204. Genie Aye

    Ilwaco 8/21 thru the 27th----

    Headed down to Ilwaco for my annual pilgrimage--7 days in a tri generational fishing trip---gramps, dad and grandsons. Anyone else going to be down that way?? Have not heard much from anyone fishing it--never mattered to me--but would be nice to hear how it is going--looks like about 35% of...
  205. Genie Aye

    Saltwater LaPush rocked!!

    Spent friday and saturday fishing LaPush---nice water and lots of great fishing!! Now I am not as picky as some---I take the ones I bring up most of the time and do not sort through a bunch to get bigger--I am easy to please I guess. Limited friday on Ling by 9:30 am and headed in to kill...
  206. Genie Aye

    Kings at 550' out of LaPush!!

    Has anyone ever caught a Big King at 550' before while fishing for Halibut??? It was crazy---hit bottom today out of LaPush and get this hit----does not feel like it takes---drop agian and try to find the bottom-----can not seem to really find it solid---after a few minutes and deciding that...
  207. Genie Aye

    LaPush canyon edge due wsw

    Has anyone tried the canyon wall out of LaPush at the 240 heading at about 18 miles out for either Ling or Butt?? I here there are some huge Red rockfish out there. I am going to scout it out on friday to see what it brings---anyone else want to brutha boat it out and help me do some...
  208. Genie Aye

    Warm water moving north!!! Tuna

    Looking at today's SST's--- 145.05 to 145.10 line---working its way north----come on baby and bring on the TUNA!!!!
  209. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Mini Lobsters !!!

    Made it out to Everett today and got some of these scrumptous critters!! They are lining up for the dinner bell! LOL And yes we limited!!
  210. Genie Aye

    Boat Hoe room for LaPush--2 seats open

    SOLD OUT-----Now trip cancelled----Dang In-Laws!!!!!!
  211. Genie Aye

    Rocket launchers--aluminum

    SOLD TO STRYKER20 I have 4 of these Stryker aluminum rocket launchers. $40.00 ea. They fit a just over 2" outside dia pipe. Can be made to fit smaller by adding some more liner to the existing liner or just a thicker liner. Here are some pictures as well. These are new in the box...
  212. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Westport Hali's

    Were are the reports of the fishing guys?? It should have been flat out there today---Show us what ya got !!! Some of us could not get out today:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: Land locked
  213. Genie Aye

    Saltwater La Push Ling Cod--April 19/20--

    Got out Linging for Tuesday and Wenesday--the latter being better water--Tuesday being a bit "Sporty" but workable. Fishing outside of the pile. Ran into a couple other BD'rs out there as well-----And Roll the Bones----Your boat is still floating !! LOL We did get a nice Hali--but too...
  214. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Ilwaco tuna-from 9-8

    We headed out with Spookaloo about 7:30--bait dock opened late and had to wait to get ice from Jessies--but they lowered the tote of ice right in the boat for us--sweet and only $25. Bar was nice--3-5's and started moving along about 28mph --seemed way to good--about 20 miles out it started to...
  215. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Albies--Pictures--WP

    Not much to say--Just a couple pictures from a trip with Wldlfbio---what a day!!
  216. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Halibut off coast--June 19th

    Was great fishing--definitly not a smooth day out there--but doable. Saw a few of the BDrs out there fishing as well--Said Hi to Tower Todd and crew as we cruised by them moving for another drift. Crossing the canyon was interesting for sure. A few pictures from the catch of the day. Halibut...
  217. Genie Aye

    It is on for another day--Butt June 19

    Time to go agian and get er done. Nice of the state to offer another day to meet quota--and salmon is open as well--sweet. Hoping to have the boat back from the shop---But as this time--I am looking to be a boat Hoe!! Any seats open? If my boat is out of shop--I will have a couple open...
  218. Genie Aye

    Open seats next week for halibut

    I have open seats on board--Boat full---thanks Captn Paul Arrrrrr
  219. Genie Aye

    Great online weather/sea site

    Just a info site for you online from NOAA--you can move your site on the map for your fishing area--Just a FYI. I have it out of La Push for this click on...
  220. Genie Aye

    Galvaston area fishing saturday?? need a ride.

    I am down from Washington--the state and seeing if anyone has room for a deckhand and someone to help with expenses to maybe go out and get some redfish or?? Game for anything that will fight. Since I am down here for a couple weeks(Dallas) I would like to get a trip in on the water to catch...
  221. Genie Aye

    tuna run--how far out??

    I do not have a terra-fin subscription this year (unemployed) and looking at the free images--I know--They look like the water has moved WAYOUT!! I am comfortable and the boat has the range to run 60 out--60 back and another 50 and still have fuel--and that does not count the extra fuel I am...
  222. Genie Aye

    Saltwater Ilwaco Albie's 8/21

    We ran out of Ilwaco thursday--4 feet at 10 seconds and NO wind. We ran out about 45 miles on a 270 heading, hit the blue water and got up to 65 degree water temps--working the temp change line--bouncing from 61 to 65. Plucked 15 Albies all over 25lbs in about 3 hours. Trolling a combo of...
  223. Genie Aye

    Sturgeon in the sound--picture proof

    Went out sunday to do some sturgeon fishing--waited for the tide switch coming in--lots of crab taking the sand shrimp off the hook--practice makes perfect in baiting:imdumb: About 1.5 hours after tide switch--we had us hook up--the boat next to us (Bruce) and then about 2 minitues later the...
  224. Genie Aye

    TT--Say it Ain't so!!

    You are selling your boat???:fighting0061: What is the plan for the new float toy?? WIll be a great deal for someone for sure, any bites yet??
  225. Genie Aye

    New fishing for rich and infamous!!

    I want to see Cornfed or TT, maybe harold try this--NUTTS for sure. Take the 45 seconds to watch this. Enjoy:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  226. Genie Aye

    outriggers--who has built them??

    I am building my radar arch and rigging for tuna---who has ideas or experiance with building outriggers and mounts and put them on their radar arch? I am looking for experiance with this. Any pointers or ideas are welcome. (except Cornfed--LOL). jskfish--Did you buy yours or make them?? I was...
  227. Genie Aye

    Has anyone tried kite fishing for Albie's?

    I am wondering if anyone has tried kite fishing for Albies off Washington?? I may try and pick up some gear and try it this year --Looks like a great way of getting to a school with live bait and be aways away from:worship: the school. Anyone even kite fish on here? What is your experiance...
  228. Genie Aye

    Area 10 this weekend??

    Anyone headed out for blackmouth in area 10 this weekend? Saturday is looking fair for a winter day--temp good and wind should be down. I am thinking of giving Manchester a shot and if nothing hits heading north towards Jeff head/Kingston or West Point on the tide change. Any other ideas...