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  1. Almud

    Intrigue Sportfishing Feedback

    Anyone fish this six pack in 2021? Is there potential for BFT in September on one day trip?
  2. Almud

    Temple Reef Innovate 8’ MH and Charkbait Ahi Assassin 8’ Jigging Rod: $345 for both.

    Almud submitted a new listing: WTS: Temple Reef Innovate 8’ MH and Charkbait Ahi Assassin 8’ Jigging Rod - WTS: Temple Reef Innovate 8’ MH and Charkbait Ahi Assassin 8’ Jigging Rod Learn more about this listing...
  3. Almud

    MXL Raptor or LX Raptor

    Trying to decide between MXL and LX for surface iron, stick baits and live bait use. Already have a MXJ and JX Raptors plus Talica 12 II. MXL is 3 oz lighter but less line capacity and drag performance.
  4. Almud

    Offshore Kona 6/2 & 6/3 w/ Hula Girl Sportfishing

    Enjoyed a couple of days on the water with Captain Strectch and Mate Cole. Great hospitality and substantial opportunity to learn the way they fish the Kona waters. Booking and communication with Gary was seamless prior to the trip. Real pros!! Wife caught her first Blue Marlin, 125# on the...
  5. Almud

    Offshore 5/19 to 5/21: 1.5 day on Polaris Supreme

    Seeing amazing reports lately. Marine weather looks rough and I received an email canceling our trip. Super disapponted but understand that safety and fishing do not mix with 8-9 foot waves and 25-30 knot winds. Plus the crew does not want to clean up gallons of puke from the staterooms. I...
  6. Almud

    Polaris Supreme or Outrider?

    Looking at 1.5 to 3 day trips this spring. Which boat offers better stability for those prone to seasickness and fishabilty?
  7. Almud

    Avet or ?

    Typically an Avet fan. Have HX and smaller reels. Makira SEA and Penn VISX recommended by many. Should I listen or look at EX50/2 or T-RX50/2. Want a reel to try for BFT that is bigger than HX Raptor. Avet pricing is very competitive right now.
  8. Almud

    Avet or Penn Advise Sought

    Which Avet compares with Penn VISX 16 and 20 quality wise. EX30, 50 or TR-X50? Most of my conventional reels are Avet and I am happy with them but there has been good feedback on Penn.
  9. Almud

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rods NT-C-703M-MH $150

    SOLD $150 - New in travel case. Tags removed but never seen water. F2F in San Diego
  10. Almud

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special, Slow Pitch 6'6" Spinning Rod, PE 2-5 New. $350

    Never seen water. Bought two but my wife prefers conventional with two speed reel.
  11. Almud

    Cedros C 661XHA For BFT

    Anyone use an Okuma Cedros CJ-C-661XHA for big tuna with 100# set up? Is a glass rod a detriment? I know this is a low cost option but I only go out about four times a year. Have used Seeker loaner rods in the past And may save up for one.
  12. Almud

    Cedros For BFT

    Anyone use an Okuma Cedros CJ-C-661XHA with an HX Raptor for big tuna with 100# set up? Is a glass rod a detriment? I know this is a low cost option. Have used Seeker loaner rods in the past.
  13. Almud

    Toro Tamer Ahi Assassin Jigging Rod, $150 OBO

    Ahi Assassin used once to catch two nice Dorados. $150 F2F sale in San Diego
  14. Almud

    Primo Slow Pitch Rod: Black Hole Cape Cod Special, Slow Pitch 6'6" Spinning Rod, New, Xmas Price Drop $350

    Never seen water. Bought two but only need one. Black Hole Slow Pitch S-662H2MF; F2F in San Diego
  15. Almud

    Marlas Charter

    Anyone have an open spot on a Marlas charter? Looking to try them out but need to join a group.
  16. Almud

    Peacock Bass Reel Help

    Need a bit of help on choosing a baitcaster to fish big peacocks in Brazil. Looking for a reel to throw Woodchoppers and other swim baits. Will need at least 20# of drag and 140 yards of 65# braid. Initial thought is a Shimano Tranx 300AHG. Have heard 13 Fishing Concept Z3 and Abu Garcia...
  17. Almud

    How Does One Find Open Spots On A 4 Pack?

    Looking to join a group on a 4 or 6 pack in October. Weekday preferred. I get seasick on the larger boats but never on 25-30 ft boats down south or in AK. Must be the roll of the larger charter fleet.
  18. Almud

    Okuma Slow Pitch & Popping Rods

    i see new models on Okuma’s website but cannot find them in stores. Where can one see or order these Tesoro or Metaloid Slow Pitch rods and Metaloid Popping rods? Prices and performance?
  19. Almud

    $475. New HXW Raptor w/ MC And 100# Diawa 8x J Braid

    Never touched the water. Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor w/ MC filled to the top with 100# Diawa J Braid: $475 Okuma PCH-C-741XXXH: $220 Price Drop - SOLD F2F cash only sale in San Diego area.
  20. Almud

    Black Hole Nano, UCSidewinder or ?

    Looking for a popping rod. I have BH for jigging which I really like but hear many positive comments about UC. Would need to find a rod wrapper in San Diego or SoCal for the UC as they only sell Sidewinder blanks. Any other suggestions, Okuma, Ghost Hunter?? Need two piece for travel with...
  21. Almud

    BNIB Yeti Hopper 2: $215

    Cash only, F2F San Diego. Need to fund a new reel.
  22. Almud

    Slammer 3 8500HS

    Priced at $232.35 on Amazon. About $100 lower than elsewhere. Amazon is the seller. Is this too good to be true or are there issues with the Slammer 3 8500HS?
  23. Almud

    Tesoro Slow Jigging Rod

    Has anyone seen these rods yet? Okuma claims they are new for 2019 but the year is almost half gone. Model#. TSR-C-662MH
  24. Almud

    Amazon Peacock Bass Lures

    Could not find many choices for propeller baits for our trip this fall. Found K Lures on line and ordered four. They look nice and delivered on time as promised . Cannot wait to try them out in the fall. Will post results when I return.
  25. Almud

    Fanatastic Trip In Panama

    Four day trip out of Boca Chica starting January 9th. Caught numerous species including 1 for 2 on marlin, seven Cuberas, many mullet snappers, couple of AJs, rainbow runners, one wahoo, many dorados and a couple sailfish shots but no hook up. Surprise of the trip was a 10 foot bull shark...
  26. Almud

    Guatemala In Late Summer

    Thinking about a short trip to Guatemala in August or September. Maybe 3 or 4days fishing. Based on some investigation, it looks like this is not prime sailfish time but one can still get a few shots and marlin may be more prolific. How about dorado and roosters? Any Cubera action...
  27. Almud

    Another Successful Trip w/ Come Fish Panama

    YFT were going off at Hannibal Bank on 4/10 to 4/12. Fished two days at Hannibal and Montuosa and one day inshore at Ladrones. Used sardine chunk bait, chunks of bonita and live quinoa (sp). One on a popper.Our fish weighed 80 to 120. Caught a number of mullet snapper and maybe hooked three...
  28. Almud

    HXJ Raptor Gear Shift Problem

    Used my HXJ for second time ( 4 days in AK last year) last week. Would not shift into low gear while fighting YFT. Any suggestions other than sending it in? Reel is about 14 months old. Rinsed daily on first trip and then when I got home.
  29. Almud

    Where Should I Try Next In Alaska

    Fished SE AK last seven hears with recent trips to Pelican and Elfin Cove that allowed 3A sized halibut. Typically fish in July or August. Target halibut, lings and rockfish with silvers if they are abundant. What I like: lodges, easy flights from SoCal to Juneau and then to the lodge. What...
  30. Almud

    Line & Lures In Hand Carry Luggage Returning to the US

    is it still prohibited to bring reels full of line in hand carry coming home from Mexico? What about lures with big hooks. In Guatemala, we had to check lures too. Any limits on bringing YFT home in checked baggage?
  31. Almud

    Best Moon Phases and Tides For Gulf of Chiriqui

    All my past trips coinsided with available time off. Had mixed results. In the future, I would like to time our trip to achieve better results. Is new moon and ascending moon better in Panama? Fishing from low tide to high tide better? What size tide is preferable? Completely understand...
  32. Almud

    Costa Rica or Panama & Why?

    What are the boards thoughts comparing these two counties for inshore/offshore combination trip? Maybe two days of each. If one recommends CR, which are the top three choices for fishing and relaxing? Probably be there a week to ten days.
  33. Almud

    Which moon phase is best for Halibut and Lings in SE AK - 3C?

    Targeting Halibut & Lings in SE AK. Will troll for Silvers too. Which moon phase is best? Can fish 2C and 3A. Usually, I prefer new moon but am limiting my opportunities?