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  1. Wendell Fox

    Seeker G6470

    looks good
  2. Wendell Fox

    Guide and handle repair

    Any good rod builder should be able to help you.
  3. Wendell Fox

    Penn Fathom Gold (thread color match)

    Pro Wrap 9120 for a guy that just wanted a basic black and gold build
  4. Wendell Fox

    Penn Fathom Gold (thread color match)

    Try ProWrap 9120. It worked fine for me when I built a rod with that reel seat
  5. Wendell Fox

    Paying the Tip?

    On a big name boat I seriously doubt someone is going to enter your stateroom ,while your topside fishing, and go through your stuff looking for cash. However I do put my wallet with cash in a very inconspicuous place in my stateroom. I always pay my tip in cash directly to the captain on the...
  6. Wendell Fox

    Captain Jimmy’s wahoo bombs

    130lb fluoro leader will last for a few bites just fine. Bring some extra leader material and retie at night.
  7. Wendell Fox

    Any rod building supply place has what you want. Very common item. Try Mudhole, Anglers Workshop...

    Any rod building supply place has what you want. Very common item. Try Mudhole, Anglers Workshop or Acid Rod. You could even go Home Depot and look for a crutch cover.
  8. Wendell Fox

    Nice tiger wraps

    Nice tiger wraps
  9. Wendell Fox

    Stickers and decals

    Bought a bunch of 49er stickers on line for $3. Easy to apply. Customer likes them.
  10. Wendell Fox

    Okuma Andros 12SIIa with/out Proof of purchase

    I just got mine back.
  11. Wendell Fox

    Okuma Andros 12SIIa with/out Proof of purchase

    Sent my 12N last week w a drag issue. Either too much drag or not enough.
  12. Wendell Fox

    Beginning rod builder

    I order a lot of stuff from Voodo Custom Rods. Blazing fast delivery with a personal thank you note every time. Mud Hole has a lot of stuff. Delivery is ok depending on what your ordering. Angler’s Workshop good too.
  13. Wendell Fox

    Blanks for Rockfishing

    700L is what I use. Works just fine.
  14. Wendell Fox

    SF party boat salmon trolling gear question

    A Seeker 270H either in 7' or 8' work well. I use an Accurate 500. But recently tried an Okuma Metaloid 12N 2 spd and loved it.
  15. Wendell Fox

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I used calipers to center this. Still not perfect but pretty close!
  16. Wendell Fox

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Use calipers to make sure thread wrap on each side of the guide is even.
  17. Wendell Fox

    Old Fenwick help

    Fenwick puts a model number and line rating on their rods. If it has just 5 guides (?) and a roller tip my guess is it could be a 522? which was a very popular Salmon trolling rod in the 70s and 80s. But you suspect the rating is closer to 80 so can't help you there.
  18. Wendell Fox

    Guide Spacing Q?

    Assuming that guide one is your biggest and closest guide to the reel seat the distance between guides should be progressively shorter as they progress towards the tip with some minor exceptions that the static testing your doing might be revealing. It’s good that your static testing including...
  19. Wendell Fox

    Calstar GF700XH

    Definitely put a reel seat on it. My favorite rod for 5-8 day trips.
  20. Wendell Fox

    CX76 Viper for Brian

    It’s kinda an old school look that seems to work well with silver and black.
  21. Wendell Fox

    Looking for a new casting rod on a 8 day....

    A Calstar 700XH or Calstar 875H is almost a necessity on a 8 day. Perfect rods for Wahoo Bombs and Yo Yo for big tails. I believe Phenix makes an equivalent rod their Black Diamond Hybrid series which is very nice and very light. Then of course United Composites makes a lot of nice rods you can...
  22. Wendell Fox

    What size brush do you all prefer?

    I like the yellow brushes.
  23. Wendell Fox

    What size brush do you all prefer?

    I like the yellow brushes.
  24. Wendell Fox

    Rollers or rings help needed

    Anything above that rating I would start thinking seriously about rollers. For the rod your getting hi quality ring guides should be fine. The rod will be a bit lighter and maybe a bit more castable.
  25. Wendell Fox

    CX76 Viper for Brian

    Love the way you use white. Simple but so elegant too.
  26. Wendell Fox

    Black finish "hard chrome guides"

    There seems to be a bias on this board for ALPS. Yes they make nice reel seats. I have been sticking w Aftco and Fuji and I'm very happy. Do a price comparison and then make your decision?
  27. Wendell Fox

    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    Don’t let him hang out in the galley watching movies while everyone is fishing.
  28. Wendell Fox

    Reel for Uc raptor 7ft

    I originally put a Mak 16 on mine. Thought it looked a little heavy w 80. I downsized to a Mak 15T w 60. Much bettor match.
  29. Wendell Fox

    Shafting epoxy for reel seats

    Expoxy specially made for reel seats is relatively cheap. If your golf club glue fails after the reel seat is mounted and worse yet when your fighting a fish and the reel seat spins on you how you going to feel?
  30. Wendell Fox

    Spectra color?

    For the average angler stick to white. Don't be that guy!
  31. Wendell Fox

    Getting your fish home?

    I have used 5 Star many times and they have never let me down. Personally I wouldn't want to be messing around trying to get fish checked in on my flight. 5 Star is the way to go.
  32. Wendell Fox

    Set of Rainshadow RCLB70MLs

    Really like those decals.
  33. Wendell Fox

    Best knot mono to fluorocarbon

    Quad surgeon. Just to be safe.
  34. Wendell Fox


    Makira 8 or 10
  35. Wendell Fox

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Wraps for surf rod I completed today
  36. Wendell Fox


    Yellow works just fine for me.
  37. Wendell Fox

    Make Your Own Decals

    Agree! I use Decal Connection. I use them all the time. It’s easy and fairly inexpensive.
  38. Wendell Fox

    Bag to carry clothes

    Been using a smaller Patagonia bag with wheels for 15 years. Do your room mate a favor and try to keep your bag just big enough. A bag with wheels really helps when loading and unloading.
  39. Wendell Fox


    No matter how small my order is I always get a personal thank you note in the shipping box from Casey.
  40. Wendell Fox

    Roller guides, death knell to selling a rod?

    Rollers still look appropriate on the trolling rods.
  41. Wendell Fox

    Guadalupe Island 5 day trip

    Free spool is king at the Lupe. Show up with Okuma Makira SEAs. Maybe a 10 for 40, 15T for 50-60, 16 for 80, 20 for 100 if you got the $ Definiteley a 16! You won't regret it. You will use the 10 the most.
  42. Wendell Fox

    Deep rock fishing.

    I go a little lighter: Daiwa Samurai 40lb braid RP knot to 10' of 40Lb mono, old school shrimp fly setup, 1lb cannoball sinker. W this setup I go straight down an avoid a lot of tangles. The new Okuma Tesoro 10 reel mounted on a 700L has plenty of guts and speed to go deep and bring up just...
  43. Wendell Fox

    Tony The Tiger

    That's the one you want. See one of those tied on to RR3 boat rods every trip chewed up.
  44. Wendell Fox


    Good question! The Catchy Spinner Jet bomb work really good. I ended up buying a few Spinner Jet lures from Chark Bait then adding additional mylar tape to give them a fuller look. The 6 oz size is what you want so they sink bettor.
  45. Wendell Fox

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Old Sabre rod redo. Came out nice!
  46. Wendell Fox

    Est guide replacement costs?

    A nice set of 8 SIC guides and matching tip could cost $80-$90 retail to start with. Then figure $10-$20 per guide for removal and re wrap. Not sure it's worth it since you have to add the cost of purchasing a used stick to start with.
  47. Wendell Fox

    Epoxy Cracking At Foot

    Triple wrap works best on heavy rods. One underwrap and two wraps on top of guides. Epoxy each wrap as you go. Not one big gob on top. Grind the guide feet a bit helps them flex with the blank action.
  48. Wendell Fox

    Mylar Skirting Material for Bombs

    Check in with Melton Tackle. They have a lot of trolling heads. You need 6 oz. If that doesn't work then try E Bay.
  49. Wendell Fox

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    Sit back there in the stern or starboard corner alongside the trolling rods. Have your bomb rod ready to drop into the water as soon as one of the trolling rods goes off. Wait for the captain to tell you it’s ok to drop back. You have to be patient here and not go into the water prematurely and...
  50. Wendell Fox

    Roller guides-roller removal

    Replace the old roller with new. They are fairly inexpensive,
  51. Wendell Fox

    New Wahoo Reel

    Tiburon 8 w 50 mono,
  52. Wendell Fox

    Resale value

    Your answer is on E Bay. With some rare exceptions clean factory wrapped rods always sell for more there than equivalent custom wrapped rods.
  53. Wendell Fox

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    Maui Jim Stingrays prescription. Expensive but worth it.
  54. Wendell Fox

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    Microwave your finish for about 10 seconds then use syringes to measure the exact amount of rod finish. You’ll find your finish will mix much nicer when it’s been warmed up a bit via the microwave. Be super careful in measuring your rod finish. Being off just a tad will drastically effect the...
  55. Wendell Fox

    Best Way to Write on Rod

    Check out Decal Way bettor than writing on a rod. Not that expensive either.
  56. Wendell Fox

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    That's what I do. No issues w SW
  57. Wendell Fox

    United Composites US80XF "Silver Surfer"

    OMG stunning. One of your very best!
  58. Wendell Fox

    We Lost Jim Hernandez...

    My first ever trip on RR3 In 1998 Jim was really helpful to my son and I.
  59. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    My favorite color. Caught two on these last trip
  60. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    I make these w 130 fluoro and 7/0 hook.
  61. Wendell Fox

    Whats a original saltiga 15 worth

    I sold a pristine Saltiga 20 star drag on E Bay last Spring for $300.
  62. Wendell Fox

    Drone with release clip for fishing line.

    Totally agree! on my RR3 8 day last month Andy had us into a decent Tuna bite on the Ridge. I was getting my share but getting bit off too by sharks hanging around very close to the stern. I can cast OK but Andy came by and took my outfit and cast a bait maybe 20-25 yards straight off the...
  63. Wendell Fox


    700XH and a TIB 8 w 50Lb mono top shot.
  64. Wendell Fox

    Owner Ultra Split Rings

  65. Wendell Fox

    Lupe or the Ridge

  66. Wendell Fox

    Your favorite 5 boats for 6-8 day range

    Red Rooster 3
  67. Wendell Fox

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    Hi, I feel your pain. I was on the RR3 eight day before you. Yes it was dark when we returned and off loaded. I always watch my stuff like a hawk. Lot of people just standing around up by the office. FYI I always use a steel cable and padlock to tie all my stuff together. Probably overkill but I...
  68. Wendell Fox

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    Just returned to San Francisco from my 8 day RR3 trip. Checked my SKB rod tube I just returned today from my 8day RR3 trip. Checked in my SKB rod tube with 5 Zero problems shipping 5 rods to San Diego in my SKB rod tube. Just returned today from an 8 day RR3 trip. Rods are fine an no extra...
  69. Wendell Fox

    30/40 # mono help

    Izorline xxx
  70. Wendell Fox

    Trolling Reel Question

    The HX Your HX will probably work provided you have at least 80 on it. For me I much prefer some beef in my trolling reel like a 30 sized International so your not struggling with a troll caught fish.
  71. Wendell Fox

    Mylar Skirting Material for Bombs

    WTP Inc They have exactly what you need.
  72. Wendell Fox

    Split ring plier

    Your welcome Rich.
  73. Wendell Fox

    Mak 8 II sea

    That's a real good deal
  74. Wendell Fox

    Split ring plier

    I just used my HPAs to open up an Owner size 10 Ultra Split Ring rated at 370 lbs and install an Owner Jobu 8 hook on the back of a Shimano Flat Fall. Trust me the HPAs are what you want. That's why they are way more expensive than the Texas Tackle pliers. Save the Texas Tackle pliers for the...
  75. Wendell Fox

    Split ring plier

    I’m happy w my HPA split ring pliers. A bit expensive but they seem like they open up most any split ring. Got them from Trophy Tackle.
  76. Wendell Fox

    First Long Range Trip on RR3 in 2 Weeks

    I’m on the 8 day RR3 trip after you. This will be my 20th trip with them. I love the boat and recommend it. My impression is they don’t have a lot of extra stuff on the boat if you run out. They will gladly respool your reel w Izorline mono all line classes. Could be wrong but having watched the...
  77. Wendell Fox

    Looking for a Saber Decal for NOS blank

    Try Decal Connection
  78. Wendell Fox

    Help with Wahoo bomb repair

    Tie your Bombs w 130 Seaguar Blue Label fluorocarbon. 3 turn uni knot on hook end. Crimp with 1 or 2 Jinkai size I crimps to a Spro Power 230lb swivel at opposite end of leader. Make your leader approx 4’ Long. You don’t need nice Jobu hook for Bombs. Just make sure hooks are sharp. Attack...
  79. Wendell Fox

    Confusing Gear Choices

    Not sure why your assuming all the baits will be anchovy? And if the bait is small consider bringing some small sliding egg sinkers to put on your line Every 8 day I have been on we have spent one or more nights catching Mackeral which are a great bait to use. No casting necessary. Just send...
  80. Wendell Fox

    Confusing Gear Choices

    This makes the most sence to me. And yes don't under estimate the need for a flexible 30lb outfit that you can downsize slightly if things get ticky.
  81. Wendell Fox

    How Tight are Your Rubbers?

    I love those low cut Extratuf boots. Easy on easy off,
  82. Wendell Fox

    turn left or turn right

    I’m on a 8 day late Sept. Chartermaster says we are heading South to Alijos and Ridge. Doesn’t want undergunned anglers w/o heavy outfits watching a lucky few catch jumbos. Sure plenty of time to run out and buy a heavy outfit or rent but the trip is already expensive as is. For me I’m going to...
  83. Wendell Fox

    Rod recommendation for casting small sardines/anchovies

    Try putting on a very light sliding sinker on your line.
  84. Wendell Fox

    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    Melton has Shimano Flat Falls in the 200 & 250 size w Jobu 8/0 hooks on them w a solid brazed ring on the front end. All the good colors too. Not cheap but if your in a hurry!
  85. Wendell Fox

    Old Harnell Rod

    I have re finished three Harnell Rods. Top of the line rods from 50s and 60s. All with distinctive red over yellow guide wraps. All with a Harnell decal just forward of the fore grip. Chrome Varnac reel seat and wood handle. Nice old school rods but ultimately not what your going to want to use...
  86. Wendell Fox

    lupe reports please?

    What happened to friends don’t let friends fish 30lb at the lupe. I recall years ago Andy coming up to me saying don’t use 30lb here!
  87. Wendell Fox

    Whaler Rehab Help

    On my 17' I took a template to Tap Plastics and had them make me a new panel out of black plastic with a slight crinkle texture to it. Came out nice. A second option is 3/8" teak paneling.
  88. Wendell Fox


    Your best bet to remove that ring is w an Exacto knife. Rotate the blank and hold the Exacto knife steady. You'll notice that flex coat ring will peel off nicely. Your still going need to sand the area lightly. I have done this on many rods. It's a bit tedious but it works. Personally I wouldn't...
  89. Wendell Fox

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    I fly to SD from SFO for my annual 8 day trip and carry on my reels in the Nomad reel bag. This bag fits very nicely in the overhead bins on a SW 737. The bag is perfect and it carries 8 reels incl a 30SVW. FYI I have never had any trouble w the TSA at the xray machine watching the reel bag get...
  90. Wendell Fox

    900xl guide question

    They should be totally fine for 20Lb line.
  91. Wendell Fox

    United Composites CX76 Invictus

    Seems like almost every day we are treated to pics of world class rod building by Jim.
  92. Wendell Fox

    Seeker 7X for Bob

    Love that blue in the under wrap. Similar to what you see sometimes in the prop wash of a big sport fishing boat.
  93. Wendell Fox

    Calstar WT 610 for Alex

    Really nice rod!
  94. Wendell Fox

    Lupe 2018

    They went there last year on my 8 day in Oct
  95. Wendell Fox

    UC Rod 60#

    Raptor. I own one and it's perfect for 60.
  96. Wendell Fox

    Last guides on 50lb rods #8 or #10

    I use size 10 guides on all my rods 700H on up. That size guide looks appropriate and does not effect the action at all. You can always tape a few 10s on your rod and observe how they look and if your knots pass through ok before building it.
  97. Wendell Fox

    Seeker ESM 7660 for David

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any bettor! Even the butt is so nicely done too.
  98. Wendell Fox

    4 Custom UC's Memorizing Kyle of the Vagabond

    Can't get any bettor than this set of rods! A wonderful tribute.
  99. Wendell Fox

    R&R spectra on my reels

    Agree! I do the same thing with a Penn 6/0
  100. Wendell Fox

    Pen Type to Write Info on Rod Blank Surface

    I gave up writing on rods years ago. Never looked that good. Now I use decals from Great service. Reasonably priced. I always buy two in case I mess on first try.
  101. Wendell Fox


    I hear you but it's not a disaster. Sometimes grips compresses a bit after they are installed. The builder should have manipulated the grips back to their original length while the glue was still setting up. Personally I would ask him to strip off the old butt section and install a new longer...
  102. Wendell Fox

    Phenix 909h reel seat move

    Agree that's what I have done in the past. Fair amount of work.
  103. Wendell Fox

    Railrod 6463 2x 3x

    I build all my rods with nothing bigger than a 20 for that exact reason. A 25 just sticks out too much in a rod case if your flying. IMHO a 7' heavier tuna rod rod does not need 2 - 16s. A single 16 is fine. Others may disagree. You can static test your rod and fine tune how many 12s and 10s...
  104. Wendell Fox

    Accurate Bv2-800 vs Penn visx 16 on a UC cx76 centaur

    I have a MAK 16 on my Centaur. I totally agree with your assessment that the MAK 16 or equivalent VISX 16 is right reel for the Centaur. It just feels and looks perfect on that rod. Anything taller isn’t going to look right on the Centaur and isn’t necessary for 80
  105. Wendell Fox

    WHAT SIZE AFTCO Reel Seat on Calstar GF 700XH Blank

    An AFTCO ARS-2M fits my CALSTAR 700XH just fine.
  106. Wendell Fox

    Components for UC Raptor 76

    I wrapped my UC Raptor 70 with a Fuji HBSG guides starting w size 20. Mainly because I have to stick my rods inside a SKB rod tub and size 25 really sticks out. I'm mounting a MAK 16 on the rod using a AFTCO 2m reel seat. Would have gone with the Alps but have a lot of AFTCOs laying around. If...
  107. Wendell Fox

    Wraping a #60 UC

    (A) for the under wrap. (A) for the first over wrap to hold the guides in place. Then (D) for the second over wrap. Classic triple wrap, Anything more adds unnecessary bulk to the rod. IMHO all salt water rods subjected to heavy stress from fighting a game fish should be triple wrapped. Sure...
  108. Wendell Fox

    Is the Mak 16 SEa enough for a 7 day trip?

    You really have it covered for a 7 day. On my 8 day last Fall I used my 30lb and 40lb outfits a lot. If you go to Guadalupe that MAK 16 is perfect. Bring lots of jigs and bombs and something to throw them with.
  109. Wendell Fox

    XTRA TUF stretching

    Agree! I love those new shorter Xtra Tuf boots
  110. Wendell Fox

    Grundens for multi-day trips?

    Foul If it’s foul weather gear your talking about leave the heavy Grundens at home. No one wears them except the deck hands when they pull your fish out of the hold at end of trip. Do bring a set of light weight Grundens Gage foul weather gear. Relatively inexpensive and will pack nice on your...
  111. Wendell Fox

    BV2 600n Braid

    I would put 80 braid on it. Guys use that reel w short 80lb top shots. Not that much difference between 65 and 80 braid. Bettor to be safe. You really want to wind on a Wahoo and the Yellow Tail don't care.
  112. Wendell Fox

    Tiburon reels made by Okuma?

    I think the last few runs were made by Okuma. I was lucky enough to get a TIB 8. My favorite reel. Darker gold finish than the original. Much nicer T Bar handle. Just a killer reel for Wahoo.
  113. Wendell Fox

    7 day dilemma: 8 rods minus 1

    I know you never know. But honest I have won three rods on RR3 trips. And of course the usual T shirts, hooks, lures and fluorocarbon etc. All this and the Andy Cates talk as we get underway.
  114. Wendell Fox

    SEEKER ESM 7660

    Love it! The Peterson's know how to fish your rods.
  115. Wendell Fox

    7 day dilemma: 8 rods minus 1

    It's nice to leave a little space in your SKB just in case you win a rod on the trip and you want to bring it home with you. The bettor trips all have the free give away stuff. You never know?
  116. Wendell Fox

    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    If it just for Wahoo the single speed Valiant w 53” per crank is tempting.
  117. Wendell Fox

    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    Lots of choices out there, Let us know what you wind up with?
  118. Wendell Fox

    Extending a rod

    If the planned extension is no more than 6” a wood dowel stuck up through the butt end should be fine. The wood keeps the additional weight down. Then build up w tape. Slip on a new butt grip. I have done this several times and it works fine.
  119. Wendell Fox

    How to swap-out for power knob onto Valiant 2spd ?

    Go easy as the threads could be reverse?
  120. Wendell Fox

    7 day dilemma: 8 rods minus 1

    On my recent 8 day incl a day at Guadalupe half my fish were caught on my 700m. Perfect outfit for school size Yellow Fin. It also made a great bait catching outfit when required. I never go on a trip w/o my 700m. Definitely bring something you can toss jigs to Yellow Tail and Bombs to Wahoo...
  121. Wendell Fox

    Shipping your booty...

    I use 5 Star and pick the fish up at SFO. Works great. I’m not obsessed with the fish. Keep some and give most away as it usually is way more than we can eat.
  122. Wendell Fox

    Difference between UC CP70xh and CX Raptor

    On my recent 8 day I switched reels on my UC Raptor at the Rocks and bingo I had a very serviceable Wahoo Bomb outfit.
  123. Wendell Fox

    Rainshadow 11 1/2' surf rod

    Wow! love that butt cord work and how you accented either end w matching thread work,
  124. Wendell Fox

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    Thanks I ordered two jet heads to experiment making Wahoo bombs
  125. Wendell Fox

    Spectra-mono-fluoro or Spectra right to fluoro?

    In that typical situation when your using 30 and 40Lb outfits for school sized Yellow Fin or Yellow Tail and everyone is hooking up I think your bettor off using a 25yd mono top shot, or longer, with a three foot fluoro leader tied on. In that kind of situation there really is no advantage to...
  126. Wendell Fox

    CX76 Viper for Barry

    The tiger just past the fore grip is really nice.
  127. Wendell Fox

    Lamiglas, first try at Tiger wrap

    I like your tiger and the guide wraps are very nice too.
  128. Wendell Fox

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    Exactly what I do. I really like my Albakore bag and fine tune the contents to the type of trip I'm on. It fits in the racks.on RR3 so I'm away from the SKBs. The smaller size holds all I really need and I bring a lot of iron.
  129. Wendell Fox

    Reel bag

    I like the Okuma Nomad bag in the large size available from Charkbait
  130. Wendell Fox

    JB braid pound advice

    Not sure you would need 200LB on the 50W unless your using it as a kite reel. Then using the boat's setup would be the bettor option? Everything else seems to be appropriate.
  131. Wendell Fox

    Shogun Tyler Rich RP knot vs John Collins version

    Yes I would be interested in different methods to tie the RP knot as well? It's easy to tie but disappointed it pulled out on a nice fish. I'm thinking I didn't cinch down the tag end hard enough. I used the Shogun video version.
  132. Wendell Fox

    Flying Southwest carry on questions...

    I carry on reels with line in a large reel bag on my trips to San Diego from SFO on SW every year. No problem. However don't put any tools that can be construed as weapons in your reel bag. My most recent trip on SW with carry on reels was Oct 6. Jigs & hooks I stuff in my suitcase and check...
  133. Wendell Fox

    Multi colored braid?

    OK if your just rock fishing any colored braided line is ok
  134. Wendell Fox

    Multi colored braid?

    It’s funny but fishing offshore for Salmon out of SF Bay my buddy fishes red braided line and does just fine
  135. Wendell Fox

    Question about Dauntless 600N.

    The standard 600 Dauntless would be bettor. Your often 100 yds out when you get bit. Think seriously about a 16 sized reel like a Makira SEA 16 or the new Penn VISX 16 for the Lupe. They are cheaper than the Dauntless and hold more line and free spool great with plenty of power.
  136. Wendell Fox

    Multi colored braid?

    It's happened a lot on my trips but it seemed liked the guy involved in a tangle is always the guy with the yellow or dk green braided line. You don't want to be that guy with the deckhand yelling "who owns the yellow line" as he he trying to untangle a mess on the stern. One 3/4 trip probably...
  137. Wendell Fox

    Question about Dauntless 600N.

    If your on the Shogun and your going to Guadalupe I would have a minimum of 80 spectra on that reel. Those YFTs are big and you got to put pressure on them to beat Mr Whitey.
  138. Wendell Fox

    Hurry up and Wait

    Boarding on RR3 very fair and orderly. Never a need to show up that early.
  139. Wendell Fox

    Possible to add 4-6" to butt end of existing rod?

    Sure! strip all the hypalon off the blank from the reel seat back. Sand the blank smooth. Stick a wooden dowel into the ass end of the blank. Secure with epoxy glue. Trim the dowel to the length you want. Build up the dowel with masking tape so the diameter of the dowel matches the blank. You...
  140. Wendell Fox

    United Composites CX76 Centaur for Fran

    One of your very best!
  141. Wendell Fox

    Trip to San Diego

    I gave up driving to SD years ago. I just flew SW round trip from SFO to SD for my 8 day. $139 round trip. I can't drive that cheap. 6:00AM flight out of SFO morning of my trip. . I'm at the landing by 8:30am. Kinda a hassle to check in the rods but it works.
  142. Wendell Fox

    Spectra sizes for Guadalupe

    I was there two weeks ago and you have to pull super hard w 80 fluro and trust the deck hands judgement when to free spool your Tuna when the sharks appear. Might help to free spool your sardine from the bow to avoid the crowd if the current is right? Bites mostly happened 75+ yards out.
  143. Wendell Fox

    Spectra sizes for Guadalupe

    I personally watched Richard skillfully pull his YFT through the circling Great Whites. Please note the superior equipment he used, Anything less than 100 pound spectra with that heavy drag setting was not going to get the job done on his fish.
  144. Wendell Fox

    Spectra sizes for Guadalupe

    Just got back from the Lupe. Given the size of these fish strongly recommend 100 lb spectra. I was easily able to fly line sardines on 100lb spectra on a MAK 16, Remember you got to horse up that YFT to keep it away from Mr. Whitey.
  145. Wendell Fox

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    This is crazy! Leaving on RR3 8 day on Friday. Might head to Guadalupe? Just took fast delivery from Melton two more spools 80 fluro. This stuff is not cheap. No tackle stores at the Lupe. Going to straight tie to solid 100lb braid.
  146. Wendell Fox

    Red Rooster 8 Day FRI., OCT. 6

    I'm going. The office told me Andy wants to go to Guadalupe if the fishing is good.
  147. Wendell Fox

    Which reels?

    Get a MAK 10. Expensive but you won't regret it when your hooked up.
  148. Wendell Fox

    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    Penn 113hn Baja Special
  149. Wendell Fox

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T How Much Drag?

    I fished one for a few years. It was on my 30Lb outfit. Because of the narrow spool it just didn't feel like a 40 to me.
  150. Wendell Fox

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    I want to get one these bad boys for an 8 day and throw Wahoo Bombs: 10 or the 12??
  151. Wendell Fox

    Gruden Boots

    Deck hands on the Salmon boats out of SF Bay seem to like them.
  152. Wendell Fox

    June Heat .... Red Rooster 15 day roll call.. May 27- June 11

    I'm curious as to why you don't like the Catchy Tackle Bombs? I'm on a 8 day in October so havn't bought any bombs yet.
  153. Wendell Fox

    Braid backlash; why on one reel and not another?

    On a long range trip out of San Diego a lot of guys use white un coated high quality spectra like Jerry Brown or Izorline. That stuff is very limp and doesn't stick to itself. Consider nothing less than 50lb spectra. Even on your 30lb outfit you will be fine. Practice casting with the hooks...
  154. Wendell Fox

    700m rating

    Totally agree w your comments about the 700M
  155. Wendell Fox


    Salas 6X in blue and white and scrambled egg
  156. Wendell Fox

    Calstar 800M Mag

    That marbling under the guides is awsome
  157. Wendell Fox

    United Composites Centaur for Josh

    One of your best!
  158. Wendell Fox

    Adding a Trim Band to a Factory Rod

    You could also consider ordering decals from Decal Connections. A decal with your name in script near the the first guide would look nice and help to further identify your rods.
  159. Wendell Fox

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    I use a 700XH with Tib 8 and 50Lb mono. I have used a Penn Baja Special on that rod as well with 50 and it's fine.. Either way the 700XH is the way to go. Especially if you want to get your jig out and away from the boat. A 700H works too but is a little light to toss out the heavier jigs...
  160. Wendell Fox

    SKB TACKLE BOX for air travel

    I'm not sure this will help but I fly all the time with my SKB rod tube to SD and never have a problem. My guess is your SKB tackle box will arrive just fine, I'm assuming the SKB tackle box has a latch similar to my rod case? Suggest you use a zip tie to secure it. And tape a couple extra zip...
  161. Wendell Fox


    I hear you. I see the pangas around the big boats at Cedros and you have more options. I use a little heavier reel than you. I really like my Tiburon 8 for 50 lb yo yo. It just kills em. Last year I couldn't really get them good with iron. So I switched to long soaks with Mackerals. Maybe 75...
  162. Wendell Fox


    I have been to Cedros a dozen times on RR3 so I know what works for me: 700XH w Penn Baja Special 50Lb Yo Yo outfit Salas 6X jigs Tady 4/0s etc 700H w Okuma Makira 10 2speed 40Lb live bait outfit If possible bring a long rod for with a Newell 332 or equivalent loaded w 40lb line for topwater...
  163. Wendell Fox

    Dauntless 500n for 40lb. yoyo?

    You don't need to crank crazy fast to catch a Yellow Tail on the Yoyo. A Penn Baja 113HN does 34" per crank and a ton of Yellow Tail have been caught on them. Also I would strongly recommend using 50Lb line for yoyo work. To be honest a DX2-500n would not be my first choice for yoyo. It will...
  164. Wendell Fox

    Makaira black reels?

    I love my black 10SEA.
  165. Wendell Fox

    Just finished this Honey Lami

    You got skills! That looks really nice.
  166. Wendell Fox

    Nick gets his shot

    Well deserved! Nick is the best.
  167. Wendell Fox

    Okuma Makaira 8II: Overkill for it's size?

    Would make the ultimate stealth 30Lb line Wahoo reel.
  168. Wendell Fox

    USC Themed Phenix PHD869XH

    One of your very best!
  169. Wendell Fox

    Seeker 6470 for Caleb

    Dam that rod is nice! You really do the Petersons well.
  170. Wendell Fox

    glassy smooth coat

    Your going to need at least two coats of rod finish on butt wraps to get that nice glassy look. Don't worry too much about the first coat. Just get the rod finish on quickly by applying liberal amounts up and down the blank. I like to apply the finish as I manually turn the rod. Once on the...
  171. Wendell Fox

    Rigs for my first LR trip, 8 days aboard the Royal Polaris in July/August 2017

    I fish once a week on Sausalito Party Boats for Salmon and pot luck. None of my Salmon, Halibut, Bass and Rock Cod outfits will work on a typical 5-8 day trip on a San Diego boat. They are too light. I'm saying that with over 20 years experience taking yearly trips on Red Rooster 3. If you want...
  172. Wendell Fox

    Handle options

    Ri i changed out all my older Accurates to the current stock rubber knob and offset arm style standard on the new Accurates. Love em!
  173. Wendell Fox

    Calstar GF800M OB Fade

    Simply stunning. One of your best yet!
  174. Wendell Fox

    Accurate Fury 400n, 500 and 500n Handle

    In the end your not going to be that happy with aftermarket knobs and handles on your Accurates. I upgraded all my older Accurates with their newer style handles and rubber knobs and they look like new. I know the Accurate handles and knobs are pricey for what your getting. Send your reels to...
  175. Wendell Fox

    re-finishing old rods

    I have used Minwax Spar Urethane in clear gloss on beat up Harnell rods with success. Not perfect but good enough. Sand the blank very lightly with 400 wet sandpaper first. Wipe the sanding residue clean. Then spray lightly with two coats of the urethane. There are other products out there but...
  176. Wendell Fox

    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    I have done 3 eight day Fall trips on RR3. If you get Andy you'll be smiling the whole trip. Tom & Eric are good too. The boat is older but very comfortable. The rooms are very basic but work just fine. Food is good and I like the three seatings. Nick and the deck hands are great. Always there...
  177. Wendell Fox

    Opinions wanted for local halibut rod

    I fish SF Bay Party Boats all the time for Salmon, Halibut, Bass and Rock Fish. You can't go wrong with a Calstar 700L.
  178. Wendell Fox

    knot 2 kinky

    I couldn't tie the knots either. A San Diego jam knot isn't going to work. It's too bulky. I went to crimping titanium wire (Terminator) and was very pleased with the results. I bought a cheapo crimper and some crimps and was good to go. Just stick the wire through the crimp three times and trim...
  179. Wendell Fox

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Nick on RR3
  180. Wendell Fox

    SuperSeeker 6470H

    One of the nicest rods ever on this board. Perfection!
  181. Wendell Fox

    Convert LX Raptor to JX Raptor??

    Call Avet and ask if you can get a JX frame and spool. Then switch the guts from your LX into your new JX. Might work but could be too expensive to justify.
  182. Wendell Fox

    D2 finish question

    I wait till the finish is no longer tacky. Meaning when you press on the finish you don't see a finger print. Sometimes this can take up to 24 hours to completely set up depending on the humidity but usually less. A tiger wrap is not going to come out good if the finish is still tacky preventing...
  183. Wendell Fox

    Started building rods

    Looks great Ross. Good luck with your recovery.
  184. Wendell Fox

    JX vs LX

  185. Wendell Fox

    Okuma Makairas

    The Mak 10 is too small to be used as a trolling reel.
  186. Wendell Fox

    Need to replace reel

    My Penn 16VSX w 80 on it is my go to dropper loop reel. Work just fine. Much lighter than your 30.
  187. Wendell Fox

    UC RCE Elite 700 XXH VS GFGR 700H

    From personal experience the 700H is a 40Lb rod. For a typical 8 day trip your going to want to bring the 700H for 40Lb bait and a 700XH for 50Lb YoYo and Wahoo jig tossing. You actually might use the 700XH more than the 700H.
  188. Wendell Fox

    "Dorado'd" out GF800L for Wes

    Nicest rod you have ever posted on this site!
  189. Wendell Fox

    Hurricane Linda and 7-day trip this weekend

    Bring foul weather gear. On my RRIII 8 day last year we had a hurricane follow us around for several days. Had to leave Alijos early and hug the coast. Fished in the rain for several hours one morning. Foul weather gear (the light stuff) really came in handy.
  190. Wendell Fox

    defrosting processed fish

    We have a lot of Five Star frozen fish in our freezer. After defrosting in our refrigerator we trim away any objectionable parts of the filet that may effect the taste of the fish.
  191. Wendell Fox

    Baja Special Spooling configurations

    80lb solid JB spectra w 75 Yd topshot 50Lb Izorline XXX mono. I use mine exclusively for Yo Yo. It's the reel perfect for that application. 50Lb mono is strong enough to haul most Yellow Tail out of the rocks and still be castable. Love that reel.
  192. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    Titanium wire works great. You you have to run the tag end of the wire back into the crimp a third time then trim. Expressed another way inside the crimp will be three pieces of wire. I had the same problem. The titanium wire would pull through the crimp no matter how hard I crimped. Then I...
  193. Wendell Fox

    What combo do you pick up first...

    Start off with 40Lb setup like a 700H and Accurate Boss 500 or Okuma Makira Sea 10 and see if you get bit. You don't want to be the one struggling with a school sized fish on 30 while everyone is on their 2nd or 3rd fish using their 40lb outfit. On my recent RR111 5 day never took my 30 out of...
  194. Wendell Fox


    Nick makes you feel like your doing really well when maybe your doing just average if you know what I mean?
  195. Wendell Fox


    Yes Nick is back on RR3. He crewed our 5 day three weeks ago. Great deck hand. Everyone likes him.
  196. Wendell Fox

    Shipping rods and reels

    just use a zip tie and pass it through the ring that keeps the latch from opening up on the SKB.
  197. Wendell Fox

    Dx2-400n applications??

    You should consider the slightly bigger 500N. I have two of them and they performed very well on my recent 5 day. That 400 size looks small to me.
  198. Wendell Fox

    Upcoming 4 locally or south

    Been on at least 5 RR3 5 day trip where we have made it as far South as Cedros,
  199. Wendell Fox

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    700H for sure. Avet JX 2 spd
  200. Wendell Fox

    Really pro wrap?

    Not a big deal because it's black thread. The knot won't show once the finish hits it. Might be a slight bump where the knot is. Just slice off the bump and add a second coat of finish. It will come out totally smooth like there was no knot. Pro Wrap is good thread. Use it all the time.
  201. Wendell Fox

    Berkley Big Game, Momoi, P-Line, Ande or Jinkai leader material

    Jinkai, my son is a commercial Salmon fisherman. I tie his leaders. I like the feel of Jinkai. He reports no failures.
  202. Wendell Fox

    Dryer Box

    Have Tap Plastics make a nice three sided hood out of clear plastic you can place on top of your rod lathe while epoxy dries.
  203. Wendell Fox

    Best Way To Use My Whaler As a Ski Boat?

    The thought of drilling a hole into a Whaler for this purpose is ridiculous. Consult with your local Boston Whaler dealer as to what they recommend. My 17' Montauk has two nice chromed bronze eyes on the transom from which to run a bridle to which the main ski line is attached.
  204. Wendell Fox

    Dryer Box

    I had TAP Plastics build one for me. Make a design and they can build it.
  205. Wendell Fox

    Where to order stuff

    I buy from them all the time
  206. Wendell Fox

    Under wrap question

    Epoxy each wrap. It's just easier in the long run. I think it helps cut down or eliminate the eventual cracking around each guide too.
  207. Wendell Fox

    Shipping rods and reels

    That's what I do
  208. Wendell Fox

    First tiger attempt

    That looks really nice. Anyone would be proud to have that wrap on their rod.
  209. Wendell Fox

    Shipping rods and reels

    Isn't the big SKB box too big to put into an overhead compartment w/o tipping it over.? If so your going to have to check it in.
  210. Wendell Fox

    Stick with the JX Raptor or...

    Keep the JX. It's a very popular reel for 5 day trips where a 40 lb bait outfit is needed. One of the most popular 40lb bait reels around. The JX has plenty of line capacity for typical 5 day style fishing. DON'T get an LX. Too big! You don't need that much line capacity. Consider getting an HX...
  211. Wendell Fox

    Shipping rods and reels

    Yes it's never been a problem for me at SFO or San Diego. I have flown 15 times w reels. The TSA looks hard at the reels as they pass through the XRay machine w/o comment.
  212. Wendell Fox

    Shipping rods and reels

    My buddy made a rod tube out of PVC from Home Depot and checks it in on SW. It works but looks a little funky. If you go a lot get the Plano or SKB rod case.
  213. Wendell Fox

    Shipping rods and reels

    I carry on 6 reels in a reel bag and put it in the overhead compartment on SW. If you have nice reels no way would I put them into my check in soft suitcase. I also carry on my tackle box but remove hooks & lures etc. and put them in my check in soft suitcase. I put 6 rods into a SKB rod case...
  214. Wendell Fox

    Suggest line test for an Boss Magnum 870

    I have an 870 and personally I think 50 is a little heavy for that reel. Keep your 600. It's a much newer reel.
  215. Wendell Fox

    Does red aftco seat match red avet?

    It should be close enough. You could buy the red Aftco reel seat before the rod is built just to make sure. If your not convinced then consider a gold, black or silver reel seat instead. In regards to the Avet store the reel inside when not in use, rinse with fresh water and wipe it down with a...
  216. Wendell Fox

    Pro Wrap Thread

    I use almost nothing else but Prowrap. I'm very happy with it. No problems at all. And I'm wrapping almost every day.
  217. Wendell Fox

    5 day vs 7 day gear wise?

    Think Wahoo!
  218. Wendell Fox

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    If you can find on a Tib SST 8 is what you want. Have caught all my Wahoo on mine. Love the way it shifts into low automatically.
  219. Wendell Fox

    need help

    I built mine (single dryer) and had Tap Plastics build a clear hood that slips over the whole thing. Keeps cat hair and dust off the rod while epoxy dries.
  220. Wendell Fox

    50# Set Up

    My most used rod on an 8 day trip by far is a Calstar 700 XH. The 700H is ok for 50 but too light in my opinion. The 700 XH is perfect for tossing Wahao Bombs and all your typical Yo Yo iron. Match is with a Avet HX or if you can find one a Tiburon SST 10 or maybe an Accurarate BX2 600 and your...
  221. Wendell Fox

    Reel seat and foot size: trigger seat for standard-sized reel?

    If you like to use a reel clamp on that Talica you bettor investigate if it's going to fit right on a trigger reel seat. Typically the clamp will interfere with your finger. Also a size 20 reel seat seems a little small for a Talica. Of course that depends on what blank your using? There are...
  222. Wendell Fox

    Help with rigs for an 8-day trip in Oct-Nov

    I have done (3) 8 days on RR3. I used my 700XH and a Tib8 with 50Lb line approx 80% of the time. Lots of Yo Yo and casting bombs & Raiders to Wahoo. Have a 50Lb bait setup for bigger Blue fin & Yellow fin. Have a stealth 30Lb setup ready for Wahoo on bait w. wire leaders. Also a 40Lb bait setup...
  223. Wendell Fox

    brush preference

    The cheap yellow throw away brushes is all I use. Works perfect.
  224. Wendell Fox

    Rods and the NTSB

    I do it all the time. I use a SKB rod case. The TSA is going to open it for sure. I don't put more than 5 rods in the case. That way it's easier for the TSA to open & close the case. I bundle the rods together with rod ties. If you try to stuff too many rods in the case it's difficult for the...
  225. Wendell Fox

    Tuna Trolling Reel

    Get a Penn 30VSX 2 speed. Hold more than enough 80Lb mono for trolling from typical San Diego long range boat. It's perfect. Not too heavy and can double as a heavy dropper loop reel.
  226. Wendell Fox

    Izorline Platinum Any One Use It?

    Up here in SF Bay I use Izorline Platinum 25Lb test for Salmon trolling. Their Platinum in coastal green matches perfectly color of ocean just offshore here.
  227. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo wire vs heavy fluorocarbon ( 130 lb + )

    When you get bit keep winding hard, don't swing. The Wahoo has your lure in its mouth but may not be solidly hooked up yet. You need to wind the hook hard into the Wahoo's jaw. Make sure your hooks are sharp. After you land your Wahoo inspect your jig. If it's a Raider or similar with fancy...
  228. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo wire vs heavy fluorocarbon ( 130 lb + )

    No misses, I think it's worth the risk of losing a jig to go with straight tied 50Lb mono.
  229. Wendell Fox

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    Definitely use 50LB mono with 12 oz sinker to get down. 5/0 or 6/0 circle hook for Macs. Button down the drag to 15-18 lbs drag.
  230. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo wire vs heavy fluorocarbon ( 130 lb + )

    All three of my Wahoo caught on 50LB mono straight tied to Raider jigs. No wire! No Fluoro!
  231. Wendell Fox

    makaira rod.

    yes your the one with the problem. Take the rod back. Love your reel. I have one too. Wendell
  232. Wendell Fox

    makaira rod.

    Guides are not aligned with the rod spline and subsequently the reel seat. Sloppy work. Take it back. You'll never be happy otherwise.
  233. Wendell Fox

    Trolling Knot Question

    Double San Diego Jam Knot or Double Uni Knot. You want the strongest knot possible. Stealth not an issue.
  234. Wendell Fox

    Help a brother out!

    I'm on exactly the same trip. Fortunately I'm going with a good buddy. I know how you feel. There was a guy on last years trip (Dave?) that signed up real late. He was a real gentleman and an experienced fisherman. Talk to Linda Palm at the office.
  235. Wendell Fox

    saltiga 30t

    Got mine mounted on a Calstar 700M. Agree the reel seat is a pain. Fish it with out the clamp. Even if you manage to get the clamp screwed on to your reel it's too dam high and awkward. Fish it w/o the clamp. You will be fine.
  236. Wendell Fox

    tackle recommendation

    I go on SF Bay Salmon party boats once a week. The recommended line is 25Lb mono. On a crowded trolling boat anything other than 25lb mono will create tangles and trouble for you the whole day.
  237. Wendell Fox

    Red Rooster III - rental gear ?

    I doubt they would have a rental spinning rod for you but you could call the office. Consult their website for suggested rods, reels and terminal tackle. That will give you an idea what your going to need. Your going on a good boat. Have taken many trips with them but always bring my own stuff...
  238. Wendell Fox

    Owner Hooks - which style is best?

    Check out the ringed Gamakatsu Circle Nautilus. Just the right size for anything but a cow.
  239. Wendell Fox

    Off Shore Fishing Glasses?

    You need to use the special eye glass cleaning cloth to avoid scratching the lenses. Using paper products a no no. I learned the hard way with my MJs. Their copper lens works well for offshore situations. I have owned three pairs of prescription MJs. Like em. Again be careful how you clean them.
  240. Wendell Fox

    Which Reel to Buy?

    Bettor reconsider. I have used both the 30T and the 40 on numerous trips. The 30T is a 30lb reel and the 40 is a 40lb reel. That why Daiwa names them like that. A narrow reel like the 30T doesn't have the line capacity to hold enough 40lb line for long casts. A nice alternative would be the Penn...
  241. Wendell Fox

    Accurate 870n Questions

    I sent mine into Accurate for servicing and bigger T Bar handle. Reel doesn't need any other upgrades just occasional serving to insure good free spool and drag performance. When my 870N came back from Accurate with the handle upgrade it was like bettor than new.
  242. Wendell Fox

    Reel bags???

    Transporting reels separately in a reel bag is the preferred way to get on the boat with your stuff. Just keep an eye on your bags & rods etc just prior to boarding and after you disembark.
  243. Wendell Fox

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    Recently the San Diego bait barge has reported Sardines available. However, this morning they are reporting 3" to 5" Anchovies. No doubt you will be making bait on your trip so stock up on the appropriate sized Sabiki rigs. Bring a variety of hook sizes to cover all the potential baits you will...
  244. Wendell Fox

    Don't spool up your braid/Spectra by yourself

    I do pretty much the same thing with an old junk 113H. Takes a bit of winding but works great.
  245. Wendell Fox

    Topshot Question

    Basil's top shots are perfect. His serve is quite short. If your using light line for anchovies consider just using a good knot like a Pena or modified Albrite, Bristol etc. to connect to your Spectra.
  246. Wendell Fox

    snap swivel to iron?

    No one uses a snap swivel to connect to their Irons. The action won't be right. Plus it looks kinda funky. A Palomar knot is not a good knot to use for Irons. Consider something a little more robust like a San Diego or Double Uni. Also it's not like you'll be switching irons that much. So learn...
  247. Wendell Fox

    John Collins knot

    The Bristol works best for me. I tie three half hitches in the mono tag to cinch down even further. Zero failures with this knot. The JC is only about 65%. The mono pulls through the braid every time.
  248. Wendell Fox

    Which Grundens?

    Checkout the Grundens Gage line. Switched to Gage from Herkules two years ago.
  249. Wendell Fox

    Difficult question to answer

    You could get by with 6-8 jigs (blue & white & scrambled egg) just use 50Lb line for Yo Yo and pull hard do you don't get rocked. For Tuna get a couple of Tady Nines in Chrome. You'll be fine. After awhile it gets tiring throwing jigs all day in the heat. You'll go back to bait for awhile...
  250. Wendell Fox

    Needing advice from the pros, the vets, and the lucky. very much appreciated.

    Get a Calstar 700M and a good Star Drag reel for less than $200. Something like a Daiwa Sea lion 40. Fill the reel up with 50Lb solid Spectra and a 25 to 50 yd topshot of 30Lb mono preferably some like P Line CXX or Izorline XXX. Don't use cheap mono. Learn how to connect your mono to the braid...
  251. Wendell Fox


    Maui Jim prescription Stingrays. So good I wear em all day, clean them in my room, then wear them to dinner. They are that good. Because they are prescription really helps when tying knots etc.
  252. Wendell Fox

    Need advise on 8 day

    I always bring my 700XH on 7-8 day trips. Perfect for YO YO & Wahoo Bombs Jigs etc. w. 50Lb line
  253. Wendell Fox

    Reel seat off approx. 15 degrees

    Cut off the reel seat and grip and start again. You will always wonder about it not being right? That is too nice of a blank not to do it right. Could be noticeable pulling on a bigger fish too.
  254. Wendell Fox

    Flying in to fish 3-8 day trips Tackle Box questions

    The TSA is going to take a hard look at your heavy metal lures, hooks, leader spools and tools in your tackle box. To avoid potential problems with them I empty out my tackle box and stick the Plano boxes and anything else into my check in suitcase. Then substitute underwear, socks etc into my...
  255. Wendell Fox

    Replacement handle for Newell 533?

    Those Tiburon replacement handles that Charkbait sells for Newells work real well. I like em.
  256. Wendell Fox

    Rod for throwing heavier jigs for tuna?

    No I don't think so. A 700M is way too light. You want something like a 700XH or a 765M w. minimum 50Lb to handle a tuna unless you like being worked all over the boat. Rethink this again.
  257. Wendell Fox

    Help me on my first long range trip

    .Red Rooster 3 in August. Check their schedule. Big comfortable boat with a great skipper, good deckhands and nice people in their front office. I have done 15 trips with them.
  258. Wendell Fox

    Clamp for Saltiga 30T... What are my options?

    One option is to not use a reel clamp for the 30T. That's what I do when I use my 30T. Just tighten up the reel seat and you will be fine. That stock Daiwa reel clamp sucks. I gave up using it.
  259. Wendell Fox

    C.P. / Cross Wrap Question

    I use a dab of Loctite Super Glue in clear liquid form to hold everything together on butt wraps. It dries clears and once the rod finish is applied you totally don't see it. I never use CP to hold the threads in place. I apply the Super Glue on the front and back hold down threads and...
  260. Wendell Fox

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Calstar 700XH, Penn Baja Special, 50Lb Line, Salas 6X & Salas 6X Jr in blue & white and scrambled egg. You want a 4/0 sized reel for Yo Yo. Cast away from the boat. Let the lure sink 10-20-30 seconds till you find what works. Fast but not super fast retrieve. Occasionally take the reel out of...
  261. Wendell Fox

    Tiburon T-Bar Lite Handle For Newell P-332

    I did it to both my 332 & 322 and liked the reels a lot bettor.
  262. Wendell Fox

    Wire leaders

    Learn how to tie your own leaders using titanium wire.
  263. Wendell Fox

    Wire leaders

  264. Wendell Fox

    770XXH for Peterson....

    Rod looks great Bob! Good luck on your trip
  265. Wendell Fox

    Diawa Saltiga 30t upgrades

    Hey it's a really nice star drag reel perfect 30 25- lb line. Not sure how you can modify this reel to make it that much bettor? Maybe you could change out the bearings to get a little bettor free spool and put in Carbonex drag washers but that's it. For that line class it doesn't get any bettor...
  266. Wendell Fox

    I need a 2 speed

    You already have it covered. Put the handle on your Baja Special on the long slot, 50Lb topshot and crank away on those Yellow Tails at the Islands. Then get something like an Andros or Avet JX for 40Lb bait applications.
  267. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo live bait rig question

    I had the same problem. Try passing the tag end back down through the crimp towards hook. The tag end essentially goes through the crimp twice. Pull the tag end tight. Then crimp. Everything should hold. I use no. 1 crimps for 30-40lb wire. No. 2 for 50Lb wire
  268. Wendell Fox

    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    Couple of weeks ago my son gave me a tour of the 65' commercial crab boat he works on in Ft Bragg. I noticed seven pairs of Extra Tuffs neatly lined up in the bunk room. That's good enough for me.
  269. Wendell Fox

    What's the weather like down the Rocks/ Ridge in Oct

    Last year on the RR3 7 day in Oct the weather was hot humid and ocean was flat. Pretty much perfect weather the whole trip. Did the Rocks Ridge Cedros etc.
  270. Wendell Fox

    Penn Baja Special...Opinions??? Post 2005 Production Reels

    It's the perfect Yo Yo reel for Yellow Tail and can be used for Wahoo too. Suggest you move the handle to last hole for bettor and faster cranking power. Reverse the lugs. Mine is loaded with a topshot of 75 yards of 50Lb mono over 80Lb Spectra. This reel resists boat rash which I like. I have...
  271. Wendell Fox

    Versatile 50# reel?

    An Avet HX is fine for 50Lb. For less money you really can't beat a Penn 113HN Baja Special. If your strictly looking for a bait reel then maybe something smaller like a MK15 or Penn 12VSX.
  272. Wendell Fox

    Yoyo Setup Opinions- JX or HXJ

    I really a Calstar 700XH for Yo Yo and tossing bombs to Wahoo. A second option is a Calstar 765ML. I have both and like them a lot. For strictly dropper loop I like a 765M. I would go with the HJX. Use it with 50Lb for Yo Yo & Wahoo. 60Lb for dropper loop use.
  273. Wendell Fox


    Probably too late now but you could investigate 2 piece rods. There are some decent 9'-10' rods available from Shimano & Daiwa and others. Look for heavier line and lure ratings on these type rods. If your throwing jigs at Yellow Tail they would be fine. And of course they would pack well on...
  274. Wendell Fox

    Wahoo Wire

    I'm going on a 7 day RR3 trip in October. I have been making up a bunch of 30Lb bait leaders using Terminator Titanium wire. Using the smallest AFW crimp instaed of a knot. The leaders look real stealthy. Will report back after my trip. Also using 50Lb Terminator on my Raiders & Catchy Tackle...
  275. Wendell Fox

    Favorite 8' jig stick

    Those old school yellow Sabre rods with the blue grips at Big 5 for $39 are worth a look. My friend bought a 8' yellow Sabre that I liked a lot.
  276. Wendell Fox


    Ship your 8' rods to the Intrepid office UPS. SW takes my 7' SKB rod tube no problem.
  277. Wendell Fox

    Got weak today and bought a Penn Torque 25N 2speed. Lets vote on correct Graphiter.

    Go with the 700H. It's a true 40Lb rod. You'll be glad you did first time you go bendo.
  278. Wendell Fox

    Feedback needed on Calstar 875H, 700H , 700XH SS6470H or Super Seeker 6470XH

    I can't comment on the 875H. But I love the 700H as a 40Lb bait rod. I use my 700XH as a 50Lb Yo Yo rod. To me there is a difference between the two rods. A lot more power with my 700XH. I can put it on the rail and create a lot of lift on the fish. I like my 700H too but it just loads up a...
  279. Wendell Fox

    Best line for casting irons

    clear 50Lb Izorline XXX is all I ues for Yo Yo.
  280. Wendell Fox

    Right blank for 40lb and 50lb

    I use a 700M for 30lb bait a 700H for 40lb bait and a 700XH for 50lb YO YO. I think the 700H is too light to throw a Salas 6X jig and bring up a big YT off the bottom without a big struggle. Look at how Calstar rates these blanks and you will agree.
  281. Wendell Fox

    critique please

    I think the amount of reveal on your under wrap (the silver thread) should be more consistent on both sides of your wraps. I like your inlay work and the color selection. Nice work for first time out.
  282. Wendell Fox

    Do you guys tie down your tacklebox that have rod holders on LR tackle rack?

    Been on RR3 many times and never seen anyone tie their SKB boxes down to the tackle table. Bring some bungie cord just in case. Hope you have a low number so you can board early enough to grab one of the spots on the tackle table or around the motor hatch that guys store their SKB boxes on. It's...
  283. Wendell Fox

    Izorline first string or xxx

    XXX all the way for trolling and bait.
  284. Wendell Fox

    Terminal tackle for 5 day

    Done 12 5 - days on RR3. Be sure to bring 6X & 6X jr size iron. 2 each in blue & white & scrambled egg. Have a 50 lb setup when you hit Cedros. It's fun catching YTs. Have both sizes in case the current is running and you can't get down with the 6X jr. Bring a few 4/0 size hooks for dropper...
  285. Wendell Fox

    achilles tendon help

    I ruptured my Achilles tendon on Feb 20, 2012. I had surgery to repair it on Feb 24, 2012. I was walking full speed up to 4 miles at a time by mid June 2012. I'm 67 years old. The worst part is the being in the cast for three weeks. Do your PT daily and you will be fishing sooner than you think...
  286. Wendell Fox

    Gear ratio for yo-yo

    Penn Baja Special is the perfect Yo Yo reel IMHO. Salas 6X or Tady 4/0 lures retrieved at a medium to somewhat fast retrieve with the Penn Baja Special loaded with 50Lb line will catch you a lot of Yellow Tail.
  287. Wendell Fox

    SKB Box

    You need to investigate tackle storage options on the particular boat you plan to go on. On RR3 most of the SKB boxes don't go on the racks. They go on the tackle table just aft of the engine hatch. I don't have an SKB box but the rod holder option works well for rigging and storage of extra...
  288. Wendell Fox

    ?blanks for salmon trolling ?

    Your looking for a very specific rod for Salmon trolling with 2 1/2 lead balls on Party Boats out of SF Bay. My favorite blank for this is a seeker MLB 20. Nice slow action that holds up well to the weight of the troll. I build mine with a small AFTCO roller tip. The action is very similar to an...
  289. Wendell Fox

    80lb setup?

    Agree - a Penn 30 VSW & Calstar 760M w. rollers works just fine as a troller/dropper loop setup on the long range boats out of SD. Very productive setup to have on board.
  290. Wendell Fox


    I do it all the time. Buy a cheap kitchen 8" knife with a slightly curved serrated edge. I use a Chefmate knife. Assuming you have removed all the guides first if your replacing the fore grip - just wittle away at the hypalon. Protect the blank immediately in front of the grip with some masking...
  291. Wendell Fox

    Rod Shipping Info.

    I fly to San Diego every year on South West with 6-7 rods in my SKB case with no problems. I secure the latch with a zip tie. I tape a couple of extra zip ties to the case for the TSA to use in closing the SKB case after inspection.
  292. Wendell Fox

    Is there a need for a 60lb set-up?

    I have a slightly different approach to this. Since I'm constrained by the amount of rods I can take on South West I normally take one 760M on typical 5-7 day trips. If I know the boat is trolling (usually day 1-2) I mount a Penn 30 SW w.80 Lb line on the 760M. I'm good to go for the whole day...
  293. Wendell Fox

    Good wahoo combo?

    700 XH with Tib SST 8 or a Baja Special if cost is an issue. 75 yard topshot of 50Lb mono tied to 65Lb spectra.
  294. Wendell Fox

    baja special

    65 Lb spectra w. 75 yard 50 Lb mono top shot. It's a great Yo Yo reel mounted on a 700XH. It's light enough to cast all day. Lots of drag w. a nice handle. Bullet proof reel with double dogs.
  295. Wendell Fox

    What would you do?

    Call the boat and ask Linda about their cancellation policy. You still have time to heal up. FYI I ruptured my Achillies Tendon last Feb. The surgeon sewed it back together. My ankle looked like your hand after the surgery. By April I was walking almost full speed. You'll know bettor in a couple...
  296. Wendell Fox

    RR III October 5-13, 8-Day

    I was on the RR3 7 day trip just before your 8 day. We caught a bunch of Wahoo and limits of YT along with Dorado and some bigger YFTs along with the school sized. As far as I know there was no reel failures on our trip. Just the same I always bring two backups reels just in case. It's always...
  297. Wendell Fox

    Rethinking Wahoo Rig

    I just got off a 7 day trip on RR3. I used a 75 yard top shot of 50Lb mono tied to 65Lb solid spectra to cast jigs to Wahoo & Tails. I had zero backlashes with this setup. I was totally happy with this setup. One bad spectra back lash will take you out of the hot action far too long.
  298. Wendell Fox


    I'm signed up with my buddy Joe. See you on board. RR3 is a great boat. Been on it many times.
  299. Wendell Fox


    Andy Cates
  300. Wendell Fox

    Boston Whaler

    Get the 15. You won't regret it.
  301. Wendell Fox

    Trolling out fits

    760M Penn 30SW 2 Spd 100LB JB Solid w. 100Yard 80Lb Izorline mono top shot.
  302. Wendell Fox

    baja special

    Great 50Lb Yo Yo reel
  303. Wendell Fox

    LR Boat with 3 person Staterooms?

    The two rear staterooms (M & N) on RR3 can handle 3. But they are noisy as they are next to the engines. Might help to bring ear plugs.
  304. Wendell Fox

    Guadalupe 6 Day Needs

    I like solid spectra. Learn how to tie a Bimini Twist at the end of the spectra. Connect the fluoro with a Bristol knot. An Albrite knot is too bulky. Other will advise you to buy L2L top shots or splice a short length of hollow. No one way is best. You really want to be able to change out top...
  305. Wendell Fox

    Guadalupe 6 Day Needs

    I agree the Tiburon SST 8 is the ultimate Lupe reel. I own one and love it. But it's a little more expensive than a Penn 12 VSX. If money is somewhat an issue then go for the Penn. If not then get the Tib. Let me add that your talking about free spooling a live bait back 100 sometimes 200 yards...
  306. Wendell Fox

    Guadalupe 6 Day Needs

    A Penn 12 VSX is perfect for the Lupe. I have been there many times. Spool up with 65Lb white solid spectra. Learn how to connect Fluoro to your spectra so you can switch quickly between 40 & 50 lb line. Make sure your Penn spool spins good before you leave. It all about free spooling a live...
  307. Wendell Fox

    cracks at guide feet/ fix needed/Pics

    One under wrap and two over wraps is plenty on a heavy Saltwater rod. I always put a thin coat of rod finish on the under wrap. Wait 24 hours to dry. File all the guide feet nice and thin. Align the guides perfectly along the rod spine unless your Acid Wrapping. Wrap the guides with A thread...
  308. Wendell Fox

    Guadalupe 6 Day Needs

    I took this exact trip last year. This is what I brought: 700M w. Saltiga 30T - 30 line 765XL w. Penn 12LT - 2 Sp - 40 Line 700H w. Saltiga 40 - 40 Line 700XH w. Tiburon SST 8 - 50 Line (my YO YO rig) 760M w. Penn 30SW - 80 line (troller & dropper loop) Brings lots of Salas 6X, 6x jr, Tady 4/0...
  309. Wendell Fox

    RR3 Boarding/Check In

    Determined by how early you book. Very organized. Never had a problem. Great boat. Just finished a 6 day last week.
  310. Wendell Fox

    fly in/fly out?

    I fly in the same day and fly out the same day. But that's me. I'm flying South West from SFO. I get the earliest flight. I arrive in SD around 8:30AM. I catch a cab and I'm at Fisherman's landing by 9:30AM. I usually get a 2:00PM flight out. When the RR3 docks at 8:00AM-9:00AM etc I'm usually...
  311. Wendell Fox

    best reel for yo-yo'ing heavy iron for yellowtail?

    Tib SST 8 w. 50Lb mono
  312. Wendell Fox

    Penn Baja Special - Main Gear Replacement

    That Penn Baja Special reel is a really nice reel. If your not happy with the speed consider changing the handle location to the inner slot to slow it down a bit. Otherwise consider purchasing a red Penn 113H with 3.25-1 gears.
  313. Wendell Fox

    Newell 220 / 229 handle

    That aluminum P series handle that Charkbait sells is a nice upgrade for a 220 or 229 P Series Newell. I'm happy with mine. Go with the T-Bar for 300 series and above.
  314. Wendell Fox

    Who has experience with the Saltist Hyper Speed Lever Drag?

    Your really asking to get worked all over the boat using a high speed reel like that on a Tuna. Consider something with a slower gear ratio.
  315. Wendell Fox

    Newell Narrow 322 25 lb test?

    322 is perfect for 25Lb test. Blue, smoke blue or clear line works well. Clear is best in low light conditions.
  316. Wendell Fox

    saltist 30T/accurate 665nn

    I have a Saltiga 30T and it would not be my first choice as a YO YO reel. Something with a taller spool like a Penn Baja Special or 4/0 size reel is bettor IMHO. FYI I fished Cedros twice last year on RR3. You want something with some beef to get those Yellows out of the rocks.
  317. Wendell Fox

    RRIII storage

    You can put extra rods in un numbered clips forward of the numbered clips on the main deck. You can put extra rods on the second deck. However there are no clips up there so you will need bungi cords to tie your rods to the railing. I bring 6 rods on a five day and never have a problem with rod...
  318. Wendell Fox

    RRIII storage

  319. Wendell Fox

    GF700L vs GFX700L?

    If you desire a Salmon fishing rod for trolling with 2 1/2 lead balls (SF style) then a Seeker MLB 20 is the blank you want. I have built several rods based on this blank. Nice slow action that hold up well to typical off shore Salmon trolling. I use Aftco Lite guides and 25 lb line. You do not...
  320. Wendell Fox

    Fuji HBSG OR HNSG for 1x3

    HBSGs. And think about a size 25 guide if your using a big reel. Not critical but might help.
  321. Wendell Fox

    Need help with tuna blank

    I always recommend a Calstar 765XL for ladies and smaller guys who need a good 40Lb rod for 3-5 day trips. A seven foot rod is going to be harder to handle. The 765XL is a good all around rod. Get a small reel that free spools good to put on the rod. Back it with a lot of spectra and short mono...
  322. Wendell Fox

    Should I change reels?

    A guy had a small Talica reel on a Phenix rod last year on one of my RR3 5 days. Really nice setup. That combo could really cast a sardine a long distance. I was impressed.
  323. Wendell Fox


    Been on 12 RR3 5 days. This is what I bring: 700M w. Saltiga 30T for 30Lb fly line 700H w.Saltiga 40 for 40lb fly line 700H w. Baja Special for 40Lb jig - Salas 6X jr 700XH w. Tib SST8 for 50lb jig - Salas 6X If you get to Cedros it's nice to have 2 jig/yo yo outfits rigged and ready to go...
  324. Wendell Fox


    700XH - 60lb - my go to Yo Yo rod.
  325. Wendell Fox

    Micro Bubbles in Flex Coat

    I microwave my A & B for 8 seconds. I stir slowly. I'm not concerned about bubbles that appear in the mixing cup. Most of my rods are triple wrapped. I coat each wrap with a thin coat of epoxy. I lightly heat each wrap with a alcohol torch. I put two additional coats of epoxy on my top wrap. My...
  326. Wendell Fox

    Help on niche rod - 30lb.

    Calstar 700M. A classic 30lb rod. Go with titanium framed guides and light Fuji graphite reel seat. No gimbal. 8 guides not 9.
  327. Wendell Fox

    Tib SST Reels

    Your right! I used my SST8 on two 5 day trips last year on RR3. We fished Cedros for YT. The Tib was mounted on a 700XH with all 65lb solid spectra and short top shot of 50Lb flouro. This combo worked great. Reel shifts into low at the hookup. If anything this combo works too well. It puts a...
  328. Wendell Fox

    Diamond II Rod Finish

    Decided to use D2 after using Aftcote for years. The only difference I can detect is D2 seems to set up a bit quicker.
  329. Wendell Fox

    ProWrap thread Issue

    No problems so far with their thread. I really like their metallic. Except size D metallic is very springy
  330. Wendell Fox

    Medium Range Clothing

    Might be OK first thing in the morning but you could cook in them rest of the day. I used to bring Grundens just in case on mid Aug five days. They never got out of my stateroom. A June 5 day maybe?
  331. Wendell Fox


    If your flying with a bunch of rods stuffed into a shipping tube then size 25 guides really stick out. I only put a 25 on a rod if it's primary used for yo yo or Wahoo casting with a tall reel. Otherwise size 20 is fine.
  332. Wendell Fox


    Agree with previous post. Heating in the microwave for a few seconds really helps the mixing process. I normally microwave for 10 seconds max. Oddly I'm not that concerned about bubbles appearing after mixing. I just apply the epoxy, put the rod in the dryer then use alcohol torch on the wraps...
  333. Wendell Fox

    Check out this rod building tool

    Really good idea - thanks!
  334. Wendell Fox

    Tiburon frames for newell?

    To get bettor free spool on a Newell without going to all the trouble of changing the frame consider installing bettor bearings from Boca. I did that on all my Newells and was pleased with the improvement in free spool.
  335. Wendell Fox

    Gel Pens

    Yes. Use 2 thin coats of color preserver over the ink. Use a hair dryer to dry the color preserve. If you don't use color preserver the epoxy will make the ink run.
  336. Wendell Fox

    Pulling on Hypalon?

    I like 11/16" ID hypalon for most offshore blanks. The PVC pipe trick works great. Fill it with semi boiling water. Submerge the hypalon for about two minutes into the PVC pipe. While the hypalon is soaking spread a liberal amount of slow set 2 part rod expoxy on the blank. A previous post...
  337. Wendell Fox

    Tiburon Smart Shift

    No problem with my SST 8. I have an older model. It puts a lot of pressure on the fish and on your connections. It casts great with wonderfull free spool. A bit noisy on the retrieve but I can live with that. Returned it once to the factory to have the handle reset. They did that for free and...
  338. Wendell Fox

    Dropper loop and trolling setup. Please Help.

    Not sure about the Daiwa rod. Go to a local tackle shop and compare it to a Calstar 760M.
  339. Wendell Fox

    Dropper loop and trolling setup. Please Help.

    yes a 2 speed 30. Plenty of beef and line capacity.
  340. Wendell Fox

    Dropper loop and trolling setup. Please Help.

    Agree a used Shimano TLD 30 2 speed would be a good reel. Then look for a used Calstar 760M.
  341. Wendell Fox

    So I am an idiot....

    Happens to almost every rod builder at least once. You should be able to save it.
  342. Wendell Fox

    Dryer motor rpm's?

    The Flexcoat 18 RPM dryer works just fine
  343. Wendell Fox

    Rainshadow TS100M

    That rod really looks nice Josh!
  344. Wendell Fox


    Have tap plastic build you a clear acrylic box to go over your rod drying setup. It can be open at either end. Mine is about seven feet long. You can see what's going on but not worry about dust and stuff landing on your nice rod while it dries. Had mine for 15 years now. Solved all my problems...
  345. Wendell Fox

    Cold weather epoxy application

    I too live in the Bay Area. During the winter the drying time can extend by almost 50% Typically I heat up the epoxy in the microwave for about 5 seconds. Just enough to get it slightly warm. Mix as normal and apply. I use an alcohol torch to burst any bubbles. I have been doing this for 20...
  346. Wendell Fox

    5 day tackle help

    The cheapest you could go would be to check out those yellow Sabre rods in Big 5. Sometimes they are in sale for real cheap prices. I would get a Sabre 670 for 30Lb line and a Sabre 700 for 40/50 line. Match em up with Daiwa Sealine 40HA & 50HA reels from and your good to go...
  347. Wendell Fox

    Everyone loves 113HN Baja Special, so how do you use yours?

    One is on a Calstar 700H w. 65Lb spectra/40Lb mono for bait. The other is on a Calstar 700XH w. 65Lb spectra/50Lb mono for yoyo. Great bullet proof reels. You can tear em down pretty easy. Not pretty reels but you don't have to worry about boat rash. Put the handle on the outside slot for more...
  348. Wendell Fox

    SKB Rod Case & Southwest Airlines

    I have taken my SKB rod case twice this year on South West. Once from SFO to San Diego (no charge) and once from San Jose to San Diego ($50). The return trips where no charge. I think it depends on who checks in your baggage?
  349. Wendell Fox

    Line Question

    I like 30 yard mono top shots. Kinda a compromise. Spectra knot no big deal.
  350. Wendell Fox

    finish epoxy question

    Up here in the Bay Area the cold Winter weather can cause epoxy to take up to 36 hours to really be tack free. I usually heat the resin in the microwave for about 7-8 seconds. The hardener about 5 seconds. I stir the two for at least 2 minutes. The slightly warmed epoxy seems to mix bettor. If...
  351. Wendell Fox

    40-50lbs yoyo reel suggestions?

    On two five day trips last Summer on RR3 fishing Cedros I used a SST8 on a Calstar 700XH with 65Lb JB Spectra and a short 4' 50Lb mono topshot. I did well with this combo but did break off some fish. Maybe the lack of stretch with all that spectra and the automatic shifting of the SST8 into low...
  352. Wendell Fox

    770XXH & 770XXXH

    Some day Bob. FYI Chris will be commercial crab fishing up here in SF area starting next week. Crab fishing will go on to early Spring. It's a big deal up here.
  353. Wendell Fox

    770XXH & 770XXXH

    Those rods look great Bob. Good luck on your trip!
  354. Wendell Fox

    Best Casting Reel

    You can't go wrong with a Newell 332 for 25-30Lb on Calstar 700ML or a Newell 220 on a 700XL for 20Lb line. I also like a Daiwa Saltist 30T for 25-30Lb line. The Newells arn't pretty but they are bullet proof. You can bang em around on the boat and not worry about scratching them. Very easy to...
  355. Wendell Fox

    Which Tiburon frame for a Penn 2/0?

    I got two Tiburon frames for my 2/0s from Hi's about 10 years ago. They may still have some? As I recalled several of the holes didn't line up that good on the frames. If you want to upgrade a 2/0 look at Alan Tani's website about upgrading the drags. Also the handle from a 112H is a little...
  356. Wendell Fox

    Skippy 26 vs. parker 25 ride

    Suggest you wait to see how another Salmon season goes up here in No Cal before you start thinking about switching boats? This last season wasn't that great. Suggest you find a good fishing partner that would be willing to share time at the helm. It passes the time faster and it's safer too...
  357. Wendell Fox


    I have fished on RR3 12 times. It's my favorite boat. Aft staterooms the best. You will go home after the trip and repeat those Andy one liners to all your friends. You will be taken care of on the Bird.
  358. Wendell Fox

    Owner Hooks: Super Mutu versus Mutu

    I like ringed Owner Mutu for Yellow Tail and smaller Tuna. On my recent 5 day RR3 trip most people where using them. On a longer trip where bigger Tuna is the target fish I suggest you go with the ringed Super Mutu.
  359. Wendell Fox

    Jig brands and sizes

    Just got off a RR3 5 day. Salas 6X jr in blue & white worked well.
  360. Wendell Fox

    1st and 2nd coats of Flex Coat lite

    Apply a thin coat to the first guide wrap. Then two coats to the top guide wrap. The extra work will be worth it.
  361. Wendell Fox

    Epoxy Problems

    It's OK to reuse your syringes. But don't draw acetone inside of them to clean them. Just a quick wipe on the outside with a paper towel soaked with acetone is sufficient. Make sure you keep track of which one is used for resin and which one is used for hardener during subsequent uses.
  362. Wendell Fox

    Need some input

    I make about a dozen rods a year. I had TAP Plastics build me a drying box. Works great. It's mounted on the back wall of my garage. No problem moving cars around in my garage as a rod drys protected in my drying box.
  363. Wendell Fox

    Guide Sizing for GF7460

    Just to let you know I just sold a 765L that I built with a size 25 guide. That big guide just stuck up to high. It was hard to stick into a tube for transport to the boat too. I just finished building a 765M with a size 20 guide. Looks way bettor and line transitions just fine.
  364. Wendell Fox

    40lb Bait Rod

    I use a 700H, 765XL & 610 for 40LB. The 700H hurt me a couple of times at the Lupe this year. Those bigger YFTs can really load up a 700H.
  365. Wendell Fox

    How do Tiburon SST reels cast.

    I just got off the Ono five day trip on RRIII. We fished Guadalupe for 2 1/2 days for Yellow Fin and big Yellows. My Tib 8 cast a sardine on 50LB line just fine. I like the handle and it has plenty of power. I was able to pretty much stand my ground on 40-50 Lb Yellow Fin instaed of being worked...