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    Awesome! You need a bigger bait tank!

    Awesome! You need a bigger bait tank!
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    I got "clipped" by them from a trip 2yrs ago on the PQ. They cut off around 2" of my toro and...

    I got "clipped" by them from a trip 2yrs ago on the PQ. They cut off around 2" of my toro and shorted me the best part. Then I received 3 top loins which meant either someone didn't get enough fish or they switched it out to keep a bottom loin, which imo is better than a top. Never again.
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    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    The Bluefin aren't here because some fishery management and they might not be here for our kids in the the future because of any management. It is cyclic. Rod and reelers aren't going to put a dent into a pelagic specie. Don't waste fish. If you want to release a particularly large tuna, or any...
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    Heaviest mono connection to 65lb spectra?

    You'll be sweating bullets if something takes you into the 65lb
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    Whatever happened to the MV Galilean

    It is now the Triton at Waterfront Landing, Ports O Call. Very recognizable by its profile!
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    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    Commercial fishermen are allowed to make a living. The US limit for BFT is around 450 metric tons. Not much in the big scheme of things. Except for 1 year '17 or '18, US commercials went over the limit. Otherwise, it hasn't been close. There are only a handful of vessels that fish for them. None...
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    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    There's a 4th row now?
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    Lotsa great headshots by Aaron!
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    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Wahoo sashimi is great as long as it is fresh or RSW fish. RSW fish has been sitting around for awhile so it is tender. Wahoo ceviche is really good too.
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    Offshore Fortune 9/19/15 YFT limits, almost a marlin and skin, Mex Navy, ER visit

    Bet "that guy" was pissed when he backlashed and wiped out a spool of line....
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    Cat or SBI???

    South tip?
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    Offshore Ocean Odyssey- Accuracy in Fishing Reports?

    You're not very experienced. Over the decades of sportfishing, ## it happens.
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    yellowish pus in bluefin tuna

    Don't eat it...
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    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    If anyone will take the time to investigate NOAA stats (not projections), there's a miniscule amount of commercially caught BFT in the Eastern Pacific of the US. All of it is taken by Socal boats. If any. They (the commercials) and we, (sportfishermen) take maybe 1% of the entire BFT catch of...
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    We lost a good one

    Prince of a fellow. Met him on the Vagabond fishing the Coronados one year. Loved his deep sea fishing!! RIP
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    Can your own. If you don't like oil, use chicken broth. Want a bit of smoke flavor and don't have a smoker? Use liquid smoke. ( Try about an 1/8 tsp per jar until you have the right smokey flavor. Of course, this takes experimentation.). 90 minutes at 15lbs pressure like previously mentioned...
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    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Praying for Dixie, for you and your family. You have come a long and difficult way. Don't let go and don't ever give up! You have the support of everyone here at BD and beyond.
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    spine on 2 piece rod

    All good advice. If you have to have a spine, spine it first, then cut it and install the ferrule. Plenty of good advice here and on youtube how to find spine.
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    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    Deadheads? Absolutely not. I fish hard and I'm competitive, but I'm not putting pressure on myself to catch the jackpot fish. Have fun!
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    Poll: Has anyone ever caught or witnessed the catch of a tagged BFT in California waters?

    371 is almost California, isn't it? :hali_ruahahaha:
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    Poll: Has anyone ever caught or witnessed the catch of a tagged BFT in California waters?

    In the Fall of 1987 I was fishing on the Prowler in the area of the 371. Slid into a stop and I got 5 Bluefin. There was one that I just about had to the gaff when a shark tried to bite it. The shark barely grazed the tail meat. I had to work the next day and just iced the fish down until I...
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    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    You can have any opinion/ethic you want about catching or releasing fish. Striped Marlin are not endangered. Blacks and Blues are very good eating, and the Short Billed Spearfish is excellent. Stripers are OK. But why is it that there isn't that much furor about small or very large Threshers and...
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    Offshore Black Pearl- Helgrens in Oceanside

    It is what it is. You thank a deckhand for a nice gaff. Keep asking for a head shot and they might centerpunch it as hard as they can. It's been a LONG season. All you have to do is to look at the pictures of the long range boats that supposedly have the best deckhands of the fleet. LOTS of...
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    Offshore Limited Load...interpretation...but again its just fishing

    In the "Good Old Days" The Holiday/Tribute would fish over 60 people because it was one of the larger boats. I believe one of the reasons that larger boats were built was to carry as many fishermen as possible. Long range fishing wasn't always so organized and well planned out. The Royal...
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    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    I guess when you're James Bond, the Saint or whatever you can fish a conventional reel upside down and make it crank that way.
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    Offshore Freedom 8-10-14 (video+pics)

    Nice catch! (Keep your thumb on the spool when you take it out of gear.....)
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    TLD20 lever drag lever stuck

    Your lever and cam are out of position. Realign the cam or lever until you get the right combination. Must admit I just did this recently. Breathe through your nose and try a different position just unscrew the cap.
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    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    WWF and especially the CBD don't want fishing period. NOAA and NMFS will be sued by the radicals to stop the fishing. One of the arguments was to place a 50% catch limit on the annual take and then keep that figure as a binding number into the future. 50% of what??? There is virtually a...
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    could all blue fin be banned?? feds want to ban u.s. blue fin

    Center for Biological Diversity, Inc formerly Southwest Center for Biological Diversity PO Box 710 Tucson, AZ 85702 TEL: (520) 623-5252 FAX: (520) 623-9797 email: [email protected] Website: EIN: 85-0420285 Exempt since August 1994...
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    If you understand how to throw an anchovy, this reel will match or exceed any reel out there. It has plenty of drag and since it is a 5-1 ratio, you will still be cranking when 6-1's and especially 7-1's stop. Great right out of the box. Just oil the bearings once in a while. Why spend an extra...
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    May be old news, but Mexico might not be the only place you can't catch Bluefin

    In the US, there is actually a 500 metric ton quota for Pacific BFT, for COMMERCIAL FISHERMEN. In the last decade, the average take per year was somewhere lower than 100 metric tons. When PEW twists the numbers and says that sportfishing takes around 75% of the total BFT caught on the West...
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    Offshore Tuna seiner off White's Point

    Commercials are allowed to take 500 metric tons of BFT in the Eastern Pacific, namely Calif. (There is probably none caught in Oregon or Washington) The average take for the last decade is somewhere around 100 or less. That's not much. The Mexican purse seine operation actually stopped fishing...
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    10 to 80, I love it! Too bad you can't find an original sticker.
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    Spray nozzles over side of LR boats.

    YFT and other tuna will come to the corner and go wild. BFT by themselves rarely go crazy. Even during a really good bite the fish will lay off the boat. There has never been a lift pole fishery in the eastern Pacific for BF. The old commercial bait boats had sprayers, but BFT are more easily...
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    Avet SX for anchovies

    The non- MC SX is as fast as any reel out there. Small (3") anchovies can't really pull line off any reel and it is usually the drifting boat that takes your line out as you feed it. Turn your MC off. Practice your casting. You should be able to throw a 5" anchovy at least 40 ft with your reel...
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    Biscuit and the inshore grand slam with my boy .

    That yellow looks like it ate a yellow! Trophy for sure!
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    Bill Casper

    Great golfer and he really enjoyed San Diego deep sea fishing. I met him on a day trip to the Coronados years ago. He autographed my Biology book! (That I was supposed to be studying) My prayers and best wishes to the Casper family....
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    Bait and long range boats.

    There's going to have to be bait catching prior to trips in order to catch the larger fish. There is no way any significant catch of big BFT will take place without mackerel. For the boats that are not long rangers it will be small anchovies. There doesn't seem to be any decent size hook bait...
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    PB: C-Bass

    You wouldn't be far off you called it a 50. Beautiful fish. Derricks right, Catalina to the left. Somewhere off OC.
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    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    Must have had his foot on the scale while weighing the thing.
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    Seaway Boats...How many?

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    Anybody know this guy?

    Is that a BD sticker on the SUV??
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    old school vs. new school?

    Definitely consider buying a 2 speed reel for the larger bft. (even from 30lbs and up) Go to a pro tackle shop for advise on the size to buy, and try one out. If you have the disposable income, that reel will be the best investment you could make. Put some Spectra on it with a mono topshot. The...
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    Need help with sealine X / Trinidad handle conversion.

    2 different manufacturers 2 different arbors for the handles. In other words the shaft coming out of the sideplate is a different shape in both reels. You cannot just put one on the other. Go to a tackle shop and maybe they have custom handles that will fit your reel. Or look online.
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    Tuna Pens. What purpose do they servce?

    The tuna pens are the ultimate F.A.D. (Fish Attracting Device) In Hawaii they actually have buoys out at sea that serve this purpose since there are no kelp pattys there. The pens are huge living and breathing thing that attracts other fish. Pelagic fish will school under kelp, logs, trash, dead...
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    Bluefin Tuna pens and breeding

    The pens are not really grow-out pens. It would cost too much to catch smaller fish and "make" them larger. In other words they don't catch a 40lber and make it 80lbs. The fish turn over every year and go to Japan. Watch videos on how they are being fed. It's not really enough to bulk them up...
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    here we go...

    I'm old school and there's no need to dig up the old Newells or Daiwas. The new stuff will work just fine and have way better drags. I can't wait to use my Avet SX. Gonna take a little practice to remind my thumb. Split shots and small sliders will work and in the worst case scenario...
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    "Wicked" fun at Fred Hall Show

    Between all the spliced in fishing shots, he's fishing an Accurate on one of his rods.
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    drying motor source should get you in the right direction.
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    Otter Free Zone

    Why would we want ANY south of Point Conception? They really don't eat fish. They do eat shellfish. Just ask Pismo Beach....
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    Drakes Bay Oyster Farm getting hosed

    Just change the wording from oysters to fish and maybe a few people will understand what happened with the MLPA's. And, this is at the Federal level. Packard, Pew and Peta anyone? (Sierra Club, Surfrider, et al)
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    Back in the day, I was on a trip where the regular cook WAS on the boat. Woke up one morning and saw some red juice in a pitcher and thought it was great they were serving some pomegranate juice. It was Kool-Aid! (Luckily, not the Jim Jones kind because the fishing turned out to be an unreal bft...
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    Offshore prowler 1.5 day 9/9

    If you go back and read the part of your post where you said there were only 3lb yellows then you would realize that virtually the whole fleet is not wasting time and bait on paddys holding a few small fish or none at all. That's what side scanning sonars are for. You would have been out of bait...
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    C&M/AcidRod Closed Wednesday 7/25

    Praying for you Colleen. Get well soon.
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    Rockpile report from June 15

    Lyons & O'Haver in SD Just get the all the vital statistics (length, girth, take a bunch of pictures) and then eat the fish! They can make you a copy of the fish from their previous work.
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    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    I want a Geiger counter for Father's Day.
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    Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Coast Of San Diego

    These writers are such morons. When was the last time someone ever caught a Bluefin Tuna on the Eastern Pacific Coast that even remotely approached 400lbs? Where are these huge tuna that "sail" across the ocean?
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    Epic Spearfishing fail!!!

    Don't you just hate that when it happens
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    Can't sell your catch

    The law has been in effect for decades. Better long range sporties than this guy have been caught selling their fish years ago. Break out the rope. Never heard of anyone ever getting off.
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    A true story about marine science

    Larry Allen and his like aren't even considering the Humboldt squid that have decimated not only local bass, but the salmon populations up north. Sporties, in a season, could not have taken what the squids could do in a week. Its a wonder there are any rockcod left at all. Throw in Milton Love...
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    Internet at sea

    I just wondered if, in the future, skippers would censor it because you could flame the boat, crew, or THAT guy real time.
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    Internet at sea

    I think it is great that the owners of the Excel installed internet access on the boat. Kudos to them. My question is... can you Skype? That implies free computer to computer calls. (throw in live videoconferencing) I'm not an IT geek so is there enough bandwidth or whatever?
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    It's time for a change

    There's a lot of Tiburon in the Makairas and the quality shows. Such a deal!
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    Tuna Grounds in 1hr

    One way trip! Hahaha! 100gph?
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    Trip to the seafood market on my Gregor

    Not having ever tried to land a shark, thresher or mako, how do you or anyone dispatch a good size shark? I mean, you don't just gaff 'em and they lay down in your 12fter like other fish. Smart asses can go wild on this, but trying to ask a legit question.
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    Offshore Passport confusion - opinions

    As of July 25, you have to have a PASSPORT. Passport cards are not valid. From the Excel website: "SAC says: that to fish south of Ensenada within 12 miles of the Mexican coast, have their passengers carry a valid passport." as reported by Justin Fleck. If you're going to take the time to...
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    This Gal Knows How To Clean & Cook Fish

    Next Food Network star! Bitchen Kitchen, Southern style.
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    Pulling on Hypalon?

    Mark the point where the top your foregrip should stop when butted up against the reelseat. Put a light coating of epoxy for approx. 1/3 the length of the foregrip onto the blank from that point toward the reelseat. Slide the the grip onto the rod until it stops. (snug) Slowly pour some acetone...
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    Need to understand "pulling the hook" theory

    You're thinking too much.
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    Offshore Legend 7/31-8/02 Albie Slayfest

    The limit for a 1 1/2 day trip in Mexican waters is 5 fish. If the boat catches them in US waters it's 10.
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    Toads Toads Toads Only Year Wrap Up.

    Do those gars eat seals?
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    Offshore Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    Beauty. Did you land it with the knife?
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    Mystery Tuna

    Shortfin longfin
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    Offshore 9/11/09 425 one to forget :)

    You somehow missed being on the evening news.
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    San Diego Long Range Boats and WSB at San Quintin

    In that area a lot of the wsb are caught dragging around a mack hooked to a krocodile. Doesn't seem to be a massive congregation of fish and a large boat probably doesn't want to end a trip catching the 3 B's.
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    Dryer doesn't heat....

    Some brands have a light sensor right next to the igniter. It looks like a little square window. When and if your igniter glows orange and the solenoid doesn't click and release the gas that's your problem. Some brands only need the igniter to glow to turn on. If you have recently moved the...
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    Don't be THAT Guy

    This thread could go on forever, "that guy" is everywhere!
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    Moon Phases

    Watch the moon phase that the fish bite on the best. Once you figure out the prevailing pattern for the season (new-before or after, full -before or after) the season will be over. But, at least you'll know when you should have gone. This works equally well for BFT and WSB.
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    DFG Commissioner responds to Chrisman's letter..........

    I hope the eco-taliban don't car bomb Richards.
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    Science Advisory Team meeting 6/18.......

    With the loss of licensing fees from the corresponding loss of fisherman, loss of monies from excise taxes etc, where is ANY money going to come from to fund enforcement? This doesn't even count the loss of tax money from peripheral businesses that has to approach hundreds of millions of...
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    Spectra to Flurocarbon Line Connection

    The Bob Sands knot works well for this connection. It can be found on the internet. Its good for making "kelp cutter rig", but shouldn't be used for really big game applications.
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    Underhand Casting vs Overhand

    Most people can't cast regardless if it's over or underhand. (Why would anyone mag a high performance reel?) There's a whole generation of people who don't remember when there wasn't sardines. Like Branman said, decelerate the bait just before it hits the water. You can almost throw a sardine as...
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    Best Ceviche ever!!!!! / Its a must try

    This is a great recipe. I have used it for a couple years now. It works real well with the vac pac wahoo from long range trips. Not spicy enough? Squirt a little sriracha chili sauce if you don't want to go back to the store for one more jalapeno. Throw a pinch more whole cumin seeds into the...
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    Seaforth Squid WFO

    Some taste like crap and others are fine. Do the skinning and then taste them. You don't even have to bite it, just put a corner of it in your mouth, you'll know if they are sour or not. Pound them with a tenderizing hammer, soak them in plain water or milk for about 15 minutes, then dry them...
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    Offshore Squid Invasion

    They probably had some effect on the salmon population up North and they more than likely decimated the Sandbass that normally migrate to the Socal waters in the Summer. They're not always in deepwater.
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    Question about Hawaii...

    The boats keeping the fish has been going on for decades. Only recently have a few charter boats allowed the customers to keep the fish. When in Rome.... (you eat lots of pasta)
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    Lee Vining and bear question

    If you can do the bear box thing that's good. If not, put all ice chests in your car or trunk. (Not the back of a pick-up) All breads, condiments, peanut butter, flour, snacks, etc., should also go in the car. No food or snacks in the tent. For some reason I have never heard of bears messing...
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    Daiwa SL20/30 anti-reverse....

    You must have an older model. Years ago (maybe 10?) the factory came out with a heavier spring, which was an admission that their original wasn't good enough. I had one of each and they caught me a lot of fish over the years.
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    Offshore Giant Albacore Aboard The "RTA"

    Great catch! BTW, those are the smallest 40-50lb fish of the season.
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    East needs West

    If you are doing a lot of jigging, you really should look into any of the smaller 2 speed reels made by Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Avet or Accurate. This all depends on your budget. These reels have much more upgraded drag systems than your 4/0's and could also be used for trolling. A 100lb tuna can...
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    have you fished.....?

    The boat might not be the greatest cosmetically, but Steve is one the best tuna fishermen in the short range fleet.
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    Has any one converted their conventional factory to a sprial rod?

    Advantage??? When you hook a big fish and the guy in front of you doesn't duck enough on the passover, your spectra cuts a really cool groove on top of their head. Spirals don't flyline choves for shit.
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    Regluing Guide rings

    Most rings have plastic inserts and those cannot be glued.(Example:nylon can't be glued) For all the money you spent on glue, you could have had it rewrapped with a new guide
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    Jigging for Albacore

    Albacore are hit and run fish which means they don't stick around the boat very long if at all. Albacore don't really hit the iron on any consistent basis and virtually not at all on surface iron. Bluefin bite the jigs a lot better, especially different styles of yo-yo heavy jigs. When the fish...
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    Offshore Radio Control

    And people wonder why the landing boats have code groups or post 2 to 3 days later?
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    Do you or Do you not.....

    The San Diego long range boats gill and gut their fish, place them in refrigerated sea water, and they last for 5 days in nearly pristine condition. That being said, freshwater will mess them up. If you gut your fish, ice them down, but don't let them soak in the melt water for very long if at all.
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    live market squid life span?

    Maybe 2 years.
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    All the Fun 5.40 per gallon can give....

    Split 4 ways that's only $500+ each for a one dayer.
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    ??Name that Fish??

    Definitely not a tomcod. It is a queenfish, used to be called a herring. Been gone so long lots of people don't know what they are. Along with a tomcod its known as a brown bait. That size and smaller is really good for big calicos and halibut. 5"-6" are the best size used with a sliding sinker...
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    Why No Sport Boat WSB??

    The big boats can't get in tight like the little ones.
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    Camera repair...

    If you have a warranty that's still good, then it's worth it. But, I would call their factory in Irvine for an estimate. With the service charge, shipping, and parts you might be halfway or more to a new camera. I had a Powershot A620 that I thought could be reasonably fixed and it was better to...
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    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    The LR fleet gets occasional spotter plane info during the summer as it is. Better than going 10 miles in the wrong direction and being 20 miles off.
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    And that's a small one!!!
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    Blue fin tuna - found..

    That had to hurt!!